Celine Dion will continue to try for another pregnancy


Ordinarily, I would have absolutely no desire to talk about any of this, simply because even celebrity gossip needs to draw a line between what is fun, snarky nonsense, and what is just tragic and personal. I saw the reports last night that Celine Dion is no longer pregnant. Celine either had a miscarriage or, as is being reported currently, the in vitro “didn’t take”. I thought to myself “how sad” and decided not to write about it, thinking that Celine and her family would not be releasing any kind of further statement about it. I was wrong. Rene Angelil, Celine’s husband, gave an extensive and interesting interview to The Montreal Journal about their in vitro struggles, and how they’re determined to try again and again, if necessary:

Céline Dion isn’t pregnant after all – but will keep on trying for a second child.

“We are living the reality of the majority of couples who have to use [IVF]. The process can be long and arduous,” Dion’s husband René Angélil, 67, told the Canadian paper Journal de Montreal of their failed attempts. “But today, we are full of confidence. Celine is more determined than ever.”

Forty-one-year-old Dion’s doctor announced that she was pregnant via in vitro fertilization very early in the process, and it is now revealed that the embryos transferred in August and October were unsuccessful.

“Dr. Zev Rosenwaks believed that the procedure/pregnancy took, but that wasn’t the case. We found out some days later. We were shocked,” said Angélil. They quickly tried again to get pregnant, but were unsuccessful, he added, “But you know Céline. She doesn’t let go.”

The couple have one “extraordinary” son, René-Charles, born in 2001, who was also conceived with the help of Rosenwaks, director of the Ronald O. Perelman and Claudia Cohen Center for Reproductive Medicine at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Center Medical Center.

“I admire all the women who go through such a tough process. Since April, she has undergone numerous examinations, multiple hormone injections and blood tests,” Angélil told the paper, revealing the couple will go to New York this weekend for a third try. “Céline and I didn’t get discouraged … we put our faith in life and in the stars.”

[From People]

God bless. And I mean that. In the scope of celebrity parents, Celine and Rene seem wonderful, and utterly devoted to their son, and they would make great parents to another child. I hope everything works out in the end, and the in vitro will eventually “take”. I do wonder if Celine and Rene would consider adoption, though, if the in vitro doesn’t work out. Maybe they already have considered it, and plan to adopt if in vitro doesn’t work.

Celine Dion is seen leaving her hotel in New York City on October 14, 2009. She even stopped and signed autographs for the flood of fans waiting for her. Credit: INFphoto.com

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  1. lena says:

    good luck to them, hopefully they will achieve whatever they desire

  2. LolaBella says:

    I’m sorry for their loss; losing a baby is a very emotional and painful experience for the parents to be.

    If they are going to continue to try good for them, but they need to keep it private. If there is a tragic loss then they don’t have to deal with all of the public scrutiny. JMO.

  3. AlaskaJoey says:

    Seriously, it seems like people announce pregnancies as soon as they pee on the stick lately! Wait a few damn months- like maybe until you start showing to make big public announcements. I hope they are able to conceive, even though I still hate her voice and all her music.

  4. bubbles says:

    hello!!!!!! she is 41 he is 67!!!
    that poor child to be might be out of a parent before his 10th birthday. not even speaking of the chances of the child having some major issues itself, selfish selfish people. for god’s sake adopt!

  5. Schnauzers!!!! says:

    My heart goes out to them. Losing a baby, even in the earliest stages of pregnancy is so very hard. :(

  6. wow says:

    Awh, all the best to them. I don’t think it was a case of them wanting to announce the pregnancy so soon as oppose to the media just being “all up in their business”.

    But realistically, at their age isn’t it more of a chance that the child may have have some issues even if it reached full term? I hope they will consider adopting. There are so many children out there that could use loving parents as they seem to be.

  7. Cristina says:

    With all the genetic diseases and risks that they are pinning on this baby, I wish they would instead consider adopting a baby or child that’s already here and in need of a loving home.

  8. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I’m no baby scientist, but I think the risk of being a ‘later-in-life’ mother is much higher if it is a first pregnancy. There were some concerns with my mum, who is forty years older than me. However, since I was her third, chances of congenital abnormalities were decreased. I have no idea how or if that principle can be applied to in vitro fertilization, so I won’t venture to guess.

