“Top Model designer Anand Jon gets life in prison for sex assaults” morning links

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- ‘Top Model’ Designer Anand Jon Gets Life in Prison Expecting Another Child [PopEater]
- Jon Gosselin dresses up like Kate to entertain the kids (automatic video) [Television.AOL.com]
- Disney Buys Marvel for $4 Billion [Moviefone]
- Inside Jaycee Lee Dugard’s Sick Backyard Prison [Radar Online]
- Rihanna goes to Six Flags [Cityrag]
- Denise Richards & daughters looking miserable as usual [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
- Hayden Panettiere Went Walking @ Runyan Canyon [MoeJackson]
- Mickey Rourke Hates Public Affection [Hollywood Rag]
- Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn do the bikini thing [The Blemish]
- The posters for the new “Melrose Place” beg the question: why is the vapid, vacant stare so popular? [Agent Bedhead]
- Which Actresses Are Popping the Pills? [Defamer]
- What Happens When Fox News’ Twitter Account Gets Hijacked? [Evil Beet]
- The sh*ttiest job in rock and roll: pulling up Pete Wentz’s pants [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
- Phil Spector Fears Prison Move Will Kill Him [Bitten and Bound]
- VIDEO: Jonas Brother Falls In Concert, Bunch Of Commenters Call It Gay [Best Week Ever]
- Just because he’s cute: Trevor Donovan [PopBytes]

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11 Responses to ““Top Model designer Anand Jon gets life in prison for sex assaults” morning links”

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  1. SuperNova says:

    Um, where is the Anand Jon link? He’s expecting another child in prison? Heh

  2. vale says:

    I think it’s cute Rihanna spent a day like yesterday -with everything that’s going on- at Six Flags.

  3. Firestarter says:

    Yeah, I had to look up that Anand Jon thing on Google. Link didn’t work and I am not sure what expecting a child means, but I guess I will assume he got some unfortunate girl knocked up. And what did he do on ANTM? I hate to admit, I watch that crap show and do not remember him.

  4. Iggles says:

    Wow, he’s screwed. Well, he got his just desserts. What a loser. Hopefully his victims will be able to move past the trauma.

  5. Leni says:

    Justice strikes. So rare, but I am grateful it has.

  6. huriu says:

    He deserves it, and he chose to represent himself as if he was above the law. I hope these perverts will lose every right one day, lock them up, monitor them mercilessly, for the sake of our children.

  7. H says:

    To bad every sex offender didn’t have to spend the rest of their lives in jail. Way to go Judge.

  8. Miss Wanderlust says:

    He was acting as his own attorney ?
    Not a smart thing to do when you have so many charges against you and post this kind of art works pre-trial ?


  9. lway says:

    Anand Jon is a digusting pig. He raped young girls – promised them fame.

    I’m glad he is locked up for the rest of his life. Dirty Douche!

  10. A.S.Mathew says:

    A lesson to be learned that pride of
    life will lead anybody to jail.