Angelina Jolie’s quiet USO trip to Walter Reed; Brangelina moving to NY?

A few weeks ago, Angelina Jolie went to Washington DC for World Refugee Day (June 20th). She did several interviews and participated in a public forum, as well as serving as hostess for an awards ceremony honoring activists and advocates that work with refugees and developing communities. Most of her schedule was public or semi-public, so it seems weird that we’re only just finding out about one visit Angelina quietly made while she was in town. It seems Angelina took an unpublicized USO trip to Walter Reed and spent several hours with wounded veterans and their families.

The only reason the trip has become public now is because one of the wives Angelina met has been writing a blog about her husband’s physical rehabilitation at Walter Reed, and this woman “broke the story” that Jolie visited. Then, a few of the people that had posed for pictures with Jolie posted those photos on the USO website:

There was no publicity about Angelina Jolie visiting wounded soldiers at Reed. One wife of a wounded soldier has been quietly writing a blog since her husband was first injured overseas. She mentioned the day after it happened in her blog that Jolie had come to visit the soldiers and talked about how she spent 20 minutes with her husband and spent a lot of time with others. She didn’t come with some entourage. It was under the radar. After Jolie left someone gave gift bags from her to each of the soldiers on the ward including a $1000 gift certificate to Best Buy.

It’s pretty hard to keep a visit from Jolie secret but it sure did take a while for the media to learn about it. Some time after the visit 2 people who took pictures (among many people who reportedly took pictures) posted them to the USO site at different times. The first pics posted were of Jolie putting on a USO T Shirt over her top and were posted by someone who works with the USO. Some time later the other 2 pics showed up on the USO site.

[From Oh No They Didn't]

This isn’t the first USO trip Angelina has made – she’s visited American troops in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. If you’d like to know more about the USO, they run a pretty interesting site.

In other Jolie-related news, The New York Daily News’ Rush & Malloy are reporting that Jolie and Brad Pitt are seriously considering a semi-permanent move to New York. Apparently, the Brange hates staying in hotels for months at a time (who knew?) and are thinking about laying out $25 million on a group of three condo units in the historic Apthorp Building, which is really pretty but a little gothic.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may be looking to buy in Manhattan. We hear the star couple has been quietly checking out the Apthorp, the century-old upper West Side landmark that’s undergoing a condo conversion.

Until now, Pitt and Jolie have rented when they’ve come to town. Recently, while Angie’s been shooting “Salt,” the Brangelina brood has divided its time between the Waldorf Towers and Rupert Murdoch’s Rosehearty estate on the North Shore (where Rupe reportedly has been charging them $100,000 a month). But the fortress-like luxury of Apthorp is apparently making the Pitt-Jolies consider settling down here.

“The gated courtyard means they can get in and out of their car without being hassled by paparazzi,” says a source. “The building also has several other exits.”

The Pitt-Jolies are said to be thinking about putting together three units in the building. “I heard they’re ready to spend as much as $25 million,” says a source.

[From Rush & Malloy]

Meh, I think this is made up as some sort of cross-promotion between the NY Daily News and the Apthorp, honestly. I could see Brad and Angelina buying a place in New York, but if they ever do, you know Brad’s going to shell out big money for some austere, modernist glass box. I don’t see him going to some historic, faux-gothic building – although it seems Angelina’s style, so maybe she’ll convince him.

Photos via ONTD.

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  1. Charity is Chic says:

    Did one of Angie’s PR people write this posting? She posed for photos with dozens of people and obviously knew it would leak. Duh!

    Btw, Jon Stewart has been doing this for years. And he actually does it quietly which means, no photos.

  2. Nev says:

    What should she have done beat the lady across the head and said no photo please. I like Jon Stewart and all but I would not want a picture with him. I thought people complain that she do not do any thing for the US. So here she is doing some thing nice on American soil and you still complain any way. I would prefer stars do this than spend extra time and money In tanning palors and getting thousands of dollars in beauty treaments. Not a big fan of hers but I just had to say that.

