Perez Hilton breaks promise not to talk smack about underage kids

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It’s obviously not eyebrow raising for me to tell you that Perez Hilton lied about something. If Perez said the sky was clear, you should assume donkeys and medium-sized cattle are falling out of large, thunderous clouds as we speak. If Perez said fish don’t need air to breathe, you should immediately round up a team of friends and the largest nets you can find, because those fish are drowning! It’s got to be a lie; I don’t care how logical whatever it is he says. It’s a lie.

Last week Perez went after Demi Moore’s 15-year-old daughter Tallulah for wearing some incredibly inappropriate and revealing outfits in public. At the time I took Perez’s side, but ONLY because Demi Tweeted over and over again that he was a pedophile and a child pornographer, which was clearly not the case when you look at the pictures. So not only were her statements ludicrous, but she let Tallulah dress that way. And I said it then and I’ll repeat it now –I’d rather support a pack of rabid wild gophers than Perez, and would gladly have been on Demi’s side if I could have found any excuse to be.

Well it seems Perez (and his lies) have given a great reason to officially join Demi’s side (though not the part about calling him a pedophile). A few weeks ago he filmed an episode of Tyra Banks’ show and promised not to make fun of celeb’s minor kids for six months. Which he then broke a few weeks later.

Did Tyra Banks make a deal with the Devil? The model hosts controversial celebrity blogger Perez Hilton on “The Tyra Show” season premiere Tuesday and asks him not to bad-mouth celebrities under the age of 18 for six months.

“When you’re a kid, especially the kid of a celebrity, I don’t feel that they should be put in the public in a way to be made fun of. I feel they should be protected,” Tyra says on the show, which airs on the CW at 4 p.m. She asks Perez to comply for a year, and he reasons that they should compromise on six months.

In return, Tyra invites Hilton to appear on one episode of “America’s Next Top Model” as a guest judge. Ironically, the episode — which was shot on Aug. 18 — goes live just a few days after Perez caught major heat from Demi Moore for doing exactly what he promised Tyra he wouldn’t: targeting minors.

A few weeks ago, Perez linked pictures of Demi’ s 15-year-old daughter Tallulah partying on his Twitter page an unflattering shot in which she’s wearing a low-cut top (with closed eyes) while out partying in L.A. Mama Moore ain’t amused. “Clearly Perez Hilton isn’t taking violating child pornography laws very seriously,” Demi tweeted of the photos on Thursday. “He might not but there are a lot of people who do.”

“Expect a letter from my attorney, kitten” the controversial blogger shot back, accusing the actress of “defaming” him. Kirstie Alley chimed in defense of her friend: “I don’t condone men who ridicule and sexually degrade minors!” Not surprisingly, Perez says he will be taking legal action towards Alley and anyone else who “slanders” him. Hmm, we’ll see how tough he is when Bruce Willis hears about this.

[From the Daily News]

Once again I’m left hating Perez more than ever. For another thing, I really can’t stand Tyra Banks. But compared to Perez, she’s coming off as all class. And that’s a very responsible request for her to make. And he’s a douche for needing to attack celeb’s kids soooooooooooo badly that he actually tries to negotiate with her over it. But obviously he just wanted to get his way and be on ANTM. Hopefully they haven’t filmed yet and won’t let him be a part of it.

And the Post is right – as scary as Demi and Tyra and Kirstie Alley ALL are, I would be seriously, seriously afraid of Bruce Willis if I were Perez Hilton.

Here’s Perez in June at the Much Music Awards and hosting Summerbash in Chicago. Images thanks to .

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  1. buckley says:

    bottom dweller scumbag
    Team Bruce all the way!

  2. meow says:

    I stopped reading his blog months ago. I don’t think it will be around much longer. Celebitchy and Dlisted are much better-more clever and entertaining.

  3. desultory says:

    I don’t know, dude. My mom would have laughed if someone gave her shit about “letting” me wear something at age 15. And she was fairly conservative. I can’t imagine many parents having much success in trying to dictate clothing choses for their kid at that age. And famous peoples’ kids should be off limits. Especially from being called a slut.

