Carrie Prejean speaks out against pornography in new book

Donald Trump Press Conference In Regards To Miss California USA

Carrie Prejean probably owns a bunch of bibles, but I’m guessing she doesn’t own any dictionaries. Or else she might understand the meaning of the word “hypocrite.” Carrie has gone on and on about morality and family values and her faith, which is all well and good. Unless you go off on how it’s immoral for two men to marry, or pose for topless photos. Everyone’s entitled to their beliefs, and allowed to take their tops off. Just don’t go lecturing other people on morality.

Hypocrite Carrie, still thinking that she’s set the bar so high and needs to lecture the rest of us on proper behavior, has gone off on pornography in her new book. That’s right, the girl who just dropped her $1 million lawsuit when she was shown her solo sex tape still thinks she’s more moral than the rest of us.

Carrie Prejean is shifting the blame for those topless modeling photos she took back in the day — now she claims our “culture” is the real problem … not just “the wind.”

In her new “tell-all” book, Carrie dedicates an entire passage to bitch about “pornography,” writing:

“Unfortunately, pornography has become mainstreamed — it rushes at us through big screens, portable screens; soft-core porn is on mainstream TV cable stations, hard-core porn is just a mouse click away on the internet, and the envelope of what seems acceptable seems to get pushed farther and farther as more and more people are exposed to this material.

The result is that girls grow up in a culture where it is hard to have an innocent, healthy, normal view of themselves, how they should behave, how they should act, and how they should dress.”

Carrie then addresses the topless pics directly, and states, “Our bodies are temples of the Lord. We should earn respect and admiration for our hearts, not for showing skin to look sexy … I have since learned that your outer beauty can only get you so far in life.”


[From TMZ]

Carrie’s obviously referencing her topless shots and not her solo sex tape, since this was written a while ago and the sex tape scandal just happened last week. I wonder what she would say – and how she’d rephrase – if this were written after video emerged of her giving herself a hand? And you’ll notice at no point does Carrie actually say she was wrong, or admit to the contradiction between her morals and values and actual behavior. All she said was “I have since learned that your outer beauty can only get you so far in life.” That’s not much.

If she weren’t so sanctimonious, I wouldn’t care. But I really hope that video gets out, just to put her in her place. And you know it will – how long can a semi-celebrity sex tape really stay under wraps these days? Oh, and as a chuckle-worthy little aside, guess who else was in the room when lawyers showed Carrie her sex tape? Her mama.

Donald Trump Press Conference In Regards To Miss California USA

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  1. gillie says:

    wowwww… pot, meet kettle… i wonder if this qualifies as ironic or just moronic?

  2. queenie says:

    So the producer and willing participant of porn speaks out againt porn? How Orwellian.

  3. Kirsten says:

    This girl just needs to shut up because no one cares what she has to say

  4. Juice In LA says:

    Its amazing that she continues to blather- but go ahead princess, you are hypocritically blathering yourself into oblivion. Pretty soon no one is gonna touch your career or you with a 10 foot Rabbit.

    Good thing you (apparently) know how to take care of your own domain.

  5. Emily says:

    Does this bitch have any expressions other than smug and crazy?

  6. Seven says:

    Didnt she pose for a calandar a few months ago whos website was AGAINST masturbation… CB did a bit of research on the site.. ill try to find a link! But really… this gives me my giggles.’

    EDIT! I found it !

  7. Rosalee says:

    She is as fake as her cleavage..I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if someone from her past posts photos of her with her natural brown hair and contact free brown eyes..scandalous..

  8. Anastasia says:

    Oh that jaw, that great big man jaw!

  9. Pont Neuf says:

    What I find truly horrifying is that, with our criticism of this babbling piece of plastic, we have allowed her to build a semi-career as a religious hatemonger.

    Her hypocrisy isn’t something surprising; that is to be expected from people who claim to be so much better than the rest of humanity, that they can lecture us on what propriety and decency are.

    The problem is that this two bit slag, whose only desire in life was to actively participate in her own objectification to get a “scholarship”, would be so cheeky as to speak against what has allowed her to reach infamy.

    Obviously, when you’re the New Not-so-virgin Mary, you can selectively ignore your own faults while pointing at others and saying “OMG, this person is BAD!”.

    And we thought that Ann Coulter was pathetic; at least her two neurons manage to make a synapse once in a while. Conversely, this ridiculous famewhore is just one millimeter away from being a poisonous vegetable.

