Kristen Dunst acts like a fool while testifying in court

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I’ve never found Kirsten Dunst very impressive. She’s there and that’s fine, but for the life of me I can’t figure out why she’s famous. She’s not the worst actress ever but there’s nothing noteworthy about her. Except her consistently messy appearance. Kirsten’s never struck me as particularly bright or self-aware, and now there’s a court record to confirm it. Yesterday she testified against the man who stole her purse from a hotel suite two years ago. The New York Post referred to her as “Kirsten Dunce” (snicker). She didn’t have the slightest idea how to present herself in a court of law and came off as a complete airhead; giggling and interrupting herself and saying “like” a lot.

Maybe Spider-Man could have saved her — from herself. Actress Kirsten Dunst giggled her way through a half-hour on a Manhattan witness stand yesterday, apparently at sea when it comes to speaking in public without the help of a Hollywood script. Dunst, 27, who plays love interest Mary Jane in all three “Spider-Man” movies, was in court to do the kind of serious work usually left to her on-screen superhero sweetie — nailing a thief, in this case the Brooklyn car mechanic accused of swiping her handbag in 2007.

But the ditzy Dunst virtually fluttered into court in a black blouse, tight black pants and black stilettos, flipping her long blond hair and giving the judge a perky “Hi, how ya doin’?” even before sitting down in the witness chair.

Then — in oddly cheerful testimony punctuated by girlish chirps of “I mean,” and “OK,” and “Like,” and “Yeah!” — the actress de scribed how, two years ago, she returned to her swanky penthouse suite at the Soho Grand to find her $2,000 Balenciaga purse had vanished from where she’d left it on a bed.

“We realized — yeah! — somebody had taken it,” the ac tress told jurors, de scribing the moment she and British co- star Simon Pegg re turned to the pent house to find their “things” had vanished. The $3,500-a-night suite was being used as a green room as they filmed scenes for “How to Lose Friends & Alienate People” in the hotel lobby and on West Broadway.

“Like, it could have been five times, I can’t really remember,” the star laughed when prosecutor Patricia Stolfi asked how many times she’d been in and out of the penthouse that night. Asked the approximate time, she giggled again, “The sun was setting. I mean rising! Excuse me!”

For all her giggles, Dunst did what prosecutors needed — tell jurors that [defendant] Jimenez did not have permission or authority to either enter her suite or possess her handbag.

[From the New York Post]

I would totally be cheerful and too excited to remember the difference between a setting and rising sun if I were testifying against a thief. Talk about flighty. I actually think it’s good Kirsten’s an actress. If her career depending on coming up with words on her own and putting them together in a coherent manner, she might not get far. She’s good at mastering the flip of the hair and confused giggle. And being rescued by spiders and whatnot. The Post noted that Dunst did get her purse back – minus the $2,000. The robber left it in a dumpster in Brooklyn. Clearly no lasting psychological harm was done, and I’m assuming it’s safe to say he’ll be convicted. All thanks to Kirsten’s edge-of-your-seat testimony.

Here’s Kirsten leaving New York City Supreme Court after testifying yesterday. Images thanks to .

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  1. Firestarter says:

    No one ever has accused many celebs of being well spoken and intelligent.

  2. Sakota says:

    Typical celebrities, turning everything into a silly joke. Is it asking for too much that they act like adults in serious situations?

  3. barneslr says:

    “acts” like a fool? I don’t think she was acting.

  4. M says:

    I’m 27 and I say “like”, “yeah” and “I mean” and “you know what I mean?” a lot in conversation, even professional ones, and I’ve never been called out for sounding dumb or like an “airhead”. Granted I’m not saying it in a perky or flightly fashion, but those words tend to read a lot worse than when they are spoken. I wouldn’t come down too hard on her for her vernacular, but more so for her general demeanor.

  5. RobN says:

    M, what you mean is that you’ve never been called out or called an airhead to your face. Cause, like, you know, that would be rude.

  6. ! says:

    Really, M? ‘Cause I’m 25 and I never interject my sentences with valley girl filler.

  7. Firestarter says:

    What’s with the personal attacks?

