Ben Affleck is addicted to online poker

Ben Affleck is a talented poker player who has won multiple tournaments, including the California State Poker Championship in 2004, in which he took home $356,000 to add to his immense wealth from appearing in crappy action movies.

He’s curbed his trips to Vegas after marrying the lovely Jennifer Garner, and now makes due playing online poker. He’s getting addicted to it, though, and is said to be spending four nights a week playing the game, and wasting up to $20,000 a night. His wife is pissed and wants him to quit.

Ben Affleck loves poker, but he could be about to take his biggest gamble yet – with his marriage to Jennifer Garner! “She frowns on the game, so he swore off poker completely,” says a source. “Ben didn’t want to miss out on any family time with Jen or their daughter, Violet.” But two years after they wed, the couple is settled into married life, and the routine seems to be getting a little boring. “Ben decided to reopen some old online accounts and is back to playing the game on his computer about four nights a week,” says the source. “He wants to really master it.” Unfortunately, mastering poker likely means lot family time – and money. He sometimes drops up to $20,00 a night! “Their marriage is going strong, but she wants him to stop before it could cause a problem between them.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, September 24, 2007]

Affleck blowing $80g a week is like my husband gambling away a couple of hundred bucks a month. It would annoy me if I found out about it, but it’s not like it would break the bank.

It’s telling that the most scandalous story about these two after two years of marriage is the fact that Affleck likes to play poker online. That’s a pretty tame hobby if he can afford it, and it’s not like he’s hurting anyone. He was once known for enjoying the company of strippers and hookers and partying too hard. Now he’s sitting at home betting online.

Garner might be a little miffed but she’s probably not that bothered by it. It’s not like he’s going out drinking or headed to Vegas where you know the cocktail waitresses would be all over him, especially considering how good a tipper he’s said to be. These two will work it out. I would say they’re the most well respected celebrity couple, and that’s because they’re refreshingly normal and seem down to earth. It kind of makes me like Affleck more to hear that he’s jonesing to gamble online. I know it can be a serious problem, but I can relate to computer addiction.

Affleck is shown in the header image on the set of “He’s Just Not That Into You” today. I love his expression. Thanks to Splash News for this picture.

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