Us Weekly: Brad Pitt thinks Jennifer Aniston is “desperate & pathetic”

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When I first read an excerpt of this story over at Jezebel, I emailed it to CB it was so deliciously funny. The chance of it being true? Zero to “meh”. But still, funny. So… remember Jennifer Aniston’s big spread in Architectural Digest a few months ago? CB asked if Jennifer’s seemingly 1970s-Ron-Burgandy-inspired home was “depressing or fabulous”. While the dark, heavy furniture wasn’t my style or CB’s, some of you liked it and that’s fine. Different strokes. But some of us asked a different set of questions about Aniston’s appearance in the magazine – why? Her house wasn’t some huge architectural coup, she never really seemed that interested in architecture in general, and Architectural Digest is the premier magazine for architecture fanboys and fangirls. Why not Home & Garden? Why not Elle Décor?

Well, Us Weekly has an answer, sort of. According to a “source” close to Brad Pitt (the “source” rhymes with “ferbil”), Brad thinks Jennifer did AD because she was “trying to get his attention” because she knows that he reads AD. To make matters even worse, Brad thinks the whole “ploy” was “pathetic” and “desperate”. Ouch.

Brad Pitt couldn’t help but notice a recent press clipping featuring his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston in Architectural Digest — and he was none too pleased, a Pitt pal says in the new Us Weekly.

A source claims that Brad Pitt thinks Jennifer Aniston is “pathetic” for having her home in Architectural Digest, and says: “She was never that into architecture when they were married. It was his hobby, and she used to make fun of him for it.”

“Brad thinks she is pathetic,” the source tells Us of a recent Aniston interview, adding that the 46-year-old actor was “disgusted” with his former spouse (the pair divorced in 2005).

“Brad thinks that Jennifer was trying to get his attention because she knows he reads the magazine. Brad feels this is all so desperate,” adds the insider. “It was a ploy to get his attention.”

[From Us Weekly & Jezebel’s Tabloid Round-Up]

It’s an interesting story just because usually the mysterious “sources” never put those words in Brad’s mouth, they put them in Angelina’s mouth. So does that mean there could be a morsel of truth to this story? Eh, I doubt it. If Brad is still reading AD (probably), he probably looked through Jennifer’s spread and thought, “Ew, needs more industrial fixtures, cement and steel.” And that was it. None of this “Oh my God, how pathetic.” Because at the end of the day, Brad doesn’t own the subject of architecture. Yes, it’s his passion, his love, one of his more enduring hobbies, but can’t Aniston just celebrate her Ron Burgundy styles without it being an uncool triangle situation?




AD covers & additional pics courtesy of AD online.

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  1. bite me says:

    am staying out of this, now where my popcorn

  2. Rosalee says:

    How long have they been divoriced? Us Weekly and the other tabs have been sucking back the koola-aid for too long. So far the tabs have them kissing and spending time together and now Brad thinks she trying to get his attention. It’s all bu$$@@it. They have moved more no less than other couples who break up, I doubt if they think about one another. She’s okay, he’s okay, they moved on..doesn’t sell the magazines.

  3. N.D. says:

    Don’t care about this story but it really bothers me that there were np backlash for this week NE cover story claiming JP tweens have DS.

  4. annaloo says:

    OH MAH GAWD! I forgot that Brad Pitt was a really good looking guy!

    That beard! THat f(*&*&(*(*ng beard!!!

  5. Pooky says:

    Yup, I believe this! Way to think outside the box too, Jen – instead of all that tired “look what you’re missing out on” body reworking she’s gone for the “look at the bedroom you could be sh*gging in!” honeytrap instead.


  6. terry says:

    Brad is pathetic for dumping an absolute goddess for a girl with dirty pants. Jen RULES!!

  7. Whatever says:

    Didn’t US Weekly recently have a story about him pining for Jen and secret meetings? Stupid. Don’t believe it at all. Also, her ARCHITECT has been featured many times in AD, and that is why that mag was chosen. These stories are stupid. Instead of sitting around the bong and making up BS, maybe they should get some real reporters to get real stories. Just a thought.

