Lindsay Lohan spends New Year’s Eve crack-tweeting & being sketchy


So how did everyone “favorite” crackhead Lindsay Lohan ring in the new year? Well, Lindsay went down to St. Barth to attend Russell Simmons’ big New Year’s Eve party. Allegedly, she was joined by a couple of friends (re: enablers) and they spent the time doing whatever (re: drugs). Lindsay was so bored with the drama-less setting, she decided to spend the holiday crack tweeting. She also TwitPic-ed the below photo (with the message “Peace and Love Mates”) – ah, the crackhead in a bikini, smoking a cigarette. You know Lindsay thought she looked sexy in this photo, that’s why she put it up.


Anyway, on the actual crack-tweets. First up: “Starting my new year off with friends & family, the way it should be….. No boyfriends and the other drama.” I believe “the other drama” equals “spending months stalking Samantha Ronson, trying to whine and bitch and drama queen my way back into her life.” After that, she tweeted: “Wishing everyone a blessed new year in 2010! Everyone get ready for more (but positive-LOHAN MAYHEM!!!!!!!!) Thanks for all of your support!” Oh, Lord. Can we handle Lohan Mayhem? It’s got me thinking… will 2010 be the year that Lindsay does hard time?

But my favorite of the crack tweets is Lindsay’s sad attempt at name-dropping, as well as a return to another sketchy situation I’ll get to in a minute. First, Lindsay tweeted: “Me, HOV, beyoncé, Ali Lohan, @paufdenkamp @jessicaschul usher and many more ringin’ in the new year coz THAT’S WASSUP”. Like Lindsay wants us to think she’s partying with Jay-Z and Beyonce, who were actually at the same party in St. Barth. But… do you think Beyonce and Jay were hanging out with Lindsay? That’s what she wants us to think. Like she’s so cool, she and Beyonce chill out regularly and they all love each other and are such close friends. Sketchy, yes? Just wait.

So one of Lindsay’s last tweets on New Year’s Eve was to Cash Warren, Jessica Alba’s husband. It sounded relative innocuous: “@cash_warren St Barths we GO HARD :) LOL”. But why is Lindsay tweeting to or about Cash anymore? Allegedly, Lindsay and Cash hooked up. This was according to Us Weekly several weeks ago, when they had several sources who claimed that “Lindsay and Cash started making out [at the club Villa]. Lip on tongue. It was raw. They were not shy!” Jessica Alba and Cash tried to do some damage control, and my thought was that it was Alba’s publicist who went out and tried to push a lot of “we’re just a happy family” denials to anyone buying. Meanwhile, Lindsay is still crack tweeting Cash. Yeah… I think they hooked up, and I think Lindsay wants to again. Sketchy, very sketchy.

One more thing – here are some additional photos of Lindsay in St Barth yesterday. Fame Pictures notes that Lindsay has a bloated abdomen, which might fuel another round of pregnancy rumors. Also, I just wanted to say this – how ugly and gross is Lindsay’s hair? Jesus, I want to send her some VO5 hot oil treatments.

The bikini photo is Lindsay’s Twitpic, courtesy of her Twitter. Lindsay in St. Barth on December 31. Credit: WENN and Fame.


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  1. archiepelago says:

    but in the bikini picture of the same day, she’s eh… not pregnant?

  2. canadianchick says:

    Probably Tiger’s secret love child. Yeah IMO Ms. Mayhem needs to spend 2010 in lockup-good prenatal care there and detox is cheap: riding out the d.t.’s in cellblock 20.Really I think she had the munchies and ate too many Doritos.Maybe Jessica Alba should get an STI health check-stat!

  3. GatsbyGal says:

    Hahaha, how much you wanna bet all the other celebs wanted nothing to do with her? That’s probably why she was tweeting so much, she was bored and no one would talk to her.

  4. SolitaryAngel says:

    Even thin people can sag like this in their tummies if they don’t exercise those abs! She doesn’t exercise whatsoever–what’s left of her muscles aren’t tight anymore. It’s really pitiful when you see Parent Trap, and remember the potential she snorted away.
    I have a terrible feeling the “Lohan Mayhem” tweet is going to be oft repeated as an ominous look back; this may be her last year alive.

