Dean McDermott’s ex-wife is still bitching about Tori Spelling

Last week Gatecrasher had an interesting early excerpt from Mary Jo Eustace’s new book, Divorce Sucks: What to do when irreconcilable differences, lawyer fees, and your ex’s Hollywood wife make you miserable. Mary Jo is the ex-wife of Dean McDermott, who very publicly and suddenly dumped her for Tori Spelling back in 2005. Last week’s book excerpt was all about how the producers of Tori and Dean’s reality show wanted Mary Jo to come on and make a “guest” appearance confronting Tori. Mary Jo refused – just as she refuses to let her kids on Tori and Dean’s show. I commented that it seemed like Mary Jo seemed pretty mature.

Now Star Magazine is carrying several more excerpts from Mary Jo’s book, and I’m questioning her maturity and her ability to simply move on from her divorce. She really seems like she has an ax to grind. Of course, wouldn’t you have an ax to grind if your husband left you for Tori Spelling? Yeah… I would be devastated. This excerpt also references the cover story Star ran several weeks ago about Tori and Dean’s loveless marriage. There’s even a quote from the source of that article, Michael Olifiers. Here’s some more from Mary Jo:

Mary Jo on how Tori Spelling was like Hiroshima: “I guess I always knew that after the years of mini bombs, one day there would be a big, fat Hiroshima… I just didn’t know that Hiroshima would be Tori Spelling.”

Mary Jo on why Dean left her: Dean told Mary Jo that he was leaving her for “his soul mate”. But she believes it was always about money and fame. “He tells me that money will never be a problem.” Dean told his friend Michael Olifiers, “You have no idea what this is going to do for my career! I’m with Tori Spelling now. I’m going to make millions!”

Mary Jo on her disappointment that women didn’t rally to support her: “I just assumed everyone would rally around and support me, especially the women… Well, not if these women wanted to meet Tori Spelling.”

MJ on seeing a photo of a cowboy-clad Tori with her legs wrapped around Dean: “I will never feel the same way about cowboy boots again.”

MJ on meeting Tori Spelling for the first time: “Was there an area of misery and humiliation that I hadn’t fully explored? My afternoon companion with two blonde pigtails, snugly fitted jeans, and thigh-high boots clicking up my walkway. No recollection of tracksuits [as Tori had described her outfit for the incident]… but then again, I am getting older. Although I was tempted… no broken bones.”

MJ on Dean introducing their son Jack to Tori after 2 weeks of dating: “My son was confused… I told him that it was his father’s girlfriend, and that he needed to talk to his dad about her.” Dean denied the relationship. “Then I had to stand there while my 7-year-old son confronted me and called me a liar! To this day, it still gets me angry.”

MJ on Tori the Usurper: Mary Jo came across a photo of Tori, Dean and Jack with an accompanying interview with Tori. “Tori said, ‘She loved hanging out with ‘her boys’ and that they ‘were like the three amigos,’ doing everything together. My family had been officially usurped. What exactly is wrong with these women pouncing on families when they’re being dismantled?”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, October 12 2009]

Although I have sympathy for Mary Jo, I don’t think she’s coming across well. She seems very bitter and very much like she’s wallowing in self-pity. She also seems like she’s using Tori as much as she would have us believe Dean is using Tori. Look – I could totally understand how Mary Jo couldn’t stand Tori and everything, but Mary Jo is feeding her own drama and neurosis by picking apart everything Tori and Dean do. It’s pretty obvious that Mary Jo sat down with Tori’s books and read them cover to cover, taking notes for her own response. It just seems petty, immature and vindictive.

Tori and Dean are shown out at dinner on 9/18/09. Credit: Fame Pictures

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  1. teehee says:

    Behind the most negative acts and words is always the bigger hurt and sadness. If she didnt care she would have indeed moved on; I suppose she has more mourning to do and sorting out of feelings and directions to do, before this wont be anything to think of at all.

  2. Jess says:

    It would take me a long time too to get over this. Especially since kids are involved.

  3. Guest says:

    this sucks for her but it is what it is.

  4. e says:

    I can’t say I wouldn’t be tempted to act the same way. I know how it feels to have someone betray you. It ends up being more about the betrayal than the person you lost. It is weird and it sucks.

