Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is immune to criticism, continues to rock the tomboy look


Even after the neverending controversy regarding little Shiloh’s tomboy fashions, and the neverending backlash against those “Shiloh is a lesbian, because of her mom” stories, I love that she’s still rocking her pants and kicks and knit caps. Here is Shiloh and Zahara and Maddox (and is Pax there too?) walking around Venice with Angelina today. You know what I really adore? Even though Shiloh still looks so much like her dad (like, she’s his open-mouthed mini-me), she’s starting to adopt some of Angelina’s “looks” or her attitude. Like, I swear the little eye-cutting look Shiloh is doing in the photo above – that comes from her mom.

Damn, I just realized how many layers she’s wearing! Button-down shirt, t-shirt, cardigan and bomber jacket. She’s so friggin’ cute.


I want Angelina’s boots. Damn.

You can’t see Zahara that well in these photos, which is always disappointing. We shall see the Empress at another time, I guess. But here’s a little Maddox for the Jolie-Pitt fans:


Angelina, Shiloh, Zahara and Maddox in Venice on March 16, 2010. Credit: Pacific Caost News and AAR/Fame Pictures.

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  1. bellaluna says:

    None of these children should even be aware of criticism, let alone the subject of it.

    I want those boots, too!

  2. alex says:

    I love Shiloh’s style. I love how all the JPs kids have their own style

  3. moo says:

    Do 3 year olds even know what “criticism” is? You’re giving this poor dumb kid more credit than it’s worth.

  4. princess pea says:

    It’s highly likely that Shiloh can’t read. It’s also highly likely that Brad and Angie don’t buy a lot of crap tabloids to keep around the house.

    So she’s probably not that aware of the stupidity coming out of Life and Style and their ilk. So she’s rocking the same style, sure, because she likes it, but not out of some in-your-face-critics! attitude.

    Can we stop trying to make small children into adults?

  5. Praise St. Angie! says:

    love the boots. if I’m not mistaken, they’re the same ones I admired when this site posted those pics of them out to dinner when Jolie was wearing the blue sweater dress.

    and Shiloh is too cute, I agree. I think her looks are a true combo of her parents.

    looks COLD there!

  6. werty says:

    why would you call a kid dumb you stupid aO

  7. vale says:

    What’s funny is that no matter what any doctor, specialist, therapist, journalist says, Shiloh is and always will be a girl. Keep rocking the bomber, happy girl.

  8. Vera says:

    Are these kids school age? I know it is spring break but…..

  9. Cheyenne says:

    @bellaluna: tell it to the tabloid editors. They are the ones who are splashing the kids’ photos all over their covers.

  10. CC says:

    Is she taller than Zahara now? Or is it just because of the shoes she’s wearing? Anyways, let her dress how she wants. She’s four, for god’s sake.

  11. Trillion says:

    Loving this look on her. Maddox is always turned out as well. On second inspection, I see a lot of buttoning required for her outfit. As a mom of a 2 year old, I can’t even fathom shoelaces, much less buttons. Now, if I had help, that’d be another story.

  12. Beth says:

    For those who will whine about the neutral colors, it looks like Zahara is wearing a green shirt and gold slippers.

  13. TG says:

    Shiloh looks tall, she comes up above Angelina’s waist and Angie is wearing 4 or 5 inch heels. And Shiloh and Z look about the same height.

  14. Hey, Angie changed shoes in these photo’s. In the first two she has on pumps, then later in the fab boots. But Shiloh is wearing the same outfit. Not the same day or just different times. Either way… both pairs of shoes are to die for :)

  15. girl says:

    Why the hell would someone critisize the way a child dresses? That is absurd. They sound like very good parents to just let her dress how she likes. As parenting decisions go, as long as she isn’t dressed in a way that would be completely inappropriate (think how those dreadful pageant parents dress their little girls like harlots) or unhealthy (like the possibility that the Cruises could be doing permanent damage to their kid’s feet by letting her wear heels too much) I just do not see a problem with how a child dresses.

  16. jeannified says:

    Little Shiloh is BEAUTIFUL! Look at that face and those Angelina lips!!! Love it!

  17. Obvious says:

    @girl, i doubt those heels Suri is wearing are damaging her feet. they are actually dance shoes which have a lot more support in them than many tennis shoes.

    I love Shiloh, but I too am disappointed by the lack of Empress Z. As long as the paps are shooting this family can’t we put in some requests?

  18. Ruby Red Lips says:

    I wish this whole Shiloh and gender role topic would b*gger off – leave the child alone!

  19. Novaraen says:

    She is adorable and only a child. Is it not okay for girls to wear pants and beanies??? Geez people…leave her alone.

