Oscar Worst Dressed: seriously, what the hell happened?

Photo by: RE/Westcom/starmaxinc.com 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 3/7/10 Zoe Saldana at the 82n

Now for the most horrible dresses that should have never seen the red carpet, ever. It wasn’t even halfway through the E! red carpet show when I realized how horrible it was. Some of these women are so beautiful, and it’s totally pathetic how epic the FAIL was. Like Zoe Saldana up there. She’s styled by Rachel Zoe, and both of them should have known better. I don’t care who designed it. You don’t show up at the damn Oscars with bathmats sewn to the bottom of your Oscar dress. Period. The end.

I don’t even know why Nicole Richie was there. But I know she looked like a 50-something Connecticut housewife hostessing a key party in 1975. Ridiculous.

The 18th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Award Party!

This dress is so ridiculously fug, I don’t have words. And I think Diane Kruger is a gorgeous woman with the most delicate, fragile beauty. Why would she do this to herself?

82nd Annual Academy Awards Red Carpet Arrivals

Ah, Rose Boobs Theron. That is who she is now. Never Charlize. Always Rose Boobs. This dress is in such bad taste!

Photo by: RE/Westcom/starmaxinc.com 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 3/7/10 Charlize Theron at the

Amanda Seyfried is a little mini-Uma Thurman, but this washed-out, bad-bodiced dress does nothing for her or for me. Amanda has boobs! Why would dress like you’re flat-chested? And why the horrible pale color if you’re already so pale? Eh.


Can I just do “no comment” with Miley Cyrus and her mom Trish? This sh-t is horrible. I know people like this exist, but why would you invite it to the Oscars? Between Miley hunching over the entire time, to her talking like she was chomping down on her cud, to Trish’s whole “Real Housewives of the Trailer Park” look, the Academy needs to stop inviting these people.

82nd Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

I hated Vera Farmiga’s dress with a passion. It looked so, so cheap. It looked like the worst poly-blend fabric (in a cheap color) that was chemically stiffened to make her look fat. It’s Marchesa. The name says it all: cheap knock-off.


Now, I didn’t hate Maggie Gyllenhaal’s dress, per se. I might have liked it, or appreciated how unusual and interesting it was if she wore it to a premiere rather than the Oscars. But it wasn’t the right dress for the occasion, and it’s not “pretty”. Which is fine, not every dress has to be princess-style. But the fabric seemed off, didn’t it? Like it was shower curtain fabric.

82nd Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Suzy Amis (wife of James Cameron) was fighting for worst dressed of the evening. I’m not going to comment on how deathly she looks, because I really do worry that she’s actually sick, but beyond that, the dress is just terrible.

82nd Annual Academy Awards Red Carpet Arrivals

Now, I didn’t really have a hate-on for Carey Mulligan’s dress. The top part was lovely. But I didn’t like the mullet-style for a formal Oscar gown (short in front, long in back). I’m sure it’s high fashion, but to me, it seemed off.


Oh, Sarah Jessica Parker, you crazy bitch. I get the feeling that SJP will literally wear anything if it has the “Chanel” label inside. You could hand her a dress made out of towels, chicken wire and bedazzles, and if it said “Chanel”, SJP would think it was high-fashion. Needless to say, this was a horrible look. She looked dumpy and pregnant, her hair was a train wreck and she seemed drunk and desperate.


Haha, let’s enjoy Elisabetta Canalis while we can, because she’s not going to around for much longer. The dress was meh – it would have been prettier on a different woman (like, say, Zoe Saldana), and it would have been nice if was wrinkled to hell by the time she got on the red carpet. But my favorite part of this look is the f-cking attitude. Did everyone notice how Canalis pouted and looked pissy whenever no one was paying attention to her? She really looked like a f-cking brat. Also, Clooney was badly styled, and he looked drunk, tired and old. Probably from putting up with Canalis’ bullsh-t.