  5. nanster says:

    Mary Jo Eustace and Brandi Glanville need to get to know each other over a glass of wine – maybe then they will have someone else to “vent” to instead of going to the media. They are both beginning to sound bitter and childish. Don’t get me wrong – I think they were both royally screwed over, but I don’t think that sharing their every thought with the media does either of them any good, and it certainly doesn’t help their children.

  6. lalala says:

    this woman seriously needs to stfu. get over it already. its called therapy. she is just looking for her 15 minutes of fame by riding tori’s coattails. never thought id say that but its true. if dean had left her for some less famous woman would she have wrote a book. its been a couple years dean and tori have 2 kids nothing can change the past. u learn from it and move on. stfu mary jo. your son can look this crap up when’s older. at least one parent should b mature. poor kid. knowing his parents dont get along and his mom wrote a book about the divorce. ya dean isnt inncoent but u dont see him writing a book or tori writing a book about this situation.

  7. Oi says:

    Just what I was thinking Nanster. I wonder if they know they look like idiots. The cheaters are at fault sure, but its makes them sympathetic when the ones they left act like this. Has Dean Sheramet had anything to say yet?

  8. bored says:

    I always loved Mary Jo on her Canadian tv show (a tongue in cheek cooking show). Her humour does run a bit to the bitter but what woman’s wouldn’t when their man leaves them for a woman 11 years younger when they’ve just adopted a new baby… and that woman is Tory Spelling? Can’t blame her for at least wanting to capitalise a bit on the infamy. She must have felt like such a fool in that situation. And it’s not like Tory and Dean took the high road or anything.

  9. e says:

    ya dean isnt inncoent but u dont see him writing a book or tori writing a book about this situation.

    No book, they just fame whore every day of their lives. And Stori Telling was not about Dean’s divorce but she trashes her mother plenty. Even if it is deserved it is no different than what Dean’s ex is doing…the woman just wants a little cash.

  10. Lindsay says:

    Very specific titled “self help” book. I looked a what Amazon had about it, the book is one part tell all, one part advice (although she does not seem the most qualified person to be giving on advice about moving on).

    But I found it funny there is a whole “Sucks Series.” There is one on potty training, menopause, pregnancy, Christmas, breastfeeding, Being a stay out home martyr, teenagers, bedtime, grammar, and dating dating. All written or co-written by Joanne Kimes, doesn’t seem positive and fun?

  11. Shelly Shellz says:

    That header is ghastly

  12. Taya says:

    Of course MJ is vindictive. The husband of 13+ years, leaves you just after adopting a new baby, for Tori, whom he had just met a week before. She has every right to be furious. A so-called man who dumps a wife with two kids and then rubs it in your face using the media should be bitched slapped. Also, what kind of a so-called man adopts a baby then decides to take his name off the document? He is complete loser.I do not dislike Tori, but I do see MJ’s point. Besides, MJ may want to capitilize on 15 minutes of fame for money. We have no clue how much she is getting regarding child support or alimony. If Dean is running around wearing $600 shoes then MJ should get some money for these tell-all books. She does have children to support.

  13. Jojo says:

    Talk about cashing in! At least he didn’t write a book about it.

  14. Feebee says:

    At least he didn’t write a book? No, he’s got that stupid reality show and a million manufactured photos opps. I have zero sympathy for Dean. I hope his ex keeps talking. Why should she lie down and get over it? To make his and Tori’s life easier? Maybe she’s using the public talk as therapy, whatever works for her.

  15. Charity is Chic says:

    No JoJo he didn’t write a book about it. Instead, he decided to turn his new relationship into a reality show. So much classier. LOL

  16. Sigh. says:

    Come on, that cowboy boots one was funny.

    And what happened to it takes half the length of the relationship to move on? Throw on top of that, all of this started AFTER they adopted a band aid, I mean, BABY girl, that she claims he now has nothing to do with (hello, Billy Bob).

    We got another couple of bitter years left on this.

  17. Goddess711 says:

    This happens to Jane Average every day. I’m thrilled that somebody who is going through it on such a huge scale is telling it like it is. Homewrecking ho’s always justify their b.s.. It’s time to hear how it all affects the original home front. Mary Jo’s doing it in a classy way, blowing Horseface and Douchebag out of the water, while recouping the legal fees she forked out for the divorce. Smart, smart woman. TEAM EUSTACE!

