Jon Gosselin has a new girlfriend, scorned Hailey reminds him about his kids


I don’t think Jon Gosselin is capable of being by himself for more than five seconds. The father of 8 has already found a replacement for girlfriend Hailey Glassman – his one time “soul mate.” What’s weird, though, is that Hailey, who was the other woman in the high-profile Gosselin divorce, now has the nerve to act like a victim/woman scorned. Seriously – she was having an affair with a married dude. What did she think was going to happen – they would ride off into the sunset in their matching Ed Hardy activewear?

Is Jon Gosselin once again finding solace in the arms of a new woman?

According to Internet reports, Gosselin is already dating again – having hooked up with a woman named Morgan he met while skiing in Utah. “He’s a guy who doesn’t like to be alone,” says a source close to the father of eight. “He has a girl that he likes, but they have been taking things very slow.”

Also moving slowly? Gosselin’s plans to settle his differences with ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman, who allegedly trashed the Manhattan apartment they shared, according to his attorney Mark Jay Heller, and whom Jon is accused of shoving during a pre-holiday argument.

No Meeting, So Far
Despite reports to the contrary, Glassman and Gosselin have yet to meet, says her lawyer Stephanie Ovadia. Perhaps that’s because considerable bitterness remains between them.

Says the Gosselin source about Glassman: “Jon feels much better without her. He felt that she was sucking him for all his money and not being faithful to him. He is happy to be done with her.”

For her part, Glassman is attempting to take the high road, having recently moved to a new apartment in New York’s Murray Hill neighborhood. “I’ve been through way too much for a 22-year-old, and the amount of stress and pain I’ve endured is unfathomable,” Glassman tells PEOPLE.

“[But] in life, you need to be an optimist, I’ve learned. You have two options: You can either be sad and depressed and pity yourself, or be the best you can be. Like Robert Frost says, ‘If I could sum up life in three words, it would be ‘Life Goes On.’ ” (The poet’s exact words were, “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: It goes on.”)

Still, Glassman can’t resist taking one more potshot at the fallen reality star: “Congrats to the new girlfriend and I wish [Jon] luck with his move to Utah. I mean, I’m not sure if he remembers he has eight children back in Pennsylvania.”

And in what might be a reference to her former boyfriend’s now-canceled TLC series, Glassman adds: “Remember Jon – those eight little people you hung around with while you were running your legalized sweat shop?”

Says the Gosselin source: “He will always love his kids. His kids are what keep him going.”

[From People]

I think it’s rich that Hailey is throwing Jon’s children in his face. I’m sure his kids were the first thing on her mind when she starting fooling around with their father, while he was still married and living with their mom. Whatever. They’re both gross, class-less a**holes. As much as Jon makes me want to take a “Silkwood” shower, Hailey is 10 times worse. The only good thing about Jon getting a new piece is that the old one, hopefully, will drop off the radar forever. As for Jon, what a difference a couple of months makes. Not long ago he was proclaiming his undying love for Hailey, and her family, and even said he was going to convert to Judaism. I don’t think the man is capable of telling the truth about anything. How he managed to find a woman dumb enough to go out with him after all this is beyond me. Maybe they don’t have TVs or magazines or the Internet in Utah.

Jon Gosselin in LA on November 12, 2009. Hailey Glassman on December 16, 2009 in NY. Credit:


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  1. Firestarter says:

    What SANE woman would want this ugly loser?

  2. Shannon says:

    I can’t believe she’s only 22. She looks like she’s in her 30′s at least.

  3. lucy2 says:

    Wow, he is so attractive and successful, how could any woman resist? (sarcasm)

  4. Susette says:

    I get an involuntary shudder looking at his picture.

    Not to defend Hailey, because..well, she’s a twit. But was she with him before he moved out? I can’t remember at what stage she entered the douchery. I thought she was already second or third down the list of known mistresses and the marriage was openly done by the time she came along.

    I could be totally wrong about that.

  5. JohnnieR says:

    Hey, Jon dude, the Has-Been non-recycling bin is that-a-way.

  6. TaylorB says:

    I am with FS, what kind of woman, who hasn’t been living under a giant rock, in a cave, in the Ukraine, would not know what a worthless dipsh*t Jon is and would actually date him?

    Is he actually moving to Utah? Not that Kate is the mother of the year, but honestly… he has 8 small children and he is moving across the country for some fame whore piece of ass he met at a ski resort just in the last few weeks? What a selfish a**hole. I hope those kids are still too young to understand his behaviour, and that he snaps out of his “me, me, me, me” phase soon and resumes his responsibilities as a parent.

  7. Firestarter says:

    LOL@TaylorB and JohnnieR!

