LeAnn Rimes alleges Brandi Glanville is “slandering” her


This is one of the most hardcore moves I’ve ever seen – according to E! News, LeAnn Rimes’ lawyers sent a cease-and-desist letter to Eddie Cibrian’s soon-to-be-officially ex-wife Brandi Glanville. Allegedly, LeAnn felt that Brandi was “slandering” her good name. Insert eyeroll. Don’t get me wrong – Brandi has said some harsh sh-t over the past year – like this or this or this – and it’s totally possible that Brandi is a nutcase who doesn’t mind putting her children in the middle of her and Eddie’s nasty divorce. But is it slander? Is it a situation in which lawyers need to get involved?

It seems a little late in the game for ceasing and desisting of any kind, but that’s not stopping LeAnn Rimes. A source close to Rimes’ soon-to-be divorced beau, Eddie Cibrian, tells E! News exclusively that the country songbird’s lawyers sent a cease and desist letter to his estranged missus, Brandi Glanville, Thursday citing allegations of slander. Should Cibrian’s ex not respond to the note in five days, the letter stated, Rimes will move forward with a lawsuit.

Reliable Glanville sources, however, deny any wrongdoing on her part…

“Brandi has been nothing but nice to LeAnn,” says the source. “She let her kids go to Mexico with them, and she is genuinely happy that they like her. If they didn’t, then she would be upset.”

In recent months, things have been relatively quiet on the rocky Rimes-Cibrian-Glanville front, which makes news of a out-of-the-blue cease and desist letter all the more shocking.

Apparently, according to the source, Rimes’ slander allegations stem from before Eddie and Brandi even split. Around that time, Glanville reportedly told the press Rimes was “stalking” her then-husband, but as the source explains, she was unaware of the Lifetime movie costars’ affair, and only made those statements before Cibrian broke the news to her.

In response to Glanville’s denial of anything slanderous, a source from Rimes’ camp reveals to E! News that the letter was indeed sent, and comes “after months and months of Brandi speaking about LeAnn in the press and telling lies. This is a reaction, and something she felt was necessary to do to protect herself.”

Rep for both Glanville and Rimes had “no comment” on the claims, still, sources close to the now-single mom tell E! News her attorneys plan on responding to the letter in the coming days.

Meanwhile, according to our source, Glanville and Cibrian’s divorce is close to be official.

[From E! News]

Yes, Brandi and Eddie’s divorce still isn’t final, so if I was Brandi, I would be like, “So, let’s start with a blank slant in negotiations…” and draw that sh-t out even longer, just to piss off LeAnn. Most tabloids think – and I agree – that LeAnn is desperate for Eddie’s divorce to be finalized because she really, really wants to make their relationship official. LeAnn wants to be a bride before the year’s end. So… if this is true (probably), it’s probably not the best move that LeAnn’s ever made. But then again, I do think LeAnn is probably working some angle that we aren’t aware of yet. My money is on this situation: Brandi is crazy like a fox (for good reason) and LeAnn is just as big of a nutcase. And Eddie? He probably loves his ex and his current fighting over him. Just my take.



Header: LeAnn at the CMAs on April 18, 2010. Also, with Eddie at the CMAs, and Brandi Glanville in LA on November 18, 2009. Credit for all: WENN.

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  1. Jack says:

    wow in the pic of leann and eddie they look so much alike.. weird

  2. Vibius says:

    After what she did?!?!?!?! What state did they live in? I thought she from was Mississippi? I had to google it after remember another story from a few weeks back, but if this happened in Mississippi, Brandi could sue her for breaking up her marriage.

    “Most states have done away with alienation of affection laws. But Hawaii, Illinois, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Carolina, New Mexico, South Dakota, and Utah still have these laws on their books.

    What if I don’t live in one of the 7 states?

    If you happen to live in one of the 43 states that no longer have alienation of affection laws on the books, you may still be able to sue the Other Woman, if one of the following holds true:.

    • Your husband’s mistress lives in one of the 7 “alienation of affection states.”

    • The actions or behavior which contributed to the alienation of affection occurred in one of these 7 states.”


  3. Kali says:

    LeAnn Rimes’ slander suit has merit. Brandi Glanville wouldn’t shut up in the press about Eddie and LeAnn. She’s It’s understandable that she’s angry but she’s not the first woman to get cheated on. The best revenge is living well – she should have done something that would have gotten herself a lot of positive attention and she would have made LeAnn and Eddie look bad without having to say a word.