  18. MSat says:

    Count me as FIRMLY on team Mary Jo. I don’t think her musings and rants are anything out of the ordinary for this situation. Why should she sit by and be the sad little jilted wife? Hasn’t done Aniston any good.

    The more women who scream from the rooftops about their cheating, lying scumbag husbands and the women who enable them, the better.

    As for the kids…what should she do, pretend Dean is a great guy? Who is that really protecting?

  19. nj says:

    I can understand the fury and bitterness, but she needs to take a timeout and ask herself if she isn’t better off without him. Dean is a giant weasel and the opposite of everything a man should be. Why would you want to be with him, knowing what he is? Yeah, I know. Its not that simple. Logic does not instantly override the hurt of betrayal. But someday it will. And she’ll be glad this happened.

  20. Joanne says:

    Totally Team Mary Jo!! I still can not stand the comments Tori made to a canadian audiance when she was a guest.. ck it out on utube google mary jo’s name..she talks smack about her..had her removed from her own countries show..bad style in everyway.. this past week she has been in the hospital for pain in her thinks she is stressed about dean and when he will cheat on her..which of course is inevidable sp? I think Mary Joe has every right to write..

  21. Miss says:

    I dont find this situation interesting enough to take a side but just to set the record semi straight…
    Mary Jo Eustace is actually quite successful here in Canada and the tone of this interview is very much in line with her sense of humour. Take from that what you will but, no, she doesn’t much need Tori/Dean attention or money.

  22. TwinkleToes says:

    Part of Mary Jo must also be smirking because Dean has to wake up looking at Tori’s face. If my husband left me for a rich horse face I would be like…WHATEVA!

  23. Moore says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with the interview. She can be bitter as long as she wants. Its not like she’s going to move on from her divorce (after 13 years of marriage!) and these pathetic people’s antics so quickly. Besides, the book is just coming out now but didn’t she start it back when the divorce was fresh? Give the girl a break. Team Mary Jo for the long haul!

  24. fizXgirl314 says:

    I think this country is seriously effed up. They have sort of forgotten that, ultimately, we are all human beings and we’re all infallible… I know in some cultures, betrayal of this magnitude is a big deal. Especially when children are involved. It seems like there is just this “get over it” attitude in this country which breeds an atmosphere where people don’t think twice before they massively betray someone… “it’ll blow over” is basically the pervading theme with people. But, I think we are neglecting to realize all the broken souls we leave behind…

    I had a really really tough time getting over a major betrayal in my life… but I recall not really having much support past a few weeks… People just figured I should just get over it by then. I basically carried a lot of pain for many many more weeks past the 2 weeks people were showing me support.

    Though, I admit, not everyone was callous. I had two friends in particular who were basically angels :)

  25. Firestarter says:


    I have said this before, but I will say it again. Relationships are hard and 1/2 of the time they are full of hurt and disappointment. Couples don’t just break up one day when one goes off and meets someone else. The disintegration of a relationship happens over a period of time, and people who are unhappy start to look for an out. Happy relationships do not have men/women that stray. Unhappy relationships do. She can whine and moan all she wants, but I can assure you, this union was not that solid and Tori may not be innocent, but she is hardly the sole reason he left. Just like the Cibrian/Rimes affair. The fact is the marriages were shaky and both women gave these men the added fuel they needed to take a hike.

    Crap happens, children involved or not, break-ups suck, but what is worse, staying in an unhappy relationship and making everyone miserable, or getting out and moving on and allowing everyone to eventually be happy? Children suffer worse when they see miserable parents fighting all the time.

    People need to move on, and I say this as a woman who has been cheated on. To dwell on it and bitch about it does nothing but keep the hurt and memory of it all alive. It is counter productive. Get over it. Se has a right to feel the way that she does, but frankly, I am sick of both her an Glanville whining about it. Who hasn’t had their heart broken? Who hasn’t had teh rug pulled out from under them? That’s life, get used to it, because it doesn’t get any easier!

  26. Nebraska says:

    If Jessica Simpson gained as much weight as Dean has in the past little while, she would be crucified all over the media for it. I hope Mary Jo meets a nice man – this will help her get over loser Mean McGermutt.

