Lindsay Lohan is dumb, strung-out in BBC child trafficking documentary


Oh. My. God. I just watched this little one-minute clip of Lindsay Lohan’s BBC documentary, which was supposed to focus on child-trafficking in India. This project was controversial from the start – first of all, what f-cking genius at the BBC greenlit a documentary starring Lindsay Lohan? Then, Lindsay spent her few days in India crack-tweeting about how she was saving the lives of “40 children” only to get smacked down big-time by the Indian charity who was actually saving children.

Now, about the clip: so, Lindsay can’t even keep her sh-t together for like 15 seconds. She spaces out mid-sentence as she snorts out this gem: “The parents aren’t necessarily in the wrong…the children are obviously not in the wrong…um…ah, the traffickers are the ones in the wrong, because they know what they’re doing, and anyone who says that they don’t know? I mean, come on.” Thank you, Professor Crackhead. Next up, Lindsay will discuss Middle East peace: “There are, like, these Jews. And then there are…um, ah, Arabs. And I mean, come on.” Also, Huffington Post had a sad chuckle over Lindsay asking an Indian woman “Didn’t you hear that children were abused, and some girls, maybe if they were attractive, were raped and prostituted?” Jesus. I really hope someone at the BBC lost their job over this.

Meanwhile, this week’s In Touch Weekly had a sad/ridiculous story about Lindsay that came from one of Michael Lohan’s gross tapes of his family. I swear, this man can’t speak to a family member without taping it, so just beware that this is coming from him. Apparently, the tape comes from last year, when Lindsay called her father and admitted that she was out of control. Lindsay allegedly tells her father: “In Miami, Mommy threw me in the cab, and I stopped breathing for 10 seconds… they read me my last rites.” Here’s more, from In Touch:

Lindsay’s friends are not surprised to hear she’s been putting her health at risk. “She used to stay up all night doing drugs and drinking vodka with a bunch of downers… she would start off with one or two pills, and would take more until she calmed down.”

“No one is really there for her… she has cut a lot of people out of her life, or they have given up on her because she refuses help. She can’t maintain relationships because she’s so crazy. One minute she’s your best friend; the next, she’s stabbing you in the back.”

Meanwhile, Dina Lohan rarely acknowledges Lindsay’s problems. “She has made mistakes. She’s 21, everyone makes them at that age,” Dina said in 2008.

In the recorded phone calls, Lindsay reveals that she’s bitter that her mom is more interested in reaping the benefits of her fame rather than caring about her. “I hate her.” Lindsay seethes.

When Michael tries to convince Lindsay that she’s straight and shouldn’t be with her now-ex Samantha Ronson, Lindsay cries, “I don’t love men. I was sexually assaulted by two of them!”

Lindsay also talks about little sister Ali: “Ali is me… she tries to hold everyone together, and she’s falling apart in the meantime! Stop putting so much pressure on her!”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition, January 18, 2010]

I’ll believe that Lindsay claimed all of this stuff, but not that all of it is true. And am I the only disturbed that Lindsay still calls her mother “mommy”? Sure, there’s other stuff there that bothers me, but “mommy” is killing me. Speaking of Mommy Lohan, Dina rasped her way through another delusional interview, this time regarding Lindsay’s India documentary. Dina told People Magazine: “It was an amazing, life-changing experience for her. I’m so proud of Lindsay, that under all the scrutiny the tabloids put her under, she is a very strong, caring, talented girl who ignores all the negative, and continues to move forward in a positive direction. I am so proud of her.” Still sellin’.


Lindsay Lohan on January 9, 2010 in Hollywood, credit: Fame. Also, one of the infamous crying pictures from January 4, 2010, in St. Barth, credit: Spread/Fame.

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  1. CB Rawks says:

    Well Lindsay, if only attractive people get raped, then you are perfectly safe.
    *eyeroll* Moron.

  2. Jill says:

    I say cut Lindsay some slack. Who cares if she’s not Mother Theresa? Everyone has to start somewhere, opening their hearts and minds to the less-fortunate. She’s clearly a young woman in distress and any move she makes to recover from it has my applause.
    She’s such an easy target for bloggers. There are bigger fish to fry, doncha think?

  3. LolaBella says:

    What the hell was the BBC thinking when they signed HER to make this documentary?

    I am convinced that she must have very compromising pictures or information on people that forces them to offer her jobs!

