Bridget Moynahan bashes “irresponsible” mothers (coughs & points to Gisele)


Bridget Moynahan has a new interview in Self Magazine, and she is still sniping, of course. But Bridget keeps it oblique, and that’s why we love her. Some are interpreting Bridget’s interview as rather pointed comments about Gisele’s happy-happy talk about childbirth and motherhood, like when Gisele talked about how easy natural childbirth was, or how quickly she lost her baby weight because she didn’t “turn into a garbage disposal” like most pregnant women. draws out Bridget’s inner bitch:

Talking to the media is not Bridget Moynahan’s favorite activity. Invariably, the actress is asked about her 3-year-old son, John, with former boyfriend Tom Brady, and, of course, the QB’s subsequent marriage to statuesque supermodel Gisele Bundchen. If she can help it, Moynahan usually remains mum. But because the 39-year-old Longmeadow lass has a couple of new projects to promote — the movie “Ramona and Beezus,’’ due out July 23, and next fall’s TV show “Blue Bloods’’ — she’s opening up a little more. In the new issue of Self magazine, Moynahan talks about life after No. 12 and even takes a few swipes at Brady’s bride.

“Being a mom, whether single or not, is not easy! Certain individuals and the press present motherhood as if it’s easy or painless, and that’s irresponsible,’’ Moynahan says, perhaps referring to Bundchen’s drug-free water birth. “Girls see pictures in magazines of mothers with fancy baby bags and think it looks glamorous, and that’s not necessarily the case. I’m not complaining about anything in my life — it’s fantastic. My son is so well adjusted. He has two parents who live in different homes, and that’s what he knows. Having a child didn’t hold me back from a career or a love life or traveling; it has enhanced my life.’’

That said, it’s clear Moynahan would prefer not to be the subject of so much tabloid attention. She implies that perhaps Brady and Bundchen don’t share her low opinion of the pesky paparazzi.

“The paparazzi are intrusive, offensive, and aggressive. It’s not something that I respect or, quite frankly, deserve,’’ she says. “I don’t search it out. I lead a quiet life. I don’t go out as much as I’d like because I don’t want my son to be involved in that. We do things privately, like reading Dr. Seuss, playing games, and listening to music. That’s why you haven’t seen many photos of us. I don’t need to parade him around. I want to raise him with a strong sense of self and integrity. He’ll learn from his mistakes. I’m not a believer in encouraging bad behavior or sweeping it under the rug. It better be out on the table.’’

So how does she cope?

“No matter what’s been thrown at me in the past couple of years, I try to find the positive. There are a thousand magazines that like the negative. It’s easy to [complain] and to listen to your people [complain], so if someone going through a divorce asks me for advice, I say, ‘All the he said/she said stuff doesn’t matter. And your kid will pick up on that energy. Keep your kids the focus,’ ’’ she says. “When [my life] was in the news or when challenging things arose while trying to work things out with another person, my attitude was to take the high road. My drama isn’t different from anybody else’s, except people get to see it.’’

Bridget said a career and motherhood have not diminished her desire for a satisfying romantic life, but her priorities have changed.

“I do look at men differently now,’’ she says. “There’s a whole category that isn’t in the running: somebody who doesn’t want a family. And, while I’d love to have more children, I’m not sure I want another on my own. One is portable; two are not. Anyone I date is going to have an open heart.’’

Going forward? Moynahan says she is ready for anything.

“I’m in the same shape now I was prior to having a baby. I mean, there are little scars, battle wounds from giving birth, for sure, but I’m back to my fighting weight,’’ she says. “It was a combination of wanting to be strong, fit, and healthy and enjoying the stress release. If you are physically well, it feeds your mental and emotional state, and your child senses it. My son eats whatever I’m eating, so it’s a sit-down dinner with protein and vegetables. I don’t want him to snack between meals, so I don’t. I do indulge sometimes. I’m a salty girl — potato chips or truffle fries and a martini. But for the most part, I live a very healthy life. I’m not going to sit and eat fried Twinkies!’’


I see her point, and I like her restraint in not naming names, even though we pretty much know who she’s talking about. And yet – what does it say about Bridget that she’s still concerned about what Gisele is and is not doing or saying about motherhood?

Anyway, these are photos of Tom, Gisele and baby Ben going out for a doctor’s check-up yesterday. Ben is a little cutie – either his face has a lot of character, or he’s just gassy. What am I saying? If Ben had to use the potty, I’m sure he would have already told his mother and walked over to the toilet and gone. And what’s up with Tom’s hair? This isn’t the first time I’ve seen Tom Brady’s new hair style, but this is seriously that longest I’ve ever seen it. It seems like Tom is taking style tips from Justin Bieber, right? Long bangs, side-swept, dare I say, some girlish fringe. Some men can pull that hair off – I’m thinking Daniel Craig in Munich. Tom Brady and Justin Bieber? Not so much. Get a haircut, hippie.




Tom, Gisele and baby Ben on July 12, 2010. Credit: Fame. Bridget on May 19, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    God Brady looks brainless.

  2. locagirl says:

    Ugh. HATE Gisele and Tom Brady. They’re so into themselves. Love Bridget.

  3. Praise St. Angie! says:

    see, when I see Brady with his hair like that, all I see is Javier Bardem from “No Country for Old Men”.

  4. Blaster says:

    Gah….I see so much competition between those two boys in the future.

    Hahaha, don’t hate me, but if One Tree Hill has taught us anything….DUN-DUN-DUN.

  5. gabs says:

    Im Team Bridget. Giselle annoys the hell out of me.

  6. marge says:

    That’s the most ridiculous hairstyle I’ve seen in a guy… EVER

  7. andrea says:

    he looks like a TOOL with that hair. i dont think it reflects poorly on bridget to make those thinly veiled comments – gis baits snarkery with her idiotic comments and bridget was asked the questions in a legit interview, its not like she sought out an outlet and planted a remark or something. this is quite a trio b/c tom seems like a tool, gis seems like a nut, and bridget seems like she kind of needs to loosen up and have a bowel movement.

