In Touch: Did Sandra Bullock’s husband cheat on her?


This story just makes me sad. We’ve had too many cheating scandals recently and I truly believed that Sandra Bullock and Jesse James were immune to this sort of thing. According to the latest issue of In Touch, Bullock’s husband, Jesse James, cheated on her for nearly a year with a tattooed “model” he met on Facebook. The way this story is worded, it sounds like the woman is claiming that she’s known James for nearly a year and was only sleeping with him for just over a month out of that year. It’s possible this is all fabricated by some fame-seeker out for publicity, but the scenario just sounds too typical to dismiss. The woman also has a similar look to his ex wife, pornstar Janine Lindemulder:

When Sandra Bullock thanked her bad-boy husband, Jesse James, as she accepted her best actress Oscar for The Blind Side, she may not have known that while she was away shooting the film, Jesse was carrying on a steamy affair with a tattoo model. While Jesse has had an 11-month affair, including five weeks of sex, with Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, she believed he and Sandra were no longer together. “I would never have hooked up with him if I thought he was a married man,” Michelle tells In Touch in an exclusive interview. “He gave me the impression they were separated.” For weeks, while Sandra was in Atlanta shooting The Blind Side, Michelle had sex at least once a week with the Monster Garage star. Far from a one-night stand, his relationship with Michelle was intimate and highly charged. Michelle even says she called Jesse, who didn’t wear underwear or condoms, by a special pet name, Vanilla Gorilla, because he was so “well-endowed.”

While Jesse was in Atlanta with Sandra when she started to film The Blind Side, Michelle sent West Coast Choppers a friend request because she hoped to snag a modeling gig there. She was surprised that it was actually Jesse who wrote back to her and told her to e-mail him at his personal e-mail. From the start, Jesse wanted to meet Michelle, and it was never about business: “He started saying, ‘Do you want to hang out?’” So a week after he got in touch, Michelle drove two hours from her San Diego home to West Coast Choppers in LA. “I got there around 9 at night,” remembers Michelle, who was starstruck at first. “I was like, ‘Holy s**t. It’s really Jesse James.’” After taking Michelle on a tour of his garage, Jesse brought her into his office and locked the door. “We ended up on the couch,” she says. “He wanted to watch movies, but I asked him, ‘What’s going on with you and Sandra?’” Jesse was evasive. “He said, ‘She doesn’t live here. She has a house in Austin. She is filming, and I can’t talk about it.’” Assuming he and Sandra were separated, Michelle continued talking to Jesse, she says, and then, “We had intimate relations.” Michelle says she and Jesse had sex “two or three times,” that night — and began what she believed was a serious relationship, texting each other several times a day, and meeting up for sex at least twice a week for the next five weeks.

[From In Touch, received via e-mail]

I’m interested to see what kind of evidence In Touch has and if they have photos of James and this other woman together and/or text messages or e-mails. Some of that is easily fabricated, but my initial reaction is skepticism, unlike most of these infidelity cases. This is In Touch, not the National Enquirer. I’d like to know if In Touch conducted a polygraph test and/or tried to verify this woman’s account with other sources. If this is true, my heart goes out to Sandra. She just won the Oscar with her weeping husband cheering her on from the audience. James had all sorts of gushing praise for Bullock after she took home the statue, and I truly believe that he loves her deeply. In his mind, he may have justified the affair by reasoning that his wife was away anyway and this woman didn’t mean anything to him. Maybe they had a fight and he held a grudge, pitifully seeking out another woman to make himself feel like the conquering man he wants to be. It takes a real man to suck it up and deal with problems in the relationship. Is Sandra going to be the next actress to fall prey to the Oscar curse? I hope not, and I’m hoping this isn’t true. She deserves better, but again this is all too f’ing typical.

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  1. Dorothy says:

    I really hope for her sake this isn’t true but he hasn’t had the best track record, he is kinda gross.

    I could never see what she saw in him.

  2. StormyCloud says:

    Let’s hope he’s not that stupid. He’s a “0″ on the attractiveness scale and she’s at least an “8″, so you’d think he’d know better. He was with a f’ing PORN STAR before, he should kiss Sandra’s ass every night for giving his likely STD-ridden nasty behind a chance, but nooo, he cheats with a “tattoo model” (real translation: another diseased hoebag). He doesn’t deserve Sandra, I never got her attraction to him. So he supposedly has a big dick? Who cares, if he can’t keep it in his pants and you end up with some disease? I hope she dumps him, I always knew he was garbage.

  3. LolaBella says:

    Scooby says Ruh Roh…

    However, I choose NOT to believe ‘Out Of Touch’ magazine.

    Authenticated pictures/Video/Irrefutable proof or it didn’t happen.

