Kristen Stewart compares being hounded by paparazzi to “being raped”


I’m sorry I missed these quotes when I was doing that post about Kristen Stewart’s Elle UK cover story. In the interview, apparently Kristen was predictably insolent, per usual. Instead of being gracious about the fame, money and opportunities the Twilight franchise has offered her, Kristen decided to compare the attention to being raped. For real. Then, in nearly the same breath, she complains about being quoted correctly when she says something idiotic – you know, like she just did when she compared photographers to rapists.

“It’s so…The photos are so…I feel like I’m looking at someone being raped. A lot of the time I can’t handle it. I never expected that this would be my life.”

“What you don’t see are the cameras shoved in my face and the bizarre intrusive questions being asked, or the people falling over themselves, screaming and taunting to get a reaction…All you see is an actor or a celebrity lit up but a flash.”

“Your little persona is made up of all the places that people have seen you and what has been said about you. And usually the places that I am are so overwhelming in the moment and fleeting for me—like one second where I’ve said something stupid, that’s me, forever.”

[From Kristen Stewart’s Elle UK interview via Ace Showbiz]

Look, I’m not naïve, I know there are some skuzzy, nasty paparazzi out there, and I know Kristen and Robert Pattinson have probably put up with a lot of sh-t from people who just want a piece of them – whether it’s the fans, the photographers or people just look for some connection or some way to make some money. And you know what? That sucks. They have every right to say it sucks. But to compare it to being raped? Give me a break, Kristen.



Kristen Stewart on the July issue of Elle UK, courtesy of The Fashion Spot (pics taken from a previous post).

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  1. Ally says:

    Not only did she compare them to rapist but today in Australia she said that they annoy her just for 5 minutes and then she “enjoys” her job.
    Rape victims don’t have that luxury nor do they have bodyguards.

    Oh and the first thing she did when arriving in Sydney to promote her film was to flipp off the paps 3 or 4 times on different locations.
    She loves the attention.

  2. Lway says:

    Another Hollywood AIR-HEAD. She’s a celebrity – what did she expect. It’s not like the Paps only started doing what they’re doing when she became an actress!

    It’s a really dumb example. This woman is protected all the time because she’s so “important” – she has NO IDEA what Rape Victims have to deal with and her Idiocy to compare being photographed and having her “space” invaded to being raped is just sickening.

    STFU kirsten!

  3. Vichy says:

    Usually I like her, but this comment sounds a little bit off.
    I can understand that she gets tired of the paps taking pictures and all, but that’s part of being a moviestar I guess.

  4. TTKG says:

    Actually, she said looking at photos is like looking at someone being raped. i think the point she was illustrating is how intrusive it is to be stalked and then have photos during that stalking posted up around the world.

    Brilliant actress, still just a kid – everyone should cut her some damn slack for not wanting to be a famewhore like some of her contemporaries. I hope she will always be insolent, shows that she is sticking to her true self.

  5. ViktoryGin says:

    Hmm…sometimes you can say things and be intentionally hyperbolic. It’s evocative and makes for explicit expression. But I could see if legitimate rape victims feel trivialized by her analogy.

  6. Lita says:

    I think a bunch of people will get het up about this so I might as well duck for cover now but I just don’t feel the big. Maybe to her the invasion of privacy, the probing, the constancy, are so overwhelming that she wanted to use a word that powerful to illustrate it. I simply don’t find it as inflamatory and offensive as I think I am ‘supposed’ to. And in the second part she’s not screaming “taken out of context!” She’s saying that she says something and whatever it is, it’s there forever. Think of everything you’ve said ever in your life to people – I would find being publicly judged on that forever pretty oppressive too. I am so meh on Kristen Stewart (and feel twilight is borderline abusive in it’s story line – with a pretty generous view of borderline), so this isn’t a fandom view – just a view-view.

  7. Whatever says:

    She shouldn’t worry. It’s only the twitards that even care about these two. Give it a year or two after the franchise ends and the attention will disappear.

