Grace Jones calls Lady Gaga unoriginal, accuses her of being a copycat

Grace Jones
Grace Jones in 2003

13th Annual 2009 ACE Awards Presented by the Accessories Council - Arrivals
Lady Gaga in 2009

Finally, someone famous says what I have been thinking for over a year. Bizarre but badass performance artist Grace Jones recently said she intentionally turned down Lady Gaga’s offer to work together, because she found Gaga’s style a little too referential to her own. She called out Gaga on stealing other artists’ styles, including her own, saying she had no desire to work with her.

Pop icon Grace Jones has sparked a row with Lady Gaga after accusing the Poker Face singer of copying her legendary style.

Jones claims to have snubbed the chance to collaborate with the chart-topping star because she lacks originality.

The 61-year-old ex-supermodel told The UK’s Guardian newspaper: “I’d just prefer to work with someone who is more original and someone who is not copying me, actually.

“I’ve seen some things she’s worn that I’ve worn, and that does kind of p*** me off… I wouldn’t go to see her.”

Jones added: “I really don’t think of her at all. I go about my business. I just don’t play with other acts as a rule.”

Despite the snub, Lady Gaga admits to being inspired by Jones — and has even described the former Bond girl as “Jesus.”

[From Page Six]

I’ve always thought that Lady Gaga’s so-called “original style” is basically ripping off the clothes, music and image of other artists since day one. While I don’t think her music is the worst out there – that honor goes to the shit-tastic Kesha – I never really got what the big deal is about her. To me, she looks like a knockoff of artists from the 70s like Grace Jones, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury and Missing Persons’ frontwoman, Dale Bozzio. It’s one thing to be influenced by other artists- but to copy them so blatantly? I don’t blame Grace one bit for being pissed off. Not that Grace has ever had a problem speaking her mind.

Of course, Gaga’s lap dog, Perez Hilton, had to get in the middle of it and diss Grace Jones. He said, “We think there’s nothing sadder than an washed-up diva who has to stay relevant by criticizing someone infinitely more successful than they ever were!” Bitch, please. I’d like to see Gaga sell out out the Hollywood Bowl and perform at Coachella at 61 years old! Neither Perez nor Gaga are fit to carry Ms. Jones’ platforms. I’m Team Grace on this one.

Grace Jones performing in 2003
Grace Jones

Lady Gaga performing in 2009
Lady Gaga performs in concert in California

Grace Jones in 2008
MOBO Awards 2008 - Show

Lady Gaga in 2010
Lady Ga-Ga attends the press room at Brit Awards

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  1. Crash2GO2 says:

    I’ll just say that I think Grace Jones has the stature, presence and beauty to carry off her costumes. She’s Fabulous.

  2. vic says:

    “Imitation is the highest form of flattery”

  3. VV says:

    Grace is amazingness!

    Grace Jones > Lady Gaga.

  4. p3rp3tu4 says:

    To be inspired by grace, david bowie etc is refreshing, just as long as it isn’t the hip hop replay rerun mix that has been around for too long.

  5. Malorie says:

    Perez Hilton should STFU, especially when the subject is music. I remember he even thought that Nothing Else Matters is from Lucy Silva, didn´t have any idea it was from Metallica.

    “…who has to stay relevant by criticizing someone infinitely more successful than they ever were!” –> Is he talking about HIMSELF???????

  6. Constance says:

    I agree MSat- Team Grace!

    I was pretty disturbed at the comments Perez and his drivel had to say about her quote. Excuse me, but I know a lot of people who don’t care for his “Gagaloo/Tucker First Class.” She has a nice music producer who comes up with catchy club beats…and that’s about it.

    Her dancing (aka performing) is atrocious! Her last video in its entirety was a sad mix of Madonna-copy and white trash glorification. Her Haus of Gaga is a joke. I thought plagiarism was frowned on, not made excuses for.

  7. bite me says:

    Grace JOnes is a fierce kitty meow

  8. waldemar says:


    Good that she snubbed Gaga. To bad Cindy Lauper didn’t (another Gaga copies the hell out). They are together in some ad for make-up, I think. Couldn’t believe my eyes.

  9. Darlene says:

    I actually prefer Gaga. Grace Jones, while being visually spectacular, makes crap music. Do any of you defending her listen to her music? It’s not good, IMHO. She’s a fabulous performance artist, but as far as the whole package of singer/performer goes, Jones doesn’t have it over Gaga. Gaga wins.