82nd Annual Academy Awards Red Carpet Arrivals

I didn’t really hate Anna Kendrick’s dress either, it was kind of lovely, especially for such a young girl. But the color was off, I thought. It washed her out and she just seemed to fade away.


I love Faith Hill, but I hated this dress. It looked so age-inappropriate and situation-inappropriate to me. Black lace? Really?

82nd Annual Academy Awards Red Carpet Arrivals

CB liked Kate Winslet’s dress, but I thought it looked so cheap. The corset was a different color from the skirt, and both colors sucked. What was with the weird puckering or pleats around the waist? Meh. But her hair and makeup look good.


Seriously, wasn’t this one of the worst red carpets ever?

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  1. Dorothy says:

    SJP spray tan was so frecking awful!!! I could not stop staring at it. Is Matthew Broderick so bored of her and the ocsars that he couldn’t put on a smile??

    What about the wing tattoo on Mile’s mother’s back?? it was so funny!!!! And they actually pointed it out like it was a good thing!

  2. Kiki says:

    I don’t know why but Sarah Jessica’s dress was beautiful… I loved it!

  3. Kolby says:

    Miley Cyrus’s dress was actually quite lovely, but not on her. If someone else – someone with the body and presence for it, like Penelope Cruz or Charlize Theron, had worn it, I bet it would have been on every best dressed list. On a 17-year old? Not so much. And the slouching, my god, the slouching! Dearest Miley and Kristen Stewart (who also looked like she just couldn’t be bothered, the little wench), you are at an awards ceremony, surrounded by the creme de la creme of your “industry,” please show a little respect and stand up straight. Please.

    Wouldn’t it have been lovely if Meryl Streep had walked up behind either of them and pulled their shoulders back?

  4. lucy2 says:

    Miley looked like a hunched over 40 year old in every photo I saw of her, and her mother, yikes!!!
    I’m in agreement with all of these except Kate Winslet, I like her dress. I didn’t mind Cary Mulligan’s either, though I wish it was all the longer length.
    SJP’s hair was terrifying! It was this huge giant ball on the back of her head, and then all kinds of frizzy flyaways when she presented. Hairspray, girl, hairspray! Plus I didn’t like her dress.

  5. KsGirl says:

    SJP’s Chanel dress was by far my favourite dress of the evening. Gorgeous!

  6. westender says:

    Did anyone notice the man on the left side of the photo showing Zoe Saldana? The look on his face is priceless! You can almost see him saying “WTF! Kind of dress is that???!”

  7. Kristen says:

    I think I might be the only one, but I thought Zoe Saldana’s dress was beautiful! I just love the colors and I thought she looked stunning.

  8. Melanie says:

    @KS Girl, I loved SJP’s dress as well. I guess we are the minority. Also Faith Hill looked age appropriate to me and I don’t even care about her, but unless someone wears something outlandishly young, I don’t get how 40 year olds are too old for lace.

  9. Oi says:

    Are there no A listers left to go to the Oscars anymore? I mean Miley Cyrus and her mom? Nicole Richie? She’s a socialite. Tim and Faith? Really?

  10. QB says:

    Zoe’s dress was beautiful on the runway, and the color is great on her but it needed to be edited.

    SJP dress looks horrible on her , it haves no shape and the details on the top looked like cheap silver flowers, on the model it looked great but on her not so much. In that collection there are a lot of dresses that would had look better on her.

  11. Tia C says:

    Wow, that is a long list of really fug dresses. You are right about each one of them! The only one I kind of liked out of this bunch was Charlize Theron’s. While yes, it’s a little odd to have rosebuds on your boobs, I didn’t think it was that bad.

    SJP did look particularly frightful last night, and I agree she did appear drunk and desperate – especially when she was presenting.

    I noticed Suzy Amis looks like she’s aged at least 30 years since “Titanic” was filmed. I wonder why?