    Forty-one is still young, but even at that age, you notice that everyone else’s parents are a lot younger than your own, and it’s actually really uncomfortable and depressing sometimes. My siblings–all of my relatives, really– are significantly older than me, and I’m always aware of the fact that they get an extra decade. Dion is only one year older than my mother was when she had me, and even that age difference is bubbling under the surface at all times. It’s a different kind of relationship. Of course she’s the youngest of like, eleventy-twenty, so I guess she knows the score. Still…

    I’m sure that they’re wonderful parents, yes. I’m not a fan of her music, but I met Dion once and she was entirely lovely–very warm, very gracious. But sixty-seven, I just can’t feel right about that.

  9. Tia C says:

    As some others have commented, they do seem awfully selfish to me, too. Of course I’m speaking from the standpoint of someone who has never cared whether or not they have kids, so…take it with however many grains of salt you wish. It just seems selfish to me to go to ALL this trouble to conceive your own biological child when there are so many babies and children already in existence in the world who need families.

    But then again, I have absolutely NO USE for Celine Dion. I hate her voice and her music. If it was a celebrity I actually liked, I would probably say, “oh, the poor thing, better luck next time…” LOL

  10. DoMaJoReMc says:

    @ bubbles:

    You have obviously not tried for a child for (in my case) 20 years, and can’t know the heartbreak until you do.

    I get that they are ‘older’ parents, but who are we to judge?

    Good luck and God bless to this couple and whatever is meant to be, will be.

  11. Goddess711 says:

    Never could stand her but I feel badly for her if this is for real and not just a publicity stunt. The old dude is 67!!! No kidding they’re using IVF! I’d be using a younger babydaddy too – this guy is great-grandfather material, YUCK!

  12. bubbles says:

    Isn’t it a bit hypocritical to bring God into this since we are speaking of human engineering?
    obviously, if you have tried for 20 years it’s not meant to be. I have plenty of friends that couldn’t conceive and chose to adopt instead giving a child in need a loving home instead of selfishly wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on a pipe dream.

  13. Film2TV says:

    Rene can’t give Celine kids normally because he had cancer [prostate I believe] and there for they stored his sperm for later use. Hence why they keep trying. Still it would help if she would eat a little bit more instead of looking like a marathon runner.

  14. Jammy says:

    I hope they get the baby they desire soon (getting pregnant or adopting) whichever they choose. All the posters suggesting adoption….I would say yes its a lot better and nobler way of adding to family but it isn’t totally can lead to heartache to when after spending all the $$ and doing homestudies and all just a few month from getting baby you get to know that you won’t. I have had that happen to a friend and also another fostered a baby to adoption (from 6month old to around 4 yrs) when the birth mom decided to come back into his life.

    Whether you lose baby because adoption didn’t go through or you miscarried either ways it really breaks your heart. I myself did use injectable to conceive my kids and must say that all those hormones and tests and stuff are pretty horrid on our bodies. I am not a fan of celine dion but do wish very best in her desire to get pregnant.

  15. Emily says:

    @bubbles, how is trying to get pregnant selfish, exactly? And how on earth is it hypocritical to talk about God when you’re talking about in vitro? Let people do whatever they want to maintain their hope!

  16. GatsbyGal says:

    She’s only 41? I could’ve sworn she was much older, like early 50s.

  17. KsGirl says:

    “that poor child to be might be out of a parent before his 10th birthday…for god’s sake adopt!”

    Yeah, because it’s a tragedy for a bio kid to have an older parents, but those adopted kids should be happy with what they get!

    Not that I buy your argument either way, Bubbles. Maybe it’s “meant to be” that you have no human compassion, though?

    No real use for Celine or her music but she and her husband have never seemed like anything other than completely devoted parents. best of luck to them.

  18. bubbles says:

    1)according to the church and GOD, in vitro is not really the way to go.
    (BTW I’m an atheist, so .. not my believes!)
    2) I’m not stopping anyone from doing anything, simply because I can’t and have no interest. BUT
    isn’t this a public forum to voice your opinion, whatever they may be? or just to gush over the poor celebrities. Look at Micheal Jackson’s poor kids, genetically engineered for physical perfection by an emotionally and physically handicapped man, left in the midst of all this, not knowing where they came from and where they belong. Money can buy anything, if you pay enough apparently.

  19. Firestarter says:

    @Bubbles- Wow! That was kind of a nasty thing to say to DoMaJo! Seriously, not only was that rude, but not your business to be passing judgement on how others choose to have children. It is not selfish in the least to try to have your own biological children. It is hers and her husbands money to do with as they please.

    You, of course, are entitled to your opinion, but you are not entitled to be nasty to another poster for making a comment about God, or her troubles with trying to conceive a child. You are rather selfish if you ask me, pushing your unsolicited views on others .

