Duchess Kate & Pippa Middleton want to be pregnant at the same time?

The wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews

It’s been said for years now that the Duchess of Cambridge wants a third child. While her first pregnancy was difficult, her second pregnancy seemed pretty uncomplicated and easy, and soon after Princess Charlotte was born, royal sources kept saying that Kate was keen to have another. Sources also claimed that William wasn’t into it – he was and is happy with two kids, and I tend to believe that babymaking plans are on his schedule, not Kate’s. But that hasn’t stopped Kate from dreaming of a third kid, especially when it means that A) she would get to put “full time royal work” on hold” and B) she could be pregnancy-twinsies with her sister Pippa.

The fever struck Duchess Kate straight away. Soon after having her second child, Princess Charlotte, in 2015, the 35-year-old and husband Prince William began planning for baby No. 3. “She wanted another almost since giving birth,” a source reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly. But as the reality of juggling the newborn and big brother Prince George, 4, set in, the couple decided to take a pregnant pause. “They promised each other they wouldn’t even think about having another child until they were mentally ready and it felt right,” explains the source. “Now is definitely that time. They would love to be pregnant soon.”

After all, their niece or nephew will need a playmate. Three months removed from her countryside vows, Kate’s little sis Pippa Middleton, 33, is fancying a family of her own. The writer and her hedge fund manager husband James Matthews, 42, “are currently trying for a baby,” shares a Pippa insider. The timing means the tight-knit sister could deliver on an oft-fantasized goal. “It’s long been a dream for Kate and Pippa to be pregnant at the same time,” notes a Middleton family friend. “To share that would be amazing.”

Well before Pippa walked down the aisle, she and Matthews were envisioning the next step. “Starting a family is something they’ve spoken about since long before they got married,” says the Pippa insider. It’s a chat she also had with Kate. Says the family friend, “Pippa’s always said how great it would be if they were to be expecting together.”

The idea became even more enticing when Kate and William announced they’d be making their Kensington Palace spread their home base. Once they make the move to 22-room Apartment 1A in September, “they’ll be living right around the corner” from Pippa’s West London pad, says the insider, “So you can imagine how fun that will be: shopping for baby clothes, pregnancy yoga classes.” And sharing real talk about the struggles of parenting. The Middleton family source predicts Pippa will lean on her older sis: “Kate has so much knowledge to share. She’s a walking baby encyclopedia at this point!”

Though Pippa is no slouch. “She’s a brilliant auntie to George and Charlotte — they always look forward to playing with Pips,” says the Pippa insider. As does she. Says the insider, “They bring out a soft, playful side of her. She will make a fantastic mother.”

[From Us Weekly]

I’ve often said that Kate and Pippa tend to see themselves as heroines in a Jane Austen novel, like they are the “local beauties” of Bucklebury, simple country girls who just happened to find (with help from their overbearing mother) a princely Willoughby and a terribly moderately wealthy Darcy. They couldn’t do a double-wedding, a staple of Austen’s works, but maybe a double-pregnancy would work! That’s what this reminds me of – a vintage-flavored piece of gossip about these simple country girls who long to be pregnant at the same time. The reality is that the Middleton sisters sound more like the Duggars though: all they really do in life now is procreate. Personally, I tend to think Pippa would not want to be pregnant at the same time as Kate, because that would mean Kate’s pregnancy would get all the attention, and who wants that? Pippa wants to do her own thing. So, yeah… more passive-aggressive sister drama.

Middleton Matthews wedding

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  1. Adele Dazeem says:

    Call me skeptical but this reeks of fan fiction on a slow news day. Plus with the recent buyouts/mergers in gossip rags, US is now on par w National Enquirer.

    • Squidgy says:

      I’m not interested in having children so this “News” is boring to me but I think it’s harsh to say that “all they do is procreate.” Family is just as important for some people as career for others.

    • Dana says:

      Yeah…no. This is nonsense. Kate’s had two kids, and been hospitalized both times. There’s no reason for her to want to share THAT experience with her sister. This is just stupid lol

      • Two children from one of two sisters? Lol, the very definition of procreate. Get real, please. The uterus of a woman is her own business. Repeat, again and again, and again.