  10. bite me says:

    i doubt will be talking about Gaga 5 years from now, she is just a fad

  11. Wow says:

    @ Vic – totally agree.

    Gaga and Amber Rose style us very similar to Grace’s, but Gaga is also very talented in her own right. Fashion is a cycle. Some people have never heard if Grace Jones or know anything about her because they are too young. To those people Gaga will seem like an original. When some of us are in our 60′s there will be a new singer pop up in lace leggings, gloves, wearing crosses and p&ssing off the Vatican and younger people will swear the singer is onto something new. Meanwhile, we’ll all know Madonna did it first and better.

    Grace should feel flattered, IMO. Not very many people can rock that eccentric type of look and get away with it. And she was doing it when it wasn’t popular or the norm.

    And Perez needs to shut up and show some respect to the originals. I don’t think even Gaga would be that tacky and say that about Grace.

  12. meme says:

    TEAM GRACE. i hope to god lady caca is just a fad. she’s hideous.

  13. Samantha says:

    Perez is a hypocrite, really. He is friends with Gaga and Katy Perry so they do no wrong. He is constantly criticizing the famous for smoking, yet he posted a pic of Katy yesterday with a cig and didn’t mention anything about it. A few posts later he showed a pic of some other celeb and pointed out the cig. Early on he bashed celebs that started a clothing line, then he started one at hot topic. He bashed celebs for writing books, then he did. He is an opportunistic whiny user. All that being said, yes Gaga totally ripped off other influences. You can’t deny it, its just too obvious. Doesn’t matter though, she is already famous enough now with the kiddies who don’t remember a lot of what influenced her, so they will always side with her.

  14. Oenix says:

    Vic3 – You beat me to it!!!
    Imitation IS indeed the highest form of flattery. Nothing wrong with a young artist looking up to an older one for artistic inspiration and Ms Jones didn’t need to be so. So. So. RUDE. about it. She could have dissed Lady G by being condescending …. chuckle like mothers do when their young kids put on their clothes and make-up to play grown up…. but that would have highlighted the age difference.

  15. Shay says:

    Grace has guts to say what she says but she is renowned for that, but she has a point. Before Gaga hit the headlines, she was mousy and average. Her very name comes from a Queen song (Radio GaGa) and she has acknowledged this.
    She has basically taken from everyone, a hardcore appropriation if you will, and displayed the fine mess that it is. Is it original?
    No one is really original. Everyone takes ideas on every level.

  16. wer says:

    Grace is oryginal freak. Tranny gaga is wonnabe and cheap copy.

  17. Just a Poster says:

    The first thing I thought when I first saw Lady Gaga was “ooh she is going the Grace Jones route”.. but remember the younger generations think they create everything LOL!

    I do like Lady Gaga’s voice better, (when she really sings not the LA LA LA stuff) and I would like to see what she can do without all the crazy outfits.

  18. Lala11_7 says:

    Everyone is KILLING me here….

    Grace is no original…there were performance artists in New York and Europe that she bit her style from…her producers were the ones that put her on the mat…

    I love me som Grace Jones…but lets be SERIOUS…THERE’S NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN!!!

    This was mean…and catty and yet another sign why the world is the s@*t stew that it is….

    I lost all SORTS of respects for Gracie on this one…and I’m not even a Lady Gaga fan!!!

  19. padiddle says:

    If that delusional queen Hilton thinks that Gaga is in any way more influential than Grace Jones he needs to get a clue. Jones is a former Warholian muse, a fashion icon, and a legend. Lady Gaga is just some chick from NJ who capitalized on the current spirit of “remake everything!” that is going on right now.

  20. bagladey says:

    Lady Gaga (of whom I am a fan) and Perez Hilton are not in the same class as Grace Jones. Grace Jones is an accomplished, sucessful fashion model, modern and classical singer and an actress who still performs, so Perez Hilton is nothing but an ignorant fool.

  21. eggy weggs says:


    What an excellent point! Sure, Gaga is a copy cat, but she’s mining some good sources. I just wish Grace Jones had been a little more gracious in this situation. I understand that she’s an amazing artist and really doesn’t have to answer to anyone, but still. A little kindness goes a long way.

  22. Stephy2485 says:

    @ Lala11_7 —-You hit the nail on the head on, my friend!

