Gerard Butler’s “womanizing ways” upset Jennifer Aniston


The National Enquirer has an interesting story up about the alleged romantic relationship between Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler. After a whirlwind month and half which included everything from an alleged makeout session in the kitchen during the Golden Globes, to Gerard’s appearance in Mexico with Jennifer and her friends, many people are in disagreement as to the exact nature of their relationship – are they dating? Are they just friends? Are they friends with benefits? I have no idea. That’s not really the point of this Enquirer story. The point seems to be that no matter what Jennifer thinks her relationship is with Gerard, she should know that he will literally f-ck anything and anyone. Random street performer? Done her. Jessica Simpson? Hit that. Hookers? Probably. Honeydew melon? Yes, and it was good for her too. Corn dog? With mustard, bitches.

Jennifer Aniston has caught Gerard Butler cheating already – and she’s ready to give him the old heave-ho!

Just a month after rekindling her romance with the brawny 300 star – and only a WEEK after a romantic Mexican vacation together – the sexy Scot was back to his skirt-chasing ways.

On Feb. 9, the day after returning from Cabo San Lucas, where he celebrated Jen’s 41st birthday with the Friends beauty and pals, Gerard was spotted chatting flirtatiously with a gorgeous brunette outside Beverly Hills’ Chris McMillan Salon. Making matters worse, the salon is owned by Jen’s hairdresser and close friend.

Just two days later – on Jen’s birthday – Gerard was escorted to a physical therapy appointment in Santa Monica by another dark-haired beauty.

“Jen is outraged that Gerard is so blatantly betraying her,” a source told The ENQUIRER. “His womanizing ways have fractured their relationship as lovers and friends.

“She’s no stranger to getting burned in the romance department, but what really bugs her is that Gerard is making a fool out of her publicly.”

Jen and Gerard split last September after a brief summer romance, but rekindled their sparkage in January after reuniting to promo new film, The Bounty Hunter.

The next thing we knew Jen had asked Gerard to move in with her. But sadly, all that may soon change.

Butler was a no-show for Jennifer’s birthday dinner at Cecconi’s restaurant. He had jetted off to Rio de Janeiro for the annual Carnival celebration – leaving Jen alone on Valentine’s Day.

His nonstop playboy partying included flirting with Brazilian soap star Rita Guedes, Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, Brazilian sex bomb Paola Oliveira and stunner Beatriz Coelho, a model.

“Gerard seems to be on the prowl whenever he’s out of Jen’s sight,” the source said.

[From The National Enquirer]

Look, I know my guy is a wh-re. That’s one of the reasons I love him – he’s accessible, and I know he would do me, unlike those other dudes with higher standards. I don’t know what Jennifer was thinking, if she did get romantically involved with him, because Gerard pretty much has a tattoo on his forehead saying “Wanna f-ck?” Meanwhile, Life & Style is also reporting that Gerard “went partying in Rio” less than a week after their Mexican getaway, saying: “Single Jen had chosen not to join Gerard on his on-the-prowl vacation — leaving her to start her 41st year without a man in her life.”


Gerard Butler in Rio on February 15, 2010 and in Mexico on February 7, 2010. Credit: Bauer-Griffin.

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  1. ashley says:

    Whoever thought these two were ever together have got to be kidding me. It’s so obvious they were and still are just friends. Jen is so not his type and like everyone knows, he’s not really the relationship kind of guy. He wants to have and is on the prowl constantly. After the release of the movie, they won’t be seen together anymore. Who wants to bet? lol

  2. Lochaber says:

    More twaterry! Anyone who believes this needs to up their pill dosage. Surely by now most of the free world has seen through the contrived PR speak that surrounds Anisbutt.

  3. ElizabethM says:

    LOL! “With mustard, bitches” is my new fave phrase!

  4. Chana says:

    Erm, I might be wrong but how on earth does someone cheat on someone when they aren’t a couple?

    Edit- Oh and this: “leaving her to start her 41st year without a man in her life.” What the effing hell? Who cares? Why do they have to punctuate every damn story about her with whether or not she has a man? She doesn’t seem to mind.