  8. g says:

    brads an architecture advocate? wowee!

    Did’nt help him refine his movie choices however! -”ingloriuo rubbish”
    God that was dreadful.

  9. malina says:

    You’re right. I don’t think she MADE “AD” include her & her house. It was just her turn. However I think she might have took it as a chance to show him how happy she is in her pretty house or whatever..

  10. LolaBella says:

    *Sits next to @bite me with a bowl of chocolate covered raisins. Gets comfortable and waits for the thread to get HOT*

  11. luker says:

    Wow…Brad’s eyes are intense in that cover shot. I had forgotten because all I can see lately is that billy goat beard.

  12. nAynAy says:

    I personally think that anything Jennifer does is to get Brad’s and Angela’s attention to kind of say, “hey look at me, look at me.”

  13. operaghost says:

    Actually, I think that’s exactly why she did it. Whether it was desperation or a belated F-U-2, only she knows. But also look at her pose — coy and enticing? In Architectural Digest? Why not InStyle with their home feature? That seems more Jen by far.

    Wait — Lolabella, you’ve got chocolate covered raisins? Yummmmmm….

  14. Lilias says:

    “Ew, needs more industrial fixtures, cement and steel.”-HEE! Brad does love his uncomfortable, can’t-sit-anywhere, clinical, industrial style, doesn’t he?

    Didn’t I read somewhere that Architectural Digest asks the designers/architects to show off their work? The article had a lot of quotes from the guy who designed the spaces. Didn’t that guy ask Jennifer Aniston if he could showcase his celebrity work in the magazine? I might be wrong.

    N.D.-that is beyond the valley of tacky and into the trench of the grotesque. Who talks about someone’s kids like that?

  15. Cheyenne says:

    This story is about as real as a three-dollar bill.

  16. Snarf says:

    The tabloids really need to find a new ex-supercouple to make crap up about.

  17. endoplasmic ridiculum says:

    Architectural Digest isn’t the type of magaznie to get pulled into publicity stunts by Jen’s agents.. Ths was probably set up because Jen’s architect was Harold Levitt (of Levitt and Moss) and he is known in his own right. Levitt and Moss probably set up the interview.

  18. anon says:

    Real or not, I doubt it though..Brad’s boner over architecture annoys me SO MUCH. More than an interest he comes across as having an air of ‘Oh I’m an expert with this..’ which makes me roll my eyes and do the hand pumping gesture, ahem. Please. And as if he corners the market on that topic anyway – so WHAT if she is interested now even if she has been exposed to it more through him? Why would that irk him so much? What harm? Either way it’s ridiculous.

  19. Cec says:

    Jealousy….envy…or a need of selling a magazine.Who owns Architectural Digest? And second, because Brad Pitt likes ice cream nobody else can ?

  20. Melanie says:

    If Brad said anything he said “meeeehhh” and then ate the magazine.

  21. DD says:

    watch out chey, that three dollar bill might be introduced any day now. It’s not as impossible as say… pigs flying.

  22. J says:

    Ha, I guess Gerard Butler is also pathetic for getting attention from The Almighty Brangelina….

    Mr Pitt must have been looking at Butler in his pink sofa, and thinking to himself: wanna some love from me, Butler?

  23. Kelaa Khaa says:

    Doug is looking good these days!

  24. Oenix says:

    Does anyone still care what Brad thinks about Jennifer? More importantly should Jennifer care? At this point in the game, it’s all IRRELEVANT. They had a relationship and no matter how good/bad it was, it is OVER. Does Brad still comment about all his former loves? The guy isn’t stupid enought to make those kinds of comments within anyone’s earshot as he knows it will surely be blown out of proportion and make from page tabloid news. Give him some credit!!!

  25. lucy2 says:

    Dear Us Weekly and all other tabloids,
    It’s been over 5 years. Move on.

  26. Bella Mosley says:

    I think the only people who haven’t moved on from this relationship is the press and a few fans who have no life. Why are you reporting on this? Plz stop!

