Miley Cyrus’s stole her boy-toy Liam Hemsworth from his girlfriend

Miley Cyrus is all smiles and waves as she arrives at her film set with her sister Brandi in Savannah, GA

In the world of sad, crappy, angsty, heartbreaking, immature, crazy teenage love, nothing really beats the Twilight phenomenon. But a close second, gossip-wise, is the tortured love life of Miley Cyrus. At sixteen, Miley has had more romantic drama than I’ve had in the past five years. Miley’s drama has included douchey 20-year-old Justin Gaston, Nick Jonas, her 19-year-old Last Song costar Liam Hemsworth, and… you know, whatever creepy drama she has with her dad, who seems to be very involved in his daughter’s love life.

Currently, Miley claims to be single. Over the past few months, she’s been photographed with Nick Jonas, tweeted about going to dinner with Justin, and she’s been photographed making out with Liam - off the set. It’s the situation with Liam that has gotten one little girl all upset. Australian teenager Laura Griffin claims Liam Hemsworth is totes her boyfriend, and she’s given an achingly teenage tell-all interview to the Australian publication Women’s Day about how Miley stole her man:

Aussie actor Liam Hemsworth’s love affair with Miley Cyrus has left his girlfriend at home heartbroken, writes Jonica Bray.

When Victorian teenager Laura Griffin saw her actor boyfriend of five years Liam Hemsworth passionately kissing the world’s most famous teenager, Miley Cyrus, on the set of The Last Song, she believed he was only doing his job.

But as the 19-year-old student would soon discover, the love of her life was not acting at all — he had fallen head over heels for the Hannah Montana star. Even worse, Laura had to learn from friends that 19-year-old Liam was dating the teen star.

“He was my boyfriend and my best friend,” Laura tells Woman’s Day in an exclusive interview. “There is no other reason why we would have broken up.” In the days since she found out her boyfriend had dumped her for Miley, 16, Laura has confessed on her Facebook site her “total utter regret”, that she’s suffering “depression of some sort”, and that she has “tears streaming”.

Meanwhile, the millionaire US actress is using Twitter to bask in the joy of her romance with former Neighbours star Liam. “Against all odds I fell in love,” she wrote recently.

“I think I’ll just sit around and eat sushi and watch Liar Liar with Liam.”

Liam and Laura’s paths first crossed in Year Eight at school on Phillip Island. Liam’s parents had relocated their three boys, Luke, Chris and Liam, from Melbourne.

“He was the new boy at school and all the girls liked him,” smiles Laura. “He was popular, a bit of a joker and made me laugh.”

Just a year later, their friendship blossomed into real love. “We became inseparable. He tried to teach me to surf, we watched movies, and went shopping. Liam became more than a boyfriend, he was my best friend.”

[From Women’s Day]

I’m honestly not trying to belittle this girl, but seriously… get over yourself. Your “boyfriend” of five years goes to work with Miley Cyrus for a few months, and you’re giving an interview about how heartbroken and depressed you are? It’s called being nineteen. I know it seems rough now, but you’re 19 years old and do you honestly want to be with a guy who would dump you for Miley Cyrus? I’m not even sure if Miley really wants Liam… she seems to be happy dating or hanging out with several guys. Miley is the new Kate Hudson!

Miley Cyrus and a shirtless Liam Hemsworth film scenes for their movie in Savannah, GA

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  1. LolaBella says:

    Oh, so the prostitot pole-dancer is a man-stealer? Well, color me surprised!

  2. goaheadandyellatme... says:

    People, can we please remember that we are talking about a GIRL of 16 here? Most of us are way more than twice her age, and have a path of mistakes leading right to us…only WE didn’t have the world watching…move on, shall we?

  3. Iggles says:

    That sucks. I feel bad for the girl who was dumped. But, that’s life. You’re right it’s good it’s happening now. Now when they are married and have 2 kids ::cough:: Eddie Cibrian ::cough::

  4. loodles says:

    goaheadand: You read my mind

  5. crash2GO2 says:

    How does that little buck-toothed no-neck chipmonk get so many guys?? Seriously.

  6. Patrice says:

    I hate the phrase “stole a man away”. If he left his last girlfriend, then obviously he just didn’t want to be there. You cannot “steal” another human being away from someone.

  7. Beth says:

    “Miley is the new Kate Hudson!” That’s really creepy to say about a 16-year old. Why do people always blame the other woman/man and not the person who cheated? The girlfriend is in Australia. Most likely Miley didn’t even know about her.

  8. Margo says:

    UGH! I really hate when people judge a 16yr old too harshly–that’s the reason why I stopped looking at Perezhiltons-site and (he also steals from other gossi sites! without giving creds)-If you ever were a 16 yr old girl–you’d remember trying to look and act older-I can’t imagine what it would be like in hollywood or with the world watching^ goaheadandy^ –you nailed it!

  9. Tran says:

    I don’t get it. Why didn’t she blame the boy? As tempting as it is to think your relationships fails because your oh-so faithful boyfriend has been seduced by the Evil Miley Cyrus… it still takes two to tango.

    It seems a bit pathetic for a 19-year-old to be writing those things, in my opinion, but maybe I just don’t remember what it’s like to be 19. Thank God.

  10. Catherine says:

    You can’t ‘steal’ someone who doesn’t want to be ‘stolen’.

    • Kathleen Gourn says:

      Even if what happened between Miley and
      Liam did not happen getting the role in
      The Last Song changed his life forever
      because it also being in this country
      opened him to new things and new people
      and that can cause a person to change
      he could not have forseen falling in love with someone else as part of the bargin. What if he had gone back to
      Austrailia when his original visa expired. He would have missed the role
      in a little movie I think everybody has
      heard of it the name of movie The Hunger

  11. Emma G says:

    16 or not, she is a total whore.