  20. bubbles says:

    where is your human compassion when the child is born with abnormalities, or possibly somewhere down the road complications from all the drugs that they pumped into his mother in the name of In Vitro. have you ever thought about that? Human compassion has nothing to do with the baby-making industry where people profit from giving the rich and famous whatever they desire. It’s a business. Face it. poor people desire kids too but I guess they are just sh.. out of luck, because they can’t afford in vitro? not that I buy your argumnt, because it’s clearly not thought through,
    maybe they could adopt an “older” child, that nobody wants, because everyone wants a baby, maybe they could adopt a handicapped or special needs child, because they have the means, but no, that wouldn’t be photogenic! I tip my hat to Katherine Heigl, who I personally don’t care for, but she adopted before having kids of her own, a special needs child from Korea. It should never be out of vanity and the personal need to see yourself in a child that you should have a child.

  21. lin234 says:

    I like Celine Dion. She has an amazing voice and doesn’t rely on sexy performances to sell her career. She is a legitimate singer unlike trashy performers like Britney Spears. No one has a right to judge if Celine and her husband want a child with their own genetic dna. They are using their own resources and will be able to provide their child with the best of everything. You can tell when they speak of their son just how much they love him. Their children will always be taken care of.

    Some people need to worry more about why the US has one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancies for a developed country and not trash two responsible, grown adults who are perfectly capable of making their own decisions.

    Poor people are the ones who usually get pregnant early on so reproduction is most likely the least of their problems. I support older, accomplished couples who are at a place in their lives to give children a stable and loving home. No one has a right to be so judgmental as to tell them what they should be doing. It’s quite silly.

    The best of luck to her!

  22. manda says:


    Just because there are religions that believe that in vitro “is not the way to go”, it doesn’t mean that “God” is against it. The “church” is not God. My God is not against IVF. And he’s not against my IVF-conceived son.

    And you’re entitled to your opinion and to announce it on a public forum. But there are others just as entitled to point out how we (I) feel that your words are ignorant.

    You’re fortunate that you’ve never cared either way if you have had a child. I hope you never need to struggle for something you desperately want. And if you do find yourself struggling, I hope you don’t have to experience others minimizing your struggles or
    criticizing you for making the choices which suit you.

    In vitro is a medical procedure used primarily to assist in the alleviation of MEDICAL conditions which lead to infertility. I think that those who use IVF to genetically engineer their child are few and far between the men and women who use it legitimately as a means to alleviate infertility.

    And why is utilizing IVF any more selfish, in consideration of all the children who need homes, than
    having a baby “the old fashioned way”?

    A sensitive topic for me? You bet. I wish Celine and her husband all the best luck on their quest to complete their family.

  23. MymaJane says:


    Couldn’t agree with you more.

    And maybe Celine should look into having a surrogate carry the child, like SJP did. I really wish the best for her.

  24. lucy2 says:

    If that’s what they truly want, I wish them the best of luck, and if it doesn’t work, I hope they consider adoption.
    I think they should keep it to themselves though for as long as possible. They are not obligated to alert the public at the first sign.

  25. manda says:

    @ Bubbles…

    Sorry, you are not the one who said that you never cared whether or not you had kids. Didn’t mean to lump in another accusation.

  26. TwinkleToes says:

    lin234, as with the Kidman post, are you gonna continue to bash Americans?

    Anyway, anyone who thinks that Celine’s son is really Rene’s need to get an education in biology. I doubt that kid is even hers. Surely not his. The kid is gorgeous and has blue eyes that even two green eyed parents couldn’t produce no less two brown eyed parents.

  27. meglet says:

    Oh this is so sad. I have always liked her music, especially when I was younger. She is only 41, really not that old… And her husband seems lovely even if he is older, they are wonderful parents to their child by all accounts. It is never a selfish decision to have a child, and a lot of ppl use ivf to have children, not just the ‘rich and famous’. Many of my friends are ‘ivf babies’, who cares?? Yes there are babies to adopt, and yes a lot of ppl give babies up through abortion. But @bubbles, unless you have an issue with any ‘normal’ person giving birth to their own baby, then get over it? So Celine and her husband have money, probably a lot less than some successful business owners.. but no-one is judging their choices? I really hope she is able to get pregnant again, she seems lovely.

  28. Jessie says:

    @AlaskaJoey: as a woman who announced her pregnancy “as soon as I peed on a stick” and then miscarried 3 weeks ago, I found your comment really offensive. Some people are happy as soon as they find out their pregnant and want to shout it from the rooftops, and it’s unfair to judge people who decide not to wait to make such announcements.