  27. Goddess711 says:

    It’s too easy to dispose of people. You marry for better or worse and as soon as the honeymoon phase is over people bail. I think if “get over it” is the simple answer, then MaryJo is “getting over it” quite well. No relationship is perfect but if it was good enough to sign up for then have the personal integrity to stick around and work out the kinks. Anyone who thinks you just pick youself up and keep on going is a moron.

  28. Team Mary jo!! says:

    I love Mary Jo. She had the funniest cooking show a few years back…its funny Dean definately has a type. Shes funny and outrageous just like tori, she was like a mix of tori + Kate gosslin…
    Super great, ill love her no matter what!!

  29. MSat says:

    One key factor in all of this: Mary Jo was not only publicly dumped and humiliated, but now has to see her ex with the woman he cheated with every freakin’ week on national TV. I don’t think anyone here has any right to judge how she conducts herself. Imagine seeing the woman who happily spread her legs for your husband, knowing full well you were waiting for him at home, taking care of his kids, on every news stand, in every book store, and all over television.

    Dean’s lucky it wasn’t me he did this to. He’d be missing a testicle at the least.

  30. la chica says:

    i wonder if all this disclosure plants any doubt in Tori’s mind as it seems calculated to.

  31. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I’ve never really cottoned to the whole ‘the spouse wouldn’t have cheated if s/he weren’t unhappy’ idea. If someone is looking to wreck a home, don’t absolve yourself of culpability because all you did was supply the sledgehammer.

    ‘Aiding and abetting’ isn’t an exercise in aliteration.

  32. cobbler says:

    I know it’s a shallow comment here, but it’s funny how people often mention how unattractive Tori Spelling is (and I agree, she’s by no means a good looking woman) and that Dean McWhatever is just with her for the money. But look at the photo – dude is UGLY! Seriously, look at this Dean guy’s face! Ugh. He looks like a shovel. I pity any woman who has to wake up to that in the morning :)

  33. Lita says:

    I think it is eminently possible to have a happy, loving relationship and to be wowed by someone else. Probably especially easy in a remote artificial environment like a movie shoot. Yes personal control, etc, not saying it’s right, but sex and sex appeal are as old as the hills. Sure that just leads to casual sex but once you share that physical intimacy it can lead farther. I don’t think this is a revolutionary thought by any stretch; it’s why after some breakups the ‘leavee’ is floored and had no idea there was a problem and the ‘leaver’ makes off sounding justifications of pre-existing issues or “not even realising something was missing until ..” – because but for the third person, none of it would have happened. The ‘scarlet woman’ and ‘giggilo lounge lizard’ stereotypes came about for a reason!

    I cannot really comment on what this MJ said to the media; I am speaking more generally. And the people saying that a left wife/husband should just realise it’s for the best and get over it make me feel very very old :o )

  34. DrM says:

    As someone whose husband left her for one of her friends (almost as bad as being left for Tori Spelling) I don’t see anything wrong with what MJE is doing. Having that happen is unbelievably hurtful….and it takes a long time to ‘get over’. So everyone saying she should stfu and other helpful comments need to hope they aren’t ever in her shoes. I was married for 16 years and had four children and it took me probably about five years all up to really move on. And I was bitter and angry and you know what? I reckon I was allowed to be. I hope her book makes her some cash and perhaps helps someone else in the same place. She will recover but she’s entitled to take as long as she wants and talk/write about it as much as she wants.

    Oh and I have gotten completely over it. Remarried, very happy…he really did me a favour…couldn’t see it then but I sure can now!!! :)

  35. Aspen says:

    The woman lost her entire young adulthood in a marriage that got yanked out from under her. “Just get over it and move on,” is pathetic and immature “advice.” Never experiencing anger or sadness…pushing it away and behaving as if nothing serious just happened to you…is not healthy.

    Sometimes, bitter anger is an appropriate emotion. She’s not being violent, abusing drugs or alcohol, or leaving her kids home to act out in clubs. She’s writing out all her anger (super healthy to do) and using the public interest in that situation to turn something humiliating into something lucrative.

    More power to her. She’ll “get over it” when she’s ready to.

