Tila Tequila is addicted to snorting Ambien (is that a thing?)


Yesterday, CB told us that Tila Tequila was likely going to be the biggest “name” celebrity on the next season of Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab. While many of us had reactions like “Whatever” and “Famewhore” some people were actually thinking “Is Tila actually addicted to something?” According to Radar, she is an addict. She’s addicted to snorting Ambien. Maybe I’ve been out of the recreational drug usage lifestyle for too long, but is that actually a thing? People get prescriptions for Ambien, then crush the pills and snort them? Honestly, Tiger Woods’ “crazy Ambien sex” seemed like more of a thing to me.

Tila Tequila is headed to Celebrity Rehab 4 for a self-admitted prescription pill problem, and now RadarOnline.com is exclusively revealing the details behind the reality TV star’s addiction.

Tila loved to snort the prescription sleep aid Ambien, sources close to her told us.
“She would base her entire day around it,” one insider told RadarOnline.com about Tila’s Ambien usage.

“She would wake up, snort ambien, google herself, do more, Twitter all day and then sleep.”

The source adds that when Tila would snort Ambien, she would get manic and spend hours tweeting.

According to AddictionSearch.com, people who snort the sleep aid often experience extreme side effects including hallucinations through all physical senses of varying intensity, increased impulsivity, delusions, euphoria and uninhibited extroversion in social or interpersonal settings.

Another source close to the reality star told RadarOnline.com that Tila and late “fiancé” Casey Johnson often got high together. RadarOnline.com reported exclusively that Casey also abused prescription drugs.

As RadarOnline.com reported, Tila broke the news that she was joining Dr. Drew Pinsky’s Celebrity Rehab 4 on her web site. She also claimed that VH-1 may give her a spinoff show about her sober life if things go well.

“I KNOW I am an EXTREMELY smart girl, and to run all these empires when I am not even 30 yet, is quite an accomplishment, however I finally admitted to myself that I cannot rely on taking prescription pills everyday for the rest of my life!” Tila wrote. She then said to accomplish her goals, “I MUST not be another “LINDSAY LOHAN” where I just flush everything I worked so hard for down the toilet for nothing…”

[From Radar]

See, maybe snorting Ambien explains it all! Not really. Even if many of Tila’s problems can be reduced to her “addiction,” something tells me that even stone cold sober, Tila is still a crazy, whackjob grifter with sociopath tendencies. Still, I always enjoy hearing about the hip, new ways people are abusing their bodies. Now I know!


Tila performing in LA on May 12, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. crash2GO2 says:

    I know people snort Prozac, so this doesn’t surprise me. People will try and snort any prescription (or non) drug to see the effect. If they like it, they’ll do it. Doesn’t matter what it is. I was told this by a case manager at an addiction treatment center.

  2. Kitten says:

    So wierd. Never in a million years would that snorting Ambien would do anything except for make you fall asleep.
    This chick should add a fun “trainwreck-famewhore” element to the show though.

  3. a says:

    …had a co-worker caught sniffing Ritalin of his own office desk once.

  4. I don’t get Ambien as a recreational drug. When I took it (after a doctor gave it to me as something light to help with sleep) it knocked me out for a day. So what do you do, get high and sleep? In the pictures I have been seeing with her lately she needs to take herself home and sleep.

  5. Persistent Cat says:

    “Empires”???? This is why society sucks.

  6. Vichy says:

    Is this another way for her to get even more attention?

  7. Oi says:

    I think you have to mix Ambien with something to make it work. either way, so we have to keep giving these people attention?

  8. Cletus says:

    I took ambien one time. I just swallowed it, though. I went to sleep, and by “sleep” I mean I ate everything in the house. I had no memory of this. then like a year later I saw on 60 Minutes or some shit that some people who use Ambien have had episodes of sleep-eating.

    I am chubby already. Fuck you, Ambien. Also if I am going to eat a whole tub of icecream, I want to remember it.

    My point is, maybe if I had put it up my snout I woulda just gone to sleep.

    • Marz says:

      Good point. I eat like a maniac too on that stuff. Sometimes I sleep, sometimes not, but always the eating. . .

  9. dread pirate cuervo says:

    You could stay up for days sniffing coke or meth. Sniffing Ambien you could stay up for…a half hour? Whoohoo! Party time! Although snorting gets drugs into your system faster (through your sinuses & lungs) than swallowing which takes longer & loses some potency during digestion. I think this is BS & she probably wants her name associated with that other Ambien addict, Tiger.

  10. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “if I am going to eat a whole tub of icecream, I want to remember it.”

    AMEN, Cletus!

    never heard of sniffing/snoring Ambien. I know people do that with Ritalin, and I had a nurse friend of mine tell me that crushing and snorting painkillers makes them more effective, but Ambien?

    and I’m with the others who wonder why you’d take Ambien recreationally. a drug that makes you sleep? (and possibly sleep-walk, sleep-eat, sleep-f*ck and sleep-DRIVE? no thanks!)

  11. Lee says:

    @Cletus – LOL! Honestly, your comment is the laugh of the week! I’ll chuckle the rest of the day whenever I remember it. “Fuck you Ambien”. Perfect.