  20. d says:

    I think she adores her dad and just wants to look like him (e.g., dress like him, etc.). And yeah, people just should lay off the kids anyway. if I were a mom, I’d be totally happy with the tomboy approach, versus the girl prostitute look so many girls/young women have. THAT’s awful.

  21. Novaraen says:

    Yes d…exactly!! I would rather have a cute little tomboy than a little prostitot like Noah Cyrus. LOL…

  22. Camille says:

    Gorgeous looking family. And boy does Angelina have a lovely profile, very beautiful woman.

  23. Emily says:

    @d and novaraen, ITA! At least Shiloh is dressing like the kid she is, and not a mini hooker.

  24. Maritimer says:

    Woah – some of these posts are harsh.
    I think Kaiser was simply being funny & sarcastic when she said Shiloh (aka- the holy child to some of you) was ‘immune to criticism’.

  25. Melanie says:

    Zahara is the only one with any kind of fashion sense in this family. Black, grey blahhhh!~

  26. Constance says:

    On the side of CB/Kaiser/etc here. I think the “response to criticism” is more directed towards the parental units/PR/entourage of said children.

    Get a grip people, you all know Maddox is the one dictating style adjustments, fan service, and rumor selling! He can read and speak at least 2 if not 3 languages!

    Maddox: Minx of the Tabloids

  27. Lindsey says:

    Okay, I’m totally fine with whatever kids want to wear. But does anyone believe she really picked out a polo, sweater vest, and bomber jacket herself? I’ve never known 4 year-olds to be so sartorially minded. So, in that case, someone is clearing picking these outfits for her. She obviously is fine with it, but I don’t buy that she put these looks together herself.

  28. moo says:

    why would you call a kid dumb you stupid aO

    BECAUSE she’s inherited Brad’s “DUH” look, that’s why! And, I am not a stupid asshole. I am a very smart asshole.

  29. Constance says:

    As a fan of the moo: You are a clever asshole, and I appreciate that freshness. :)


  30. snowball says:

    The kids are adorable, AJ’s boots are smokin’ hot and I still love her bangs.


    Why do those kids still suck their thumb and need blankies to walk around with? My four year old nephew hasn’t had a blankie, binkie, favorite stuffed animal or sucked his thumb in over a year. The thumb-sucking alone ought to drive their dentist crazy.

    I know, to each his own when dealing with kids and they all have different comfort zones. But, really? A blankie? I’m giving you the side eye too, Suri.

  31. Aussie Mama says:

    Shiloh’s a gorgeous little girl. I just hope Angie doesn’t live her weirdness through her children and leaves it all for herself. The kids are all lovely.

  32. Liz says:

    Why is Shiloh in “linen” pants? Look closely, those are linen. Good gawd AngieJo, dress the child in some warmer pants, as in jeans!

  33. TG says:

    Lindsey, I don’t believe a 3 or 4 year old would be picking out all those clothes either. Some of her outfits just seem too complicated. And I wonder if some of these kids have blankies is because they travel so much and that is the one constant that is always with thim. Not saying travel is bad, I would take my kids everywhere to if I was givin the opportunity.

  34. SisterMaryFrancis says:


    Most of this kids clothes look like Flora and Henri brand. Its retro-ish and muted unisex. That store kind of caught on with some stylists from Vogue Bambino and then alot of celeb moms used them…. its not like it was a statement from moms who bought the stuff, its just boys and girls can share the pieces and Jane the designer lacks imagination :P ha ha ha well its true!

    I seriously DOUBT the kids are trying to make statements. lord have mercy

  35. Novaraen says:

    I disagree that she has a “DUH” look. How harsh can you be?? She’s adorable…and her chubby cheeks are so cute. My son has the same cheeks.

    I get so sick of people saying children look slow or have a “DUH” look. They’re kids!!

  36. Beth says:

    I don’t understand why people keep attacking the kids by saying things they do is strange/unusual. I’ve seen plenty of kids their age with short hair cuts(girls), a lot of kids suck their finger until 6 occassionally 7(pacifier would be weird), tons of kids have a favorite toy or blanket they like to carry around, young kids have opinions on food, tv shows ect so I don’t know why clothing selection is out of the question. I guess it’s a way to attack Brad and Angelina but I don’t see any unusual behavior based on my own childhood and my kids’.

  37. katyalia says:

    Thank you Lindsey!
    I’ve been thinking that ever since the yellow polo shirt pics. No way does a kid pick out collared shirts. These are not a child’s choice of comfortable clothes. Period.

  38. Guest says:

    So – first – I agree leave kids alone.