  36. sharon says:

    I am on the ex wife’s side. She can say whatever she wants. I feel bad for her because she was left for someone who is funny looking – even with tons of corrective surgery!!!
    Also, I have watched that stupid tori and dean show and it is sickening. That tool dean sits around whining about how he doesn’t get to see his son enough – um, maybe you shouldn’t have left him then a–hole!

  37. Allegra says:

    Tori’s not all there, Dean’s not all that and ex wife has a right to tell it her way after what she went through. Until Tori’s dad died and basically stiffed her (no pun) I am sure Dean thought BANK. That he is trapped in a mediocre celebrity fishbowl is no more than he deserves. He is probably feverishly hoping for a Tori/Candzilla reunion while they live off Tori’s trust fund and pimp themselves. Sad for the children..

  38. eternalcanadian says:

    You say, “She really seems like she has an ax to grind. Of course, wouldn’t you have an ax to grind if your husband left you for Tori Spelling? Yeah… I would be devastated.”

    Well, if the person you had been with for almost 15 years, and the person that stood up in front of witnesses and married you and was married to you for almost 13 years, suddenly one day told you he was leaving you for his “soulmate” you’d be pretty upset and hold a grudge for a long time.

    I mean you thought you were soulmates, but turns out he didn’t think so. Also for Dean to take his name off the adoption papers of the baby girl he and Mary Jo had planned months to adopt was really crass and made him look like a total arsehole. The poor girl. To be unwanted like that, ya know?

    Think of it like someone dying, except the person didn’t die. Mary Jo is reminded over and over every day she wasn’t Dean’s soulmate, that he just wasn’t into her anymore. That’s a real blow to a woman’s self-esteem, and it takes a very, very long time to recover from that. I don’t know why so many people are saying she should get over it, it’s been a while. I am pretty sure all those people don’t live their lives in public like Mary Jo does.

    The way Tori and Dean romp around on telly just about every day doesn’t help matters. The majority of us split up and divorce in private. We don’t have an ex-spouse splashed across the telly, screen, or newstand every day like Mary Jo does. So lay off her, yeah.

    I’ve read the book, and a lot of it is justified and makes sense about Dean. Even Tori has raised doubts, wondering if Dean will leave her like he did Mary Jo, and to hear what Dean said about Mary Jo, saying she wasn’t as special or attractive to him as Tori is, yadda, yadda, well, you can bet Mary Jo heard that and that’s just more slaps across the face to know nearly 15 years of your life were, well, nothing.

    I think this will go on for a couple more years, unless Mary Jo meets someone spectecular that just surpasses Dean then she can move forward. Oh yeah, it also would help if Tori and Dean weren’t such blatant media hogs.

  39. Willis Long says:

    She’s a horse face and he looks like a Who from How the Grinch Stole Christmas LMAO…They deserve one another. Team Mary Jo all the way. Why shouldn’t she write a book. Tori wrote a tell all about her relationship and her 90210 pal. What’s good for the goose ….

  40. cindy says:

    TEAM Mary Jo all the way!! I hope she makes a fortune off this book and I hope Tori and Dean suffer a huge public backlash. People should stop watching their pathetic reality show and stop rewarding their horrendous behavior. Tori is a MEAN-SPIRITED, VINDICTIVE, INSENSITIVE WITCH! Dean is a CREEPY, A**HOLE. They have proudly flaunted their affair in every tabloid, book, TV show etc at the cost of his family’s dignity. Mary Jo deserves to have her side of the story out for public viewing. She has handled herself with dignity and grace. I think Tori was in the hospital “sick” with worry that Mary Jo is going to ruin Tori and Dean’s
    manufactured public image with the revelations in her book. I hope she does. Payback is a bitch to homewreckers!! Mary Jo Rocks!!!

  41. Josephina says:


    Well said, bravo. You were on point.

    To the rest of the “Jonases” blogging today…the best advice is for Mary Jo to FORGIVE Dean. It will not mean that she is weak or a doormat. Forgiving him helps Mary Jo open the next chapter in her life sooner with enthusiasm. It releases her from the feelings of betrayal, anger, hurt and embarassment that she has been feeling. You forgive him not to make him feel better but for your own welfare.