  5. Maritza says:

    Jennifer and Gerard may have had a friendship with privileges deal going on but I doubt she was that stupid to believe it was something meaningful. Gerard loves women, he won’t change now or ever!

  6. LolaBella says:

    Eww at his saggy moobs in the top pic.

    Meh, I don’t think that they are together. I dothink Jen liked the idea of being associated with Butler in the media – even if he IS an unapologetic manwhore.

  7. Amy says:

    Kinda off topic but nevermind, why does his body look odd in those pics? Or is it just me?

  8. Kim says:

    If any of this is true that girl needs her head checked. Everyone knows Gerard is a player just like John Meyer is. Why does she keep hooking up with guys who have womanizing reputations? Find a nice non-celeb Jenn.

  9. snowball says:


    They’re not a couple and if they did hook up somewhere, I doubt it was for longer than a week.

    I realize it’s in the tabloids’ best interest to portray Jen as an idiot who is blindly trying to attach her vag to every male in sight to get over Brad, but really, she’s not that dumb or desperate.

    @Amy – it looked to me like he was sucking in his gut.

  10. elina says:

    I dont think shes dumb…if she had fun with him, good for her! But i seriously doubt that shes off crying over this douche

  11. mslewis says:

    “Jen is outraged that Gerard is so blatantly betraying her,” a source told The ENQUIRER. “His womanizing ways have fractured their relationship as lovers and friends.

    HA!! As “lover and friends”?? I’m betting they were never either of those things. Don’t people know by now how things work in AnistonLand? The woman has a movie to promote so she hooks up with her co-star. It happens all the time (except for Aaron Eckert who evidently couldn’t be bought). The only difference this time is that Gerry won’t play along. He was asked to attend the birthday weekend to extract maximum PR but he couldn’t keep his pecker in his pants for long. The man is having a rough time trying to play the “boyfriend” game. I bet he can’t wait for this movie to be released so he doesn’t have to even try to pretend anymore. Jennifer Aniston is too old for him and is not his type of woman AT ALL!! Not even a little bit.

    And, yeah, Amy, Gerry was sucking his gut in, big time!! He has lost weight though since that horrible pic of him on the beach a couple months ago.

  12. karie says:

    Unlike others, I won’t assume to know whether they’re a couple or no–just because they’ve said no.

    Aniston is a known liar when it comes to her love life (“Oh Oprah, I’m not dating Vaughn!” she says. When Vaughn cheats on her, then her PR guy makes a statement to People magazine that they’ve split a few days after the Oprah interview.)

    Who knows if they’re together? He might have hit it and quit it, or maybe they’re both faking it to promote a movie?

    I think Butler should know better than to get involved with Mrs. Mayer. That’s one degree of separation to a total douche. ewww

  13. nikki says:

    he did a stuff on his cheeks ?

  14. Cheyenne says:

    How can you be “betrayed” by someone who was never yours to begin with?

    The tabs need to dial down this bullshit. Every time Aniston meets a new man, the tabs have them halfway to the altar before the week is out. No wonder all the men bail. Who wants to have to deal with that?

    That said, she does seem to have lousy luck with men; I don’t know if it’s because she’s a poor picker or because she wants too much too soon. It would be the absolute end if she got involved with John Edwards next.

  15. city says:

    OMG! He is so hot I am ON FIRE!!!

  16. margo says:

    Maybe Jen wanted a fooktoy!

    Damn can’t a GIRL get a little!?

  17. Sumodo1 says:

    He’s so full of himself. I was going to say, he’s so full of shit, but since he IS shit, that would be redundant. Let’s think together: Jen and Gerry together means somebody has low self-esteem. Would that be Gerry? (Blaaaaapp!) No. Would that be Jen? (Ding ding ding!) Yes.

  18. sari says:

    Rubbish! She could care less about Gerard in a romantic way. She does not have those feelings. The only feelings she had post Brad was with John Mayer.

  19. HateTribe says:

    Jen was just a mercy f-ck for Gerry. He had no idea he would be hearing about it for the rest of his life. Yeah, not too bright, that one.

  20. HateTribe says:

    BTW, from the looks of his swim trunks, I think we’ve finally located the Loch Ness Monster.