  4. SolitaryAngel says:

    Dorothy: Me either! I think he’s gross–not only in looks, but the fact that he was married to a pr0n “star” too (and reproduced with her). How he ever managed to land a prize like Sandy in the first place is beyond me–and then he CHEATS on her?!? Clearly, if this is true, he is not playing with a full deck.
    This confirms my private opinion that men are stupid dogs who think with their little heads.

  5. bite me says:

    damn damn damn
    why why why
    oh boy

  6. sonola trip says:

    Oh dear God, I hope this isn’t true.

  7. Ursaline says:

    We all know that In Touch is a pack of liars who will say anything to sell their rag. What makes this any more believable than all of the Bermuda triangle BS?

  8. Rianna says:

    She wouldnt have messed around with him if he was pregnant? Riiiggghhhttt. Because you have so much integrity right?
    And bitch let him hit it without a condom? Is she still living in the 70′s?

  9. Marjalane says:

    I love Sandra Bullock, but she’s kind of different….I’m always surprised at how differently some people view “marriage”. Esp., older people with busy careers. The only reason I would give this any credence is the amount of time this woman is claiming to have spent with him; Hard to get around that. But, overall? Big ick factor, true or not.

  10. terry says:

    He will be back doing porn and screwing around with porn stars in no time. Never could figure out what Sandra saw in him. By going down on him Sandra was going down on every major porn starket by proxy.

  11. Tess says:

    He strikes me as not the brightest bulb…a kinda low-rent lug who makes questionable choices.

    Question is, why did she fall for a guy like that? What did she expect?

  12. dee says:

    I hope it isnt true but nothing surprises me in the celeb world any more.

  13. Stephie says:

    I hope it’s not true. In the meantime though she (Sandra) and her family have to deal with this mess being public and that sucks. This should be a happy time.

  14. Madelyn Rose says:

    Oh no! I’m like you all, I didnt see what she saw in him, but they seemed real. I often wondered how he could change his “tastes” in women from his porn-star-trash ex-wife, to a classy lady like Sandy. I mean, some men just have a type, you know? This tattoo lady looks more like his type…which, to me isn’t much.

  15. anon says:

    aw i really hope this isn’t true. it’s the oscar’s curse!

  16. Risa says:

    On that cover it quotes the “mistress” saying how she said HE said he left his wife….

    HOW THE HELL DID YOU THINK HE LEFT HIS WIFE- SHE IS SANDRA FREAKING BULLOCK!!!!! What the HELL is google for if this dumb cootie queen isn’t going to use it!!!GAHHHH!!! WTF!

  17. meme says:

    everyone is hollywood cheats. it’s part of the game.

  18. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Nononono. I don’t want this to be true. I think the Suicide Girl wannabe was just looking for some quick cash & made this up. Jesse seems like he cares alot about his kids & so does Sandra & for him to risk Sandra leaving the kids’ lives over some skank is what makes me doubt this story.

  19. bellaluna says:

    I don’t believe it. There’s been way too many skanky hos climbing out of the woodwork to claim affairs with married men lately, and I call bullshit.

    @ terry – That was a w-a-a-a-y nasty image to put in my head this early in the morning! EWWW!

  20. Iggles says:

    I read her account and call me naive, but it comes off as real. Remember the accounts of Tiger’s women? Sounds pretty similar with the texting and using his celebrity to “hang out” with girls.

  21. DoMaJoReMc says:

    Aw, dammit! Whether this is true or not, they have to face this sh!t at a time that she should be riding high on her Oscar win.

    I never know what to believe anymore….Harumph!

  22. Well says:

    Wasn’t he married to the porn star when Sandra bullock hooked up with him? Hope it’s not true but it wouldn’t surprise me if it is

  23. Slymm27 says:

    Hiss! Hiss!, why is every1 on his case? D man cheated, big deal! Every freakin man in d freakin world, freakin cheats! All of them, all. Thats d way they r wired.

  24. fifi says:

    jesse james has a twitter account @frankyluckman – he deleted it TODAY of all days… nice coincidence… his pics on twitpic are still up though, last pic uploaded just yesterday

  25. sharylmj says:

    oh man… I so hope this isn’t true..
    they seem like they love each other so much!! this makes me sad.

  26. snowball says:

    Slymm27, you’re either 12 or pretending to be 12. Hiss? Who says that?

    I really, really hope this isn’t true. Sandra’s spent so much time with his kids, being their surrogate mom and treating them exactly as she’d treat her own and providing the stable home life Jesse needed to show up in court to win custody of them.

    Despite their differences, I always thought Jesse loved her a lot and vice versa. When he was all teary during her acceptance speech, he just looked like he adored her.

    Go away, ho!

  27. LindyLou says:

    I have a hard time believing this. Have you ever seen the way Jesse looks at Sandra? It’s 100% pure adoration in his face. I can’t believe he would cheat on her with that sleeze. And speaking of the sleeze – I call BS on the claim that she thought he was single. Every celebrity breakup is saturated with media coverage so there’s no way she couldn’t know. Total crap.

