Sex and the City spoilers (don’t read if you want to be surprised)

Some plot details have already been revealed for the new Sex and The City movie, and I’ll rehash them here just for people like me who can’t resist spoilers, but will still see the films and TV shows if they’re worthwhile. This is also for people who don’t care because they aren’t going to see the film anyway.

We’ve heard so far that Charlotte has a baby, Miranda has another baby, and that Big and Carrie are doing well. Now Page Six is reporting that there’s a wedding in the works, and I bet it will be at the end of the film, although I’d like to see it happen sometime at the beginning so we can see that things don’t turn out so happily ever after. Despite his long-standing commitment problems, Big is going to marry Carrie. Do you think that will end well?

Mr. Big and Carrie definitely tie the knot – and it’s no small-time affair. Cast and crew are shooting today from early morning until 9 p.m. at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, where the wedding takes place. Carrie and her gal pals will be wearing jewels borrowed from H. Stern. Sarah Jessica Parker even gets a congrats written into the script: “Mazel Tov! I read it in Page Six,” reports a woman who played a well-wisher during filming yesterday.

[From Page Six]

I have no urge to see this movie in the theater, although I might catch it when it comes on DVD. They should have been more careful to keep it under wraps because I’ve seen so many pictures and have heard so much about it that I really won’t care once it’s out. As it is, I’ve already reached Sex and the City saturation, am sick of these characters and think that the time to make this film was several years ago after the series wrapped.

Sarah Jessica Parker is shown in the header image with actor Willie Garson filming a scene for the new Sex and the City The Movie in NYC. According to photo agency Splash News “The two run into an old friend named Bitsy who was a socialite in the series.”

I really reported on this because I wanted to include an artist’s rendition of a potential Sex and The City plot: Mr. Big gets a sex change and has Miranda’s baby. Thanks to Scottish artist Derek for sending in the picture below, which he calls “Sex Change and the City.” He says that he won’t see the film unless they do something outrageous.


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