  21. Eileen Yover says:

    Meh I don’t buy that they were ever together. I think they are just good friends.

  22. teri says:

    I just don’t understand how Jen keeps getting rejected. What is it about her that men run from? John said she was to old and negative all the time. Vince didn’t want to be with the mother type of nagging several other guys I don’t even remember. Now Gerard is supposed to change to be with Jen? nah. He’s the take me as I am or don’t. She tries to change all the guys into her liking and that must be a huge turn off. Good luck to whoever it is next.

  23. nnn says:

    I just hope for her sake that she doesn’t go back with Mayer cause she strikes me as being the only woman on planet Earth who could eventually give another chance to the man she referrred once as being the one who made her the most happy ever.

    I mean i think that it only needs Mayer to want it and she will cave in. And this possibility is far, very far from not being a serious realistic option in the future.

    Mayer is her ultimate weakness and kinda fantasy love she is addicted to.

  24. San says:

    I really don’t believe any of this because they where never a couple. I think this story was sent to NE for media attention. I think JA is upset GB will not stay out of the media with his womanizing long enough for her to fake like he is her boyfriend.
    I don’t understand why she has to fake with a man just to promote a movie.
    I don’t think GB agree to any relationship with JA that’s why he is blatantly in public with so many women.
    I think Mayer understood he was to fake like he was Jen’s boyfriend and went along but GB is more his own man and will not.
    Mayer really seemed to have had sex with Jessica Simpson and greatly enjoyed it to the point of shouting it out to the world but Mayer don’t seemed to have anything nice about JA. That alone says JA must have been lousy in bed or they just didn’t have a real relationship.
    I like that GB will not cooperate with such stupid fake boyfriend games.

  25. lin234 says:

    mslewis: that pretty much sums it up. It was all a PR campaign that has made Jen look worse off because Butler couldn’t keep it in his pants until the movie promotion was over.

    I don’t understand why people are so set on Jen getting her man. Have you people seen her house? Between being married to Brad, Friends money, movie money, endorsements, (does she still have that production company?) etc… She’s filthy rich. When you’re as rich as she is, she has all the security in the world. If she really wanted a relationship, there will be someone out there for her.

  26. Dhavy says:

    If this is true, then she’s a magnet to men that have commitment phobia or she’s the female version of “Good luck Chuck”

    Vince Vaughn had it, then he got married
    John Mayer – big time man whore
    Butler – runner up man whore

    everyone knows it but she still goes out with them

  27. glowkey says:

    LOL at those saying he’s sucking in the gut…he would bother to do so NOW, after we’ve all seen his flab in the previous beach photos?

  28. d says:

    I honestly don’t believe that Aniston is that dumb and I don’t think she’s with him. I think the tabs are just making s*** up, as usual, and using an easy target. Would that the tabs shut up about her life already and move on.

  29. Chana says:

    I think some of you want her in the “she’s faking a boyfriend!” box that you don’t see the facts right in front of you.

    They’ve both denied that they were dating.

    They both have said that they are friends, which I believe because if anyone else has taken a group dance or acting class you know that you get very close to people very fast when you have to closely interact with them day in and day out.

    And Gerard was one of many people (50, at last count) who went with her to Mexico for her birthday.

    How is she pretending like he’s her boyfriend? Where is that coming from?

  30. Cheyenne says:

    @ teri: She’s pretty and she has a killer body. That may be enough to attract a man, but it’s not enough to keep him.

  31. Solveig says:

    I’m not so a fan of JAniston, but I’m bored with this mantra “Jennifer Aniston is desperate. Jennifer Aniston cheated on by *insert the name of the alleged man of her life*”.
    I find more desperate a man who wants to f*ck every breathing being.
    That said, I love his smile.

  32. jzhz says:

    He looks like he had some major lipo.

    If by “womanizing” ways, you mean “has a soft, womanly body,” then he’s definitely up to that.