  8. Rachel says:

    She should be greatful that she doesn’t truly understand what it feels like to actually be raped.

  9. mn says:

    Ungreatful snotty HW brat.

    In Australia she is to promote her film and the first thing she did was to flip off the paps everytime she was outdoors. She is provoking them and drawing attention.
    Sandra Bullock,Brangelina and R. Pattinson have it 100x worse and they don’t feel raped.

    At the same time she now said in Australia she doesn’t want to change her job since the paps annoy her just for 5 min and then she “enjoys” herself.
    Decide it, you are either bothered or you aren’t but stop trivializing rape.
    She has bodyguards and a choice, something rape victims don’t have.

  10. canadianchick says:

    She consented to being a movie star and of course all that follows-with rape there is no consent. I get her annoyance at the intrusive aggression of paps, but clearly she has never been raped if she thinks its the same thing.

  11. Angel says:

    meh. She said she feels like, when she sees celebrities being harassed and their privacy invaded, she sees such intrusiveness that she feels like she is looking at someone who is being raped. Not that she feels like she has been raped because of the attention. That is grossly reducing what she said. You didn’t even include the whole quote so I can only imagine this was the intention. And how does that take away at all that she is grateful for those other things? She has said she is grateful for those things just as often.

    Way to take things out of context.

    I am not a Kristen Stewart fan, though I have nothing against her–she seems intelligent and she isn’t a scene hound like other celebrities they leech to (and if she were, we’d all hate on her for that,) but I completely understand what she meant here. She was NOT comparing photographers to rapists. Give ME a break.

  12. Shay says:

    She gave the finger, actually two, at paparazzi on her current trip to Australia.

    She has an attitude problem but funnily enough, the fame doesn’t bother her when it involves her bank account. I’m surprised how many of the younger celebs are so rude.

  13. Amneh says:

    I hate how she makes it seem that her every move is being photographed or recorded. You’re nowhere near that famous, honey. If you’re complaining, what should people like Brangelina say?

  14. dayjolie says:

    She actually showed the middle finger a third time. Great way to great Australia.

  15. ohdreamon says:


    Intelligent and mature people her age don’t try to portray themselves as victims every damn time they open their mouth as she does.
    She is rude, narcisstic, ungreatful and doesn’t have any real problems. But she wants to be a rebel, only problem: she has nothing to rebel against. Instead she tries to sell her trivial job for which she get paid obscenely high as PROBLEM.

    Let’s all pity this poor priviledged HW spawn who never had to work hard since her parents who work in the industry got her all the jobs. She feels is beneath her to audition for roles.

  16. lisa says:

    I understand her point to a degree. Some celebs are hounded beyond belief. We see a picture but we don’t see the picture of the 10-20 crazy ass men around snapping shots. Screaming to get a reaction. Just think, some of these men are criminals too. I think the paps are at her more because of a “relationship” with that Rob guy. If it had been made LOUD and clear at the beginning that nothing was going on with them, then she would not have had all this attention. She is being stalked to some degree because of that. This happens to EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN HOLLYWOOD who is in or who the paps think is in a hot relationship. It is all about the COUPLE thing. It gets the rags, public and paps insane.. Romance fuels the love and hate. And the stalking.

    I never believed she and Rob were a couple. But it made for a good story and gave the movie some PR..

  17. Jimmy Dean says:

    Yikes, way to alienate fans and marginalize victims of violence Kristen…

    You’re so cool.

    We need some new smarter celebs.

  18. jay says:

    ohdreamon, exactly.

  19. Angel says:

    @ that dude up there.

    She does not complain about her job. She complains about paparazzi. Only very recently did people like you start supporting paparazzi as a part of their ‘job’. Princess Di wasn’t enough apparently. I bet you buy into the stories they spun to cover that insanity up, too.