    My mother still talks about how my father left her (another woman) and how painful and publicly he handled it. That was 29 years ago. Her feelings turned into hate. And now, I have to continuously forgive her over and over when she reminisces about her past. She conveniently forgets that her “no good” husband was also my beloved father.

    Mary Jo is not as sensitive to her family’s needs as she claims to be. One day her son will read this book, and a young man does not need to see his mother behave in this manner.

  42. Bambi says:

    Mary Jo is going for that money, the same way I strongly suspect her husband went for that money. Frankly, I find her way the more palatable one, just because I would really have a hard time sleeping with Tori Spelling. I already have a hard time just looking at photos of her.

    And if my husband left me for that bugface??? I’d think he’d either lost his mind or had some serious golddigging aspirations, either of which would make for a pretty easy divorce. (But I hopefully wouldn’t marry someone like that in the first place).

  43. Jag says:

    I don’t like any of them. Yes, it happens every day and women shouldn’t stand for it if it happens to them, but honestly, unless she’s giving support or good advice, what exactly does it help for her to write such a bitter book? Well, other than her bottom line, that is.

  44. dawnofthedeadling says:

    I can see where Mary Jo is coming from. I know it would take a loong time before she got over something like this. I mean, there’s a reality show that involves her husband who had left her for another woman. The tabloids, the everything. How can she avoid it? It’s a constant reminder. I would be extremely bitter, too. I think she deserves to let her voice be heard, because it’s just not fair to her at all.

  45. gg says:

    I totally agree with Firestarter and Josephina. It ain’t healthy. She cannot move on to positive things if she keeps stirring up the poop and dwelling on it, years later. Bitter people are gross and attract negativity and one incident can ruin their entire lives because they don’t understand how they need to move on.

    Tori hasn’t “made” her feel anything. She chooses to still be bitter about this. She needs to find something else to occupy her time.

  46. Kelly says:

    I don’t think anyone disagrees that Mary Jo needs to move on. She’s a smart lady and I’m sure she realizes this too.P erhaps this is a step in her moving on?
    It hasnt really been that long since her world was turned upside down, and this book was probably extremely cathartic for her to write.
    She deserves every right to tell her side, and I think many of you are forgetting that she is a comedian and actress, therefore an entertainer and this is what they do.
    She is gorgeous, intelligent and talented, I have no doubt she will be able to move on successfully.

  47. Lp says:

    Why all the haters on MJ. All I have to say is let’s see how Tori and Dean feel when Liam and stella’s spouses leave them and their children for another person! No if, and’s or but’s…Dean and Tori should have had enough decency to first get a divorce from their respective spouses and taken care of the existing children during an emotional time and then strapped her cowboy boot wearing self on to dean!

  48. Granger says:

    I`m with MSat et al. Tori and Dean gloat every week on their reality show about their wonderful life, relationship and children, as though they`re living some insane fantasy that`s never been experienced by anyone else on the planet. His ex shouldn`t have to sit silently by and let them get all the attention when SHE was the one they f***ed over. I don`t care if Dean and MJ`s relationship was bad before he left her, I don`t care if he and Tori are soulmates, HE STILL CHEATED ON HIS WIFE, which is totally uncool. His constant presence in the media HAS to be humiliating for MJ. I just don`t believe for one second that women should have to grieve in silence when their husbands leave them for younger women, simply because society says they`re supposed to be strong, and have a stiff upper-lip, etc. Screw that.

  49. dboyfresh says:

    Too everybody saying she should just “get over it” is being ridiculous.She has EVERY RIGHT to express her hurt & pain, how would u feel if someone left you OVERNIGHT 4 someone else after you’ve spent years 2gether? That’s trauma 2 say the least. & Tori screwed him only hours after meeting him? wtf?? It takes a loooong time to heal. He’s just with Tori 4 her money honey it ain’t gonna last cuz he’s gonna leave Tori 4 a man.

  50. dboyfresh says:

    & Tori is a S L I M Y SLUT anyway, he don’t trust her because she screwed him only hours after meeting him. Take away the fame & she’s just a SLUT plain & simple (but he is one too) At least MJ has class. Hey! They better be glad she’s just writing a book & didn’t dust off the 45 calibur.