  33. joe says:

    “I just don’t understand how Jen keeps getting rejected”. I just had to laugh at this statement. Because women always get dumped right? I mean Jen has never dumped anyone right? I don’t believe that Vince has ever given an interview about what was “wrong” with Jennifer. Don’t tell me you got your information from the tabloids? Jen and Gerald have said over and over again they are just friends. But people love to believe otherwise. Oh well – I love that she has grown enough to ignore the tbaloids – I don’t think she cares at all anymore. She doesn’t get her picture taken unless she is promoting a movie, she doesn’t try to made statements to disagree with the tabloids. Good for her!

  34. Guest says:

    Completely agree Chana! Even if there was something to suggest a PR relationship, I don’t know why everyone is so quick to assign blame solely to Jen. Surely Gerry is capable of pulling PR stunts himself.

    However, there is nothing to suggest that’s what’s going on here. Gerry is a 40 year-old man who has repeatedly shouted her praises and chooses to spend free time with her. If they are trying to use a relationship for PR they have failed: both have denied on several occasions that they are anything more than friends, they have never been photographed intimately and barely even came within 5 feet of each other in pics from Mexico (where 49 other friends joined them). Meanwhile Gerry has been photographed intimately with others and Jen has been linked with her ex-husband. This latter point I only state to prove the point of how ridiculous the conclusions some are drawing here are: while many are ready to jump on tabloid reports of a PR romance, no one thinks tabloid reports linking Jen and Brad have any merit.

    I’m not sure why some are so quick to believe all the negative tabloid stories about Jen, and so quick to deny the negative ones regarding others.

  35. Cheyenne says:

    Wanted to share this because it is too funny… but is she really going to the Oscars again this year?

    Run Gerry Run

    Jennifer Aniston’s fury at Gerard Butler’s Oscar snub

    Bored of their ‘fauxmance’, he’s moved on…

    Thursday, 25 February 2010

    As the world tunes in for its fix of A-list glamour at next week’s Oscars, Jennifer Aniston faces the indignity of walking the red carpet alone after Gerard Butler refused to be her date.

    …Just days after she took Gerard on an all-expenses-paid trip to Mexico for her 41st birthday, he was spotted with several different women at the Rio de Janeiro Mardi Gras carnival.

    This won’t please Jen, but Gerard’s not the least bit worried. Our insider says: ‘He couldn’t care less and he’s embarrassed at all the attention they got in Mexico. He’s having second thoughts about going along with the “fauxmance” for publicity.

    …‘He’s sick of her endless photo ops, so he’s said no to being her date for the Oscars. Now Jen’s scrambling to find someone to go with her and is pressuring her people to line up someone “hot and exciting”.’

    …Who’ll be Jennifer Aniston’s Oscars date?

    No one: 2/1 Her worst nightmare, but with it just days away on 7 March she may have no choice.

    Gerard: 5/1 Will he or won’t he succumb to her persuasive charms? Depends on other offers.

    John Mayer: 50/1 After blabbing about his sex life with Jessica Simpson and his relationship with Jen in recent interviews, he may well have scuppered any chance of a reunion with her.

    Brad Pitt: 1,000/1 This is bordering on the realms of fantasy and would probably result in the first red carpet murder at Angelina Jolie’s hands.

  36. Other Laura says:


    You said: “I’m not sure why some are so quick to believe all the negative tabloid stories about Jen, and so quick to deny the negative ones regarding others.”

    Add to that why people bash the “rags” and “Out-of Touch” magazines when they report stories on other stars but when same magazines report on JA, there is truth in it.

    You’d have better luck finding the lost city of Atlantis with just a snorkel and a stick than get people on this thread to repond to your inquiry. Too close to home and all.

    And I agree with the others. They were never dating. They said and intimated as much. Like someone else said: for her party, there were 50 people there. I honestly think they are just friends. And if they hooked up, fine. But there was never a real relationship.

  37. lisa says:

    I don’t believe for one minute they are or were a couple.. and I don’t buy that “best friend” angle. When they were at the GG. Butler said in an interview that he had not talked to her. Then he corrected it and said they had because they had just done a 2 day shoot for W magazine. The thing that makes me say hmmm regarding this as a PR move is when she had the Birthday thing the only person she talked about was Butler. Not Courteney, Sherly or her other BFFs. she just went on and on about Butler. Saying it was his suggestion or something about heading to Mexico to support the economy. Which is strange because she had already been to Mexico a few months earlier and has gone there for years. I mean why would it take Butler to open her eyes to Mexico when it is her favorite (only) vacation spot. She is supposedly supporting an orphanage there. Now one would think that in all these many years she would be well versed on the plight of this country and would not need a man she has not known for a year to tell her about it.