    Realize you’re acting like a sheep. And then realize that this is a 20 year old girl being harassed almost 24/7 by flocking swarms of grown men trying to provoke her by being antagonistic. She is smart, imo, to tell them to f-ck off. There is seriously something wrong with this shit.

    Get over yourself and you might see this clearly. She can be grateful for her job AND hate the paparazzi. And she has every right to talk shit about them — that is all they talk about her. They would like you to think she is famous thanks to their antics; she isn’t. She’d be famous without them, and better off for it; There were celebrities long before tabloids, bb. Stop helping them put the two together; they are not one in the same.

  20. reccessionista says:


    How long are her fans going to use her age as excuse for her ignorant idiocy?

    20year old are sent to war, they work or study and are considered adults who have to take responsibility for their actions and words. But she is according to you a mature badass, fierce rebel who still needs her army of psycho fans to lecture and convert us haters.

    Decide it, she can’t be the shy frightened flower that the stiudio and her PR team are selling to cover up her latest stupid act and at the same time this “strong mature woman”.

    She contradicts her words with her actions.

    I don’t need obsessed Twihards telling me what to think.
    She is just like Avril Lavigne, the same bratty behaviour and look where she is now.

  21. malina says:

    Well, technically she didn’t compare being photographed to being raped. It had a little different meaning.
    But generally I have to agree with ohdreamon – well put!

  22. Angel says:


    I am not a fan nor am I angry. I also have never read or seen a twilight movie in my life. You can look on any other piece on this site with similar content and I respond the same no matter the celebrity. Convenient of you to accuse me of that; very cute way to attempt to discredit anything I actually DID say. For the record, I also never said she was any of these things: a mature badass, a fierce rebel, a shy frightened flower.

    Nor did I use her age as an excuse for her behavior; I used her age to highlight how inexcusable the paparazzi behavior is.

    What I did say, is she is smart to tell them to f-ck off. Because they are creeps. And that people should stop defending it just because they enjoy the gossip it provides them, if you want to boil it down to something.

    Your arguments are entirely ineffectual, as I am not a straw man.

    I can see why you defend what you do, though. You seem to have a lot in common.

  23. Synthia says:

    TO Angel: @ May 31st, 2010 at 9:11 am

    Your entire post reeks of hypocrisy no?
    I think I would rather be a sheepie than a hypocrite. You are sitting at a gossip website so spare us your holier than thou attitude.

    And Um no she would not be as famous without the paparazzi no one in hollywood would be. People use to just watch movies and be done with it. The new normal is the invasion of privacy right or wrong; this is part of the game HER game too.

    Do a wee bit of historical research the tabloids have been around forever; the only thing that has changed is that celebritites do not dictate what is put in print. I have no problem with that. Now having said such I am not against putting a buffer around celebrities.

    She is a pretentious twat nothing more; who should really get a dictionary and look up the term rape. The psycological damage of having your pictured taken is not even comparable to a sexual assult.

  24. malina says:

    Also, to all of those who think paparazzi are the cause of all evil – while most of them may not be the nicest ppl ever, they don’t take pictures and stalk celebrieties out of their malice. They do it because there’s demad for it, because WE like to read sites like celebitchy and look at their pictures and speculate.

    So, if you’re a fan of K-Stew – unless you can resign from reading info about her and looking at her pictures – you should realise she’s really flipping you off.

    There are ppl out there who have to put up with much greater intensity of paparazzi actions and have more to fear for (like Brangelina and their kids or Britney with hers + her fragility) and yet they seem to try to accept it as a part of their job.

  25. dj says:

    It is clear that she has never been raped by using this a very poor metaphor. It does marginalize victims of sexual assault which are often women in her fan demographic. Additionally, she may not have signed up for the aggressive photographers but she does have a choice of quitting this overly-taxing acting gig anytime.

  26. Meh says:

    What I’ve seen in recent interviews is the attempt of a media makeover for KS.
    Almost every interviewer in the last 3 months have harped on about her supposed shyness. She went from fierce, rebellious teenager to shy and reclusive in a matter of months.