  3. HEB says:

    …they already live in NY on Long Island…oh you meant nyC! Geez.

    Cute T-shirts.

  4. Kait says:

    She posed for photos because come on now, like she’s really going to tell a solider and his family no pictures.

    She did a good thing. Why do we have to attack her for it?

  5. Ursula says:

    No so quiet then if we are learning about it.

    This is Angelina Jolie, I doubt she can do anything without milking it for PR. Sigh.

    By the way, while they are traipsing around do gooding, biking, shooting movies and flying for hobby (such environmentalists????), I wonder who is taking care of all those six kids who they collected in such a short time.

  6. lisa says:

    She does not have a PR team.. and I am sure the people who got pictures were excited to share.. She went during her visit to Washington.. the story is just coming out.. She does not need to promote something she has been doing for almost 9 years. It is so easy to hate this woman for something that you or others think she has done. but her support for the military and the soldiers is a fact. And something she has done as is doing. She is one of the few actors to make seveal visits to Iraq and other military bases.. Most are not reported untill after they happen. If she wanted attention she could have hundreds of cameras following her.. get over this immature hate for this woman.. it has becoming OLD..

  7. India says:

    Hi Kaiser, I have been following you for a while when I was living in Germany…you Rock! The Walter Reed story was a Blind Vice either at Dlisted or some where. She apperently, gave $1000 worth of vouchers to some people while she was there. Also, Jack Nicholson was there either the same day or the same week. Yep, I love gossip and I love research so, this is all fun for me. Are they both gonna leave together in NYC? I don’t think so. They are already living different lives. She is flying somewhere and he is on his bike around LA.They are heading to splits villie if not now, then later. She has the best PR in town and she isn’t a media fool. When Micheal Jackson Story broke and she was getting negative hits…what did she do, Angie went to Walter Reed ha ha ha…I am not a ANGIE FAN. I am totally for Jen. However, Angie is one media smart lady ha ha lol

  8. photo jojo says:

    Lisa, if you think the most powerful actress in Hollywood does not have a PR team, I have some beachfront property in Iowa to sell you….

  9. Angie has no PR says:

    She has never had a publicist, only her manager. Brad also does not have a publicist since March 2008, his manager also speaks for him if needed just like Angie’s manager does for her. These are well documented true facts. Stop reading tabloids and try doing so research. The truth is out there, really.

  10. Angie has no PR says:

    By the way Brad has always ridden a bike in LA, he has loved his bikes for years and years and there are many pics. Angelina and Brad are together in LA just as they were in NYC, and France, and Prague, and Chicago, and Berlin, and Canada, and Cannes, and everywhere else since 2005. Again just the facts, just the truth. It is what it is.

  11. Wench. says:

    I’d rather have a photo with Jon Stewart, fo’sho.

  12. Nev says:

    Ursula what do any mother do with her kids when they go to work-go out for quiet dinner dates with the husband-have some much deserved mommy break???????
    Wives and mothers deserve breaks. She has a right to take a break and do what she wants. A mommy is not a mommy 24/7. Get this you even can have a bathroom break.

  13. Asiont says:

    she looks beautiful even in a normal t-shirt.

  14. Charity is Chic says:

    No PR team? LOL. Her PR team is totally off the books, which makes them the BEST PR team in the world. She doesn’t officially call them publicists. Often referred to in articles as her advisors. And by articles I don’t mean the tabs, I mean The New York Times, Newsweek, Time mag and on CNN. The brangeloonies are such suckers. She didn’t get to where she is all by herself. She got lots and lots and lots of help.

  15. Beth says:

    Somebody show me a quote where Angelina said she’s an environmentalist. That is Brad’s cause. I never heard or read that she’s an active environmentalist. Funny how nobody whines and complains when Leonardo Dicaprio, George Clooney, Julia Roberts fly or ride motorcycles. I can’t believe people are calling this a publicity stunt. There are no cameras or reporters. It only came out because soldiers’ wives posted pictures. If Angelina wanted to get attention there would have been a media blitz. Also Angelina visited Washington, DC around June 17 or 18 to promote World Refugee Day, a week before Michael Jackson died. So I don’t get why people are saying she did this to get attention away from Michael Jackson. The only advisors I ever heard about is when she’s learning about a new cause/ issue. Not sure why the haters are calling them publicists.