  8. canadianchick says:

    Wow the Biebs look is not for Tom. Gisele looks normal and harried like any mom. The baby, looks like he wants a turn in the biffy-or wait isn’t he wearing diapers under those pants? They look bunchy. Ehhh, I don’t blame Bridget for being annoyed, should lead to an interesting bitchfight in the mags. Gisele vs. Bridge, round 3!

  9. Danielle says:

    I’ve always had a crush on Tom….that hairstyle killed it for me.

    Re: Tom/Bridget/Giselle…’s been years. Don’t people get tired of talking about old issues? I know I sure do.

  10. Marjalane says:

    I don’t think this article says anything about Bridget’s attitude towards Little Miss Perfect Gisele and her dorky Biebercut husband! Sheesh- I thought it was remarkably restrained!

    How hideous must it be to know that you will be forced to maintain a relationship with Gisele for the rest of your life?! This is like the nightmare scenario of WHY you have to consider the possibility of being tied to whomever you have sex with if a baby comes along. (Or eight if you’re Kate Gosselin! blech!)

  11. Me1st says:

    I don’t understand why she felt the need to bash Giselle after all these years. No, I’m not taking sides. Get over it, its like Brandy and Eddie and Leanne…move on people

  12. Kitten says:

    I love TB but the hairstyle is not good. Not good at all.
    @ Danielle-yeah I agree. This is such old news, people (including Bridget) need to move on.

  13. Oi says:

    Wonder if his teammates get sick of him and this crap?

    I think Bridget is just out to prove she’s better than Gisele. I don’t like Gisele, but I don’t think Bridget to a saint either.

  14. deborah says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that Gisele is not that pretty?? She has a big honker and is not in the least bit striking. Her body is amazing but I think Bridget is by far the beauty of the two.

  15. TQB says:

    Bridget has every right to be concerned about Giselle’s views on parenting – Giselle takes every opportunity to parade BRIDGET’S son around in front of the cameras, as well as her own. Giselle LOVES talking to the press. Think of how infuriating it must be to hear another woman prattling away to a reporter about YOUR son!

  16. Ogechi says:

    cute baby.

  17. Nancy says:

    Bridget was refering to Jack being paraded around by Gisele. She does not care what Gisele does with Benjamin.

  18. 6 says:

    How did they ever brainwash people to think that she is a beutiful women? Smoke and mirrors I say (and good PR)!!

  19. Me says:

    Tom Brady looks SO DUMB it’s amazing.

    I cannot imagine being in Bridget’s position, pregnant while the man you love is in love with a supermodel. And then they get married and the supermodel pretty much wants to just pretend that your baby is HER baby.

    But, now that Bridget sees his stupid hair, she will hopefully feel better.

  20. Marjalane says:

    “How did they ever brainwash people to think that she is a beutiful women? Smoke and mirrors I say (and good PR)!!”

    The same way they got us, (well, not ALL of us) to believe Miley Cyrus could sing and that underneath it all, Charlie Sheen is still a swell guy!

    I think the modeling thing is all about photographing well and not what you’de call, “beauty”. Gisele gives off such an, “I’m better than you” attitude, that it makes me dislike her.

  21. Lisa Turtle says:

    Bridget is a total biatch. She needs to move on.

  22. Gwen says:

    Team Bridget for sure. Giselle is IMO super annoying whenever she opens her mouth.

  23. Iggles says:

    Blaster – LOL @ the One Tree Hill reference. Guess Jack is Lucas 🙂

    deborah – I agree. She doesn’t look pretty to me either. Her face is kind of hard.

    Team Bridget. Self absorbed Giselle and Brady can kick rocks!

  24. tg says:

    Tom looks like the only sound he hears in his head is a dial tone. Nobody is home – that much is apparent.

    Team Bridget for sure. Gisele never bothered me until she got pregnant and wouldn’t shut up about it.

  25. anon says:

    it’s sad birth control fails (for 3 years they managed to have at it without a pregnancy), in a perfect world BM would have secured her relationship first then had a baby with her partner/husband (whichever) so sad this is a life long thing for her (all 3 of them), one of those things you can’t change, but need to accept in the serenity prayer 🙁

  26. citysuede says:

    hmmmmmm, is that a diaper i see on baby ben? i thought he was all potty trained.

  27. Relli says:

    I think Bridget is damned is she does and damned if she doesn’t. Seriously she cannot say one thing in an interview without it being scrutinized to find the Gisele factor in it. I was never a big fan or anything I just think it was a really unfortunate situation that is not uncommon but because they are who they are, it got played out in public. How humiliating.

    @ Blaster, I totally agree! Someone is going to be Daddy’s golden boy, but not both. I actually think Jack will be the the athlete and Benny will become a model/actor.

  28. Cleo says:

    Dudes, she looks like Steffi Graff AND Hitler’s bodyguard, Heinrich Heydrich (wiki him – I know I got the last name right – they look EXACTLY alike.) Mengele probably cloned him in the Brazilian rainforest. Was Tom Brady adopted? Those don’t look like laughing Irish eyes to me. Bridget Moynihan should have known better, she sounds like she was raised to know right from wrong. Looking at these photos remind me of Neil Jordan’s movie about Little Red Riding Hood and Werewolves – In the Company of Wolves. If you join them, you are them. The elves have spoken.

  29. andrea says:

    i think a lot of “big” models these days are chosen by fashion industry types for being “interesting” looking, rather than clasically pretty or whatever. gis is definitely rather mannish in the face for my taste. i will always be a sucker for the 90s-era supers – esp over the current look that seems to be preferred by industry people.

  30. 6 says:

    Cleo- I may be the only dork that actually googled him but they do look a lot alike. I always thought she was rather man-ish.
    As far s interesting models go, I don’t think she is or ever was interesting. She is really pretty bland.