  4. Kathie says:

    Someone needs to take one for the team and seduce a serious techie to take his nasty site down! Additionally people need to stop inviting him to ANYTHING that would remotely pass as a public event. Stop feeding this poop fire any fuel and it will die out.

  5. Iggles says:

    Cool, to see I’m not allowing. I also stopped going to Perez’s site a few months ago. I’m sick of his dis-respectfulness and sh** stirring. I’ve been going here and Just Jared for my gossip needs :D

  6. Popcorny says:

    I couldn’t stand Perez the moment he made fun of Adam Sandler’s daughter for being ugly.
    Sure, there were and are other things that disgust me about Perez, and I’m no Sandler fan … but this was a baby, truly a baby -and for me, it was too much.
    I still won’t take a team Bruce or team Demi though … there’s room enough for rotten in all 3 (7 if counting Kirstey Alley).
    I also find it silly that someone would taunt anyone that “Bruce is gonna get ya!” …. dude is an actor, not a real-life “tough guy”.

  7. JJJ says:

    Demi moore is WAY out of line, she’s the one letting her daughter dress like a slut, oh and there are pictures of her precious little, underage girl smoking and drinking. Clearly she is a terrible parent who has no control of her soon-to-be just as slutty as mommy daughter. My mother didn’t control what I wore but she would tell me I looked inappropriate, i.e. too low of a shirt, too short of a skirt. That is a mothers place to do that, she needs to step up or shut up. Perez is scum but he not a pedophile. COME ON

  8. bigfish says:

    This guy(?)is buggs bunny fuggly ugly. Don’t hate him. Leave him out there alone. No one hates him more than himself. Can you imagin being him.

  9. ... says:

    If Perez isn’t doing it other sites are. Dlist is the filthiest of the sites and more vulgar than most towards underage kids. So Perez hurt Demis daughters feelings by posting her picture that other sites did as well. So what, she wore it in public and for all to see. When your teen daughter dresses like a tr@mp people will call it like it is so get over it. Unless she’s into full grown men lusting over her or Ashton. It’s not only Perez, other sites do it also.

  10. Enonymous says:

    The bottom line is who would want parenting advice from Perez Hilton, I can imagine that any parent would be offended if he ‘offered’. And what I am offended about is how he dresses, he brings a new meaning to the word fugly.

  11. Vermithrax says:

    I abhor violence, but eagerly await the next time this douche gets his ass kicked.

  12. patty phee says:

    but the comments on dlist are cool and funny. i love MK’s sense of humor.

  13. morgs says:


    Dlisted may be vulgar, but MichaelK does NOT go after kids. Perez is the only one who writes that kind of shite. And most of MK’s articles are making fun of himself and his bonging or boozing. Michael K is nothing but class compared to that a*hole Perez. That jackass deserves everything nasty that is coming towards him.

  14. ... says:

    Morgs aka Demi, you need to get yourself together and be a role model for your daughters. Dlist most certainly goes after children, who are you trying to convince? You might hate Perez and have something against him but he’s no pedaphile, gay maybe but he’s not into little kids. You have some nerve, I hope he sues you for that remark. I will call it like I see it and your daughters are very young to be dressing like that. Use common sense Demi, she’s the child and your the adult. If only you’d quit blaming Perez for your lack of sense you’d realize that. I’m glad someonme called you out for your lack of parenting if it hurts you or not. I would not have even seen her pictures if it weren’t for THIS SITE-CELEBITCHY.

  15. Meg says:

    perez is scum, I’ve never been to his site but just from the publicity that he receives I cant stand him

  16. Firestarter says:

    To the poster without a name who said Michael K goes after children on Dlisted: NOT SO! Not once have I seen him say vulgar things about celebs children or child entertainers. He saves that for the deserving adults. You may want to go through his archives and point out the posts of which you are speaking. Even with Miley Cyrus, he is tame and just repeats things that maybe other blogs or news agencies are reporting, but he does not go after children, ever.