    What on earth are Miley Cyrus and her mom even DOING at the Oscars? As IF. “Real Housewives of the Trailer Park” – LOL, good one!!

  12. lauram says:

    “It’s Marchesa. The name says it all: cheap knock-off.”

    Are you kidding? Sandra Bullock’s dress was also Marchesa. Neither are what I’d call cheap….

  13. bellaluna says:

    Zoe Saldana’s dress was like gladiator on top and bath mats or ruffle-comforter on bottom. The colours were flattering on her, though.

    Nicole Ritchie looked like she dressed in honour of Bea Arthur’s memory, dressing in something from a Maude-hosted holiday party.

    Charlize, you looked ridiculous, and you’re old enough to know better. Why not have hands on your breasts instead of roses? Honestly!

    Elisabetta has permanent bitch-face, and needs to get over herself. The night was not about her.

    Glad I’m not the only one who didn’t like Diane’s, Vera’s, or Carey’s dress. Vera’s dress is just too much for her little body.

    Maggie’s dress is beautiful, and I think it fits her. She’s unique, a little bohemian, and it works for her.

    Faith, J-Lo, SJP, Demi, just, no. Ditto the Cyrus’; and I think Miley’s hair was way too mature for her. And again, WTF was up with SJP’s hair? She lives in NYC, right? Isn’t she familiar with the effects of humidity on hairstyles (or lack thereof)?

    W-a-a-a-y too many youngsters in colours too pale to flatter them, and send all these bad-posture-having girls to ballet classes until good posture is beaten into them. Nothing ruins a beautiful dress (or outfit, for that matter) like bad posture.

  14. bellaluna says:

    @ Oi – Tim and Faith have way more reason to be at the Oscars than Nicole Richie and Miley & her mom. Tim is an accomplished actor (watch the movie Friday Night Lights) as well as a musician, and both Tim and Faith have been in the entertainment business long enough to be established and not just a novelty.

  15. lolo says:

    I loved the Mulligan girl’s dress. She is so cute!

  16. ,,,, says:

    @ Oi – Tim was in The Blindside so that’s most likely why he and Faith were there.

  17. Bobby the K says:


    I don’t get the eye make up on most of the ladies.

    Although i wish i had stock in black goopy stuff.

  18. meme says:

    Right on Oi! Most of these people are no listers never mind A-Listers.

  19. snowball says:

    She’s probably over in the best dressed list, but I hated, hated Jennifer Lopez’s dress. I caught a picture of her that was a 3/4 turn and her ass looked enormous. Not like hot and curvy, but big enough that she’d need an extra seat on a place. I know she’s not built like that since we’ve all seen her ass in bodysuits lately, so it’s something with the dress. But very weird.

    You have to page through the other dresses, but her’s is in here near the end:


  20. mimi says:

    obviously you have no idea about fashion and zero taste in style. especially the stuff you wrote about sjp just shows how shallow you are and how you have little knowledge of fashion

  21. Gemma says:

    Never mind, someone already replied to Oi

  22. Len says:

    SJP gets the award for worst make-up as well. Her eyes look so tiny because of all that liner! Not good.

  23. padiddle says:

    fyi – Nicole was there because Joel was DJ. I liked her dress, hated her hair. Way too severe, and on close ups you could see her tracts for her extensions.

  24. Chana says:

    I may not know much about fashion, but I know an ugly dress when I see one, and Sarah Jessica Parker’s dress is a fug mess.

    That dress not only made the petite lady look preggo, but shorter, shapeless and the flowers (?) looked cheap and like the edges of the fabric had water/fire/some kind of damage.

  25. Jazz says:

    Zoe’s dress starts out nice until you reach the bottom. Charlize’s dress would of been better without the rose boobs. Hated SJP’s hair and dress and Vera Farmiga. Miley has no business even being invited to the Academy awards. I know the producers are trying to get younger viewers but Jesus! I liked Kate Winslet’s dress though.