  23. Constance says:

    Yes nothing is original, but influence and outright copycat are two different beasts.

  24. freckles says:

    Wow, how ironic that a woman named Grace could be so… un-gracious. I’m not the biggest fan of Gaga and I’m only 21 so I don’t even know who Grace Jones is (although from your comments I have respect for what she’s done). It’s obvious to me and many of you that Gaga took her inspiration from Grace and many others…. but like others have said, “there’s nothing new under the sun”. I think her influences are diverse and great musicians, what’s wrong with that? Is it fair or even reasonable for a pop culture icon to revolutionize fashion or music or whatever, and then expect no one else to follow in their footsteps?

  25. snowball says:

    Soo. If we “worship” Queen Grace, what are we going to say about whomever it was that she copied? Because she did. As numerous other people said, there’s nothing new under the sun, someone else did it first and did it better. So is she as much of a fraud as she’s saying Gaga is? Does she warrant the same rude ‘dis? Because she was an obnoxious bitch when she had the opportunity to be gracious while still being a little catty and keeping her attitude, but instead chose to be a rotten a-hole and diminish someone who has an entirely new fanbase.

    Listening to Grace Jones is worse than throwing all of my flatware and china down a flight of stairs and Dale Bozzio and Missing Persons were pretty much just leaning on an electric keyboard. To some people, manna of the gods. To others, Gaga is the same. To each their own, but to say one is derivative of the other and to say one is the original trailblazer when there is no such thing is ridiculous.

    Unless you want to run back to the original first man who stood upright, I don’t think you’re going to find the “first” one who did anything. Grace wasn’t the first to stick something over her face, the first to wear a jacket with no bra on or the first one to do much of anything.

    It’s stupid for all of these people to start crawling out of the woodwork crying that, “I did it fiiiiiiirst,” just as it’s annoying and crybaby that that weasel Perez thinks he has to run to Gaga’s defense anytime someone says she has a hangnail.

  26. ogechi says:

    she is right looking at those pictues.

  27. annaloo says:

    As Marie Antoinette said, “There is nothing new, except what has been forgotten. “

  28. Tia C says:

    @ meme: I totally agree. And “lady caca” – perfect. She is a fad, she will go away, I have faith.

    @ Darlene: I like Grace Jones’ music, I don’t think it’s crap. I do think Caca’s is crap. We all have different opinions.

    I’ve been wondering why Caca’s costumes look so familiar. She totally is ripping off Grace Jones’ style. And while imitation is indeed flattery, it sounds like Grace Jones is flattered enough, thank you very much, and Caca can take her toys and go home now, lol.

  29. Hate Her says:

    Grace rules.

    Perez is losing popularity at an accelerating rate. Finally after all these years – hooray! People are saying enough and not going to his site anymore.

  30. Iggles says:

    Wow, Gaga is a total copycat. It’s clear from the pictures. It’s ridiculous to protest Gaga being called out for this. “Nothing under the sun is new” doesn’t absolve plagiarism. I dare you to argue that when being sued for copyright infringement..

    There’s a difference between “paying homage” to your idol and directly copying your idol. One is a reinterpretation of that which inspired you — the other is ripping off someone else’s idea due to your lack of creativity.

  31. malame says:

    ugh i agree with everyone on perez hilton he gets on my nerves … to him everything lady gaga does is good he’s even calling her gagalupe as in virgen guadalupe?

  32. Popcorny says:

    I have to laugh at the contrived Baby GooGoo for all her pathetic attempts -especially trying to sidle up to the original magnificence that is Grace Jones.
    Googoo tries too hard and it’s always come off that way. Her costumes are to hide her homeliness, insecurities and are (as said) copy-cat gimmicks.
    Grace Jones’ whole act is pure Art centered on one of the most gorgeous and dynamically structured creatures to ever walk this planet.

  33. Katie from Boston says:

    @DARLENE – I go on record as someone who STILL listens to Grace Jones. She totally rocks in my opinion. There is NO ONE like Grace Jones. Grace can “Roll up to my bumper” any time!

  34. hmm says:

    I think that Gaga’s fans make her somewhat unappealing. They are starting to act like she invented music, costumes, and theatrics. God forbid that Grace Jones should say what a lot of people think. It doesn’t matter whether her fans have heard of Grace Jones, she clearly has and she’s been biting her style (and others) since she became relevant on the scene. The one difference between Grace Jones and Gaga is that Grace has not assumed a personality for the sake of being different and hoodwinking a generation into believing that she’s something she’s not. Mark my words, in a few years, Gaga will be onto a new persona and Grace will still be doing Grace.

