Inside Johnny Depp’s beautiful Hawaiian home

The people at In Touch sent us these gorgeous pictures of the amazing mansion in Oahu, Hawaii where Johnny Depp and his family are staying for the summer. It rents for $5,000 a night and you can see why. The property has a gym, infinity pool, game room and I’m sure much more. Super rich Johnny is probably not even footing the bill. He’s in Hawaii to film Pirates of The Caribbean 4, and was recently spotted working alongside his new costar, Penelope Cruz. Here’s more on the home from In Touch:

Johnny Depp says he’s happiest with his family — whether at their home in the south of France, on their yacht or frolicking on their private Caribbean island. But this summer, while Johnny, 47, films the next installment of Pirates of the Caribbean in Hawaii, the Depps are spending the summer in a newly renovated mansion that is best described as heaven on earth. Located on the most coveted strip of coastline in the Pacific, the seven-bedroom mansion is located in the center of the most prestigious neighborhood on Oahu’s South Shore and rents for a whopping $5,000 a night. Johnny has been living in the house since late June with his longtime partner, actress/singer Vanessa Paradis, 37, and their children, Lily Rose, 11, and Jack, 8. Complete with an infinity pool, hot tub, game room, theater and gym, the very private family has no reason to leave the property — but they do occasionally escape to Jet-Ski, paddleboard and shop for souvenirs.

[From In Touch Weekly]

Can you imagine lounging around that gorgeous house with Johnny or walking hand in hand over the water on the slate in that Asian courtyard? Oh swoon. I’m sure he’s busy working and isn’t around much, though. (At least that’s what I’m telling myself as I mentally give Vanessa the side eye.) He was seen on the beach in Hawaii and on a nearby boat filming scenes with Penelope Cruz dressed as a sexy lady pirate. I’m giving Penelope the mental side eye too, but it’s not that harsh. She’s just too damn normal and nice despite how gorgeous and equally lucky she is in the partner department.

Johnny may live like a king, but he doesn’t have the attitude that often accompanies that level of privilege and that’s why we love him. I remember him calling his 45 acre private island “a little place in the Bahamas” and explaining on LettermanIt’s the one place we can take the kiddies to the beach without a bunch of lenses coming out.”

Johnny and Vanessa Paradis are shown on 5/18/10 at Cannes. Credit: Fame Pictures. Photos of Johnny’s new digs thanks to In Touch Weekly




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  1. Toe says:

    OMFG..THAT is a beautiful house. I wish i could just sit @ home and workout, take massages and enjoy a steam/sauna. Instead were sitting in a !@#$ cubicle wishing we had their lifestyle….

  2. denise says:

    It is beautiful. Maybe he should invite Roman Polanski over.

  3. danielle says:

    Oh…me likey that house…

  4. Tredd says:

    Boy. That guy is the best thing that ever happened to that bad-teeth, gangly, thin-haired, french “model-singer” (HA!) on so many more than one level, isn’t he?

  5. Obvious says:

    @denise, leave it alone. i’m all for bashing everyone on the polanski articles, but on regular ones? leave it alone. (sides how would polanski get here? he’d be arrested when his foot hit the ground)

    beautiful home and i’m so excited for the 4th to be out. my friend is working on it and I get to visit the set when they resume filming in So Cal!!!

  6. benny says:

    Great! Two actors that I boycott in the same movie – that makes it easy!

  7. nona says:

    Well said, Denise! :)

  8. benny says:

    @Obvious – why leave it alone? These people signed a petition because they thought their names carry some kind of weight. Therefore, when I hear their names, that’s what I think of. THEY did it (linked their names to Polanksi), not me or anyone else.

  9. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Gee Tredd, that was a little harsh. Maybe she is the best thing to ever happen to him.

  10. denise says:

    @ Nona
    & Benny
    Thanks dears ;)

  11. lena says:

    Why should Denise leave it alone…cause you have a crush on Johnny or something? He signed the petition making it known that he supports the pedo child raping prick

  12. xxodettexx says:

    @denise, harsh but true! :(

  13. Ogechi says:

    Johnny mary me, I can make a better wifey..LOL

  14. Tess says:

    @ Denise Nona Benny

    Absolutely…the celebs use their platform to try to persuade the public about certain issues, such as the unimportance of rape and sodomy committed on a minor by a member of the “artistic” community.

    Those that disagree certainly have the right to remember their words and quote them.