    To the poster who defended Shiloh and then trashed Suri due to her heals – really? You are the same as the people who talk bad about Shiloh. Can you not see that. Also the same to the poster who talked about the Noah Cyrus. Stop criticizing. Seriously these are kids – Suri, Shiloh and Noah are all cared for and loved by their parents. If all you have to do with your life is criticize children – then you need to get a life.

    As for the thumb sucking. All I know is that if that was my child I would be worried and upset. If Brad/Angie are not then whatever.

    As for what Shiloh wears. I think that now she probably picks this clothing herself. What is interesting however is she always seemed to be this way while Viv is being dressed very much like a little girl. Interesting – no problem either way but it is almost like their choices are being made by adults in their life and pushing them a certain way.

  39. Kirsten says:

    I was the biggest tomboy when I was her age… lots of my friends were. One of them even had a bowl cut and wore her older brother hand me downs. She will probably grow out of it when she is a teenager, but for now let her be! ROCK ON GIRL!

  40. canadianchick says:

    Moo you spend too much time distinguishing assholes. If the shoe fits…

  41. SpreadLove says:

    I’ve had a real crapper of a day so far so thanks for these gorgeous pics. She is so bluddy cute. She makes me want to breed.

  42. crash2GO2 says:

    I really like Angelina’s hair with the soft bangs like this. I hope she stays with this look. It softens her large forehead and otherwise overly strong chin (in profile).

  43. Tia C says:

    Shiloh is one cool f’in kid.

  44. Emily says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with them carrying their blankets around. When I was little, my little stuffed dog went everywhere with me. According to my parents, I left her at playgroup over one weekend, and I was inconsolable until we could get her on Monday. I don’t remember that, I think I was so traumatised that I blocked it from my memory!

  45. JM says:

    We also have a tomboy thing going on! Despite my efforts, my 2 y.o. daughter will only wear her big brothers’ clothes. It confuses people, but it will pass and we’ll remember this phase fondly!

  46. Maritza says:

    I can’t wait to see what Shiloh will come up with in summer. Zahara most likely will wear twirly skirts and summer dresses. I bet Shiloh will start a trend in kids clothing.

  47. Freya says:

    Shiloh isn’t quite 4 yet. Her birthday is May 27.

    She is a gorgeous little girl and, for a change, I hope we will soon see her in the coat Zahara has been seen in a lot.

  48. John says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with the way Shiloh dresses….and kids will be kids.
    When I take my four-year-old niece to shop with me, she is pretty specific about what dresses to pick and what she thinks is beautiful…lot of parents take their kids to child pageants….where the girls get fake tans and put bridges in their teeth, fake lashes, make-up and all the works…and make them perform like teen models…..what about that..if you wanna protest protest that…

  49. Mme. Lilly says:

    I don’t like Angelina all that much, but I think it’s fantastic how she’s not shoving social convention down her children’s throats. She embraces them as they are. She’s one cool mom. I want to be like her, in this aspect. I would’ve loved to dress like Shiloh when I was little. I kinda look like a much older version of her, but without the glamourous movie star genes! :)

    And, please, how pathetic it is to see people calling a 3 year old girl “a lesbian”? She probably doesn’t even know what sex is! She’s an innocent girl, for God’s sake. I find this “sexualization” of children really creepy. I am glad Angelina and Brad are not letting their kids become Noah Cyrus types.

  50. Ursula says:

    Poor girl, she is going to grow up confused about who she is or what she is. Then again, that is the least of her problems with parents like that.

  51. ThunderC*nt says:

    More hats? Hats to hide the bad haircut on this one and hats to hide the developmental problems of the freakishly bulbous foreheads of the twins. Wow, they just think they’re fooling everyone! Wait ’til summer. It’ll be straw hats on the beach or something simiLIAR.

  52. ThunderC*nt says:

    Why is Shiloh in “linen” pants? Look closely, those are linen. Good gawd AngieJo, dress the child in some warmer pants, as in jeans!

    Good call. Angie doesn’t know fine fabrics from a hole in the wall. Doesn’t know the difference from a full on cotton, or Egyptian cotton, Portugese flannel or polyblend b/c she is tr-ash. She didn’t spend time going to prep schools or colleges. She’s a fraud. All she cares about is covering her twins’ weird heads, result of her tweaking, I’m sure.

    Even Paltrow just learned about thread count re: sheets. Someone had to tell her though. Sssssshhhh.

  53. ThunderC*nt says:

    Shiloh isn’t quite 4 yet. Her birthday is May 27.

    Wow. Just have me floored, literally.