    By the way, Perez, no name poster, called Moore’s underage age daughter a slut and has drawn many filthy images on her children’s photos. I don’t know what world you live in where a man can get away with calling a child a slut and it be okay. You are the type of person, I suspect, that might say a woman deserved to be raped if she dresses provocatively. Seriously, anyone that thinks it is okay to call a child a slut/whore, no matter how she is dressed, needs to think again. It isn’t okay.

    Perez, however, does. He is a worthless human being who only knows how to retaliate by threatening lawsuits. He sure as hell doesn’t mind spewing his venom, but when people, for whatever reason, stand up to him, he cries like a pig being slaughtered, and immediately has to “call” his attorney’s. He is a waste of space, a lot of space, the fat pig. I hate him with the fire of a thousand suns.

  17. hatsumomo says:

    This kinda reminds me of that episode of Seinfeld- the one with the ugly baby! Does anyone remember it?

  18. mommy says:

    Didn’t Perez call for the surgeon (Washington?) on Grey’s Anatomy (not there any longer) to be fired because he called T R Knight a fag…and then a few months later got punched by Will I Am from the black eyed peas because perez called him a fag?
    just checking.
    now I’m going to disconnect my internet because I know way to much about these people and evidently I need a hobby.

  19. boo says:

    I read perez’s site every day. I neither like nor dislike him. Just like to spend a few minutes there to see if he has any pics nobody else does. What he says is not worth getting all worked up about.

    I spend way too much time here and on dlisted. Gotta kick this habit!

  20. RubyKaur says:

    He was only calling an apple an apple…..if she was dressed like a duggar, there would be no issue here. You think I would ever let my daughter be out in public dressed like a sleaze? No way! She would not do that anyway…we are raising our children to be dignified, classy and respectful! A daughter represents her family when she is out in public. Her attire just represent her upbringing. Shameless.

  21. vicsmith says:

    Perez is scum. Tyra’s annoying and Michael K is vulgar but the funniest person I have ever read. How he comes up with the stuff he says is way beyond me. I wonder if he’s that quick while talking. And I’ve never seen bad things about children on DListed or here. Thank you.

  22. ! says:

    I agree, MK never rips on kids or targets them mercilessly like Perez.

  23. lizzy says:

    I’m actually surprised Demi didn’t whale on Perez a long time ago. The things he says about her older daughter are just hateful and mean. Maybe she waited for the underage angle to let all of her pent up rage go, but Perez surely had this coming.

  24. LL says:

    I stopped going to that a**hole’s site after he made fun of Tom Cruise’s adopted daughter who was all of 12 years old at the time. As if she doesn’t have enough on her plate having him for a Dad. And she hadn’t done anything to warrant his attack. P. H. is not entertaining anyway. There are so many sites better than his, why bother wasting your time. He couldn’t even come up with a half-decent, original name for his website.

  25. Tina says:

    LOL i remember that seinfeld epi, hatsumomo.

  26. Enough says:

    A child, whether they be the spawn of a celebrity or a a normal citizen should never be called words like “whore” or “slut”, by anyone, and that goes for Perez Hilton in particular. I stopped reading his blog specifically because he was calling underage children names i wouldn’t call my worst enemy. It’s sort of sad that the world we live in is filled with people who get their jollies attacking children. We should be protecting children, whether they are ours or the neighbors or a celebrities we have never met. they are children, they are innocent. A 15 old, no matter what she is dressed like or what she is allowed to do by her parent(s), does not deserve to be thrown on to the fire so that a bunch of uncivilized vultures can feast on the remains. It reflects upon what sort of society we are; one that allows the children to be ridiculed/named called and grown men to be praised for calling a 15 old a slut or a whore.

  27. Kate says:

    I stopped reading Perez because of his incessant bashing of Miley Cyrus (and his ridiculously uninformed political commentary). I get that Miley asks for a lot of the bad press she gets, but he started calling her a whore and a slut when she was 14 or 15. Pretty pathetic for a 30 something year old man to be name-calling and mocking all these minors.