      • notasugarhere says:

        “been hospitalized”? The day before she drove herself to the hospital where her favorite paparazzi was waiting, she was at a school that had an outbreak of norovirus. Even the Palace eventually admitted, sideways, that it wasn’t HG either time but rather morning sickness. She had no problem getting on planes to go on vacation during either pregnancy; she only claimed “sick” when work was involved.

      • RoyalSparkle says:

        Heck NO!!

        Not more lazy entitled luxury spoilt lambridge kiddies at taxpayers Duchy expense for these middletons.

        Look how spoilt charlotte behave on the Tarmac tantrum in a foreign country! She seem older than her months – went tip toes to shout then purposely threw herself on the tarmac – look at the video/s.

        Potential King Henry need to have his two kids too. Enough of waste of Willnot kannot middletons.

      • GardenLady says:


        spoiled? She behaved like Kids her age do at times. Tell me about toddler tantrums…

        Being spoiled is not the childs fault! How come you call a child “waste”?

      • magnoliarose says:

        I think English isn’t her native tongue so maybe it sounds harsher?

        Just throwing in my unsolicited 2 pence. (trying to be Britishy)

        Charlotte was a champion as far as I am concerned. At that age, it could have been much worse. Any mother who has had a collapser knows what I mean. They scream and then drop to the ground and refuse to get up. Lots of thrashing around and wrestling and you are aware that you are the focus of judgy attention. You have to decide to either look weak or get a handle on it and yank the toddler up and tuck him or her under your arm and leave immediately.
        Or the defiant one that is really mad about the limitation and is determined that the whole world is going to hear about it. May try to dash away and will. not. give. in.
        That age is unpredictable.

      • bluhare says:

        RoyalSparkle has posted here under a few names with always the same content. I don’t think she’s ever had anything nice to say about any of them, but picking on a 2 year old is really badly done.

  2. Monsy says:

    “A terribly moderately wealthy Darcy “😂😂😂😂

    • Olenna says:

      I laughed at that, too! Pips’ Mr. Darcy must have been a godsend as I can’t imagine how she supported her luxurious and leisurely lifestyle before she met him. DM reported she closed up shop on her solely owned business, which consisted of her and her writing and celebrity appearance gigs, I suppose. The company made very little money in the 4 yrs it was running, so where her spending money came from is anyone’s guess.

    • Nic919 says:

      I am going to be an Austen pedant and say that there is only a double wedding in Pride and Prejudice. There may be more than one marriage in the other novels, but not at the same time.

      • bettyrose says:

        And to go further as an Austen pedant, these two would very much have been the anti-heroines. Austen’s characters had no option but to marry, but her heroines were never the silly beauties looking for the richest husband. They were the clever wits who would settle for nothing less than their intellectual equals (and the fantasy element was that they all ended up in happily ever after, while Austen never found her true equal).

    • CucuLady says:

      Sounds like he is wealthy enough for her – the daily mail is reporting that she has filed for a shutdown of her company, PXM. I guess she is looking to become a full-time wife and mother after all.

    • Va Va Kaboom says:

      It should be the other way around. James Matthews seems like a pretty affable guy who genuinely adores his wife. And while he is certainly a good “catch” he’s got nothing compared to his new brother-in-law… which is totally Bingley.

      William, and I’m throwing up a little as I write this, is the Darcy in this equation. He is the “ultimate catch” and had girls and their mothers trying to trap him all his life. The result of that and his position in society causes him to be proud and pompous, though its genuine with him unlike Darcy. Additionally, he definitely didn’t consider Kate marriage material upon meeting her (or for several years after).

      • nic919 says:

        I missed the part in the book where Darcy was banging Elizabeth Bennett while hoping for better options but then finally just gave up.