  26. Other Laura says:

    I actually disagree. I thought Miley looked very pretty, and I agree with KOLBY, if someone else had worn it, it would have been on everyone’s best dressed list. (Her mom on the other hand…yuck)

    I think people are displacing their hate for her and their hate of why she was on the red carpet in the first place to what she’s wearing.

    Yes, her posture wasn’t great but at least she looks happy and smiley and not the over-pouted, sullen, modely looks everyone else tried to have.

    Give her a break. She showed up, looked pretty and was actually nervous on stage. She knew she was lucky to be there.

    And Kristen Stewart does much worse when it comes to her posture.

  27. nikki says:

    Jlo,Vera Farmiga,Avatar’s girl and Demi Moore were the worst Bad Looking of the night

  28. Cheyenne says:

    Add me to the minority. I loved SJP’s dress, never mind if she looks like Seattle Slew, that dress was gorgeous. And I liked Canalis’ dress. Richie’s dress would have looked better with narrow sleeves. Saldana looked a hot mess, period.

  29. Marjalane says:

    Worst? Can’t decide- they were all blah. And maybe the Cyrus clan would clean up their Deliverance-like act if butt smoochers like Ryan Seacrest, etal, would stop telling them they look, “Awesome”! Good Lord! That mnother is B.A.D.. I bet the little one- Noah? will be on the Blvd. stroll by the time she’s ten.

  30. kelbear says:

    I truly do not like Miley Cyrus at all. And what she wore seemed so tight on top it was hideous. Her mom really did look like she just stepped out of the trailer park and her tattoos are yucky. No need for them to be there.

  31. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I thought Miley looked really pretty. I liked her dress, she was a little hunched but maybe the dress was rather tight and a little short and she thought she would spill out her dress.

    I thought Carey looked stunning, and her hair is just short, nothing she can do about it. I thought she was really just beautiful.

    I also thought Nicole looked very pretty.

    You did nail the rest of the list. LOL the guy in Zoe’s picture says it all. I mean what was Theron thinking.

  32. city says:

    man, i don’t even know what to say about all these BAD dresses – but did you see SJP’s hair when she went up to present?? so many flyaways, it looked awful! Girl needs some product to keep all that flat and smooth!

  33. coconut says:

    too much use of the word “hate.”

  34. Neelyo says:

    My partner said Miley Cyrus looked like a cougar and he was right. She and her mom looked like sisters on the stroll.

    And Miley and Kristen Stewart need to walk around balanacing books on their heads.

  35. Maritza says:

    I agree with everything you said about the dresses except with Anna Kendrick’s and Faith Hills dresses, I think their beautiful and very appropriate.

  36. CandyKay says:

    I love Charlize Theron’s dress. It had originality, humor, and a beautiful color which flattered her.

    The best dress of the night, in my opinion. I’m so tired of seeing the same old column dress on every female star!

    Vera Farmiga’s dress also had some flair to it, although it lost points when she had to stuff it into her chair.

  37. snapdragon says:

    wow – where to begin?
    zoe saldana: is she is wearing a crepe paper christmas bell decoration?

    miley & her mom: 2 words – trailer park.

    nicole richie: usually i love her but she looks like an extra from “valley of the dolls.”

    charlize: that dress was for the 1 guy in america who didn’t look at her boobs before last night.

    faith hill: was she going to a funeral after the show?

    maggie g: loved the shape but the material looked like cruise wear.

    kate: this hurts me to say, but her dress looked like shit.

    SJP: if it didn’t have that weird scarf/strap across her throat i would love it, but i’m a big vintage fan.

    carey mulligan: if it had been shorter or longer it would have worked. not a fan of the mullet dress, either.

  38. nycmom10024 says:

    I loved SJP’s dress my 10 yr old future fashion designer/critic hated it.
    But I did love your comment about her wearing anything that says Channel. It reminds me of a line in Absolutely FAbulous Edina: (wrinkling nose in disgust) What is that? What are you wearing. Patsy: Lacroix sweetie Lacroix. Edina: Fabulous!

