Eddie Cibrian’s ex: LeAnn Rimes is Single White Female-ing me (update)

Brandi Cibrian
So much for that “amicable divorce”. Eddie Cibrian’s estranged wife Brandi Glanville was in Las Vegas over the weekend celebrating her “divorce celebration-slash-get-away-from-your-life party” (her words) with some girlfriends. Of course, somehow, People Magazine managed to get another interview with Brandi about the whole Eddie-LeAnn Rimes situation. Brandi keeps going back and forth on how classy versus how bitchy she is about the situation. She’s given a couple of interviews where she seems like a really cool person – in other interviews, she seems hellbent on destroying both Eddie and LeAnn in the press. While I appreciate how much news Brandi provides, I’m starting to wonder what the deal is.

Anyway, Brandi’s new interview isn’t as hardcore as last week’s interview in the National Enquirer, where Brandi talked about how “shallow” and “toxic” Eddie is, and how he’s only after LeAnn’s money. Brandi admits that she had a “not pleasant” run-in with LeAnn, but fails to go into further detail about the incident. She also reiterates her basic point that LeAnn will spend time with Brandi’s two sons over Brandi’s dead body, basically:

In the midst of her divorce from actor Eddie Cibrian, Brandi Glanville is taking the opportunity to speak out against her rival, country singer LeAnn Rimes.

At the TAO/LAVO anniversary party in Las Vegas Saturday night, Glanville, 36, acknowledged that she has had a neighborhood run-in with Cibrian’s current girlfriend that was “not pleasant.”

Rimes, 27, and Cibrian, 36, took their romance public in August and have recently been staying at a house near the home Glanville used to share with Cibrian.

Still, the estranged couple – who are parents to sons Mason, 6, and Jake, 2 – “definitely save face for the kids – absolutely, they are the most important things in both our lives,” Glanville said. In fact, Cibrian was watching the kids during Glanville’s weekend in Sin City.

Glanville added that she was in Las Vegas with girlfriends for a “divorce celebration-slash-get-away-from-your-life party. I’m just here to enjoy myself and relax.”

As for Rimes, who filed for divorce from Dean Sheremet on Sept. 1, “she can have most of everything,” said Glanville, “just not my children and my family.”

A friend of Rimes says of Glanville’s comments, “This is absurd. It just sounds like someone’s desperately trying to extend their 15 min here. Everyone else has moved on.”

[From People]

Yikes. That comment from LeAnn’s “friend” was extreme, nasty and false. In my mind, you can’t really say someone has “moved on” when the divorce proceedings have literally just begun. I mean, the paperwork just got started less than two weeks ago! If Brandi, Eddie and LeAnn are still involved with ripping each other apart in the press four years from now – like, say, Mary Jo Eustace - then I’d say that LeAnn’s “friend” had a point. Oh, and LeAnn’s “friends” shouldn’t be making fun of anyone’s relevancy or fame, for goodness sake. It’s not like LeAnn is any kind of pop culture phenomenon. She’s just some squinty, irrelevant country singer that stalked the hell out of her costar on a Lifetime movie. Paging Andy Warhol.

UPDATE: Us Weekly just put up more extensive comments from Brandi, and it looks like she’s on the motherf-ckin’ warpath. Some of it is the same stuff that People reported, but then Brandi also says: “I have a new neighbor and her name is LeAnn Rimes. She’s moved in a half a mile from my house and a block from my son’s school. So she is completely space invading me at the moment so things are not cool… There is a point where she needs to have a sensitive side and back the F up… Honestly, she’s Single White Female-ing me. She wants my life. She wants my kids. She wants my husband. She can have most of everything but just not my children or my family.” Dude… I love the Single White Female reference, and my guess is that Brandi is right-on about LeAnn. She totally gives off the stalker vibe to me, and it’s interesting to see that verified by Brandi.

Brandi Glanville is shown at Tao on 10/3/09. Credit: PRPhotos

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  1. JJ says:

    It is obvious Ms. Rimes is in the process of buying husband number two. I don’t believe it is to early to start calling EC, MR. Leann Rimes, since he sold his soul to her for a motor bike, trip to Mexico and some jewelry. Good Luck MR. Rimes, maybe she’ll buy you a diamond leash…..

  2. princess pea says:

    Well, the biggest difference to me between MJE and Brandi is that I wasn’t hearing from Mary Jo every damn day. Yeah, it’s years later, but she wasn’t parading around to each and every tabloid and magazine she could find to voice her thoughts over and over. Sure, she put them in a book instead… but honestly, it’d be better if Brandi saved up her ire and published it. Like I said last week, she’s starting to look really pathetic.