  35. Brooke says:

    I think it’s very telling that the pro-Gaga lobby hasn’t heard of Grace Jones and doesn’t think she’s relevant. It seems to me that none can identify their own hypocrisy in siding with a personality who is supposed to epitomize edginess and authenticity when her vehicle is the mainstream. There is a reason you haven’t heard of Grace – she’s not commercializing her “differentness” and selling it to you on MTV – she is a true artist and to access her edge and authenticity you have to search her out. Enjoy your manufactured, bromidic hipness, kids! Leave the true art to the adults.

  36. MSat says:

    I don’t think Grace is being unreasonable at all. Pick up any magazine with Lady Gaga’s mug on the cover, and what adjectives do you see there? “Inventive,” “Style Icon,” “Original,” “Mold-Breaking,” etc. Now, imagine you’re the person Gaga is so blatantly ripping off, making millions doing it. And then, the copycat has the nerve to ask you to collaborate on a song? Oh, nuh-UH. I’d be ripsh*t and I’d be talking about it.

  37. Lilias says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with what Lady GaGa is doing. To me, she’s more Madonna-like in her music, music videos and costuming-to-hide-insecurity.

    Grace Jones is a wonderful artist but you can’t expect someone to never, ever use the style you probably copied from someone else. I mean, she’s not the first to put lace on her face. She’s not the first to mix performance art and music. She’s acting like what she has created is unique and it’s not.

    Everything in the entertainment industry is a version of something else.

    hmm: Grace Jones didn’t invent music, costumes and theatrics either.

    EDIT: Msat every few years some artist comes out with something that people tout as Inventive or Original or whatever.

    Kanye was “original” and “mold-breaking” with his Autotuned-on-purpose songs. But T-Pain had been using Autotune before that for vocal distortion. And Cher used it before that. Are they copying Cher? Sure. Does anybody care? No.

    Because in the entertainment industry everybody is copying someone else whether they know it or not. Most know what they are doing. And no one cares.

    Why Grace Jones suddenly thinks she’s special and she’s the ONLY one who has been doing performance art/music (Bjork, anyone?) and no one else can put stuff on their face or wear tuxedo jackets (GASP!) is a mystery. Maybe she wants a little publicity?

  38. sunspot says:

    At 61, you’d think Jones would have a little more perspective. Artists take what they want from other sources and make it their own. I would like to see ANY successful artist that didn’t have obvious influences. She sounds jealous of Gaga and that’s just kind of sad.

  39. Maritza says:

    Team Lady Gaga! When has Grace made a number #1 hit anyway? I don’t think I have ever heard any of her music?

  40. masonwasp says:

    Brooke, you shouldn’t have to seek out your art. Until the 20th century, art was made by and for the general population. It wasn’t until recently that “edginess” was even a desirable quality in art – and it has created an unnatural elitism that has done nothing but harm it, as you see from declining museum and cultural attendance.

    Whether you like it or not, people like Lady Gaga are our art. Welcome to the 21st century.

  41. mollination says:

    Can everyone stop reporting on “perez hilton’s” opinion? He’s not a celebrity. I don’t care what he says. Don’t give him the relevance please.

    If we need the opinion of a relevant and insightful blogger then we can ask Michael Korda.

  42. dizzybenny says:

    Team Grace!!So what if she’s looking to steal a few spotlights of CaCa.Lord knows CaCa is doing that of Grace!

  43. jennab says:

    Grace is the shit! her acting, her body, her voice! OMG and who can forget Vamp! everyone should see that movie. when i was little i so wanted to look like her, strong, fearsome, yet sexy, however i’m just a short overweight latina that looks like a minnie beth ditto

  44. GatsbyGal says:

    So I guess no one can wear a suit top without pants, or a lace mask, or some sort of mesh black thing over their head or else OMG THEY ARE COPYING GRACE JONES. Please, everyone is copying everyone. There are no original fashion ideas anymore, everything has been done.