  39. Trillion says:

    Molly Ringwald was actually scaring me last night. Possibly even scarring. Not just the dress, but the arm band and the intense botox were just… come on. Does she have NO gay boy friends?

  40. L says:

    Wasn’t Zoe’s dress Givenchy? Hard to believe the fashion house that designed so many of Audrey Hepburn’s dresses, designed that mess. Horrible.

    Followed closely by Charlize. Beautiful color, beautiful shape, but the ribbon boobs. Ew ew ew.

  41. isabelle says:

    SJP looks skinny and scary. Yikes!

  42. TG says:

    I loved Zoe’s dress and Mileys and SJP’s. I thought this year was one of the most creative on the Red Carpet. I’m tired of seeing all the safe boring one shoulder silhouettes.

  43. Gwen says:

    I like SPJ’s dress and her hair too (minus the flyaways). The makeup wasn’t well done though. I also quite like Maggie’s dress. It looks good on her and stood out in a good way, I think.

    Am glad you called out on Clooney’s current armcandy. Can you say bitchface??! She looked bored out of her mind too. Next one please George!

  44. Alarmjaguar says:

    I really loved the structured dresses and those with actually color! I thought a lot of people wore shapeless colorless dresses with lace that looked like the slips you might wear *under* a gown. They were borrriiinnngggg. Anyway, I loved Zoe’s in part because at least it was interesting, ditto on J-Lo’s and the pink ruffly one (although I did grow up in the 80s and maybe they just look really nostalgic to me, although I should know better).

  45. Alarmjaguar says:

    I’ll also add that I thought that the, shall we say more mature women, Merill, Sigourney, and I’m totally blanking on her name, but she wore a sort of blue-grey with sheer sleeves..anyway, they looked awesome

  46. Carol says:

    My husband wanted to know why Jennifer Lopez was wearing bubble wrap. I can’t believe she isn’t at the top of your worst dressed list!

  47. GatsbyGal says:

    SJP and Charlize were definitely the worst ones of the whole evening. And I actually REALLY liked Maggie Gyllenhaal’s dress, it reminded me of Hawaii.

    And Nicole Richie’s dress was actually really neat and classy, I thought. It looked good on her.

  48. coucou says:

    I warn you all, do not look too long into the eyes of SJP in this shot, for you will surely see the depths of hell and it may very well just burn the fringes of your soul…look away, i beg you, look away!!! Aaaauuuggghhhh!!!!

  49. ChristianH says:

    You can suck it, Carey Mulligan and Anna Kendrick looked awesome.

  50. Alarmjaguar says:

    Helen Mirren, how could I forget Helen Mirren’s name!

  51. I Choose Me says:

    My thoughts: Love and covet Anna’s dress but it really does wash her out. I actually like Maggie’s dress – I think it’s a good fit and colour on her. Even though I don’t like Miley Cyrus I loved her dress and thought she wore it well. Her mother gets an ugh! Agree with you on the rest of the fashion fuggery.

  52. Linda says:

    Suzy Amis is going to keel over any minute. She was the scary one.

  53. juiceinla says:

    Can Someone confirm if J-lo and Amanda Seyfred wore the same dress? It looks like they did and I would LOVE to see two people – especially if one is an annoying Diva Without A Cause- in the same dress on the OSCAR RED CARPET!!!

    I just adore this post. Where to begin?

    1. “You don’t show up at the damn Oscars with bathmats sewn to the bottom of your Oscar dress. Period. The end.”

    2. “You could hand her a dress made out of towels, chicken wire and bedazzles, and if it said “Chanel”, SJP would think it was high-fashion.”