  3. Eileen Yover says:

    I’m sure Brandi has hot and cold interviews because she has good days and bad days. She defended the guy and didn’t want to beleive he was cheating until the rug got pulled from under her. She probably is and was very hurt by the situation.
    I’d like to bitch slap Leann’s “friend”. She needs to move on?? And you know its not like she’s running down every reporter in town to talk, they are following her and asking questions. It’s her God given right to answer them if she wants.
    I saw a preview of CSI the other day with Eddie’s mug on it. He gives me the heebie jeebie’s now. I can’t comprehend how he could be SO crazy about Leann Rimes. Just doesn’t fit to me.

  4. princess pea says:

    Right, Brandi. It’s all about you.

  5. dirty martini says:

    I’d like to slap them all, and I need to call out the writer too. Calling Leeann Rimes a “squinty, irrelevant country singer” is harsh and wrong. Her first album went multi platinum. LeAnn Rimes is the youngest person to win a Grammy, and the first country singer to win the Grammy Award for Best New Artist.

    Her taste in men may be atrocious; her behavior may be tacky and classless; but her music career to date is not irrelevant.

  6. Popcorny says:

    I can understand Brandi’s wavering back and forth emotionally.
    Poor woman’s trying to absorb her nightmare, probably feeling strong and powerful one moment and, then, crushed and powerless in the next.

  7. Eileen Yover says:

    Are you talking to me?? I’m not Brandi…just a Team Brandi. Leann is gross and Eddie gives me the creeps. I think its good riddance for the woman….but not for the kids. Sad situtaion.

  8. xxx says:

    Rimes friends comments are bitchy.What do u expect from a mother of two whose husband cheated on her ,lied to her and left her for some squinty,ugly looking cheater trash and still he is not trashed for his behavior not even on Regis and Kelly.Shame on celebrity reporters.Brandi is hurt and this is so sudden so naturally it will take a whilefor her to have stable mood——Team Brandi and her kids

  9. Obvious says:

    Hey Kaiser, lay of my Leeann. I don’t like what she’s doing but she is more relevant then either Eddie or Brandi. She is one of the youngest (if not the youngest) to win a grammy in any genre, and she has a huge fan base.

    I’m not saying i support anyone in this but despite the fact she’s making terrible decisions right now she is still more famous and relevant than either of these others.

  10. Jason says:

    Hi Ellen, glad to see you again. A few days ago I posted to you about a post on Celebitchy for Sept. 29 where Brandi posts twice that she had Eddie file first because he then has to pay the filing fees, those were Eddie’s parents at the soccer game, and Eddie tore up her credit cards. I’ve seen her posts before and from the syntax, verbage, and tone I think it is really Brandi. Posted at 1 a.m. you can imagine what the poor woman is going through. The headline is “liar, homewrecker…amicable” if you want to google Celebitchy to look. I’ll be posting here later. Take Care

  11. Beth says:

    This is a very important crossroad in this story. I’d like to know if in her anger, Brandi overstated that LeAnn “moved in” so close. Did LeAnn buy a house or is she just shacking up with Eddie in his apartment? If Rimes bought a house she is making a big mistake if she wants to keep Eddie unless he is in on this. Rimes can live anywhere she wants and should stay out of Brandi’s life. Brandi says she loves Eddie’s mother and if she finds out LeAnn is still taunting Brandi and her children, LeAnn will be toast.

  12. Jason says:

    I know what you’re saying about the resemblance and I hope you are right. I would hate to think Brandi is stranded in the wilderness of these idiotic blogs with the rest of us lol.

  13. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Go away, you’re the most uninteresting part of this love triangle.

    Until Leann ties you up with duct tape and tries to stuff you into a steamer trunk, kindly stfu.

  14. Jason says:

    People expect Brandi to move on in this but Rimes is the one who should move on. If Eddie wants her, then he should pursue her in Brentwood or at some respectable distance. Rimes has never shown any sensitivity to anyone and if it is true that she was seen outside the kids school, then she needs to be legally restrained. Rimes people need to get a hold of her and straighten her out because this just looks insain. I think these stories of LeAnn taunting Brandi are true because Rimes Pr people are flooding other sites with attacks on Brandi. Rimes people are very scared about this story.

  15. Jason says:

    Ellen, you should be more careful with your choice of words. LeAnn was given the duty of “selecting the playground site”. She did not donate anything. One of her staff selected the site and she will be there on Weds. for the photo-op. Perhaps if she wants more publicity associated with children she should start a college fund for the children of wreck families. Maybe if she reads this she will actually make a donation.

  16. Jason says:

    I agree that if LeAnn was a normal second wife that the kids should eventually accept her. I don’t think Rimes is anywhere near normal. She has shown no sensitivity, respect, or compassion to anybody in this. She has made herself out to be desperate for publicity, manipulative, insecure, and frankly I think quite mentally unstable. I would never allow my children to be around someone who acts like this.

  17. Peggy says:

    This is all begining to sound so weird. Rimes lives in luxury in Brentwood but now she moves in with Eddie or next door or whatever. It seems as though Eddie doesn’t care at all for Rimes and LeAnn is continuing to make a fool of herself. LeAnn should go home and make Eddie prove her love for her by courting her or at least making some positive effort towards her. Rimes appears to be clingy and needy and looks ridiculous.

