‘Glee’ star Chris Colfer is even more awesome than we thought

41441, MADRID, SPAIN - Thursday June 10 2010. Actors Chris Colfer (L) and Amber Riley attend a photocall for Glee at the AC Palacio del Retiro Hotel in Madrid.  Photograph:   Max Powell, PacificCoastNews.com

The Fox runaway muscial hit “Glee” is huge right now, and most of the attention is on its big breakout stars, Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison. But Chris Colfer, who plays fabulous out-and-proud student Kurt Hummel, has quite a cult following, too. Not only can this kid sing, dance and act, but according to The Enquirer, Chris has spent most of his life prior to his “Glee” success caring for his younger sister who has severe epilepsy. He once promised his sister that if he became rich and famous, he would raise money and awareness to help find a cure for the disease.

Teenage “Glee” star Chris Colfer spent much of his young life taking care of his severely epileptic younger sister before heading off to seek fame and fortune in Hollywood.

In an exclusive Enquirer interview, Chris’ proud mom said he’s a “hero” for the sacrifices he’s made for his sister. “Chris was always instrumental in Hannah’s life – he still is,” Karyn Colfer says.

Chris, 20, plays Beyonce-loving gay singer Kurt Hummel on the hit musical comedy. In real-life he was a three-time speech and debate champion at Clovis East High School in California’s San Joaquin Valley.

But he spent much of his time caring for his little sister.

“He was the center of her world, taking the time to do whatever she wanted to do,” says Karyn, 47. “Chris was absolutely selfless when it came to his sister – he gave up a great deal of his social life for her.”

Hannah, now 14, was crushed when Chris decided to strike out on his own, says Karyn. But a few days before he left, he bought web cams so the two could teleconference through Skype when they started missing each other.

“Chris is a great brother. He’s a hero to Hannah.”

Karyn told the Enquirer that Hannah can have as many as 50 seizures an hour, and has not responded to several different courses of medication. Hannah recently underwent operations to implant nerve stimulators, and the family is hoping the procedure will improve her condition.

Karyn adds: “You know, when Chris was growing up, people would ask him, ‘Are you going to become a doctor so you can find a cure for your sister?’” And he would say, ‘I’m going to grow up and become a famous actor so I can pay someone ELSE a ton of money to find a cure.’”

True to his word, Chris recently donated a large sum of money to the nonprofit group CURE (Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy).

[From the National Enquirer print version, July 5, 2010]

So, while Lea Michele is out there allegedly racking up diva bitch points, Chris, who is every bit as talented, is using his new found fame for good. I think that alone warrants another Kurt-centered episode of Glee soon, don’t you? What a great kid.

41522, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Sunday June 13 2010. Chris Colfer from the cast of the hit American TV show Glee leaves London's Mahiki nightclub in the wee small hours of Sunday morning. Photograph:  Jesal Parshotam, PacificCoastNews.com

Chris Colfer on Tour with Glee at Radio City Music Hall on May 29, 2010 in New York City (Photo by dandg / Meet The Famous) Photo via Newscom

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35 Responses to “‘Glee’ star Chris Colfer is even more awesome than we thought”

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  1. Allie says:

    i love him sosososososoososo much. He is by far my fav. on Glee!

  2. Kimberly says:

    It’s people like Chris that I’m glad that fame and fortune presented itself to him , he deserves it .

    He’s fucking amazing .

  3. Iggles says:

    He’s awesome! This is a wonderful story. Something truly positive, instead of the usual Hollywood scandals.


  4. Schanuzers!!! says:

    Love. Love. Love!!

  5. denise says:

    Awwww sweet!
    Hope he always stays this grounded.

    On another note does’nt he kinda resemble an elf??? Just saying.

  6. lucy2 says:

    Now THAT is the kind of kid who deserves fame and fortune! I’m genuinely happy for him and his success.
    He’s had a couple of fantastic solo numbers on Glee, and made me think he could have a great Broadway career if he wants it.

  7. Lizzard says:

    I love him, he’s the best male voice they have on that show, IMO. He has more range than Finn does. When he was singing 4 Minutes, Bad Romance and Bring on the Funk, I was shocked he could sing like that. Usually they have him sing like a girl since he can hit those notes, but to hear that he can also sound so masculine. Cody, or whoever plays Finn sounds like he’s trying really hard to hit some of his notes.

  8. Maritza says:

    It’s so great when good things happen to good people, he deserves all the success and fame he gets. His mom must really be proud of him.

  9. Ron says:

    Love this kid. Role model in so many ways. makes me proud.