  8. Disco says:

    I love how she says she’s been through too much for a 22 year old….really? What have you been through? A failed realty romance? Jeez…

  9. Cakes says:

    Oh shut up! Poor Hailey..youre so put upon. You carried on with a married man and now that is all over you want to play martyr? Whatever dude. Oh and stop with the whole “Im so enlightened, I know what life means” B.S. youre 22!! .
    STFU Hailey. Youre just another chick Jon used. Obviously youre not that smart.

  10. bella says:

    Let us figure this out together:

    Jon went to Utah for Thanksgiving with his grandmother (is that what they’re calling booty calls now?) instead of spending it with Horley and her family; he and Horley have now broken up; his rent is unpaid and if he hasn’t been evicted yet, he will be; he still doesn’t have a job. I guess in Jon math that equals time to move to Utah with the new girlfriend!

  11. bella says:

    And since Jon is such a spineless, whiny, non-personality, it doesn’t surprise me one bit that he’s incapable of being by himself. If he doesn’t have anyone else’s energy and personality to absorb, he would just be the amoeba-like blob he is now.

  12. lastwordlinda says:

    I am getting so much enjoyment watching his slow, inevitable decline. He is just such a loser, rotten father, lousy husband, crummy boyfriend, horrible human being, I can’t help it.

  13. Just a Poster says:

    I think I am liking Hailey more and more (if I had to pick one of those two) and love the slam!

    But I am just naughty that way ;)

  14. BitterBetty says:


  15. Kathie says:

    This is so strange, do you think he is mentally ill in some way? Really who goes around deliberately alienating anyone who can read, surf the net or watch TV? …well…Michael Lohan, ur uh Spencer Pratt, oh and Scott Disick ummm…Joe Francis, Tiger Woods Good Grief! Do you think its a type? That line up is a regular Douchapalooza!

  16. TinaWithPom says:

    This is the beginning of the end for this scummy douche!

  17. Goddess711 says:

    Logistics – how, if he can’t afford his rent in New York, is he going to fly back and forth from Utah? Is this what he’s going to do every time he finds a new piece of ass to shack up with? How many more states are there, maybe he’s trying to set a record? Or is he ditching Judaism for the Mormon thing – you know, they do love that polygamy thing. The guy is a hideous douchebag. Gotta wonder about the broads he hooks up with, no brain cells or what?
    Kate’s laughing her new hair off right about now.

  18. KatyAlia says:

    Silkwood shower. Good one.

  19. Dhavy says:

    He looks so nasty, Kate is such a neat freak and now I see why, yuck, yuck, yuck

    Not even for a million or a bag over his head.

  20. Cat says:

    WTF? He thought she was using him for his money. . .didn’t he supposedly borrow 90,000 dollars from her some time ago?? Am I missing something?

  21. Maritza says:

    I read that the new girl is from a very wealthy family so that is the reason he is going out with her. Jon likes to get them very young and not to smart so he can manipulate them.

  22. Snarf says:

    Pity Jon and Hailey couldn’t make it work. They deserve each other.

  23. Lauren says:

    I have no idea how Kate lived with Jon for 10 years. Jon probably liked Kate cause she is a very proud, ambitious woman that would always look after their family. Watch the back episodes of their show on You Tube. Their children are beautiful, but Jon looks like he wants to escape, constantly rolling his eyes. Kate is yelling, Jon is running. I feel bad for their kids.

  24. Lauren says:

    Hailey is revolting. I figure Jon must have used her cause she came from a wealthy family. The kids must be so embarassed of their blobbie-douche daddy.

  25. Madisyn says:

    MSat really? Lets just state for the record I CAN’T STAND HER but I have three issues here: 1. “Gosselin felt that she was sucking him for all his money”. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought he “borrowed” $90,000.00 from HER and took her half share of the rent and pocketed it. 2. “Having hooked up with a woman while skiing in Utah”. Again, isn’t HE the one with $10,000 a month in child support? And he’s skiing in Utah, must be nice. 3. “Hailey is 10 times worse”. I would conclude as she doesn’t have to support 8 children, HE’S ten times worse. My opinion only!

  26. bella says:

    @ Goddess, I read on HuffPo that the new gf is very rich (and, I assume, very stupid, though they didn’t mention that) and lives in California, but her family is in Utah. Just what we need in California – another fame-whoring douche-bag. *eyeroll*

  27. YeaRight! says:

    Just call him Gigolo Gosslin.

  28. Trevor says:

    That jacket he’s wearing in that picture is pretty rad.

  29. lola lola says:

    ‘Unfathomable’ is a pretty big word for ole’ Hailey. Glad she can still make a buck on it though. Her future career as a checkout girl is coming up fast…

  30. Confuzzle says:

    Why does he look like he has Downs?

  31. Been through too much for a 22 year old? I think not. There’s a difference between things “happening” to a person and them bringing it on themselves.