Kendra Wilkinson wants breast reduction because she’s breastfeeding


Kendra Wilkinson can’t go one week without giving an “exclusive” interview to OK! Magazine or Life & Style or In Touch Weekly. The weird thing is that where Kendra used to annoy the hell out of me, now I kind of root for her. She’s done well for herself in her post-Hef life – she’s happily married, she’s got a cute baby, she seems happy. Meanwhile, Holly Madison is calling the paparazzi to pose for ridiculous photos in Las Vegas, and the paps aren’t returning her calls. So compared to Holly, Kendra’s got her act together. However, even though I’m kind of liking Kendra these days, the girl is still dumb as a rock. In her two latest interviews, she complains about how big her boobs are after she gave birth (because she’s breastfeeding) and she says she’s considering breast reduction.

It should be the happiest time of new mom Kendra Wilkinson’s life — and in many ways, it is. The 24-year-old former Girls Next Door star has her own hit reality show, is still smitten with her football star husband, Hank Baskett, and is totally in love with their 2-month-old son Hank Jr. But Kendra has also been going through a secret sadness — dealing with insecurities over her post-baby body — and she shared the story of her emotional experience exclusively with In Touch.

What’s been the toughest part of motherhood for you?
I went through some depression after having the baby, which you’ll get to see on the show. Usually, I don’t let the cameras film a lot of personal stuff, but it’s real, and I want people who’ve gone through it to see that I’m going through it, too.

What made you feel so sad?
It wasn’t complete postpartum depression. I was just going through some things that every woman deals with afterward — like the way my body looked.

What didn’t you like about how you looked?
I love my son, and I always think, “Thank you for my new booty!” because I’ve always wanted a booty. But I’ve been breast-feeding a lot, and even though I love it, it just sucks because your boobs get so much bigger — and I liked my boobs the way they were.

Would you consider breast reduction?
“I’d definitely consider getting my boobs redone after breast-feeding,” she tells Life & Style. “They’re a little too big now. I’ve considered getting a breast reduction. That’s a subject I bring up all the time… Hank says, ‘If you want to do that, that’s cool with me.”

How much bigger did your breasts get?
I went from a 34C to an E. I had never even heard of that in my life. I’m on the E! Network, and I’m an E cup!

[From In Touch Weekly and Life & Style]

I just saw an ad for the new episode of Kendra and Hank’s show on E!, and I was surprised to see in the ad that Kendra was complaining about how she and Hank didn’t really know each other. Well, yeah. But I applaud her for acknowledging it.

Somebody also asked Kendra recently if she would pose for Playboy again, now that she’s no longer Hef’s girlfriend and she’s had a baby. Kendra was remarkably conservative and low-key about the prospect, saying: “If I were asked, it’d be a hard decision, but I’d lean toward no. The Playboy chapter of my life is now closed. I would definitely model, but I don’t think I would pose nude. I’m on to the next chapter of being a mom and a wife.” Aw… that’s kind of sweet. Considering she was the girl who got naked and soaped herself up in a Las Vegas hotel suite for the cameras, I think this might be progress.

Kendra in Las Vegas on February 13 and 14, with husband Hank. Credit: WENN.

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  1. mollyb says:

    She should get a breast reduction because she looks like a damn jackass not because she’s breastfeeding.

  2. kelbear says:

    Love her! After she is done breastfeeding I am sure she will change her mind. Can’t wait for the show to start again.

  3. dude says:

    Im actually surprised she hasnt lost more weight. I know she was big, & im not critizing her. She just seemed so athletic ive heard that helps you lose the baby weight when your active while preg & prior to pregnancy. regardless shes a sweet girl. Her husband seems lovely as well. Good Luck Basketts

  4. snapdragon says:

    wouldn’t breast feeding after having breast surgery be excruciating?

  5. Jillian says:

    snapdragon: I think she means when she’s completely done nursing and her baby is weaned.

  6. Squirrel says:

    Right. That’s it.

    Am now officially going to equate yellow-coloured girls with whiter-than-paper teeth going on about their artificial cup sizes relating to something else starting with the same letter (‘E for E! channel ‘for Kendra; ‘I’d love to be H for Heidi’ – Heidi Montag..) as below any form of IQ. Nope, no posing nude or going on about christian values and motherhood or singing some awful tune will change that! :-D

  7. DoMaJoReMc says:

    Kendra used to be my LEAST favorite Girl Next Door. Now she is my favorite. She is the most down to Earth (although I haven’t heard a lot about Bridget), and she is really doing well with her life. I can see how much Hank seems to love her to pieces! And she is head-over-heals in love with Hank and their beautiful baby! I can only hope that things continue to go well for them in their lives! GO KENDRA! GO KENDRA!

  8. Kevin says:

    If she gets her boobs done her husband will be fumbling them just like he did the football during the superbowl. Loser lost the game for Indy.

  9. Sumodo1 says:

    Didn’t Kendra just say she wants another baby right away? She’d better hold off on that reduction.