  31. Strawberry says:

    andrea: I definitely agree. I miss Vendela, Karen Mulder, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, heck! even Kate Moss is better than that turkey.

  32. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I guess I’m a dork, too, “6”, because I googled him as well! and she DOES resemble him…creepy.

    I also never thought she was pretty…great body, but mannish face. and that’s a POST-surgery face, too.

  33. irena NL says:

    I like the swept-look and a little longer on Tom and any guy. Plastered to the head or balding turns me way off!

  34. katie says:

    if we have the urge to comment on GB’s comments, can you imagine the urge BM has to comment on the comments gisele makes?!

  35. Iggles says:

    andrea – I agree. The 90s supermodels were beautiful women. They were very feminine and did not look starved (like Kate Moss). Today a thinner and more boy-ish look is preferred. Not my cup of tea.

  36. bellaluna says:

    To me, BM has always had permanent bitch-face. Even in the movies she’s been in, it’s there. Coyote Ugly? Check. I Robot? Check. Lord of War? Check.

  37. truthSF says:

    Fluffy Kitten Tail:
    July 13th, 2010 at 9:40 am

    God Brady looks brainless.

    That look only gets worse when he starts talking.

  38. mojoman says:

    Jeez, never thought Giselle really looks like that sans make-up. She DOES look like Steffie graff (and that’s not a complement). Tom really puts a DUH in Dufus.

  39. Schozzle says:

    Hmm, have any of you followed this Bridget/Brady drama? Bridget is a gigantic bitch. She has been since day one with Brady. Tons of people in Boston hate her. She’s a middling out of work actress who paraded around like she was hot shit.

  40. mel says:

    Cant stand Giselle, yuck!

    I wish Bridget all the best with her new tv show.

  41. Brown Sugar says:

    am I the only person who does not think Giselle is pretty? I dont get the hype about her.

  42. Codzilla says:

    tg: LMAO at the “dial tone in his head” — priceless!

  43. original kate says:

    he looks like gary busey. that can’t be good.

  44. Anti-icon says:

    I think she gave an eloquent and restrained and honestly interesting interview. I don’t know her, but I respect her A LOT. This is a tough situation to be in, as a civilian or a public figure.

  45. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    Gisele’s comment that she didn’t turn into a human garbage can so she lost her pregnancy weight fast makes me want to kick her in the shin. Genetics, lady. She is naturally slim and very young and her body, like everyone’s, tends toward a homeostasis, which is THIN for her. Her taking credit for it is bs. HATE her.

  46. pebbles says:

    @ mojoman – My Gawd! I thought the same thing……Gisele looks just like Steffi Graf in this picture! What’s with that????

  47. juliana says:

    The only thing that Giselle has (IMO)are her legs.
    I would kill for her legs.

    Cleo, do you mean Reinhard Heydrich or Heinrich Himmler? Because, now that you mention it, Gis DOES look an awful lot like Heydrich…

  48. Cinderella says:

    Jack looks so much more like his dad. I can’t figure out who Ben looks like.

  49. Bee says:

    @deborah I’m with you about Gisele not being that attractive. She looks like a gigantic preying mantis. I think most people would agree that Bridget, at least facial wise, is more attractive.

  50. bagladey says:

    Team Bridget.

  51. Rosanna says:

    Bitch (BM) is sick envious. Too bad her pregnancy trick didn’t work out on TB LOL

  52. TG says:

    Brigete is in a difficult situation that she created deliberately. She even says in one of her interviews that she didn’t plan on being a single mom. I think her plan was to have Brady’s baby and therefore keep him with her forever, but looks like her plan didn’t work. But, at least she has an adorable baby out of it.

    And I am in agreement with most others on here and don’t find Giselle particulary attractive either.

  53. Moore says:

    I’ve never liked her, BM. She always comes off as a bitter old hag without having to open her mouth. Poor thing.

  54. Hautie says:

    “see, when I see Brady with his hair like that, all I see is Javier Bardem from “No Country for Old Men”.


    I love it.

    This is what happens when a man is p*ssy whipped.

    He starts looking like a idiot and for Brady it is this alarmingly bad hairdo.

  55. Bored@Work says:

    Tom and Gisele are scum. I can’t stand Gisele and her holyer than thou and better than snobbish attitude. She was parading around with Tom while Briget was still pregnant with his child, then after he was born parading him around and acting as if it is her child. Now here comes her and Tom’s perfect baby casue they were married when he was born.

    I despise them for the way that situation was handled. Being single and pregnant is the hardest thing to do especially with all those extra hormones running through your body. And having to witness them act as if everything is perfect is sad. Karma is a b!tch I tell you…and I hope Gisele and Tom gets it…

  56. Bored@Work says:

    P.S I can never undertsand people referring to a “pregnancy trick” and “trapping” a man by getting pregnant. It takes too and its always the woman who gets the blame for everything that goes wrong. While left to take care of a child while he is free to move on with his life unscathed. Man, I’m pissed..

  57. Mouse says:

    Tom looks like a Ken doll. That’s not a compliment. And WOW, Gisele looks plain. Cute with her kid, but plain with stick out ears!

  58. TG says:

    @Bored@Work – I am a woman and I blame her and I think she did this on purpose. My opinion about birth control is this: If you are in a long-term relationship meaning two people decide to be together exclusively as boyfriend and girlfriend or married or whatever you want to call it then you have worked out the issue whether it is the pill, patch or condoms or other safe methods. The man shouldn’t be blamed if the woman stops taking her pill you can’t expect him to wear a condom every time because he can’t trust his partner. That is insane. If you can’t trust your partner you shouldn’t be with them so if the woman on her own decides to violate the trust than it is not his fault. Yes, if he is a decent human being than he will take responsibility for the child becuase it is his too but he didn’t plan it. Now if he is just sleeping around or if he is just using a condom then he has to expect a pregnancy could occur. I don’t know what method they were using but I just don’t trust her.