    3. Zoe’s dress was by far the worst thing I have ever seen- and I have seen a lot of bath mats in my day.

  54. Ron says:

    I thought Anna Kendrick looked beautiful and I liked Carey Mulligan’s dress as well, I would have chosen a more delicate shoe though. SJP looked like she was wearing some Project Runway Micheal’s craft challenge dress…you get 2 yards of fabric, some plastic flowers and spray paint..GO! The worst of the night were Diane Kruger’s cat shredded curtain dress and Charlize’s touch my tits dress.

  55. Kim says:

    This was worst year of Oscars dresses EVER! I liked Kristen Stewarts dress although she couldnt get away with it. Putting a tomboy w terrible posture in couture kills me!

    Demi looked good and Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren looked nice and age appropriate. Everyone else looked terrible. And the updos were awful also. I get it was raining so i feel for them but with allthe $ they spend on hair they could have had better updos – sarah jessica and charleze.

  56. Eden says:

    Miley Cyrus made her dress look horrible – stand up straight, what a hunch back! Suzy Amis (James Cameron’s wife), OMG, what can you say…how old is she….80? I liked SJP dress, but her hair was disgusting!!! And WTH is going on with George Clooney? Get a haircut and dye that disgusting mop, also a tan and maybe a chemical peel! This man looks like my great grandfather. Is that why he buys young ornaments to distract from his aging sagging body?

  57. gg says:

    SJP really needs some sort of redo if that’s possible.

    Most alarming is the black horrid eyemakeup makes her eyes look pupil-less. She looks like the Living Dead.

  58. Mairead says:

    I actually thought that SJP took two fists to the eyes in lieu of eyeshadow!

    I don’t mind Diane Kruger’s dress, I guess I’m used to her dressing in odd dresses and she can generally carry it off. I’m going to assume it’s Chanel and that, yet again, Creepin’ Karl of the Crypt is bringing shame and dishonour on the great fashion house.

    I don’t mind Vera Farmgia’s dress – but her makeup is awful in that photo above.
    Love Maggie’s dress, it’s different, good colours and a perfect fit – for a change.

  59. Judith Baker says:

    My head is hurting after looking at all this ‘ugly’.
    Who dresses these people? Is it the taste of the Actress or the professionals who should know what they are doing? Could it be the Actress AND the Professionals who have no taste, getting together, saying, “It’s ‘you’darling.” “Yes, it’s me. I must have it!”

  60. Kate says:

    Ugh SJP has the nastiest body on earth. She’s all veiny and so thin that you can see her heart beat. When I saw SitC in theaters I couldn’t even enjoy it because of how freakish she looks. And she doesn’t even have a pretty face.. all she has going for her is a cute voice and nice hair.

  61. Solveig says:

    Kate Winslet’s dress was nice, at least different from the ones she wears usually.
    Miley’s too was nice but it wasn’t exactly the dress a teenager should wear.
    Don’t jump on me but I think that Charlize’s dress was nice in a sort of classy-cyberpunk way, at least isn’t boring.
    Finally, I think that Elisabetta’s dress was absolutely amazing, but she should lighten her make up to soften her strong features… and maybe comb her hair too.

  62. Ale says:

    Zoe´s top was gorgeous, the bottom is horrible but she manages not to look bad anyway. Beautiful skin.

    Diane Krueger could have looked stunning, almost olympian and greek goddess like if not for that hideous mess in the middle of the dress. Why did they have to ruin it?

  63. Ale says:

    I don´t know but I still think James Cameron´s current wife is pretty even if she is hauntingly skinny and is way classier than any of his former wives.

  64. SpreadLove says:

    It was the worst Oscars EVER! Bad fashion and Hurtlocker the best movie? What utter BS!

  65. Monica says:

    “Wouldn’t it have been lovely if Meryl Streep had walked up behind either of them and pulled their shoulders back?”

    Omigosh! I’m playing that scene in my head and can’t stop laughing.

  66. CB Rawks says:

    Miley looks godawful. For heaven’s sake, stand up straight! What’s with those rolled shoulders? And the dress is just really unflattering.

