Leonardo Dicaprio drops out of Mel Gibson directed film

404281 07: Actor Mel Gibson addresses the media at a press conference for the Australian launch of his new movie 'We Were Soldiers' April 22, 2002 in Sydney Australia. (Photo by Chris McGrath /Getty Images)

I have a confession to make: I didn’t listen to the last audio release of Mel Gibson venting the frustration of several failed lifetimes at his girlfriend, nor did I listen to all the spittle-filled voicemails he left her. After listening the first five tapes and wasting several minutes of my life trying to process the meanest most threatening vitriol I’ve ever heard, I’m done. Just a few seconds of that vile crap would have been enough, and as I’ve mentioned before I’ve never witnessed anything like it. Even movies don’t show villians ranting like that for several minutes.

Still there are even more tapes/audio segments, and Radar head David Perel tells E! Online that they’ll continue to release them, and that “We will be posting them on the site as we continue to report on the Mel Gibson story.” Perel told Howard Stern that Radar has a full 30 minutes of audio from Mel.

Now that we know Mel for the verbally and (“allegedly”) physically abusive creep he truly is, he’s box office poison despite all the ways his people try to spin the “poor Mel” story. There’s almost no one in Hollywood willing to publicly speak out on his behalf, and a recent sympathetic profile in People Magazine included positive quotes from just three industry people I’d never heard of. We can add thoughtful actor Leonardo DiCaprio to the list of people trying to disassociate themselves with Gibson. DiCaprio has quietly dropped out of a Gibson-directed Viking film he was set to star in.

Leonardo DiCaprio is withdrawing from a Mel Gibson-directed flick about vikings in the wake of the domestic abuse scandal, RadarOnline.com has exclusively confirmed.

“Not a chance,” said a source, close to the Inception star, when asked if he was still planning to star in Gibson’s next project.

The decision is a major setback for the Oscar-winning actor/director, who is facing allegations of domestic abuse and child endangerment.

It also lends support to critics who are suggesting Mel won’t be able to recover from the Oksana Grigorieva scandal…

The viking film was to be DiCaprio’s first picture with Mel.

A source close to DiCaprio said the star, who is currently basking in the release of his wildly acclaimed box-office topping movie Inception, did not want to risk his reputation, with being associated with Mel.

“Leo has earned the right to pick and choose who he works with and Mel Gibson is not one of them,” the source added.

The as-yet untitled project is being produced by Graham King and Mel’s Icon Productions.

Variety had previously reported DiCaprio had long been fascinated by Viking culture and was poised to play one in a storyline that will be as unsparing as Mel’s other period directing efforts, Braveheart, The Passion of the Christ and Apocalypto.

[From Radar Online]

I’m fascinated by viking culture too thanks to Alex Skarsgard’s character’s flashbacks on True Blood. I mean that in a purely superficial/stare at the eye candy kind of way.

I’m only trying to change the subject because I don’t want to think about Mel and his crazy meanness anymore. As I was writing this two more stories came out on Radar Online – an e-mail that Oksana sent her lawyer describing Mel’s attack on her on January 7 and yet another voicemail, said to be Mel’s “final” voicemail, made on February 20, the day after he made all those mean calls. He tries to make nice and claims that he wants “to talk reasonably about schedules.” The time to talk reasonably had long since passed.

TMZ also reports that Oksana was offered a $15 million dollar payoff to keep all her evidence of Mel’s abuse confidential. She is said to initially have agreed, only to back out of the deal. Radar Online claims that they never paid Oksana for the audio tapes.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio attends a Japan premiere for the film Inception in Tokyo, Japan, on July 20, 2010.   UPI/Keizo Mori Photo via Newscom

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - 1981: American actor Mel Gibson and actor Mark Lee celebrate Mel's AFI award for his role in the movie 'Gallipoli' at the Australian Film Industry Awards 1981 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Patrick Riviere/Getty images)

30090, MALIBU, CALIFORNIA - Monday, April 13, 2009. File Photo: Monday July 31st 2006. Mel Gibson's wife, Robyn Moore, has filed for divorce from the actor, who was recently photographed with a mystery woman on a Costa Rican beach. The couple had been married for almost 30 years and had seven children. Pictured: Mel Gibson seen here in a Police issued booking mugshot. The actor was arrested in Malibu under suspicion of driving while under the influence of alcohol with bail set at $5000. Since the arrest it has been revealed that Gibson made many anti Jewish remarks to the Police for which he has since apologised and checked himself into rehab. Photograph Supplied by Pacificcoastnews.com. UK OFFICE: 131 225 3333/3322 US OFFICE: 1 310 261 9676 Disclaimer: BWP Media Inc and their brand Pacific Coast News does not claim any Copyright or License in the attached material. Any downloading fees charged by BWP Media Inc and their brand Pacific Coast News are for its services only, and do not, nor are they intended to convey to the user any Copyright or License in the material. By publishing this material , the user expressly agrees to indemnify and to hold BWP Media Inc and their brand Pacific Coast News harmless from any claims, demands, or causes of action arising out of or connected in any way with user's publication of the material.

