Duchess Kate wears $3075 McQueen for Warsaw arrival: lovely or boring?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive in Poland

Here are some photos of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arriving in Warsaw, Poland with their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The Cambridges are undertaking a five-day goodwill/Brexit-ambassadorship trip to Britain’s allies, Poland and Germany. Considering Kate and William have the diplomatic skills of wet noodles, they decided to bring their kids along on this trip so hopefully there would at least be some cute photos. Don’t expect much to actually get done on this trip. Meaning, there won’t be any new trade deals announced or anything like that. The point of this trip is Britain reminding her allies that they’re all in this together, and that their historic friendships will outlast any hard or soft Brexit. This trip is purely about public relations and soft diplomacy.

Of course, the trip will also be about how much money Kate can spend on clothes. I strongly suspected that Kate’s absence throughout Wimbledon (she only attended matches on the first and last days) was partly because she had to binge-shop for this trip. Brexit ambassadors deserve a new wardrobe, don’t you know. And so she wore a new Alexander McQueen coat, which I actually thought was a two-piece ensemble. Outlets are calling it a coat though, so I’ll go with that. It’s a coat with a peplum, because Kate loves peplums and she loves expensive coats. This one is a humdinger too: this piece apparently costs $3075!!! FOR A COAT. With a peplum.

Also: the MP whose constituency includes Kensington Palace has criticized the Middletons. The MP is Emma Dent Coad, and she said that she “despised” the fact that taxpayer money goes to the royal family and that “I say the Middletons are like the Kardashians now, because they are such film stars. It just shows how much it has all changed.” She said she would prefer it if the Beckhams were made into royalty because at least the Beckhams “have earned their own money.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive in Poland

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive in Poland

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive in Poland

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. nemera34 says:

    I think Kate looks lovely. The shorter hair looks much better. Their children are adorable and so cute. I wonder if they will have a third. Would be nice to have one more. But they have one of each so they could be done.

  2. Becks says:

    Three thousand for a coat that you cant really see because of how she is holding Princess Charlotte. Hopefully there are better pictures of it at any later events, unless she changes. If not, seems like a waste of money considering how many similar white outfits (coats, dresses, suits etc) she already has.

    I agree with a poster from another Kate post that the middle part is not very flattering. I like the shorter hair but a side part would look better.

  3. MeleeOfSloths says:

    OMG, the death glares on the soldiers’ faces are cracking me up!

  4. Elisa says:

    £3075 ($4019) for a coat…good lord

  5. BearcatLawyer says:

    She does love theme dressing! Poland’s flag is red and white, so she wears a white coat and dresses Charlotte in a red dress and shoes. Wills must wear a red tie, and even George gets in the game by wearing shirt with red in it. Sigh.

  6. lobbit says:

    George is such a cutie – love that picture of him with his little hand in his pocket. Charlotte is adorable as well, of course. Yeah, that’s all I got.

  7. Guest says:

    Kids are cute. That’s about it. Feel sorry for George. He seems very shy. Especially when you compare him to the royal kids from Sweden. Either way after watching the news and coverage from the g20 summit you realize just how little power the royal family has. Dressing up and shaking hands really holds no power and influence across the world stage.

    • lobbit says:

      I mean, shyness isn’t a disability…

    • Maria says:

      The kids from Sweden are all very cute. Leonore is all over the place.
      The Cambridge kids are sweet, seem well-behaved. Waity looks so much better with her hair shorter. Nice coat/dress, the price is beyond ridiculous.
      Tomorrow I believe is a visit to a concentration camp. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that there won’t be any embarrassing moments or comments.

      • Sarah says:

        I pray Kate doesn’t say, “How interesting,” when told about the atrocities that occurred there, as she did in India about the orphan kids.

      • Lady D says:

        .. or wear a bright sunny yellow or dayglo pink colour, with 4″ spike heels. The problem with her is , she is only about her looks.
        On a side note, for me personally, I would find it hard to tour a concentration camp. To have to do it in front of all those people and cameras, and stay poised would not be easy.

