Us Weekly: Tiger Woods & Rachel Uchitel “are not over”


Back on Monday, there were some tenuous reports that Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Woods’ first-reported and seemingly most current mistress, had flown down to Florida to be closer to Tiger. My immediate reaction was that Rachel and Tiger were probably still having an affair – and now Us Weekly is confirming my suspicions. They have a source who claims that even as Tiger was issuing his “my infidelity has caused so much pain, mainly to me” statement, he was still texting Rachel Uchitel and making plans to meet up. Jesus.

Admitting his “infidelities” to the world in a statement Dec. 11, a contrite Tiger Woods explained that he was taking a hiatus from golf to “focus my attention on being a better husband, father and person.”

Behind the scenes, however, alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel is getting a slightly different message. The very first woman publicly connected to the married golfer has confided in friends that Woods remains in contact with her to this day. “They are not over,” a Uchitel source insists in the new issue of Us Weekly.

The source reports that Uchitel very recently admitted that “Tiger was texting her, trying to find time to get together again. He wasn’t even fazed!”

Uchitel sources also explain why the 34 year-old event organizer continues to deny the affair: Woods paid her $3 million to stay quiet. But don’t mistake Woods’ payoff for a sendoff. Even after the monetary exchange, “Rachel said he told her he was going to leave his wife for her, that he needed to be with her,” the source tells Us.

So it seems. Although Uchitel was “disgusted” by reports of 13 other women (besides his wife) allegedly involved with her man, the Manhattanite coincidentally showed up Dec. 14 in West Palm Beach, Fla. — within spitting distance of Woods’ $22 million yacht, Privacy.

[From Us Weekly]

So Tiger was sorry that he caused so much pain, but mostly he’s going to do whatever the hell he wants and just pay lip service to the whole “working on his marriage” junk. What does Elin think about this? As it turns out, she might be on the verge of cutting her losses. Even People Magazine has decided to play the tabloid game, and they’ve got a source who claims that Elin really is planning to leave after the holidays, as previously reported!

The holidays may bring a final showdown in the marriage of Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren, a source close to the golfer’s wife tells PEOPLE, saying, “She plans to leave Tiger.”

Another source says, “She’s made up her mind. There’s nothing to think about: he’s never going to change,” PEOPLE reports in its upcoming issue, on newsstands Friday.

Photos circulated this week, showing Nordegren, 29, pumping gas into her vehicle near the couple’s home in Windermere, Fla., last Saturday, also captured the Swedish-born former nanny and mother of two (Sam, 2, and Charlie, 10 months), not wearing her wedding ring.

While the missing band “meant nothing,” insists a source, a high-profile Florida divorce attorney tells PEOPLE that Nordegren has met with lawyers to renegotiate the Woods’ prenuptial agreement.

On Thursday, workers began moving large items including what appeared to be works of art out of the couple’s home in Windermere, Fla., and Nordegren was seen giving them instructions, according to the New York Post.

[From People]

What the hell is going through Tiger’s mind? I mean, if he doesn’t want to be with his wife anymore, then he should just say so and leave. If he’s so crazy in love with his mistress, then marry the hooker and be done with it. Unfortunately, I think Tiger just wants his wife to stay and raise the kids and let him have all of the girls on the side. Although, I will say this – I do think he has feelings for Uchitel, and I think Uchitel is hellbent on making herself the next Mrs. Tiger Woods. These poor deranged morons.

Rachel Uchitel eating lunch with a friend, then getting a piggy-back ride on December 10 in New York. Credit: WENN

Tiger Woods announces he will take an indefinite break from golf

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  1. Goddess711 says:

    Elin’s in negotiations with PUMA as well – she’s going to rip Tiger’s gonads off systematically. The Chairman of Nike has said that all of Tiger’s hookers coming out of the woodwork is “a minor blip.” Rot in hell, misogynistic bastard! If you feel that way about women then you don’t need their money to buy your slave-children-made crap.
    Tiger hasn’t only made Elin a miniscule “blip” in his life, he’s also “blipped” countless other ho’s out there. WTF is mentally wrong with a guy who feels justified in treating women like shit?
    I DO like the fact that he’s been able to let each and every one feel like they’re “the only one” while lying to his wife.