  10. BitterBetty says:

    Still trying to save face and failing miserably…

    Just let it go, hon.

  11. Oh My says:

    now, now, now, everybody knows you can’t be a hypocrite if you’re a big C “Christian”. Unlike the rest of us, a Christian who sins has made a mistake for which they will be forgiven because they are good Christians who have been saved.

  12. Wresa says:

    PLEASE stop encouraging her by writing stories about her. She is boring, fake, a hypocrite, liar and all over fraud. Do we really need any more people like that in the media?

  13. Trillion says:

    Merci Pont Neuf. Anne Coulter is the bigger Christian, however, as her silver crucifix is much larger than Prejean’s.

  14. Squirtle says:

    I think she’s a total hypocrite which is sad because I would like to agree with her point about pornography. Not that I’m saying pornography is immoral it’s just bothers me that sexuality has completely saturated the minds of young women so that they think it is soo flippin’ “cool” to be a sex symbol… Just think about all those “Girls Gone Wild” videos that are so popular, those are “average” girls that think getting drunk and stripping down is some sort of accomplishment in life…Or think about Megan Fox or Jessica Simpson, or any other bimbo that prides themselves on physical qualities rather than personality or intelligence …I think a part of society does have a problem in promoting women as a sexual object and nothing more…too bad she’s part of the problem!

  15. girl says:

    I am dying to hear her defense of the sex tape. I say she needs to address the issue publicly.

  16. thepickle says:

    haha Pont et Trillion!
    What about Jesus and Mary Magdelene? I’ll bet if Carrie met her savior he wouldn’t be able to get it up.

  17. la chica says:

    ha ha ha ha ha!!!! :rolls:

    there is nothing funnier than a hypocrite getting busted.

  18. CB Rawks says:

    I’m flumoxed why she wrote a book at all. Where’s the market for that?

  19. BlueSkies says:

    Check the Superficial to see what she really looks like without green contacts, hair bleach, etc.

  20. Rosanna says:

    Girls, the points she makes are *correct*. Ask ANY feminist and she’ll tell ya.

  21. Sasha says:

    *ovation for Pont Neuf*

    I think that CP should forever more be subtitled – Carrie Prejean: a Babbling Piece of Plastic.

    Love it!

  22. pickelhaube says:

    I’m not a fan of hers, but people do change. People make mistakes and learn from them, so I don’t consider her a hypocrite for speaking out against porn. If she was doing it while she was speaking out against how bad it is, THEN she would be a hypocrite. As it is, I think she’s just made mistakes and doesn’t want other girls to make the same ones.

    And please don’t bash all Christians because of the vocal few. Nobody would DARE condemn all Muslims because of the few terrorists, so why is it OK to bash all Christians?

  23. jaundicemachine says:

    What a subversive person.

    There’ll be a special place for her in the afterlife – according to the documents of her faith.

    So glad the tide is turning and it’s getting harder for people like her to push Faith into Law. Absolute bullshit.

  24. Mairead says:

    Gotta say, I agree with Pickelhaube on this one.

    And i’m also wondering why this irrelevancy is being given bandwidth?

  25. piedlourde says:

    I. DON’T. GET. IT.
    Why does seemingly everybody on planet Earth have the insatiable need to videotape themselves getting it on? I mean, I’m a fairly attractive 24-year-old woman with sufficient self confidence, but I wouldn’t want to record my reverse cowgirl for future scrutiny (and possible involuntary worldwide distribution).

  26. lilred says:

    So I wonder what her “reason” will be when she poses for Playboy… “I was trying to prove to young girls that they don’t need to do what I did , It was a mistake.”

  27. Mr Matter Of Time says:

    It’s only a matter of time until Fox News hires this one

  28. Trillion says:

    “No one would DARE condemn all Muslims”.
    So not true, sorry to burst your martyr bubble. I do it whenever the need arises. It’s the one thing I have in common with Fox News.
    Note to all of you who are obsessed with this “Christians are criticized more than Muslims” out there. Please. Once and for all. Since we do not live in a muslim culture (yay, us!) the opportunity to discuss it’s relevance is simply not a regular occurrence. Do you think Morroccans are up in arms about christian hypocrisy in their culture? Think about it.

  29. cuppycake says:

    Girl needs to just sit down and stay at home until this whole thing is over.
    And her mom saw her sex tape?!?!


  30. TwinkleToes says:

    What a big jaw and chin!

  31. cin takvimi says:

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