  18. princess pea says:

    @ Jason – Done yet? You say a lot of crazy things. I think it’s funny that you think someone else here is working for LeAnn’s PR team, because holy cow baby, you are intense over Brandi, aren’t you?

    A few points:
    1) “if it is true that she was seen outside the kids school, then she needs to be legally restrained” — You apparently need to do some research on the law and restraining orders. You can’t just get the cops involved because you don’t like someone. I don’t think LeAnn has physically threatened anyone here, because if she had Brandi would have told People, TMZ and the National Enquirer first thing.
    2)”if LeAnn was a normal second wife that the kids should eventually accept her. I don’t think Rimes is anywhere near normal.” — What’s a normal second wife? You think this is the first time a man has left a woman and moved along to the mistress right away? Please. These people are loaded with money and hungry for attention. If you are really worried about the children of broken homes there are organizations that will help you help them. Really needy ones, too, unlike the relatively lucky children of a working actor and a former model.

  19. Deb says:

    This is taking an ugly turn. I think Leann is fruitcake nuts….any one remember Brian Whte? Supposedly years ago there was a scandal. Rumor had it she was removed from his tour because she became a problem and wouldn’t leave him alone. So single white female sounds about right. Hope Brandi has photo proof.
    I could be wrong but I do think Brandi absolutely has Leann’s number.

  20. Jason says:

    Ellen, SWF was a movie about an obsessive chick stalking a guy to the point of driving him crazy.

  21. JJ says:

    Leann “Fatal Attraction” Rimes appears to be taking her obsession a little to far. She bought Eddie, so leave the ex-wife and kids alone. Appauld Brandi for saying what so many humiliated wives think. Based on LR and EC’s deception and lying over the past months, who can blame Brandi. Just read EC and LR’s public comments denying the affair. Poor Eddie, ya sold your soul to the devil named Leann.

  22. Jason says:

    Ellen, look at usmagazine. People are really going after Brandi and it is vicious. As as for the playground, just read the announcement carefully. LeAnn chose the site and home depot is paying for everything. Yes Ellen, they do give out humanitarian awards for nothing and for publicity. LeAnn has donated to Vanderbilt University childrens hostipital and other causes and I will not question her motivation. She does however lend her name to some causes where a photo-op is available and then leaves the scene. This does not mean she is a terrible person but it does make me question her motives for some events.

  23. ! says:

    I have to agree that the assessment of Leann as irrelevant is inaccurate at best. She’s had quite a celebrated career since she was young and was one of the first/few/only country artists to get any attention outside of the genre.

  24. Jason says:

    Ellen, I respect you enough to share with you exactly what I want for LeAnn. This is brutal but read it all. I taught my daughters about bad behavior, especially lieing, by disciplining them. They eventually learned that the punishment for lieing was worse than the punishment for the wrong deed they were lieing about. Now they are wonderful people. When they did wrong, I didn’t tell them they sing good, look pretty, or “he’s a stud, you go girl”. Such comments only encourage the same behavior. What would LeAnn have done if her entire fan club had said they would turn their backs on her if she continued this behavior? She may very well be heading for a career ending train wreck with Eddie and those who encourage and defend her actions may contribute to that wreck. I want LeAnn to suffer a multiple of the pain and humiliation she has caused others in a very public way just as she has done. I want her to be so torn apart and wallow in the abyss of sorrow that she has to finally confront the person she will be in the future. At that point, she will either choose to party and be seen with dozens of men and end up in rehab for booze or cocaine or she will choose to explore the sliver that remains of the beautiful woman we all thought was Margaret Rimes. You see Ellen, I miss Margaret, I want to hear sincerity in that beautiful voice, and I want to love her again. In order for that to happen, I believe LeAnn must be destroyed.

  25. cbme says:

    Is that picture of the blonde ex of EC what “crushed and powerless” (Popcorny statement)looks like? W-E-L-L excuse me for not realizing “crushed and powerless.” I don’t believe anyone could call that woman’s mouth powerless. EC said on Regis that part of his life was fantastic and part wasn’t. Think LeAnn might be part of the fantastic side? Happy Days to Leann and all of her supporters (Ellen, Princess Pea, and Dirty Martini). The Working Woman

  26. Maritza says:

    If she really wants to make LeAnne’s life really miserable the best thing she can do is flirt with her ex every chance she gets. Boy will that drive her crazy!

  27. princess pea says:

    @ cbme – don’t be fooled. I have NO LOVE for LeAnn. Or Eddie. (I don’t even think he’s hot). The thing is, some of you are so single minded, it has to be either or. I have no love for Brandi, either. If you went through all the posts on this subject, I think my position would be clear. I don’t recommend you waste your time on that, though.

