Elin and Tiger’s reconcilication isn’t going so well, she reads Vanity Fair

Tiger Woods And Girlfriend Elin Nordegren

While Tiger Woods is hoping to capitalize on the media’s sudden distraction due to another cheating and sex scandal thanks to Jesse James, one person who isn’t so quick to forget what the golf master did is his wife, Elin. Tiger has been the center of a media whirlwind this week as he announced his return to golf -with Elin nowhere in sight- which seems to have prompted another round of words from his multiple mistresses. Sources say that Elin has read some of these accounts, including the racy “Vanity Fair” article, and is not happy.

Not sure exactly how she got it, but Elin Woods read writer Mark Seal’s explosive ”The Temptation of Tiger Woods” expose in the new Vanity Fair — approximately two weeks ago.

A Woods source tells me the story made ”Elin even madder than she was already,” and reportedly convinced her to rethink her earlier decision to stick with the marriage — ”for the time being.”

According to the source, it also finalized her feelings about next week’s Masters tournament.

”While Elin pretty much knew she wasn’t going … after reading the Vanity Fair story, she became totally committed to avoiding that circus — and made that very clear to Tiger, in no uncertain terms.”

This same reporter says that a couple of weeks before The Masters, Elin and Tiger had a big blowout because Elin doesn’t think Tiger’s reconcilication efforts and sex rehab stint are sincere. Ya THINK?

Here’s the latest I’m hearing about the current state of the Tiger and Elin Woods ”reconciliation”:

It’s not going well at all.

I’ve learned the couple’s much-touted weekend fight focused on several issues:

• Elin believes Tiger is only giving lip service to his recovery and is convinced he’s still more worried about getting his golf career back on track — rather than Elin’s feelings about their relationship.

• Tiger’s wife also is furious about the ongoing revelations about his past indiscretions, and believes there are even more women who will come forward with stories, text messages, photos and even videos.

• Another problem: Elin thinks Tiger is not as attentive as he should be to their two children — despite his claim his kids are so important to him.

• Along with having her lawyers continuing to draft divorce documents, Elin reportedly is planning to head back to Sweden for a visit with her family — joined by her children. ”She wants to be out of the country when Tiger plays the Masters,” a good source said Monday.

The legal work has been on the back burner as Elin made one last attempt to save the marriage after Tiger got out of rehab.

Their conversations this weekend — which led to the big fight, followed by Elin retreating to the couple’s ”Privacy” yacht — convinced her they were done.

[From the Chicago Sun-Times]

I can’t say this surprises me. How does a person overcome this magnitude of betrayal, especially when the people he cheated with are not keeping quiet about it? I think I would be compelled to read everything too, because I don’t think Tiger came clean about everything to Elin – not even close. I’m sure he was hoping he could just go back to being a great golf player, and everything else would go away and Elin would go back to being his meek little wife who came to all his tournaments and posed for the cameras with his adorable children. Looks like Elin doesn’t want to play that game anymore.


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  1. Guest says:

    She really is a class act! Good for her. Not hiding – living her life with her kids – I really love her!

  2. Alex says:

    This same guy from the Chicago Sun Times claimed she was moving to Sweeden weeks ago according to her pals.

  3. bite me says:

    i was never under the impression that Elin is meek

  4. Wow says:

    And yet she still stays with him. He’s a joke and so is she. I wish they’d both move to some invisible island and let the nannies take care of the kids since they are more than likely the ones who are doing it anyway. That is until Elin and Tiger need a photo op with them. I will never understand why people who don’t work need nannies for their kids.

  5. Relli says:

    In all of this she is the only one i totally feel for especially because that one crazy porn start who chasing Tiger to the Masters and stripping nearby has not only demanded an apology because she thought she was his only ho BUT now she wants to have a sit down with her. I wish Elin the best because this something she is never going to live down, and if none of us have found any of his press statements believable imagine how she feels. Ew and the thought of touching him….. mortifying.

  6. N says:

    I’m sort of stunned by last comment. I have two toddlers and I’d love to have a nanny to help me out because most days that would make me a better (more patient) mother. Instead, whilst I am changing one diaper, the other toddler is usually taking advantage of the situation and getting into something they shouldn’t be. Elin’s children are close in age to mine and I totally understand why she wants/needs the help. Please don’t judge if you haven’t had children that close in age…..It is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done (and I had a career before them) to stay at home with two toddlers 16 months apart.

  7. Sudini says:

    NOW she’s upset and wants to leave? I can’t stand the fact that she’s still giving this mongoloid the satisfaction of even just the illusion of staying by his side. He’s so beyond ugly in so many ways, and so completely undeserving.