  15. Obvious says:

    I never said i had a crush on him. Thank you for putting words in my mouth. this post was about a house. not about polanski. are you going to stop being friends with someone because they support someone who did something wrong? if that’s the case feel free to do it.

    Personally i judge people on their own actions not on those of others. and so he supports someone in the industry who is a genius but did something disgusting, and perverse. i don’t condone or like what polanski did, but just because someone shows support doens’t make them a monster.

    *and i’m just in the mood today to be nice and defend the celebs*

  16. benny says:

    “Personally i judge people on their own actions not on those of others.”

    I judge Depp on HIS OWN ACTION of putting his name and reputation on that petition. I don’t know of any evidence that shows he was coerced. So until there is some evidence, I feel correct in assuming that was HIS OWN FREE ACTION.

    And yes, if I knew that my neighbors or other people I hang out with supported a child rapist, I would not hang out with them any more. (Of course, that doesn’t apply to Depp because we’ve never met, so even more so I don’t need to make excuses for him). The fact that someone may be famous wouldn’t change my opinion. Although it seems fame can affect other people’s good judgment.

  17. canadianchick says:

    Maybe he could put a framed photo of Polanski on his coffee table there. Nice house though! I love Oahu.

  18. lena says:

    I didn’t “put words into your mouth” I asked a question. Posts never tend to stay on the topic at hand on this site, and I doubt you are new here so you should probably know this already. Furthermore, ones character can came under question when they openly support someone who we know for a fact did heinous vile acts against a child and never served his time for it. So in sum, hell yeah I would question my relationship with someone or even stop being friends with someone who supports a person like Roman Polanski.

  19. lucy2 says:

    So, um…pretty house. And I’m jealous they get to work in Hawaii.

  20. N.D. says:

    It’s not about Polansky and even about JD – he isn’t reading these comments so you’re wasting your rage really and at the same time you’re ruining our chance to talk peacefully about this beautifull home, upcoming movie, Vanessa, kiddies and other things that are related to the post above.

    P.S. What is an infinity pool?

  21. fizXgirl3114 says:

    eff this guy… I never liked him anyway. Something about owning an island doesn’t set well with me… choke on it :-D

  22. super8 says:

    Gorgeous hale!

  23. Obvious says:

    @ND infinity pool drop off a cliff or something and the water generally get circulated back into the pool. they really are gorgeous, some incorporate waterfalls and such to. LOVE them.

  24. Miss Thang says:

    Wow, this house is really lovely!

    I wonder if there’s a dentist on staff…

  25. Juice in LA says:

    damn it, even as shell shocked as I am by summer rental prices in Malibu- $5,000 a day is ridiculous for anyone, no matter how much dough you have.

    Plus @denise is right- the polanski support is really upsetting and I have not been able to understand why Depp, who is notorious for staying out of such shit, would publicly take sides, when he can’t fully have any idea about the truth.

  26. lena says:

    @ ND, I believe the point of gossips blogs is to talk sh** about celebs or whatever, and not to sound like a smart a**, but we are all free to talk about whatever we want to even if it’s related directly or indirectly to the topic at hand. It’s JD’s fault really, this off topic discussion wouldn’t have happend if he didn’t sign that darn petition.

    Oh and nice house

  27. Mistral says:

    I love Johnny. I think Polanski is a rapist and a creeper and should have been brought to justice, but I’m not pissed about celebs who support him.

    Like I’ve said before, I bet most of those who support him have only heard Polanski’s side of the story. You think everyone is looking up police/court transcripts on The Smoking Gun like we are?

    If your friend/colleague was accused of something, and you were part of a circle that is frequently the target of false rumours/accusations and attempts at extortion, wouldn’t you be more likely to believe the person if they said,”The media is full of lies. I didn’t do that. It went down differently. People are trying to get my money/publicity. Blah blah blah.”?

    It isn’t like some of these celebs were there, or old enough to have followed it on the news. Depp was, what? 14? Most 14 year olds are not paying attention to celebrity scandals. You’re more likely to be duped by something if you have not heard/seen the truth with your own ears/eyes.

    For that reason, I’m not too mad at these people because they probably truly have been duped by a man they may have considered a friend or have enjoyed working for or whatever. Besides, people have he capacity to change their mind when they learn more about an issue.

  28. Lem says:

    good grief what’s in the water around here lately?

    I want to reach into the picture and straighten that torch :D

  29. Obvious says:

    Thank you Mistrial. I pretty much agree with you completely. That being said I still think Polanski is a creeper. But I refuse to condemn his friends/supporters.

  30. Chelly says:

    U guys/gals are really bitchy & catty. Always want to get personal, just stick to the friggin posts.

    Love, love, love the house

  31. grrrlgrace says:

    Yes, Mr. Polanski can babysit for their children since he’s such a great guy!
    @Chelly-Calling us bitchy and catty then telling us what to do is getting personal as well…so maybe you should worry about yourself first?

  32. Jeri says:

    You can be a fan & like someone without having the exact same feelings on every issue.

    I think Johnny would kill Polanski if he touched either of his children.

    I’ve always been a Depp fan & just more so with time.

  33. lena says:

    I don’t know Mistral, I get what you saying, but this was a HIGHLY publicized case and the facts are pretty clear and obvious to anyone with half a brain. This situation wasn’t a he said she said case because Polanski admitted to everything that he was charged with and I don’t think a grown man can be duped into saying yeah I raped this child, and then turn around and say to his friends but the media did this or the media did that…plus he fled the country for god’s sake. The media or whatever wasn’t there when you decided to drug a girl and sodomize her. I don’t know what kind of circles Polanski is talking around people to make them think, “he’s such a nice guy” or “it was so long ago” cause it wouldn’t work on me.

  34. KentuckyWoman says:

    That’s a longa$$ way from Owensboro, brother. Good on ya.

  35. Tia C says:

    @ Tredd: That’s what I was thinking! She really is not too easy on the eyes, eh? There’s no accounting for why people don’t fix their teeth. Oh well, they are a good team, so more power to them.

    Gorgeous place, wow. I do wonder how much business the owner gets though with that pricetag! I may be very wrong, but I would guess that it’s probably vacant a lot.

  36. Johnthing says:

    She’s really ugly.

  37. Leticia says:

    @Denise, right you are.

    Why would anyone defend these stars who sign the petition for the indefensible Polanski???

  38. toto says:

    johnny is boycoted by me , hell all , he might not care but people need to relise that supporting such people will harm another and the new generations too ..boycot mel and johnnyand everone who support polanski , i will never ever support or admire someone who support criminal acts and justfy it .i mean johnny has a doughter for god sake , and he went crazy when she get sick what about other people children ain’t worthy for him ?! fake person

  39. toto says:

    i adisagree totally , your friends is what you are so when they defend him they defend part of them ,,, therefor jonn willll never get my respect ,this girl has no famouse people to sign petition for her but i belive all people who blive in justice should sign off those who sign for polanski at least… hello all again :)

  40. Eden says:

    People going in different directions than what might be set up by the original story is exactly what makes this site interesting and not only vapid entertainment…which it surely is as well. :)

  41. Mistral says:

    Lena, I totally get what you’re saying.

    I’m just going by my own self. I wasn’t even born when any of this went down. I knew of Polanski later through his movies, and then learning about the whole Sharon Tate-Manson thing, and then I heard of this issue.

    Then, what I had heard/read totally made it look like a case of young-wannabe was sent by her stage mother to a Hollywood party to “party” for a role. Then, later on, they try to get famous by accusing him of rape when it was all consensual, she was doing drugs with the guy, bla bla bla.

    This is the way I first heard of the case, this was the first slant I was exposed to. Hating what I had read/heard of stage parents, I jumped to blaming the mother for the kid sleeping with Polanski. It sounded like a case of “Go and eff that guy and you will get ahead in Hollywood, you will be a star”.

    That type of stuff did happen all the time. Old creepy guys sleeping with the young wannabes. Young girls willing to do drugs with the older Hollywood set, and willing to sleep with an old guy to get a role.

    Then I went and read the original police interview and changed my mind.

    Reading the kid’s statement to police, I felt there was nothing consensual there and that it was a case of rape.

    Just because a kid (and even though 13-year-olds know right from wrong, they are still dumb kids) willingly did drugs, or willingly took some pictures, does not mean she was willing to sleep with the old guy and she says she kept saying “NO”. Even if the mom was stupid to let her kid be alone with a famous older guy for a photoshoot, does not mean it was her fault.

    The person at fault is Polanski. However, I dunno, I can see how someone who hadn’t bothered to read any of the girl’s statements might be convinced that while what Polanski did was a creepy thing, it wasn’t a crime because it was “consensual” (Yes, there were probably statutory rape laws, but I think people see that time in Hollywood as a time of wild hedonism where anything went).

  42. Obvious says:

    Mistrial, you have basically said everything i couldn’t figure out how to put into words.

    besides….to play devil’s advocate, I never saw the petition is it the actors’ actual signatures on it? or just their names. if it’s just their names someone else could have said (reps, talent companies anyone really) so and so supports this. and some celebs are just whatever, and wouldn’t give a damn one way or another.

    not saying this is what happened. i’m just curious.

  43. nnn says:

    Johnny can support his friend but by doing so, the way he is doing it, he is trading his friendship for the crime and he is a HYPOCRIT through and through.

    He is hypocrit because his support is not based on friendship towards the abuser, it is based on the worth he gives to the victim. If it was his daughter or someone he knew’s daughter he would have stop his support to his friend or stay still

    So it’s not about friendship, it’s about MAKING A POINT at not giving the same respect and sympathy to the victim because he refuses to empathy to someone he doesn’t know, even if that someone was raped. It’s about being DISRESPECTFUL to the victim’s sensitivity. It’s tactless and hurtfull and this is disgusting coming from a man who is nearly 50 !

    That’s for me what is worst. He is immoral and hypocrit, not to mention cold. He could have shown a minimum of decency by giving his support privately and minimally but no, he advertised it by signing a petition and through this act made sure that the victim knew he was supporting her abuser.

    That goes beyond of supporting one’s friend, that’s spitting at the face and integrity of the victim and using ones power, stardom and superior status to have a bigger impact, to attempt hijacking the perception of guilt and influence the case while belittleing the pain of the victim and refusing that she get proper justice..

    If it was about support mainly, it will have stayed private, just like Polanski wife Emmanuelle Seigner stayed discreet. Lobbying for him to influence the case goes beyond of that, it’s a despicable unsensitive act of arrogance against the victim not in favour of the abuser but against what the victim went through.

    That’s totally different.

  44. Kelly says:

    I take issue with the ‘fixing your teeth’ BS that (for some reason) Americans seem to be so hung up on. So Im going to get on my soapbox for a minute about this.

    As the proud owner of gappy teeth, I had my braces taken off early because I hated losing the way I actually looked! My teeth run in my family, they’re part of who I am and everyone with whacky teeth should stand up and be proud, instead of getting those STUPID and totally ugly veneers etc. Outside the US, no one really gives a shit about teeth as long as they’re not rotting out of your mouth, and the obsession with fake, self-mutilating dental ‘perfection’ is seen as bizarre. Is it really better to have a mouth full of blinding, alien-white fakes?? Because to me, that looks erm, hilarious and neurotic. I don’t like VP and nor do I find her attractive, but she has the right to gappy teeth, dammit, as do the rest of us.

    That is all :-)

  45. Kelly says:

    Oh yeah, and since JD decided to wade in on the Roman Polanski thing, he should wear the flack like anyone else who supported that douche. Or does privilege exempt you from accountability as it does pretty much everything else?

  46. Confuzzle says:

    They should do an article on his real home, in LA.

  47. Maria says:

    That is such a lovely house; his family is so lucky! I wonder how a post about Johnny Depp’s summer family abode turned into a discussion/condemnation of his support for Polanski.

    Regarding the case, I wonder why the U.S. authorities waited so long to attempt an extradition and arrest of Polanski. It’s not as if all these decades he had been a fugitive and no one knew of his whereabouts. I have no opinion on this matter. I don’t condone rape, and Polanski is not the most straight-up human being…but his victim is an adult/middle-aged woman now and she has publicly issued a statement to express that she does NOT support his arrest and that it has been so long. She has found peace with the incident and found it in her heart to forgive him. Maybe we all should try a little forgivenness ourselves?

  48. Chris says:

    Nice house. As for Johnny’s outfit I wonder how many forty something average Joes could get away with dressing like that? I suspect if they did they’d be a laughing stock.

    On the whole Polanski thing, what gets me is that the “it happened a long time ago” defense doesn’t work for Nazi war criminals (as it shouldn’t) so why do Polanski’s supporters use it.

  49. samme says:

    He didn’t sign any petition about supporting Roman Polanski. When Johnny was at a film festival in Serbia, he gave a biased answer to a question a reporter had asked him regarding Roman’s arrest in Sweden. So stop making things up about him bit*hes. Maybe he was thinking of Roman’s family…wife and kids…whom he has known for years.

  50. lena says:

    @ obvious,

    I believe if you google you will find it along with the quotes from JD himself along the lines of “he’s not out on the street” “he’s 75 or 76 now with 2 kids” “he’s a good family man”

    yeah that came from Johhny

    My opinion… Polanski is disgusting and anyone, especially those with young daughters, who defend him are disgusting as well.

  51. cara says:

    @DENISE………NICE ONE!!!!

  52. mags says:

    wait, i thought johnny depp didn’t sign the petition, but gave a very measured comment that really wasn’t a condemnation or support…i thought i read it on celebitchy too…hmmm

  53. RHONYC says:


    the poor-man’s kate moss is livin’ it up!

    now THAT’S a mansion…TER-E-SA!


  54. Sharonkings says:

    Man, JD made a fortune on the POTC franchise!
    Lovely home. As for Polanski, JD prolly should not have put his 2 cents in. Polanski is a rapist. Doesnt matter if it happened over 30 years ago or not. He should be on the Megans law website.

  55. LuckyLilGem says:

    His wife must have some serious karma points carried over. Wow…the man, the life, the homes, the private island!

  56. fizXgirl3114 says:

    nnn well said…

  57. Minx says:

    Johnny did not sign the petition. He made a comment, “Why now?” regarding the timing, and another as to the Polinski of today being a family man and not a predator. That’s about it.
    Interpret that as you may but I interpret it as Johnny speaking of his knowledge of the man – Polinski – as he is today, not support of his heinous actions of yesteryear.

  58. snowball says:

    Don’t Madonna and Lauren Hutton have fairly significant gaps as well? Hutton’s is about as big as Vanessa’s, so much so that when she was modeling early in her career, she had a special dental insert made to cover it because it was considered ugly. Ridiculous. It makes her unique and why that’s a problem, I don’t get. She’s still quite lovely. I don’t think Chanel hires dogs as their “face.”

    Anyway, lovely place. I always fantasized about living in Hawaii when I was a kid, then I saw what relative economic situation so many natives lived in compared to the tourists. So much stuff is so damn expensive to have to ship there, it’s got to be exorbitant to just have to exist there daily. Ugh.

    But damn. What a freaking view. I was thinking who needs an infinity pool when you’ve got the ocean, but then again, I can’t stand swimming in a lake because I hate the thought of fishes biting me, the possibility of sharks out there would make me a tad paranoid. I’ll choose the pool.

  59. Shay says:

    Gawd, she needs braces.

  60. Canuck says:

    Tredd… just because you probably live in an Anglocentric world and don’t notice what goes on outside of it: Vanessa Paradis models for Chanel and has for years, she is a singer with several French “Grammy” (equivalent) awards and has been famous since she was 15, when she had her first number one hit. In addition to that, she’s also an actress who has won several awards, including the French equivalent to an Oscar.

    Your jealousy is showing, and it’s not pretty…

  61. shane says:

    Isnt that the house which the final 4 girls from ANTM cycle 13 stayed when they were in Hawaii?

  62. Me says:

    To everyone, who won’t leave the Polanski thing alone: In case you hadn’t noticed, the victim herself wants this to be left alone, over, forgotten. Would you take her opinion in account? Obviously not.

  63. Rery says:

    All this stuff about Depp’s happiness with Vanessa Paradis is commercial false. Mass media keep to say it because it’s a part of show business. Johnny Depp is gay and lives with Tim Burton.

  64. sincity says:

    Depp didn’t sign any petition. He made his comment when asked. Obviously the Swiss have made the right decision, if the american legal system can’t get their affairs in order after sitting around for 30+ years waiting for their moment to get Polanski they are just not trying hard enough. Shame on them.
    Vanessa Paradis is a beautiful succesful model, singer, actress and she doesn’t have to change a thing about herself. And the article is wrong she has been in France for a couple of months touring the tour ended last night.

  65. Jessica says:


  66. Me ;D says:

    OMG! So beautful! I ♥ it :) )

  67. townieone says:

    The photos don’t do the house justice. It’s even nicer in person. Just for kicks you can Google Earth 4374 Royal Place, Honolulu Hawaii and see it, but it was still in construction when the Google car drove by.

  68. Definitely agree with what you stated. Your rationalization was definitely the best to understand. I tell you, I normally get irked when people talk about issues that they plainly have no idea about. You managed to hit the nail proper on the head and explained out all the pieces without complication. Possibly, folks can take a signal. Will doubtless be back to get more. Thanks

  69. gtplanners says:

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