Joe Jackson plans $300 million Michael Jackson museum, casino & hotel

Jackson Family Foundation Press Conference
It seems like Michael Jackson’s death was the best thing to happen to his greedy dad, Joe. Joe once said Michael was “worth more dead than when he was alive,” but then added “I’d rather have him alive” as if that would distract us from the fact that he was dancing on his son’s grave. Joe reportedly made a quarter of a million to introduce the This is It documentary at venues throughout England, along with cashing in with various and concerts after Michaels’ death. Now old granddad Joe is at it again, with plans for a $300 million Michael Jackson museum to be erected in the family’s hometown of Gary, Indiana – the place he once charged $5,000 just to attend a memorial for his late son.

Michael Jackson’s father is opening a $300 million museum dedicated to his son.

Joe Jackson- is moving ahead with proposals to build a museum, performing arts centre, concert hall and possibly a hotel and casino in Gary, Indiana, the hometown of the late singer, who died of acute Propofol intoxication last June.

Speaking as it was announced a study is to be undertaken into the feasibility of the scheme, Joe said: “This is a happy day for me because this is something that my family and Michael have always wanted.

“We’re bringing something back.”

Gary Mayor Rudy Clay explained the city would donate 300 acres of land to the project – which he added could create “thousands” of jobs – while the rest of the funding for the complex will come from investors and donations from the general public.

IT is hoped the project would attract 750,000 visitors each year – and as much as $150m in annual revenue.

[From Contact Music]

I hope this museum goes the same way as that multi-million dollar tribute concert Jermaine planned that got postponed for eight months. It was supposed to happen this month but we never heard anything about it. Jermaine pre-sold a bunch of tickets and claimed that big acts were going to perform that never committed. Joe just wants a payday and this museum, hotel, casino and never-ending Michael Jackson destination site is his way of working some shady business deals and making that happen.

In related Michael Jackson news, his three children are going to receive at least $33 million each as per the terms of his will. That money will be meted out gradually and they won’t receive the full amount until they reach 40. Michael wanted to protect his kids from the vultures who might descend on their fortunes, like the father who pushed him into showbusiness and kept him from having a childhood.

Jackson Family Foundation Press Conference

The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards - Show

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  1. Ron says:

    Ok first off…ewwwwwwwww. He is truly a disgusting human being.
    Second….seriously? really? Who in their right mind is going to go to Gary Indiana to see a Museuem dedicated to Micheal Jackson? Granted he was famous and very talented, but come on!

  2. fugly says:

    Slimy, greasy pimp.

  3. RReedy says:

    The elder Jackson gives me the ultra-creeps. As for a Michael Museum…please..a no go to destination. He was a circus while alive. I say RIP.

  4. Jeri says:

    Michael showed a lot of sense by writing Joe out of his will & providing for his children wisely.

  5. Relli says:

    Have you ever seen Gary, its freaking scary, the town itself is bankrupt and cannot even afford to pick up the garbage every week. Seriously the mayor privatized the garbage which ended up costing the city millions and now they do every other week or something like that. While i am sure they can use the revenue, I think they will have a very hard time getting people to go there.

  6. YT says:

    I wonder if this will get past the lawyers for MJ’s estate since they control anything associated with his name. Joe Jackson is such an obvious sleaze whose only interest is Joe Jackson.

  7. Bill Hicks is God says:

    When will the angels of Ho’dom fly down and bestow upon JJ his golden pimp cane? They’re waaay late…

  8. zen says:

    These vultures that look to profit from celebs death sicken me.
    I hope MJ’s true fans see right thru this ploy and do not spend a dollar to see this scam of a museum.
    What a greedy, narcissistic thing to do but it doesnt surprise me coming from him.

  9. gg says:

    He needs to just RETIRE and stoppit with the idiot business ideas. How old is this trout anyway?

  10. OXA says:

    I hope he has discussed this with the attorneys who control the M.J. Estate and licencing.

  11. lucy2 says:

    Joe Jackson is so GROSS.
    I doubt this will ever happen. No one is going to want to invest in this with Joe attached, he’s far more likely to steal the investments somehow, and I doubt they’d get 750K visitors/year there. It would be nice for jobs for the city, but I’ll be shocked if anything happens.

    I’m glad the kids were properly provided for, but I do hope the estate has paid all of Michael’s debts too.

  12. Sharonkings says:

    This is soooo not happening because:
    1) Joe is a scumbag and doesnt know how to do business (Michael said this himself)


    2) Who in the world would build an attraction for MJ in Gary? That place is one of the shittiest cities in America. Michael only lived there for till the age of 8 or 9. The majority of his life was spent in CA, which would make more sense to build a museum there or in Vegas. (Which, btw will be made in the future. because it will make soo much $$$)

    anyways, that is all.

  13. Cinderella says:

    Good luck finding investors willing to work with him. Three hundred mil in his dreams.

  14. Tia C says:

    @ gg: LOL at trout!! THAT is what he looks like! Or a large-mouthed bass…

    I agree with the posters who say this will never happen. For all the reasons mentioned. LOSER. Go away.

  15. Lady D says:

    Hey Ron, completely agree with your sentiments about Joe, but as for people not checking out a museum built in MJ’s honour, does the name Graceland ring a bell?
    I’m actually really surprised Joe didn’t expect to build it with Micheal’s estate money.

  16. original kate says:

    this guy is so creepy, my god.

    oh, and thanks bill hicks! LMAO at the “golden pimp cane”

  17. Ruffian9 says:

    F__k off, Joe

  18. gg says:

    lucy2 – estate debts always get paid off first with the decedent’s money before anything else. If they have to liquidate anything, that also would go to pay the debts of the estate before anybody else gets any money.