  5. gloaming says:

    She looks terrible, Mean Girls was on the telly the other night and you’d hardly recognise her now….

  6. bella says:

    Yeah, if she doesn’t die in 2010, she’ll be locked up (mental health check) or in forced rehab. This kind of stuff can only go on so long before her body gives out. Or the judge gives up and has her put away.

    Just the facts, folks, just the facts.

  7. abbizmal says:

    Can’t wait for more mayhem (i.e., drama). What a mess. Jessica Alba needs a divorce and a check at the nearest VD clinic if she had anything to do with her husband. We know he hit that. Euw.

  8. Miss Thang says:

    I think she stole one of those baby bumps from that pregnancy movie she was in. I’ve never seen her belly bloated like this in an outfit that you could tell it was her actual belly.

  9. gg says:

    Newsflash — VO-5 hot oil treatment contains HYDROCHLORIC ACID. Do not use – this stuff will damage your hair.

    Instead, use a gentle leave-in conditioner and stay away from chlorine and superhot water and anything that says “deep conditioning” on it.

  10. Firestarter says:

    I kind of like her bikini. The color, not so much.

    *runs and hides*

  11. guilty pleasures says:

    @gg, WHAT??
    Deep conditioners are bad for my hair? I guess I need my super magnifying glass to see what is in stuff.

    Re Lindsay, you can do it love, the world is very forgiving, you will be an example to others if you turn this around.
    Being sober is light years more, well, EVERYTHING GREAT, than being wasted.
    C’mon, make 2010 the year of GOOD examples in the celeb actor/athlete world.

  12. bitbrit says:

    note for any other uninformed brits reading this post… sketchy = dodgy.

    yes, i’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes. thank god for the urban dictionary! :)

  13. Sara says:

    The amount of hydrochloric acid in it is absolutely minute — even less than the fragrance and all the preservatives. I don’t know why it’s there, but it must serve some sort of function. It’s the only thing that got my hair through the ’90s high school years and all of their perms/colors/straighteners.

  14. Dhavy says:

    She looks nasty and dirty-

    If I was a man (or Ronson)I wouldn’t touch that with a 10′ pole -yuck

    I guess her and Jennifer Lopez have something in common-They both love to get attention in any way even if it means looking like fools

  15. gloaming says:

    Just to add to the scary things in our products- and since there aren’t any new posts…

    Even in very small quantities, Sodium Fluoride is a deadly poison to which no effective antidote has been found. Every exterminator knows that it is the most effective rat-killer. Sodium Fluoride is entirely different from organic calcium-fluoro-phosphate needed by our bodies and provided by nature, in God’s great providence and love, to build and strengthen our bones and our teeth.

    This organic calcium-fluoro-phosphate, derived from proper foods, is an edible organic salt, insoluble in water and assimilable by the human body; whereas the non-organic sodium fluoride used in fluoridating water is instant poison to the body and fully water soluble. The body refuses to assimilate it”

    Dr. E.H. Bronner, Research Chemist, Los Angeles – nephew of Albert Einstein

  16. If she could only see herself then (when she was hot and displayed talent) and now it would make her smack herself in the face and get her act together. Someone needs to do that – she looks terrible. I feel bad for her, how much can we really expect of her being Michael Lohan’s daughter though?

  17. alibeebee says:

    Ugh I feel so bad for her . she is so lame. how would you feel hanging around a bunch of popular people and you’re like the pariah?! blegh . she should check into rehab and get cleaned up. poor lindsay. you know sometimes I dont want to look or hear about her cause it;s like a bad train wreck but htere i go rubber necking to look at the carnage that she leaves in her wake

  18. gg says:

    VO-5 has the HCl in there in order to open up the hair shaft in order to moisturize it. Then the moisturizer washes out, and you’re left with hair with a damaged cuticle. Then you use more, which damages it further, and then your hair looks dull, very quickly, and breaks off.

    Using it on long hair or colored hair will damage it noticeably.

    Salon brands that won’t choke all the natural shine and life out of your hair are available in many over the counter outlets these days – Salon Secrets, Walgreen’s, Wal-Mart all carry excellent salon producs. You don’t use a ton of it, you treat your hair better.

