Jennifer Garner says 4 days is the longest she’s been away from daughter Violet

In an interview before the popular German variety talkshow “Wetten Das?,” where Jennifer Garner and Jamie Foxx appeared on Saturday to promote The Kingdom, Jennifer Garner revealed that the longest she’s been away from her daughter Violet, who will be two on December first, is four days. Garner is on a brief trip to Europe to promote her new terrorism-themed thriller and says she misses her daughter terribly and is anxious to get back to her.

Interviewer: You’ve got Violet on the set as well, she was with you. Wasn’t it hard to be mommy on the one side and to be very concentrated on the movie and to work?
Garner: I think every working woman has it kind of the same, when you’re with your kid you’re one person and then you flip a switch and you’re someone else, so you know, when I was in the trailer with her I would take care of her and feed her and be with her and they would knock on the door and I would just, you know, get myself back together and focus. If it was a really emotional, you know day with scenes I probably wouldn’t have her there. I would stay you know, just stay in the zone, but otherwise she was there with me most of the time.

Interviewer: Is she with you today here in Switzerland or no?
I wish, I’m so excited to go home to her. Yeah, this is the longest I’ve been away from her for four days. But no, it was too fast of a trip to drag her all the way over here.

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Garner talked about how she prepared for the role as FBI agent Janet Mayes by taking shooting lessons and spending time with real FBI agents, who she said she admired. She also revealed that she keep fit through a regimen of Pilates, running and weight training.

Garner also said that Violet has no idea what she and her husband do for a living, and that her husband, Ben Affleck, hasn’t seen the film yet as he’s been too busy watching Violet.

The Kingdom is already out in the US, and will be released in Germany under the title Operation Kingdom on October 11.

Jennifer Garner should be back with Violet and husband Ben by now. She left “Wetten Das?” on Saturday early, saying she had to fly back to work on a film with Kevin Kline.

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