      • Va Va Kaboom says:

        How about the part when he first proposes? Did you miss that too? Darcy may not have been “banging” other women, but he clearly states that he doesn’t think Lizzie is his best option. If he had meet someone else who captivated him, but without all issues of appropriateness, he would’ve married the other woman. Its obviously not a perfect analogy, but I stand by my assessment that William’s relationship with Kate is far more like that of Darcy and Elizabeth than Bingley and Jane.

      • Va Va Kaboom says:

        NIC919- I’m sorry about my previous response it was unnecessarily rude. I’d like to blame it all on being “hangry” but it was over-the-top even for that. Especially since I apparently misunderstood your comment. Though, I do think if Jane Austen were writing Pride and Prejudice today though, Darcy may very well have done something like that. At least until he saw the error his ways and realized Lizzie was always the right choice. It is a feel-good romance novel after all : )

      • Helen Smith says:

        William isn’t Darcy. Too many well heeled women turned him down. He is a very petulant and sly man who lost his looks with his hair. So not Darcy.

      • wolfpup says:

        If so, Helen Smith;

        Then praise is to Kate Middleton. Diana was coming into her own just before she died. Charles has taken centuries to mature (peals of laughter!) Perhaps the boys will take as many years to process and come into their own, as Diana did to adjust. This could be good, in other words.

        I would be so pissed if my sister, (although well-connected, to find her in every single photograph, at my nuptials. I would be saying FU, who do you think that you are? Silly royals, thinking that they are above the laws that govern our hearts?

        Good for Charles and Camilla, but Charles should have kept it under wraps for a few centuries, where we no longer saw him as Count Dracula! PiffPoof – it’s all going to stick now that the princes have told the story from their mother’s point of view, in two documentaries, and then said that they would never have this conversation again, Charles needing them to say that he was for them, after heir mother died… I seriously need some Shakespeare to cleanse.

      • bluhare says:

        What laws govern our hearts? You mean the “all’s fair” one?

      • notasugarhere says:

        William is more like Mr. Collins in a way. Nobody wanted him, he thinks he’s a prize catch, and a woman who wanted economic stability decided to put up with him. He earns nothing himself but will inherit the estate through accident of birth.

        We’ve mentioned before that TMR James Matthews is seen as Knightly, waiting for Emma to grow up and realize she is supposed to marry him. I think there’s some Darcy in there too. He knew her family’s reputation a title chasers, and he sat in the background regretting his attraction to her. He might still feel twinges about marrying a Middleton, but he wanted her.

        Jane Bennet would have been auctioned off to the highest bidder her mother could find; it is nice she ends up liking Bingley but I’m not sure she’d have married him without his money. Not a passion for the ages. Elizabeth? Lizzie likes that Darcy has money, it softens her heart to him. I’m not sure she would have married a poor man anymore than Pippa would have. She might have married a poor man she loved and lived off her well-married older sister.

        Austen’s characters rarely get everything they want, at least not the good-hearted ones, do they? The conniving end up in unhappy marriages, mostly with money (Charlotte and Mr. Collins, Wickham and Lydia, Willoughby and whomever, Fanny and Robert, Jane Fairfax and Mr. Churchill). Heart-broken women settle for wealthy men who love them, or women marry for financial security and suffer through the marriages. Wealthy men marry women they know love them party (or completely) because of their money and they accept the deal. The ones who marry for “sensibility” at all cost are those who end up without sense or money (Eleanor and Edward, Anne and Captain Wentworth).

  3. Jillian says:

    This is off topic but does it ever bother anyone that brides have white flowers in their bouquet? I don’t know why it does me. Feel like it’s a middle finger to Mother Nature.

    It’s like saying your favorite ice cream is vanilla

  4. EOA says:

    The idea that Willoughby was princely is an interesting misread of Sense & Sensibility.

    • GiBee says:

      Also Sense and Sensibility doesn’t have a double wedding.

    • Nic919 says:

      I think Wickham is a closer analogy in that he has some fun with Lydia and then is forced to marry her. And he is massively bitter about his lot in life despite being given many opportunities by Mr Darcy’s father.