      • No Dignity in that says:

        Ah well, Katie learned that saying “How interesting” depicts interest. She is so shallow she doesn’t bother to develop some real interests therefore she sticks to seminatically empty formulas.

      • Maria says:

        Apparently they are to meet with a few survivors. Very difficult and I can’t help but wonder how they will pul it off.

      • FLORC says:

        I’m of 2 minds on Kate’s lack or presentation of interest.
        I’m not sure she cares. She doesn’t bother beyond the 30 minute visits or event. She comes. She listens. She leaves.
        And I’m not sure if she cared we’d know. She speaks and acts without tact. Like she’s extremely limited in conversation and interactions with different people. This isn’t good, but it’s worse considering her job.

    • Adele Dazeem says:

      I agree with previous posts, they are so rigid about shielding him from photographers and such but as a parent myself, I know that exposing children to what their life is going to be like from an early age can sometimes be the best thing for them to adjust. It’s like the child that stays at home with their mom and never interacts with other children or adults (other than family) very much…I see those kids at kindergarten/preschool and they really struggle. It’s so sad.

      As much as they value their privacy and want their kids to live a ‘normal life,’ being a celebrity is going to be their children’s lives and maybe a little more exposure/small events would be good for them long term.

    • Sarah says:

      Estelle has been exposed to the public quite frequently, if I recall correctly. Just like Kate with public speaking, the more you do it, the more comfortable you become. George should be out and about, with all necessary security, of course, much more than he is. Locking him behind castle walls won’t serve him in his possible life well at all.

  8. Renee2 says:

    I usually don’t comment on Middleton posts but I love how Kaiser sarcastically said that Kate would be getting some last minute botox in preparation for this trip and the woman did!!! She could store chestnuts in those cheeks.

  9. CidyKitty says:

    Both lovely and boring.

  10. Lauren says:

    They have got to stop dressing George in those shorts. Charlotte, though, looks very cute and adorable.

    I like Kate’s coat, though it looks like a dress to me. She’d look very elegant with her hair up.

  11. MeleeOfSloths says:

    Somethings nice: the new hair length is great! And her colourist is to be commended. The children are adorable. The skirt is of a shape and material that is unlikely to go flying up around her shoulders.

    Everything else: The centre part is not great. Especially how it looks kind of flattened at the front. I don’t know if that’s a result of the blow-out or from pulling at it then tucking it behind her ears, but it looks really weird and makes the part look like a harsh line.

    A plain white suit and she couldn’t have worn coloured shoes? Those beige things are worse than her usuals – they give her Barbie feet.

    It astonishes me how the children are routinely better dressed than their parents.

  12. cindyp says:

    Why is Kate always carrying Charlotte? Poor George, those shorts look too small & why is he wearing a buttoned up long sleeve shirt? No comment on the outfit except it screams for some color. Some fun patterned pumps would liven it up.

  13. Char says:

    Maybe the Beckhams will become royal if George marries Harper.

  14. JC says:

    George looks like Kate’s father—and Charlotte takes after her great-grandmum, Queen Elizabeth. To quote Seinfeld’s Kramer, “Mother Nature’s a mad scientist.”

    • DiamondGirl says:

      Charlotte does have total Windsor face! Her hair is getting really light too. Cute.

    • CynicalAnn says:

      Charlotte is a mini-Carole Middleton. She has dark hair and blue eyes like the Queen-but her squinty eyes and thin lipped smile is Carole all the way.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I see hazel eyes and I also I see Carole and Pippa. Like KM, she has an asymmetrical face (most of us do), and like her mother she has one side that is more Pippa, one that is more Carole. Clear in the birthday photo they released.