  8. princess pea says:

    Yeah, I’m 29. I’m a professional and I use those words too. It matter more when and where you use them than whether or not you do at all. (Oops, I just said yeah, didn’t I?) I like Kiki. She takes interesting roles, doesn’t over-expose herself, and even though she likes to party she’s no Lohan. I’ll give her a pass on not being the most well-spoken person in the world…

  9. Sigh. says:

    M, you missed the whole point…

    IN A COURT OF LAW you should try to reign that in…the same if you are someone who swears a lot…are you self-aware/mature enough to turn it down?

    You may not have any idea what you are being passed over for because of that very habit. Case in point, she was called “dunce” and “flighty.”

  10. Peanut says:

    I use the “valley girl filler” all the time (“Know what I mean?” in particular!!). Also 27 and work as a professional. Hopefully I don’t sound like an airhead because I’m not one.

  11. Katyusha says:

    I guess the general point here is, if you use filler like that, fine, but you will come across as a lot more intelligent if you don’t.

  12. Giz says:

    There’s a sign in a window that I pass by during my daily commute that reads “Stop saying awesome”. It’s time to revise that sign by adding the word “like”. Like–you know?!

    It is amazing that you’ve got actors/actresses with high IQs and college degrees who are in some cases making the same amount of money (more or less) as those who can’t put a coherent sentence together without the help of a script.

    (Giz twirls hair with fingers after typing entry)

  13. mxml says:

    what a bunch of sexist drivel.

  14. Aleksa says:

    I am just so pleased I learned english as a third language! Even if I speak it and understand it perfectly, and I am familiar with american, british and irish slang, filler does not come naturally to me, as it seems to happen with natives…
    I live in a street in Spain which has a lot of families housing american students, and when they come back from partying all night, all you can hear in the morning is “OH MY GOOOOD!!!”, in a really loud voice. They do not project a very good image of americans. I have lived in the U.S., and thankfully I can vouch they´re not all like that…
    As for this Dunt person, she IS an actress. They don´t necessarily use brains. Giggling is something you do not DO in court. But this is also a matter of manners, or lack thereof…

  15. Mari says:

    And so what if she is an airhead? Does it matter in your life? Nope. She gets paid to act, that’s it. I think it makes some people feel better about themselves knowing they are “smarter” or more whatever than someone who makes the movie dollars.
    I’ve never been a big fan, something about her mouth, but I have friends that are so called “flighty” and that’s just how they are, that’s their personality.

  16. Mari says:

    Some people get nervous when dealing with legal issues, being in court, being in front of a judge with lawyers all around, and sometimes they giggle or do things they normally wouldn’t do as a way to releive the stress or tension. She may or may not be like this all the time. just sayin’.

  17. whitedaisy says:

    My 27 year old daughter insists that I tell her when she slips into valley girl talk. She feels that it diminishes her credibility with other professionals.
    She is right.
    It doesn’t mean you are less intelligent if you use it, but you certainly sound as though you are.
    And just because noone is pointing that out to you doesn’t mean they aren’t commenting on it behind your back.

  18. Sar says:

    Aw, how benevolent of you, Aleska! Thanks for not judging 300 million people based on the actions of a bunch of drunk college students.

    What is with the weird-ass belief that a person traveling overseas must act as a liaison for their native country? Yowza.

    I understand that when your vocabulary is developing you tend to use filler a lot but it should be phased out. If not, then what the hell will you sound like when you’re 70? It won’t be cute then; it’s not cute now!

  19. nikki says:

    listen once Marion Cotillard speak in french or english and you understand why some actors need a script to talk correctly

  20. Meaty says:

    @ Mari- maybe some people just dont like airheads lol
    really doesnt matter to me. we r all made differenly. some smarter than others, some better looking. and thank God for that.

  21. Green Is Good says:

    She probably shouldn’t have cleaned out the mini-bar in her limo before she showed up for Court.

  22. Sakota says:

    “IN A COURT OF LAW you should try to reign that in…the same if you are someone who swears a lot…are you self-aware/mature enough to turn it down?”

    Exactly. This stuff is affecting her LIFE and she’s ditzing around as if she’s some cute little three year old.

    As an actress, surely she would understand that she should be prepared, dressed well, and if she can’t think of anything to say, have a writtent statement. It’s about creating a professional impression and surely she should understand the importance of that?

    If I were dealing with a situation with my property stolen I’d be dressed sharp, have a written statement and all the information in a briefcase to read to the Court. Instead the little moron dresses like scuzz, dorks like a valley girl, and treats the whole thing like a joke.