  59. Patrice says:

    #55: I’ve never undestood the point of view that posters like you hold. Gisele “was parading around with Tom while Briget was still pregnant with his child”?? No offense, but EVERYONE who paid attention to the story knows Bridget announced to the world (INCLUDING TOM) that she was pregnant after he had already been dating Gisele for a coule of months post their break-up. What was he supposed to do? Leave his new realtionship to go back to his ex with whom things were completely miserable with for quite some time? Or better yet, only see Gisele in private?

    #52: I agree with you completely. Bridget AND Tom both got THEMSELVES into this “mess” of a situation so to speak.

    Although I personally don’t like her smug attitude, Gisele was an innocent bystander whose new bf’s ex announced that she as pregnant after she had already started dating him. All of the chicks on here can talk a big game about how “she should have left him” or whatever, but how many of you would leave a guy you had fallen in love with because of an unplanned pregnancy? It would have no doubt been hard , but if you really loved each other, how could you just walk away? I don’t know if I would have been strong enough to stay, but it all worked out for them in the end and now they are married so good for them.

  60. Jess says:

    #58: You’re so right!!! I’ve always though about relationships this way. I’m from Boston, and right after she announced the baby on the way, there was this big stink made after one of Tom’s team mates went on the radio and eluded to the fact that Bridget was using a diaphram and “convieniently forgot to” the final time they slept together AFTER they had already gone their seperate ways…of course he later back tracked but at that point the rumors were already out. It’s pretty clear that if she didn’t want to get pregant (they were together for 3 years) then she knew a good way prevent it whatever the method used.

  61. Holly says:

    Rumors for a long time were that they were having relationship problems because she was pushing him for marriage and babies and he wanted no parts of it WITH HER. It can’t be a coincidence that he married Gisele after only about year…I feel bad for Bridget though…if it was a plan it sure didn’t work and now she’s stuck dealing with Gisele for the rest of her life! The interview does seem a little passive aggressive though 🙁

  62. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    THANK YOU CLEO! I have always thought Gisele resembled Steffi Graff and people told me I was cray-zay!

  63. mslewis says:

    I don’t see any reference to Giselle in Bridget’s interview. I think too much is being read into it. But that’s pretty typical of people who want to believe what they want to believe, despite evidence to the contrary.

    I’m laughing like crazy at people on here who “don’t get” Giselle or think she is not attractive. I mean, really. Are you people wearing blinders? She is the highest paid model in the world and designers and beauty companies are falling all over themselves to pay her big bucks. Apparently, there are people more knowledgeable than all of you about what beauty is. Also, why is it necessary to bring Steffi Graf into this? She’s not a part of it and there is no need to drag her name into your hate fest. Some of you are just pathetic and should maybe try getting a life or at least a hobby that doesn’t involve hating people you don’t know.

  64. Nancy says:

    Tom broke up with Bridget when she told him she was pregnant. He did not want marriage at that time in his life. Gisele was pregnant when they married, but he had to marry her. He could not risk the publicity a second time.

  65. lila says:

    My baby and my husband are cuter!

  66. Liana says:

    Apparently, there are people more knowledgeable than all of you about what beauty is.

    Beauty is subjective. No one is an expert or more knowledgable about what beauty is simply because it is, and always will remain, in the eye of the beholder.


    Some of you are just pathetic and should maybe try getting a life or at least a hobby that doesn’t involve hating people you don’t know

    Might I suggest you do the same? You have some pretty harsh and hateful things to say about people YOU don’t know as well.

  67. Camille says:

    Gisele does not look good here without any makeup on. I am a bit shocked as I thought she was more of a natural beauty, I guess not so much.
    And her husband looks stupid with that hair.

  68. Rachel says:

    Sick of this Passive-Aggressive woman.

    It’s IRRESPONSIBLE for a 35-year old woman to engage in unprotected sex with her boyfriend of 3 years, and “find” herself pregnant. (Bridget’s words)

    Where is her personal responsibility and accountability for engaging in unprotected sex?

    It’s your body and life on the line here. You play Russian Roulette with your body, then be prepared to deal with the consequences.

    I say that as a woman.

    Life is all about individual choices.

    You don’t won’t be a single-Take your pill, diaphragm, or insist that your man put on a condom.

    Your Body, Your Life, Your Responsibility.

    The Bridget/Tom/Gisele story gets played too many time in the sports world. They never marry the woman who tried that scam. She becomes the bitter baby mama, and watches him marry someone else. Usually the one who came after her.

    If you’re not engaged at the 2 year mark it’s not going to happen.

    Toss those BC pills, and watch yourself become a baby mama and your baby daddy marry someone else.

    Happens all the time.

    Instead of hating on the wife Bitter Bridget should be focused on finding a man. It’s hard out there for women in their 40s to compete with women in their 20s and 30s if she’s serious about getting married and having a family.

    “And yet – what does it say about Bridget that she’s still concerned about what Gisele is and is not doing or saying about motherhood?”

    That Bridget has no life obviously. This is played out too. The ex always wondering about the new woman.

  69. ol cranky says:

    I’m sorry, maybe I missed the Gis-twit. . .considering Benjamin’s advanced abilities and Gisele’s superior mothering skills, I was wondering if Benjamin drove them to the doctor’s appointment

  70. anon says:

    @Rachael as a woman myself, ITA you are so right, very well said !!! and
    yes Baby Ben drove them all to the Dr’s appt 🙂

  71. Monica says:


    Bridget doesn’t sound bitter to me as some have stated.

    Always thought Giselle was over-rated and actually kinda ugly.

    Best birth control ever – Tom’s new “do”.

  72. Julie says:

    Bridget M has handled herself extremely well under the circumstances: Imagine yourself being dumped by your fiance, a famous athlete you’ve been with for over 3 years. You find out you’re pregnant. Then, you have to watch- along with the whole world – as your ex moves on immediately – with a supermodel no less!! So I will allow her alot of slack. Personally I think she has done really well taking the high road.