  28. Jazz says:

    I’ll take this story with a huuuggge grain of salt. If Sandra hadn’t of won the Oscar, this story wouldn’t of come out.

  29. ogechi says:

    ”Is Sandra going to be the next actress to fall prey to the Oscar curse? I hope not, and I’m hoping this isn’t true. She deserves better”.

    Enough said.

  30. Ally says:

    you folks are so incredibly stupid

    there is not one doubt that he cheated

    if you all knew who is was in character and you did your research, it is beyond obvious he cheats…duh

    not rocket science. he like his women freaky and even when he gets that, he wants more. he is an arrogant, dirty, filthy, self absorbed grease monkey.

    when you marry or date scum, you will get treated like scum

    i knew this would happen from day one.

    how can you all be so naive, use your intuition people. cmon!!

    he is on twitter all day long, he deleted it…lololo

    i luv this story, they both are getting the karma they deserve for mistreating Sunny’s Mother. They are both hateful.

    do your reseach

  31. lucy2 says:

    This sounds like Tiger Woods Mistress Syndrome to me. Some skank claims to have an affair with a celeb and gets her 15 minutes, thinks they’ve hit the jackpot.
    Conveniently this is all only coming out after Sandra won her awards and is high on the publicity radar right now. Why wait over a year to go public? I don’t buy it.

  32. Jaxx says:

    I DO NOT want this to be true. She has been so good to him and his kids. How could he do that to her? He can’t. So there.

    I know her sister. Says Sandi is the sweetest, kindest person in the whole world.

  33. TG says:

    I love Sandy and even though she seems too good for him they do make a cute and lovable couple as was on display throughout the awards season. She is the best mom for his kids and we know he doesn’t have any common sense or he would never have chosen a bad baby momma in the first place so he better treat Sandy well.

  34. cara says:

    damn I hope it’s not true either.She’s such a doll

  35. kelbear says:

    I’m just gonna go to another page and pretend I didn’t read this.

  36. Bodhi says:

    I call bullshit. Anyone with eyeballs can see how much they love each other.

    Jesse is NOT a stupid man. He bascially built an empire from his bike shop & that isn’t something just anyone can do.

    People are WAY too quick to judge

  37. bite me says:

    well according to Lainey the London premier of the blindside has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances has arisen… oh dear

  38. Kait says:

    I’m pretty sure that Jesse James, in the middle of the custody battle for his daughter, wasn’t like “Hmmm…I have this totally awesome 10 for a wife, why don’t I fuck a skanky 3 and collect a couple more STD’s!”

    I’m calling BS on this one.

  39. jeannified says:

    I don’t know…I’ve always gotten a wweird vibe from him with regard to Sandra…like she’s more into him, than he is into her. He seems moody and angry. Sher seems like the stabilizing force in his life, and if she’s not around, he will stray.

  40. sassenach says:

    Didn’t Jesse and Sandra get together when he was still married to Janine? I thought that they met when she took a family member to his shop and then he starting to pursue her and write her letters while still married. Not surprised about this. Janine and Jesse are trash and should probably get back together.

  41. cee says:

    Sorry Sandy but they have bashed Angie for the past 5 years so they decided to just pick on her daughters for the dollars.Hang tough Sandy.

  42. CB Rawks says:

    I don’t buy it either.

  43. CB Rawks says:

    “Do our research” Ally?
    You call stalking someone’s Twitter (that’s the total, unvarnished truth of their soul on that there Twitter) and making snap judgments based on appearance *doing research*?
    Have you updated your resume in case they want to hire a new *random science* person on CSI? Thems real people, not acters.

  44. guilty pleasures says:

    @ Ally, we are all so incredibly stupid? I haven’t the time or the energy to go into how many mistakes, bad grammar, improper words etc that you use, but I will address your claim to some inner knowledge of what goes on between two people you have never met. How can you possibly know what is the truth here? Are you the whore?
    ‘Do your research?’ Research is what you do for a school paper, ‘browsing’ is what you do on the internet, and 90% of what you read is crapola.
    Go back to your minimum wage job and point those ‘incredibly stupid’ fingers back at yourself.

  45. Leek says:

    I got sick to my stomach with the “didn’t wear condoms” part of the story. It’s just so scary that there are people out there who will risk the health and lives of their partners for hot, dirty sex.

  46. Slymm27 says:

    @snowball, u r either 60 or pretending to be 60. I say hiss, skip d post if the word seems strange. Wth? As for jesse, yes he cheated on her. Its not rocket science

  47. Bea says:

    Jessie was married to a PORN star! Enough said. I’m not surprised.