    @ ellen – Single White Female is sort of what Jason said, but really the SWF character is a psycho who is stalking the female main character. She becomes her roommate, then starts dressing like her and pretending to be her. THEN, only after pretty much stealing the main characters identity does she make a move on her boyfriend. It’s a really creep psychological thriller, worth a look.

  28. Deb says:

    Who knows what side of his life Eddie considers fantastic. He could be talking about his role on CSI and nothing else or he’s having chemistry with one of his co-stars. This is just another one of his cryptic babbles he spews to keep the rest of us guessing….HELLO CLUE BY 4

  29. betty says:

    Eddie deliberately lied to Brandi and that type of hurt and anger is hard to get over. Leann on the hand is naive and insecure, she wants the life Brandi had with Eddie and is envious of their past relationship. Brandi has the love and respect of Eddie’s parents something Leann will not have. Only Leann knows what lengths she went too, to lure him away from his family. and these are the reasons for her insecurities. Undoubtedly,Leann isn’t secure in their relationship. Brandi is finished with Eddie and in time will move on.

  30. JJ says:

    Thank you Betty (#48) for the excellent comment. Totally agree.

  31. Wilson says:

    Eddie and his mistress are trying to pressure Brandi into a quick divorce settlement. I hope Brandi stays strong. She is do child and spousal support as well has half of everything Eddie makes for the next ten years. LeAnn can afford to pony up the bucks, after all, she’s bought and paid for him.

  32. Jack says:

    I think you got it exactly right. Rimes wants to get married in Vegas in 3 weeks and the divorce is dragging out. Rimes needs the publicity of her wedding and new album to fill seats which of coarse is the real purpose of all loving relationships and marriage.

  33. CB Rawks says:

    “…Ellen, SWF was a movie about an obsessive chick stalking a guy to the point of driving him crazy.”

    No it wasn’t. It was about a crazy woman obsessed over another woman.
    She moved in as a room mate, then changed her hair and clothes to match the other woman, to become just like her, and slept with the other woman’s boyfriend to break them up.

  34. CB Rawks says:

    Sorry Princess Pea, didn’t see your comment until after I wrote mine. :)

  35. Jason says:

    Ellen, I agree that the Cibrian’s marriage wasn’t what Brandi thought it was and it was only a matter of time. However, you have stated many times that we shouldn’t assume such things. Perhaps we should assume that had Rimes not interferred in this marriage that counciling might have saved it. I don’t really think so but if we are going to assume to make LeAnn look better, perhaps it is now fair to assume to make her look like what actually happened. Don’t let you passion pull you into such arguments.

  36. Wilson says:

    Brandi gave up her career to support Eddie in his and to raise his (their) children. She is due compensation for her contribution to his career and the loss of hers. Ca. law is quite clear on this matter.

  37. Kate says:

    My ex tried to pressure me into settling early. His friends told me he was looking for me all over town with his mistress just to rub my face in it. He thought I’d settle just to get rid of him but he was wrong. His mistress spent all his money and left town. Don’t give an inch Brandi!!!!

  38. Deb says:

    @ Wilson….you are correct. I hope Brandi cleans his clock in court and drags out the divorce proceedings

  39. Jason says:

    Yes, I know about Eddie’s mistresses but you came to the conclusion the marriage was about to tip over. I have not doubt that the Cibrian’s lives would have not changed if LeAnn had not interferred. I don’t know what Brandi knew or if she had some contentment in the relationship but their marriage should not have been interferred with. The lie of their marriage is not for me but their marriage was their marriage. I think someone would have ripped it apart sooner or later but it was Rimes that did rip it apart. Maybe Eddie was simply staying married because he couldn’t afford a divorce. He had to trade down in homes because things were not going well. Then Rimes came along and he found a banker to finance his divorce. As pathetic as this all is, if Rimes hadn’t interferred the Cibrians would have gone along as they had for the past 8 years.

  40. Jason says:

    After reading what Wilson wrote this all seems to make sense. There is no reason for Rimes to move in with Eddie when she has the place in Brentwood and possibly a new ranch in San Fernando Valley. Instead of living in those nice places the two of them live in Eddie’s apartment. Why? The only reason can be because they are putting pressure on Brandi for the divorce. This would seem to fit perfectly into the character of both LeAnn and Eddie.

  41. betty says:

    Brandi was aware of the type of man Eddie is, she probably thought he knew where to draw the line. But his affair with Leann was the last straw for her. That’s why she said he was a compulsive liar etc. and as far as others trying to analyze their marriage you can’t you weren’t there. Only Brandi knows.He is what he is. A person’s behavior is a clear indication of their character. If their marriage was that bad Why didn’t he leave earlier. So stop blaming Brandi

  42. la chica says:

    i can imagine that LeAnn may think that she is doing the right thing by purchasing a home near Brandi’s so that Eddie can have access to his children. but all of her actions have indeed been very insensitive to this woman who is clearly hurting badly.