    She is promoting her film.. and allowing the public to think there is or may be something going on is what she may want. The filmed wrapped almost a year ago. Butler came out before, during and after filming and stated WE ARE NOT DATING. Same as Bradley Cooper (he said it in English and French). So nothing happened with them a all. I don’t call Jennifer old.. but she is not the kind of woman Butler usually goes for. Plus reality. Butler at some point may want to settle down and have kids (Warren Beatty) Jen is in good shape, but she is 41. Fact. And if a guy wants kids she is not his first choice.
    I think she should stop the appearance of PR.. But we will see what happens when the PR picks up in a couple of weeks. If she plays the “I just love Gerry” card. then we can all scream FAKE. Well I will scream FAKE

  38. jayem says:

    Cheyanne – That was absolutely hysterical. I especially liked “This is bordering on the realms of fantasy and would probably result in the first red carpet murder at Angelina Jolie’s hands.” LMAO! Just the mental picture of Angelina beating the crap out of Jennifer on a red carpet is hilarious.

  39. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “I’m not sure why some are so quick to believe all the negative tabloid stories about Jen, and so quick to deny the negative ones regarding others.”

    Guest, that’s a question for the ages. and one that the people who hate her won’t ever answer.

  40. Beth says:

    I don’t think even Jennifer’s fans believe they are dating eventhough they post what a great couple they would make. The tabs are going with the dating angle just to sell magazines. Gerard is a bigger ho than John Mayer so I can’t believe anybody would think this would be a good relationship. I do think they had a fling while shooting. But it is possible that they faked all of those hugging/kissing pictures on set for the paps. I don’t think they are even friends. They weren’t seen together since shooting until the Golden Globes. If they were such good friends they would have been seen hanging out together like they were with other friends. I think Gerard went to Mexico to promote the movie and a free vacation.

  41. kaligula says:

    his dreadful screen presence and Acting 101-level performances are the things that should really upset her….

  42. princess pea says:

    I think the ONLY people who believe they ever were together are the people who get a kick out of thinking she was rejected.

  43. Laney says:




  44. Victoria says:

    Yeah but she won’t get any attention if she dates regular guys. ;)

  45. Guest says:

    “Guest, that’s a question for the ages. and one that the people who hate her won’t ever answer.”

    I know – I guess I just hope putting that out there often enough might give some haters reason for pause!

    Lisa, if you actually had watched the AH interviews from the Mexico trip you would know that Jen did talk about her other friends and only spoke briefly about Gerard when asked about their film shoot. The interview was about her charity work and birthday, but any interviewer is obviously going to ask about her upcoming movie/co-stars and Billy Bush was just doing his job. However, Jen did not say it was Gerard who planned the birthday or convinced her to go there, something Billy Bush confirmed once that story was falsely reported by less reputable news outlets.

    Beth, Jen and Gerry do in fact appear to be close friends and there have been numerous low key reports of them hanging out together apart from the Mexico trip – they just haven’t garnered media excitement since none of the sources could state they acted more intimately than friends, and no pictures were captured. This is also why I don’t see them using their relationship as PR since if they were they could have made news out of their hangouts and allowed pictures to be captured. Some examples are People saying they hung out at at the CAA Pre-Globes party in January, EW saying they hung at the CAA party after the Globes and a party with some others from the Hope for Haiti telethon post that event. There was a dinner with friends in September that Radar reported and Huffington Post just yesterday mentioned they were part of a 6 person dinner at the new Soho LA restaurant last month in its report on the new eatery. Not to mention Gerard himself let slip in a radio interview for his last movie in November that he had spent time at the Cox-Arquettes weekly sunday dinners (where Jen is a regular).

    Given their hectic shooting and promoting careers, I would think the above are plenty of sightings to confirm a real friendship exists between them.