  2. Pole says:

    I’m hardly surprised. The guy is obviously a complete douche. Get away from him Elin!

  3. Goddess711 says:

    A real test of Tiger’s character would be if he got the eff out of Florida and left Hooker with her “mom”.

  4. Ursula says:

    Is it me or Tiger Woods has always been this ugly. I mean, I used to think he was handsome (long long long ago)but suddenly he looks tired and worn. Must be all the mistresses.

    I said this on another thread. Men never learn, I am not surprised if he is still doing his mistress. Men are like that. Their brain cells are dead.

    At least I called this one.

  5. mel says:

    I dont get it! Cheetah has a beautiful wife and kids and he wants a hooker! Can it get any worse than this????

  6. Ethel says:

    “my infidelity has caused so much pain, mainly to me”. “Mainly to me”? What a narcissist. Also, I’ve seen pic of Elin out with the kids. Either he doesn’t want them attacked by the papparazzi (more likely it would cause HIM too much pain), or she won’t let him near them. I hate this story and wish it would fade away like Octomom or drift away like The Balloon Boy. Tiger needs to grow up and sow his “seeds” or get help from a Psychiatrist. He probably never had much of a life as a kid (unless you consider golfing a life – my 58 year old husband does). I’m not defending him. I think he has that celebrity star thing that makes what they do “invisible”. Please someone else out there do something stupid so we can hear a new story.

  7. Jojo says:

    I still don’t understand why people are making such a big deal about this. Married men have affairs all the time, and famous ones even more so because they have more opportunities, money, and ways to cover-up. Can Elin really be that surprised? It comes with the territory of marrying a famous person. No matter how squeaky clean the image, they are only human.

    And you have no idea what goes on behind closed doors either, people. Maybe since the kids were born, they stopped having sex. Or maybe she allowed him to wander as long as it was discreet and now she’s bailing because it went public. Who knows? Who are you to judge?!

    Also, for those saying that he has betrayed his status as a role model – well who made him a role model? He is good at golf – that’s what he’s known for. Everyone else put all of these impossible expections on him as a human being, without knowing him personally – of course you are going to be disappointed. He never asked to be a role model. People found him inspirational, but only because of his accomplishments in GOLF, not as a husband.

    He shouldn’t lose his sponsorships either, because those were earned because of his talent on the golf course.

    And now his life is falling apart and he’s reaching out to a mistress for support – is it really that crazy?

    Stop making such a big deal about this. If Elin was in it only for love, why is she at the attorney’s to REnegotiate the pre-nup? Just move on – there’s no news here.

  8. Linda says:

    Men will not change unless there is some way to stop funding their bad behavior!

  9. Eileen Yover says:

    Of course, he’s had the world revolve around him for so long…why stop now?

    I think Elin is drop dead gorgeous….I look at those pictures and she’s hardly wearing any make-up…freaking cute as a button! And then you find out she has spunk to boot! Once Tiger world crumbles around him and he takes off his skank-colored glasses and see this nasty chick for real…he’s going to be kicking himself!
    I hope Elin now finds happiness, success, and peace.

  10. Lee says:

    @Jojo: cynical much? What a negative world-view! Tiger was viewed as a having a moral compass and an honorable life – hence his role model endorsements. This is a “story” because he’s betrayed the very core of his appeal, and done it cynically and repeatedly. Everyone who admired him, not just his wife, feels they were lied to. That’s why this is not going away. He’s not just some everyday Joe Shmoe boinking a piece on the side. And BTW, not all committed people cheat.

  11. UrbanRube says:

    Also, Jojo, just because all celebrities do it doesn’t make it less of a character problem.

  12. Sam says:

    @JoJo – I totally agree! Thank you for articulating exactly what I think! Why is this STILL news?

    Let these people be!