  51. john webster says:

    I remember when this mess was beginning and I wondered how in the world Tori could break up this family, how she could shatter the world of 2 small children for a man she JUST met. How could she have any respect for king dean??? or herself. I absolutey think Mary Jo has a right to support herself both financially and emotionally by letting it out in as many books as she has in her. you go

  52. DSR says:

    Mary Jo thinks the women did not rally around her. Wrong…. We just do not know her so there is no way to show her we are on her side. TEAM Mary Jo. Men and women who walk away from a marriage for someone else leave a wake of pain behind them but they are not unaffected by it. I have seen the show and Tori does worry about him cheating on her. Further more he does not respect Tori on the show he is constantly grabing and gropping her; men who respect the women they are with do not treat them like the town whore.

  53. fairness says:

    To the author of this story…It doesn’t sound as though you have read Mary Jo’s book at all and therefore you are only making comments on bits and pieces and assuming the rest…you know what assuming something does for you. I’m a fan of Tori’s, but I am proud of Mary Jo and her honesty about a VERY painful period in her life and my heart goes out to her…you need to do your homework and be less judgmental…you never know…what goes around comes around.

  54. Betrayed Before says:

    Clearly the people who are stating she should just get over it have never been through something so painful before. She needs time, I’m sure she’ll forgive and move on in time.

  55. babes says:

    Tori Spelling is a home wrecker. It is obvious that Dean does not have a brain cell nor any family values. He is the one that has to live without his son Jack everyday. Dean is a pathetic father and can’t replace one son with another. Jack lives withOUT his dad everyday because of Dean and Tori’s selfishness.

    and yes, Tori, once a cheater always a cheater. Don’t be shocked when Dean leaves you for a younger model when you aren’t pulling in the bucks for him any longer.

    Are there NO family values left in our society?

    You two are pathetic.


  56. Ashley Bin says:

    I can totally understand what Mary Jo is going through. She had a family, a son, and it was destroyed because Tori has no morals and values… and because Dean is a gold digger and publicity whore. Karma ALWAYS comes around. For those of you who say to “just get over it” have probably never experienced that. Truth is, such relationships that begin this way are ultimately never truly happy and there are usually serious trust issues for good reason. Tori and Dean have a big struggle ahead to keep their “love” alive.

  57. T~ says:

    No one SUDDENLY leaves their spouse. It doesnt happen over night, and as bitter and nasty as this woman is coming across, can you imagine what Dean had to deal with?

    Move on Lady! If you are saying Dean was all about the money, WHAT is writing a book about Dean and Tori and you for? lol or are you giving the book away for free???!

  58. fernando says:

    OMG! I just for the first time put the reality show on and watched a bit, then I thought isn’t he the one who left his wife for her, so I surfed the net reading the whole crapola story.on this show they are having marital problems,Tori is crying, etc. etc. quite frankly do any people actually think a marriage that began through infedelity is really going to make it?…. let’s see let me think……. NOOOOOOOOOOOOT! Oh, by the way what happened to men that grew up before they started having children.. I see what’s wrong with kids now, when I see them acting up, simply because they are starved for atttention namely a Dad, Mcdermott seems to be starved for attention himself. examine your conscience spelling and Mcdermott, esp. when you are having marital problems, what goes around most of the time comes around. Best of luck with avoiding that one, and the show stinks.

  59. Jackie Thinks.. says:

    I was wondering what the $tory was behind “dean” & what he gave up for “her”…I, in fact, like Tori. I am worried for her. She seems like she is kinda sweet. I would NEVER think she would be involved with someones hu$band. But she DID in fact ransack a family…wow…What is down the line for her i$ mi$ery!!! What goes around comes around, people!!! Its very true. Sit back & enjoy the show.
    I feel bad for MJ…I DON’T think there is anything wrong with writing a tell all…I hope she comes to terms with her pain. Go for it…Let everyone know what a heartle$$ a$$ he really i$ on the in$ide!!!!
    I find it hard to believe that he found hi$ “soulmate”. A child had JUST been adopted. That takes time & a LOT of planning. Then to walk away from such a big deci$ion. WOW!!
    I have NO RESPECT for dean!!! Tori…what is in store for U is something I hope u r prepared for…U will someday feel the pain that u put upon MJ. Gear up gurl!!!
    Team Mary Jo!! God Bless yur children!!