  48. westender says:

    Considering the source “In Touch” (how many times have they said Brad was leaving Angie to get back with Jen? 20, 30 times?) and also that Jesse is in the middle of a custody fight with his ex(screwing around on your wife does not show a judge you have a stable home to raise a child), I really don’t believe this story. Sandra won a Oscar so she is now a target of the tabloids. I hope this story is not true, Sandra and Jesse do seem to be very much in love.

  49. CB Rawks says:

    I always skip the posts that have been thumped out by ham-fisted rhesus monkeys.
    2 fn stoopid n annoyn to reed

  50. Taya says:

    This does not suprise me. Sandra is way too good for Jesse and he has cheated before with his other wives so, once a cheater always a cheater. Jesse’s type is trash and Sandy is not trash.
    They did get together when he was still married to Janine and she was pregnant with Sunny at the time.Jesse sleeping with chicks without a condom is so gross. Tiger anyone?

    I do hope it is not true because I love Sandra.

  51. Lauren says:

    I guess Sandra married Jesse for his Vanilla Gorilla. Is this the loyalty she gets for marrying him? Jesse had a messy divorce and a vicious custody battle for the kids he had with his druggie porn star wife..Sandy is Jesse’s famous sugar mamma. I hope this disgusting crap isn’t true.

  52. GatsbyGal says:

    Noooooooooo! ): I won’t believe this yet. I love them as a couple, they seem so in love.

  53. ras says:

    I really hope this In Touch story is not true.

    Ihave to wonder why would Sandra Bullock cancel her trip if this is just gossip which she should be used to since she has been a celebrity for so long.

  54. susan says:

    Keanu Reeves where are you ? please help her

  55. Sunshine says:

    Once a cheater, always a cheater….

  56. Jag says:

    I hope this isn’t true. But if he cheated before, she should’ve thought that he might cheat again. (Especially if that’s how they met.) She’s too good for him anyway. It’s sad and he’s an idiot.

  57. Lway says:

    I don’t believe it for a second.

  58. Moomoomoo. says:

    I’m afraid this doesn’t sound far-fetched to me either, I hope it’s bullshit and rip me a new one if it pleases you but look at his history! No way would I be where his ex has been. Cheaters always find a way to justify their actions no matter how much they may love their spouse, fuck that shit.

  59. peepinchique says:

    awww..i really hope this isn`t true..i love sandra bullock she`s one of my fav actress ):

  60. pat says:

    sandra cheated with jesse james when he was married and his wife pregnant sandra is now getting what is she deserves tit for tat

  61. Venus in Blue Jeans says:

    Why is anyone in shock? The bum was married to a porn star previously. There is also a very old film of Bullock doing porn herself. It’s not like she is the sweet lil’ thang everyone thinks. It’s an ACT, she’s an ACTRESS. Hollywood is brutal and its players practice the dark crafts and have done sexual favors to rise to fame. Marilyn Monroe was at least open about that part of her success. Sandra’s neck needs to be done; it doesn’t match her face age-wise. Now she will run for more surgery to be physically perfect to cover the humiliation. The mistress is a gag-me satanic whore, end of story. Seems like the devil is collecting his due lately with a lot of his followers….?

  62. Gabriela says:

    This is obviously a case of an insecure idiot of a husband—needing to compensate for feeling that his wife is more successful than he is—-what a fool.—so predictable—it takes a really strong man to be with a strong successful woman—and this guy doesn’t have it man. Vanilla gorilla or no—and that trashy ho —talking about his not wearing underwear and condoms….who’s her mother? Garbage!

  63. jaffee says:

    Many men get very jealous when a woman puts a lot of work into something and becomes successful. Some of them want to e revolved around and pampered and seek other women. By the time a woman wins best actress the man has already been sulking or looking elsewhere. If men did not feel the need to always be superior, we would not have a world dominated by men. Women would not have been kept from participating, voting, walking freely and all the other things for thousands of years.

    But at least some men do not feel this need to constantly be “superior” or the center of attention at all times. Apparently Merril Streep’s hubby did not leave her or step out after she won best actress and got multiple nominations out there — and I’m sure there are others out there. To all you men who are secure enough to be supportive of a successful woman, congratulations! You are miles ahead.

    How cruel it is for someone to cut short the thrill of hard earned success by injecting so much pain. Sometimes women do this to men as well. But you see it most often with men.

  64. jaffee says:

    You see it’s not just a problem of one husband who is supposedly an idiot. It’s a pervasive culture – even living on this very website….that blames the woman for the weakness of the man…just as whites blame blacks for thieving when it is whites who have historically stolen millions of hours of free or cheap labor from blacks. People always want to blame the shadow. The question: Are best actresses bitchy divas who become unbearable to their husbands is a biased, bigoted question on your socalled “biggot-free” site.

  65. Sandra Bullock is one the greatest actress in my opnion, she plays a lot of different roles :

  66. i had a huge crush on Sandar Bullock when i was still in college, for me, she is the prettiest actress .~: