Did Uma Thurman get dumped by her billionaire fiancé?

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Uma Thurman is one of those women that I love just because they seem like a cool person. Sure, Uma has made some good films, but her career has been very hit-or-miss, and she doesn’t really seem to know what her strengths as an actress are – dramas, action, ass-kicking, maybe the odd dramedy. Not romantic comedies. But she keeps trying. Anyway, I bring this up because I always liked the way Uma handled her personal life post-divorce from Ethan Hawke.

Uma seemed to enjoy being single for a moment, then took up with billionaire Andre Balazs, who reportedly wanted to marry her and have babies. Then she and Balazs split, and she took up with another attractive billionaire, Arki Busson. Uma and Busson have been engaged for something like a year and a half. I kind of suspected Uma would either not go through with a wedding, or she and Arki would mysteriously split, and Uma would move on to the next attractive billionaire who was all over her. Unfortunately, Cindy Adams is now saying that after a fight, Uma walked out, and instead of making up, Arki called off the engagement. This could be bullsh-t, just so you know:

That gorgeous couple, movie star Uma Thurman, than whom you can get no more beautiful, and hedge fund manager Arki Busson, than whom you can get no more urbane, are still beautiful and urbane — just not anymore a couple.

Uma’s history includes marriage, divorce and two children with Ethan Hawke, plus a longtime togetherness with hotelier Andre Balazs. Arpad, called Arki, is addicted to beauties like supermodel Elle Macpherson, with whom he made two babies but no wedding.

A load of caviar and champagne ago, these two anointed creatures got together with the force of Grucci fireworks. He’s Catholic, she’s Buddhist but — what the hell — money, fame, the high life and internationality are interdenominational. He seemed willing to bend his catechism; she seemed willing to trade her beads for his 8-carat diamond solitaire. Despite her home in New York, they also bunked together in his place in Europe. Summer of 2008 they announced they’d become Mr. & Mrs. Wowee.

Things were great. And then they weren’t. Possibly, just possibly, one reason was Arki was super-rich. Was. Maybe still a little bit is. But for sure, was. This Swiss moneyman lost a bundle in Operation Madoff. It was rumored he could lose Uma. In any case, she recently told me mommyhood had forced her to table career offers and she wanted back to work.

Whatever, came a spat. She walked out in a huff. There was no serious intent to break up, but it made the other side think this engagement should maybe be broken off. So she drew first blood, but it was only a nick. He killed it off, and the waltz has ended. Quietly. And politely. As happens in that small circle of the world’s most privileged beings.

I don’t know more. I’m lucky I know this. For some miserable reason I seem not the first person either has seen fit to call. My lone message to Miss Uma is, in the words of a once much younger Zsa Zsa Gabor: “Dahlink, ven you break up an engagement, it is proper to send back the ring — but keep the stone.”

[From Cindy Adams’ column in The New York Post]

I doubt we’ll ever really know what exactly happened, because Uma isn’t the kind of person to release information about her personal life. I do think it’s interesting, though. Especially with the added gossip that Arki lost a lot of money. Now, Uma is wealthy on her own, and she’s a steadily working actress, so I’m not saying she’s a golddigger (I’m not!). But it is interesting, right? Granted, if I lost millions of dollars with Madoff, I would be unpleasant too, and the bad attitude, rather than the money, probably contributed more to their relationship’s decline. Allegedly.

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  1. Lantana says:

    She is gorgeous. He is gorgeous because he’s a billionaire. But he could be a Tiger in lamb’s clothing lol.

  2. Jen says:

    I love Cindy Adams’ style of writing. Smart and humorous.

  3. clare says:

    Love Uma, but she smokes like a chimney and probably needs the millions to keep up with the cosmetic surgeries, botox, and fillers to keep her beautiful face beautiful. Without work, she would look like a crone by now. Her lungs must be black. Wish she’d give up the habit.
    Her clenched hand in that photo is interesting.

  4. Essie says:

    Cindy Adams is neither smart nor humorous. She’s just old and out of touch. She is also a liar. Not necessarily about this, but other of her stories.

    Anyway, I like Uma and I wish her the best, whatever is going on in her life.

  5. snowball says:

    Every time I read one of Cindy’s columns, I can actually imagine her sitting in some flouncy chair with her dogs and a cigarette in one of those long holders dangling from her fingers. She’s one of the few columnists that has a writing style that matches the way she speaks.

    Well, then there’s the incomprehensible Ted Casablanca. He does that too. Actually, I can see him sitting in a flouncy chair too.

    Anyhow, I love Uma, even when she makes crud movies. I forgive her everything just because of Kill Bill 1 and 2.

    It’s this wonky billionaire’s loss if he dumped her. If it was over some silly argument, then he was going to find some excuse to dump her anyway.

  6. wow says:

    That article calling him gorgeous is just pure blasphemy. I wish they wouldn’t do that. You just can’t throw the word gorgeous around on people that are clearly not. Uma – yes. Her dude – no.

    Anyway, haven’t they broken up before? I think I’ve heard of them breaking up before now. Like a year or two ago maybe.

  7. Firestarter says:

    I agree, Arki is far from gorgeous.

  8. scout says:

    Cindy Adams is not only a liar, she’s a God-awful, painful-to-read writer. “Than whom you can get no more beautiful?” “Than whom you can get no more urbane?”