  60. DrARN says:

    In 2005, my husband did the same thing to me that Dean did to Mary Jo. I am not angry, but very hurt and I am certain that is how Mary Jo feels too. I doubt she wrote a book about it for the money. I find that sharing the story helps me and I am sure that is her motive as well.

    It is like a law of physics, the same fate that Mary Jo suffered will befall either Dean or Tori or both of them.

    No one wins in these types of situations.

  61. raman says:

    eh hello,mary jo can complain about dean and tori spelling as much as she wants. lets not forget:a stranger came into mary and jack’s home and tore their family apart. Dean,(given has no class what so ever)waiting to get that big acting break. It’s only a matter of time for these two. what goes around/comes around!!!!

  62. Aine says:

    Mary Jo is a fantastic woman, she has every right to write her story. She was much more successful than Dean in Canada. Dean and Tori prattle constantly about being in love. Let’s hope if Dean finds another soulmate after 13 years and two children with her, Tori will be quiet and say “love conquers all” and wish the new couple a happy life.

  63. elizabeth says:

    My husband of 15 years left me shortly after we had a ceremony re-affirming our wedding vows. He left me for one of our children’s teachers. Not only did they take two families down, but also a wonderful community of friends, neighbors, family, that never spoke again. I was so busy, working, raising three small children and managing the household, I had no idea everything was in his name. The divorce cost me $100k.
    I went into it with $400 in my little Mommy account. This has been a devastating blow to our sweet children and family. It killed my mother. I have no words to offer except chose your mate carefully. And cover yourself legally.

  64. malarivi says:

    I am team Mary Jo..«geez did l ever get a good laugh from reading the blog comments.

    Honestly I feel sorry for the women involved with such a jerk. He already proved how he treats women…first he marries them, then has children with them, than he leaves them. TORI..ur not anything special. DEAN is gunna do the same thing to YOU, that he did to his first wife!…WAKE UP GURL!…ITS JUST A MATTER OF TIME OR IN UR CASE THE AMOUNT OF MONEY IN UR ACCOUNT.

    Mary Jo and Tori, dont hate each other, thats what Dean wants..two women fighting for him…every guys dream!

    You gurls are better than that and u gurls deserve a real man! Tori kick him to the curb before he does it to u.

  65. Cristina says:

    Tori will lose Dean the same way he got him!

  66. Wyatt Earp says:

    Mary Jo, honey, believe me when I tell you that you are soooooooo much better off without him. You’re classier than both of them put together.

  67. Lisa says:

    for all you people who keep saying get over it or ive been in that situation and i got over it i’m totally sure your ex husband or wife isnt on television and you have to see it thrown in your face everyday bringing back all those feelings everyday so please spare us the bull line get over it it makes no sense seeing as youve never been in the predicament shes in and those comments about her making money what does that mean unless you call them on it as well come on lets be real she has every right to feel the way she feels and who are you to put a time limit on when she should get over it what shes doing is courageous by the way no one has commented on toris ex why

  68. Excellent web site. Lots of helpful info here. I’m sending it to several buddies ans additionally sharing in delicious. And certainly, thanks on your effort!

  69. PiperB says:

    Why does she have to get over it? It was his choice to break their marriage vows which = for better or worse. She expected to be with him until death. Their child was a baby. Until that baby turns 18 she has to be reminded of her loss. Screw him and his slutty ways. Maybe he should have gotten over his sleazy fortune hunting crush for Tori and stayed with his wife and kids.

  70. Wen says:

    LOVE MARY JO!!!!!!!!!! Tori is obnoxious and she looks heinous even AFTER all that surgery. Dean and Tori would do ANYTHING for money, and if the finances ever crashed, he’d dump her in a minute.
    I wish Mary Jo peace and prosperity!

  71. I will personally never be interested in Tori and Dean and their ‘so-called’ marriage. I will never see either of them as anything but selfish people who disregarded their true families and marriages. I don’t care how many kids they have; it is still wrong. If their Exs want to be angry or point out how wrong their life-choices were then they should be accepted. It sickness me that the relationship is so glorified by T.V. Just one more example of the downfall of the moral culture in America. Yuck! I hope they never stop worrying about one another’s fidelity and that Mary Jo finds every joy and stability in her future life.