  43. Deb says:

    I don’t see Eddie going from one marriage straight into another. He’ll will be in a velvet prison with Leann, all the trappings of wealth but ZERO freedom.

    Leann would be a FOOL to trust this guy.
    Remember folks he is an actor he lies for a living.

  44. betty says:

    Continuing,from my previous comment: Brandi isn’t the type of woman that can be pressured into doing anything she does not want to do. Until she gets the settlement she wants from Eddie they can camp out on her front lawn for all she cares. Leann might be able to manipulate Eddie but Brandi is her own woman. She contributed eight years,2 kids and financially to that marriage and expect compensation.

  45. Jason says:

    You sound as if you know Brandi. May I ask if you really do or are your comments just wishful thinking?

  46. JJ says:

    Just saw Brandi in a clip on Access Hollywood and she was joking with the press. Since Stalker girl bought EC, guess she thinks she has a right to mess with BG and kids. Applaud Brandi for speaking out despite the backlash of LR’s supporters. Stay strong and take him for all he’s worth.

  47. Teri says:


    I would like to take this opportunity again to remind you that you are a complete moron to try and defend LeAnn when she knowingly had sex with a married father, and then thinks that her situation will bew different once she pumps out a few of this douche’s kids. And she was also married at the time. They are both selfish, souless bastards.

    There is nothing that Brandi can do that will be anywhere near as damaging to her children as Eddie or LeAnn’s actions. How many freaking playgrounds will she have to build before she can make up for that?

    I hope she takes her time and cleans both of their clocks. She has already won in the court of public opinion. I will laugh my butt off when LeAnn finds herself an abandoned single mother in five years.

    Men who cheat suck. The women who cheat with them suck. I hope both of their careers die. People like them don’t deserve anything.

  48. betty says:

    @jason Knowing her personally, no the type of woman she is ,yes. Leann is a school girl compared to Brandi. Leann is naive, inexperienced and married to young She is delusional if she thinks Eddie is going to settle down with her and they live happily ever after. Brandi on the other hand is a mature an experienced woman., she knows the score. Eddie played so now he pays.

  49. deb says:

    Did you know in Calif the general public can sit in on your divorce proceeding’s. Yes indeedy the general public gets to hear all about what a douche you are(Eddie) and all the rest of your biz. It’s in Eddie’s best interest to keep Brandi civil. He can start by telling Leann to back the F up or this could turn into Christy Brinkly 2.0. Any of Eddie’s past “antic’s” that kept him from being a “loving and devoted” father might hurt him in custody hearing’s.HE WAS HARDLY EVER HOME!!! So far he has shown he is an insensitive idiot. He says he is a loving and devoted father and poof pics show up to prove otherwise. I think he screwed the pooch on this one.

  50. Joyce says:

    I agree with Jason. I hope that LeAnn and Eddie suffer such pain that they may never recover. I hope that both will be publicily humiliated and their careers will be in shambles. I will never understand how a father that claims to love his children can walk out and leave them for trailor trash LeAnn. Those two little boys are so young and will see their father whenever he can tear himself away from LeAnn. I hope that Brandi stipulate in the divorce that her kids are not to come anywhere near LeAnn. If EC marrries her, that may be a different thing. My prayers and sympathy is for Brandi. May she come out of this the “winner.”

  51. JJ says:

    More comments from Brandi on E online. She stated:
    1. Stalker girl pulled out in front of her while she was picking up her son at school, smiled and flashed her the peace sign, then drove off.
    2. Then proceded to text her that she just had a walk through at her new house
    Brandi also stated that EC is not living with LR. Guess LR thought the kids came with her purchase of Eddie Cibrian.

  52. deb says:

    Oh she stated it. Eonline reported it you just don’t see it on the clip. If it didn’t happen her PR sheep would have been screaming by now. Kinda like after the stalker comment months ago. Within 5 minutes they had a response.

  53. JJ says:

    The comments are printed at E online.

  54. Jason says:

    For all you supporters of LeAnn Rimes, both rational and irrational it is time to consider what you are supporting. I promise you that no man who loves or cares for a woman would allow her to act in this manner. Two people who are in love want to keep that love private and away from anything that interfers or makes trouble for them. People in love wait lovingly for the time when the troubled water is behind them. LeAnn is acting totally irrationally and I suspect Eddie is behind it. He wants LeAnn to pay for his divorce or he wants LeAnn to pressure Brandi into settling for less. Either way, LeAnn needs to get away from this guy. I hope all of you who support LeAnn in one way or the other and all of you in her fan club will scream at the top of your blogging lungs “LeAnn get away from Eddie!!! He’s toxic!!!!” If she leaves him she might recover but if he dumps her now or in two years, she’s down the drain.

  55. princess pea says:

    Sorry Jason, I guess I just have a higher opinion of women in general. I am going with the idea that neither LeAnn nor Brandi are helpless, brainless airheads. LeAnn walked into the affair knowing he was married. Brandi is pulling a Khate and running her mouth at every turn… So neither of them is a particularly great example of a woman, but they aren’t pawns or victims, either.