  8. Tia C says:

    @ Sudini: I totally agree with you. But mongoloid? That seems a little harsh…

    Off topic: I love people who eagerly have kids and then are shocked by how much work it is. Well, gee, ya couldn’t have guessed that beforehand? LOL, sorry, but DUH.

  9. meme says:

    Elin’s got Cheetah by the short hairs and he knows it.

  10. TG says:

    Yeah, why is she still with him? What is there to salvage? And if you read the article the National Inquirer was set to publish stories about his cheating months ago, but they made a deal with Tiger and he agreed to do an interview with one of their sister publications. And the article actually is written in favor of Tiger, the author seems to believe he has a sex addiction or at least that’s the way the article was written so Tiger doesn’t care about Elin he only cares about getting caught and how that will affect his image ($$$). Because he didn’t run to rehab until the Enquirer story came out.

    Elin is an idiot. But, she seems like a cold fish not sure what he saw in her.

  11. Just a Poster says:

    Oh hell lets be honest here. If we could afford help who wouldn’t have a nanny aroung? I would in a heartbeat!

    Personally I think she may have needed to at least think about trying to save the marriage for her own sake. Despite all of the crap Tiger pulled, she can now walk away knowing she tried her best. And sometimes that is priceless to a person. She can now walk away without any ‘what if’s floating around in her head. And I can’t fault her for that one bit.

  12. Sudini says:

    @Tia C – ya, actually calling Tiger a mongoloid is a bit harsh. And when I look up the true definition of the word, it’s pretty offensive, especially to anyone with a developmental disability, or of Mongol descent. So I’ll definitely remove that from my arsenal :) .

    He’s really just a vile, unconscionable, contemptible person.

  13. Thefirstone says:

    Not so fast!

    As a “victim” of an unfaithful husband, I can say it’s not as black and white when you are in the situation, especially with children involved. Don’t know if my marriage will be saved, but I would like to be able to say that I tried, so that later in life, there are no “what ifs”…

  14. moo says:

    They don’t sell Vanity Fair where she lives? huh!

    I hate these stupid, fake stories!

    On Topic: RUN ELIN, RUN!!!! And take all those millions with you too!!

  15. Sumodo1 says:

    You think divorces between middle-class people are hard to do, what with property, children, assets, and the like? Imagine how much harder the “who’s gonna get what” part is when a billion dollar income is at stake? Besides the fact that she needs to negotiate a possible move to Sweden. I wish people would stop acting as if Elin is somehow less than intelligent. This shizz takes time, people.

  16. Hum says:

    We should not assume that Elin is staying. For all we know she could be making her moves behind the scenes.They have alot @ stake.

  17. Jeri says:

    I have a lot of respect for Elin, primarily due to how she has handled this with the whole world looking on. We don’t know what she is thinking or her end plan and if she wants to give her kids 2 parents still together we do not have the right to tell her what she should do.

    I think she’ll make wise decisions and she doesn’t have to tell us her plans.

  18. lin234 says:


    Mongoloid? Wow, racist much? I wasn’t aware it’s acceptable to make a racist slur towards someone with Asian heritage. Does this mean it would be offensive to call Tiger a N—-r but it’s ok go call him a Mongoloid.

  19. Sudini says:

    @lin234 – please see my second comment (above) before labeling me a racist. I rescinded that remark after having looked up the true definition. I didn’t understand the real implications of the word and I apologize for being at ALL offensive.

  20. N says:

    When infidelity happens and it is made known, there are two choices – to stay or to leave. One is easier, and one is harder and it depends on the person involved who has been cheated on to decide which is the easier path, and which is the harder path – it is different for each person….one’s character will determine which path that person chooses, but never assume that staying is the “easy” decision unless you have been through it.
    ps: Racist remarks are NOT welcome here and from someone who has a best friend that is of Asian decent, I’m incensed!

  21. OXA says:

    I think Elin having her father there with her and the kids this week, may show her that even if parents divorce they can choose to particpate in their kids lives. Tiger is too self involved to be a decent parent to his kids and shis life is all about his desires.

  22. city says:

    yeah that mongoloid comment was brutal.

    Noun 1. Mongoloid – a member of the Mongoloid race
    Asian, Asiatic – a native or inhabitant of Asia
    2. mongoloid – a person suffering from Down syndrome (no longer used technically in this sense)

    so are you saying he looks asian (which he is) or that he is a ‘ret@rd’ which is discriminatory towards people with down syndrome? I am in no way defending his atrocious behavior, but come on…

  23. Sudini says:

    @City – Please see my previous TWO comments where I explain that I used the word in error before actually looking up it’s TRUE definition.

    I would NEVER have used the word had I understood it’s true definition and I will not be using it in the future.

    But people, PLEASE read all the way through before casting judgement. I’m extremey upset to have inadvertantly used such an ugly, racist slur.