    I kind of like how Zoe looks like she’s being consumed by a giant alien sea anemone.

  67. Michelle says:

    I thought the colors of Zoe Saldana’s dress were beautiful, the style..not so much. SJP looked God-awful, especially her face and hair. Too tan, her eyes disappeared into her face from too much liner, the huge prom-style nest on the back of her head didn’t match the rest of her hair. J-Lo’s dress did indeed -look like bubble-wrap and made her hips look a mile wide. I also did not like Meryl’s dress (or was it a bathrobe?), thought it made her look much too matronly.

  68. CB Rawks says:

    I would love a closer look at Zoe’s purple shoes. Purple is my favourite colour.

  69. Kitty2000 says:

    I loved Maggie’s dress. I thought she looked incredible. She’s gorgeous but not “cookie cutter, Hollywood” gorgeous. She rocks.

  70. Dani says:

    So basically, once again Kaiser didn’t like any of the dresses, shocker :x

    I thought SJP and Suzy Amis had lovely dresses, and I though that most of the other dresses probably would have looked fine had they been in a different color. But then again, I don’t do fashion. But I fell in love with SJP’s dress

  71. ThunderC*nt says:

    Yes, one of the worst red carpets but Kaiser, one of your best post EVER! You are killing it, girl. Love you more every day.

  72. amanda says:

    I LOVED Carrie Mulligan’s dress! The shorter in the front length made it look young and modern. It was refreshing to see her on the red carpet amidst a sea of old, boring dresses.

    As for Miley… when she was presenting with Amanda Seyfriend, Amanda actually looked younger than Miley. In real life, Amanda is 24 and Miley is 17 (I think, either that or 16). I don’t think Miley is known for being sexy or a really pretty girl– I think she falls in the “cute” category– so WHY is she always trying to dress so sexy? It never works for her.

  73. diana says:

    it’s official, you have the worst taste ever.

  74. gen says:

    I have so many opinions on what everybody wore…but I’ll just say, the worst? No. Some outfits were meh, but nothing was hiddeous I thought.
    And am I the only one that loved miley cyrus’s dress? And her eyes were really lovely. I’ll leave the posture out of it.

  75. Natasha says:

    *sad* I absolutely adored Zoe’s dress, and Maggie’s too.

  76. dinosaur says:

    Zoe Saldana: I can’t bring myself to say anything bad about her, she looks so nice and is certainly gorgeous. Yes, the bathmats may be a small miss, and if it were someone else in that dress I’d be facepalming but I don’t know, I think Zoe rocks it in a kind of post-modern, conceptual way.

    Nicole Richie: No excuse. Awful, awful shiny muumu. Looked like it was made of chainmail.

    Diane Kruger: yes, the dress borders on the ridiculous, but she has a model build and kind of pulls it off. Like women like Linda Evangelista, Kruger has the sort of pose to get away with frilly messes like this one… at least it’s white and not something glaring like electric green or purple.

    Charlize Theron: I kind of dig the boob roses.

    Amanda Seyfried: she’s already very petite, and the large, round bottom of the dress made her look stumpy. She would have benefitted of something slimmer – it wouldn’t have to be skintight, a little less wide would have done the trick. Also, this dress is vaguely bridal, which is never a good look unless you’re, you know, getting married.

    The Cyruses: we can’t see their dresses very well in this picture but from others it’s obvious that Trish is dressing in a cheap thing bought for someone half her age. It’s sad when mothers try to outyoung their daughters. And her hair is so processed it’s practically straw. As for Miley, Chompy McChompers went a little overboard with the foundation: she looks golden and shiny in the face, like a steampunk robot.

    Vera Farmiga: AUGH! My eyes! It looks like she’s being eaten by huge crimson wrapping ribbons. The skintight portion of the dress also looks cheap and unflattering, like spandex. Her hair and make-up is a mess, which is a shame because Farmiga has this unusual facial beauty to herself and she usually rocks.