  13. lucy2 says:

    @jojo, Tiger willingly did a lot of advertisements and other ventures based on his role as a good guy family man role model. If it had all been 100% based on golf, then I’d agree, but he capitalized on his image quite nicely.
    Plus, I’m sorry, but the day you bring a child into the world, you are accepting the position of role model. Forget everyone else – what sort of example does his behavior set for his children?
    If he was unhappy, he should have ended the marriage the right way. If he wanted to run around with a bunch of skanks, he never should have gotten married to begin with.

    I believe Elin should cut her losses, do her best to be a good mother to her kids, and go find her own happiness elsewhere. There is no point in trying to repair things with someone you can’t trust and who clearly has no respect for you.

    If this idiot Uchitel seriously thinks she’s going to be the next Mrs. Woods, I hope she doesn’t mind the other dozen or more women he’ll be screwing around with on the side too.

  14. Toe says:

    @Jojo. I totally agree with you. Paps are like a hungry pack of wolves, winning every cent by digging for more & more.
    He’s human, he’s not perfect.

  15. Embee says:

    How much of an insecure fool is “You-can-tell” that she believes Tiger will be different with her? All evidence and common sense would cause any person with a sense of self-worth to leave. Oh, that’s right. $.

  16. Feebee says:

    Photo assumption from Elin’s appearances: She’s made a decision and she’s happy with it. She’s ringless because the decision is to leave in the near future.

    I don’t know where the elin/tiger photo comes from but he looks like he just found out his house of cards is about to collapse.

    I saw a report that Tiger changed his photo number and not even his best buds Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan can get to talk to him, hence Barkley’s been using the media. Like taking advice from those hos are going to help his situation esp with his wife.

    Poor deluded fake boobed, puffed lipped, bad hair extensioned Rachel. You may have your match made in heaven but while you look like a blow up doll (and even if you didn’t) you’ll never be welcome on the PGA circuit. Tiger will be welcomed back but it’ll still be chilly.

  17. WTF?!? says:

    Ursula, I always thought he looked like an ugly bug, with those poppy eyes and putty features.

    I LOVE the pix of Uckashell that you guys choose– hiLARious! Her implants are awful. Same goes for her over-inflated-then-collapsed upper lip.

    I hope Elin and the kids are in Sweden by year’s end– he doesn’t deserve to further infect this lovely family with his narcissism and lack of respect.
    He’ll be back to golf by February, if not before.

  18. Sumodo says:

    @Feebee — Correct, correct, correct! And is reporting that Tiger’s people changed his cell phone number so Barkely and MJ can’t call him with advice. Radar also lists attorneys Elin’s camp has contacted. Baby, IT’S ON!

  19. MsTriste says:

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – Tiger is a sex addict. Obviously he’s not getting any from Elin, and he’s going through withdrawal – luckily for him he has a stable from which to choose.

    CDAN reported yesterday that not only are there the 14 (to date) women, but that Tiger would have orgies involving “13-15″ women at a time.

    I wonder how many are on that yacht with him.

  20. YT says:

    Rachel Uchitel is probably the source of all the Rachel+Tiger leaks. There are rumors that Tiger is not on his yacht but staying with friends, maybe out of state.

    I can see him continuing his “relationship” with Rachel because 1) he likes the partygirl type (though she’s getting to be and looking too old to be called a “girl”), and 2) he does not respect his marriage.

    Surely his managers have explained to him that Rachel is not the type to improve his reputation.

  21. sunseeker says:


    Have to agree with you all these well-known people are not our role models. And I also think Elin was in it for the money, and we do not know what went on behind closed doors. Saying all that Tiger needs to grow up, and decide who he wants to be with and then get on with his life.

  22. wow says:

    @ At Ursula – yeah, he’s always been this ugly – to me at least.

    Uchitel is the one I think he said he’d wish he’d met before Elin. I believe he does want to be with her, which is why she lied for him. And I agree with the opinion about him wanting to stay married (for appearance) and keepingher as a mistress. I actually still think Elin knew about her and was okay with it, so long as it never became public or made her a laughing stock.