    In a way, it seems like someone is trying make her more endearing and appealing to females.
    KS does not make movies that dudes will flock to, therefore, she needs female fans.
    Sometimes I feel sorry for her but then I see her behaviour in Australia and realise she isn’t shy at all, she is just a vulgar brat.

  27. Angel says:

    oh jesus christ. Seriously, you would think I am trying to take candy from a baby, with the fit some of you are throwing. I am a hypocrite? How?

    It is nauseating to sit here and read so many go on and on about how ungrateful she is of it all simply because she trashed the paparazzi. Right now I am blaming the pap but truth be told, look here at this very example. It is clear, MORE THAN CLEAR, that this quote was twisted specifically to sensationalize the whole thing, and people are getting angry when it is pointed out. Even though it is apparent. You want to be fooled! It’s so silly.

    Can’t accuse me of that. Therefore, I am no hypocrite.

    Figure out exactly what it is you are arguing about here; you are talking to a wall because these opinions you are accusing me of have never came out of my mouth. I never placed myself above the gossip; I even acknowledged, above, that this is a gossip site, and we are here to enjoy the gossip. The difference, is I am not going to sit here and fool myself into thinking they are doing her any kind of favor. That she should be grateful to them. Or even that she should have to suck it up. That if she talks trash about them that means she is an ‘ungrateful little twat’ as I believe someone put it. I am not going to defend them.

    I am laughing hysterically at the truth coming out. You think the pap is doing YOU a favor! That Kristen or anyone flipping off these maniacs is an insult to you! That is how deluded you have allowed yourself to become. wtf. That they do this because you like it, there is a demand for it. Wake. Up. They STALK these people because they can make thousands of dollars to get a picture, make up a story, and get away with it. And they know the majority of people are dumb enough to defend it.

    Yes, I am at a gossip site. Because I do not buy tabloids. And also because I enjoy the gossip. But ffs, I am not going to sit here and defend it, and try and convince myself or anyone else that the pap is doing this for any savory reason. Also, they go overboard. WAY overboard. That is my main peeve. If that wasn’t clear to anyone there it is, said outright. The main point Kristen made is they are intrusive, antagonistic, at times violent and abusive, and they go overboard. Kristen, perhaps, was insensitive to compare it to rape. But that is how she feels when she looks at the pictures; like she has been violated. We do not have to take it the wrong way. We choose to. Ask yourself why, ffs.

    It simply is not okay the measures they go to. Why would anyone try to excuse it? I simply do not understand.

    Hypocrite? Sorry, no. Just don’t see it.

  28. Sandy says:

    Would like to point out to all people who are horrified by the paparazzi that YOU are reading a celebrity gossip blog. If people weren’t so fascinated by this stuff there would be no paparazzi. I have no sympathy for this complaint. Lived in LA for twenty years among actors desperately trying to break in to the business. It is exactly what she asked for. Dreamed about even. Poor baby. Get over it. If you didn’t want the attention you could have become a teacher or a dentist. Someday they will stop following you (they always do) and you’ll be whining about that.

  29. oxa says:

    I do not like this twit who willingly signed up for the job, the hype and the paps who helped make her a star among the twihards.
    A rape victim is NOT a willing participant and she is just another ungrateful little twit.

  30. Electric says:

    Whether or not her quote was misconstrued (feeling like being raped vs looking at someone being raped) she picked a bad analogy. If she were a little smarter she would have said the photos make her uncomfortable because of their intimacy or just said nothing at all.

    She’s out of touch with reality.

  31. palomino says:

    People it’s not that serious. She exaggerated. It was a stupid comparison. But some of ya’ll are obsessed (Synthia, recessionist, et. al,) going on and on about how evil she is and whatnot. If you don’t like the girl, then let your actions show it. Stop reading about her. Don’t see her movies. Stop keeping track of how many times she’s flips the paparazzi the bird lol! So she’s a pretentious bitch? Stop sweating the girl so hard and you won’t be so damn unhappy.