  16. Bodhi says:

    I will never understand bashing a person for doing a good thing…

    This happened literally weeks ago. If this was a PR move, news about it would have come out as she was walking into the building. And she would have brought a ton of people with her.

    I’ll be the 1st to admit that there are some celebsa I can’t stand, but I never bash them for doing a good thing. Just get over it already

  17. alex says:

    Gosh it must take so much time and energy to have such hate for someone you don’t know. I wish I had that kind of time and energy. Thank goodness Angelina don’t give a damn about your miserable cows who hate her. While some of you people sit behind a computer hating on her, she is out there living her life to the fullest and being happy, maybe you guys should do that as well.

  18. lisa says:

    Thanks Beth.. is it easier for them to believe the lie that justifies their hate then the truth that spotlights how unreasonable they are regarding Brad/Angie.. I know that other celebs do what they do.. but of course the standards are different. Posh/David went on a vaca.. no screams of her being a bad mommy..Johnny Depp was in the states to promote his movie. NO family in sight.. no screams of being a bad daddy.. Hugh Jackman is out and about with and without his kids.. I have not heard his pimping them. There are many celebs who have sold baby pics.. would take all day to name the.. yet no scream and anger towards them but as we say Brad/Angie have to live by an unreasonable standard that is not applied to anyone but them. that to me is the problem I have. I dont care if people like or dislike them. but to critize them only for what everyone else does is what is unfair and just ugly and mean spirited..

  19. Charity is Chic says:

    From Beth:

    I can’t believe people are calling this a publicity stunt. There are no cameras or reporters.

    Beth, if there were no cameras during her visit to Walter Reed, please explain how this picture was taken.

  20. Charity is Chic says:

    Lisa sounds like a Sarah Plain Supporter, who also has a bunch of psycho fans that think their idol is being held to a different standard than everyone else and that their idol never does anything wrong, EVER.

    For the rest of you, you know the sane one’s here’s some food for thought.

    A self righteous woman who thinks she got to where she is because of her talents and not because men want to have sex with her. Thinks that she and only she can make the world a better place. Completely full of herself while pretending to be humble.

    Has a million kids that she pimps out to people magazine and the more kids she has the more she thinks she is a saint. Meanwhile she has other people raising them when the cameras aren’t on her. Loves flying airplanes and brags about her love of guns and can’t get enough of telling people how tough she is.

    Has a hapless man at her side who thinks he has a career of his own, but is really just a glorified assistant. He desperately tries hanging onto his manhood by revving up his snowmachine/motorcycle while sporting a goatee.

    Who did I just describe?

    Sarah Palin or Angelina Jolie?

  21. Mairead says:

    Beth meant no media cameras and you know it.

    I doubt they were press/professional photographers for two reasons:

    (1)If they were press cameras, then the images would likely have been released straight away to their agency or press. Their commission/salary depends on getting them out as quickly as possible.

    (2) The photos seem to be a bit out of soft because it’s not taken with a flash, not something you’d expect with a super-fast and pinsharp professional lens. You can see in the last photo with the blonde woman, because of the zoom the fill-in flash kicked in. Any pro I’ve seen will take it with a diffuse flash indoors just in case.

    And the first is totally amateur as the backdrop are random cars, not the entrance to the building or something identifiable, which would make it a useful marker in the press.

  22. hatsumomogirly says:

    I think Beth meant pro photographers.

    When ever a celebrity or semi famous person crosses paths with me I always stop and ask for a pic, I don’t mean to be rude, its just exciting. so far i only met Anthony Keidis(he was touring and ate at a restaurant i was at) Laura Flynn Boyle and Lou Diamond Phillips. But damn, If I ever meet Angelina! Every one here will be the first to know, repeatedly, in multiple posts, on every single thread, in every celebrity gossip blog, be damned getting banned!