  45. WeSLyN says:

    Grace Jones has never been known for mincing words (Strange, b@tch!)..she was the muse for Andy Warhol and Jean-Paul G0ude and put Gautier* on the map..not saying that she was not inspired by other icons (insert history of Josephine Baker here) but GaGa seems to TRY to copy her exact style not play off of it or be inspired by it and as someone else said..take credit for her “originality” but she could obviously never fill those shoes so she’s also not worried as you’ll see if you read the whole interview..the statement answered the question and GaGa was a passing thought..and i’d really like to see how relevant GaGa is at 61

    i’m in my early twenties and i know this and recognize this

  46. Macheath says:

    I disagree. I’m writing a dissertation on this subject in fact. Art only became accessable in the 20th century. Before that, it was always an elitist indulgence. The average person in Renaissance Florence was more concerned about avoiding the plague than what Leonardo da Vinci painted. The average person in the eighteenth century was not part of the Enlightenment movement because they couldn’t read or write. The average greek never attended a lecture by Plato or Aristotle. Art became accessable with education and population growth. Before that it was confined within the sphere of its producers and the upper eschelons of society (who were often the producers themselves). “Edginess” or innovation has always been desired by artists.

    We’re extremely lucky in the 21st century to have such readily available access to art.

  47. Brooke says:

    Macheath – you took the words right out of my mouth. I literally laughed out loud when I read Masonwasp’s statement that art has historically been by and for the general population. My statement stands.

  48. Macheath says:

    Spelling mistakes–
    ……need more sleep…..

  49. gg says:

    Grace has always been a huge bitch to other people, which is bad.

    Gaga never slags anybody, which is good.

    Grace’s designers are waaaay better than the plastic falling-off stuff Gaga wears.

    Gaga’s dumb props are usually just too much. She can barely walk or see in 90% of her costumes.

    Grace can’t sing, which is bad. She’s just a giant ego.

    But Gaga sings like a m0ther4ucker, which is good.

    So, Team Gaga for the karma.

  50. Jeri says:

    Samantha – I so agree with everything you said. Perez hates & vicously trashes most women except the couple he fawns all over & they can do no wrong. That guy so needs to be taken down. The clock is ticking on him (and Gaga).

  51. buckley says:

    Hmm…I don’t know. I think all artists borrow from each other. It isn’t always a bad thing. Seems GaGa has some talent too. I seriously don’t think she set out to imitate her…maybe she was inspired by her. What’s wrong with that?

  52. Uncle Bob says:

    Hmmm…doesn’t that sound a little like the usual self appointed “I’m the Queen of everthing” arrogance that Ms. Jones has always been known for. And, if i’m not mistaken – Ms. Jones is coming out with another brand new album of unlistenable music – what an easy way to get free publicity by being snarky about another artist.

  53. Juicein LA says:

    CaCa is derivative and wholly unoriginal. I have despised her since she crawled out of that nasty ball-riddled crevice otherwise known as Perez Hilton’s taint…

    Swoon, Grace Jones, SWOON!!!!

  54. MSat says:

    I’d also like to point out that Gaga has put out exactly TWO albums. TWO! And that second one was just remixes and songs that didn’t make the cut of her first one! Grace Jones had her first #1 hit before Gaga was even born. Let’s see if Gaga can keep being the so-called original innovator on her next album. I wonder who she’ll rip off next?

    I think there’s only one way to solve this: Grace/Gaga cage match!!

  55. moo says:

    Well it’s about time, Grace!!! I’ve been wondering how long it would take…

  56. gg says:

    How many #1 chart hits has Grace Jones had?
    answer 2 – one in 1977 and one in 1993, and only in the dance chart singles – did she even write anything?

    Just from the last two years, Gaga has had more than I’m going to type right now. Just saying – people like her and her songs better. And Gaga writes her own songs and does not copy Grace’s songs so she’s only talking about copying her damn hat ffs.

  57. Jillian says:

    Grace has a point, but going in this vein, you could criticize pretty much every single composer, band, etc. for copying Pachebel’s Canon.

    And she really didn’t have to be so rude when Lady Gaga is looking up to her and citing her as a major influence.

    I’m team GaGa on this. I’ve never heard of Grace Jones before, and I’ve never heard her music or seen her perform. (her costumes look really cool though.)

    I think it was really rude of Grace to snub someone who looks up to her and is carrying on her legacy of awesome craziness.

  58. Emily says:

    Team Gaga. I can’t think of a single Grace Jones song-I’ve only ever heard of her in this blog and one magazine, actually. Considering Gaga’s had one proper album out, she’s had a huge amount of hit singles.