    If the decedent was insolvent/broke, the entities owed money will scream down the family. Trust me, any creditor will be sure to be paid either way.

  19. stanhope says:

    girl please…..who is going to Gary, Indiana where you can’t even breathe the air to see Joe Jackson’s museum of greasy tribute to Michael Jackson who had not quite come back..didn’t the suck-cess of the movie This Is It tell anybody anything? LOL LOL

  20. mia says:

    How does anyone open a $300 million anything in this economy? Hello??
    Is this guy demented or what??

  21. LVMJ4EVR says:

    It is a shame the way Michael is still to this day being exploited and by his own father no less. SMH. The depths some people will go to for money is horrible. Poor MJ having a man like this to raise him. No wonder he wanted to separate himself from him.

    RIP Michael Jakson. May you finally have the peace that alluded you here. Much love

  22. Emily says:

    I’m impressed that Jacko stipulated that the kids won’t get the full amounts until they’re 40. They’ll probably be pissed that they won’t get it all when they’re 18/21, but it’ll help them in the lond run. Especially since Joe will be long dead by then!

  23. Tawnymarie says:

    That’s why he has no control over M.J.’s estate. This the first time in year’s I believe Joe has even gotten a chance to use M.J. in anything. Have you noticed how only the one’s that had did M.J. wrong are the one’s who have the most to say&the most to do for M.J. they got all the plan’s in the world concerning M.J. that’s called guilt&greed.

  24. BlahBlah says:

    A casino in Gary, Indiana is a casino I’ll take a pass on, thank you very much. If it goes well maybe they can open another one in Camden or E. St. Louis too.

  25. ThatBKChick says:

    Just like Joe…some quick rich scam….He knew MJ left him out of the will and now he is making money off of MJ dead or alive…JUST SAD!–RIP MJ. The Anniversary is coming up soon.

  26. Sincerity says:

    Considering Michael Jackson’s enormous popularity, with the right location and investors, this business venture could become as successful as Elvis’ “Graceland”. However, I can’t see Joe Jackson being involved in this scheme without encountering a considerable amount of litigation from the executors of Michael Jackson’s estate. If I’m not mistaken, Michael stated in his will that he wanted his father to receive “nothing” from his estate. Frankly, I can’t see any investors willing to risk such a large amount of capital in any business venture created by Joe Jackson considering that he’s not involved with the management of his son’s estate. There’s just too much negativity and acrimony attached to him.

  27. d says:

    Sociopath? Amoral? Yes, imo. Another sad story of someone taking advantage of someone else. Even in death. Even with MJ’s death, Joe Jackson disrespects his own son and dismisses him in every way. It’s awful and I don’t understand why people can’t just shut him down.

  28. Carena says:

    He wants to spend money on a project in Gary? That’s the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard. There are vacant, trashed buildings all over the place. The streets are controlled by gangs. People get shot all the time. The air is polluted. People who live within driving distance won’t even visit this museum/hotel/casino.

  29. david d says:

    I live in Gary Indiana…so when I heard of the plans for the MJ complex…I laughed and laughed and then laughed some more…our “esteemed” elected officials are nothing more then a bunch of crooks who steal from the city coffers with abandon…nothing ever gets done here…I read that Rudy Clay our “pimp” mayor (do an image search on google) said that they expect 750,000 visitors a year, creating $150,000,000 in revenue…do the math…$200 per person…on what…a nice weekend get-a-way in Gary Indiana…ha ha ha…ha ha ha…ha ha ha

  30. kaligula says:

    i miss michael

  31. Dr. Frankie J. Monroe-Moore says:

    My name if Dr. Frankie J. Monroe-Moore. I currently live in Corpus Christi, Texas. I recently went home to Gary, Indiana to visit a critically ill cousin that had been asking for me and to launch my first book signing campaign “Dead Woman Talking but God’s Got This” which can be purchased at In the prologue of my book I discuss Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Karl Malden, Patrick Swayze, Senator Ted Kennedy and Willie Maxine Perry, Tyler Perry’s mother and how we had several things in common. There was one unique thing we shared and that was we all died in 2009 but I survived death.

    I went to visit the Michael Jackson memorial site that was unveiled and dedicated to Michael and the Jackson family on June 25, 2010 at 2300 Jackson street, while I was at home. I found myself drawn to this sight not once but three times. I sensed Michaels spirit there. Since my death experience I have become keenly aware of things. I had no idea about Mr. Joe Jacksons plans when I came home on July 10, 2010. All I kept telling my brother, Martin Standifer, was I felt a wind of change coming to Gary. I felt it would be like the Phoenix, a mythical sacred firebird. Near the end of its 500 to 1000 year old life cycle it builds itself a nest of twigs that is ignited by the sun. Both the nest and egg burn fiercely and is reduced to ashes. From the ashes a new Phoenix is reborn to live again. This is what I see for Gary. I see it becoming the head and not the tail of the State of Indiana. I see its roads being fixed like the county roads I saw in Crown Point, Indiana not more than five or ten minutes away. I see old buildings being demolished and new business establishments springing up. I see better schools being built to accomodate the new families that will be moving into Gary. I see newly hired police officers protecting its citizens and I see its citizens lifting their heads with pride in their city instead of shame. The city can finally reap the benefits from its hometown heros just like Nashville benefited from Elvis.

    Only time will tell before we can see if what I saw comes to pass. I can tell you this God has not failed me yet.