  73. gg says:

    proof that 2 “attractive” (I really don’t find either one HOT personally) people can have an ugly ass baby!

    tom and gizz’s baby is really fucking ugly, but i’m sure the baby will out grow it.

  74. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    What would a guy’s workmates know about his ex-girlfriend’s birth control methods? More importantly, who the hell do they think they are mouthing off about stuff like that in public. If that truly happened, those guys deserve a cup-less kick to the courage.

    No method is 100% safe. A pregnancy is the result of intercourse between two bodies. If we condemn her for not acting more *responsibly* with her body, that same rule of logic must apply to him as well, as it is: his body, his life, his part in the potential (and realized) pregnancies of his sexual partners, his choice to rubber up his baby maker, his future child support payments.

  75. bloobloo says:

    I think Giselle Bundchen is soooo insecure about the fact that B hada child with Tom and all this pregnancy/mother godess talk to is her desperately trying to “beat” B. No wonder their relationship is strained! Tom looks like a weak man who lets whatever woman he’s with call the shots…ie that terrible haircut!

  76. Rachel says:

    To Jo Mama Besser-

    Just like Bridget’s pals mouth off to People Magazine right?

    The reason Bridget is condemned is because she is the one who has complained about being heartbroken and pregnant. Bridget is the one who complained about never imagining herself a single mother because she’s Catholic and all. (Her words)

    Bridget is the one who acts though becoming pregnant is something that just happened to her. That the kid fell out of the sky.

    A 35-year old woman who says she has a 5 year plan to be married w/ five kids suddenly finds herself pregnant?

    Someone who knew how to use methods not be pregnant for about two decades?

    When Tom Brady comes out with a Woe is Me song and dance like Bridget, then he can get criticized too. He hasn’t. Tom’s moved on with his life while Bridget is content to be passive-aggressive bitter ex.

    To Julie- Bridget was never Tom’s fiancee’. Bridget left her fiancee’ for Tom. Her fiancee’ found about her and Tom from the media. And let’s say your scenario occurred-Wouldn’t that be the case of what goes around comes around?

    I find it incredible that Bridget had the opportunity for marriage and family and put her eggs in the basket of a younger athlete of all people.

    Bridget is living proof the grass isn’t greener on the other side.

    Life is what you make it.

  77. Julie says:

    To Rachel above – I do not pretend to know -or care about- all the details of these celebrities’ lives. I was simply saying that in my opinion BM handled a terrible situation very well. And yes- Tom Brady certainly DID move on with his life, even though someone he was in a relationship with for 3 years was pregnant with his baby.

  78. She’s so hot and you know it, Jasinta Campbell Australia’s Finest

  79. DetRiotgirl says:

    People are really making something out of nothing here. I didn’t find her comments bitter at all. But, even if she had made a bitter comment, I would completely understand. I can’t stand Tom or Giselle!

    On another note, I am always surprised by how much harder the women on this site are on other women than they are on men. How do any of us know that Bridget really “tricked” him? Or tried to “trap” him with a baby?

    I had a friend who was on the pill and somehow still managed to get pregnant. She was responsible about it. But, as the label says, even the pill is not 100% effective. Accidents do happen. Unless any of you personally know what happened, I don’t feel it’s appropriate to attack Bridget simply for getting pregnant.

    Tom has consistently allowed Giselle to parade Bridget’s baby around in public as if he was her own. Does anyone recall the interview where Giselle said she considered it her baby? I remember specifically because she called the baby “it”. I don’t care what the circumstances of the break up were; Tom and Giselle have been extremely insensitive with regards to Bridget.

    I may not like Giselle, but I don’t blame her for trying to make a family out of an uncomfortable situation. I do, however, think that if Tom had any sense of class he would have told Giselle to back off from speaking about Bridget’s child as though she was his mother.

    In comparison to the way Tom has handled their child, I really do think Bridget has taken the high road more often than not.

  80. Cheyenne says:

    His looks completely ridiculous with that hairstyle. She still looks like a transvestite. And the kid really isn’t that cute. No where near as adorable as my baby.

  81. Liana says:

    If you’re not engaged at the 2 year mark it’s not going to happen.

    Really? Really? Because I was with my husband for 5 years before we got engaged and then married. Most of my friends had been with their significant others longer than 2 years without engagement and most of those friends are now happily married. Where is this arbitrary 2 years thing coming from?

    Jo Mamma Bessor, as usual, I agree with you. I mean, come on. In this day and age, it is only the woman who has to worry about birth control?

  82. birdette says:

    I heart bridgette!
    gisele is quite homely, like the tall gangly chick with long stingy hair in school, she is so pointy faced.

    Hope the boys don’t always feel competition growing up or one ever feels less loved by daddy, ce a sad situation, but birgette seems to be such a well rounded mom she will make sure her son is secure.

  83. Rachel says:

    Bridget created her own situation.

    If she didn’t want to be pregnant she could have had unprotected sex while actually married or been diligent in birth control.

    People are filled with excuses, and negate her responsibility for her own life.

    Yes the woman has to worry about birth control considering she is the one to carry, give birth, and be the primary caregiver.

    If you take chances like that be prepared to deal with the outcome, and not play the victim because you had the ability to make other choices.

    The 2 year rule has been around for years…

    The # 1 Supermodel in the world is obviously going to be more photographed than a D-List actress. They even videotape them at their home.

    What are you saying? That Tom who was already in a relationship when he found out his ex was expecting months later is suppose to give up life and do what? Twiddle his thumbs? Wait on Bridget to get over the relationship ending? Which she hasn’t by the way.

    When 2 people end their relationship it’s over. It’s not either party’s business what the other does because they are no longer together.

    It was okay for Bridget to date during pregnancy and after, but Tom is terrible for getting married and having a family?