  32. Dan says:

    Comparing the paps pursuit of her to watching someone being raped was just horrendously in bad taste. And who is this person being watched? HERSELF. She certainly said this in the sense of herself being raped because she is the person who is going through this bombardment by the paps. Whether she meant to put it that way is another story.

  33. Nora_W says:

    Only her insane fans defend this attention whore. She has no problems being photographed countless times for magazines and giving her photos to journalist just to create interest in her privat life and then comes to complain.
    Bloody hypocrite.

  34. jan says:

    If she can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen! Spoiled, insatiable brat!

  35. grace says:

    wow, I did not know that you get millions of dollars for being raped in the US!! 😮

    And in my country, being raped is something a LOT MORE violent than being photographed for continuously biting you lips and inexpressively saying lines in a very bad movie…

  36. Liana says:

    isn’t that article where she states that twitter is ruining her life and that if she sees someone on a phone near her, she wants to throw things at them? Hon, not everyone’s twittering about you.

  37. Shaark says:

    She needs to go to a third world country to get a perspective, then lets see if she will have the nerve to complain about silly things. Just ask Angelina. For someone who is hounded x100 times more, you will never hear Angelina complain about such silliness because she knows what she gets to do with her celebrity is much more important than her comfort for 5mins. It’s a pain am sure for her but she knows it’s not her life.

  38. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named says:

    I couldn’t agree more:

    “Actually, she said looking at photos is like looking at someone being raped. i think the point she was illustrating is how intrusive it is to be stalked and then have photos during that stalking posted up around the world.

    Brilliant actress, still just a kid – everyone should cut her some damn slack for not wanting to be a famewhore like some of her contemporaries. I hope she will always be insolent, shows that she is sticking to her true self.”

    BTW, is that a multiple poster above who keeps misspelling “ungrateful” a saying the same thing over and over?

  39. MissyA says:

    I can appreciate that she laments her lack of privacy – what with her every move being analyzed and dissected and all.

    I can also appreciate that she’s young, and that there’s a learning curve for saying things that are “cool and clever” and inserting your foot in your mouth.

    But that’s the price you pay for fame, especially in today’s hyper-socialized, media driven world. Like jan just said – “If you can’t take the heat. . . ”

    So yeah, the hyperbole really only serves to alienate fans at best, and offend victims of sexual violence at worst.

    A+ career move, Stewart.

  40. POP says:

    She has no problems when her friend twitters their photos from concerts or when she uses twitter to tell her fans to go and watch her films.

  41. weslyn says:

    idiot..then move to a remote island and retire

  42. mr. stinky fishface says:

    I’ve tried to like her, but as the survivor of not one ,but two rapes. She can burn in hell. She will never know the type of anguish and humiliation I see when I look in the mirror.

  43. gg says:

    I love her hair in the middle photo! I want it.

  44. L says:

    I don’t know anything this girl; I always skip the articles and posts featuring her and/or the rest of the twighlight gang. I have never seen the movies and am not intrigued by anything about her to learn more. I had to check this post out though and comment, what a pathetic ignorant twit.

  45. lucy2 says:

    I am so sick of her whining.
    I know the paparazzi must suck, but that was stupid of her to use that metaphor. And though it must be rough to be hounded like she is, she has been in the business long enough to know that was going to happened when she took on the lead role in a very popular franchise with rabid fans. Not to mention when she got involved with a costar – of course they were going to pester her, what did she really expect?

    Again I find it funny that she’s complaining about all this in a magazine interview and photo shoot. She constantly complains about fame while contributing to that fame even more.

  46. M says:

    I get the paparazzi can be really intrusive sometimes, but I wouldn’t consider on the same level as being raped.

  47. Blaster says:

    She became a movie star. It’s part of the package. Johnny Depp said something like “We’re stars, we get photographed. We get absurdly large paychecks and that helps you have your privacy [by ways of bodyguards and private jets] and make up for being photographed.”

