Halle Berry calls it ‘horrifying’ when people recognize her daughter first

Halle Berry was on the Tyra Banks show yesterday promoting her new perfume, Halle. She told a story about how a woman at an acquarium recognized her daughter Nahla, 19 months, and how upsetting that was to her. Berry takes pains to keep her privacy, and filed a complaint last year against a photographer who trespassed on her property in an attempt to get the first photos of her daughter, Nahla. For Nahla’s debut, Berry took her daughter to the zoo and happily posed with her when she was four months old. Many celebrities sell the first photos of their babies but Berry decided to let multiple paparazzi get the first shots so that they wouldn’t be worth a fortune. She’s had minor altercations with the paparazzi since, and has told them to back off when she’s out with her daughter.

Berry says that the paparazzi need to stop hunting down kids and that “children should not be subjected to this kind of scrutiny” or “be objectified.”

Halle Berry stops by to chat with Tyra about her new perfume, “Halle” on Wednesday, November 11th’s “The Tyra Show.” The Academy Award winning actress also shares with Tyra how she deals with maintaining privacy for herself and her family.

Tyra admits even she’s only seen Nahla because of a paparazzi photo.

Halle Berry: “That part of it has become horrifying. We were at the San Diego aquarium and a woman comes up and my daughter is playing with her daughter and the lady said, ‘Wait a minute, Is that Nahla?’ and I looked at the woman and she goes, ‘Oh my God and you’re Halle Berry, but I recognized your daughter first.’ And I wanted to melt, I was so distraught.”

Halle Berry: “The paparazzi now they have no sense, it’s crazy and what there [sic] doing to children, it’s just not right. I know nobody has a lot of sympathy for celebrity because we are blessed in so many ways, but these children should not be subjected to this kind of scrutiny, be objectified, be hunted down, its just flat out wrong.”

Halle also shares contrary to popular belief Nahla is not named after “The Lion King,” but after Halle’s African heritage.

The Tyra Show airs at 4:00 PM on The CW!

[From The Tyra Banks Show, received via e-mail]

Jennifer Garner has also spoken out about the paparazzi targeting her children and shouting rude things at them to try and get a reaction. There may be some relief for celebrity parents soon. A new law will go into effect in California in January that “makes it a crime to take and sell unauthorized photos of celebrities in ‘personal or familial activity.’” This probably means that Jennifer Garner can call the cops if she gets harassed outside her daughter’s school, and that Halle Berry will have some protection from photographers bothering her when she’s out with her daughter.

Halle Berry is shown at an event for the March of Dimes on 11/7/09. Credit: Getty. We won’t post photos of Nahla here as it’s obviously upsetting to Berry. I’m not sure if this will be permanent or not, but it’s the least we can do in this story

March Of Dimes 4th Annual Celebration Of Babies

March Of Dimes 4th Annual Celebration Of Babies

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  1. Anna says:

    I like Halle’s attitude. These celebs in general are right in saying that they are famous, not their kids and that thus, there should be a lot more restraint on part of the paps and the rest of the press to print unauthorized pictures and stories about them. I’m not exempt from this, I do occasionally look at pictures of Suri for example, but I am trying to keep it to a minimum. After all, the press also caters to what the public wants to see. I’ll try and do even better in the future. And it’s really respectful of you, CB, for not adding some Nahla pics to this story. I think it’s cool and if you decide to not bring any pics of her in the future, I’m with you on that too. I don’t think you’ll lose readers if you decide to do that.

  2. Firestarter says:

    Of course many celebs (not Berry) do not mind parading their children around for photo ops when it helps them open a movie, sell a book, record or whatever they are hawking.

    I just don’t have a lot of sympathy to be honest. No, the paps shouldn’t harass celebs and their children, but celebs should not bring those children out when it suits their purposes either. There are plenty of celebrity children who we never see. Tom Hanks has managed to not have his kids in the glare of the spotlight and he is a huge name in the business. So children being out of way of the paps lens can be done and has been.

  3. Beth says:

    I doubt new laws will do anything considering the paps ignore the old ones. I think Tom Hanks is a bad example. Aren’t most if his kids grown or teenagers? And the paps today are a lot different from 10 years ago, even 5 years ago. I don’t remember seeing so many pictures of kids until the last few years. Calling it a publicity for taking their kids to the park or school is unfair. Why shouldn’t celebrities be able to do the same thing other parents do? Taking kids to events like premieres, etc is a whole different thing.

  4. bubbles says:

    It’s very a very arrogant way to look at it. Celebrities know the name of the game when they get into it. she is very hypocritical by “letting the paps get the first pictures” of her daughter, yet complaining when people recognise her daughter from pictures. Just grin and bear it. Heidi Klum is a perfect example for that. she never complains, she just smiles and waves. how hard is that? they get their picture and go away.