    Plus, copying someone else is nothing new. Just look at Shakespeare’s work. As long as you improve on it, I see nothing wrong with being inspired by other earlier artists.

  59. gg says:

    Grace has always been an amazing model and talk show and red carpet personality, unparalleled in fact, and that’s about it. She has never been good with the music thing.

  60. newERA2 says:

    You’ll be loving GAGA and u don’t even realise it !!! HAHA….

    The different is everything she does and did, are and were for her FANS !!!! Can any1 say that GAGA is 100% mimicking another person every pieces of the clothes????

    What world is this? Every1 is opening their own fashion line….and doesn’t most of it look similar in some style? U call this DIY ppl !!! HAHHA…

  61. JaydeLof3 says:

    if i had to take a guess, it would be that grace jones had some or most of her clothes/outfits custom made. but yet she says that she’s seen some things that she’s worn on lady gaga? and if she doesn’t like lady gaga, she probably didn’t give her any of her clothes. now, maybe some of what lady gaga wears COULD seem like different versions of what grace jones wears/would have worn but what lady gaga wears definately has more aesthetics, artistry and cleverness. (besides, if they WERE the same, wouldn’t there have been some stupid lawsuit or something, because the way that grace jones is acting, it seems to be her character). also, the things lady gaga wears would get laughed out of grace jones’ era, even for her (grace jones). i don’t know of every single person whose ever been, but i DO know that NO ONE could wear what Ldy G wears and get away with it, i don’t care who you are. (otherwise THEIR name would be Lady Gaga!) she takes it above, beyond, across, over and further than anyone or anything and i friggin’ love her for it!

  62. newERA2 says:

    You’ll be loving GAGA and u don’t even realise it !!! HAHA….

    The different is everything she does and did, are and were for her FANS !!!! Can any1 say that GAGA is 100% mimicking another person every pieces of the clothes????

    What era u are at now? Every1 is opening their own fashion line…and don’t you think most of it look similar in some style? U call this DIY ppl !!!! pick up from ur bitterness and walk!!

  63. cOOLneut0 says:

    LADY GaGa likes to wear things her fans can replicate.

    The Telephone hitmaker — who’s famous for her wacky and wild dress sense — insists anyone can recreate her look.

    “When it comes to fashion I always need to keep my fans in mind,” said GaGa. “I need to, whether I am wearing something that is high fashion and was on a catwalk last week or a leather jacket I picked up at a vintage store, I need to create things and wear things that my fans can replicate in some way.”

    GaGa — real name Stefani Germanotta — recently revealed that she dyed her hair blonde so she wouldn’t be mistaken for British singer Amy Winehouse.

    “You know, it’s not a bad thing. I think Amy is beautiful, but when you’re trying to make imagery for yourself in the world… [At the time] I wasn’t even signed, I was making music in bars,” she said.

    “And then everyone had dark hair and I used to wear my hair big and wear lots of eyeliner before Amy came out and then [she was everywhere and] I thought: ‘Oh s**t.’ So I dyed my hair.”

    Tags: lady gaga

  64. too real says:

    funny someone put that quote of Lady Gaga not wanting to look like Amy whinehouse and dyed her hair blonde to look more original.. when indeed all she did was rip off Christina aguileras dyed hair. she then got upset with Christina aguilera and accused Christina of stealing her style. Lady Gaga is riding the high wave now but we all now Christina’s style was her own long ago. lady caca aka stphanie g is just an wimp that really ripped off some of christina’s style.
    just look at christinas videos.. look at madonnas videos…hell shes ripping off all those videos then claims its her own original style.
    now she has reverted to using Christina’s hollywood style. pathetic.
    grace Jones is right on the money with her.

  65. Stephanie says:

    What an ego on GJ, does she think she invented eccentricity? Even so as another poster stated, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  66. Adam says:

    Uumm I don’t care what you all say gaga is an inspiration to billions of fans, and for all the haters thank you because you are the cause for her singing and you are the ones that tell her to never give up. She has done many things that other artist havent even thought of she supports the gays takes care of the homeless and she even funded the monster ball for her fans to enjoy so she is not selfish she dosent sit there and collect all the money she gets like all the other artists she actually is helping the world and all you people can do is just bitch and comblain about everything STOP IT its annoying!

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