  24. Tia C says:

    Sudini already apologized twice for the mongoloid comment, let’s let it go folks! Hey, I’m the one who called him/her on it, and I let it go! We can all learn together…it is possible.

  25. Sudini says:

    Thank you Tia C!!

    And thank you for the (not so little) lesson ;)

  26. Marjalane says:

    I think it’s one thing to “forgive” an affair, to rebuild trust for your mate after one or both stray- but Tiger is a freak! Just the stuff he has admitted to is creepy and vile; That Elin is DREAMING if she thinks he’s going to buckle down and be a good father, let alone husband! I guess it’s all about the fame and money for her.

  27. GreenGinger says:

    Sudini, maybe you are not as racist as your first comment suggests. But your comments taken together suggest, at the very least, that you are an @ss. And that is giving you the benefit of the doubt.

  28. gg says:

    Yeah, I have two friends who have sisters with Downs Syndrome, and they are hurt when people use that phrase. But live and learn.

    Re Elin – who says she’s “with” him? I would bet money she has hardly touched him since the front yard fiasco. Her law firm is most likely drawing up the EXTENSIVE and very detailed paperwork to begin the divorce. When there is this much at stake you don’t just file for divorce the next week like regular people might. There is way too much property, money and family involved in this one to not get it right the first time.

    edit: Oh, lay off Sudini, she knows now. jeeze.

  29. TG says:

    @Thefirstone – Sorry to hear about your relationship breaking up, from your comment is sounds like your spouse is the one who cheated and you are right if we haven’t been in the situation it is hard to really comprehend, but I also feel that you have tried your best since you didn’t cheat and was the spouse trying their best when they were busy banging others? No. So only those crazy christians will fault you, but I commend you if you leave. If it does work out great, but you owe this person nothing.

  30. bellaluna says:

    I, for one, respect Elin for taking her time and getting her ducks in a row before making an irrevocable decision which will effect the rest of her and the children’s lives. I too was cheated on, and even though I decided divorce was the only solution in May 1997, I waited until I had a job, an apartment, and help with moving out to leave, which I did, in August of that year. Yes, it was miserable. Yes, I hated staying under the same roof as the man who ruined our marriage and slept with another woman in our bed while our children were asleep down the hall and I was at work (at my second job, no less!).

    I actually knew our marriage was over in 1995, but I went to marriage counselling with him for over a year and made every effort before deciding to divorce. See, God knows me, and He knows I’m one of those “what if” women. I had been praying for a sign that it was time to go, and when I came home from work early and found my cheater changing the sheets, I received my sign. It was an ugly sign, but it was an answer to my prayers, and I knew then it was time to go. And I never looked back. So let’s give Elin a little credit, and a break.

    Let’s give Sudini a break, too. I’d say she’s learned from her mistake, and continuing to bash her isn’t helping anyone.

  31. Sudini says:

    @GreenGinger – I’m an ass for making a mistake by using a word I thought to mean one thing and then correcting myself when I learned it meant quite another?

    No. I’m just human. And I’m embarrassed to have made such a mistake. But I’m grateful to have learned from it.

    YOU on the other hand are a bully and need to look more closely at yourself before taking opportunities like these to hurl completely uncalled for insults at someone.

    *Thank you to everyone else for being understanding.

  32. christina says:

    I hope over time that these public affairs can teach all people one thing if nothing else that is people should really consider the lines “for better or for worse” before they say “I do”

  33. Sudini says:

    @Bellaluna – I’m so sorry to hear what you had to go through. But you obviously have a ton of strength to have endured it until you could finally be sure and break away. Total kudos to you.

    My friend calls that the “yogurt” moment. A friend of hers was in an abusive marriage (Emotionally and psychologically), and her husband was just incredibly controlling and nasty (he did some pretty cruel and disgusting things to her that I won’t get into).
    After years of not being sure or ready to get out of the marriage, one day they were at the grocery store and she put some fancy new brand of yogurt in the cart. He snatched it and put it back on the shelf saying “you’re not getting that”. She finally snapped. She looked at the yogurt, and then looked back at him and said “I want a divorce”. Now she’s happily remarried and never looks back.

    Not exactly as horrific as watching your husband changing the sheets, but the message is the same. I guess everyone has their own process to go through..

  34. Feebee says:

    My understanding is that they’re living in separate residences… so they’re not exactly “together”. I imagine Elin’s not stupid so she’s probably getting things in order before going forward with divorce proceedings.

    I was hoping one of the reporters at douchebag’s press conference could have asked “Despite appearances and empty words, you were never ever not going to play the Masters were you?…Don’t lie again, I mean now…”

  35. Cinderella says:

    I think she’s getting ready to bolt.


