Martha Stewart’s daughter spends $28,000 a month on fertility treatments

Martha Stewart’s daughter Alexis has been spending over $28,000 a month of fertility treatments in an attempt to get pregnant. Alexis is 42, and says she was so busy with her life and her career that she never stopped to think about how much time is passing. Celebrities get pregnant all the time at what seems like any old age, and we don’t really hear as much about the people that can’t have babies. Alexis says she’ll do whatever it takes to have a child, and has gone as far as giving herself her shots on the street if necessary.

“Even though her eggs are ‘dry and crusty,’ Alexis Stewart is determined to get pregnant – so determined, she spends $28,000 a month on fertility treatments. Stewart, 42, started the difficult process last year, and opened up to People in July about how lucky she is to be able to afford the high-tech procedures and special treatments. On Tuesday, she talks to Oprah Winfrey about the emotionally and financially draining process.

“Having a baby wasn’t always a priority for Stewart, and now that she’s ready to be a mom, she tells Winfrey it’s almost too late. ‘[We] get distracted because now we have jobs, and now we have other things to do. Medicine seems miraculous – you can do anything you want,’ she says. ‘Movie stars have babies late. It seems all possible, but you don’t hear the stories of the people who can’t have a baby.’”

[From People]

As a feminist, I kind of have a problem with the whole notion that women better get to the baby having or we’ll dry up. But biology doesn’t really agree with my feminist principles, and it is what it is. Alexis was married to one of the lawyers that unsuccessfully defended her mother from 1997 – 2004, and has been using a sperm donor to get pregnant.

“Over the summer, Stewart told People she’ll do whatever it takes to make Martha Stewart, her mom, a grandmother. ‘Twice, I’ve given myself shots on the street. I’m much more interested in taking my medication than in what anyone might think about me,’ she said. Stewart has since had three failed egg implantations. ‘Last month, I had no eggs that were viable, so I’m sort of back to square one at the moment,’ she tells Winfrey, adding that she tries not to get too emotional about it.

“‘When I have to think about my other options, then I will do that,’ she says. ‘But at the moment, I can only think about this option.’ Stewart also says financial and emotional backing from her mom helps. ‘She’s very supportive. She tells me it will happen all the time,’ she says. ‘Because she wants grandchildren?’ Winfrey asks. Stewart’s response: ‘Desperately.’”

[From People]

I don’t know, but I would guess Martha’s footing a good portion of the bill herself. But maybe that’s because Oprah kept billing the show “This woman is spending $28,000 a month to make Martha Stewart a grandmother,” which made it sound like it was all about Martha. I’m not really a huge Martha fan – she seems pretty cold to me – but I’m guessing any baby that’s lucky enough to be born into that family will be pretty well taken care of for the rest of their lives. And have access to Martha’s scrapbooking wing in her house. I’d try to be her grandkid just for that.

Picture note by Celebitchy: Martha Stewart and Alexis are shown on 4/28/06 at the Daytime Emmy Awards. Thanks to PRPhotos.

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