  46. Cheyenne says:

    @jayem: I think the whole story was baloney. I don’t think she ever intended to go to the Oscars this year. But it was hilarious.

    Although who knows, she has a movie to promote, so she just might turn up… but with who?

  47. Chana says:

    I don’t think that faux story was hilarious at all. And I don’t understand why it’s allowed to be posted in the comments of a different website.

    Leave it out.

  48. corine says:

    @ Chana. Speak for yourself; I thought it was funny.

    I think Jen is doing her usual publicity thing, as CNN called her on. She has a history: 1) Talking about Vaughn when The Break-up came out 2) Mayer shows up to the Marley and Me premiere, Oscars, and 3) fondling Butler on the red carpet at the Golden Globes, plus that oh-so private birthday party in Mexico. Only her fans still think Jen is for real, anymore. She’s so FAKE.

    I think that’s the real reason Hollywood guys don’t want to hang around. Who wants to be used for the spotlight?

    Plus, having to appease a narcissist’s need for attention would be tiring. Actors deserve each other, frankly. I think a normal, nice guy should stay away from her. I think that’s what Tate Donovan (who dated Aniston/Bullock) gave as advice (coming from his mom originally): “don’t date an actress.”

  49. Mairead says:

    Lord, according to her “friends” this hoor feels betrayed when her kite flies away from her, so of course she’s going to be devastated by Butler hightailing it away from her as fast as his stumpy scottish legs would carry him :roll:

    But yeah, I agree with the others; they were never together, just good mates which made the “are they aren’t they?” frisson that comes out at the time of her film premieres that bit more interesting.

    Cheyenne – love the Heat (or is it Now!) quote ;)

  50. Kara says:

    When Jen was young to her now older….she doesnt have luck with men. Seems she’s a too perfect diva…and I dont see a guy like Gerad putting up with this. He’s single so he can do anyone he wants.alot of women tend to hate this kind of man, I find him utterly sexy. He’s not cheating on anyone so why rip the guy up?

  51. Chana says:

    corine, I was speaking for myself, thanks.

    How can you think she’s doing her “usual” PR thing when all facts point otherwise? I think you are determined to hate her regardless of what is in front of your face.

  52. Ariel says:

    I can’t imagine the two of them together, even in a movie. It’s like meat and fruit. You don’t pair them together.

  53. Lindsay says:

    “leaving her to start her 41st year without a man in her life.”

    Makes it sound like there have been men in her life for 41 years. although it does feel like the drama has gone on for 41 years, the way it feels when you have to watch a poorly acted play.

    Chana- You can make the rules on your own website. They approved it and haven’t taken it down.

  54. Cheyenne says:

    Chana, this is CB’s blog and she can run it any way she wants to. If she doesn’t have a problem with anyone bringing over quotes from another web site, neither should you.

    And as Corine said, all the facts point to Aniston doing her usual PR thing that several media outlets, including CNN, have already called her on.

  55. LoveJ says:

    I like Jen alot. But Jen’s life is none
    of my business. She is a mature and smart person. She knows how to take care of herself and how to enjoy her life.
    People should leave Jen alone.

  56. mslewis says:

    Actually, Jen is going into her 42nd year!! After your birthday you begin your next year. Just wanted to make that point.

    I really don’t think Jennifer has been invited to the Oscars this year. Why would she be? Last year they invited her because they were hoping for good ratings because of the triangle. Brad and Angelina won’t be there this year so why would Jennifer? It’s not like she’s a real movie star nor has she ever done anything Oscar-worthy.

  57. Cheyenne says:

    kaligula: his dreadful screen presence and Acting 101-level performances are the things that should really upset her….

    Why? Hers are just as bad.

  58. Chana says:

    Um, no they haven’t. And I’ve been looking for this CNN thing and found that it was some kind of entertainment segment that seemed like it was cobbled together by a bunch of interns who had a free day.

    They said something about how she romances a famous guy. She’s not. There is no romance and neither of them are acting like there is. She has said they aren’t dating. He has said they aren’t dating. They were playing around backstage at the Golden Globes where they were taking pictures-it was so obvious that I wondered why people thought they weren’t playing around.

