Jon Gosselin begging TLC for own show, has new 40-something girlfriend

Aloha! Jon Gosselin touches down in Hawaii and immediately lights up a cigarette whilst waiting on his rental car
While Kate Gosselin is granting interviews to whichever outlets will help promote her “poor me, I’m just a working mom” tour, her ex husband Jon is up to his old tricks. Jon has reportedly hooked up with yet another gullible woman of means, except this one isn’t 23 like his last few hookups and is in her 40s. After getting kicked out of his last girlfriend’s house for spending all his time drinking beer and languishing on the couch, Jon has snared an older woman who he hopes will bankroll his “projects,” i.e. pay for him to sit on his ass and drink beer. If that fails, as it will eventually, he has a backup plan and is said to be begging TLC to give him his own reality show. Oh and there’s still that custody lawsuit he’s filed against his ex wife in a pitiful and transparent attempt to avoid paying child support and/or squeeze some cash out of her.

The dad of eight hasn’t had much luck finding work since he and TLC parted ways, and apparently his luck with women hasn’t been much better. The relationships he had when his divorce to Kate was being finalized have fallen apart.

Most recently, the girl he was living with in the L.A. area “threw him out,” according to a source close to Jon — “basically, at the same time that he filed the lawsuit against Kate” that requested an amendment to his alimony and child-support obligations.

Now, Jon is interested in another woman, one who can support him while he’s strapped for cash. “He has a new 40-something, Washington, D.C., love interest,” a Gosselin insider told Us Weekly. “She’s rich — and he’s hoping to have her back one of his projects.”

What that project is specifically is not certain. However, Us reports that Gosselin has been knocking on TLC’s door.

“He has been lobbying TLC to get a show of his own,” the insider said. “It’s killing him that Kate is having all of this success.”

Kate’s show, “Twist of Kate,” debuts on the network this summer.

[From MSNBC's The Scoop]

I’m wondering how Jon keeps finding rich clueless victims. He seems to be scouting for women through the entire country so there have to be some wealthy needy fools left who don’t set foot in enough grocery stores to be sufficiently forewarned.

We’re focusing on Kate’s equally annoying do-nothing husband since he’s getting less coverage lately, but there’s plenty of news about her as usual. According to Life & Style, Kate hasn’t had sex since she was last with Jon in January, 2009. He was catting around at that time and rumors surfaced in May of a three month affair he’d had with a school teacher.

Kate has plans to fix her self-imposed celibacy, though. According to Popeater she hopes to hook up with a celebrity like Jeff Goldblum or David Hasselhoff. She might not be aiming as high as we think. Goldblum allegedly had a fling with John Edwards’ mistress Rielle Hunter and Hasselhoff might be game after a lot of vodka. She also should consider taking Taylor Hicks up on his offer.

Kate Gosselin, who was booted from Dancing With the Stars , walks with her bodyguard Steve Neild ahead of the show

Kate Gosselin, who was booted from Dancing With the Stars , walks with her bodyguard Steve Neild ahead of the show

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and Jon Gosselin on Fame

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  1. Jackson says:

    Why would anyone give this fool his own show? Why would anyone watch said show? And the only reason I could see anyone dating this fool is to get her 15 minutes of fame. Please, ladies, think this through first – you will be forever linked to this goober via the internet.

  2. heb says:

    Jon is slowly crawling back to Kate–he tweeted this morning that he fired that crack job lawyer and has basically submitted himself to Kate’s lawyers.

  3. Maritza says:

    Actually Taylor Hicks would be a perfect match with Kate, he seems like a really nice guy, Kate would be lucky to have him.

  4. Roma says:

    Kate + Hasselhoff would be a dream come true, it really would. I can’t even imagine the goodness.

    Please, please, please let this somehow happen. Kate would be all “bitch, stop your drinking and carry my purse, don’t you know I’m a hard working single mom?” And David would be all “bitch, don’t hassle the Hoff”.

  5. bellaluna says:

    I can’t imagine that there’s still anyone out there who would:

    1) Watch Jon’s lame-ass on a TV show when he’s constantly parading around in front of the paps for us to read about online for free.

    2) Actually believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

    3) Actually get into bed with him! EW! Crotch cooties. *shudder*

    On a side note, I guess word’s gone out amongst the co-eds countrywide that Jon’s not to be trusted, so now he’s moved on to the “never been married 40+” demographic.

  6. Beth says:

    I’m ashamed to say that when they announced their divorce on was on Jon’s side. I can’t believe what a total tool he became. Personally I’m surprised he doesn’t have a show on VH-1. They have the sleaziest and tackiest reality shows.

  7. padiddle says:

    lol@ picturing her with Jeff Goldblum – doesn’t he have a gf? I know he once dated Nicole Ritchie (reportedly) and I about died thinking about it.

  8. Just a Poster says:

    Beth HAHHAHAHA! Sadly for Jon, I just read that VH1 is trying to shiny up their image. They are going for not all trash all the time shows, now they are trying to do less trashy all the time shows.

  9. moe says:

    How the heck does Jon get any women to even talk to him let alone date him?
    He makes me sicker than seeing Kate’s face plastered all over the place.
    I cant wait for the day when they’re not on the front of every website.

  10. Paul E. Stanley says:

    You know, I’m sick of seeing Kate allowed (by TLC) to do whatever she wants to “support her 8 kids” as she puts it. But Jon, who also has to support 8 kids was barred by TLC from earning the big paydays.

    Kate says “I can’t go back to nursing I have 8 kids to support I won’t make enough money” mean while people say “Jon should just get a computer job” Ya like that’s going to make the $20,000 child support payments.