    Maggie Gyllenhaal: It’s not my favourite dress ever but it’s not something to heap praise on either. I find it difficult to believe that Maggie, as a nominee, didn’t have better choices than this gown mailed to her daily before the Oscars. I certainly have already seen Maggie do a lot worse, though. Her hair and make-up look cute but I would have done without the bracelet, it looks like a chunky wrist watch.

    Suzy Amis: looks like a decent cut although the color is not very flattering – at least not on Mrs. Amis. Also, this kind of dress is better worn with killer cleavage. The material looks kind of cheap, almost costume-y.

    Carey Mulligan: O how I loathe your pixie self. Aside from that, killer earrings but confusing dress, very busy on the top and disappointing at the end: the cut of the skirt is not very flattering either (lol “mullet”), and it looks like she’s actively and purposefully displaying her chunky shoes. Like Amanda Seyfried, Mulligan should have worn something that made her look less stumpy.

    Sarah Jessica Parker: I do not for the life of me believe this woman is held as a fashion icon. She always dons the worst outfits. This one, like all the ones before it, is ridiculous.

    Mrs. George Clooney: pretty girl, pretty color. The dress is not anything out of the ordinary but it’s pretty enough. As far as George Clooney’s Oscar dates go, it’s better than the one Sarah Larson wore (remember her?)

    Anna Kendrick: whose was that dress? Marchesa? Sure looks like it. I think it’s lovely, although probably more so on someone else. Kendrick looks a bit washed up in it. It’s also a very unfortunate picture of her.

    Faith Hill: looks like a fetish neglige, or something Dita Von Teese would wear to a MTV awards show. It’s not really fitting for the occasion.

    Kate Winslet: hate the bodice, hate the cheap-looking plain skirt. Also makes her look stumpy.

    In short, I have a fairly more optimistic view of this year’s Oscar fashion choices than you do, Kaiser :) although I do yearn for the second coming of Michelle William’s 2006 golden kimono.

  77. jmflynny says:

    Mulligan’s forks and spoons glitter was just a little bit tacky and certainly too trendy for an event such as the Oscars.

    Saldana’s dress was gorgeous from the thighs up. Who designed that dress?

    Kendrick’s dress was much more beautiful on stage than on the red carpet.

    SJP…dear Lord. The moment she walked out on stage I gasped. Then again, after seeing the global warming chic coming out of Chanel these days, nothing surprises me. Coco must surely be spinning in her grave.

    Now, this is difficult to say, but I thought Miley’s dress was fantastic and looked really good on her with the tan and the taught skin. Her posture, however, did neither her or the dress the justice they deserve.

    As for the best, I adore!adore!adore! Chris March. Who would ever thought he could go from drag queen to Oscar royalty in so short a time? And even better, you know he’s just as warm and genuinely grateful as ever.

  78. jmflynny says:

    Oh, and Ms. Richie. The dress is all the things you say it is. In fact, it looks very much like a Bob Mackie design from the 70′s but I love it. Just, maybe, not on her. Although, I think she looks pretty great.

  79. Savory Tv says:

    @jmflynny, I agree, I like Nicole’s look as well, but I’m a huge fan of all things retro.

    Amanda Seyfried looked stunning, and although her dress color did wash her out, it’s a gorgeous dress.

    Could Miley’s mom not have touched up her dark roots for the Oscar’s? Ugh.

  80. amar says:

    SJP one word Twinkie

    hmm also did anyone notice Demi’s tan matched her dress

    Miley I elieve hunched because she would have popped out of her dress is she stood up i liked the bottom of the dress not the top

    and what about Mariah Carey

    too tight too much jewelery
    and just buy the right size

  81. Heather says:


    I think Anna Kendrick’s dress is very flattering on her figure, but you’re right about it washing her out.

    You’re right about all the other posts!

  82. Chrissie says:

    You could see George Clooney’s date’s thong through her cheap cheap dress.