Heidi Montag gives her mom plastic surgery for Mother’s day

Heidi Montag has patched everything up with her mother, who was said to have been “horrified and having a total breakdown” after learning that her 23 year-old daughter had a whopping 10 plastic surgery procedures at once. Now Heidi’s mom will have a cat-like face to match her daughters, as Heidi promised her mom the gift of plastic surgery during their reunion – which was all filmed for Heidi’s “reality” show, “The Hills.”

Heidi scored a spot on Nightline with her story a full two weeks after she graced the cover of People Magazine. It must takes Nightline a while to set up their segments, because they featured interview footage that was aired on Good Morning America last week. It’s clear Heidi is getting some media mileage out of her new plastic look:

Heidi Montag’s mom, Darlene Egelhoff, not only was supportive of her daughter’s plastic surgery transformation but will be undergoing her own as a Mother’s Day gift, Heidi told ‘Nightline’ Tuesday night.

Last week People reported that Darlene was “horrified” and “having a total breakdown” over Heidi’s ten surgeries. Not so, Heidi tells ‘Nightline.’

“She says, ‘Whatever makes you happy,’” Heidi said. “And ‘Great,’ and, ‘I could definitely see your boobs looking incredible bigger,’ and you know, my mom’s very … supportive about whatever makes you happy in life.”

Heidi’s surgeon refuses to do any more procedures on her, but the reality star is hoping she can convince him to work on her mom.

“Actually, she was excited for me and she’s asking me … for her surgery next,” said Heidi. “So for Mother’s Day, I have to ask Dr. Frank Ryan if he’ll do the mommy makeover.”

[From The Huffington Post]

I’m thinking all the drama with Heidi’s mom was manufactured to squeeze out some more air time for Heidi, and it worked. The story about how Heidi’s mom was “horrified” at her daughter’s new face was the most viewed story on People Magazine’s website for a few days last week. As I’ve said before, I have nothing against plastic surgery if it’s done right and sparingly, although sadly it also attracts young people like Heidi who try and use it as a cure-all for their insecurities. She’ll be stuck with that older fake-looking face for the rest of her life and all the publicity surely didn’t help her album sales. Pretty soon she’ll be dissatisfied with her current results and asking for changes. If her current plastic surgeon won’t do it, she’ll find someone who will.


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  1. Icecat says:

    Please. Stop. With. Horse. Face.


  2. Roma says:

    Where is Spencer? It’s not like him to be out of the spotlight… not that I watch the show, my entire knowledge of them is blog based. But maybe he had a round of surgeries too and is waiting for his own unveiling?

    I’m not sure. Plastic surgeons are pretty good but I’m not sure anyone would be able to remove the douche from his face.

  3. SageAdvice says:

    She has turned herself into Jenna Jameson before Jenna Jameson destroyed her face.

    I see Heidi heading down the same road.

  4. bros says:

    yes please stop. enough of this delusional cow

  5. bella says:

    Please stop indulging this idiot’s quest for more attention.

  6. Nadia says:

    Yes please. No more posts on this person.

  7. Maddie says:

    What gets me is that they get the surgery to look different and alter their looks but they all end of looking the same, if some did a morph program on Heidi Joan Rivers and the fame Cat lady Jocelyn, they all have the same shape of face which is kind of shapeless, they facial structure in turning into the mask from the Scream movie.

  8. snowball says:

    I’ve never seen Spencer pass up an opportunity to whore himself out along with Heidi, so I’ll agree with Roma, he’s had work done and is waiting for the swelling to go down.

  9. Kevin says:

    Mama Montag could actually use some touch up plastic surgery. I’ve seen most all the episodes of Laguna, Hills, and City now that my girl Twitney is on that. Anyways Mrs. Montag kinda has the Shar pei thing going on. You can tell she was probably very pretty at one time, but it would not be too bad if she gets a good surgeon. I’m kinda wondering where Spencer is like everyone else. A break up maybe?

  10. melly80 says:

    Not a breakup..no Heidi is just venturing out all by herself and taking these interviews about her surgery because it was all her idea and decision to get it done…we can’t be seeing Spencer out with her because well one might think that he had everything to do with her coming to the point of going ahead with it…they wouldn’t want people thinking that he monopolizes every single little fucking move this girl makes :-)

  11. melly80 says:

    she’s doing very well to memorize what she is meant to say pity not one bit of it looks genuine and i’m not forgetting bout the fact she can’t actually move that face…I’m referring to her eyes. I feel sad for her

  12. little.grrl.lost says:

    disclaimer: i adore, ADORE these trash talking celebrity gossip sites. probably because my own life is marginal and uninteresting. and they make my day less painful… so kudos!

    now. i realize the irony of what i’m about to say in light of the statement above but, people, if you don’t want to see any more of this plastic infection, vote with your clicks. if no one pays attention to her she won’t be a viable commodity. ergo, media outlets will stop posting stories about her. and without media attention, she will shrivel up and die and we can all get back to discussing other important things, like whether madonna and jesus’ baby will be the anti-christ. cause THAT would be hil-arious.

    it’s hard not to look at a train wreck folks, but we can do it.

  13. j. ferber says:

    Little.grrl.lost, I like the rag magazines, too, but if you feel your life is “marginal and uninteresting” and that your day is “painful,” you CAN (and should) do something about that. Secondly, whose life could be more marginal, uninteresting and painful than Heidi’s? Laugh at her, yes, but also use your (I’m sure) prodigious energies to make your life amazing.

  14. Sunflower says:

    Heidi, you need to get over yourself!! Beauty can only get you so far, it’s what’s between the ears that count….. Good Luck getting surgery on that!!! LOL LOL LOL