Michael Jackson used several aliases to get Rx drugs; DEA joining case


The medical and legal issues in the Michael Jackson case keep getting more and more complex. I think a lot of people suspected we’d learn a lot of freaky/weird/bizarre stuff about Jackson after his death, but that hasn’t really been the case. First off, most of that stuff was already rumored – and it doesn’t seem like there was a lot of truly shocking stuff left. But most of what we’ve learned has been surprisingly sad. Everyone could tell just by looking at him that Jackson was sick, but I don’t think many realized it was the drug addiction that was really the biggest problem.

TMZ has done some really good investigative work lately, and they’ve been very accurate in their leads. Today they revealed that Jackson used several aliases in order to gain access to multiple prescription drugs.

Michael Jackson used a slew of aliases to score prescription meds, and we know the two names that could unlock the key to gross abuse by Jackson and some prominent doctors.

We’ve learned Jackson frequently used the names Omar Arnold and Jack London to get powerful drugs, including Demerol. Jackson also used the name of one of his bodyguards, as well as the name of the office manager for one of his doctors.

…Sources tell us the prescription abuse was so egregious, one doctor would call the pharmacy and say Jackson was coming down to get Demerol. The pharmacy would then fill the prescription, leaving the patient’s name blank.

[From TMZ]

They also note that the DEA is joining in the investigation at the request of the LAPD, and that his body was “riddled” with dozens injection marks. TMZ hints that Jackson’s death could lead to manslaughter charges against the doctor or doctors who prescribed him all those drugs.

Multiple sources tell TMZ Michael Jackson’s body had dozens of injection sites all over his body.

As we first reported, Propofol, a powerful anesthesia, was found in the house after Jackson died. Various medical experts tell us there is absolutely no medical justification for Jackson to have had this drug in his home — it is used to knock people out before surgery. It is administered through an IV.

We’re told Jackson wanted the drug to sleep and that he had cravings for anesthesia — whenever he had even the most minor medical procedure … he had the doctor put him under. It is increasingly looking like Propofol may have caused Jackson to go into cardiac arrest and die. The doctors we spoke with say it’s reckless for any doctor to supply Jackson with Propofol and especially reckless to administer it to him at home.

The fact that Jackson had dozens of injection sites on his body would have made it clear to any doctor that Jackson had a drug problem.

Criminal manslaughter is defined as the reckless disregard for human life. The talk in law enforcement — this case seems to fit the bill.

[From TMZ]

TMZ doesn’t say if the “dozens of injection sites” on his body were all from IVs or if some were from syringes. They note that Propofol has to come from an IV, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t inject other things. I’m sure any doctor who provided access or administered home anesthesia in any way would lose their license. A manslaughter charge would make sense but would obviously be harder to prove. Something tells me that when it’s all said and done we’ll find out there were a shocking amount of prescriptions being written and drugs ingested. If it’s enough for criminal charges will probably take a while to determine.

Michael Jackson

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  1. fizXgirl314 says:

    you know his fingernails are almost black… i wonder what sort of deficiency causes that.

  2. CandyKay says:

    Lisa Marie was right. Just like Elvis.

  3. Jonzing says:

    Interesting about the nail beds and how they are discolored.

    Did some online research and found this:

    “Dark nails that are flat and/ or thin are a sign of vitamin B(12) deficiency. Sometimes the nail could even be spoon shaped.”

    “Very deep blue nail beds can indicate pulmonary obstruction or emphysema.”

    from http://www.essortment.com/all/fingernailsdi_rsxw.htm

  4. rumor mill says:

    fizXgirl314, the rumor is that the skin under his nails remained that darker color as he wasn’t able to bleach that part of his body.

  5. rumor mill says:

    but #3 sounds MUCH more likely.

  6. wow, I am sure there are a few docs shaking in the boots about now. These drugs are so tightly regulated especially in Cali. Hopefully, the doctors and pharmacies will take this and the Ana Nicole thing to heart when treating other celebs. I got a script for Xanax here, written in triplicate…and then the pharmacy STILL had to call the doc and verify. They don’t mess around with this in LA.

  7. CandyKay says:

    This may be why the doctor who was with him at the time of his death is acting so fishy.

    Michael Jackson must have taken a break from the drugs long enough to pass the physical for the company insuring the concerts. Those insurance companies don’t mess around, either.

  8. Cheyenne says:

    Doubt a manslaughter charge would hold up — but if they went for criminally negligent homicide they might get a conviction on that.

  9. Danni says:

    Michael had a LUPUS, which could have destroyed his vital organs, skin including. There is no cure for Lupus. It’s terminal, painful illness.

