Ali Lohan already following in Lindsay’s footsteps


Lindsay Lohan’s “little” sister, 13-year-old Ali, has gotten into a car accident after sneaking out of the house to meet her boyfriend. I say “little” because she’s looked three times her age since she was 10. I really don’t believe she’s 13. Anyway, the younger Lohan sister snuck out of the family’s Merrick, Long Island home last Friday. Probably not that late at night, because she and her 16-year-old boyfriend (who only had a learner’s permit) got into an accident around 7:20 pm. So I guess she was bad, but not that bad. Either way, I think the elder Lohan has proven that rule-breaking can be a slippery slope. Both Lohan and her unnamed boyfriend were slightly injured, though specifics weren’t given.

“More trouble for Lindsay Lohan’s family: Her 13-year-old sister, Ali, has been involved in a traffic accident after allegedly sneaking out of the family house.

“She was in a car that crashed on Friday night, family insiders say. Nassau County police will not give any official details of the accident.

“’We don’t normally comment on traffic accidents unless there is a death or serious injury,’ Lt. Kevin Smith tells In Touch.

“The accident, in which two people were slightly injured, happened at 7:20 p.m. on Friday, close to the Lohan family home in Merrick, on New York’s Long Island.

“’Ali had snuck out of the house to be with her friend, a 16-year-old boy who has a learner’s permit. He had taken the car without his mother’s permission,’ says the insider. ‘Luckily, she was not hurt.’

“Ali is currently with her mom, Dina, and other family members visiting Lindsay in rehab in Utah.’”

[From In Touch]

I hope visiting Lindsay in rehab served as a warning to Ali of what could happen to her if she follows her sister’s dangerous path. You, too, could have to eat spa food and walk really cute puppies in the middle of nowhere if you don’t shape up, young lady. I’m pretty sure sneaking out of the house is par for the course at 13, and sort of a right of passage. But anything involving so much as a Lohan and a litter citation worries me. At least they’re spreading out the destruction; Lindsay on the West Coasts, Ali on the East. That way they can synchronize their misbehavior.

Picture note by JayBird: Here’s a hodgepodge of Ali Lohan pictures, from youngest to oldest (most recent). Does she look only 13? Image thanks to PR Photos.




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