  12. bondbabe says:

    Oh Lord!! I just KNOW she is going to play this up so that she will pull sympathy. Remember her trying to pull the sympathy-card when her “girlfriend” died and she was just so despondent? And that lasted, what, maybe two days since she wasn’t getting the attention she thought she was entitled to? Ugh.

    And the lies this chick tells???! From the supposedly being a surrogate mother to actually being pregnant…and on and on. Did Tila and LiLo attend the same class at the Creative Truth Academy or what?

  13. bellaluna says:

    @ Cletus –

    I had similar experiences with Ambien, long before that “side effect” was even known. (Kind of an important one to mention, no?)

    We had BBQ wings for dinner one night (and I HATE bbq sauce, so I didn’t eat); I went to bed, and when I woke up the next morning, I thought my forehead had bled in the night. It was BBQ sauce! I had it in my hair, all over my face, everywhere!

    That was the last time I took Ambien. I’m definitely with you – Fuck you, Ambien! I’ll deal with my insomnia, thankyouverymuch.

  14. mommyesq says:

    Ha–Tila Tequila doesn’t want to turn into a Lindsay Lohan. Says a lot for Lindsay Lohan.

  15. gg says:

    I think she’s leaving out all the other things she snorts. Post #1 – crash – is right. Addicts love to snort anything. If you were flying on meth, for example, you would need something to take the edge off. So snorting Ambien would do that. And really frack you up and especially your nose tissue I would think.

    Kids, please, please don’t get into this – it’s not worth trashing your life over.

  16. Katija says:

    I’m calling BS. This is a made-up addiction to get on the show. Which is so sad on so many levels.

    If you watch the nutty Radar online vids of her, you can tell she’s sober. She is just crazy. Not high, not out of it, just legitimately crazy.

    This would be like if Spencer and Heidi came out tomorrow and said, “sorry we were such dicks, it was the drugs!” BS. It’s just an excuse to make up for poor behavior.

  17. Eden says:

    Cletus and Lolabella…HA and HA!
    I actually believe Tila that she’s a drug addict. The question is which came first? The crazy that she is trying to medicate in order to balance herself mentally or the self medicating which is activating the crazy.

    She has a pretty serious history of sexual abuse in my opinion based on some things she’s said in the past and or course her behavior..I remember her saying that she masturbates something like 20 times a day…wtf?

  18. Miss Bitch says:

    In another quote, she says something like I”m going to start filming next week.” Shouldn’t it be something like, “I’m going to deal with my addictions next week” or I’m going to get help next week”?

  19. Amy says:

    @ Miss Bitch — yes! Thank you. Just goes to show what BS this show really is. Who would want to cure an addiction problem on television? That’s so ridiculous!

  20. MissyA says:

    Ha! I used to run with a crowd that used to sniff everything. If you weren’t crushing/snorting it – it was a waste of time and money!

    Still, never sniffed Ambien. Had a hard enough time fighting through the initial sleepies to get to the “good” part.

    Who’s Tila’s manager/agent? I’ve been reading about quite the conspiracy theory involving Dr Drew and David Weintraub. . .

  21. rrrca says:

    snorting ambiem and resisting asleep creates a pretty unique high. this is not a “bs” “made-up addiction”. whether she actually abuses ambien or just just wants to be on tv…well, only she knows.

  22. CourtneyH says:

    I have a very high tolerance for most substances, so when my doctor prescribed me a 7 day trial of Ambien, I didn’t always go right to sleep. A couple nights, I stayed up for 2 or 3 hours talking nonsense to my friends online, had mild hallucinations when I closed my eyes, and felt very happy and carefree.

    It was a fun experience, so I can see how someone with fewer responsibilities and less ambition would get hooked on the feelings Ambien produces.


  23. Kim says:

    She HAS to go on the show to stay in public eye. She has no career/talent, no ones cares about her, in fact most of young Hollywood bitterly hates her due to her involvement with Casey Johnson.

  24. Sarah says:

    I come from an area where prescription pill abuse is completely out of control, and I can absolutely say that pill snorting (AND smoking or “freebasing”) is definitely something that happens. Snorting any pill that you’re addicted to causes it to go into your bloodstream more quickly, intensifying the effects.

  25. original kate says:

    for the love of god, when will this human pez dispenser go away?!

  26. Ophelia says:

    Why does she have a microphone there? Does her vagina actually speak? If so I bet it twatters too. Er, Twitters, I mean.
    Seriously, they should just let her keep doing it. She’s a horrible person. Her blog, which I’m ashamed to have read, indicates she is doing the show so that she can get a spinoff from VH1. Seriously? When has a rehab show spawned a spinoff?

  27. mollination says:

    Not even gonna read this post – Yes, it’s indeed a thing. It burns like the fires of the sun but then the sedative kicks in and you get high as f*ck. If you build up a tolerance to it’s sleep-aid properties, you are free to experience the high of the sedative properties.

  28. mollination says:

    I finally put the pieces of the puzzle together after reading the Lohan post – this TOTALLY makes sense for all the celebs who type the crack-tweets late at night. Expect an ambien-related Courtney Love story in 3…2..1..