Sheryl Crow says Jennifer Aniston dumped Brad

It seems like the Team Aniston/Team Jolie loonies aren’t the only ones who just can’t let this story go.

Sheryl Crow, who became chums with Jennifer Aniston during her battle with breast cancer, recently mouthed off about Jennifer’s three-year-old split from Brad Pitt. Sheryl was comparing the media coverage in that breakup to the coverage of her own split from bicyclist Lance Armstrong. She claims that both she and Aniston dumped their men, but the media says it was the other way around.

Sheryl Crow has claimed that Jennifer Aniston dumped Brad Pitt rather than the other way around.

The couple split in 2005 after five years of marriage amid rumours that Pitt had fallen for Angelina Jolie on the set of their movie Mr and Mrs Smith.

However, Crow said she learned the truth when she became friends with Aniston after the actress ditched Pitt and she split from cyclist Lance Armstrong.

She said: “For both of us, the perceived idea is that, in our big relationships, we both got dumped. Believe me, this is not true. Neither one of us has ever gotten dumped. No one ever knows what goes on in relationships.

“Unfortunately, for some people like Jennifer and me, so much is written about things that you don’t say, and so many emotions are attributed to you that you haven’t had.”

A friend also insisted that Aniston had called time on the marriage, telling the National Enquirer: “Once Jen saw the writing on the wall, she dumped Brad.

“She took a cold, hard look at her marriage and realised it was irretrievably broken. She and Brad had vastly different personal agendas and feelings about love, career and having a family.”

From Showbizspy UK]

Does anyone really care about Lance and Sheryl or Brad and Jen anymore? I mean, really care? It seems to me that in the Brad-Angie-Jennifer triangle, those three individuals are more than over it and moved on years ago. As for Lance and Sheryl, I never gave a crap about them in the first place. Both of them are boring as hell, so together, they were twice as boring. Who cares who dumped whom? My guess is, Sheryl was looking for some free publicity to promote her boring new CD and she knows that there’s no faster way to get attention than to bring up the Pitt-Aniston divorce.

Picture note by JayBird: Here’s Sheryl Crow taking her son Wyatt on a shopping trip in West Hollywood yesterday. Images thanks to WENN.

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