    All I can say is, if all she really wanted to do was “act” and not be a “movie star” like she said before, do stage acting on Broadway. There are no premieres, there aren’t red carpet where photographers can rape you with their lens, you aren’t papped everyday, you can just enjoy your “craft.”

    But that would mean, she’d have to be able to really act and we all know lip-biting while looking constipated isn’t going to cut on the the Great White Way.

    GMAFB, Kristen.

  48. moi says:

    she has been blessed with a lifestyle and financial security that most people never see in a lifetime of hard work. (not to mention those who don’t even have enough food to eat!) And all for “acting” in a teenage fluff film. If she moves on in her career to produce quality work along with an attitude to match, then maybe I will have a different opinion about her, but so far, her “work” is crap, and her attitude matches. (Sorry, but paps come with the territory, so does 130x the pay of a normal person, swag, etc etc)

    I don’t think she will ever be a quality artist in any right, but maybe she will prove me wrong.

  49. GatsbyGal says:

    People should really know at this point NOT to compare stupid shit like this to getting raped. There’s only ONE thing that’s like getting raped…and that’s GETTING RAPED.

    I don’t care how frustrated she is with the paps or whatever, you just don’t use that analogy. I imagine if I were a survivor of rape, I’d be even more infuriated than I am now.

  50. Statler says:

    While it’s in horrible taste, this is hardly a new metaphor- it’s been around for decades. I don’t understand why it’s getting all this sudden attention. Have you really never heard this analogy before?

  51. Feebee says:

    Oops. She just had to cross that line didn’t she.

    I don’t know what being stalked by photographers is like but I think I’m safe in saying it’s NOT like being raped.

    Funny how Sandra Bullock could avoid the paps when every one of them wanted her pic for a big payday yet none of these try-hards seem to be able to. Maybe they don’t really want to, they’d have nothing to complain about then.

  52. a says:

    she’s obviously never experienced rape. anyone who has would find that statement naive and offensive.

  53. T says:

    Give her a break. she is human. People misconstrue comments all the time. she’s still just a teen and just because she doesnt want to buy into the whole fame game people knock her down.
    perhaps she just wants to be an actress for the love of the art, and not for the love of fame. leave her alone. least she is doing something, unlike paris hilton, kim kardashian etc.

  54. Emily says:

    I’m too hungover to be angry at what she said, but fuck… She knew what she was getting into when she chose to become an actress, and then chose to play the lead in one of the biggest franchises of all time. Key word there being CHOSE. Rape it aint.

  55. crash2GO2 says:

    I’m with Statler. It’s an analogy along the lines of “getting screwed” but more charged.

  56. Kelly says:

    Wow, hope she never has to go through the real thing. Because that would be, like, so like, inconvenient and like (puffs on fag) so intrusive, y’know?

    I wish Id been in a shitty bottom feeding movie franchise when I was younger, maybe Id be this wise and centered too.

    Stupid little brat.

  57. Bunny says:

    Okay Kirsten, tell that to the women in the Congo, I am sure they would much rather be in your shoes.

  58. Corina says:

    Oh man…I like her in general, and I’ve been supporting most of what she says…but this is a bit much. Yes, transition to fame is probably difficult, but methinks she has crossed the line into ungrateful territory. I hate it when actors complain about being famous. I wouldn’t want to be famous – I value my privacy – so I understand, but at the same time I’m like dang, I will gladly swap my troubles for yours any day! Things like being able to scrape together enough money to pay my bills are a wee bit more stressful than getting your picture taken when THAT’S WHAT YOU SIGNED UP FOR. Anyone who didn’t realize how huge this movie would be either 1. didn’t do their research and or 2. is dumb.

  59. Sweetiebeab says:

    It is obvious her “precious” little life has never been touched by the life of a rape survivor… rape is much worse than the worst day she will ever “endure” with the Paps!