    If you want to grow your hair out and not have it look like straw, trust me, get decent hair products. Not VO-5 or Fruitypoisse or Pantene in the grocery store. Instead, check out the Matrix/Biolage at Walgreen’s. They have a few other salon brands there, and they don’t really cost any more than the cheaper, gimmicky shampoos and conditioners.

    All I’m saying is, at least use a conditioner that doesn’t “take away” anything from your hair – get one that “adds to” instead. If you have short hair or don’t care, cool. But just don’t be telling people to use the likes of VO-5 including prell or revlon or even the aussie, and especially frizz-ease – they are all way too harsh. Ads with gimmicks and lies about their products are probably to blame for the confusion.

    Anyone tempted by new hair adverts, i.e., “we add silk!” or yogurt or apricots or whatnot, this is BS — since when do we need food in our shampoo and conditioner? (not that I’m pro-chemical or anti-green.)

    You’d probably be better off just running a few drops of olive oil to your damp ends.

    My favorite is biolage color care shampoo and conditioner. And no, I do not sell this or work for the wal-corporation. :)

  19. ccoop says:

    “Hot mess” does not even begin to describe that bikini photo. Great googly-moogly.

  20. BK1Diva says:

    RAOF…LMAO @ CB on the crack-tweets comments. This is classic web-urban term that I will have to refer to idiots that ramble on and on Twitter and make no total sense! Honestly, no offense to anyone who tweets, but Twitter in some cases are for twits like LL…..I can honestly see where it can be useful to twit, but some people simply should not twit, that being celeb-u-tards that has the IQ and tension span of a 6 year old.

  21. PigskinMama says:

    Can you imagine if her and Amy Winehouse were roommates. This will be her meltdown year I think.

  22. Whitey Fisk says:

    I can’t believe I’m commenting on this, but…VO5 contains acid simply to balance the ph.

    Applying an alkaline solution to the hair would destroy it. Adding a small amount of acid brings the ph to neutral so it is safe for hair.

    Actually, a relatively acidic solution is best for frizzy, porous hair. It causes the cuticle to lay flat against the hair shaft, which makes the hair smoother and less likely to break. Naturally fine, flat hair looks fuller and thicker when a VERY slightly alkaline solution is applied since it “plumps” the cuticle.

    As for that twitter photo, it’s so embarrassing that it’s painful. Where to begin? I don’t even have the energy.

  23. Looking at her skin in first photo and going “eek!”

  24. Jazz says:

    I love how the conversation has turned into what shampoo is best for our hair. Are we that bored with Lindsay’s antics?! I think we are!

  25. CelebAddict says:

    Coming from an ex-alcoholic… The bloatedness comes from all the alcohol she drinks.
    Notice how the rest of her is skin & bones (except her breast of-course), well, a bloated stomach is a classic sign of alcohol excess.
    Alcohol also causes a number of stomach & digestion problems…especially if you don´t eat…like stomach ulcers, & other conditions which make it difficult to expluse stomach gases.
    I doubt she´s pregnant.

  26. westender says:

    Where on earth is Lindsay getting the money to live this type of lifestyle? She hardly acts anymore(actually few want to hire her!) and yet she can go on vacations to places like St. Barth’s and party like a superstar. Plus the drugs and alchol she consumes does not come cheap!

  27. Shannon says:

    I’ll agree that the bloating is from alcohol. You can see it in her face as well. I’m surprised her broken capillaries don’t stand out more, she must be wearing a ton of makeup.

  28. Gracie says:

    @gg…thank you! I am trying to grow my hair and out am having trouble finding a shampoo/conditioner combo that will make it be smooth and shiny.

    I hate that straw look (which I have right now and it makes me want to put a hat on)

    I am going to try your suggestion of the Biolage Color Care shampoo and conditioner.

  29. Gracie says:

    Look at the header pic of Lindsay and see all the sun damage, dirty tanner, wrinkles on her forehead and between her eyes. And this chick is in her early 20′s! My god, it makes me feel awful for her because how will she look in her 30′s and 40′s?

    If she lives that long.

    That sounds mean I know but I dunno if Lindsay is able to keep living in this world. She has no plans, no dreams, no aspirations. She has no roots, no home base where she can feel nurtured and cared for. How awful.