      • magnoliarose says:

        You are a jewel. I don’t have a lot of American friends who know who she is but
        I love love love Lucy Worsley documentaries. Amanda Vickery’s books and documentaries too. I have a wee bit of an obsession with the Age of Enlightenment. There were some interesting women from that time.
        My grandmother collects porcelain from that time specifically Sèvres.She and her sister are antique freaks who have infected some of us with the disease. lol

        Do you think Carole is Mrs. Bennett?
        Um this ended up in the wrong place.

    • veronica says:

      Exactly! Willoughby screwed over Marianne. Colonel Brandon, Mr. Ferrars, Mr. Bingley, Mr. Knightley, Captain Wentworth, etc. would have been a better comparison as they actually ended up with the girl at the end of the novel.

      • LAK says:

        I tend to feel bad for these fellows because the woman settles for them after she’s ran out/ through all of her options.

      • graymatters says:

        True. And because Captain Wentworth was also not deemed acceptable to Baron Whatsits because of his lack of pedigree, I think he’s more like self-made-man- without-a-title James. Once the brides were well into spinsterdom (mid 20′s — the horror!), though, the families were willing to settle for money.

      • graymatters says:

        LAK, no cynicism here, please. Don’t stomp on my Austen-loving heart. Emma had to learn about love before she realized that Mr. Knightly was not only everything perfect in a gentleman but also perfect for her. Anne Elliot fell in love with Lieutenant (?) Wentworth and gave in to parental/societal pressures because she was very young. She got it right on her second chance. Rinse and repeat for the rest.

        Pippa (and her mother?) dismissed James the first time around as too gauche — that brother!– and not “of the first water” but financial considerations triumphed over snobbery and she got her happily-ever-after. Okay, now I’m being cynical.

      • LAK says:

        Graymatters: lol

        There is an absolutely brilliant self help book based on Jane Austen’s novels that describes the romantic prospects of all the characters perfectly. Even the dastardly ones like Willoughby, Jane Austen’s guide to dating by Lauren Henderson. I think you’ll enjoy it.

      • graymatters says:

        Thanks, LAK. I’ll look into it. I recently found the blog Georgian London by Lucy Ingliss (I think) which helps round out my understanding of the novels.

      • huckle says:

        @greymatters, it’s Sir Walter Elliott, Baronet. Love Persuasion both book and movie. I watch that movie several times a year. The one with Mance Rayder. Love him!

      • LAK says:

        Graymatters: i don’t know where in the world you are, but may i recommend the 3part doc series on romance by Lucy Worsley. Part one begins with the Georgian era and she namechecks several authors who inspired Austen.


        And thanks for the Lucy Ingliss recommend. Down a rabbit hole i go!

      • graymatters says:

        Persuasion is my favorite Austen novel, too. I liked Hinds as Wentworth (I had to look it up, because you totally threw me with Mance Rayder) but thought they made Amanda Root look too old.

        It’s been years since I watched the movie, though. Now I’m going to binge-watch Austen movies from whatever I can rent from Netflix.

      • graymatters says:

        LAK, Thanks for the links. Lucy Worsley is always watchable. Inglis wrote a book and stopped posting on the blog, but she’s left it up. Most of the pictures aren’t accessible, though. Bummer.

      • huckle says:

        @greymatters, Ciaran Hinds, that’s his name! I always forget his actual name for some reason. I really enjoy him as an actor. He is a wonderful Mr. Rochester too. She did look a bit older perhaps but I thought her looks definitely improved over the course of the movie…once she started living her life with people that appreciated her. I think this was probably on purpose. I loved Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds together. Both wonderful actors. I also really enjoy how all the same actors pop up in these types of period pieces too. I think it’s probably my favorite genre.

      • LAK says:

        Magnoliarose: J’adore Lucy too. Ditto Amanda Vickery.

        Speaking of Amanda, have you seen this one regarding the romantic travails / preoccupations of the average Georgian gentleman?

      • magnoliarose says:

        Thank you LAK I haven’t seen it.
        I will keep it to watch this weekend.
        I would survive happily with Netflix and British TV. BBC does better documentaries on American issues than Americans do.
        Thank you too for all of the insights. You and some other ladies make the royal threads fun and informative.