  27. lem says:

    the “source” sounds like someone who is jealous and bitter about JA’s life/house.

  28. Whatever says:

    I agree that the tabloids are the only ones still hung up on this. I take no sides and like both actresses. But I really don’t believe that Jen is still obsessing over Brad. Just because she didn’t get married and have a bazillion kids doesn’t mean she is pathetic or can’t move on. Not having kids is as valid a life choice as having them. The whole thing is stupid.

  29. Me says:

    I actually belive this too. I’ve never seen Aniston having any interests. She never speaks of any and she’s never been pictured doing anything except of hanging on to whatever man she can. I’ve always wondered what she does in her spare time. I know that not all celebs flaunt their interests but hey, all those years and not even one accidental paparazzi catch of Aniston having a go at her favourite interests? Weird. On the opposite we know a lot about Brad’s passion for architecture and charity. I do believe Aniston is trying to look interesting and relevant here. I wish she just disappeared.

  30. lilred says:

    I have cheese cake.* Joins bite me, LolaBella and operaghost in sitting on the sofa* waiting for the fireworks.

  31. Melanie says:

    Lilred, you are so lucky. What flavor?

  32. Whatever says:

    She has interests. Yoga is one. Another is hosting dinner parties for friends. I just read an article at my mom’s (no idea what mag). It was about her two chefs, who are sisters, share the job and wrote a cookbook. They were talking about the job and how they can have anywhere from 7 to 30 people show up for dinner and they never know who they will be cooking for. It sounded pretty cool. Like I said before, not everyone needs to fit the mold of wife and mom.

  33. TaylorB says:

    I was kinda reading this thread, until the mention of buttery popcorn AND chocolate covered raisins came into play. Story over, bust out the snacks.

  34. meme says:

    brad’s interests changed so why can’t jen’s? brad was never THE GREAT HUMANITARIAN WHO’S GOING TO SAVE THE WORLD before hooking up with saint angie ho.

  35. Linda says:

    Men always think everything their exes do is to get their attention. She is a twit for making fun of AD though. I just hate it when exes bash their former partners.

  36. lilred says:

    @melanie: black forest swirl Mummm *chocolate and cherries

  37. Maritza says:

    I think Jen does anything to get Brad’s attention, she still hasn’t been able to let him go. Jen should adopt a baby like Sheryl Crow did, she didn’t need a guy in her life, now she is a happy single mother.

  38. beyonces wig says:

    pls brad shave. he looks so hot in these pics..

  39. Toe says:

    I’m glad the tabloid are going at a diff angle with this trio. Maybe she wanted Brad to do her house…it could be possible.

  40. here we go says:

    This thread is making me hungry. *grabs container of Cherry Garcia ice cream & joins others on the couch*

  41. Melanie says:

    I am so hungry! All I have is stupid chicken noodle soup. :(

  42. Majosha says:

    Melanie: I don’t even have chicken soup. I wonder how MarroBones taste? The dogs pester me all day long for them, so they can’t be that bad.

  43. truthSF says:

    All I know is that Jennifer A. looks really, really unfortunate in the top picture, not pretty at all. You should’ve used a better pic.

  44. Melanie says:

    Majosha! LOL. I guess I should count my blessings. (or noodles)

  45. Hautie says:

    Ahhhh…. again with the “when Brad was hot” photo’s.

    It is just tragic he has let him self go.

    Yet, a nice trip to the barber and he would look like a new man.

    Seriously folks, Aniston has moved on. It is just pathetic that the folks over at US, In Touch and OK can’t let it go.

  46. abbizmal says:

    Did someone say ice cream?

  47. jeannified says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised! No way is she over him yet, no matter what she says!

  48. voiceover says:

    Uh…if this were actually true, the only things it would prove are these: A) That Brad is a pompous a**hole for thinking he’s the one and only “architect”. B) That Brad cares/reads into everything his ex does, which only paints HIM as pathetic, not her. C) That Brad actually believes that his ex (or any woman) would still want him, even looking like that. Which I don’t think most women would. His ex is getting younger guys. Only the fan girls would still be drooling.