    Nice double standard as usual…

  84. annie says:

    Bridget’s great and very classy.

    I want to read the entire article when it hits the newsstand. I don’t think she was sniping, and she has never said anything (not one peep) about Tom or Gisele in the one or two interviews in the last few years.

    The Globe was trying to make contrvoery 1+1 = 15. Looks like biased “journalism” for their aging and constantly injured quarterback.

    For those saying that Bridget “announced” her preganancy…give it a rest. She was living in NYC and 3+ months preganant and starting to show. The newspaper asked if she was pregnant and her rep confirmed that she was. Why should she lie like some many other celebs (like Gisele and Tom, cough, cough, with their multiple rediculous denials).

    To me, Bridget comes off as very straighforward and honest and classy.

  85. annie says:

    sorry for all the typos above…I’m in a rush this morning.

  86. DeE says:

    I LIKE BRIDGET, ALWAYS HAVE! Mrs. Brady, even before motherhood, was never nearly as beautiful and “soft” in the face as Bridget. I don’t understand how some of these women became supermodel cat walk women unless the men “casting” some of them were on the down low or even out the closet….not trying to cause ire over one’s sexual preferences. I have no problem with Giselle, how could I, none of us even know her, but I am team Bridget.

  87. Patrice says:

    Annie: “For those saying that Bridget “announced” her preganancy…give it a rest.”

    We all say thata because it’sthey way that it happened. Tom even said that he found out that she was pregnant WEEKS AFTER they broke up. That’s what the “announcement” thing is about. Neither one of them knew she was pregnant at the time of the split. So it’s not like he “left his pregnant gf” if no one involved (INCLUDING the mother) knew yet that there was a baby on the way.

  88. Peter says:

    This is the most ridiculous interview I’ve ever seen. Bridget,forget Gisele and Tom. Let’s go girl, live your life. None paparrazi follows Bridget because she has nothing special to offer.

  89. Fran says:

    She loves to be seen as a victim and she needs get over herself.

  90. Jez says:

    The only reason why Bridget is concern about Giselle’s view on motherhood is because that woman has her child for a period of time assuming Bridget and Tom have a 50/50 custody.

  91. Ashley says:

    I’ve been Team Bridget from the start (even if I always associate her with her character on S&tC, who I always hated). Knowing she’s staring in a tv show called Blue Bloods is funny. She’s so waspy and her “remarks” prove that. Classy when being cutting, I love it. She should be lucky she’s not dating that oaf anymore (that haircut! eek!). She’s to classy to be a WAG. It suits Gisele though (who looks terrible in those pictures, what happened or is just because there isn’t 10lbs of slap?).

  92. Liana says:

    The 2 year rule has been around for years…

    Yeah, OK. Guess we bohemian types are out of the loop on the rules of engagement. Sorry if there any typos, my eyes rolled so far back in my head at the “2 year rule” and at contraception being only the woman’s responsibility that I think they got stuck, thus making it difficult to proofread.

  93. DeCe says:

    #64 nancy, tom did not break up with her when she told about her pregnancy. they were already broken up. please get your facts straight. any doubters please check out “bridget moynahan talks about being a single mom” scroll down to jennifers’ comments, there have been others, but this is the one that convinced me. this is the harpers bazaar interview. and it seems bridgets contribution to young women is, if he doesn’t commit, betray and deceive him, get pregnant. and how’s that working for you MISS moynahan? she has no right to comment on anyones parenting, since her son is a here as a means to force his father into marrying her.

  94. Joi Sienna says:

    “And yet – what does it say about Bridget that she’s still concerned about what Gisele is and is not doing or saying about motherhood?”
    It says she’s a responsible mother. Gisele is part of raising her son when he’s with his father. She better be worried about what she has to say on motherhood for the rest of her life/their marriage.

  95. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “The 2 year rule has been around for years…”

    come on Liana, don’t you know that if it’s been around, you and everybody on the planet MUST LIVE BY IT?

    (my eyes are rolling/stuck as well!)

    I’d like to add that the 5-second rule has ALSO been around for years, so everybody MUST abide by it.

  96. Lila says:

    So, women can get pregnant on command? I’m sorry, but biologically there is a very small window of opportunity for women to get pregnant. Especially at the age B was when it happened. I understand this trapping a man nonsense, but how and when it happened is strange luck. So what do you people think she did: mapped out the correct day of ovulation, just happened to get Tom to come over and he happily went along with using no protection? All this after they’d broken up? That’s bananas.

  97. Liana says:

    Praise St. Angie: I’m ashamed for neither knowing about the 2 year rule nor abiding by it. But I did invoke the 5 second rule tonight when my oreo fell on the floor. It was a double stuff – I had to.

  98. sara says:

    Tom is beautiful with his hair. Nothing Bieber.

    And you haters like Monahan. You have a problem that Tom and Gisele found the love of their lifes with each other. THat they will have a lot of babies . And that they are very happy together and very much in love. THey will never break up.

    And that is your problem

  99. carly says:

    Why are peeps so hard on Bridgett? I think she’s kept her mouth shut A LOT more than big mouth Giselle. Giselle spilled so many details during all that time and Im sorry, I have.never.seen the beauty in Giselle. Ever. Why in god’s name she’s the highest paid model is a mystery to me. She looks like a transgender!

    And I think Tom Brady looks like LURCH. haha

    Quote: “Tom looks like the only sound he hears in his head is a dial tone. ”

    That was HIGHlarious.

  100. carly says:

    Found a recent video intv with Bridgette in it with sexy John Corbett. She may be in Sex & the City 3.

  101. carly says:

    Well, here’s a really long interview with Bridgett, it’s very recent for her new movie, keep watching, it’s long….I think she’s NATURALLY pretty.

  102. carly says:

    Wow, not to be mean, but little John is much cuter than Benjamin Brady. Giselle & Tom’s genes are worse than Tom’s with Bridget’s, obviously.