  4. krissy_kitty says:

    If I was Brandi, I would sue LeAnn’s ass for playing a big part in the destruction of mine and my kids family… What is it alienation of affection? Not sure what it is called but, mistresses have been successfully sued in the past..

  5. JC126 says:

    I so agree that the best revenge is living well – filing lawsuits and making insane claims just makes the ex look like a lunatic.

  6. rkintn says:

    I would love to see Brandi tell LeAnn to “bring it!” Ms.Rimes doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of proving slander. LOL It’s not slander if it’s TRUE! Dumbass.

  7. yeahhhh says:

    He cheated on Brandi with Rimes…while lying to Brandi- doesn’t that mean he also cheated on Rimes while still with Brandi? Think about it. I can almost guarantee that there was some, “Honey, it’s just a rumor!” sex.
    Once married to Rimes, he’s just gonna do the same damn thing to her. Oh wait. It’s “true love”. Riiiiigggghhhhtttt-eo.

  8. dorothy says:

    Open letter to Leann:
    1. Who are you again?!
    2. You ARE a stalking single white femaling SLUT-good luck proving your ridiculous slander case, OMG its hyterical. How can you move into the same neighborhood and be called anything but a stalker? You DO look like Brandi insofar as you have blond hair and a smile. You are nothing but a squinty eyed bargain basement horse faces version of Eddies WIFE (they’re not divorced yet DUMMY). Just wait till Eddie reaalizes (and he will!) That he can go younger AND prettier (which he will)
    3. I can only assume you are retarded (sorry to those with real disabilities!) If you think rushing into a marriage with a “man” who abandons his family for the likes of gutter trash like you. He is sooooo gross! Although in many ways you DESERVE each other(‘s patheticness),I can’t wait to sEe Eddie spend all the money you made ages ago…and then leave you! I mean I have no idea what you sing, bargain basement country? Have you done any music lately? Oh wait you met on the set of some lameass show cuz your music is poop, I forgot!!!! Considering how beat you look for your age, I give you one more year, tops.he will NEVER marry you, you are seriously delusional there. His wifey requirements don’t even start to be met by you (hence the affair he NEVER would have made public-you are fugly and clearly stupid).
    5.I am sending YOU a cease and desist, because I got an eye rolling sprain this morning!
    6. We all know you’re the “friend” who said everyone else (you!) Has already moved on.
    7. You suck (someone else’s husband’s d!ck)
    Everyone on this site who has anything negative to say about Brandi is either really ugly pathetic and/or deaperate, or has either cheated or thinks cheating is okay. I decided.

  9. Ana says:

    Me thinks the pot just needed to be stirred.

  10. Vanessa says:

    Legally, do you have to PROVE slander has affected your career? I, for one, think a LOT less of LeAnn since this whole Eddie thing, and although I have found Brandi downright amusing, what SHE says has no bearing on my opinion of LeAnn…..

  11. Vanessa says:

    Jack – I think they look alike bc they both have squinty eyes in picture 1….

  12. Green Is Good says:

    Weasel-Face Rhimes has the mentality of a spoiled, bitchy 16 year-old. She’s got the guy (for now) but she still has to keep taunting the Ex.

  13. llb says:

    Woops, LeAnn, I can see your brain.

  14. original kate says:

    there is an old saying: you can’t shine shit. brandy & leann should both dump this turd and move on.

  15. betsy says:

    One should just google this: Gwen + Leann Rimes + Eddie Cibrian. That’s the slandering stalker Leann should seek out and restrain. Hmm, she might not to look far, the name may have changed but the ugliness and the numbering of points haven’t, 8.

  16. rianic says:

    @ Vibious, I’m from Ms originally, and I think if you supported your husband during his career “start up” or education, you’re intitled to a portion of all past and future earnings. I learned about it when another pharmacist at work was divorcing her husband for an affair (she had put him thru law school). I’m out of state but tease hubby that’s where I’ll file if we ever split.

    As far as Leann, she looks like Renee Z in these pics.

  17. CB Rawks says:

    E! News needs to hire some new people that have a grasp of grammar.