    And thus, I’m quite certain there’s no shred of truth to this ridiculous story.
    *steps off soapbox and runs to get chips and salsa*

  49. Mimi says:

    don’t we all? She’s pathetic and needs to retire already. She’s old.

  50. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Mimi, should Brad retire, too?

    after all, he’s a downright geezer pushing 50…

  51. Kim says:

    I can see from posts above everyone is over the Brangelina/Aniston thing. Lets move on – there are plenty of other celebs to gossip about.

  52. Kim says:

    Yes Brad should retire along with Angie and raise the 6 kids they have! They have enough money to live fabulously and to support their kids. They do NOT need to work for the money. They work because they are addicted to fame and staying in limelight.

    Parenting is obviously not their first priority. They are off saving the world when they should be at home concentrating on their kids. When their kids get older they can go back to work/saving the world Right now they have very young children & it should be their priority to stay home and raise them since they have the means to do so. They chose to have the children and should chose to raise them themselves with stability not flying all over the world with different nannies.

  53. Kim says:

    Although i dont believe this story – pathetic would be a man who cheats on his wife & continues to work instead of staying home with the 6 children he chose to father – now thats pathetic.

  54. Cheyenne says:

    @Hautie: Of course the tabloids can’t let this go. How else are they going to be able to sell magazines?

  55. yeah, ok says:

    Aniston moved on? So, that’s why she did the People cover w/the headline: “Jen: 5 Years after Brad.” I’m sure she + her PR team had NOTHING to do with that, given that People is basically a kiss-ass for these celebs.(Julia Roberts most beautiful again!–right). And, she also did an interview with Bazaar magazine where she talked about “5 Years of Spring Cleaning”! Gee, I wonder why it’s 5 years rather than say 2 or 1? Oh yeah, that’s right–she can’t live w/out reminding people of the fact that she was dumped, or people might get bored and actually move on. I’m sorry but I don’t buy the “Jen could care less,” or has moved on argument. WHY? Because I can READ. And she’s been smelling rotten ever since her 1st “pity party”/”screaming at the ocean” interview. Her apolegtic fans can go suck it. They are clearly biased towards her, and I’ve always thought she’s a whole lotta hype with very little talent__stepping off the soap box now

  56. jc126 says:

    I ordinarily think that JA is horrified by this endless stream of stories about how she’s desperate, jealous of AJ, pining, etc. But that cover shot gives me pause – what’s with the come-hither on AD? Lame, if true.

  57. Cinderella says:

    I want the old Brad back!

  58. Beth says:

    False story since I can’t picture Brad being mean and angry about the shoot. But I do agree with the part about Jennifer never being interested in architecture. I’m almost positive that in Vanity Fair, after the breakup, she made fun of Brad’s taste in art and architecture. That’s why I was shocked that her house was so modern.

  59. mariex says:

    oh please please! let this be the new direction for news media to take on this tired ol’ trio. I cant stands any more Brad wants new Barbara Streisand articles.

    x crosses fingers x

  60. Camille says:

    This story made me laugh so much! Hilarious! Tabs can’t decide whether these 2 are still banging each other or whether he *now* thinks she is pathetic and desperate. So funny. Thanks for the laughs Kaiser! :)

  61. karina says:

    @Beth 2 True. She said architecture wasn’t her thing, and w/Brad gone, she could finally have a comfy couch. She never supported him, or was interested in architecture, BUT NOW, she’s on the cover of a magazine he’s sure to read? It sounds like a “take that!” Brad, esp considering that silly pic. I wonder if she really is that bitter? It would explain A LOT.

  62. Crash2GO2 says:

    @karina: Explain what?

    And the couches in her house in the article look comfy.

  63. karina says:

    Explains all her issues. If she did this cover to get back at Brad, then she seems very childish. But then again, most women over 40 would know better than to date JOHN MAYER–the douche who runs his mouth and dumps her on tv. Then, she takes him back!? That’s something dumb you do when you are 20, not well into your 40s. Girl has some issues, I think.