    Journalism students should study her “work” as what NOT to do.

    Oh yes, and she does most of her “work” while stoned in the bathtub. True story.

  9. birdie says:

    I honestly doubt he was ever going to marry her. He is a hardcore Catholic and never married Elle Macpherson, the mother of his children, because she had been divorced and her marriage had never been annulled.

  10. Dobben says:

    Scout — yes!!! I read that “than whom you can get no more…” and thought, “WTF? Is she a native English speaker? What kind of messed up sh!t is that?”

    First and last time I’ve read her column.

  11. Dobben says:

    And Arki is not gorgeous. He’s rich. There’s a big difference.

  12. emo says:

    thats good photo.all rights .thnk you very much

  13. Mairead says:

    I’ve never heard of Cindy Adams, but her article looks like it was run through Babelfish a few times. Awful, awful writing.

    Perhaps the fact that he lost an awful lot of money has impacted on the relationship, not because Uma is a gold-digger, but because it was a huge body-blow to his self-confidence and he’s a nightmare to deal with since?

  14. Truthful says:

    Cindy’s writing is horrible..

    Good luck to Uma!

  15. Linda says:

    He’ll be back. (And he is gorgeous!)

  16. Megan says:

    she needs to go all Kill Bill on his ass :)

  17. diva says:

    I hate to be the one to say this, but Uma is not young and beautiful enough to have temper tantrums. If she was twenty years younger a man would run after her, at 40 he will let her keep walking. One thing women have to learn as they get older, is that you can’t pull some of the same diva behavior anymore and get a pass. When you are very beautiful when you are young you forget that you are no longer 21 and there are 21 year old girls ready to step in.

  18. birdie says:

    wow diva… Couldn’t you just have said “Adults need to act like adults” and make it about maturity rather than make this about her sex? I didn’t realize men could be jerks forever, but woman have to develop a tolerance for bullshit, because let’s face it, old ladies are ugly.

    Maybe Arki was the immature one. I’m sure Uma can find another man just as easily as Arki could find a woman. (And I’m sure there are plenty of 21 year old men who would be willing to step in for Arki)

  19. diva says:

    @ birdie I speak from experience, I forget that I am not 21 years old anymore and I don’t have millionaires chasing after me at the rate they once did. It happens you get older, and it is time for the young girls to be in the lear jets and the Presidential Four Season Suites that I once enjoyed. I actually love being older and still looking young enough to be in the game, but knowing more than I did when I was younger.

  20. birdie says:

    @ diva… Uma has her OWN money, and she can still be in all the lear jets and Presidential suites she wants. She doesn’t need Arki anymore than he needs her.

  21. lilred says:

    @ birdie not so hard core catholic if they are hitting the sheets. Catholic frown on that sort of behavior.

  22. lilred says:

    He is not gorgeous he’s actually very ordinary, nothing special IMO.

  23. Maritza says:

    Uma wastes no time, she’ll just find herself another billionaire.

  24. Feebee says:

    @diva and birdie LOL.

    I didn’t realise he was “hardcore” Catholic and that was why he didn’t marry Elle. I thought there was a 2% chance of him actually marrying Uma. Why turn down a beautiful woman with whom you’ve had 2 children for an usually beautiful woman who has 2 children with someone else. I’m thinking like a guy here… it wasn’t going to happen. Plus he’s a well known “player”.

    His ‘hardcore’ catholic nature sounds like Mel Gibson’s…. inconsistent and applied only when it suits.

  25. birdie says:

    @ lilred – you are right about that… But we all know that’s one of the rules even “hardcore” Catholics overlook. :-/

    @ Feebee – EXACTLY!!

    “Busson proposed to Macpherson shortly after they announced in 2002 that they were expecting their second child, Aurelius Cy.

    But, a few months after his birth, they parted. According to reports, Busson, a devout Catholic, refused to marry a divorcee, despite their out-of-wedlock children.”

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/gossip/2008/06/26/2008-06-26_uma_thurman_arpad_busson_engaged.html#ixzz0Z80r9uTttholic.”

  26. Raven says:

    Wow may be right. Selma Hayak and her billionaire split up and they got back together to tie the knot. Of course, there was a baby in the mix, but it could happen.

  27. blaugrau says:

    @ clare: I don’t think she has got any job done, she is one of the fews who has wrinkles, isn’t it obvious? And anyway: he has her own money, and if she was so worried about money, she wouldn’t have been with Ethan Hawke and Gary Oldman.

  28. Bete says:

    I’ve just had a strange thought that made me laugh that impish ‘omg he’s a tosser’ laugh.
    She is probably ‘too old’ for him. Honestly, why do women bother dating these tosser billionaires to begin with?
    Do not defend these billionaires. Losing a few million dollars is nothing to them. They have more stashed away, usually in an offshore account.

  29. Ally says:

    I never thought they’d get past the fiance stage. He’s got sleazy player written all over him. Amazing it lasted this long.

    Julia Roberts has it right. Find a nice, cute mid-level movie technician to marry and have a happy life, instead of looking for someone more powerful than you (see also: Jennifer Aniston) — which is a rare group when you’re a diva international superstar. Especially cause that group just wants to hook up with someone from the latest crop of Vogue editorial girls.