  10. Obvious says:

    Love Kendra, miss bridget and laugh hysterically at Holly’s antics.

    miss the OLD girls next door. they had personality and spunk to spare.

  11. bellaluna says:

    OK, Kendra may never have heard of it, but I went from a 36C to a 40DDD when I was nursing my first baby, and a 38DD to a 40FFF when I was nursing my second baby. Let me tell you, it is not fun. But they DO go back down, and I returned to a 38DD. That is, until I had my “surprise!” baby, and they’ve gone back up again. Nursing bras in that size are very expensive, but again, your girls WILL return to a semi-normal size. Just a suggestion, but maybe wait until AFTER you’ve finished having children to get breast implants.

    (And I love Kendra & Hank, so glad they’re so happy!)

  12. girl says:

    Actually her boobs might go down before she is done nursing. After a few months of nursing, when I no longer had to wear breast pads from leakage, they looked a LOT different. Not so much that they went down as they changed shape. And for the record, most of the changes in the breast happen early in pregnancy so it doesn’t matter if you breastfeed or not if you are concerned with sagging later on.

    For the record, I have nursed 5 children for a total of 11 years not to mention milk donation and some wet-nursing under extreme circumstances when the parents have asked me too (extremely sick mom, babe refused bottle and was loosing weight and was already a preemie).

  13. Relli says:

    Never a big fan of Girls Next Door. But i am glad she is acknowledging what happens after the baby, the parties for the baby…… you know when things get real. before having a kid i never understood the stress it can put on your relationship. Good for her. Thats something more people need to know about.

  14. Kim says:

    So her biggest concern after having her baby was the way her body looked? Who cares! Not every woman goes thru that – I didnt give a crap. I was breastfeeding a healthy baby I didnt care what i looked like nor what people thought i looked like. I used to like her on Girls Next Door but now she is just whoring out her “non fame” to any tv show or magazine that will take it.

  15. snapdragon says:

    “snapdragon: I think she means when she’s completely done nursing and her baby is weaned. ”

    thanks, jillian. i read this post pre-coffee intake and wondered why it made no sense. note to self: read celebitchy AFTER coffee.

  16. margie says:

    Body issues post-partum are not something to be taken lightly, and can lead or contribute to post-partum depression. Just because you didn’t experience those issues doesn’t mean they don’t exist and they aren’t a real problem for a lot of women. And it is women like you that make life post-partum even more difficult than it should be. You are probably that b*tch who would rail on another woman if she chooses not to breastfeed.
    And tell me you wouldn’t give some interviews to magazines and have a reality show if it meant future financial security for your child…

  17. Minnie says:

    After she’s done breast feeding, she’ll want a breast lift. Nursing makes your boobies sag !

  18. snapdragon says:

    @ margie: well said. i don’t have kids but alot of my friends felt depressed/fat/ugly after giving birth and felt even worse when other women intimated that they should be happy. i hate when women use motherhood as a reason to feel superior to other women.

  19. p3rp3tu4 says:

    I have NO idea what those numbers & letters mean? EEK but you would think having something in your body would be “toxic” to the baby, however the real info wont come out until ages later where a link to autism or something strange will finally be made heh.

  20. Ana says:

    I know how it feels to have a bad body image after birth. I was told I would lost the rest of the weight easily by nursing but I didn’t. I now understand that some women do, but not all. But I was constantly bombarded with people telling me all they did was BF. Then I had a stomach like a waterbed…ugh.

    It really sucks to not have anything to wear and no money to buy new clothes.

    Although her boobs will go down some, it’s possible they will still be bigger than before.

    I like her last comment, she has grown up a lot.

  21. Lway says:

    She’s also going for a brain enlargement ……..she’s more tits than brains at this point!

    @Squirrel – LOL!! Good one!

  22. bellaluna says:

    p3rp3tu4 – the numbers are the measurement around the rib cage; the letters are the cup size of the breasts, just FYI. And yes, EEK!

  23. Ms. Nguyen says:

    Love Kendra! She doesn’t need surgery. BUT, she needs to get her husband, Hank Baskett, surgery for “fumble idis.”

    defined: fumble idis: the act of looking like hank baskett during the super bowl and losing the game.

  24. ogechi says:

    Used to hate the way she laughed but my mind changed when she told her brother’s girlfriend ”you are f-king fired!”.

    She is ok as a wifey and mum.

  25. Diamond Smilez says:

    Her laugh annoys me, but, if she’s happy, good for her!

  26. mmc says:

    The breasts go down after breastfeeding.Don’t dwellon that.Keep healthy, eat right, and enjoy your husband and sweet baby.Having a baby is an adjustment to your body and mind.Give both time to get back to normal.Some depression is normal.If it gets out of hand see atherapist.Remember hormones are going crazy.They’ll settle down.Don’t be ashamed to ask for help.We all need it one way or another! Good luck and be patient Kendra.I know sometimes that’s not easy for you.Be thankful for all you have!!!