      • Disco Dancer says:

        In other words, Princess Charlotte will be no beauty. If these royals can’t be bothered to work for their nation and represent their nation in an intelligent and thoughtful manner, at least give us good looks to go googly eyed at while we blindly hand over our tax dollars to fund their lifestyles and their holi-tours. But, even good looks can’t be expected from the princesses and princelings of the BRF.

        Will say though, George looks like Pa Middleton and that is only a good thing. Michael Middleton is still quite a handsome man.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Their looks do not matter to their role; it is interesting to see which members of the family end up looking like each other. You’ll find it is Kate Middleton’s most avid fans who hyper photoshop her photos because they prefer the fake version to the reality. They’re also the ones who do not like to have her lack of work ethic questioned.

        Dragging the kids off on a business trip is an unnecessary expense. Insisting on spending 200,000 a year on clothing is unnecessary. Being “pretty” “handsome” or “fashionable” is not part of the royal job description. Get an inexpensive working wardrobe and get to work. W&K have a celebrity attitude towards their roles, which ends up being a massive part of the problem.

      • magnoliarose says:

        She is pure Middleton. Her dress is adorable.

    • Jegede says:


      Charlotte looks like Prince William to me. Always has.

      But I know many people who thinks she looks like Queen Elizabeth. And that’s 100% fine.

      I dunno why it stirs a reaction- when people give their own opinion – to say she looks like her paternal nana. I mean Queen Elizabeth looks like Queen Mary IMO, both women had hang-dog expression and long faces.

      It’s subjective. The human face changes and we see it differently as it should be.
      Resemblance also goes beyond ear/eye colour.

      • JC says:

        I completely agree with you regarding the resemblance between Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary. Those are some strong genes. Tho I don’t quite see the hang-dog expression or long faces. I see rather unexceptional-looking woman who have the good sense, style, and innate grace to carry themselves appropriately regally.
        But I have to add— Queen Elizabeth was kind of sensuous and gorgeous when she was young.

      • Amide says:

        @Jegede – 👍 Queen Mary was kinda scary looking, Elizabeth is a slightly softer version of her. I hope Charlotte’s resemblance continues to diminish.
        And George is growing up to be FAR better looking than I expected. Whodathunk?😊😏

  15. littlemissnaughty says:

    I didn’t even remember they’re coming here. Are they going to Berlin? I can’t be arsed to look it up. This won’t do sh*t for Brexit negotiations, which moron thought this could do anything? As if Angela Merkel sees the kids and goes “Oh how lovely. I guess we’ll have to re-think our approach.” Who in their right mind thinks we (Germans) care beyond “Oh those are some cute ki … they don’t want to pay??? F*ck them!”

    Listen, we’ll miss the UK, we really will. Well, some of us. But if anyone thinks this’ll help ..,. I mean … come on.

    We have some issues to deal with. Climate change, refugees, terrorism, health care, education, Trump, Putin, Erdogan … the list goes on and on and on. I love royal gossip but it’s just that for us here. Gossip.

  16. Seraphina says:

    It all begins to look the same. The only thing that separates this pic from another (she was somewhere holding PC) is the hair length.

    Kate’s boring. We should just throw our hands up and come to deal with it and look elsewhere to be wowed.

  17. Indiana Joanna says:

    After seeing the Spanish Royals visit, Wills and KM look so underwhelming and clueless. I don’t see how the BRF is a great value for the billions better spent for public services. Their greed and wasteful spending is atrocious.

    But it’s not my money.

    • Harla Jodet says:

      It is hard not to compare W&K to other royal couples isn’t it Indiana Joanna? I do try not to compare because I know that W&K will come up lacking in so many ways.

    • Seraphina says:

      I so agree. They seem like minor league when compared to the major league (Spanish royals and the other royals in Europe). They need to step up their game but are so tone deaf that they just don’t get it.

    • Mathilde says:

      Queen Letizia is hardly popular in her own country and certainly gets her share of criticism for expensive tastes, boring or less boring. Kate is not Queen, nor is William the King or even the Crown Prince just yet. So yes, they are still minor league exactly as it should be.

