In Touch: Penelope Cruz sick with Javier Bardem’s baby, not food poisoning

When Penelope Cruz was in Cannes for the film festival two weeks ago, she allegedly got very ill from some kind of food poisoning. I say “allegedly” because In Touch Weekly has an interesting little conspiracy theory about what was really going on behind the scenes. In their take, Penelope was praying the porcelain gods, yes, but it wasn’t because of food poisoning. It was morning sickness from being implanted with Javier Bardem’s love child! Oh, happy gossip! Don’t spread negativity around this one, please. Just let me have a few moments while I enjoy the thought of two gorgeous Oscar-winning Spaniards not only getting hot and heavy, but actually making a perfect Oscar-hot-baby:

Penelope Cruz, 35, reportedly couldn’t promote her upcoming movie, Nine, at the Cannes film festival because she had a bad case of food poisoning.

But an insider tells In Touch that some speculated her nausea was actually caused by morning sickness.

Penelope, who is dating Oscar-winning actor Javier Bardem, admitted recently that she’s ready to start a family.

“I’d love to have kids,” she said in April. “I think I would be a perfect mother.”

And while she’s also said she still wants to focus on her career, her close friend Salma Hayek, who has a 20-month-old daughter, Valentina, has convinced her that a baby will make her life better – and that the timing is right.

“Penelope and Javier are so in love,” an insider says.

[From In Touch, print edition, June 15 2009]

Now back to reality. Is Penelope really pregnant? I would say, probably not. But it is a possibility. Because, seriously, how many times could you have sex with Javier Bardem without – at some point – saying to yourself, “Damn, I should get pregnant by this sexy beast.” Yeah, I thought so. The rumor going around a few weeks ago was that Javier had proposed to Penelope at or around Salma Hayek’s Venice wedding – but nothing was ever confirmed. Neither Penelope nor Javier seem that traditional to me, so it’s perfectly possible that both would be up for having a baby without getting married.

Picture note by Celebitchy: Here are photos of Penelope at Cannes this year. Thanks to, Fame Pictures and PRPhotos. She is not looking pregnant at all. Javier is shown in a still from Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

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  1. jess says:

    hmm…she does look like her waist has gotten a little thicker…first sign of pregnancy. good for them if its true!

  2. Ursula says:

    Those spanish women all look alike. Her, Princess Letizia and that other actress….. forgot her name.

    Congs if this is true.

  3. N.D. says:

    Well, she looks heavier than usuall but who knows…

  4. anneesezz says:

    Now that would be a gorgeous baby!!

  5. Dee says:

    “Those Spanish women”?? WTF wrote that? Such a racist thing to say! And Princess Letiza’s hair is much lighter they do not even look alike!

  6. e says:

    you don’t miss cannes over morning sickness. This is so stupid.

  7. georgiagrl says:

    oohh she’s sooo lucky!!!!!!!

  8. Cinderella says:

    Valentina needs a playmate. Get to work, Penny!

  9. Madelyn Rose says:

    Oh my goodness, I would love it if this were true! I adore Pene and Javier. They were incredible in Vicky Christina Barcelona.

  10. j. ferber says:

    Ursula, I think very few women have Penelope’s beauty, of any national origin. She and her sister look alike, but that’s just family resemblance and they’re both beautiful. English-language movies don’t do her justice. She really needs to be speaking in her native tongue to show her talent as an actress. Quite understandable. I hope she is pregnant if that’s what she wants.

  11. Nia says:

    I definetly agree with j ferber. If you have not seen Penelope acting in her native tongue you don’t know what you are missing. She has incredible talent that is wasted on American films.
    I do hope she is with child, yeah!

  12. KelBear says:

    I would love for this to be true.

  13. rbsesq says:

    They could make some beautiful babies, but who says “I would be a perfect mother”? Motherhood by definition is imperfect. You worry every day that you’ll screw up your kids in some way. Can any mother say there wasn’t at least one time in the first month of motherhood that she didn’t say she felt like the world’s worst mother?

  14. Maritza says:

    They would make a really beautiful baby. I really hope it’s true.

  15. BlueSkies says:

    So now she’s a beard for him, too. She dated Cruise. Do not need to say more.

  16. michellle says:

    Just adore them both ever since Jamon Jamon.

    How wonderful if this is what they want.

    I can personally vouch for morning sickness being most definitely as bad as food poisoning having experienced this first hand more than once. Hell, it’s not even limited to just the morning.

  17. geronimo says:

    *Sigh* So divine together, these too. They out-hot most other celeb couples.

    Agree with earlier posters re her Spanish-speaking movies, incredibly fiery, passionate, sexy actress, way underrated.

  18. Jan says:

    I hope she’s pregnant with Bardem’s baby!
    She is a great actress, I love her, but she is far from being a beauty. She’s very attractive, but not a real beauty IMO.
    I also loved her in Vicky amazing acting!

  19. fizXgirl314 says:

    she’s one of those people who looks better thin…

  20. Trashaddict says:

    “She’s one of those people who looks better thin…” –so, HOW thin? Like say, Lindsay Lohan????
    Please don’t feed the anorexia beast, already! She looks great! And maybe a little softer around the face and hips, so maybe the pregnancy rumor is true. And as far as missing Cannes for morning sickness, yes, it can get that bad. And puking on the red carpet would definitely be worse form than not getting photographed at all.

  21. anti-pathy says:

    At least it wasn’t for Tom Cruise, when he opened his can of crazy, she backed the hell off.It’s interesting to wonder what would have happened if she had married him, I can’t imagine her in the lobotomized Stepford wife mode a la Katie

  22. Cheyenne says:

    Coming from Outa Touch, I’d take this with a whole bushel of salt, never mind a grain. This is the slag rag that said last year that Jennifer Aniston was pregnant by John Mayer.

  23. Dios says:

    well GREAT all the best 2 JAVIER one of my long time favorite actors and P crusz too lets all leave them alone and let them experiance life as it should be enjoyed out a thousand eyes on them would u like it?
    all they owe you is the performance on the screen not there personal lives