    I wish Celine all the best, I have suffered multiple miscarriages, am Catholic, and yet am going to see an IVF doctor next week to see how they can help me. I don’t think anyone should be judged for wanting to have a child, especially if they are loving individuals with means to take care of the child. Yes, adoption is an option for Celine, but
    understand how she feels about wanting to try every option to have your own child biologically.

  29. bubbles says:


    I am really flabergasted by the hypocracy you guys put out there.
    first of all if you don’t want to read my comment, just skip it! nobody forces you to read what you don’t want to read. I hope.
    I don’t understand why people feel the need to share deeply personal information about themselves publicly, such as having conceived in-vitro, or not being able to conceive or whatever else it may be and not expect a reaction or comment about it. Think about it!
    @manda is Celine’s family incomplete? She told you this? you seem to be very well connected. not only do you know about Celine’s incomplete family situation, you also know for fact that God is not against your in-vitro conceived son. Wow. and you apparently speak for the vast population since you keep referring to yourself in the plural. I’m impressed .. not!

  30. meglet says:

    “I’m impressed.. not!”

    Are you a child, or Borat??

  31. Emily says:

    @bubbles, you just said in an earlier post that you’re atheist, but you claim to know that God is against IVF. You then have a go at manda for saying that HER God isn’t against IVF. And then you have a go at firestarter for hypocrisy? Wow.

  32. lin234 says:

    @ bubbles
    The more you spout off, the more idiotic you sound.

    This is a public site to say your opinion in but this particular celebrity gossip site isn’t meant to be vicious. There is a certain amount of decorum expected about sensitive topics like miscarriage. This is an article amount a two successful people who thought they were going to have another child and sadly it is not the case. There is real no need to bash them or the people on this site who have commented about their experience.

    Manda shared a similar story I’m sure many women go through with the process of IVF. She inferred from the article that since Celine and her husband are going to continue to try for a child, that they are hoping they will succeed and “complete their family”. There are couples that are responsible enough to plan for a family and the number of children they hope to have.

    I like how you choose the most inconsequential points to bash Manda about when she asked a perfectly legitimate question: “And why is utilizing IVF any more selfish, in consideration of all the children who need homes, than having a baby “the old fashioned way”?”

    If you believe in adopting then good for you. You should adopt. Not everyone feels the same and they are entitled to choose who they want to raise.

  33. bubbles says:

    the more incensed you all get about my comments, the more amused I truly am. Borat makes more sense than any of the utter nonsense you people seem to be experts on, bohoohoo poor Celine, I feel so bad. instead of reading all about the celebrities and their dilemmas ( and FYI this site is called CELEBITCHY! get it?)maybe you should pick up the New York Times or turn on CNN and read about real news and the every day problems of normal people with REAL problems. you call my comments idiotic, look what site you’re posting on. this was a first and last for me. I bet you’re on this day and night.

  34. bubbles says:

    one more thing
    fresh of the labatomy table?
    “poor people are the ones who usually the ones who get pregnant early on, so reproduction is most likely the least of their problems”??? wow!
    I support older, accomplished couples, who are blablabla..” so according to you poor young people shouldn’t have children, but old rich people are a good fit? Idiotic? HMMM!

  35. Petra X says:

    @twinkle toes

    Actually two brown eyed parents can have a blue eyed child. Two blue eyed parents can’t have a brown eyed child.

  36. ogechi says:

    my heart goes out to them.Abraham & sarah conceived even when they tot they cldnt.At the appointed time, they will also concieve.
    I advice that people should be careful on the things they say abt others here to avoid the wrath of God, old people die, the young also die, so how do u know that u will live older longer than this couple?. We shall all die one day.

  37. Firestarter says:

    Obviously we have a troll here, who just wants to incite a riot and get attention.

    Yes, Bubbles, you are so far superior to the rest of us with your rudeness and ridiculous assumptions!

    Keep on with your big, bad self. Whatever works for you, and glad we all could be such a source of amusement for you, because the same cannot be said of you.

    Also, since you feel the need to be so hateful, please learn how to spell correctly. There is a margin of error for typos, but not for glaring spelling errors.

    Ta Ta!

  38. lastwordlinda says:

    As usual, the comments were more interesting than the celeb report. I agree with the poster who said that there is a certain amount of decorum at this site which is why it is the only one I read. If you want to fight, be ignorant, name-call, or slam anyone for their beliefs or opinions or just be childish, bubbles. I suggest you hang out at the Perez Hilton website. It will suit you much better. Maybe you can be “first”.

  39. bubbles says:

    #38 roseann? why thanx! my dear!