We are calling for a real Britney Blackout until November 1

Illustration thanks to prettyontheoutside.com
Overexposed Britney Spear’s latest CD is ironically called Blackout and it’s being released on October 30th instead of November 13 because most of it has leaked online already.

Today I was thinking “Holy shit, I am so sick of Britney Spears” after seeing her latest crotch reveal and noticing that she is again dominating the news with trivial details of her life. It’s like she’s completely run out of ideas if all she can come up with is to go out without panties again. She routinely calls the paparazzi and lets them know where she’ll be but then curses them out for getting in her way.

She earned one overnight supervised visit with her boys a week, but she was said to be sarcastic and rude to the judge in her custody case, constantly interrupting him and talking back. She also left dancers set to audition for a role in her second video hanging, refusing to meet with them and canceling auditions at the last minute after an open cast call. And she is said to be preparing for a major tour.

As I was thinking how fed up I am of news of how selfish and narcissistic Britney is in every facet of her life, I read the headline for an article titled “Britney Blackout Hits Internet.” For a moment I had hope that other blogs got the same idea to stop reporting on her.

We are calling for a real Britney Blackout, and will cease reporting on her until the beginning of November, unless a major catastrophe happens. Britney can get a DUI, get in a car accident, go out completely naked without a stitch on and rub herself all over the paparazzi cameras and we will not mention a thing, nor will we pay much attention. Unless there is a major life and death incident involving Britney we will not cover it.

This is a gossip blog and we revel in the superficial things in life, but even we have our limits. We had a two week LohitneyParis ban back in July, and it worked out well. We are now actively ignoring Britney until the beginning of November.

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