  23. wow says:

    Charity: you really sound like a JEALOUS PSYCHO (which I’m sure you’re not) so lay off already.

    Honestly, you’re not doing the other AJ haters any favors with your bile…

  24. not so fast says:

    This was leaked on a myspace site by a fan/soldier who had their picture taken with her. I just adore Angelina and how much she’s grown into a loving caring woman. Everything she’s done far outweights her negative.

  25. please.. says:

    Angie is a PR h0! Of course she knew this would get her good press.

    If she really had compassion for other people she wouldn’t go after MARRIED MEN!

  26. Brittney says:

    Are you serious…? If Angelina visited me, I would hurt myself if I didn’t get some photographic proof. Do these pictures look like she’s “milking” anyone for publicity… (which makes no sense when there was no press release and she doesn’t even have a PR person)… or like she’s humbly posing with some people whose days she definitely made? Stop hating on this beautiful, selfless woman. She’s one of the very few celebrities who’s actually redirecting the ridiculous amount of publicity generated by our media into something good… she inspires the media to follow her to places they wouldn’t normally visit, and still you have something to say about it? Would you rather her be like Paris Hilton and lead the cameras to night clubs and mansions? Give me a break.

  27. HashBrowns says:

    LOL @ Brad living in an austere glass box. I personally cannot imagine living in a place that Brad Pitt picked out. It’d be all glass, steel and concrete with hard postmodern wooden furniture and bathrooms and kitchens in which you couldn’t find the fixtures.

  28. MeowMeow says:

    I never thought I could like this homewrecking harlot, but this redeems her a bit in my eyes. She looks very natural and pretty, and at ease with being there. Nice about the gift certificates, too. I like when people (esp famous ones) do things for the troops without publicizing the hell out of it.

  29. hmm says:

    She did a good thing and regardless of whether you like her or not, give her credit for it. She didn’t leak the details to People magazine through her publicist, she kept it quiet. To cast aspersions on her character because someone posted pictures on their myspace page is beyond ridiculous.

  30. morgs says:

    If she doesn’t look like an ethereal goddess in this photo its because Steven Huvane got to the shot and photoshopped her face into ugly. Blame Steven Huvane. He runs the Hollywood universe.

  31. Cheyenne says:

    Cracking up over here at people stuck in a time warp still calling Jolie a “homewrecking harlot” “PR ho”, etc. GTF over it. It’s a long time since 2005. The principals moved on years ago.

  32. barneslr says:

    You bashers just crack me up. My God! You come across as so intensely jealous of her for being rich, famous and beautiful! You are determined to try to paint her with an ugly brush simply because you feel so terribly inadequate. Don’t you realize that you make yourselves look bad by being so ugly, not her?

    Grow up. She did a nice thing, that’s all. Even if you dislike her, there’s no reason to bash her for doing something nice for those people.

  33. Anastasia says:

    OMG regular people took these pics and then leaked them over a month later.

    NOTHING was ever going to be said about this trip because she obviously doesn’t need to crow about every little thing she does.

    There were no media cameras there and if this soldier hadn’t posted the pics, no one would have ever known about it.

    If anything, this puts the lie to all the haters and how they love to say she does things only for her own publicity. I think, judging from their frothy responses here, they know it, too.

  34. mE says:

    Good for them. I think it is awesome when celebrities do that, especially when it isn’t used as a PR stunt. This does not appear to be a PR stunt at all.

    I think it would be awesome for celebrities to also visit families whose spouses are deployed. I live on a post with many troops deployed. My husband isn’t with an infantry unit but he is also deployed. I cannot imagine the constant fear these spouses, mostly women, live in. When someone dies or is injured out there, there is a communications black out so they do not know who it is and they are left to wonder if they will ever see an email from their husband or hear his voice again. It is quite hellish. My husband will soon be one of these guys. Those women have my eternal respect. This past week, when there were deaths and injuries in their unit, I spend the better part of the morning with two of the wives who were trying to piece together information to make sure it wasn’t their husbands.