    Tiger will be this year’s Prince Charles. Once this dies down, he will be with Rachel. I doubt he’ll marry her, but he’s totally following the Prince Charles way of running things. And if Rachel is who he truly wants to be with, then he should just divorce and keep it moving.

    I think Rachel is gross in her behaviour, but does she have a killer body – minus those awful fake boobs though and not in this horrible picture. I could see her and Tiger getting together after this. As the article states, I doubt this is over for them. Camilla Parker – whatever faced more scorn than this an now a lot of those same people love her. I’m even starting to soften up a bit in regards to this topic.

  23. irishserra says:

    Look at the closeup of this girl’s boobs…the skin over them is similar to an old lady’s. Ugh…over tanned, over processed…

    To each his own, I suppose.

  24. slymm27 says:

    ok…i am still yet to be convinced that not all men cheat!. I have always said it, and i will say it again and again, every man ….yes i mean every man cheats!!!!!!!!!!!! Why cant we ladies just accept this sad truth, and get over it. There is not a man who hasnt cheated, or who wont cheat, common women stop kidding yourselves!. Its not because they are bad, its just the way they are wired! You leave a guy bcos he cheated on you, and you move to the next, who is going to cheat anyway……And if you think he isnt cheating, or you want to call me cynical and all….cool!

  25. diva says:

    This story now has a life of its own and the tabloids are milking it to sell more copies, they way they did when Britney Spears had her meltdown. I seriously doubt that they are verifying these “stories” with text messages and voicemails and polygraphs they way they did originally. I do not believe all of these stories, a lot of them reek of “telling tales” like Jaime Jungers who puts out a picture from ten years ago and says she was having sex with Tiger the day his father died, that is just taking it too far. I think it is well-established that Tiger is a serial cheater, but the salaciousness of these stories casts doubt on their truthfulness. A lot of these women have sordid reputations as well, as call girls, criminal backgrounds, drunk party girls, so they are not the most upstanding citizens either.

  26. snowball says:

    I’m always amused by these hookers who think Prince Charming is going to get rid of Mrs. Charming so they can be together and ride off into the sunset of wedded bliss.

    Rachel, rub those two brain cells together – he cheated with you. He cheated ON you. He showed you how much respect he has for marriage by being with you. You are the biggest moron ever if you think he’s ever going to want anything from you beyond a booty call now and then.

    Can you see the other golfers’ wives making friendly with Rachel? That actually could be the last straw with Nike.

    I also love it when people declare the whole issue of Tiger and Elin and all of his hookers to be over and we should all stop talking about it. Uh, you came in here, thereby contributing to all the talk about it.

  27. lilred says:

    @ slymm27 every man cheats!!!!!!!!!!!!Wow you have incredible insight,I’d like to see any physical proof that you may have to back up your statement. Besides, you would have to know every man to make that statement plausible ,wouldn’t you?

  28. mamalama says:

    Just heard this on the radio…Tiger is good at 18 holes. And also good at golf.

  29. okay... says:

    I recently read that his old high school/college girlfriend said that Tiger would call her upset and crying that his dad was with another woman and cheating on his mom. Interesting….

  30. Yvette says:

    so Tiger wants to be with this whore. Tiger needs to realize that he is living in lala land with this whore. Just wait when Elin leaves, he takes up with his whore and live the real life. The everyday fights will start to happen. Does Tiger’s mom live with him or near him? This whore better get use to seeing Tiger’s mom on a regular basis. This whore will be at home with Tiger’s mom and Tiger is off “playing” golf with someone else. It happens all the time.

  31. chlyn says:

    None of us anointed Tiger as a role model: Tiger did that to himself. Tiger wanted us to see him as a nice guy.