      • LAK says:

        Magnoliarose: the BBC does really good history documentaries. I enjoy the wide variety and range. I especially enjoy that they’ve moved from facts and figures to social history. By that i mean that they put the facts and figures in the social history context which makes it much more interesting if slightly gossipy.

        Since i enjoy social history as well as gossip, it’s heaven for me.

        By the way, speaking of your granny’s passion for porcelain, i’ve recently befriended Lars Tharp who is another BBC documentarian who specialises in porcelain. Who knew porcelain could be interesting and or have such a rich history and variety? He opened by eyes.

        He has a few docs on the subject which are also on youtube.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Simply chiming in to sigh over Alan Rickman’s Colonel Brandon.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I will lose her forever but I am going to pass his name along and the docs.
        I didn’t realize it was as interesting as it is either. There is so much history involved too. I just learned that the best silversmiths were in England during that time.

        I can’t get enough of the documentaries like you said there is a little gossipy element to them. She is the one who introduced me Upstairs Downstairs. I stayed with her during the summers and we did a marathon. I was surprised how good it was and that the limitations didn’t take away from the quality.

        @nota Colonel Brandon was the overlooked man that a woman skips over in her youth and regrets it once she realizes his true worth.

        My favorite Austen is Persuasion.

      • notasugarhere says:

        General thoughts on presenter Bettany Hughes and her work? I enjoyed Roman Invasion of Britain on Smithsonian Channel, and am wondering if it is worth tracking down more documentaries she narrates.

        magnoliarose, I watch the Ciaran Hind version of Persuasion probably once a year.

      • LAK says:

        I love Bettany Hughes. She’s really good with history of the ancient world. Romans, Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, the bible. Etc.

        I feel bad that i do not enjoy Mary Beard’s documentaries on Rome though i love reading her books of the same.

        Really enjoy Waldemar Januszczak’s art history documentaries especially when he focuses on religion because you realise how much religious art has been used to gaslight the world. Case in point, Mary Magdalene in art.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Thanks for the recommendations, LAK! I saw the Pompeii one with Mary Beard, which was interesting for the x-rays and computer modeling.

      • wolfpup says:

        Really, LAK, would you think to fly into SLC, Utah? I would love the discussions in your home!

    • Karleena says:

      @EOA I think the writer picked Willoughby intentionally. He was a selfish and small minded person.

    • Georgette Heyer is the top writer of so-called Jane Austen type novels. Start with “Sylvester” as it is compared to P and P, and see which novelist is the better of two.

  5. Millenial says:

    I thought Kate would have a third, but I think if she was going to, she’d be pregnant by now. Makes me think they are okay with 2.

  6. Sunfuntravel says:

    Us weekly has been getting it wrong lately …

  7. Merritt says:

    I doubt this is the case, it just sounds made up for the purpose of Us mag needing to fill the pages.

  8. Mermaid says:

    I agree with the poster yesterday who said that it seems like Kate and Melania treat charitable causes like fashion shows unlike Diana who truly cared about the people. That said I feel like Kate is not evil like Ivanka.

  9. Maria says:

    My best friend and I were pregnant at the same time and we had lots of fun sharing parenting stories. We are still sharing them and wondering why, at age 36, they are not making us grandparents yet.
    I think while it might be interesting to see Kate and Pippa pregnant, I would love to see a Meghan-Harry pregnancy at the same time. It would take all the attention away from Waity and her sis.
    By the way, Princess Madeleine announced she is pregnant with #3 and princess Sofia had another boy yesterday. At least the Swedes are providing lots of heirs and spares.

    • PrincessK says:

      Yes the trend of young people getting married later and having children later is having a knock on effect on grandparents who are now becoming grandparents for the first time well into their 60s and 70s when it is harder to look after small kids.

  10. LucyHoneychurch says:

    Sorry but this sounds totally made up to me.

    1. I highly doubt that Kate wants to be visibly pregnant in the middle of London where anyone with a camera phone (i.e. everyone) can snap photos of her bump whenever they want.