  10. Raven says:

    People with lupus or SLE can live for a very long time with proper treatment. Also, with proper treatment a lot of the symptoms can be well managed. Obviously, if you are doing illegal drugs instead of taking care of yourself, you will have more symptoms. Interesting that he was so weird, the last thing anyone thought about was drug abuse. Liza Minelli was right about things really getting crazy once the truth started coming out.

    This case will really get a lot of attention because the doctors are here rather than the situation with Anna Nicole Smith’s death.

  11. Codzilla says:

    Why is the DEA getting involved? Don’t they have a couple thousand pounds of meth to confiscate or something? MJ was a junkie who died of an overdose, just like so many others. It’s a terrible thing, of course, but wasting government resources just to make a good show of it just seems foolish.

  12. susan says:

    demerol injections cause scar tissue to form in the skin-that’s why when it was used widely as a pain reliever (it was originally marketed as a “safe” alternative to morphine) people who got lots of it ended up with places of skin that were as tough as rhinoceros hide. you can even see the scars on x-ray, riddled with calcium.

  13. nnn says:

    And he had children around him while he was drugged out for years.

  14. maritza says:

    According to the lyrics of a song he wrote in 1997 he might have been taking drugs since then. Listen to this http://www.starpulse.com/news/index.php/2009/07/01/michael_jackson_s_morphine_song_lyrics_a

  15. CeeJay says:

    Just goes to show you that money can buy access to just about anything. In this case drugs above and beyond anything that might have been necessary.

    Personally I really hate seeing this type of abuse because it ultimately spills over and affects innocent patients who truly need narcotic care for chronic pain conditions. The DEA eventually goes to the media and starts another round of “Narcotic Drug Abuse on the Rise” sorts of headlines. The plain truth is that addicts are going to abuse drugs whether they need them or not. Pain patients, on the other hand, would give just about anything to avoid ever having to take another dose of medication. Ironic isn’t it?

    The doctors, and better yet the pharmacies who supply drugs to addicts like Jackson should be prosecuted by the DEA to the fullest extent of the law, and while they’re at it they should take special care to mention that they are doing so to protect the “controlled supply” of narcotics for patients who earnestly need pain killers.

    As far as I’m concerned Jackson is nothing but another case of celebrity entitlement. I guess the real truth will come out when the supplying pharmacy has to file outstanding, unpaid invoices with Jackson’s Estate. Won’t that be interesting?

  16. orion70 says:

    “Sources tell us the prescription abuse was so egregious, one doctor would call the pharmacy and say Jackson was coming down to get Demerol. The pharmacy would then fill the prescription, leaving the patient’s name blank.”

    I highly doubt Jackson would be coming down to the pharmacy to get his own Demerol.

    And count me as one who’s confused as to how an alias would help Jackson. People do this to ‘shop’ for doctors, however most people who do, are fairly anonymous to begin with. What good would an alias do for anyone instantly known? Unless, as noted, he was sending someone else down to the pharmacy.

    Besides, if he wanted truckloads of Demerol, i’m sure he’d have secured an illicit manner to get it, that wouldn’t have involved doctors at all. That said, I would not doubt it in a heartbeat that he was abusing drugs. And I bet all sorts of nastiness about his life is going to come out as his death is investigated. He strikes me as a Howard Hughes type .

  17. Trish says:

    His nail beds are brown. Because he is African American.

    I heard that his Lupus discolored his skin so he began bleaching it. Or something like that,

  18. Cali G says:

    God Bless u Michael J. and RIP!!!!

  19. carissa1275 says:

    he has been addicted to pain medication since 1984 when he got burned filming that pepsi commercial.

  20. Jag says:

    If he had un- or mis-diagnosed pernicious anemia, an autoimmune disease, he could have been in pain. Untreated, the vitamin B12 deficiency can cause nerve pain, and eventually nerve death. It can cause the skin to become pale, and some people begin looking anorexic. The very sad thing, if he did have p.a., is that it’s easily treated with a monthly B12 injection, after having a regimen of B12 to get the level back to normal. I know this because, in our early 20′s, my sister almost died from it, and I was diagnosed a year later. She got pale and anorexic, while I just got pale. Pernicious anemia is extremely overlooked, imo, and I’ve even had a blood specialist – hematologist – tell me I couldn’t have it because I wasn’t over 65. It’s entirely possible M.J. had it. Untreated, the risk of death from heart attack gets exponentially higher by the 10 year mark, and M.J. had been pale for quite some time.

  21. Courtney says:

    It’s official, your all idiots. He did not BLEACH his skin, he tried hard to cover up the white spots with makeup but then there was more white than black, so he had his dermatologist give him treatments to even out his skin tone. Can you imagine how hard it must be to be made fun of for something you are very ashamed of? It must be horrible to hear people say, “you hate your race”. It does bot matter what shade his skin was he was a BLACK man!

  22. sohbet says:

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