    The comment about the girls being raped or raped if ‘maybe they were attractive’ has to be one of the most disgusting comments ever and the BBC allowed it?? If ever there was a reason to edit or re-shoot a scene that was it.

    What a useless human being she is.

    @ Kaiser, LOL@ Professor Crackhead.

  4. Rosalee says:

    Obviously someone was asleep at the BBC when the contract was approved. Lohan’s mother needs a good hard slap to the back of her head and poppa needs to get past his filthy need to exploit his daughter.

  5. ann says:

    when is she not dumb and strung-out?
    That is why she is always on all the celeb. sites. For comic relief.

  6. Roma says:

    Dear gawd. I was a bit out of control as a teenager and though my parents were beyond permissive, I would still get the smack down from my mother if I went too far out of line. I agree with every commentator on every LL post that’s said someone needs to go Papa Spears on her ass.

  7. Anastasia says:

    Calling her mother mommy is the least of her worries.

  8. Bodhi says:

    I’m 27 & I still call my folks Mommy & Daddy…

    But anyway, yeah, who the hell approved this craptastic vanity project? Its obvious to anyone with a half a brain that LLs little trip isn’t going to do bit of good

  9. Neelyo says:

    I wonder if she knew she was in India or just thought she got a hold of some really bad sh*t.

  10. Tia C says:

    While her motivation for taking part in this documentary may be questionable at best, I have to say at least she’s trying to get out of herself and see what’s going on in other (much) less fortunate people’s lives. Her unfortunate comment about rape shows naivete and a lack of education, but what do we expect from her? She is not educated. At least she is trying, I’ll give her that.

  11. Pont Neuf says:

    Poor girl. She was once one of the most promising stars of her generation (though I wouldn’t call her an actress, to be honest), and now she has fallen so low, it seems impossible for her to get up again.

    Regarding her “documentary”, well, that’s what the BBC gets for putting celebrities in a pulpit, to preach about the evils of the world. People should remember that ‘celebrity’ doesn’t equal ‘intelligent’ or ‘cultured’.

    And to think that this is what we’re paying for…

  12. Lee says:

    Obviously not a career-building move for someone at the BBC, unless they wanted a portfolio piece for a new career at “Funny or Die”, or maybe “The Onion”.

  13. Sumodo says:

    Don’t forget, going to India for fame whores is like going to Lourdes for Roman Catholic pilgrims. Except India is an historic fame whore magnet. Mia Farrow in the sixties in India? Fame whore Princess Diana (sorry!) Fame whores Katy Perry and Sasquatch? Fame whore Lindsanity? I mean, come on!

  14. Firestarter says:

    I think the BBC is strung out as well.

  15. kermit says:

    Thanks, Jill. She’s an easy target is right. And, comic relief? Off of someone’s obvious distress? There’s a real person behind this name and these pictures we view here. At this point, Lindsay is in such dire shape that she needs support and concern from the public. Glad to see some comments are moving in that direction.

  16. Abby says:

    I’m literally ROLLING at this write up and viewing that clip. Holy CRAP that’s hilarious. “Maybe if they were, like, attractive…” Can you even imagine the translator? hahahhaha. Who in the hell decided to do anything with LL unscripted? I hope heads are rolling.

  17. Samantha says:

    Makes me shutter. “some girls if they are attractive…” Now, what is wrong with this picture? I imagine this sentence has everything to do with her own upbringing. From a very early age she was told how “attractive” she was. Which I find disturbing, as I don’t think anyone should be looking at children as “attractive or un-attractive”. Its ALMOST, if not as horrible as Mariah Careys statement about wanting to be as skinny as the starving African people. It just grosses me out and really makes me feel bad for her at the same time. Maybe that is why she is the way she is. Maybe her parents put too much emphasis on LaLohan being a ‘sexy child’. I think if she had her head on straight and did some research, she could be a great spokesperson for this kind of thing. Especially since her childhood almost parallels it.

  18. andrea says:

    i totally buy that she was sexually assaulted by at least one man. that’s actually something that somewhat explains her behavior (promiscuity, gender confusion when choosing a partner), in addition to the drugs and continued relationships with crap parents. the thing about her parents is, yes, they’re walking toxic waste dumps, but lindsay is old enough and rich enough to completely cut them off. its not an easy choice to make, but some people get dealt shitty cards in the parent dept and plenty of folks have to cut one family member or another out – she needs to cut her parents out of her life but she just keeps replaying the same scenarios over and over. i think she was sexually abused, is wildly addicted to drugs, and is not very intelligent on top of it – - yes, you may call me captain obvious.