  10. julie says:

    @denise-ryan murphy said he came up with kurt’s last name, hummel, because he thought colfer resembled the hummel figurines. so, you’re not the only one who thinks that way! (i know hummels aren’t elves but whatever)

  11. denise says:

    @ Julie

    I had no idea what a hummel was so I googled it. lol!! Too cute. Not an elf but pretty close.

  12. julie says:

    @denise- i know, close enough right?! ever since i read that quote i can’t stop picturing him in those silly little outfits the hummels wear.

  13. Jeri says:

    He’s my favorite, he slowly grew on me until he overshadowed everyone else on the show. For a kid right out of school & no professional roles he is hitting it outta the park!

    They’re all talented but he is special. Cutie too.

  14. Little.grrl.lost says:

    It is SO nice to read a story like this. Most celeb gossip focuses on negative qualities (and let’s face it, there is no shortage of cracked out bad behavior to be had) so it’s very refreshing and heartwarming to read that such a talented individual is putting their talent towards a positive issue. Way to go Chris.

  15. flutters says:

    His character and Jane Lynch’s are IMO the biggest reasons to watch Glee. I love the way they’ve written their characters and the actors are doing a great job. It’s awesome hearing what a great guy Chris Colfer is off the set too.

  16. gen says:

    LOVE HIM!!!!!

  17. guilty pleasures says:

    This kid makes me wish I was a gorgeous, talented gay teen boy, so I would have chance to love him to pieces!!!!
    A more talented triple threat I have not seen, a kinder person may not exist, and so freakin’ cute I could pinch him.
    Kudos to mom and dad! Good on you. And Kudos to this young man for everything he is.
    Big future here. Big.

  18. Renee says:

    He is so amazingly talented and funny. Love him!

  19. Danielle says:

    I’ve never watched the show but this story made me smile. There ARE still good people out there!

  20. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Same as Danielle, but he sounds like an awfully sweet kid. More success and graciousness for him, I say.

  21. Obvious says:

    They created the role of Kurt for him. He came in auditioning for someone else and they mentioned he looked like one of the Hummel characters, and he mentioned he just finished playing Kurt in the The Sound of Music, and they wrote the part for him.

    I adore him in every way, Last night was the Kurt joins the football team ep. i’ts one of my favs, Love you Chris!

  22. Strawberry says:

    I like how his character grounds the show. Apparently Ryan Murphy, the creator, based Kurt quite closely on his own high school experiences.

    What a stand-up guy – yay for one of the good ones making it big!

  23. susan says:

    He sings A House Is Not A Home better than anyone in history. Bert Bachrach should pay HIM a few million for his exceptional rendering of this complex song….

  24. Lisa says:

    His character is awesome, and he is also apparently awesome. Makes me <3 the show, and Kurt, who was always my favorite, even more.

  25. Dhavy says:

    I don’t watch the show but these type of news are so hard to come by these days, makes me want to watch just because of he’s doing! There are so many famewhores out there that it’s becoming the norm in Hollywood.

    At last someone who’s doing something good for a someone that they love and care, not because they are so in love with the face in the mirror

  26. Elizabeth says:

    AND he’s wearing an Ellen hoodie. Another reason Chris Colfer outshines everyone else on Glee.

  27. lala from nYc says:

    what a big heart!

    totally klassy! with a k for kurt!

  28. Eden says:

    He looks adorable in the 1st picture without his hair slicked back..
    Very nice story about what sounds like a very nice guy.
    It is so refreshing and heartwarming to hear that this is the story behind his success.

  29. Isa says:

    I don’t watch the show but I should, just don’t have television any more. This story put a lump in my throat!

  30. Bella Bella says:

    I love him so much. His renditions of “Single Ladies”, “Bad Romance” and “4 minutes” are Glee highlights. He is so under used. I wish he had his own song each episode. If they gave half of Lea Michelle’s solos to him I would never miss an epi of Glee.

  31. tess says:

    epilepsy can be a really tough condition to live with, i hope the nerve-stim procedure will help his sister.

    thank you for writing about this MSat!

  32. Faye says:

    Chris sounds like a great person, and it’s wonderful to read positive things about a star. But why was it necessary to trash Lea Michele — especially since you’re just repeating a baseless rumor that was outright denied by the people who work with her? It’s not necessary to be mean-spirited and nasty to Lea to pump up Chris by comparison. Chris’s good deeds stand on their own.

  33. looking like a fluffy ass bunny says:

    that is so heart warming :0) it’s nice to see a celeb and is deserving of their good fortune.

  34. rob says:

    i love glee and chris colfer .

  35. suprashoes says:

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