  54. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    All the kids are adorable. I agree the kids should never even be brought up for a trivial discussion where looks is the basis of the conversation.

  55. anon says:

    Shiloh is HUGE for a four year old. she’s so tall.

  56. nnn says:

    Clothes that you put don’t determine what you are inside.

    For all of you sexualizing a kid and showing your ignorance about what the child will turn as an adult because of the clothes she had on, Chaz Bono used to be dressed the Suri type all of her childhood and youth, so were dressed most of the transgenders when young, in par with the conventional clothes related to their respective didn’t change AT ALL who they were inside.

    And for so called adults, some people are rather dense cause lesbians come in all form and shape, some are ultra masculine, other ultra feminine just like straight women who dressed more sporty/boyish or girly.

    Like for example : Portia De Rossi versus Pink. One is masculine the other is feminine, one is lesbian (the feminine dressed), the other not (the masculine dressed). Big deal !

    There were even a time 30 years ago where women and little girls were all in short hairtstyle, some even shaving their hair and 15 years ago, the tomboy fashion style with the men underwears and the big pants, large masculine t-shirt, sporty shoes popularized by singers like Aaliyah.

    In other words clothes doesn’t determine your sexuality or future sexuality.

    Therefore that discussion about clothing and gender challenged is irrelevant and just underline how intelligent challenged some are when all their logic is flawn and shows the extent of their ignorance when it comes to attribute a sexual orientation based on clothes, an ignorance that is even more striking when they base that biaised observation on a child..

  57. Rose says:

    “Poor girl, she is going to grow up confused about who she is or what she is. Then again, that is the least of her problems with parents like that.”

    At least she won’t grow up to be a nasty arm chair psychologist with a black heart and the stench of bitter emanating from every pore.

  58. the truth says:

    i was a tomboy and in a way i still feel like one, i didnt like girly things and was much happier climbing trees and playing rough…. shilo is ver tall for her age she is as tall as her sister…

  59. Madelyn Rose says:

    Shiloh is a real cutie! She has an angelic face.

    But, thank you, thank you Lindsay, for saying what a lot of people have been thinking … the point of the discusion is that Shiloh probably doesn’t pick out what she wears. I am totally fine with it if the kids do, but it looks to me like someone is dressing them and picking out their outfits and pushing them in certain ways. Just like when Madd was little (around 2 or 3), there is no way that I think he went to his Mom and requested a Mohawk and Ramones T-Shirts! I think we are all talking about 2 different issues here:

    1. Most everyone is ok with whatever small children wear if they think the kids picked out the outfits or want to wear them, but

    2. Some people are not okay with dressing children in certain ways if it is forced on them. And saying “Madddox, do you want a purple Mohawk or a blue Mohawk or a a Ramone’s T-shirt or a Sid Vicious T-Shirt” is not a choice!

    In any event, what Shiloh wears at her young age doesn’t say much about her, it says something about the parents, since they are the ones buying the clothes and dressing her. Heck, it might even be the nannies for all we know! I don’t think anyone is criticizing the CHILD (she is an innocent baby), they are criticizing the PARENTS in this situation.

  60. Cheyenne says:

    “Freakishly bulbous foreheads” indicating “developmental problems”… you remind me of the trolls who used to say Shiloh had Down syndrome because her mouth was open and her eyelids drooped. And when it became clear even to the trolls that she does not have Down syndrome, they said she was obviously autistic.

    The only thing one can do about people like you is to hope you aren’t able to breed so that you can’t transmit your stupidity and spite to another generation.

  61. Eileen Yover says:

    LOL I’m grazing the headlines on here and looking at how many comments each one has and then WHAMMO I see this post with almost 70 comments! AJ and JA really bring the comment whoring out in people! =D

  62. lastwordlinda says:

    I would not be expecting any classy comments about children or anything else from someone who calls themselves Thunderc*nt, Cheyenne. Ignore her and she might go away.

  63. moo says:

    I’m glad to have entertained, whether good or bad, on this post here. Proof positive that the Jolie-Pitt Clan and there every freakin’ move and breath are such a volitile subject. I personally couldn’t care less… I find the emotion involved with these complete strangers who are only mildly entertaining in their respective professions quite mind boggling, to say the least. I shall refrain in the future of attacking small helpless children though… that was uncouth of me. I’ll just bash their guardians from now on!!! :D Cheers back at y’all!!! And have a nice day!

  64. Blitz says:

    This is all about image. Both TomKat’s and Brangelina’s kids are being styled by their parents just to create more buzz for themselves.

    This is EXACTLY what they want.