  5. Samantha says:

    I don’t know. Anytime a parent (who happens to be a celeb) takes their kid outside, suddenly its “just for the publicity”. Maybe they just wanted to take their kid outside? Not everything has to be a publicity stunt. I admit…some of the parents seem more prone to get the publicity than others, but we shouldn’t just lump all of them into the same category. Its not fair to them. And paps yelling rude things to kids? No wonder these guys get attacked. I don’t know if I could restrain myself either if some jerk was shouting things at my daughter just to get a rise out of her.

  6. TwinkleToes says:

    I bet Halle doesn’t recognize herself after that nose job to take down that huge schnozz. Her daughter is so beautiful and really exotic looking, naturally as is Gabriel. She shouldn’t be surprised. I’m sure everyone stares at Gabriel when they are out together even though she has an Oscar. The way the cookie crumbles. She needs to lose the pseudo-arrogance.

  7. Sumodo says:

    LOVE that Cali passed a law. No more CELEBUSPAWN! Tom and Rita are smart. Who the eff cares what his younger children look like? His son from his earlier marriage is an actor–so be it. Goldie Hawn has a hockey-playing son who keeps out of sight. Patricia Arquette has kids we never see. Julianne Moore, ditto. Uma Thurman’s kids? Not lately. Years ago, Sally Field kept her kids under wraps. IT CAN BE DONE. (Hint, hint Katie Xenu).

  8. Feebee says:

    I think this law is over-due but I don’t know how effective it will be. It will have to allow for the fact that some celebs call the paps for shots in ‘personal and familial’ settings.

    I don’t think Halle has sought out the paps in this way and it was reasonable to allow some photos of her daughter to avoid the stalking that goes on. Celeb or not she has a reasonable expectation to be allowed to be with her child in public without needing to cover her child (and thus drawing attention) or to have that child be photographed.

  9. lena says:

    I agree with Halle, kids shouldn’t be exposed like that. Hell look how everyone creamed themselves on this site when they saw photos of AJ and BP twins a month or so back. Is is creepy when a stranger can walk up to you and know what the name of your child is.

    @ Firestarter, Tom Hanks is a really bad example in my opinion, his kids are pratically grown now. @ Bubbles, she stated the she let the paps get pics of her daughter in a public setting so they couldn’t sell her picture for a lot of money, I think if I was a celeb who wasn’t comfortable pimping out my kids for $, i would do the same thing…why let one person get the 1st shot and make hundreds of thousands off of one pic? It’s smarter to let a bunch do it that way the pic isn’t worth squat.

  10. Alecto says:

    for hundreds of years we had royalty to gawk at. now we have celebrities. same thing. used to be when us common people didn’t like royalty we’d kill them all and their families. at least today people can choose if they want to be royalty or not.

  11. Sumodo says:

    Oh, and make sure your kids don’t get signed by Disney or get arrested. That blows everything.

  12. Kelly says:

    I have to say it really bothers me that Halle mothered her last husband’s daughter for years. The poor little thing had no mother until Halle. After the divorce she apparently disowned this little girl. This bothers me enough that I no longer can like her!

  13. Sumodo says:

    @Kelly That put me off Halle. For sure. And Eric Benet, that douchey womanizer? I see he’s touring smaller venues, but still working. I hope his daughter is in college right now, trying to move on.

  14. Firestarter says:

    @lENA- How exactly is Tom Hanks a bad example? He and Rita Wilson had children together, they were little once, he has been famous for YEARS, The pont is, yes they are grown now and we NEVER saw them when they were little. There are plenty of Celebs who have done the same.

    If you want your children out of the spotlight, it CAN be done. To complain about it is ridiculous. You don’t see DeNiro’s kids or Pacino’s kids around either. Jodi Foster is another celeb mom whose children are never seen. Jack Nicholson’s kids, I could go on and on.

  15. wow says:

    This is what happens when celeb court the media with their children. It IS weird that strangers are that familiar with celebrity children, which is why I think they shouldn’t be covered.

    Granted, being that their parents are celebrities, the children will be “known” to some degree. But when the parents push their kids out in the public, like Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie, and a slew of others, then this is what happens.

    I think some of it can be controlled on the parents end though. Stephen Speilberg has how many kids and yet I can’t put a face or a name to ONE of them. Doesn’t Tom Hanks have kids? Don’t know who they are either, and I like that.

  16. Nebraska says:

    Jon Bon Jovi and wife Dorothea’s kids are not promoted with each latest album. I read an article in Mcleans magazine about that talks about how Jennifer Garner keeps herself relevant, through “motherhood” by allowing herself to be photographed with her children. In this society, mothers are looked upon as saintly, and this is why these celebs get attention via their offspring.

  17. lucy2 says:

    Glad there’s going to be a law. Might not stop the paps at first, but I think part of the law is big fines for any website or magazine that purchases and publishes the photos. Once the money dries up, the paps will back off. I hope.
    Halle seems to be doing her best to shield her child, I hope she continues to do so. I always feel bad for Jennifer Garner’s family, there’s a new pic of them practically every day and they’re just going about their lives (and are Jen & Ben really THAT famous these days that they still get constantly followed?). There are those who use it and put their kids on magazine covers (Tom & Katie, Brad & Angie – find me a Brad interview where he doesn’t mention his kids) and that has always bothered me – their parents chose this life, but the kids should not be made into celebrities.
    And then there are those who know how to do it right – I have no idea what Johnny Depp’s kids look like, and he’s a huge star.

  18. Sam says:

    @Kelly – I read many years ago in Europe that the terms of the divorce was that Halle and India (her step-daughter) were not to be seen publicly. Apparently, this was to give India a chance at a normal life and not to have her answer awkward questions about the relationship between Eric Benet and Halle. Halle still apparently financially supports India as to keep her in the lifestyle she became used to while her dad was Halle’s husband.

  19. lena says:

    @ firestarter, i didn’t think tom hanks was a good example because his kids are older/grown and this thing for photographing celeb kids seems to have gotten huge over recent yrs. In my opinion, paps didn’t really care that much 10 yrs ago because you didn’t have a lot of celebs willing to pimp their kids to the press back then, now fastforward with the internet, blogs, etc… and you can always see someone posing with their babies on the cover of a magazine for $$$$. The point that i’m making is some celebs have opened up this can of worms for themselves and for other celebs that haven’t necessarily asked for it. It’s creepy that Halle had a stranger come up and acknowledge her daughter by name…it’s flat out weird. The celeb kid obsession is recent (imo)and no one cares about those celeb kids that you listed because most of them are pre-teens and older. On top of that they only wants pics that are going to sell and I dont believe any of the celebs you mentioned would pull in the money that they are looking for even though they are very famous/popular actors/actresses. I believe who the celeb is depends on whether or not their kids will be targeted.

  20. lena says:

    And just putting this out there…I think this website shouldn’t post pics of celeb kids…I think CB should make that rule. It was what a month or two months ago that people were losing their sh** over pics of AJ and BP twins. I honestly found it slightly disturbing as to why strangers were dissecting CHILDREN! Since a law seems to be coming into effect I think this site should just start early and no more pics of kids out with their families…I guess pics of events would be okay, like red carpets and stuff, but the everyday stuff these kids are doing with family shouldn’t be published here…just my opinion of course :-)

  21. Firestarter says:

    Lena- The press and paps have been interested in children for years. This is not a new concept, The only reason why it seems that there is increased interest is because EVERYONE, including their dog, is having kids. You did not have this celebrity baby surge years ago, like their has been the last several. The paps were always around and sniffing out celeb babies, there just weren’t that many of them.

    There are plenty of celebs with infants now that avoid the spotlight. It is done. When you become a star, you give up certain things that go along with being a non celeb. Is it fair? No. Is it a fact of life? Yes.

    Berry herself admitted that she wants to be the one to have the say over photos.

    Quite frankly, Berry and Pitt/Jolies and Suri Cruise could be standing right next to me, fighting over a candy bar and I would not know them from Adam.

    Celebrity whining irritates me. Boo hoo, I get no privacy, boo hoo the media portrays me unfairly, boo hoo someone recognized my kid, boo hoo I vant to be alone. If things are so tedious in your celebrity life, get out. Retire to Montana and be done with it. They like the money and the fame, but not the responsibility and things they have to give up in order to have that.

    Boo hoo. Cry me a river while I head off to my job and try to make ends meet on my monthly bills.

    No, I am not jealous, just tired of celebrities and their HUGE problems. Get in the real world and then you may get my sympathy.

  22. moi says:

    There are a lot of celebrity babies that are not as photographed (like Maggie Gyllenhaal’s daughter) and I think that is a direct result of the parents being mindful of where they are taking their children. On top of that, yes, I think celebrities should just deal with the paparazzi factor. I don’t have much sympathy in that respect.

  23. lena says:

    Firestarter, again i respectfully disagree, celebs just didn’t stop having kids all of sudden and suddenly started popping them out at an alarming rate… it’s the increase in celebrity consumption and wanting to know about EVERY aspect of their lives including their children, which is creepy…the internet just made the situation worse because now there is more access. It’s this overwhelming celebrity consumption that people have that has created the problem, hell we are on a celeb gossip site right now that has posted pictures of celebs kids doing family stuff. I know what you are saying as far celebrity whining goes, it is annoying, but let’s face the facts, moving will not solve the problem…when the jolie/pitts are half way around the world their kids are still being photographed and a day later people on this site were shi**ing bricks at the sight of two normal looking babies, so moving/going away won’t solve anything. I don’t think a celeb parent wanting for their kid not to photographed while they are just walking down the street is an unreasonable request on their part to ask, and i honestly dont think they should have to quit their career to achieve some normalcy for their kids.

    I’m all for the law being passed and the kids not being photographed. I also think it’s great that you wouldn’t know the celeb kids if they were standing next to you, but eventually with the way things are right now you would know something was up with the 50 grown men crawling over one another with their cameras and yelling their names towards your direction. :-)

  24. kim says:

    Maggie’s daughter is often on celebritybabyblog and celebritybabyscoop Its just that the mags will never put her on a cover so most people will never see her. The kid that is on the baby sites the most is Kingston Rossdale and then maybe Britney’s boys,Tori kids, and Suri. But with Suri, weeks will go by with no pics. Than there will be pics almost everyday for a month.

  25. Buttercup says:

    What makes you think Halle had a nose job? If you look at her first movies and highschool pics, she looks exactly the same. Also, you say people stare at Gabriel b/c he so handsome. He is, but yet Halle is known for being beautiful. Sounds like you just don’t like them being together. Wonder why…

  26. lrm says:

    This is silly.
    Yes,there are far more celeb photogs now. Read up on the numbers…how many licensed ones alone,are fighting for shots…OF COURSE pics of children have increased in the last decade.

    Anyone who argues otherwise is silly….

  27. V says:

    I think twinkle tones is the same poster who travels from site to site bashing Berry on the regular.

  28. Natasha says:

    I agree, no more baby pics on CB. If people want celeb baby pics they know where to find them.

  29. birdie says:

    hmmm I wonder what the legal definition of “personal and familial” will be…

    I think public spaces are fair game, but children’s schools, private homes, should be out of the question.

  30. Pippi says:

    In this day and age of the internet and more gossip sites and grocery store tabloids demand for the latest pics and you saw it here first reporting and first sightings of stars have greatly increased the demand for more pics and stories of celeb in candid shots featuring their everyday life. When you think about it the celebrity baby paparazzi madness really escalated with selling of first baby pictures of the Jolie/Pitt twins. We the fans have always been curious about the private lives of celebs.

    First baby pictures sparked a boom in the sales of tabloids and they entered into all out wars as to who would get the pics and offered big bucks for them. All lot of celebs jumped on the band wagon because it was easy money for some of them.

    I sympathize with Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner because they never sold their kids’ pictures and yet because of the public interest in their children they are targeted with almost the same intensitity as the Brangelina kids.

    Angie and Brad must keep their kids hidden for the most part, which I don’t think is healthy for or in the best interest of the kids to live like this. I understand that due to the demand of their photos it is probably necessary for their safety. I say the law should only allow for the written consent of the publishing of any baby pics of any and all children celebrity or none celebrity.

  31. Sincerity says:

    If the paparazzi respected the boundaries of celebrities in family situations, there would be no need for this new legislation.

    Children are children and society as a whole has a responsibility to protect them from being unnecessarily exploited. Granted there are celebrities who use their children as public relations tools to promote their careers but not all of them do so. Hopefully, this new law will give the celebrities who want more privacy an additional weapon to enforce healthy boundaries regarding their children.

  32. Ursula says:

    If Halle tried hard, really really hard, like moved to Europe or left the business, then no one would recognize Nahla two years from now. My guess was that she was jealous because her daughter was recognized and she wasn’t. I just can’t stand celebs who whine. There are always choices.

  33. Ana says:

    Personally, I would rather sell the pictures and donate the procedes.
    I don’t understand why Jennifer Garner’s kids are photographed. I think that she probably calls the paps.

  34. paige says:

    Halle is so disingenuous….what did she expec?? when she was pregnant, she made sure she was photographed almost daily in great outfits! she was absolutely determined to be seen…you reap what you sow is all i can say…

  35. bendi says:

    We are sick and tired of this women(halle) always complaining, all the time, she complains about everything, who cares about her daughter, I really think halle is a mental case that just don’t get it, she careless about eric benet daughter, that goes to show you what kind of parent she is