    Second, there has been no “racy photoshoot” yet. They say one is coming with this W magazine shoot. But frankly most actresses do some kind of “racy” photoshoot to draw attention to their films. So really, unless you’re going to get on ALL actresses for doing so then don’t get on her for it.

    And third, she hasn’t done any interviews talking about Brad Pitt. Unless I’m very much mistaken. I have a feeling that it would be covered on this website if she had.

    So to sum up, point one is incorrect because there is no romance and there is no illusion of such.

    Point two is not exclusive to Jennifer Aniston. If you are going to make a deal of it with her, make a deal of it with every racy photoshoot an actress does.

    And point three hasn’t happened yet, so we’ll see about that.

    Sorry but there is no “PR scheme”.

  59. CeeCee12 says:

    There most definitely IS a PR scheme. They have cooled it down some since they got busted on CNN. She has a play book that she goes to every single time.

    She always denies it knowing that she will get PR millage out of the speculation. Then the paps and reporters will be looking for proof. Its the “Are they or aren’t they card?” This is the same MO every time.

    What I find strange is that outside of these fauxmances who does she date? Why hasn’t she had another relationship since her divorce.

  60. Cheyenne says:

    @Chana: “Most actresses do some kind of racy photoshoot to draw attention to their films”? Not when they are Aniston’s age, they don’t. How many actresses over 30 have posed on the cover of a magazine wearing nothing but a necktie right before they had a movie coming out? In fact, how many actresses under 30 have resorted to doing that?

  61. Chana says:

    You know, I had a brainwave about this.

    It’s like there is someone staring at the sky saying it’s green. And a bunch of people stand around that person looking at the sky and say, no it’s blue. And that person insists that it’s green.

    A couple of people question their eyesight and wonder if the sky is in fact green. A few people attempt to tell the person that the sky is blue, but the person won’t listen. But everyone else just shakes their head and walks away.

    I’ve decided I’m going to give up on telling the person that the sky is blue and just walk away, shaking my head.

  62. nnn says:


    The GQ print of last year wasn’t racy AT ALL, it was straight up soft p0rn and reminescence of those men magazines with Centerfold starlets and p0rn stars featured in it.

    I hope she will never do that again to promote a movie.

    I don’t like her nor hate her and i think she is one of the most overrated actresses out there but even for her it was a severe dowgrade and a big professional mistake as a celebrity of her stature and of her age.

  63. karen says:

    Sorry, Chana, many of us don’t see Aniston like you do. And, saying, “you are determined to hate her despite what’s in front of your face” makes you look foolish. How do you know it’s not true? Do you sleep with her? You seem to take any criticism of her very personally. Just b/c people disagree with you, it doesn’t mean they’re wrong or haters. You sound very childish.

  64. Chana says:

    Ok, reneging on just walking away for this one point:

    I don’t take criticism of her personally at all. And I haven’t called anyone a “hater” as it were even though some people have said some extremely hateful things toward her.

    I cannot, however, understand why people are refusing to believe something that is literally factual.

    My statements were not foolish, they are true.

    Tell me how Jennifer Aniston has indicated that she is in a romantic relationship with Gerard Butler. Tell me where she has said this or when she has kissed him publicly. And not some hazy “well they went to the Golden Globes together” nonsense. Not some “she denies it because she knows she’ll get some PR out of it” complete nonsense. What is she supposed to do when people ask about it? Say “no comment”? But then her saying “no comment” will be misconstrued as her not being forthcoming about their actual relationship.

    That is what I’m talking about when it comes to facts. As to whether or not they are actually in a relationship, I neither know nor care.

    But it is an outright lie, and I don’t like lies no matter who people are talking about, that she is perpetuating a fake romance with Gerard Butler.

    There is no public romance. There is no PR romance.

    Oh, and covers with naked or semi-naked celebrities are extremely common. Quite possibly the most memorable was Demi Moore when she posed very pregnant and very nude on the cover of Vanity Fair. She didn’t even have a tie.

    Janet Jackson, topless on Rolling Stone with someone holding her breasts.

    Christina Aguilera, again Rolling Stone, covered with just a guitar.

    Just do a google image search.