    I wonder if baby Benjamin will have Giselle’s “original” larger nose?

  103. carly says:

    Poor baby Benjamin may have this nose as he gets older:

  104. Me says:

    I wonder if Giselle will still be waxing lyrical about the whole easy-peasy parenting stuff when her offspring grow up into self-centered spolied bratts of no use to society and a total waste of space…

  105. tpj says:

    1 love the dial tone comment

    2 for the most part, the two year rule is a pretty good indicator of how a relationship is going to proceed

    3 since no else has mentioned the obvious, i will. the reason why bridget still obsesses over gisele is because ms moynahan still pines for tom

    4 karma has visited mr brady in the form of the giants defense in sb 42 and a season ending injury in 2008

    5 BOTH jack and ben are homely

    6 tom has already picked ben over jack when bridget’s son was not included in the brady family celebration of ben’s christening

    7 funny how tom and gisele don’t look as lovey-dovey for the paps the way they used to

    8 yes gisele does look like the nazi bodyguard. i googled it myself. i always thought it curious that the blond, blue-eyed bundchens insist that they are “brazilian”

  106. carly says:

    I don’t see where Bridget obsesses over Giselle. The woman hardly gives interviews unless she has a movie about to be released. Giselle has given so many interviews and talked about very personal things including Jack, I think Bridgett was very, very low-key with her comments.

    Jack is adorable. Homely? Seriously?
    And doubt the woman pines for Lurch, just look at him, he’s gross looking.

  107. tpj says:

    Normally, Bridget sets the parameters of the interview as follows: no questions regarding Jack or Tom. She did not do that for this gabfest in SELF mag. She also spoke entensively about the whole situation a couple summers ago in HARPER’S BAZAAR. And, if I’m not mistaken, she didn’t have a project to promote then.

    Now please don’t get me wrong, Tom and Gisele are as smarmy as they come, but Ms. Moynahan is just as sleazy as Mr. and Mrs. Shady whom Bridget would trade anything, even Jack, to be.

  108. carly says:

    oh please, Tom Brady looks flucking RIDICULOUS with that hair, and he looks like Lurch, how do you know Bridgett who is prob around better looking guys than that is pining for a married man now. I doubt it.

    And she’s given a few inteviews, well compared to Giselle’s numerous interviews, I think the woman has been “restrained” and classy. But that’s just me. Dang, Giselle looks like Steffi Graff in those pics, never saw her beauty anyway.

  109. jen says:

    all Bridget’s comments towards Giselle show is that she hasnt moved on, doesnt have a life of her own, and is very threatened by and jealous of her ex’s WIFE!!

  110. carly says:

    No it doesn’t you twit! It shows that she’s still classy because she surely didn’t name anyone, and her comments could be about a lot of celebs and how the “baby bump” obsessed celeb culture in the media is.

    And honestly, if I were her it would’ve been hard to be restrained after the crap Giselle spewed about her son! It’s Bridget’s son, not hers. But you, that was probably okie dookey for the Steffi Graf look-alike to do. Of course.

  111. ragdoll says:

    Look, Tom has always liked them dumb and easy. Tara Reid is yet another example. But even Tara, drunk all the time, can keep track of her ovulation schedule.

    Bridget, if you really want to move on, stop taking Tom’s money and stop allowing your son to visit him. Tom will not object because he will be rid of both you and Jack. This way your child won’t be paraded in front of the media. It will also spare Jack the pain of growing up with a disinterested father. This, however, will require you to grow up, and put your child first like you are always SAYING you do. Face it. Screwing a cougar was just something on Tom’s bucket list, not a lifetime commitment. Let it go for Jack’s sake. And enough with the 39 bullsh*t, you’re 40!

  112. carly says:

    Oh good lord, women, any woman no matter how good you look – if you’re lucky enough to live to 40, kill yourself, just get it over with because ignorant other women think you’re no longer useful to society. Dumb biyatches. Women are their own worst enemies when it comes to age.

    Bridget looks damn side better than the tranny Steffi Graf looking Gisele for godssakes! Age has nothing to do with anything, look at flucking Halle Berry at 43! Ignorant peeps drive me insane.
    Yeah Bridget stop having the father of your son pay support. Lovely logic there. *rolls eyes* I swear, I wish there were an ignorant block on posts. ha

  113. mymy says:

    My gynecologist told me the other day. Her 2 children were conceived while on the sponge and the diaphragm. The rate is not 100% with these forms of birth control. heck my best friend was conceived while his mother was on the pill. It seems like some woman here don’t know that. Many people fall pregnant with this failure. Guess it could have happened with Bridget.
    Gisele had a nose job. You should have seen her old nose. Beyond unattractive

  114. DeCe says:

    i have been a patriot fan for a lot of years, before tom and his “WOMEN PROBLEMS” and know that he did not want to marry or have children until, he was finsished with football. in comes the COUGAR, and thinks she knows what’s best for him, after 6 months her publicist puts out the rumors that they are engaaged. he denies it. the rumor has been started and spreads. she goes on talk shows telling everyone about her 5 year plan, he may have gotten uomfortable and eventually dumps her. after a month, she loves and misses him so much, she invites tom for dinner,to “catch up” puts herself out there, has sex and after all these years she’s pregnant. i don’tunderstand why people doubt the truth, ‘PLEASE GO to “bridget moynahan talks about being a single mom” down to jennifers comments, and there have been others, this is the one that convinced me. it is in the harpers bazaar interview.

  115. DeCe says:

    first of all, ragdoll is right. bridget had a man who adored her, and dumped him for a younger tom, and who found out after reading it in the tabloids. and why are people not criticising her for what she did to scott? someone please tell me what TEAM BRIDGET means? i also think giseles’ bank account proves how beautiful she really is. and gisele was NOT pregnant when they married in feb., however during their visit to brazil in march for grandpas’ birthday, that is when it happenned, count the months ,this time, tom got to choose to become a father or not.

  116. ragdoll says:

    I’m NO fan of Gisele’s, but she did make good point when she called Bridget passive-aggresive. Ms. Moynahan can’t have it both ways. Using the media to announce your pregnancy to Tom and then being upset at all the attention that bone headed move still garners.

    Poor Bridge, she thought her cub was a good man like Ashton Kutcher is.

  117. Mathiea says:

    oh it’s Bridge the man trapper.
    oh and carly get professional help,quick.

  118. Joe says:

    Tom Brady is a stupid piece of shit. And the people assuming that Bridget tried to trap him need to take biology 101. It ain’t necessarily so as Gershwin would have said. I am surprised that none of you have figured out the hair thing either. Tom Brady is going bald and he is desperately trying to hide it.

  119. natasha says:

    October 19th, 2010 at 5:43 am
    (I am posting this comment on 3 seperated articles. Sorry if you have to read my comment over and over).

    I am glad Bridget Moynahan is out of this mess. I sometimes wonder if she ever regreted that for 3 years she went out with this girlish Tommy. Tom and Gisele deserve each other. They both are the worst self absorbing couples ever. He looks like a caveman with his new hair and she always looks like a horse. She looks so manish and he looks like a girl. Their baby is cute, however. Great couples, creat match ha..ha.
    Thanks God, Jack has his mom to raise him. She reads with him, tries to give him a normal life (get him off the pap). Bridget loves to read and Jack loves books. Tom? Well, in his interview lately said ” I am not a reader, writer” etc. Done! The guy is a jock and his wife is a “Mrs know-everything.” She is so into “environmental issue”, but they are buiding a 22,000 sqf home. I betcha she is installing solar energy to heat up that mansion ha..ha.. Her comment on legalizing breast feeding is absurd. I agree brest feeding is the best for a mandate it..c’mom. She has no idea how people on the street live. Majority of women on this planet has no choice and privelege to stay home and take care of the baby for months even weeks. I work with women in the shelter who got off the hospital and 3 days after that had to get back to work. (of course they didn’t have privelege to deliver the baby in the bathtub at home while meditating.) They never had a chance to ‘brestfeeding” their baby. If they don’t work, they won’t have money which mean no foods. I think Gisele just love to state her opinion which is fine with me. It just that her opinion often comes out as arrogant, insensitive, sometimes ignorant. She may mean well and as a lot of you pointed that she is a nice person. To me, she just an underwear model who loves attention.

    All Birth control methods are not 100% guarantee. A friend of mine took pills and got pregnent.

  120. lolgfgfds says:

    aww so classy of bridge talking about others in her interviews to get press!!! LMAOOOOO> at least Gisele ONLY talks about HER OWN LIFE. more admirable than some catty 40 year old SINGLE bitter desperate wannabe housewife. Im sorry but when you have to publicly talk bad about others, it says it all right there! One got the ring and the other didn/t I can see why now. She seems like a royal B!

  121. underthebridge says:

    Please dont you know people who cry victim are pathetic? they are bitter,jealous people who soak in their own sorrows instead of moving on! Bridget is still SINGLE…hmm I wonder why!!!!
    Gisele is the WIFEY. Bridget is just some ex baby mama with lots of drama it seems. Bridget doesnt get interviews because last time I checked Gisele is the ubermodel getting Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar interviews. Don’t hate because all Bridget can get is some Good Housekeeping sh**. lmao. Paps will never follow her D lister a** either. She is less money than a Gisele shot is, that’s for sure. Gisele is gorgeous and I like she leaves her house with messy hair and no makeup. Shows how down to earth she is. Heck even my nobody self wouldn’t do such a thing even to get the mail! lol. She has the greatest bone structure/cheekbones I have ever seen. Like people pay for those….Bridget is like Katie Holmes mom. Plain Jane boring dime a dozen American mouse browned average chick. You see who has the status and Paycheck right? nuff said. gisele is unique looking and exoitc. better than some plain jane sally homemaker looking woman anyday.

  122. karmabridge says:

    Bridget looks like a man in the top picture. I like how the author of this website gets a picture of Bridget all dolled up and gets some funny looking pics of Gisele. lmao. Biased much? But then again Bridge isn’t famous enough to be caught off guard with no makeup. She will only be photographed where there will be other bigger stars there on red carpets. pathetic. I saw a pic of her once without makeup. she had a pale ugly double chinned face and looked old as hel*.

  123. vfd says:

    did you guys see late 90s models? they were disgusiting and didnt look like cindy crawfords thats for sure!!! they were pale,flat chested,rotten teeth smoking waifs. Gisele came along with big bouncy hair,golden skin,healthy body (for modeling standards) yes she is tall and thin but she had thigh meat and a small little meaty booty with some tits. a six pack vs. ribs too. She was the most beautiful model to arrive on the scene since the early 90s girls! Hence her paycheck….Paparazzi if around would have caught some fug pics of Cindy Crawford and Karen Mulder too. We Paparazzi wasn’t around back then. You only saw them in the mags and on red carpets. Gisele is the most photographed model today. Of course there will be more “off” moement for her vs. a model you only see all dolled up in the pages of Vogue. Gisele can blow one away with her beauty as well in her modeling photos. In fact no one can model half as good as she can in the pages of Vogue and on that cat walk!!! pretty catlog models will never be gisele’s trust me. Anna Wintour sees pretty girls 24/7. gotta have that extra sumthin, that obviously Gisele had. nuff said. I prefer a unique looking beauty anyday to some plastic playboy looking clone. they are everywhere. yawn. and the people who make fun of her, lets see your pictures!!! lol nevermind no thanks!!!!! I have seen her haters on various websites. tell me why they are usually some fat guy/girl emo looking things with acne scars all over their faces? lol. If you dont look half as good as gisele, dont judge her! you better look like cindy crawford or brad pitt to call her names, lol.

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