  19. gg says:

    kermit, “support and encouragement” has not worked for her. It enables her after all these years (even at only age 21) of public faux pas because of being high and out of it.

    I agree calling her names won’t help. The girl needs Tough Love from somebody and is not getting it.

    I for one can’t support an addict lamely attempting documentaries like this, taking away from the tragic and important topic, making a sham of it all. She stumbles through the interviews making herself look even worse, or high. She needs Rehab and Tough Love.

  20. Let’s call “hiring Lindsay” an Ungaro move, shall we? Wonder what company or group will do it next.

  21. pickelhaube says:


    It does seem that Lindsay was sexually assaulted, doesn’t it? I’ve thought that for a long time, she just seems to behave like someone who has been traumatized in that manner, which is sad. However, it is not an excuse for her addiction and behavior, and I do hope she can get herself under control or she WILL wind up dead. I feel badly for her but ultimately her life is in her hands, and only Lindsay can fix herself. If she spent her crack money on therapy she’d be off to a good start…unfortunately I do not see that happening anytime soon. Oh well, I hope the flameout will at least be interesting….

  22. canadianchick says:

    Alert my husband-for once I’m at a loss for words… at the stupidity of LL and BBC.

  23. teri says:

    We are talking about men, they’ll …. anything with a hole. Lindsay is trying to do better and people still complain. She goes to clubs because they pay her, as I go to work they pay me.

  24. Brittney says:

    Being gay and having a history of heterosexual assault do NOT correlate. Were all straight people assaulted by someone of the same sex?

    Just another stereotype she’s feeding…

  25. kermit says:

    gg, I mean exactly that. I’m convinced that Lindsay has borderline personality disorder and she is in the public eye and very few people know what BPD is. No more ridicule, no more “crack tweets” type of comments. The girl stops breathing and is read last rights (according to her), takes alcohol and downers (according to friends), and all that the editor of this article can come up with is that she calls her mother “mommy” as a concern? This is not a joke, this girl can end up six feet under. I’m all for realistic assessments of a young woman that needs to come to terms with her own demons and issues. Michael Lohan’s brand of tough love is damaging as it is too public. But his statements come closer to what is a crucial course of action for Lindsay than Dina’s she’s young and is making the mistakes that young people make utterances. Look at most of the comments in the blogs and people are calling her names and being nasty. That’s very harmful, very immature, and is akin to a mass of bullies in a school yard kicking down a very sick kid that acts irrationally. We are not talking about Suri Cruises’s excesses or Kate Gosselin’s hair. We are talking about someone’s life that may be in grave danger.

  26. pickelhaube says:


    Not always, but it isn’t inconcievable that it could be a factor in some situations. Everyone is different and reacts to abuse/trauma/etc differently and “going gay” could be Lindsay’s eventual reaction to being abused. Or not…IDK.

    And I call my mom “Mamo”. In case anyone gives a damn :)

  27. Goddess711 says:

    Can you imagine the poor idiots who had to edit the footage and try to find something that makes lucid sense? This is the best they could find? LOL!!!
    Somebody’s earning their pay on Lohan’s end finding work for her.

  28. Praise St. Angie! says:

    um…1 out of 4 women is sexually assaulted in her lifetime.

    I’d go so far as to say that this includes many on this board, including me.

    and I’d also like to point out that I’m not “gender-confused” or an addict of any kind. for her (or ANYONE) to use sexual assault as an excuse for her behavior is BOGUS.

    she’s a f*cking addict, pure and simple. she HAD “support and concern” from the public, but she refused to take any responsibility for her behaviors (“they weren’t MY pants!”) and so the public opinion (save for a few of her enablers) has gone from sympathy to disgust.

    the girl has had more opportunities (for success, to get healthy, etc) in her life than most people, and yet she’s still a train wreck.

    I agree her parents are partially to blame, but she’s an adult now. and plenty of adults have dragged themselves up from further down than she is, with NO support from anyone but the drug counselors they’re seeing.

    the fact that she chooses to continue the lifestyle she’s living is nobody’s fault or choice but her own.

  29. snapdragon says:

    good news, unattractive girls: only pretty girls are raped! god, she is dumb. this documentary will do nothing to bring attention to child trafficking, as everyone will be too disturbed by blohan’s tweaked out face and harvey weinstein-type voice to notice anything else.