    2. William has said before that he only wants 2 kids and I think Kate just goes along with whatever he wants.

    3. I highly doubt Pippa wants to be pregnant at the same time as Kate.

    • GiBee says:

      3. Yes to this. Pippa’s slightly more mature now but she’s loves full attention on herself. Twinsies pregnancy means less of that attention!

    • Nic919 says:

      I think William has a side piece at this point and now that he has a boy and a girl he won’t bother with more. Kate’s shopping has increased to make up for being ignored and when she is in public her puppy dog looks to him to try to conceal it are obvious and yet he is oblivious to her. Just look at how little he looked at her during the recent tour and at the Diana garden. The kids were a distraction to have the press focus on them instead of their distant relationship. The one time they were on their own at the tour they had a fight with Kate making angry faces before an event.

      • Jennifer says:

        I agree with Nic919s assessment. Spot on, imo.

      • OTHER RENEE says:

        Why do you say this (about having a side piece). I don’t believe William will ever do to Kate what his father did to his mother.

      • LAK says:

        Other Renee: Clearly you don’t know their dating history. Kate went into this marriage with eyes open and a willingness to overlook everything.

        The media chooses to paint the true love fairytale because that sells. And the public has a very short memory.

        Also, unlike Diana, Kate is unlikely to go rogue and put all their dirty laundry into the public arena.

        What is also very clear is that Kate will never leave William. Whatever reasons one can speculate for that, divorce or even separation are not in her book, BUT should such an event occur, it will be William walking out, as he has previously done every time they broke up.

      • Joannie says:

        Wishful thinking on your part? I dont think William is a cheater, ever was a cheater.
        LAK, we dont know the inside scoop on their dating history. Yes they may have taken a few breaks because it was a big decision for both of them. In his own words he wanted to make sure that Kate wanted to take on the responsibility of being Royal. He didnt want a repeat of his parents. I dont ever recall the media trying to paint a fairytale.

      • bluhare says:

        I believe it was Ken Wharfe who said that Kate would put up with just about anything to marry William. I imagine he has a lot of contacts in the police force which provides RPOs to the royals. Now, I don’t know if William has a mistress or will hook up right this second, but I wouldn’t discount that he would. From what I’ve read he thinks quite a lot of himself.

        And, with all due respect, Joannie, what would you expect William to say publicly? That he wanted to make sure she could put up with any and all shenanigans? I don’t think he’s that bad, but I also think that statement was made for our consumption.

      • Idky says:

        I don’t know a whole lot about Kate and William’s dating history. Did he cheat on her multiple times? I would love to hear more about his side piece then and now, so please do share!!

      • LAK says:

        Joannie: You choose to believe their engagement interview, i choose to believe William’s own words and actions outside of that. Not to mention the girl who kissed and told on him.

        Kate may have been discreet, but William was not. And that’s why we can know some detail about their relationship.

      • nic919 says:

        William cheated on his pre-Kate girlfriend when he hooked up with Kate and then cheated on her during the dating. And the entire bizarre situation with Jecca Craig and ditching Kate at a family wedding to go to Jecca’s brother’s wedding and then later ditching his family during Easter to go to Jecca’s wedding are not the actions of a man who really gives a crap about his spouse or family. You cannot claim to be a family man and then ditch your family on a major holiday just to go to an ex girlfriend’s wedding. Or if they were simply “just friends” that is even less reason. Did Charles ditch his kids on major holidays pre-separation?

        William may not have a steady mistress, but while Kate has been spotted shopping during the many days she isn’t working, William is rarely seen, except for the few photo ops days with the helicopter. And when they do appearances together, he does not treat her with much consideration. He is no better than his father in this regard. The press just haven’t ratted him out yet.

      • LAK says:

        Joannie / Bluhare: 2 people said that about Kate vis a vis William. James Whitaker and Taki (society gossip columnist and family friend of royalty including BRF). They both said that Kate was willing and would put up with anything as long as she got the ring.

        James Whitaker went further and said William loved Kate, but wasn’t *in love* with her.