  28. Ron says:

    Pigez has no moral compass whatsoever. She would go after handicapped brownies who rescued kittens from a burning building if it meant more hits on his pathetic site.

  29. hommie says:

    I love ANTM …why the f*ck did they invite that f*cktard on the show? …just totally ruined that show for me now…i was really looking forward to the new season

  30. Vermithrax says:

    DLISTED rocks. MK is the MANZ.

  31. buenavissta says:

    I quit him a good, long while ago, too, and I feel much cleaner inside for it. I couldn’t let my one-hit-a-day there support his puerile, revolting and vindictive posts.

    @ …: I didn’t see the photos, even though I visit this site every day, because I chose not to click on the link. It’s a crazy idea, I know. (CB, thanks for giving me that option!)

  32. drakeula says:

    i also ditched perez for d list & celebitchy months ago. perez seems to get publicity once every few months for some shameful fame whoring stunt he pulls in order to stay somewhat relevant. he is such a self righteous, hypocritical troll…. he’s too ugly to live.

  33. birdgherl says:

    Seriously? All this bullshit about some blogs on the Internet?? Get a life people. And PS, check out the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. Love it or hate it, it’s free speech. Hardly pedophilia.

  34. binc says:

    perez is a dork and so is tyra. perez is not funny at all. i still check out the site though even tho its pretty boring.
    i couldn’t bear to watch the tyra show.
    dlisted is the best. mk is hysterical.

  35. boomchakaboom says:

    Well at least now I know what happened here.

  36. Mandy says:

    Perez suing someone for defamation or slander? That’s rich! He is by far the worst offender!

    Of the many things that annoy me about Perez is that he’s convinced that he’s a celebrity, and has celebrity “friends.” He’s like that kid we all went to school with who thought you were his best friend after you were nice to him one time, but in reality, you couldn’t stand him.

  37. jvon says:

    That’s just silly. Bruce Willis would never hit a woman.

  38. Aspie says:

    Perez is SCUM.

    And what’s wrong with Tyra Banks?

  39. corinne says:

    You guys are on crack. DLISTED does make fun of kids. MK just did a post titled “Shiloh thinks she’s better than us.” He’s also commented on Suri, Lourdes’s “eyebrow situation,” Miley Cyrus’s “cherries,” etc. He’s not as bad as Perez but he still does it.

    I think MK is pretty funny, but some of the posters are really obnoxious with their “we’re too cool” attitude. Plus, too many Aniston fans who will attack if you dare make fun of Queen Jen, even though MK calls her an old maid. They make no sense whatsoever.

    The moral is–if you are out there pole-dancing, someone will say something–underage or not. Sorry, Demi. Tell your kids to button up their tops, put away the hot pants, stop smoking, falling down drunk in public, or they will make the papers. And, if someone takes a pic that does not make them a pedophile. That’s seriously overreaching and it smacks of desperation.

  40. Daniel says:

    can someone just put him in a room with Chris Brown and let the fun begin? LOL!

  41. morgs says:

    @no name aka Perez
    School yourself sweetheart. Go through MK’s archives and pull out a thread where he says blatantly mean and hurtful things about a child or baby. And what the hell does being gay have to do with it?

    You sound as asinine as your precious Perez. If you’re looking for me, I’ll be out making sure my non-existant daughters/kids aren’t running around with their ass cheeks out their shorts.

    Love ya Michael K!

  42. morgs says:

    And firestarter, your argument was way more eloquent than anything I could write. Nice comment.

  43. Aussie says:

    I was a fan of Perez’s before he was anybody! I too stopped visiting his site a long time ago. Bag the adults fine, but to constantly refer to Miley Cyrus as a Disney slut, amongst the other children he cruelly comments on, is way too far. Perez is a piece of shit. He should not be given the time of day!