    Good for them for doing this. Especially people who use it to do some good rather than to spout off on how they feel about the war.

  35. duh says:

    Is Julia Robert,Rita Wilson, Courtney Cox,Laura Dern a homewrecking harlot too

  36. yadira says:

    I’m a miltary wife and it is touching to see someone take some time to spend with these guys. Unfortunately the military is only really respected by civilians when they are scared shit-less when terrorist attack the homefront.

    It is not an easy life having your hubby/wifie leaving all the time, risking their lives and leaving your children without a parent.

    Sadly, the country isn’t as patriotic as it used to be. Now a days, it is uncool to support your country, troops and to be proud to be an American :(

    The USO is a great program and it really does need the support of people. A lot of their offices are closing because they don’t have enough funds.

  37. Mairead says:

    CDAN had this and a visit by another Hollywood A-lister to veterans as a blind recently.

    He revealed that the other A-lister was Jack Nicholson, who also didn’t want publicity. Enty also revealed in January that Kevin Bacon had done the same thing. he even revealed that Sandra Bullock donated all her paycheques from last year to charity – also no publicity. But obviously somebody talked. It’s what people do.

    Yes, AJ works the media spectacularly well. It’s an important part of the business of hollywood, and anyone who can’t understand that has completely missed the point of celebrity gossip/chatshows etc. In AJ’s case the UN also use her starpower to promote their work – all those videos are released by the UNHCR.

  38. Marie says:

    Is Julia Robert,Rita Wilson, Courtney Cox,Laura Dern a homewrecking harlot too…

    don’t forget Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward…and so many more….just don’t want the haters to run out of people to hate..BTW, Julia Roberts broke up 2 marriages…one with kids!!
    Really, as if we know anything about what really went on!!!

  39. yae says:

    So many of these “non profit” organizations crack me up. Most hire a “non-profit” staff for about $2-3 million(or more), complete with financers at about $120,00 a pop, vice presidents & even ceos. If a homeless mother goes to a shelter that they operate, she will get some mac and cheese 25cent phone calls and some tv in a rec room that has no cable and only 6 beds. Cracks me up really. Reminds me of Columbia University grads . “Get rich off non-profit work. Earn your batchelor here!!” yummy

  40. beatrix says:


    i think this jolie’s homewrecking harlot case got a lot more press and media interest because jennifer aniston has had a larger loyal fan base than everyone you mentioned in your post. IMO no matter how you look at it, aniston has been and always much loved by this large fanbase of hers. and they are not just “casual” fans (for lack of better words). these fans actually love her and relate to her as their friend, sister, or even daughter. so IMO they feel for jen, everything happens in her life. there’s nothing other people (non-fans) can do about it. im not saying jen is perfect, innocent, but maybe there’s something about her that makes her large fan base feels the need to protect her. you better get used to it. this insane bermuda triangle will not end anytime soon.

    as for jolie, i think she has this questionable past that makes her to be an easy target to attack. for pitt – nah, i think he’s just dumb. beautiful but dumb.

  41. sassenach says:

    Marie, don’t forget Sandra Bullock who was sleeping with Jesse while his wife was pregnant and then he dumped his wife while still pregnant to be with Sandra. Laura Dern broke up not one but two marriages with children involved. This list can go on for days.

  42. nnn says:

    Laura Dern didn’t just mess with two families she made sure that the second guy marry her. She got pregnant on purpose right from the beginning while Harper’s wife was pregnant too. Those kids, the one of his then wife and the one of his mistress are born few months apart.

    Another case even more disgusting : Celine Dion and René Angelil. She was 12, he was hitting 40, married with kids and acting as her manager. They fell in love while she was a young teen and kept that flirt and affair undercovered until he divorced. They married later. He is the only man she ever knew. Same case with Tommy Mottola and Mariah Carey eventhough Mariah was older than Celine when she had her affair with her manager.