  18. qimd says:

    Oh my God, THAT FACE!!! Say what you want about LeAnn, but at least she’s working with what nature gave her. Brandi’s enormous cheek implants make her look like she’s storing up nuts for winter. Can you imagine waking up to that every day? And it’s probably more scary in person. No wonder the guy cheated. She should have those things removed and replaced with ones that fit her face, at the very least. Can’t believe she hasn’t been on awfulplasticsurgery.com yet…

  19. ol cranky says:

    I’m pretty sure that to qualify as slander, the allegation has to be false and reasonably known to be false by the person committing the slander. There also has to be malicious intent to defame the victim. Since Cibrian allegedly told his wife (and, the press, I think) he’d cut off ties with Rimes, it’s reasonable to say that his now ex-wife’s public complaints of Rimes contacting Cibrian (before their final split) as stalking probably don’t qualify as slander.

    Rimes only makes herself looks worse and puts more focus her own less than appropriate behaviour if she goes forward with any suit.

  20. CiCi says:

    dorothy – bitter much? god, clearly you’ve been cheated on. give me a break, eddie is responsible for his OWN marriage and decisions pertaining -NOT leann.

  21. lucy2 says:

    Though I think for her kids’ sake, Brandi should shut up to the press because it only makes it all worse, I don’t think she’s slandering her, she’s just telling it like it is.
    If Leann thinks that helps public sentiment on her side, she’s a moron. If she’s rushing to marry a guy who dumped his wife and kids, she’s an even bigger moron. They both are – both had an affair while married, yet probably think the other will never do that to THEM!

  22. kate217 says:

    STOP with the alienation of affection BS.. she should not be held responsible for Eddie’s actions.. HE was the one who made a commitment to Brandi, not LeAnn. I do think what she did was slimy and somewhat cold hearted.. but she had no obligation towards Brandi. Vibius you really are a sick person.. suing someone for alienation of affection is purely revenge. it does not punish the “guilty” culprit.

  23. Eileen Yover says:

    Look at the photo of Leann and Eddie-he’s already over this beyatch and ready to move on to the next. $100 they don’t even make it down the isle, j.p., or Vegas drive through…where all high class cheaters tie the knot.

  24. hairball says:

    I agree with she clearly is more into him. Look at that picture where she’s staring at him so adoringly. He could care less I’m sure about her really. He probably feels suffocated by both and wants to run.

    There is no way in hell this guy wants to jump into another marriage. She is delusional if she thinks he won’t do it to her too.

  25. Beth says:

    I don’t know anything about slander except it’s hard to prove. I do think that Brandi needs to stop the name calling and attacks. I know she’s hurt and angry but it really doesn’t make her look better than Leann.

  26. Feebee says:

    If she thinks Brandi’s been rough on her, she should read the blogs. I don’t know whether slander cases are heard by juries or just judges but if it’s a jury they’d probably just laugh at her.

  27. Sandy says:

    This stupid lying trashy hobag has cahones galore to screw this woman’s husband for months while she’s home taking care of his kids and then sue HER? Jaysus this woman needs a lesson in shut your stupid squinty face, homewrecker!!!

  28. Orbit says:

    Lawyers roll out of bed and fire off so-called cease-and-desist letters. They usually mean nothing. I knew a businessman who used to take the letters, stamp them “Stick it up your ass,” then mail the original back. Everyone involved here is also by law a “public figure,” so your burden to prove slander is quite high. No alienation of affection–everyone is in CA.

  29. bagladey says:

    As long as Brandi Glanville makes sure that all that she says in public is true, she has the right to talk all the smack she wants until she’s over the terrible betrayal of her husband. That slimy, slithering, shameless Leann Rimes has a hell of a nerve.

  30. Lway says:

    Oh Le-Anne – SHUT THE FU*K UP HO!

  31. Hautie says:

    Wasn’t it proven that Eddie had been a serial cheater?

    What I don’t get is why Brandie has the big hate, for LeAnn. Shouldn’t she be railing on and on about all the women he shagged during the marriage?

    Geez LeAnn was not the first jump-off of his… and probably won’t be the last. She is just the one with more cash than him.

    So I am assuming that the soon to be ex, can only harp on the female who has a public image and a real cash earning job. So what kind of career does this Brandie have again?

  32. That girl says:

    What is….Dorothy is Brandi?!

  33. Maritza says:

    Leann is dying to marry Eddie but I get a feeling he will cheat on her too. Brandi needs to move on, she is very pretty, I’m sure she’ll find herself some other rich guy in no time.