      • redheadedstepchild says:

        @ Mathilde
        I think that royals in all their countries are criticized for overspending & yes, Kate & William aren’t King & Queen yet. However they are spending obscene amounts of taxpayer money as if they were.

        William is a rank amateur amongst royals. Why wasn’t William put on a diplomatic path so tours like this would have some merit? Oh that’s right, he was but quit each program to do what he wanted to do. He’s the least prepared potential heir & it shows.

        He & Kate made no effort during this time of austerity to cut back on spending ( like Letizia had done in Spain for ex) instead Kate’s clothes & tiny jewels total increased.

        Eventually their shortcomings will become obvious to even the most diehard K&W ‘fan’. Hopefully they’ll have stepped up before it’s too late.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Letizia is popular with many people in Spain, just not the rabid old-school royalists. She wore affordable Spanish brands for 10 years, and has started wearing more expensive brands now that she is queen. Not exactly a spendthrift.

        W&K are the third couple of the land. They should be working more than any one further down the line. Most of the people doing the heavy lifting for this family company are beyond retirement age, but excuses are still being made for lazy Bill and Kate Middleton. They are the main line, their children will be the main line and be supported by the State their entire lives.

        They both wasted their twenties partying and not working (no, his jumping from branch of service to branch of service doesn’t count). They are now 36. Far past time to put away their adolescent behavior and start working at the level they should.

  18. Mar says:

    I love that outfit. I remember Jennifer Lopez wore a black Alexander McQueen to an awards show similar to this cut- it was always was one of my favorites.

  19. lolo86lf says:

    I found it obscene that an outfit costs $3075. It is outrageous what designers get for a dress.

  20. Nanea says:

    I am so looking forward to “meeting” Normal Bill and Katie Keen on Friday afternoon in Hamburg when they will be visiting the new Elbphilharmonie symphonic hall. The event is an interactive concert for kids. I’m crossing my fingers that Charlotte and George will be there, and I hope I’ll get to hear Kate’s plummy accent IRL.

  21. vava says:

    The kids are cute.

    William looks really old.

    Kate’s center part is awful. The dress (and that’s what I think it is) looks like so many other clothing items she already has. What a waste of money. Boring shoes, as usual.

    Nothing interesting here, folks.

  22. Kiki says:

    I want to ask. Are we the tax paying citizens flipping the bill for Princess Kate’s clothes and her children’s clothes along with Prince William?

    • PennyLane says:

      Apparently Prince Charles foots that bill – over 100,000 pounds a year just for Kate’s outfits.

      • Karen says:

        I think you are underestimating the cost of her clothing. Does clothing include jewelry? Maybe just for July! She had the state dinner, Natural History Museum, 2 Wimbledon outfits and now this trip. And Ascot.

        I don’t feel she brings enough value vs what she spends. I am American and would be disgusted seeing all this money spent on someone who does not do very much.

        As much as I hate the Trumps, I believe Melania pays for her own clothing.

    • LAK says:

      When on tour, the taxpayers of the host country pay the bills so yes, Polans and Germany are paying for the outfits above (and the jet and entourage and security. Not forgetting the forward planning staff sent weekd ago to do a recce).

  23. Kaz says:

    I really don’t understand why they have taken the chiildren on a work trip. So cute but totally distracting when they are supposed to be concentrating on their host countries.

    • Harla Jodet says:

      I don’t understand either Kaz, especially since there aren’t any events scheduled that are specifically geared toward children. They are cute little distractions though.

    • notasugarhere says:

      They had no problem leaving their 8 month old son with the new nanny for a kid-free vacation to the Maldives for 10 days. They may have left the 2 month old daughter to sneak off to the beach so KM could get her SCUBA certification. They took separate ski trips the same weekend, leaving both kids behind.