  23. Claudia says:

    In my opinion it does matter VERY much. I’d say how you sound is just as important as your physical appearance. I swear more than a sailor, but only with my friends, there’s a time and place for everything.
    I’m a 28-yr old professional as well and guess what? I keep it professional at work, and all those around me do as well. I couldn’t fathom working day to day with someone like that.
    rising intonation at end: “Like, we had this, you know, vendor? Who like, called, yesterday? And he needs to, like, change the terms? You know, on his contract, you know?” NO.
    Perfect example, THE HILLS. Tried to see what the big deal was about the show/girls, I watched maybe 20mins and had no idea what anyone was talking about. Holy cr@p, I felt dizzy afterwards.

  24. Sakota says:

    I just get sick of hearing about celebrities behaving inappropriately all over the place, taking nothing seriously and treating the planet like a playground, serious situations like a joke, and then treating other cultures like something that needs to be given a Hollywood makeover.

    She and her Hollywood buddies know better and they should act like it.

  25. K McFarlane says:

    It’s weird that she and Jake Gyllenhaal were together so long, because he’s always struck me as being very smart (as does Reese for that matter).

  26. Hieronymus Grex says:

    I have trouble remembering events from 2 days ago, let alone 2 years ago and courtrooms make everyone nervous I don’t care who you are.

  27. tatiana says:

    she’s a snot and a snob.
    that’s why she treats what comes her way as trivial.

    she should not be considered a person of interest. she’s a superficial person.

  28. TwinkleToes says:

    #15, shove it, shove it hard.

  29. WTF cares? So STFU! says:

    Remember when Michael Jackson showed up to court in his pajamas? And now the whole world is torn up that he’s dead and Madonna is lecturing all of us for “abandoning” him?
    Remember what site you are on? If celebrities REALLY bother all of you sooooo much, use the shut down option on your computer and slowly back away as the screen turns off. Try not to be scared when the little light goes out on the picture box in front of you all OK? Those big, bad evil celebrities that only live life to annoy YOU can’t hurt you when the computer is off. It’ll be alright, all of you. Really.

  30. Aspen says:

    How you speak matters, and the words you use in conversation define you.

    I use slang, profanity, and “filler” in my conversations with friends every single day, and I use it on the internet in casual conversations.

    I do NOT use them in public, professional, or formal settings, and I never use loose vernacular with strangers or slight acquaintances…ever.

    People are judged by the words they use, and of all the social judgment passed on a person, language is the fairest of them to use.

    So…if it makes you feel better to say, “I am who I am and–like–you can accept me or not,” then go ahead. It doesn’t make you a bad person or incapable of professional success. It does, however, open you up to societal criticism and cloud first impressions of you with doubts about your education and maturity level. That’s just how it is.

  31. pooh says:

    shes not an airhead..shes a pill-head. do you all read the entertainment columns much?

  32. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    @Claudia – LOL, I have the same problem with The Hills, like, I toadally cannot like, make sense of a single word they say.

    This might be the bitchiest thread I’ve ever seen – personal attacks flying around like mozzies!

  33. Spooge says:

    blah… she’s been around a long time. Time was back in her early teens when she’d been in the business for years. You could tell she had an amazing future ahead of her and with the long blonde hair and looks she had it made. Then she cut her hair short…did a couple of boring movies…lost a lot of admirers. Some of us still had our hopes up when she got Spidey, but after that she basically didn’t have to try anymore. She’d made her money and unfortunately seemed to enjoy drinking too much of it away. The alcohol makes her look awful and that was pretty much the final straw to even her longtime fans.
    No more looks. Doesn’t have any ambition anymore. Is obviously addicted to alcohol and/or pills. Awkward and loud in social situations. Always talks about the negative side of things. There’s not much to like anymore.

  34. Jag says:

    My guess is that she was nervous and took a little “something” to try to calm herself. Too bad it exacerbated the worst in her.

  35. Mike says:

    So from reading these posts, I’d assume that she Barack’d up the testimony?

  36. Anoneemouse says:

    See what happens when a public figure has to speak but not get paid?

  37. embertine says:

    She’s never struck me as particularly smart, but it seems totally consistent to me that she would be stuttering and giggling a lot because she was nervous.

    We weren’t there, we can’t read her body language.