    It seems the only people in Lindsay’s life right now are the ones cutting the coke lines and mixing the drinks.

    Not only that, (and I don’t mean this in an anti-woman way or anything because I believe that women can sleep with as many guys as they want…no double standard), but, how many random men do you think she has hooked up with out of needing drugs, boredom, being too wasted to care, and wanting to hang on to someone, anyone, to feel valued?

    It’s really and truly painfully sad.

  30. Gidget Jones says:

    Gracie, I just bought old-fashioned Mane & Tail conditioner and it. Does. Wonders! I’ve been half-heartedly growing my hair out for about a year, and that put the kibosh on the straw/split ends situation. /end shill (no I don’t work for the manufacturer, I’d just rather share hair care tips than think about LL!)

  31. Emily says:

    God, I had a dream the other night that Lindsay died, and we all felt bad for bitching about her so much. And they played Mean Girls on TV and it made me cry.

    So, now I have an even more foreboding feeling about Lilo. I really would not be surprised if she died this year. I mean, I felt the same way about Britney when she was at the height of her crazy, but Lilo’s so much worse.

  32. Gracie says:

    @Gidget Jones…hey thanks for that tip! I will get a bottle of that as well.

    It’s always great to find out about a product that someone has had success with. Awesome!

  33. kermit says:

    Agreed, lots of damage to Lindsay’s features. She’s bloated. Time to go back to red hair and shorter and more cared for. See the picture of Lindsay and the woman in the yellow dress. That’s not a 30 something year old couple walking behind her. That’s 16 year old Ali Lohan with Lindsay’s acquaintance. Wow.

  34. The Shit says:

    lol crack tweeting. thats a good one. You really think thats coke bloat?

  35. gg says:

    With all due respect, Gidget, I would strongly recommend anyone not use ‘Mane and Tail’. That is precisely the stuff I was saying in my way-too-long earlier post, to avoid like the plague.

    I’m sharing hair info because I and my hairdressser friends and boyfriend, in the past, have done everything to my hair and I finally found the right combination and my long colored hair gets compliments all the time and never breaks off, and it is a minimal cost to maintain it. It’s a shame that I might be beginning chemo in a few weeks and lose it all. :(

  36. Emily says:

    @gg, wow, sorry to hear you might be getting chemo. Still, think of it as the best ever excuse to go nuts on wig buying!

  37. Solane says:

    first time, i think she is not ugly ugly (only in the first picture of course ^^)

  38. DoMaJoReMc says:

    @ gg You are on my prayer list! Best Wishes to you, and continued strength!

  39. DoMaJoReMc says:

    @ Firestarter: HaHaHa! Come out, come out, wherever you are!! I agree with you. On ANY other woman, this bikini would look fabulous! Someone with the womanly curves to fill it in properly! I think Hohan’s choice of this bikini was purely accidental,a mistake, as she NEVER wears anything with style! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  40. Jazz says:

    @gg prayers and hugs to you!

  41. Is that “Lohan Mayhem” tweet Lindsay outing herself as Ted C’s Morgan Mayhem?

  42. gg says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for the well wishes, lovelies. Back at you. There is a slight chance I can go on a milder chemo, I’ll find out hopefully, tommorow. Very sweet to offer prayers for me, I am touched.

    @ Emily – lol, that was in fact my first thought – where do they sell Tyra wigs up in here? Her wigs always look incredible. One good thing is I have always worn bangs so it may be easier for me to get something that looks like my current long pageboy and not have to fuss with the hairline looking false.

  43. Praise St. Angie! says:

    gg, prayers to you!

    just FYI, there are a lot of non-profits that work directly with chemo patients to find either real-hair wigs or REALLY good natural-looking ones.

    one that I know of in NJ…

    but I’d bet there are plenty out there.

  44. edie says:

    all the negative comments who are we to judge others you will also be judged someday let the poor girl live we ‘re not paying her bills she can do what she please’s why cast stones its so unessesary

  45. Any1 can me search this post. Its called Geo Leopard

  46. gadgets (be/nl) says:

    Good day! I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could locate a captcha plugin for my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having trouble finding one? Thanks a lot!