    If she doesn’t like the attention she can quit acting… problem solved. She has been given the biggest break that someone her age can get and she is always fussing about how much she hates it… grow up and be thankful…for once.

  60. Kim says:

    These are the type of people i wish bad things on! Sorry if that sounds mean but maybe if she was raped she wouldnt make idiotic, demaneaning comments like this.

    She wont have to complain about paparazzi anymore since her fame is now officially over after comparing her high paid, CHOSEN career with a non chosen sexually violent act. Who would hire her after saying this?!

    And she was a child actor so she knew EXACTLY what she was getting into and what her life if famous would entail.

    She is stupid, ungrateful and a disgrace to all rape victims.

    Lets get some young Hollywood stars who are educated and worldy not spoiled rotten stupid brats like this one is.

  61. justsayin says:

    She is a moron, she cannot act sorry. I find her stuck up like she’s smelling something pretty awful all the time. now she’s gone and put her foot in her mouth Comparing being paparazzied to rape?!!. so having your picture taken when you don’t want it taken because you are famous… is akin to being raped? I was raped by three men beaten and abused I still get seizures from the severe concussion they left me with wish i could have opted for the k-stew special when i was actually being raped

  62. Kim says:

    She says something stupid that shell be known for forever – yeah this is it idiot! this will be the comment you are remembered for.

    She is old enough to know better than to says things like this. There is no excuse.

  63. alibeebee says:

    oh kristen STFU already! if you “hate” being an “actress” and getting your photo taken then you have several options do not “act” anymore and you will fade into obscurity where i feel you belong and two keep saying stupid shit like this and the little twihards that made you famous will not bother with you anymore.

  64. Naomi says:

    Did she really have to word it like that?
    Already don’t like her, so this doesn’t help.

  65. original kate says:

    angel, calm down already. it’s just a gossip site – no need to take it all so personally. maybe you could find a website where people talk about puppies and rainbows.

  66. Angel says:

    Wow. I clicked this story in the sidebar to see what had become of the discussion about this … which I had briefly participated in the other day; couldn’t believe it was still the #1 ‘hot’ topic–to find someone telling me to ‘calm down already’. LOL. When was I ever un-calm? I wasn’t the one calling people ungrateful bitches and hypocrites and the like, posting over and over under different names and getting myself all worked up. I pretty calmly stated my points, really. Why on earth would you tell me, of all people, to calm down?

    Ah–of course. Because you disagree with me, so clearly, I was being irrational.

    k. (whatever.)


    As the rules state, “Different opinions, backgrounds, ages, and nationalities are welcome here”.

    Maybe you could find a website where everyone has the same opinion if you’re so sensitive to debate. 🙂

  67. leelee says:

    I am a gang rape survivor and I must say I do not feel as offended as most of these people commenting here, whom I am sure of has never experienced rape.I’m sure kristen only feels as if she is being violated, and if she is a sensitive person, I can imagine how overwhelming this intrusion of her life is. Just give her a break. Even if you disagree with her statement just remember we have all said some silly things at one time.Would we want people to keep it against us, of course not. Kristen is a human being who is allowed to make mistakes. As we are not in her shoes we cannot judge. As for comparing her to brangelina, pls Kristen is barely out of her teens. Pls compare apples with apples!

  68. Catharine says:

    This is what comes with the territory. She’s famous (do not know why or do not understand why LOL), this is what is included in the package of fame. The day these actors/actresses get in to fame, is the day their private lives stop, sorry but it’s the brutal honest truth. She just has to deal with it, get over it already. Quite honestly I can kick myself in the butt for paying money to see these Twilight movies. I think I will skip Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Not into it anymore. Why should I pay money and support some young snot nose actor/actress LMAO. If I sound crazy, then so be it LOL.

  69. Evgenia says:

    She loves the attention she gets. She’s selfish, rude, and has the emotions of an electroshock. Anyways, after Twitard ends people will forget about her. It’s so stupid of her to compare fame/money/bodyguards/attention to rape. She can shove her fame up her *ss.