  34. Gwen says:

    Jeez, Dorothy, take your Prozac already!

  35. Jazz says:

    Boo hoo!! Maybe you shouldn’t be screwing other women’s husbands FugAnn!

  36. dorothy says:

    Yes I’ve been writing from Brandis perspective for sure I’ve been following this story closely as I think there are bigger reasons why these celebrity affairs happen/are exposed.putting yourself in the shoes of a victim, which Brandi is, of at the very least significant emotional betrayal, is writing 101.I’m a writer all you hater dummies. Go back to your Troll HOles now lol I do this for research what’s YOUR excuse?! LOL not that I’ll back to this thread~please, done. I obviously did my job well. Next. You however will all continue to be voyeurs of others, as well as judgmental hypocrites! Yay, being a celebrity blog commenter makes you that much closer to the stars right? Because you’re so personally experienced in the world of Celebrity that you are able to make intelligent remarks on the subject. Cha. Hmmm I think I see my next piece in the works!

  37. Kitten says:

    Oh god here we go with the “ho-bag” “homewrecker” “slut” comments. I just don’t understand why the derogatory name-calling. If you want to condemn what she did, that’s fine but why do you have to resort to classless behavior? @Dorothy, honey…therapy, ASAP. You’re scary…..You are doing “research” because you’re a “writer”? Um, ok if you say so O_0

  38. Rita says:

    I think LeAnn is going to make the big payoff to Brandi and this lawsuit is just a warning that if Brandi lets it slip that LeAnn bought her bag of dirt for $5,000,000, LeAnn is going to sue. Brandi has said nothing that wasn’t true. LeAnn set-up (stalked) Eddie to make this all public in the first place. LeAnn set-up (stalked) Eddie at the basketball game. In fact, LeAnn has been stalking Brandi with taunting photo-ops since this began. What is Brandi suppose to do, thank LeAnn for destroying her home? Rimes is a bottom feeder who is going to pay off, in my opinion. She wants June to be her “Everything is new again” month. She’s a world class narcissist and fruit cake.

  39. Rita says:

    I agree that Eddie should be wearing a skirt and high heels but that would be an insult to hookers everywhere. His only claim to male-dome hanging between his legs. On the point about suing for alienation of affection; a month ago an ex wife wom a $7,000,000 dollar judgement against her husbands mistress. I doubt anyone would want to marry a woman who is $7,000,000 in debt on their wedding day. That would put a whole new light on the question “Is Eddie in it for the money?”

  40. jj says:

    Rita great opinions. Ms. Rimes orchestrated this affair like a CIA operation. She wanted and she got. Who cared about the wife and kids. Now she has her sites set on buying off the kids for her perfect world. Stay strong Brandi, you have alot of support. Have your lawyers check out the horrific posters on Just Jared and try to track to LR’s payroll.

  41. CB Rawks says:

    Dorothy your *writing* is the most incoherent, rambling, poorly-spelled hot mess on here.
    If I was your imaginary editor, I’d kill myself.

  42. Katt says:

    OT, but… does anyone else think she looks scarily like Kate Gosselin in the first pic?!

  43. Aspen says:

    I don’t know…I really like legal, non-violent revenge. I really, really do.

    Alienation of affection laws make me smile.

  44. Rita says:

    I find it interesting that when the tab headlines read, “Tiger Banged LeAnn”, “Tiger and LeAnn hooked up”, and “Tiger was really into her”, that we heard not a peep about slander or painting LeAnn in a “false light”. Perhaps LeAnn likes being associated with Tiger’s mistresses or she didn’t want to take the stand to testify (under oath).

  45. anjasmomma says:

    OH NO SHE DIDN’T!!!!

    If I were Brandi I would go at her with everything I had.

    LeAnn just stepped over the line.

  46. Rita says:

    I don’t want to start anything with you but when you say “LeAnn just stepped over the line.” Where have you been? LeAnn crossed any civilized lines 18 months ago and she keeps getting more distant from decent people everyday.

  47. Anti-icon says:

    This is rich—Leann suing for slander. Since when is the truth slanderous? Leanna’s own behavior (along with that man-whore EC) is what she should be contemplating….and gee here’s an idea, improving. Leann needs to re-evalute everything about herself and take some action that might save her.

  48. Terrific tips. I always stick to your ideas and implement them.

  49. Sally says:

    Brandi, need to keep her mouth shut and worry about her own problems.