      They have no problem leaving the kids behind with the 2-3 nannies when they want Kid-Free Fun Time. That makes the presence of the Kids-as-PR-Props even more obvious. “Normal” people don’t get to cost tens of thousands extra to their employers because they want to drag their kids on a BUSINESS TRIP.

      • Soothie says:

        Oh the irony of some of these comments!! Criticism in one breath for “hiding” the children and not preparing them for royal life, then for bringing them on the tour in another! You just have to shake your head.

      • notasugarhere says:

        There’s no irony in it that I see. They hide the children in the country that pays for their very expensive upkeep. They constantly threaten the press in that country when the press take legal photographs of them in public places.

        But when their PR looks bad? They haul the kids to a foreign destination for the pap shots. In doing so, they thumb their noses at the press in the UK. They cost three times as much in security when they drag the kids to work.

    • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

      Complete and total PR – they are desperate to shove the ‘normal family’ narrative in everyone’s faces plus cute kids = good PR. They are using their children as a PR prop, just like has father did and something that he’s always complained about and swore he would never do with his own children.

    • SoulSPA says:

      I think they take the kids for several reasons: 1. foreign visits are among the very scarce opportunities for the public to see the kids. 2. having the kids with them help them with their image (not that they are hands-on parents no matter the official narrative). 3. the kids are a distraction from the very little they will do in countries that are not part of the UK and the Commonwealth. It’d look bad if the kids were not with them re scandals about the Dolittles leaving their kids behind for entertainment.

  24. notasugarhere says:

    In the middle of thousands protesting it the streets about the anti-democracy government taking over the courts in a “judicial reform”? Yeah, what Poland really needs is “Brexit Ambassadors” showing up in ridiculous expensive clothing and accomplishing nothing. But the hidden kids are here, so maybe the UK critics will be silenced momentarily.

    Love the Kardashians comment from the MP.

    • No Dignity in that says:

      In Brexit negotiations the UK is currently in an utterly weak position. Even David Davis was recently more positive about a soft Brexit. Before he had been one of those hardliners arguing for a hard Brexit. Now nobody seems to want a hard Brexit. But unfortunately May and colleagues seem to have gotten themself in such a position where there is few space for negotiation. Tough on immigration. Tough on crime. Tough against civil rights :) Tough against its own people ;) … Yep, the British Gov. is stuck.

      No idea why they are visiting Poland. It is one of the middle-size EU countries. If Britain wanted to curry favour they would have to slime up to one of the big EU countries: GER, FR. Perhaps ITAL, SPAIN because of their size. Why Poland? Why now?

      Perhaps there will be a 2nd referendum? When the exit conditions are negotiated it would be fair if the British People would get a say whether they accept such conditions or whether they refuse them and stay? This time at least it would be very clear what the pros and cons and the benefits and costs of such a move would be? I remember that there was lots and lots of lies before the first Brexit referendum. In fact you might call that first Brexit referendum non-binding because the discussions and media were so dishonest and lacking objectivity so that the referendum voters couldn’t really get a grip what the consequences of Brexit were. Therefore they were not really able to inform themselves properly. Therefore the vote needs to be repeated as soon as the conditions and pros and cons of Brexit are transparent.

      I hope that Brexit won’t be too hard for the British People. I wish them well.

      • SoulSPA says:

        I think that Polish immigration into the UK is the largest among the EU, thus the impact of Brexit will affect Polish people overall to a large degree. All respect to Polish people that work hard to make a life and who have moved to Britain legally under the EU freedom of movement conditions. No one says a thing about other EU nationals (Eastern Europe excluded) in the UK except for some articles that I’ve read on TG and BBC.
        Germany is still considered one of the engines of EU as they have a strong economy and political leverage. All this notwithstanding, the Dolittles have zero political leverage as part of the British Royal Family. Thus I do not understand what the impact of the tour would be. It wouldn’t help. Polish or German families would not be helped in the slightest. It’s the people I’m thinking of. not the companies. All in all, I consider Brexit to be a sad complex state of affairs. Complex and sad. For British and non-British alike.