    People in love do not always want to remain totally private with that love, actually. Or are you calling out the Brange, the Cruises, and pretty much every famous person interviewed other than Gwyneth and Chris? They’re ALL faking???

  56. Jason says:

    Don’t get me wrong. Rimes is a very capable woman and she has told her friends “I’m a big girl and I know what I’m doing”. I’m just saying that her behavior is bizzar. Eddie is doing nothing to pursue her and her behavior is unseemly to most people. Perhaps you approve of this type of insensitve aggression, and please do not think I’m digging at you but that is what her behavior is. Whatever is going on with her and Eddie, it is not conventional love and I think it has the potential to burn Rimes down to the ground. Just say’n.

  57. Deb says:

    I agree. It also seems like Leann is on the road to meltdown.

    @wilson and beth
    I don’t think Brandi is going to cave in on a speedy divorce. Remember the interview a couple weeks ago she stated that the divorce is in the very early stages.
    I also agree Leann and Eddie could camp out on Brandi’s front yard and it would make no difference. In fact the more they push the worse they look.
    The school incedent no matter how you try and spin it, looks really really bad. In fact it makes Leann look like a BUNNY BOILER. Brandi is right she needs to back the F up

  58. betty says:

    Leann is showing tendencies of a possessive,obsessive woman. Her insecurities are really showing.That’s what happens when you covet another’.woman’s husband and the life they had. She will never have that type of life. Relationships are based love,trust and fidelity. You can’t buy any of these qualities.Cibrian reasons for pursuing Leann are strictly financial. I pity her.

  59. betty says:

    @ellen Brandi has been with Eddie for almost 13 years, they courted for 5 yrs. and was married for 8 yrs. I’m sure those qualities were present during their relationship. Like a lot of men Eddie strayed during the marriage, probably more than once that’s why Brandi was in Vegas celebrating her divorce. Unfortunately, Cibrian appears to be a womanizer.

  60. Deb says:

    @ betty….
    He’s a well know one….trust.
    Major zipper problem.

  61. cbme says:

    Jason: I can’t believe that you said a man would not allow a woman he loved to do something. What century are you living in? Gone are the days. I believe you have cooked up some romanticized apparition about someone you don’t even know. Let me give you a little vision that I have: You offer anybody, man or woman, enough money to settle and they settle. Isn’t that what she criticized EC about? I believe the old joke that I heard that says there is no difference in people and the only reason we have different faces is so you can recognize the one that you are stuck with. She will settle when the money gets big enough. Happy Days The Working Woman

  62. deb says:

    In the mean time Brandi keeps collecting amo… that school one is a doozy. Lord is Leann thick as brick.

  63. betty says:

    Brandi was a model before and while she was married to Eddie.She was the primary wage earner between Eddie’s acting jobs and quit after the birth of their second child. Therefore,she is entitled to half of all marital assets and a percentage of present and future earnings ,including spousal and child support etc. That’s why she’s going to make sure she gets what she’s entitled too. How they settle is not Leann’s business. They both have attorneys.

  64. cbme says:

    Spousal support only lasts for a set period of time; child support lasts until the child becomes of age. I don’t believe that future earnings are considered. When you are under the age of 40 yrs, courts are not as lenient.

  65. cbme says:

    Betty:You did say that relatioonships are based on love, trust and fidelity. What a hoot. Do you, by any chance, read bodice ripper romances? I worked around a lot of women’s husbands, and, believe me, most of them didn’t know what the word fidelity was. Why do you think that sexualy harassment laws were passed? Probably, many of their wives were sitting at home waiting for the old paycheck so they didn’t have to go back to work and thinking about love, trust and fidelity.

  66. deb says:

    What are your relationships based on? Also sounds like you’re knocking stay @ home mom’s.

  67. Ruth says:

    Wow you sound terribly bitter about relationships in general and marriage in particular. You sound like a man hater. There is a whole world of good men and caring relationships out there that you apparently have not experienced.

  68. deb says:

    If it wasn’t true her PR would be screaming Ellen whether you heard it or not. The general consensus is Leann is nuts.

  69. Deb says:

    This isn’t about Brad and Jen.
    You know as well as I do if this was not true the PR sheep would be screaming, just like months ago when the original accusation was made, the PR denial came out within the hour.

    Trying to throw Brad and Jen in the mix won’t deflect from Leann’s loony tune behavior, she’s a fruitcake.

    Last time I checked Jen didn’t sit outside Brnagie’s kid’s school

  70. Mark says:

    The Eonline written article has Brandi’s statements in quotes. I was suspect when usmagazine did not quote her directly but Eonline did and those quote marks are very important even for tabloid reporting. The silence from Rimes PR is deafening. Not even some diversionary bla bla bla. Sounds accurate to me and not good for Ms. Rimes.