        On the subject of William’s fidelity, his own circle have mentioned his roving eye, and it’s known that he broke up with each girlfriend because he cheated on her.

        Throughout the long dating years, he cheated OR broke up with Kate to try his luck with someone new and when that didn’t work out he went back to Kate.

        Also, he was always public about how claustraphobic he found the relationship with Kate. It kept cropping up in the different break ups. To extent that he declared his freedom to a room of clubbers during one break up.

      • Idky says:

        Thanks so much nic919 and LAK. I guess the title, money and prestige wins over everything else. Seems like William wanted to see what else was out there, and when he couldn’t find anything else or whoever he wanted at the time didn’t want him, he went back to Kate.

      • LAK says:

        Idky: It’s amazing how an engagement and Palace PR can white wash royal history so people forget the inconvenient details.

        The article below was a regular in UK media together with pictures of Kate falling out of clubs on the regular (4 nights per week during one particularly intense period of clubbing).


        After the engagement, whoosh, most are gone, removed from the internet.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Hopefully, this ends up in the right place.
        @LAK and nic
        Do either of you believe he was ever in love with anyone?
        If Harry marries Megan and they are happy, do you think he would be jealous?

      • bluhare says:

        Whitaker. You’re right, LAK. At least I knew the name started with W!

      • Sharon Lea says:

        Joanie – Katie Nicholl’s biography of Kate, which I believe was sanctioned by the Middletons, pretty much said each college summer William would go off and do what he wanted and they would pair up again in the Fall. He would do polo and ‘hang out’ with the Highgrove set etc. Kate was at Buckleberry. Kate wasn’t sure each Fall if they would be back together, and earned her ‘waity’ namesake, but William was a creature of habit and back he went.

      • LAK says:

        Magnoliarose: Can’t be sure of course, but i think Isabella is the unexplored potential in that regard. He broke up with Kate a few times to try his luck with Isabella with little success.

      • notasugarhere says:

        “Now my problem with William on this is I think he likes Kate very much. I think he loves her, but I think even now he’s not in love with her. But he wants her there because the most important thing is he can trust her. I think the prize for Kate of being the Princess of Wales and then Queen, I think she will put up with anything that’s thrown at her.” – James Whitaker

        There were also things like Charles fixing up an estate for them (Harewood Park), William panicking at the idea, and breaking up with her again. And royal sources leaking that PW had admitted he was afraid he didn’t love KM enough to be faithful.

      • ravynrobyn says:

        Great insight…even tho Waity clearly knew what SHE was getting into, and she ‘deserves’ what she’s getting, I still feel sorry for her. To not be at least ‘friendly with your spouse, let alone be completely disrespected and dismissed IN PUBLIC…day after day, month after month, year after year…that’s got a be rough, ijs.

      • LAK says:

        Ravynrobyn: that public disrespect is where i dislike William intensely. No one made him marry Kate. He had 8yrs to get away from her, yet he continues to be so publicly dismissive of her. To show little courtesy and basic good manners towards her reflects badly on him.

  11. teehee says:

    I personally find it a bad idea. I would prefer an offset— two women who just gave birth and are overwhelmed with a toddler at once doesnt sound like a great idea. But yeah, ok– we are talking about people with 10 nannies at least, so ….well maybe nevermind then lol

  12. ABC says:

    As someone who cannot have children (but would love to) I just wish the media would spare a thought for people like me who would just love to be pregnant, doesn’t matter when. All this talk of baby no. 3 as if it’s as simple as just dropping your knickers and can be timed like buses. Don’t get me wrong it’s great if it happens for you but for those of us for whom it doesn’t, or who have recently lost a child / miscarried this ‘perfect Kate and perfect Pippa, so womanly they get pregnant whenever they wish to’ is rubbing salt in the wounds. Please just stop.

    • Yeahright says:

      I hope you can adopt in the future if you wish! Hugs!

    • kaiko says:

      i feel ya, ABC…it’s always been beyond nauseating the crap they push with the brf. wishing you the best.