  44. humph! says:

    so in a round-about way demi moore IS acknowologing that her daughter is dressed like a ho on the stroll? because why would she accuse someone of pedophillia otherwise?

  45. eternalcanadian says:

    still on team perez. as long as those “underage” kids continue to post naked and almost-naked pictures of themselves on the internet, wrap themselves around a pole like they’re at a strip club, get drunk, smoke pot, and parade around in clothes a 33 year old would be pointed and laughed at on the streets really, that’s the way it goes. stop doing those stupid things and wearing those stupid clothes and then perez won’t talk smack about ya. simple as that.

  46. Ursula says:

    I can never be on team Perez. He is scum. I hope Bruce beats the pulp out of him.

  47. Rumor Rat says: is the place for all things anti-perez.
    We hate all he stands for, and live for the day his web hits dwindle to the low numbers he deserves.

  48. teehee says:

    Dlisted is hikarious becauseits blatantly obviously bad…. you can tell its just ove the top and tehrefore none of it is truth or serious. Perez, on teh other hand, actually has issues and is giving his honestly negative opinion. MK is just being “negative” to be funny— big difference.

  49. Wow says:

    I honestly can not stand Perez. He is such a typical bully – the type who was bullied and treated bad when he was young and now that he has a following, feels the need to take revenge on anyone. But I digress…

    I haven’t seen the pics to see why she labels him a pediphil. If he just snapped pictures of her while they were at the same place partying – then I don’t see why Demi has her panties in a bunch.

    I now Perez can be an butthole and he calls people out of their name all of the time, but to label someone a pedophile is also pretty intense. I wonder if Demi is just pissed because her daughter’s actions and dress reflect badly on Demi? I’m not sure but like others, I hate saying anything in Perez defense. Ick.

    And why doesn’t he sit down somewhere. Why is he always trying to sue folks? Whatever happened to him sueing those Black Eye Peas?

  50. lway says:

    Does this guy even bother looking in the mirror before he makes comments about other people?

    I mean – geez, he dresses like shit, he looks like shit, he is …..f*cking moron..

  51. Shanny says:

    He stunk on CHelsea lately last week, what a dork.

  52. Shadow says:

    Personally I think Demi called him a pedophile because she was mad. Yes, her daughter did dress inappropriately, but Perez have been attacking ALL her children and not just recently, but have been doing it for a long time.

    Let us be honest, if Perez have said some of the those things about my daughters, I would probably be in jail from wailing on him with a baseball bat, it really surprise me that he is still allowed to say the things he does about children.

  53. HEB says:

    He’s such a d-bag. He thinks he’s noble for all that “no violence” shit, its just as noble to not be an asshole.

  54. Jazz says:

    The thing I like about Michael K is that he rags on everyone, not just a select few. He doesn’t kiss celebrities asses and try to be a famew**re, unlike Perez. I don’t even know what MK looks like.

    @Firestarter – “I hate him with the fire of a thousand suns.” That gets comment of the day!

  55. FatiMcgee says:

    Or, maybe, Parents shouldn’t let their 15 year olds dress like sluts and get drunk.

    Just sayin…

  56. Missy says:

    Hey all,

    I really think that we should just feel sorry for Perez instead of hate on him. Emotionally, he’s a teenager who has been picked on his whole life but just wants to be accepted. And the more we hate on him, the more he’s going to hate on other people. If we don’t show any reaction to the vulgarities he posts, he’ll start being nicer.

  57. Lola7 says:

    For those of you that keep calling Demi’s daugher a CHILD, please get real. A CHILD does not go into nightclubs, half dressed, half baked! She is a teenager! A dumb one at that! She is not a CHILD! She gives people a reason to talk. You’d think her parents would teach her a thing or two about decency. As for Perez….I love him with a 1000 hearts! Says it like it is and keeps it real.

  58. gg says:

    ha! I agree with hatsumo and bigfish. Perez isn’t a celebrity blogger he’s a Celebrity Booger.