    And all men cheat on their wives? Oh please! This guy had people on retainer, including Rachel Uchitel, whose purpose was to keep funneling women to Tiger wherever he traveled:

  32. Lostpuppy says:

    It was too coincidental for rachel and tiger to be in close proximity to each other without any reason at all. I had that thought when the people in the yatch started preparing the vessel and rachel was seen on the move in NYC preparing to leave. They finally ended up both in Palm Beach.
    So maybe he’s really planning to be with her all along and they are just waiting it out for the divorce to come from Elin so that it won’t look like he’s the one who asked for divorce.
    And if it’s true that he’s still in contact with rachel, does Tiger think that people are stupid to believe all the things that he said on his “apology” ? And does he think that Elin is dumb enough to believe he’s trying to be “a better husband, father and person” with rachel near him ?
    There is no shame left in the world. Tiger and all his mistresses don’t even have a bit of remorse for all the lives that they destroyed because of what they’ve done, except maybe for those who shed a tear on TV and apologized to Elin(maybe).
    But what matters now is the fact that Rachel is going to come out as a winner for breaking the whole family apart. And she’s not even sorry for the kids whose lives will be destroyed by all of this.
    And in Tiger’s and Rachel’s minds, they’re two starcrossed lovers who should be together for eternity and the “you and me against the world” thing just makes it more meaningful.
    So if they feel that they both deserve each other, just let them be. Maybe they are really meant for each other.
    I truly believe that Elin should not stay and let their kids live a life of shame and deception. But I just hate to see Rachel emerging as the winner in all of this and gloat to the world that “see, I told you he will choose me. I told you I’m the one he wants.”
    It just makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it.

  33. Tami says:


    100% agree with you! A rich man cheated on his wife, hardly earth-shattering news. Move on, people!

  34. j. ferber says:

    Jojo, Would you have the same sexist view if it were a famous woman cheating on her non-famous husband? I don’t think people would be all, “Oh, she’s only human. What did he expect? He signed on for this,” but “what a whore she is! She ruined everything.” In other words, men have no responsibility for their affairs (all due to circumstances and “temptation”) whereas with women, it’s always a question of character/morals and she’s a slut. He gets a pass and she doesn’t. If men can control the world, they can damn well control their own penises. No excuses. Society has always been too easy on male adulterers and batterers.

  35. Erin says:

    Even though the pain of this coming out like it has (to Elin) must be excruciating, it really will prove to be a blessing in the long run. Tiger and this lame chick deserve each other and one of them is gonna get dumped real nice down the line. Elin is WAY out of his league and has been since day one. Luckily she will be rid of this idiot while her children are still young. Better to be with someone who treats her with respect than one who doesn’t have any (especially for himself). Elin has a chance to find a real man now.

  36. be true says:

    Instead of squeaky clean image which turned out to be a LIE, why doesn’t Tigar become a spokes person of Viagra, Vegas motels and Playboy? He used his wife and kids to build a family image and that’s FRAUD. Golf fans = men don’t care about clean image anyway.

  37. gee says:

    rachel went down to florida to make herself available to tiger and to fuel more intrigues thus upping her media worth.of course she has to make people believe they’re still an item and relationship is current or her 15 min of fame is over.

  38. Lita says:

    The comment that literally all men cheat is asinine. But I guess to someone that thinks that way to disagree just makes them think “deluded fool (chuckle).” Moronic!

  39. Toe says:

    Ok then, 90% of men cheat, does that make you feel better?
    when women cheat they call her a slut? Yes, it’s a costum that is also dissappearing. In the past women used to take all shit from men AND keep quiet about it. Now, because women earn their own money/business, it’s slowly starting to change. 50% of married women cheat…and growing. What will you think the % will be in about….15 years?? Power comes with unknown territories…

  40. Debrah says:

    Tiger, if he is in rehab, is in rehab for Rachel. What he did/is, when seen under the same light as Woody Allen and his step-daughter or Morgan Freeman and his step-GRANDdaughter, doesn’t seem quite so icky. My prayers are for Elin and the kids and what the future holds for them.

  41. Benjamin Dover says:

    Ladies, nobody gives 2 sh*ts what you think. Tiger will continue to be the most sponsored athlete in the world because HE WINS. End of story. Elin won the lottery when she married him. She was a nanny (au pair) for chrissakes. She never made a dime modeling.