  36. lin234 says:


    I missed your second comment. I guess I was annoyed at your first that I didn’t take the time to read any further. We are all learning. :)

  37. bellaluna says:


    Thank you. I am also remarried, to a wonderful man, and that ex of mine is just a bad memory. Sometimes we need that “yogurt moment” to be sure we can move on without ever looking back.

  38. Ruffian9 says:

    Christ, GreenGinger, lay off already. Sudini got the message and has been nothing but apologetic, polite and eloquent.

  39. Rianna says:

    “Elin believes Tiger is only giving lip service to his recovery and is convinced he’s still more worried about getting his golf career back on track — rather than Elin’s feelings about their relationship.”

    She expected different? All that bleach must be seeping into her brain from her roots!
    Tiger basically is a narcassist. He doesn’t care and will never care about anyone but himself. If she doesn’t realize that by now, she seriously needs her head examined.

    You know? When this first broke I felt immensely sorry for her and embarrassed for her. Now I think that she is a complete moron and if she chooses to stay in this toxic relationship than its her own damn fault what happens to her. Let dogs like with dogs I say.

  40. moo says:

    Anyone else wanna bash Sudini… I keel you!!!

    GROW UP PEEPS!!! And have a nice day!

  41. Emily says:

    Sudini, don’t take this the wrong way, but what did you think the word meant? I’m just curious, I’m not trying to have a go at you here.

  42. Ray says:

    Isn’t it weird that everybody has a strong opinion on what tiger’s wife should do? why not this much angst over jessie james,or any other?

    How can you guys live,talking about others,when you’re life’s are just as bad? Think about it! kinda easy blaming others eh?

  43. Aspen says:

    I think it’s easy for women to judge other women in situations they’ve never suffered…and it’s easy for women to compare one woman’s situation to another (all wives should leave all cheating husbands).

    It’s not that simple. Children are different. Marriages are different. Wives have different abilities and confidence levels for living alone or getting out. Money situations vary widely. Family support systems vary widely. Location of the home, ages of the children, length of the marriage vs. circumstances surrounding the affair.

    In this case, I cannot imagine why Elin would stay…but I’m smart enough not to judge her choices. I’m not her. Thank God I’m not her. I wish her well, and reading about her (and other betrayed wives) helps me solidify in my mind what I would do if it ever happened to ME.

    And Sudini…you handled this whole thread in a very classy way. What a lady you must be. :)

  44. Whatever says:

    I don’t get the nanny comments. I see pictures of her all the time toting the kids around with her and very few of her out alone. She should leave him and take the money and the nanny with him.

  45. Sudini says:

    Emily – no, that’s fine. I always thought it just meant someone who was really stupid, like an epic moron or something. That was the only context I’d ever heard it used in.

    But then the definition I read said it was used as a derogatory way to refer to Mongols and/or people of Asian descent. And then it went on to say that it was also used as a cruel way to describe people with Down Syndrome. I felt absolutely horrible when I read all that.

  46. Feebee says:

    @ Ray, I think you’re a little off the mark with “your life’s just as bad”. Also you obviously haven’t been reading the comments regarding Jesse James, I haven’t seen any love heading his way from the commentators here. If you think less has been said it may be because less has been made public.

  47. j. ferber says:

    Whatever, She should assume (correctly, I believe) that he’s been sleeping with the nannies, too, and leave them at home with Tiger. All she needs are her kids and Tiger’s bank account. She’ll be fine.

  48. buzzaroo says:

    All power to Elin if she does have a nanny. The woman deserves some help! Hell, I’d have a nanny if i could afford it; I think EVERY mother deserves one!

  49. ogechi says:

    Tiger can do without her. Enough of her accepting and not accepting Tiger back.

  50. late night wigs says:

    Jesus people, lay the hell off Sudini, SHE APOLOGIZED MORE THAN ONCE! I guess the morality/PC police has to meet their quota of feeling superior to other people though, so sorry Sudini. You’re better than me, after the first apology I would have told these holier-than-thou douchebags to go f*ck themselves….and it’s usually the ones screaming about racism the loudest that are the worst, most vicious racists themselves, so don’t sweat it!

  51. Raven says:

    Sudini, loved the yogurt anecdote. Also, I agree with N’s comment about the nanny. A coworker’s daughter has a nanny for her two children and she doesn’t work. She says exactly the same thing.

    That is an ugly photo of Tiger on the cover of Vanity Fair. He looks like a thug.

  52. Frogdogluver says:

    I stick around too if my pre-nup was that sucky. Rumor has it that Rachel U. was paid up to 10 million dollars to keep her mouth shut and according to Elin’s pre-nup that is more than she would get if she left now, lol! Stick around Elin and make his life miserable, I Love it!

  53. SallyJay says:

    @Sudini – really admire your eloquence in apology. Everyone makes mistakes.

    OH ELIN – JUST LEAVE ALREADY! Tiger is a nasty creature.