    But i could go on : Tom Cruise who dumped Mimi for Nicole then deflected the affair saying horrible things about her not capable of having kids. He repeated the same modus operandi when he had this affair with Peneloppe Cruz and dumped Nicole saying that the baby she misscarriaged wasn’t his.

    But also, decades ago : Sophia Loren 16, and Carlo Conti, 38 and married with children at the time. He divorced for her, married her, then it was annulled for a legal point (i think his divorced wasn’t legalized, hence he couldn’t mparry her), and he re-married her years later when finally his wife let him go after years of battle. John Dereck, 40 who dumped his wife Linda Evans for 16 years old Bo. Paul Newman who had his affair with Joanne, divorced his first wife and married her second less than 48 hours later. Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas began their affair when he was married, Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn who live years with her lover Spencer while he left his family and never even got a divorce from his wife. At his death, she eventually didn’t come to his funeral out of respect of his wife. Quincy Jones who had an affait with Nastasja Kinsky while she was still with her husband and two elder children, still living at times under the same roof. Their child were born when she was still officially married to her husband. Marylin Monroe and the kennedy brothers, Princess Caroline of Monaco who had an affair with her best friend’s husband and who is the god mother of her best friend’s first born. He, a born prince divorced his wife, left his two sons to marry princess Caroline.

  43. excuses.. says:

    Citing examples of other “homewreckers” doesn’t make it okay and forgivable….

  44. Rose says:

    Good for her, she looks very pretty in the photo too. I’m glad she took time for the families.

  45. Umm... says:

    OK people. Reality check: What she’s done for USO is wonderful. I really do think that she cares somewhat about displaced people, war veterans and refugees. I won’t argue that. But c’mon. Do all of you REALLY believe that the only reason people don’t like her is because everybody is jealous? The unfortunate truth is that, for the most part, Jolie is a genius media-manipulator. Very rarely does she forget to toot her own horn. Most of her actions help herself out even more than those she’s serving. Yeah, she gives money. But it’s chump change compared to what she demands for a film, or for that matter, her children’s pictures. Be real people. This woman isn’t controversial because of her lips. Maybe what spews from them, but there are other good-looking celebs out there…some with healthier bodies too.

  46. Umm... says:

    So call me a hater if you want. I really don’t support what celebs do in their private lives. Emphasis on “celebs”–plural. Since the dawn of time, they think they’re all exempt from morals and duty. They act like sluts and sleep around, breakin’ hearts and passin’ STD’s. They drunk-drive, kill pedestrians, murder their wives and beat their girlfriends. Then they pay a small fee and do community service. Your argument that jolie is a cute little puppy that gets a bad rap compared to other celebs is ridiculous! She’s no better than the rest.

  47. Umm... says:

    To be fair, I’m sure that the families could use the vouchers she gave them. We don’t know her intentions, but money is money. Just don’t be building a pedestal for someone who seems to be in front of a camera most of the time…whether it’s a professional or a disposable camera, for that matter…

  48. cee says:

    Angie and Brad are a wonderful couiple and have a beautiful family. I wish them nothing but the best. They deserve to be happy. People stuck in the past should just move on and concentrate on their own lives.

  49. Paulette says:


  50. sad says:

    Haters can’t stand Angie doing anything good for others because it makes Jen (it’s all about me) ANUSton look bad. SO, they need to bash Angie endlessly.

  51. Codzilla says:

    “ANUSton” — that’s, um, creative.

  52. jann says:

    OMG, it seems to me that Angelina has changed her life for the better more respected and family oriented, caring,giving person, and the (so called) sweet, innocent chinnifer (Jen) has become hollywood’s biggest whore since Paris Hilton, Jen is self absorb, shallow, fake, and one of hollywood’s biggest fame seeker, my money would go on Angelina, just like the smart brad ran towards her too.