  64. mia says:

    Terry referred to Angelina as “dirty pants”?
    Whats that make Jennifer “John Mayers been there” Anniston?? Yeeeewwwww! ugh!
    If my dog had been with Mayer I would have had her ‘put down’.

  65. Eye Opener says:

    If this IS true. I’d say coming from a man who is bitch slapped around, looks old and has NO LIFE OF HIS OWN he sounds a little jealous that he can’t get back what he lost!

    Enjoy those diaper parties BP. Cuz am sure Jen’s enjoying her pool BBQ’s with her ADULT friends!

    “Cry me a river….”

  66. Lilias says:

    karina her couches look comfy and not only did the magazine invite the designer of the home (Stephen something-or-the-other) but Brad doesn’t own Architectural Digest.

    And not only that, but she never claimed to have any particular interest in architecture. It’s her house so she wanted it to look a certain way but the designer said she gave him a lot of freedom in the look of the place.

    Why are you so quick to assume something so mean about someone else? Lots of other celebrities have been on the cover of Architectural Digest. Why does Jennifer have to be the only one who is saying something to someone else when they do it?

    Maybe she appreciated her designer’s work and thought hey, it would be a good idea to show it in an industry magazine as opposed to a fashion magazine.

    EDIT: What “issues”? Please explain how her appearing in a magazine that Brad happened to appear in as well explains anything “issue” related. Brad’s been on the cover of GQ and so has Jennifer. Does that mean she was trying to get back at him then? She can’t appear in any magazine that he’s done now without being accused of being bitter? In that case she should never do W magazine, Vanity Fair, Entertainment Weekly, Esquire, Rolling Stone, Wired, Premiere, Parade-he’s appeared in everything non-girlie. Should she only do girlie mags to avoid YOUR criticism?

  67. chris says:

    I can’t believe people still care about Jennifer Aniston in relation to Brad Pitt. I just have to assume that Jennifer Aniston is beating this dead horse in order to make herself stay relevant.

  68. Toe says:

    @ Karina. I totally understand what you are saying.

  69. pumak says:

    brad’s hobby might be architecture: he can photograph it, he can read about it – but don’t try ever again to do it just because u befriended some ‘celebrity suck up’ architects (like gehry). on the other hand, jennifer: architecture is not her hobby, yet- she owns a fantastic home and -! did not make parody homes like mr ‘down syndrome’ himself!

  70. Kim2 says:

    This story IS BS . As for the person who says Brad and Angie should retire because they have enough money.Do you believe other celebs with kids and a lot of money should retire too like Will and Jada, JLO and Mark, Heidi and Sean, Nicole and Tim. Just a few examples. Angie films 1 movie a year for about 3 months and takes 2-3 UN trips a year for a few days so does Salma Hayek and Nicole Kidman(both ambassadors) Brad hasn’t filmed a movie since 2008(IB) Again the US weekly story is BS IMO

  71. Chico says:

    @yeah, ok. 5 years of Spring cleaning!? She really said that? What an obvious reference (yet again). Thank you for using facts to back up your opinions, unlike her fans who use speculation to defend her as if they know her. Jen did recently do those things, so I agree, that she is not the person her PR team makes her out to be. I’ve never bought that sweetheart routine from her.

  72. Camille says:

    @ Chico- Ditto!
    p.s. just to stir the pot a bit…, but if she really had wanted a baby like she said she did once upon a time, she could have (and still in fact could) adopt a baby like Sandra Bullock did. Many single women in Hollywood have done so (including her friend Sheryl Crow). You can have a career, a great life AND a baby these days. I’ve always just found her so…fake/disingenuous.

    Ok backs away from thread quickly before the JenHenitics attack or I get called a ‘brageloonie’. LOL ;)

  73. There have been heaps of nasty comments about Jennifer Aniston doing the rounds on the web lately. I think she looks fantastic, especially after losing a few pounds.