    I know, you’ll say “he broke the morality clause” in his contract with TLC. But I say that when the 2 of them went around to all the different churches talking about being loving parents and what a great marriage they have and how hard it is to raise 8 kids when in reality they were living a shame marriage all for a TV show. That’s immoral.

    I will never watch another program on TLC again. They are ruthless heartless people who are out to do nothing but destroy families.

    I really think I need to take a break from visiting CB I can

  11. lucy2 says:

    I can’t believe anyone would be fool enough to date him. There is not one appealing aspect about him at all, and tons of negative ones.

    LOL Roma – I hope that is a signal to the Hoff that he needs to get his life together – he’s being tabloid paired with Kate Gosselin! Who I totally believe would try to get with a celeb to keep her fame.

    At one point Jeff Goldblum was dating the very young actress who played Alex on Lost. Don’t know if that’s still happening, but he was more than 2X her age. I guess he likes the young ones! Ew.

  12. Kelaa Khaa says:

    I agree with Maritza – Kate and Taylor Hicks would make a nice couple, he strikes me as undouchelike.

  13. Sunnyjyl says:

    This is the couple I love to hate, but Kate and The Hoff?!!! That would be hEaVeN! Thank you Roma for your gifted imagination.

  14. Jag says:

    lol @ Roma… love it. :)

    Kate and Taylor Hicks would work just because they’re both not nice people.

    TLC needs to stay far away from Jon. As much as I don’t like him now, it’s strange to me that a court would uphold his payments of $20k a month when he doesn’t appear to be doing any kind of work at all. I’ll never understand our court system.

  15. Lantana says:

    LOL on the Hasselhoff on vodka hooking up with Kate. Yes I can see it. What is so pathetic, in my mind, is how people live out TOTAL melodrama on national TV. This is their lives. It’s not a dress rehearsal.

  16. Judy says:

    I’m reading that Kate and Jon have reached a private, amicable settlement. Good ole’ TLC–the unstoppable machine.

  17. Feebee says:

    And just what would a show about Jon be based on? Jon. And what’s Kate’s new show based on? Kate.

    These tools (and I include TLC execs in here) forget that people tuned in (I assume) to watch a family of 10 dealing with everyday life and the kids being the primary stars. Not Kate or Jon.

    This whole thing is just so distasteful.

  18. TaylorB says:

    The $20,000 in child support was based on the previous income (what he had made during the year prior to the case), courts will modify support payments if a persons income changes it happens all the time. Courts can only order up to a certain percentage of a persons income to child support it isn’t like they are going to order him to pay $20 grand if he only makes $5 grand a month. All he needs to do is file with the court his adjusted income.

  19. Wow says:

    Ugh. This guy.

    Even I can no longer root for you anymore.


  20. L says:

    Wait, his new love interest is in DC?! Oh boy, he better not go outside or he is going to get some serious heckling.

  21. Hautie says:

    I believe Jeff Goldblum is allergic to kids. She needs to look for a man who have no idea who or what she is.

    I just don’t see any man willingly taking her on. She is not a pleasant person.

  22. pluck says:

    Kate and Jon should get back together since they should only inflict themselves on each other and leave the rest of the world-including vodka guzzling Hoff-alone!

  23. DoMaJoReMc says:

    @ Paul E. Stanley:

    I am 100% in agreement with you. Why is it that TLC will allow KHATE to go out there and whore herself out to whatever media outlet can stand her, while Jon is raked over the coals for not doing anything?

    If TLC doesn’t want him to work, they should buy out his contract with them. It’s only fair. (Sort of like the Conan O’Brien deal.)

    There is no question that SOMEBODY *cough* KHATE *cough* is doing SOMETHING
    *cough* *cough* to SOMEONE *cough* TLC in order to get all that she wants. Why else does she get all the make-overs, TV shows, etc. She is a conniving b!tch and self serving, at that.

    So, the only way that KHATE can ‘make it’ as a single mom is to whore herself out there so that she can support her kids? Well, KHATE, here’s an idea.

    1. Fire your nannies. That’s right, I said, fire your nannies. Whenever you are gone, Jon can be their nanny.

    2. When you are home, be a GD mother. There is no need for nannies when they are at this age, as long as a parent is with them. Really.

    3. Jon gets to spend time with the kids, and the kids get to have at least one of their parents with them all the time. Why can’t anyone else see that this would be a viable solution? Jon always was the more loving, hands on parent. (I just wish that he would lose the butts.)

    4. For goodness sake, PLEASE, Jon and KHATE when you do have time with the kids, do it out in your million BACK acres, away from the paps. If you truly do not want the cameras in their faces, or yours, you will. If we keep seeing you outside in FRONT of your house, we will know that it is only for the publicity, and not quality time with the children.

    There, I’ve said it! (And FYI, my picture window is still intact…….so far!!)

  24. Bee says:

    So I guess this means that Jon Gosselin is officially a gigolo. I can just see him recreating the scene of Richard Gere dressing himself in the movie American Gigolo. But, instead of expensive shirts,Jon would be trying to stuff his beer belly into Ed Hardy t-shirts.

  25. OKHero says:

    To those wondering why TLC lets Kate work for other networks but not Jon:

    Kate’s appearance on Dancing With The Stars generates interest in her that they hope will inspire people to watch her reality shows on TLC, thereby raising profits for TLC.

    Because Jon wanted only to work for other networks, his other publicity wouldn’t bring profits to TLC. Therefore, they wouldn’t allow him.

    Not saying I disagree with you guys or anything, just explaining the logic behind it. :-/