  59. looptylou says:

    I can’t wait until the day this Idiot goes away. Who knows if he’s not into little kids? Does anyone ever announce it? He is a bottom feeder for sure. And I am anticipating the day when everyone forgets about him. And when they profile him on VH1′s Where Are They Now? Hopefully he’s in the gutter with his stupid dog licking his wounds.

  60. Crankypants says:

    The difference between Michael K (whom I love and adore, though I have never met) and Perez Hilton (whom I despise in ways I cannot even put into words) is that Michael K makes fun of himself just as much, if not more, as he does celebrities. He unintentionally comes off as humble, which is something Perez would never in a million years do. I nearly pee my pants every time I read Dlisted, while I can no longer even bear the thought of gracing Perez’s site with my click-a-day. I refuse to poison my day with his venomous, hate-filled, ignorant-to-the-point-of-being-ludicrous musings. I read the postings from his supporters, and it becomes clear exactly what is wrong with the world today. I’m crossing my fingers, toes, and eyes in hopes that the anti-Perez movement gains momentum and that hate-monger slinks back into the black hole he came from for good.

  61. LevyLove says:

    I will agree with eveyrone here and say Dlisted is HILARIOUS!! I love it. But I do also enjoy reading Perez (and Celebitchy too!). I think Perez has good intentions and frankly, I would’ve called out Demi’s daughter as well. It’s like..if you were walking in a mall and saw a 15 yr old girl with her ass cheeks hanging out..someone is bound to say something! And it’s not like she looks like shes 24..she def looks 15. I have to take Perez’s side on this. Demi is just mad that she looks like a bad parent IMO so she is trying to divert all the negative attention to Perez calling him a “pedophile”. What a bunch of BS.

  62. kat says:

    I used to read Perez’s site to kill time…Then one day when I was at work (I work with young/teenage girls) I heard them making fun of how ugly Adam Sandler’s daughter was and Violet Affleck. I asked them where they got it from and they told me they read it off his site. These girls look at his words like he’s God and it saddens me. I hope this a phase they grow out of because more and more I see our young girls being so much more catty and hateful than just the “normal” girl behavior. It’s truly heartbreaking.

  63. josepe says:

    i don’t like either, demi an old hag or perez a big cry baby
    she should stop hanging out with kids and he should stop being a cry baby

  64. Rashema says:

    Why waste time talking about this fat ass bitch. He gets too much attention that way. He wishes he was a celebrity which is why he makes a living off the backs of them. He grew up a tortured fat kid and now is taking his frustrations out on celebrities.

  65. AnonymousAnonymous says:

    I got into the gossip websites through Perez, but I stopped reading his blog, because he was just downright mean-spirited and self-righteous. He is an ugly, ugly person. I read Dlisted now, because MK is funny and self-deprecating. It can be vulgar, but the vulgarity is never directed at kids. Although MK doesn’t particularly adore screaming kids, he has never said any 5-year-old was ugly. Only Perez does that.

  66. jm says:

    Perez is like an ugly junior high girl . . .insecure, petty and jealous of the cooler girls. All he does is attack girls and young women.

    And yes, Michael K of Dlisted rocks. So. Darn. Funny.

  67. CB Rawks says:

    I absolutely LOVE Michael K!
    I read him aloud to my hubster and then we roll around laughing. Man, I have pulled stomach muscles at that site.
    I am the ginormous fountain of Phoebe Price Knowledge that I am, purely thanks to Michael K!

  68. paranel says:

    I stopped reading his site when I realize he worships only a few as if he is on their payroll Like Madonna and Angelina. I like Angelina but hate Madonna. He is a loser. A man without a brain. He does not even write his own blog but has writers do that for him ( steal from other sites and paste them together) . I only read DListed ( MK). It is original, funny and cracks me up and does not take anybody’s side. A fair game.

  69. missy says:

    whoever wrote this needs to get their facts straight. Perez said he wouldn’t write ill of a celeb’s child who was under the age of 18. . . Rumer is 21. . . AND he said it would start when that episode of Tyra aired. . and it aired this week. . that post of Tellulah was last week.