  71. Kaiser says:

    Ellen, your posts keep getting deleted because you’re sitting on this thread, repeating yourself over and over again. We delete multiple posts when someone does that. Enough.

  72. Deb says:

    @ Mark
    I agree….I see a restraining order in Leann’s future.

  73. cbme says:

    On what basis would you get a restraining order? She lives in the neighborhood and probably has to go in that area sometimes. I read an articly that LeAnn looked at several places and that EDDIE (not LeAnn) fell in love with this place (those were someone else words) because it had a big back yard for his kids to play in. Maybe he will get a little backbone and tell that to all of LR’s criticizers. Doesn’t sound like LeAnn’s idea to move into that neighborhood, does it?

  74. cbme says:

    Just read on X17 that the NY Daily News says that Stephen Dorff (some actor) has eyes for Brandi. All you LR haters should have a blast with that.

  75. Deb says:

    Well I read the same articly(is this even a word)and it sounded like Leann was trying to sell the “Grand Romance”. Did ya also pay attention to the fact that Brandi flat stated Leann and Eddie don’t live together. Leann is one step away from the “Special Jacket”. Also lets talk about Eddie shall we… where is her knight in shining armor? Not defending Leann that’s for sure. Also he hasn’t introduced her to the kids that we know of, so Leann stalks the school, his mother evidently hates her, she gonna stalk her too? Leann is proving one thing and one thing only, that she is cuckoo.

    Oh and by the way Cal penal code 646.9 is pretty clear on stalking. If Brandi feels threatened by Leann popping up at the kids school when she has no biz being there, she could have grounds. Why do I think this isn’t the only incident. ALSO NOT A WORD ON THIS FROM LEANN’S PR PEEPS ZILCH, NADA, ZERO.
    Doesn’t look good for Leann.
    I also think Leann bit of more than she can chew in messing with Brandi.

    P.S. Leann moved into the neighbor hood to keep an eye on Eddie that is obvious. She doesn’t trust him around his wife.

  76. Deb says:

    @cbme read the same article…it also said Brandi was flattered but left the TAO alone….she’s not going to lower herself to Eddie’s level. She’s still married until the final papers are signed sealed and delivered.

    Stephen Dorff that would be an upgrade though. Lets see he was Public Enemies with Johnny Depp and a ton of other movies…google him. Way to go Brandi.

  77. cbme says:

    They (EC and LR) are booth leasing thee house regardless of what the ex says. Again, what we both know is hearsay. Frankly, I don’t think that EC has the guts to stand up to whatever he believes, but that is his problem. I just want LeAnn to be given a fair shake since, for all intents and purposes, there are 3 guilty people involved. If this ex wants to holler and hang on as long as possible, so be it. Things don’t always come to those who wait or whine. If LeAnn wants to pay for the atttention she is getting, its ok with me. Sometimes, when you are around a person long enough, the light finally hits you in the face and you cant deny it any longer. I am sure that LeAnn has been around long enough to know how to protect herself and her assets. I don’t like to see EC dragged through the mud but he is a big boy. I just hope that he has enough guts to state where he stands on something! I think we will get an answer in the near future on where everyone stands. I don’t know how long divorce takes in CA, but the divorce might be finished for EC and ex and that mouthy lady feels safe to declare her piece. Do you know how long it takes for divorce there?

  78. JJ says:

    Interesting no recent pics of Stalker Girl prancing around and no response from her “sources” denying BG’s comments. Eddie, you better develop a third brain cell (uses the two he has, one to zip up and one to zip down) and run far away from Stalker Girl. Or maybe he should marry her and we can all watch how miserable his life becomes. That will be Brandi’s ultimate revenge, just hope she can keep her kids away from the psycho chica.

  79. betty says:

    Why did Leann move into the area? After Brandi kicked Eddie out he moved into an apt. near their family residence. If Leann is paying for the lease and he’s not living with her who cares! She needs to step back and assess her relationship with this man.If she hasn’t met his kids,his family or he has proposed to her by now marriage might not be imminent. Eddie probably isn’t ready.

  80. betty says:

    @ cbme: To answer your question, In California. following the filing of petition for divorce a 6 mo. waiting period is requiired,in contested divorce 1 yr. or longer depending on circumstances. California is not a quickie state for divorce.

  81. cbme says:

    Betty: Thanks for the info about divorce period. Doesn’t appear that Eddie is ready for much, does it? As I said before, I don’t like to see him put down but I have been thinking about never seeing his picture with LeAnn unless he is acting like he shouldn’t be there, the way he never defends her regardless of what is printed. The fact that he moved down from the street from his ex would turn me off. He never says anything about anything. I will always be a LeAnn fan, but I believe there are lots of guys who would interest me before EC. How does his wife know who lives with him, etc.? Do you suppose he tells her all of these things? He is cute but her certainly doesn’t have much backbone. I am sorry, but I think the ex still thinks she is the preverbial “valley girl.” I really hope LeAnn sees what she is looking at before she takes any major steps. Don’t think I would want the type as the father of my kids. Here’s hoping, LeAnn, that you find somebody worthy. Who needs someone who cannot crawl out from under his ex’s thumb? God bless LeAnn.

