Shanna Moakler responds to Carrie Prejean’s lawsuit: she humiliated herself

Yesterday former Miss California and Miss USA runner up Carrie Prejean filed a probably frivolous lawsuit against the Miss California pageant for making the details of her eventual firing public. Prejean claimed that her title was stripped because of her answer at the Miss USA pageant against gay marriage, and solely for that. Miss California Pageant directors made a clear and compelling case that Prejean was skipping out on her responsibilities, including refusing to communicate with them and missing event appearances. In case you were wondering if there was any reason to believe Carrie’s side of the story over the Miss California pageant, just read some of these very rude, very dismissive e-mails she sent to pageant director Keith Lewis. Those e-mails, in which she wrote things like “Stop speaking for me. I have MY own voice.” and “What are u gonna do fire me for volunteering for the special olympics hahaha ur crazy No I am doing this appearance,” were dated after she was given a second chance with Miss California, courtesy of Donald Trump. The comb-over king was initially so blinded by her pretty face that he was unable to see that spiteful things spewing out of it.

The other Miss California pageant director, Shanna Moakler, resigned her position when Carrie was first forgiven by Donald Trump. Moakler has issued a response through her lawyer to Carrie’s lawsuit, essentially saying that the girl made her bed and will have to lay in it. I love how blunt Moakler is in this statement, saying “Ms. Prejean’s unfortunate and bigoted statements are responsible for any public humiliation or damages to her reputation that she has claimed to have suffered.”

Fallen beauty queen Carrie Prejean sued the Miss California USA pageant and co-executive director Shanna Moakler on Monday alleging religious discrimination, drawing a sharp rebuke from Moakler’s camp.

“On Ms. Moakler’s behalf, I can say unequivocally that Ms. Prejean’s lawsuit is without merit,” says Mel Avanzado, Moakler’s lawyer.

“More importantly, as everyone who watched or read her public statements is well aware, Ms. Prejean’s unfortunate and bigoted statements are responsible for any public humiliation or damages to her reputation that she has claimed to have suffered,” Avanzado added. “Ms. Moakler strenuously denies that she did anything wrong and looks forward to proving that in a court of law.”

Prejean was fired in June by pageant officials who cited missed scheduled appearances. But an attorney for Prejean says his client was ousted because of her anti-gay marriage stance. In April, during the Miss USA pageant, she stated that marriage should be between a man and a woman.

Prejean, 22, is also suing for libel and slander, and also names co-executive director Keith Lewis and publicist Roger Neal in the lawsuit.

[From People]

As Kaiser noted yesterday, Prejean’s lawsuit isn’t going anywhere. There’s way too much evidence that she violated her contract over and over again. Having watched Moakler and Lewis’ impassioned press conference detailing the ways that Prejean had violated her contract – with several sets of nude photos she failed to disclose, with a public endorsement of an outside agency, and by failing to get in contact with them for weeks, I have to say there’s little chance this lawsuit will go forward. This woman just wants to get her name in the press again, and she’s succeeding, but she’s also continuing to show what a self-centered creature she is. It’s all about her and how she was wronged. I hope she’s saddled with legal bills from both sides, and maybe that will give her something to really whine about.

Shanna Moakler, Carrie Prejean and Keith Lewis are shown on 5/12/09. Credit:


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14 Responses to “Shanna Moakler responds to Carrie Prejean’s lawsuit: she humiliated herself”

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  1. LolaBella says:

    I never thought that I would ever say this; but I agree with Shanna.

  2. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Shanna ,aren’t you overdue for your next camera-friendly explosive break-up or reconciliation with that tattooed bald douche-wad from that band not worth remembering anymore?

    Let’s leave the homosexuality debate to the adults, sweetcakes- okay?

  3. vicsmith says:

    How much is the opinion of this Playboy posing hypocrite with her own seriously dysfunctional family really worth anyway?

  4. loodles says:

    Carrie is stupid and has twisted gross views about this world, no doubt, but Shanna is a million times worse. Shanna only started caring about other people’s rights when it got her attention. She is a disgusting piece of vile trash. she is just trying to milk this as much as Carrie. ugh. I really cannot stand these two. But I still gotta say Shanna is just horrible.

  5. Michelle says:

    You see, Shanna isn’t the one who decided to be obnoxious and disrespectful with her opinions, however. She might be just as vapid and horrible as Carrie, but I fail to see how she is worse.

    No more coverage of Carrie Prejean, please. By continuing to write, read, and talk about her we are playing into her hands and giving the ignorant skeezer exactly what she wants. Please blacklist her already.

  6. Smith says:

    Wow, I’m glad people are posting their disgust (my word) with Shanna. She’s always been horrible and only looked a bit better recently when juxtaposed next to Carrie.

    It all depends who you stand next to folks. Charlie Sheen is a whore-mongering, drug addled, STD-spreading, de-evolved human (or so it’s been written). But hey he looks like Father of the Year if he stands next to Denise Richards …………………

  7. Tia says:

    Shanna is right on!! Carrie is a hypocritical disgusting human being.. ICK !!!

  8. kim says:

    The organization isn’t stupid. I bet that chick did miss engagements, which would result in not fulfilling her obligations, which would give them an way of firing her.

    They had to have a legal reason to get rid of her just like any employer to win a legal debate. duh!

    Carrie’s just bitter no one has her bigot ass back.

    I thought beauty queens were more diplomatic . . .

  9. For Sooth? says:

    She didn’t humiliate herself. She just struck a cord in those strident in opposing her opinion.
    Are we so devolved ourselves that Carrie has to be called “stupid” and “twisted” like loodles did? The woman was set up to fail with the question. And yeah, she has selected moral ground when it suits her, but she would have been fodder either way.
    This Moakler should STFU. As far as I can deduece, as a person, she’s on shaky ground and should not be slinging poo at other people. Especially since no one can predict what will happen in a sh*t storm. Just the very fact that she was named in a lawsuit doesn’t look good for her, win, lose, or draw.

  10. Hieronymus Grex says:

    The woman was set up to fail with the question.

    Oh, just like Sarah Palin was set up when she was asked if she read any newspapers and acted like deer in the headlights?

    To paraphrase Jeff Foxworthy: If seeing the truth of a person’s character is failure, you must be a Republican.

  11. vicsmith says:

    @Hieronymus Grex

    Sorry, red herring argument. Sarah Palin’s got nothing to do with this debate. Moakler is the point and she did talk trash about Prejean’s belief system and she set her up. She’s just as bad about milking the fifteen minutes of fame over nothing.

  12. huriu says:

    I have always liked Shanna even though she made me ill sometimes. She is right.

  13. KDee says:

    Shanna’s comments are the best possible thing that could happen for Carrie Prejean. Prejean is arguing that she was fired for her beliefs. Pageant officials have responded by exposing her diva behavior and breach of contact as the reason for her firing, which is highly embarassing for Prejean.

    That response gives her supporters (people who believe what she believes — which unfortunately, is a common belief in much of the Christian U.S.) nothing to work with.

    Moakler’s comments pin Prejean’s firing on her stating her beliefs, which gives Fox News ALL the ammunition they need to pit “us vs. them” in a battle of morals that will cast Carrie as a martyr and hero.

    Does no one else see that? Moakler just did her a huge favor. What a dumbass.