  30. Firestarter says:

    @Praise- You are right as always!

  31. Boo says:

    She was never educated, she was making films through her childhood. She didn’t have parents, she had people who were supposed to be taking care of her but were instead prostituting her out to hollywood for their own gain. My heart goes out to this girl. Clearly she’s not a terrible person, just stupid and misguided with no one to support her, teach her, lay down the law for her, or for her to trust.

    Remember: Drew Barrymore was in her 20s before she got her s**t together from her messed up childhood. Hopefully Lindsay can follow that path, although it seems that few child stars can…

  32. andrea says:

    Brittney – “Being gay and having a history of heterosexual assault do NOT correlate. Were all straight people assaulted by someone of the same sex?”

    This is not my point. My point is that women are generally more able to experiment with partners of different genders than men – it’s more common for women to have a sort of “vacillation” period than it is for men and sometimes when a woman has been abused by a man to a degree that she sees many/most/all men as dangerous, she may be more likely to seek partnership with a woman, even if she’s not someone who will fully/forever identify as a gay woman.

  33. ng says:

    Why is she wearing a scarf on her head? She’s not in pakistan or afghanistan or another muslim country – she doesn’t need to cover her hair! The person sitting next to her is not wearing one. It’s like she’s trying for the image of angelina jolie or princess di when they were in pakistan – like that’s the image of a celebrity in a developing country – she’s too dumb to anything about the place she’s in

  34. GatsbyGal says:

    I can’t help but think this “trafficking documentary” is actually an excuse for the BBC to film Lindsay Lohan in her dumbest moments.

    Because seriously, if this is for real, someone is totally getting fired for this. WTF, BBC, I thought you British people were supposed to be classier than us.

  35. buenavissta says:

    @Praise St Ange: ditto over here and well said. I still like men (except that one in particular) and my addiction is because I was stupid and lit up that first (and second and third etc) cigarette. No one and nothing to blame besides me and the choice I made.

  36. filthycute says:

    @ng, you most certainly need to expand your horizons.

    You don’t have to be in Pakistan, Afghanistan, or just a Muslim in order to cover your head. It’s a sign of modesty in many places across the Middle East and, well, it’s also safer for your health when out in the heat.

  37. TaylorB says:

    I must say all of the women, and men for that matter, who have been raped or sexually abused are going to be happy to know that it is perhaps because they were very ‘attractive’ and not that some sick twisted sociopath, pervert was hell bent on violating them, perhaps that will boost their moods, all they have to do is ‘ugly themselves up’ a bit and they will be ‘rape free’.

    Please excuse my sarcasm, but that ‘rape/forced prostitution’ based on the level of attractiveness of the victim is just about the stupidest comment I have ever read.

  38. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    The Mariah quotation was a hoax, I don’t remember which website came out with it.

  39. la chica says:

    the least this crackhead could have done before taking on this project was to educate herself on the topic. that is not asking too much. i even assume that the BBC-3 folks would have sent her some material.

    on a separate topic — Hohan has been steadily losing followers on twitter. perhaps people are wising up. i still predict jail before the end of 2010. who’s with me?

  40. Monica says:

    I used to be repulsed by her, but the picture of her crying is sad. Her parents used her and she’s too weak to write them off. How can she turn to her father – the bum will tape the call and then sell it. Mommy Whorest doesn’t seem to care about anyone but herself. Somehow she has to find the strength within if she’s going to survive.

  41. kermit says:

    Taylor B. : Didn’t take me long to find this. Nepal, Facts on Trafficking and Prostitution.
    “Methods and Techniques of Traffickers

    In Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka child marriage is accepted, and considered the best method to procure girls for prostitution. (Indrani Sinha, SANLAAP India, “Paper on Globalization & Human Rights”)

    Parents sell their daughters and husbands get rid of their young unwanted wives for US$200 to $600. Depending on her beauty, a girl can fetch anywhere from less than a water buffalo, to slightly more than a video recorder.”

    I think it’s possible Ms. Lohan was definitely briefed and the statement came out of her mouth clumsily. Truth be told, her name alone as well as other public people can attract people to viewing documentaries on causes worldwide. And what happens to celebs in Hollywood pales to this human tragedy that this U.S. celeb is reporting on.