  82. cbme says:

    Betty: How do all the big stars get remarried so quickly if the waiting period for divorce is so long?

  83. deb says:

    Your post was fine until the dig a Brandi. She did not cause this mess. Eddie and Leann did PERIOD. Once again Eddie PUT himself in the mud. Nobody held a gun to his head and made him dive into the pig sty. If he doesn’t like the way the mud feels too bad. He and Leann gave absolutely no thought to his kids in this whole mess. Their actions confirm that. If they cared they would have stayed on the down low. But NOOOO not these two. I’ll say it again the school incident just about cooked her goose. That stunt makes her look mental and once again NO PR coming out to refute it. If these 2 end up married Leann will have to monitor him constantly as Eddie has proven if his lips are moving he’s lying.

  84. cbme says:

    You know, as I do, when something happens at home, it is never one sided. You are taking for granted that you know these people. Everybody concerned in a divorce has something to do with the prolem – even the ex.

  85. Deb says:

    @cbme Brandi’s problem is Eddie. He is a serial cheat. Brandi wasn’t the first woman he cheated on and she won’t be the last. The only problem Brandi had was sticking with him for this long. Brandi’s the smart one for dumping him.
    Leann will have to have him babysat when she’s not around and you just know she will. Just because someone cheats doesn’t mean there are problems at home. People cheat because they are selfish PERIOD. If Eddie was so “miserable” he could have left along time ago. He didn’t. He wanted to have his cake and eat too. Like I said selfish. At any point after this affair was exposed he could of asked for a divorce. BUT NOOOO he chose to lie,lie and deny, go to counseling w/ Brandi(whether he wanted to go or not he still went)another lie. Claimed to have his kids best interest at heart and then went to Mexico(yet another lie)
    His action’s speak louder than words. Your right I don’t know them however the side Eddie is showing the public isn’t flattering. He looks like a complete waste of skin as a father and as a husband. If he doesn’t like the “unfair fish bowl” he finds himself in too bad. The way he and Leann handled this is one of the most sickening acts of disrespect and cruelty I have seen in a long time.

  86. betty says:

    Thanks, Deb my sentiments exactly. You don’t have to know people personally to know situations. Basically we are all the same.If Brandi stated they are not living together she would be the one to know. The leases,gifts,vacations all Leann’s doing to snag him. Plus Eddie can’t afford it he’s still legally and financially responsible for Brandi and the kids. and he wouldn’t want this type of info disclosed in his pending divorce actiion. CA has a no fault divorce clause but but this info would be helpful to Brandi in determining the financial settlement.

  87. Deb says:

    @ Betty…

    I agree.

    Since Eddie and Leann don’t live together,
    Leann looks even crazier for moving into his neighborhood. It absolutely looks like she is stalking the Brandi and the kids.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if she has sat in front of Eddie’s mom’s house either.

  88. cbme says:

    How would the ex know if they are living together? All of these mag say that LR and EC have leased, not bought, the house they are living in. Ths same source said EC, not LR, fell in love with the leased place because of the big back yard where his kids could play. LR was looking at several places and this one was the one that was chosen because EC liked it. I think EC is gorgeous but LeAnn is the one that I hope is happy. She has worked since she was a child and has missed a lot of the normal, everyday things that other youngsters have. I hope he loves her because I am sure she wants that, but, if not, she will survive – she is strong. No, maybe it isn’t right the way that this whole situation developed, but with that much cheating, there is no way you are going to convince me that it was all EC’s fault. Someone who is happy doesn’t look for something on the side. After all, he does have a right to happiness the same as anyone else. I hope it is a strong relationship. Love, even for a short time, is worth sharing.

  89. betty says:

    The reason the ex would know is because kids are involved and she has the right to know where her kids are and who they are living with. Eddie comes with baggage. This man is no good for her, he is just using her. Maybe this is the first time she has really been in love but he is a womanizer. Leann isn’t the first woman he’s cheated with. Leann married young therefore she is inexperienced especially with a man like .Eddie. He is a taker and she is a giver. He is the type that will take as long as she is wiiling to give and still cheat on her. She might know about singing but she doesn,t know about men like Eddie.

  90. cbme says:

    You cannot keep your kids from associating with your ex’s girlfriends, wife, etc., as long as they are in no danger. EC has the right to decide who associates with them when it is his time to have them – been there, done that. I am sure LeAnn is old enough to know that you can be hurt when you love someone. Just have to wish her the best and she makes her on judgment calls. Sure would be hard to turn down something as pretty as EC though.

  91. Manila hotel says:

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