  12. Bri says:

    The whole concept of anyone over the age of 17 even talking about her “love life” is sad, oh so sad.

    Who. Gives. A. Flying. Fuck?

    She’s on Disney for fuck’s sake. She’s not attractive and makes God awful music… why would grown ass people give a damn? Like, seriously. >_>

  13. mick says:

    mmmm….would LOVE to jack that dude…he’s HAWT!

  14. What's all the hype about??? says:

    Hey, here’s an idea. Instead of bitching about the CHILD’S lovelife choices, how about ppl start bitching about the CHILD having all these affairs with ppl over the age of 18 (excluding Nick because isn’t he her age). WTF is wrong w/ ppl nowadays? Someone needs to hurry the hell up and call CPS on her dad because he’s obviously not doing his damn job *points to the youtube clip of her 7 yr old sister dancing on a pole at a party as well*

  15. IamLegend says:

    she’s found a new pole to dance on…meh

  16. happy1ga says:

    Yeah, goaheadandy had this nailed down. One, she is a soon to be 17 yr old teen having different boyfriends. STOP THE PRESSES!!!! I think I was dating 5 boys at one time at that age. Why is it she has to be a whore? No one has yet offered up that she has stripped off her clothes, ala Vanessa Hudgens-2 times, or had sex with any of these guys. I am 43 now with a 21 yr old daughter, and she dated a good bit at that age, a boy here a boy there. That’s normal! Also, this whole “stole” her man crap, that’s hilarious. They are still kids, not married adults WITH kids! She will make mistakes trying to act older (heard of sexting?), as all kids do, but she is also surrounded constantly by much older people in a fast business w/o morals. She is actually doing great, considering. People, please! How would you feel if someone was trashing your daughter in this manner?

  17. ozcat says:

    this magazne is just trash and will pay anything for crap….i never beleive a word they say since theypublished photos of a narried woman and claimed she was having an affair with a man next to her in photo…they had to grovel when it was pointed out it was her brother

  18. travp16 says:

    heck, I’m 19 and when I was 16 I am sure I was more mature than her. Miley, child you have your whole life ahead of you and here you are constantly stating how in “love ” you are. Puhlese!! I hate reading about her. I think this will be the last time I do.

  19. Rosa says:

    “People, please! How would you feel if someone was trashing your daughter in this manner?”

    I would feel embarrassed that I had that kind of daughter to begin with. I like to think I’ve done a good enough job at raising my daughter that she wouldn’t go from one boy to another boy like Miley does–often enough for her to be consider a whore or at least “easy.”

    Teenagers are very aware of their expectations and respond to them accordingly. If you expect your daughter to do this or that, guess what? She WILL do exactly all of that–plus a few extra things that would catch you off guard. This is why you have to raise the bar for your daughter and not expect her to make every single mistake that ALL teenagers supposedly will make.

    On that note, notice how often Miley excuses behavior by saying, “I’m a teenager! I make mistakes!” Clearly Billy Cyrus hasn’t been reading those parenting books like he’s supposed to…

  20. liz :) says:

    look she is 16 yrs
    people make mistakes,right?
    we all do & at that age more
    you aren’t completely mature enough
    & in her case, look at her parents
    they are pimping her out, exposing her like a hooker in front of everyone.
    Didn’t her dad introduce her to that model boy she dated?
    So my point is if no one tells her something is wrong like her parents, then who will?
    I’m not a fan of her believe me but
    she is a teenager & I think she is feeling some pressure with all the rumors & gossip around her
    I’m just saying someone should help her out before she turns into lindsay lohan or britney spears circa 2007

  21. katie says:

    Seriously, Liam! It’s just ANOTHER CHAPTER….next stop – US/UK Concert Tour. Who will it be – Musician, Dancer, Roadie??? I’ll have Miley’s Guitarist if she doesn’t want to play games with him again this time :-)

  22. clover says:

    i think she is to young to be dating someone the age of 21

  23. ANG says:

    hi miley i am i big fan and i love your masek love it and i love u i hope that uyou don’t diy

  24. lovey says:

    liam hemsworth and miley look good together, love them.

  25. justina says:

    hey laura hers a wake up call sweetie miley didnt want ur man ur man wanted her so stop going around sayin she stole ur man plz ur making ur slef look bad

    • Kathleen Gourn says:

      justina if it were not for a twist of fate liam would have gone back to Australia when his holiday visa expired.
      here is where the fate comes in. I read
      in wikapedia that the producers of The
      Last Song had chosen another actor to
      play the Will role in movie but then
      the producers changed their mind and cast Liam instead

  26. r.a.r.e says:

    i agree with you justina…

    laura..pull yourself back together and move on..liam wants her, not she wants’s miley curus and so many guys want her so it’s highly not impossible for liam not to like her..after all she is a very famous singer/actress… so stop telling the world that miley stole your liam.. that’s how life works so deal with long as you’re not the last girl in this world, its impossible for your boyfriend to be completely devoted to you especailly when he goes to another country all by himself..

  27. Julie says:

    Miley is no different than any other teen. She just happens to have the whole world watching every move she makes.

  28. kelz says:

    anyways..well well well isn’t it the famous miley cyrus first she bcums th new britney spears and then she goes out boy hunting..i’d say she’s missing a screw up in her head somewhere..

    i’d say she’s being a bitch and i bet that liam dude is just after her fame and money…watta loser..

  29. lucy says:

    The poor girl was with him for 5 years! cut her some slack! 19 or not she can be upset about it.

  30. harlow says:

    Oh no! you did NOT just compare Kate Hudson to the utter monstrasty that is Miley Cyrus? KAte Hudson is brilliant! Miley is disgusting!!!