Gerard Butler shoots down a crazy ‘Real Housewife of New York’

Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl attended the London premiere of The Ugly Truth last night. I’m kind of “meh” on Katherine’s dress – while I appreciate a girl who’s not afraid to wear green on a red carpet, the actual cut of the dress is weird. Heigl has a nice figure, I don’t get why she’s been covering up so much lately. As for Gerard, I’m not a huge fan of the scruffy, unshaved look. That being said, I always like him in a suit. And Gerard and Katherine have looked consistently adorable together - I actually think they must get along really well in real life. I wonder what Gerry’s secret is for curing Heigl’s constant diva act?

Gatecrasher has a funny story up about Gerard’s activities in New York last week. Apparently, one of the “Real Housewives of New York” was trying to get her claws into Gerry, and he wasn’t having any of it. Personally, I could totally see Gerard with NeNe, the totally awesome “Real Housewife” of Atlanta. But the broad hitting on Gerry was Kelly Bensimon, whose claim to fame this year has been giving her boyfriend a beatdown. Thank God Gerry steered clear of her:

Kelly Bensimon was in for a taste of the ugly truth when she was apparently dissed by Gerard Butler, with whom she swapped numbers after a night of heavy flirting at the SoHo Grand in June.

The “Real Housewife” looked upset when she caught the Scottish hunk flirting with “Damages” actress Rose Byrne at a Gramercy Park hot spot last week. Says a spy, “Kelly blocked Gerard from speaking to Rose and was flirting up a storm – but he couldn’t have seemed less interested.”

Later, Butler found Byrne, apologized for the awkward situation, and chatted exclusively to the pretty brunette in a private corner for the rest of the evening.

[From Gatecrasher]

Gah! He was chatting up Rose Byrne? She’s pretty and everything, but she plucks my last nerve. Part of it isn’t her fault – she wasn’t cast correctly in Damages, and she doesn’t have the skills to pull off her character. Oh, well. At least she wasn’t a “Real Housewife”. So perhaps Gerry does have some standards? Or at least he has good enough radar to detect Psycho McCrazyEyes.

Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl are shown at the UK premiere of The Ugly Truth on 8/4/09. Kelly Bensimon is shown on 7/22 and 7/9/09. Credit:

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  1. Feebee says:

    What’s his secret? He probably tells her to eff off with her diva act. So she puts it away. Life is good.

  2. princess pee says:

    Whaddaya wanna bet that Heigl is covering up to try and stir up pregnancy rumours?

    Good on Gerard for dodging that bullet. The real housewives should all go back to the houses they supposedly belong in. It’s sad that the public has made such a bunch of trash famous.

  3. pipsqueak says:

    Agree about Rose Byrne. Completely miscast. Everyone else is dead on their characters. She is much too weak for the lead.

  4. Awww... says:

    Keep something in mind:
    Just because she gave him her number doesn’t mean he wanted or asked for it.
    “Polite society” says take it, dispose of it later, which is probably what he did.

  5. Zoey says:

    He probably has a rule to never sleep with women who look more manly than him.

  6. Iggles says:

    Wow, this is hilarious! I can’t stand Kelly! I sure she’s was bragging about giving.. i mean.. exchanging her number with him for the whole time in between seeing him again! I love, LOVE that she was put in her place.

  7. Cinderella says:

    Kelly Bensimon is in the wrong league. Gerry’s up here and she’s way down there.

  8. the original kate says:

    why do women think he’s attractive? his face is lumpy and he always looks sweaty/hungover.

  9. TaylorB says:

    Princess pea,

    While I agree with you, it is probably best to say only nice things about the Jersey Housewives, lest you end up in the nearest river wearing cement shoes. ;-)

  10. princess pee says:

    Shoot, you’re right TaylorB. Is it too late for me to retract my comment? :)

  11. TaylorB says:


    Try this little mantra: The Jersey wives are lovely, demure, classy ladies; it is perfectly normal pay for $200,000.00 worth of furniture in cash.

  12. Taradash says:

    gerry and nene are is more like it, his past loves have been on the sweeter the berry side

  13. Trillion says:

    Is she a NY or NJ “housewife”? I think we’re relatively safe with the NY ones, but DO NOT fuck with those sisters or that former drug dealer/escort tranny. I really think they ought to find a new term for these women. It seems only half of them are actually wives. Anyhow… puts a smile on my face to see her taken down a few pegs.

  14. TaylorB says:


    This particular ‘house frau’ is of the crazy, yet relatively harmless New York variety.

  15. Snoopchew says:

    Gerard and Katherine seem to have great chemistry together. And I hear he really enjoyed working with her on the film. He complimented her intelligence and abilities.

  16. Magsy says:

    What’s with the black hair, is it a rug or plugs? It doesn’t match his scruffy beard and looks totally fake. Go bald baby, all the real men do.