  65. Guest says:

    Bravo Chana! I appreciate how reasoned and civil your comments have been and the fact that you are, as you say, basing your opinion on straight out facts. There are some here who refuse to see those because it means having one less thing to hold against JA.

    As far as I can tell, JA is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t with some people. There is no other actress held to the same standard and scrutiny as she is, and from what I can tell, merely because she was once married to Brad Pitt. No one targets Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Renee Zellweger or Reese Witherspoon for supposed PR motives, fauxmances, etc., when all have done as much or more than JA that could be construed in this manner.

    @Cheyenne “Most actresses do some kind of racy photoshoot to draw attention to their films”? Not when they are Aniston’s age, they don’t. How many actresses over 30 have posed on the cover of a magazine wearing nothing but a necktie right before they had a movie coming out? In fact, how many actresses under 30 have resorted to doing that?

    Are you kidding? Have you been near a magazine stand in the last 10 years? Obviously none have done a shoot exactly like JA’s (nor she theirs), but plenty sell movies with sexy photoshoots – it’s rather standard. Anne Hathaway and Megan Fox are recent examples.

  66. Cheyenne says:

    Guest: Have you been near a magazine stand in the last 10 years?

    Have you? I haven’t seen any 40 year old actresses posing in the altogether on the cover of a fashion magazine and damn few under 40.

    @Chana: She hasn’t done any interviews where she talked about Brad Pitt? Did you read the Vanity Fair interview where she whined for pages and pages about how he was “missing a sensitivity chip” and how he was to blame for 98% of the failure of their marriage? Did you see the Vogue interview where she complained that “What Angelina did was very uncool”? Who do you think she was referring to? Magilla Gorilla?

    Sure, she was dumped and she was hurt. So were Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and a host of others. But unlike America’s Superannuated Sweetheart, those ladies carried themselves with grace and dignity and kept their mouths shut.

  67. Chana says:

    So a woman is not allowed to talk about how heartbroken she is about the end of her marriage now? Hmmm…since when can it be called “grace and dignity” to not talk about something that has personally wounded you?

    Also, has she given an interview recently, to sell THIS movie, about Brad yet? That was the point I was making.

    Also, the “uncool” statement came after your precious Angelina said something about how she and Brad fell in love on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith; while Brad and Jennifer were still legally married (it doesn’t matter if their marriage was “over” emotionally, they hadn’t started the divorce process, she should have left him alone until then).

    And it WAS uncool to say that. Who in their right mind says “I fell in love with someone while they were married to someone else” and bleats that to the media like it’s something to be proud of?

    Also, I notice that you’ve completely ignored the Demi Moore reference. She was only 29 when she did that nude and preggo cover.

    Ciara was on the cover of VIBE magazine, crouched and totally naked.

    Jamie Lee Curtis was on the cover of AARP magazine apparently topless in a pool.

    Serena Williams nude on the cover of ESPN magazine’s body issue.

    Rachel Weisz was nude covered in a snake on Esquire magazine; quick IMdb search indicates that she was 34.

    Sharon Stone’s crazy butt on Esquire in 1999 which would put her at 41.

    That Tom Ford Vanity Fair cover with Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johanssen. I believe both were completely starkers with some side boob and side tush.

    Need for me to go on?

  68. Carolyn says:

    I think that everyone should just leave both Jennifer and Gerard alone. Let them live their lives – whether they want to be together or don’t want to be together. It’s no one elses business. If they say they are just friends, then leave it at that. And who cares who Gerard jumps in the sack with – that is HIS life and no one has the right to tell him that what he is doing is wrong. And poor Jennifer – everyone making such a hype about every little move she makes is what is making her life that much harder. Why is it anyone else’s business???

  69. katerina says:

    I also think Aniston is a big fameho dragging Butler to her b-day party, then getting photographed for People magazine, and interviewed for Access Hollywood where she gushes about Butler. Obvious PR manipulation. It’s SO OBVIOUS even CNN noticed. And, they usually do positive, gushy things about celebs.

  70. I just read an article today in All You magazine that said that canned pumpkin has been harder and harder to find over the last few years because of the undesirable growing conditions! Stock up while you can!