    • Bellagio DuPont says:

      @ ABC:

      I pray fate/fortune surprises you with a beautiful baby when you least expect it. My aunt “miraculously” conceived and gave birth to triplets at age 55 after over 30 years of trying and hundreds of thousands of $$ spent.

      Wish even better for you. 😊😊😊

    • Trek Girl says:

      Oh, come on.

      To say that the media should think about women and couples who can’t conceive easily or at all when talking about two specific people is absurd.

      Lots of people have trouble conceiving, that’s true, but many more have no trouble at all and can conceive basically when they want to for several years. Should this fact be ignored? Should the media make it seem as though everybody struggles with fertility? Do we have to include every possible struggle when talking about people who don’t and may not ever have those struggles, or can we just talk about the two people in question?

      Is this really a “Kate and Pippa are so womanly” they can conceive at the drop of a hat story-line, or is it just the newspapers writing another possibly fake story about two sisters, one having already had two children without known complications and pretty close together, and the other a newlywed? The former is what you got out of the story; that’s not what they wrote — that wasn’t even between the lines.

      It’s unfortunate that so many people are infertile or sub-fertile or miscarry or lose children — it’s unfortunate that you are dealing with this — but it’s not the newspapers responsibilty to think about everyone’s feelings and situations when talking about specific people. They can’t do that. It’s not their job to think about you when writing about someone else — they don’t know you.

      This sounds mean, I’m sure, but it’s the truth.

    • wolfpup says:

      There are so many children to love. That is the truth. I know that my children could use some more loving. Mothers do not get good press from their children after puberty. Being a mother is my moral identity. I was also a teacher. Why don’t you adopt? I need another mother. This is such an immense world that we live in. So many tiny children, and big ones, needing someone just like you for hugs and kisses. Choose just one or so to love forever. Frequent adoption centers, rather than animal rescues. My poor little dog spoiled and spoiled, yet he just loves me if I give him a bite of my meat every day. He poops on demand. I feel as though I must expand his world to include someone else, other than me. Perhaps we are just getting old – he loves me so much. I would bring a kitten home, but creatures are not toys.

  13. Suze says:

    Is US Weekly now Royal Maternity Monthly?

    They’ll have kids when they have them. You can’t always time pregnancy precisely.

  14. Maria says:

    Anyway, it’s not about what Kate or Pippa or William want, it’s about what Carole wants. She is the CEO of that family. She is probably working on ovulation charts as we speak.

  15. Karleena says:

    @ABC I am sorry for your difficulties. I hope you have success over time.

  16. Lindsey says:

    So that Prada dress? More Diana CosPlay: http://68.media.tumblr.com/debfe4b27501251228e749bb53c05f63/tumblr_ovi9z1720n1tch55to1_1280.jpg

    My condolences ABC that must be terribly difficult. Kate and Pippa are far from perfect and fertility doesn’t make you perfect or womanly.

  17. SF says:

    This remains the best, smartest, most interesting gossip site on the web.

    But I think you mistyped the sentence about baby making being on Will’s schedule not Kate’s. I think you’re trying to say it’s on Kate’s, not his.

    Thanks for consistently entertaining and enlightening content.

  18. Scripca says:

    Pippa is more active than Kate, but we don’t read that often about her.
    I respect her more after reading about this:
    That is a difficult mountain.

  19. Jaded says:

    CORRECTION: It’s actually Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy who won the hearts of the Bennett sisters, Jane and Elizabeth, in Pride and Prejudice. Mr. Willoughby was the caddish guy in Sense and Sensibility who blew his family money and was forced to dump Marianne Dashwood in favour of an heiress. Yes, I’m an Austen nerd…

  20. Starlight says:

    London life is going to be a huge contrast to being hidden in deepest Norfolk, its now bright lights big city temptations for socialising and Willie likes Dad dancing. She should have snuck a third in last year.

  21. carolind says:

    If Kate got pregnant just now, it would be a joke when William starting full-time royal duties. Also, she might want to be concentrating on George starting school plus the possibility of a Harry wedding.

    I think if she does have a third, it will be any time from early summer 2019.

  22. Mermaid says:

    And just announced she is pregnant. Well all the best to them.