    I hope Depp doesn’t jump in and start playing this game, but I have a complete distrust of Hollywood at this point. Parents that do this are exploiting their children.

  65. RHONYC says:


    i *heart* lil’ shiloh and her ‘Legs Sadovsky’ bad-ass-in-training look!

    she is THE kick-ass ‘gerber’ baby of our generation.


  66. ThunderC*nt says:

    The only thing one can do about people like you is to hope you aren’t able to breed so that you can’t transmit your stupidity and spite to another generation.

    Says the obsessed-with-hating Jennifer Aniston good for nothing who is most likely a do nothing who won’t breed herself because no man will have her.

    Go pay attention to the people on here who mock you. I wasn’t personally attacking you, so I’ll just leave you to them so you can twat away. Twak! Twak!

  67. Melanie says:

    Hey if you want to see some CUTE chitlins, you should look at the post about over privileged toddlers. Every kid should be so snazzy in their attire, IMO. Brangie just wants attention, that is why they dress her like a 50 year old banker.

  68. moo says:

    Moo you spend too much time distinguishing assholes. If the shoe fits…

    I wear it well! What do you wear, my friend?

  69. Lucky says:

    Shiloh is lucky to have supportive , loving parents who respect her individuality my cousin didn’t have that. He killed himself because his family couldn’t accept having a ‘sissy’ in the family. He was 14, RIP Chris

  70. Cheyenne says:

    ROTFLMBAO @ Thunderc*nt… honey, I’ve produced a family I’m very, very proud of. Too bad you’ll never be able to say the same.

    Oh right, like I’m going to agonize over what anybody says about me on a blog. A blog isn’t reality, chica, it’s cyberspace, nothing more. I have a life. You should try getting one.

  71. StormyCloud says:

    Why do people care so deeply about plastic, boring celebtards like Angie and Brad? I’m gonna say something shocking here….get ready….BRAD AND ANGIE DO NOT KNOW YOU OR CARE ABOUT YOU AND WILL NOT BE YOUR NEW BFF BECAUSE YOU DEFENDED THEIR HONOR ON THE INTERNETZ. Seriously, get a grip.

    As for Shiloh, let her wear what she wants. Who the hell cares? I refused to wear dresses or brush my hair until I was like, 13 and I’m not a lesbian (not that it matters but you know what I mean).

    I *DO* have a problem with oversexualizing children, like they are doing with Noah Cyrus. THAT is worlds different than a little girl covered up in age-appropriate clothing that just happens to be “for boys”. The Noah Cyrus’s of the world are just making the pedophile problem worse (and I am NOT blaming children for the crimes of sick adults, obviously, but children dressing like 21 year olds is not helping to STOP pedophilia, now is it). It would be wonderful if parents could just let their kids dress however they want and not have to worry about predators, but unfortunately that is not the world we live in, thanks to the media and the relentless oversexualization of ANYTHING with a vagina, regardless of it’s age. So we need to be realistic and protect children, which means not letting the Noah Cyrus’s of the world influence our kids. Shiloh herself just seems to be being a kid, and I’ll take an authentic CHILD over a Disney prostitot-in-training any day, since it’s so rare to see kids just being KIDS.

  72. ThunderC*nt says:

    Sorry Chey, you’re gonna have to laugh your older black ass off at someone else’s expense. I have plenty of years ahead of me to have a family and we don’t start poppin’ ‘em out in our 20′s round here. Peace out, Sista.

  73. Majosha says:

    Cheyenne, I thought you had Thunder beat, but she pulled ahead in the homestretch with her last retort, and has since crossed the finish line. Better luck next time :lol:

  74. Anna says:

    Shiloh looks a LOT like her mum. With those parents, she’s going to be a stunner when she gets older.

    Who cares what a kid is wearing? She’s wearing jeans, a cardigan, jacket and hat. Exactly as I wore when I was a little girl. So now the kid is a lesbian because she wears a black cardigan? Get real.

    I am far more disturbed by Suri Cruise going around in high heels at aged 3.

  75. Rebecca says:

    I think it’s sick that I’m just in the grocery line trying to buy some groceries and here’s some tabloid screaming about how Angelina is “turning her daughter into a boy.” This says a number of things to me: people apparently think it is seriously degenerate if a child wears clothes decreed for the opposite gender; that wearing “girly” clothes is integral not only to becoming a future woman, but to becoming a future hetero woman; that growing up to be a hetero woman is both desired and preferred; that human sexuality can be molded by something as simple as the clothing you wear when you are a child; and that “gender-bending” fashion has somehow “not” been around since the 40s and prior.
    Frig these tabloids and their homophobic, gender-nazi BULLCRAP.