  53. Bodhi says:

    So many of these “non profit” organizations crack me up. Most hire a “non-profit” staff for about $2-3 million(or more), complete with financers at about $120,00 a pop, vice presidents & even ceos.

    I’m sorry, is that comment actually meant to disparage the USO?

  54. Jules says:

    I’m a little late to the game, sorry about that. I needed a little time to calm down. To all of you are bitching about AJ or anyone else doing something positive for soldiers, I ask you this: “What have YOU done for our soldiers?” “How many wounded soldiers have you visited?” That’s all.

    I know my grammar there sucked. :(

  55. lk says:

    Jules, haters don’t care about anything but being right and for Angie to fail.

  56. hmmm says:

    I don’t care what none of ya’ll say .Angelina is cool and Brad sucks! can’t wait for her to find a new man. hehehe

  57. lrm says:

    someone on another site said they work for a high profile intl agency,and AJ’s ‘people’ said no to her being at a particular event,b/c there wouldn’t be enough publicity.
    of course,that person thought she was fake and only does things for publicity.

    My take on it,is that it was probably an event where THEY wanted HER specifically for publicity-ie,to draw attention to them and their cause. So,they invited her,but maybe she does pick and choose,since she probably gets HUNDREDS of invitations yearly if not monthly. And she wants to be sure the purpose of her visit is worth it.

    Think about it: are you going to attend a quiet event,when your presences is meant to draw headlines?

    It’s not her fault that organizations use celebs for furthering their cause.
    Betcha Clooney wouldnt be doing the sudan thing if it were not a hot issue right now.

    Just sayin’.
    These ppl do have lives,and have only so much time and energy to give.

    And,no,I’m not a big AJ fan or anything.
    I just think ppl react alot without thinking. Situations have many plausible scenarios.

  58. JJ says:

    I wonder if the bashers know how they come across for bashing a lady that went out of her way to be kind to american solders and their wives, wow what a terrible thing to do … Not. If any of you did half the kind things she does you’d have no time for such ridiculous rants. I think regardless of the reasons when a celebrity does something good and kind with their time and money instead of buying new purses and cosmetic surgery, its a great thing. But I really doubt this was for publicity as the wife of a soldier was the first to post about this visit. So not only does she try to be a good person she does it without expectations, which believe it or not makes her a decent person. Someone who cannot sit around with all her money and just spend spend on junk. What kind of person bashes that?

  59. xploxite says:

    I love her cause of all the humanitrian works she does & why should she hide doing humanitrian work, she’s not ashamed of doing it, she should do it openly so may other celebrities learn from her & use their celebrity status for doing such a good causes . GOD BLESS HER & her family so she can always do good deeds, those people who want her to keep quite about doing these good deeds are the ones who are against her doing good deed in the first place. I hope she doesn’t pay attention to those good for nothing indivituals.

    She looks beautiful in those photos.

  60. Edna Estareja says:

    Reading all those haters mail, wondering what they are doing in this site, and questioning photos taken by regular ordinary people. Common sense, they have cell, camera which all have in this country. They have the right to be proud Angelina Jolie come to visit them and share their suffering and joy to be alive. That honestly cares. Not only Angelina Jolie but of course the rest of Movie Stars that really cares. Angelina Jolie is not fake when it comes to caring, only you and the public who read false gossip and news believe she was. I do believe, she is gifted with goodness, despite coming from broken family, Her mother nurture her with love,which she now understand and seeing the world outside glamorous life of make believe as movie stars. There are no peace and love. She choice the right path of happiness, to be with the poor and needy, but she have to stay in this job, so she can do more goodness to others. She do not care about your opinion. She cares more about others that genuinely welcome her,as strangers and not a movie star, but simply Angelina Jolie, the person. I have great faith, that this two, will settle down for good. They are happy being together and with their kids. We too can witness that glitter in their eyes true love. few have that on married couples in Hollywood. They have right to be private,we never let them go away, so it means they are so popular all over the world. I guess, they will stay longer in news. people will always be fascinated with them. Peace to all who love and care for this family. God Bless you all.