      • Sorry, no dignity in that says:

        @ SoulSPA

        If Brexit forces some Polish immigrants to leave Britain then they will likely go somewhere else. It is not going to be too hard on the Polish.
        But if Britain is going to lose Polish immigrants then they will lose:
        - skilled craftsmen
        - educated doctors, lawyers and nurses and more
        - a lot of Polish entrepreneurs, (Polish Butcher, Polish Carpenter…)
        - birthrate numbers: a lot of immigrants are work age and therefore the birth rate among immigrants is quite high.

        Also if all the above mentioned people leave then Britain will lose all those jobs that the exiled immigrants employed: craftsmen (assistants), doctors (nurses, secretaries), lawyers (lawyer’s assistants, secretary).

        it is an interesting question if Britain would really gain any jobs if those immigrants leave. Because these immigrants will take with them: their buying power (of immigrant doctors, nurses, craftsmen), their skilled / professional work (is there a formal education for British Craftsmen?), the people they employed (assistants, nurses, secretaries…).

  25. Kristen says:

    Love the hair and dress.
    Hate the shoes.
    Kids are adorable.
    I think Kate is pregnant!

  26. Harla Jodet says:

    Does anyone know why Kate isn’t wearing either a hat or a fascinator? She has for all other arrival/welcoming ceremonies on her other tours so just wondering why this one is different.

  27. KiddVicious says:

    I like the coat/dress. And I do like the shoes, I’m just getting tired of seeing them. Charlotte has a better shoe wardrobe than Kate.

    I’m calling this a win for Kate. And I’m keeping a running tab: She’s at 3 in a row now. (Museum, Wimbledon finals, this arrival)

  28. Lainey says:

    She had about three other pieces that look like this. And new again of course. With boring shoes and brand new clutch like looks just like others she has. Oh and don’t forget the brand new jewellery she’s wearing.oretty sure she has a matching set in blue.

  29. Freddy Spaghetti says:

    I think she looks really nice. And those kids are adorable. But there’s no way Kate’s dress should cost so much.

  30. Cee says:

    I love her hair these days, but she has Barbie feet. IDK about wearing a semi-deep V-neck while carrying a toddler, especially when they “hold on” by your coat! Thankfully the neckline wasn’t lowered by Charlotte. George looks so much like Michael Middleton, hopefully he also got his hairline.

  31. No Dignity in that says:

    Whoa, those fillers in Kate’s cheeks. Full and plump.
    Crow feet gone.
    Nasolabial folds smoothed out.
    Cheeks lifted = jowls lifted.

  32. Bellagio DuPont says:

    What on earth is happening with William? He seems to be aging at such an alarming rate. For heavens sake, he doesn’t look a day younger than 50! Poor bloke

  33. blonde555 says:

    The soldiers are so hot! Wills looks like a haggard old man next to them eventhough he hasn’t worked hard a day in his life ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  34. mimchen09 says:

    The Lamebridges took the kids for PR only. Perhaps they were afraid that nobody would care about their so-called work otherwise. I have nothing nice to say. Mini Carole looks more and more like Ma Middleton. Kate’s fashion choice is abysmal, as usual. As for Mini Mike, they should stop dressing him like a 1930s boy, it’s getting beyond ridiculous. And the Norland nanny should do something about his behaviour in public. All other royal children ( Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian) can face the public without looking as if they’re about to cry. I was raised by a nanny who didn’t go to Norland, in fact she didn’t even go to high school, but she taught me how to behave in public. Shyness is no excuse when you raise a future king.

  35. Becks says:

    Is Kate wearing new jewelry? Looks like a ruby necklace and a ring on her right hand similar in style to her engagement ring.

  36. Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

    Now we know what Kate has been doing instead of attending Wimbledon – shopping, a new do and new face (fillers and botox).