  42. kermit says:

    To summarize above post, the girls (really children) are raped because they are trafficked to be used for prostitution and the more attractive ones are the more desirable. The article goes on to further describe this horrific, abhorrent practice:
    The girls are sold by poor parents, tricked into fraudulent marriages, or promised employment in towns only to find themselves in Hindustan’s brothels. They’re locked up for days, starved, beaten, and burned with cigarettes until they learn how to service up to 25 clients a day. Some girls go through ‘training’ before being initiated into prostitution, which can include constant exposure to pornographic films, tutorials in how to ‘please’ customers, repeated rapes. (Soma Wadhwa, “For sale childhood,” Outlook, 1998)

  43. texasmom says:

    Man, she is a wreck. The clip watches like a send-up of a documentary — like a “This Is Spinal Tap” about humanitarians, it would be funny if she wasn’t so truly wrecked.

  44. Wresa says:

    kermit–I don’t usually take this gossip stuff too seriously, but I’m starting to think like you about this one. Downers and alcohol are a lethal combo and at this point its only a matter of time.

    I have to say though this…

    “Didn’t you hear that children were abused, and some girls, maybe if they were attractive, were raped and prostituted?”

    …is why we stay in school.

  45. Mouse says:

    Who the hell’s idea was it to let her do this? She’s a complete mess and barely seems able to dress herself. She needs some serious help, someone should offer to pay her to do an episode of Intervention, not put childrens’ lives in her hands! I hope someone at the BBC got SACKED!

  46. ng says:

    filthycute: India is not in the middle east. You do not need to cover your hair when you go there. It is not a muslim country. It is not a sign of modesty in India, and I have never seen anyone but the minority muslim population do it. You missed my point of how it seems like Lindsay is going for the angelina or princess di savior of developing countries look, without having any acknowledgement of the country she’s actually in. She is covering her head for the image, not because she needs to. It is pathetic and makes me dislike her even more.

  47. kermit says:

    ng: why are you fixated on a segment of a segment of a documentary? Other pics of Lindsay in India shows her wearing nothing on her head in the company of Indian women. If you noticed, the woman being interviewed was wearing a scarf on her head and perhaps, just perhaps, Lindsay was advised in this particular area to wear something over her head. Who knows? The translator didn’t wear anything over her head. As for the documentary, I’ll wait and see the whole program before coming to all of these conclusions on Lindsay’s involvement and effectiveness. Overall, Lindsay has been tweeting about hunger, AIDS, trafficking for much of last year, met people from organizations that represent the cause and that’s how she’s involved with this documentary.

  48. filthycute says:

    Ng, I get the point you’re trying to make about the image Lohan is trying to cultivate — and I agree. She probably associates the image of a covered head a sign of do-goodery.

    Skankelina Jolie does the same thing.

    You still missed my point about the head covering. It’s a common “fashion” among various groups in and AROUND the Middle East. You can be Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Indian, Pakistani, Iraqi, Iranian, Palestinian, Afghani, over-heated, modest, having a bad hair day, on your way to the market, to church, temple, etc etc etc.

  49. maria says:

    This “celebrity” is ridiculous.

    End of story.

    She is an embarrassment for the U.S.A.

  50. ng says:

    Ok fine. Ugh I just hate the image of her pretentiously wearing a head scarf.

  51. la chica says:

    @ #25 kermit: i agree that Lindsay has BPD.

    read Betty Confidential for her reports on the co-dependent relationship Lindsay had for 5 years with her former BFF Patrick Aufdencamp:

    but BPD is an explanation for her behavior, not an excuse. you sound like any other Hohan enabler when you start excusing her behavior on the grounds of mental illness. that is no excuse. help is always available. Lindsay can afford help — all she has to do is give up one day of shopping per week. but she is too addicted to public attention to ever do that. and yes that is very very sad.

  52. kermit says:

    La Chica: thanks. Let me be clear. There is absolutely no excuse for Lindsay Lohan’s behavior. BPD is, as you state, an explanation. BPD gives insight into much of the characteristics she displays including her addictions that go beyond substance abuse and include being a shopoholic. And, that article you site, along with the one in Inside Weekly, points to a horrible reality for Lindsay. Trust issues. Can’t keep friendships or relationships. She has only 16-year old Ali to lean on for support right now. And maybe Ali is crucial to keeping Lindsay alive right now.

  53. la chica says:

    but she should not be leaning on a 16 year old girl. Ali will grow up distorted by this experience as well. Lindsay needs to seek professional help. her 16 year old sister is not a substitute for that.