  37. hmmm says:

    Can you imagine all the security and the cost?!

  38. seesittellsit says:

    Well, this ensemble looks appropriate and nice, and the shorter hair is a vast improvement. I did think Charlotte looked like QEII for quite some time, but looking at her now, I am forced to agree with others that she is becoming the spit of her maternal grandmother.

  39. minxx says:

    I saw them up close during a walkabout in Warsaw (sadly, without the kids – I think they were taken to the Belvedere –one of the Polish President’s residences in Warsaw, on an edge of a lovely park – they have the whole place to themselves, including the garden) where they’re staying immediately after arrival. Kate seems smaller in person, very, very tiny body and face. She was wearing very heavy makeup (I guess a necessity for the photos) . Royal handshake is very soft, I must say. :) They both talked to a little girl next to me, which was very nice. The dress was a good fit, but the fabric looked surprisingly cheap. She had a new necklace, ruby I think. She seems a bit shy but does her job and took longer than William to chat with people, esp. children.

  40. perplexed says:

    Her dress is nice. She looks good.

    She’s never going to look smart. I think maybe that’s the factor I always find missing.

  41. Skylark says:

    I’m with Emma Dent Coad.

  42. Beatrix says:

    Honestly, i have no idea how she continuously makes McQueen look so insipid and vanilla .

  43. weegie warrior says:

    when do us brits get to meet the royal children then? Isnt it about time george especially was being introduced to those of us who wil be funding his lifestyle unless corbyn et al have their way when th queen passes?

    • notasugarhere says:

      You’d have to offer them a tour of the UK, complete with massive new wardrobe, to get them to agree.

      • SoulSPA says:

        Giggles. Don’t forget the luxury vacation post-tour. I am wondering when the next royal holiday will take place, and most importantly, where!!! I don’t remember when did they take their last holiday. Or where. Another one is coming up soon. It’s summeeeeeer in our northern hemisphere. And most likely they’ll take the rest of the Middleton court with them. WK plus 2 kids, 2 Middleton parents, 2 Middleton siblings plus wife and SO. At least two nannies. Can’t think of the number of security staff. Or the cost of the holiday.

  44. Alexandria says:

    She looks nice enough. I do agree the kids should be exposed more but not because I want to see them, it’s to make them more comfortable growing up in the limelight.

    The MP sounds like a Celebitchy there hehe.

  45. Sara says:

    That price is obscene. Have they no shame at all?

  46. SoulSPA says:

    I must confess I’ve checked DFail for more pics. No MM moment. The coat/dress looks a decent length. Hair looks a lot better. But still turtle neck, a bit of painful grins even though she looks more relaxed. Still at least one picture with Katie arranging her hair out of her face, and several with wide hand gestures. Hills are too high, contributing to still awful, awful posture. Too many grins. One can look engaged without the grins. Overall verdict: slight improvement but not nearly enough for her status. A 2 out of 10, overall. The kids are cute and no shade towards them. They are still very young.

  47. Kitty says:

    Why did they bring the kids?

  48. vava says:

    Just wait until you see her cone boob dress from this evening. ROFL

  49. magnoliarose says:

    She looks fine. The hair is better but needs more styling.

  50. Why is she wearing a coat and George is in shorts and Charlotte is wearing only a dress? And I like the new hair length but is looks like it was cut with a pair of dull hedge clippers – so uneven and rough at the bottom.

  51. Starlight says:

    Why is she always carrying Charlotte the child is independent she is making her clingy by insisting on carrying her. As for George he needs to be out there more if he is going to be an ambassador, you can see him pulling on his fathers hands showing no respect. Clearly very spoilt. I can see why they want to bring them up as normal children but they are not normal their lives are for duty and living in a goldfish bowl – sadly.

  52. Mildred Fierce says:

    The nude shoes are ruining what would otherwise be an exceptional look for Kate.

  53. India says:

    Two PR props. That’s all they are.