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  1. Megan says:

    I would have liked to see Leo dressed as a Viking (hubba hubba) but am glad he’s made a good decision. He can choose who he works with, he’s a legend! And extremely hot! Leo that is, not Mel.

  2. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    True Blood does some great flashback scenes. I thought that Viking one was great. I can’t wait to see how Eric avenges his family against that weirdo Russell.

    I think Inception has become like my fave movie ever. I seriously can not stop thinking about it. I am like will it hurry up and come out on DVD already so I can freaking buy it. So crazy my top two fave movies are Titanic and now Inception both with Leo in it. Good for him for not doing that Mel movie.

  3. LolaBella says:

    If this is true, then good on Leo for doing this. Hopefully others follow his lead.

    Hitting Mel where it hurts (his wallet) will have an impact that he can’t ignore.

    I see a the ubiquitous ‘going to rehab’ announcement from Mel’s PR people in the very near future.

  4. S says:

    It’s too bad Mel is a violent maniac, because he sure puts together a good movie, and I would have loved to see the viking one with Leo – he would have done it really well I think. Oh well, I guess we can add it to the list of the best movies never made. (I can’t imagine he will recover from this and do anything else, or that people will go see anything he does, so that’s why I’m assuming it will never get made)

  5. nnn says:

    Good for Leo !

    Finally a man in Hollywood with some integrity when it comes to abuses towards women.

    Finally the backlashes from his peers is underway. That basterd who wants to revisit Goliath against David and wants Goliath to win inspite of his crime will finally put an end to that immunity he has been graced with because he is MEL GIBSON.

    The time for immunity is gone for the privilleged one.It’s HIGH time to be held accountable for his abuses and verbal dhiarrea over the top .

  6. Michelle78 says:

    You have to admit Mel is a fantastic director. I’m very intrigued by Viking culture and would have loved to see DiCaprio in the movie. I won’t be surprised if movie production is put on hold.

  7. Shay says:

    Mel Gibson directed films feature violence as a staple. It doesn’t surprise me that he has hopes for a viking film. The vikings were quite barbaric and Mel enjoys adding an extra dollop of violence just for kicks, so a viking film directed by Gibson will probably be twice as violent as the Passion of the Christ. The vikings did have a culture sure, but they were also quite ruthless and vicious in history, and it’s interesting how Mel is always drawn to violence in the film he directs, but now, after listening to his horrendous tantrums, it’s no real surprise.
    But most contemporary viking portrayals are too politically correct, focusing on the voyaging viking, usually cutting out the fact that they pillaged, raped and generally killed people without batting an eyelid, like Ghenghis Khan or the huns. Many current films tend to portray historic psychos in a PC light, I mean, look at the Tudors – all glammed up and everything, when the Tudors barely had the facilities to have regular baths, but Henry VIII in the Tudors looks as fresh as a daisy.
    The only actors I think will take up a job with Mel are those actors desperate for a first role. In any case, any future films he directs will most likely be distributed through the Dendy cinema network (owned by Mel). It’s not the subject of ‘polite conversation’, but every Jewish person in Hollywood pretty much despises Mel Gibson.

  8. tooey says:

    @ S – yes, I am selfishly disappointed that this movie won’t get made, but I guess Mel made his f*^%ing bed, now he has to lie in it…

  9. pookie says:

    @Michelle78 – Yeah, I agree. He is a GREAT director and I’ve loved his period films greatly. And I would love to see DiCaprio in pretty much anything. 🙂 I don’t think this movie or anything else by Mel will ever get made though. Personal issues aside, speaking as a movie lover, that just bums me out. I do commend Leo on being a stand-up guy and walking away from it. Now if only they would do the same for freakin Woody Allen!

  10. Fay says:

    Leo looks great in that photo.
    Reminds me a bit of David Gilmour but Gilmour is still the most beautiful man.


  11. sapphire says:

    Way to get to Mel-through the wallet and his artistic ego.

  12. Chris says:

    I guess going down with one sinking ship was enough for Leo.

  13. Sophie says:

    Oh, I think this has made me love Leo even more, if that’s possible! Although, I would have loved to have seen him in full Viking mode…mmmm

  14. guesty says:

    good for him.

  15. call-in says:

    after eric’s first flashback, i did extensive research (via wikipedia) about viking culture and such. now should i be planning my fantasy trip to greenland and former viking strongholds, or scrap that all together and head to sweden to stalk a certain viking-impersonator?

    the answer is so clear.

  16. Crash2GO2 says:

    Good. Now that a high powered actor has set a precedent, let’s hope others will follow suit!

  17. Shay says:

    Call-in, Greenland?
    Scandinavia is generally Norway, Sweden and Denmark, which were Viking strongholds. They travelled to Greenland, and other places, but they weren’t from Greenland.
    I’d rather enjoy the Viking Age from a distance. I can’t imagine how cold it gets in Scandinavia and don’t want to.
    But the one Hollywood film that does feature Vikings is The 13th Warrior, with Antonio Banderas. It’s not a bad film.

  18. Lita says:

    Me = going for the superficial.

    You don’t thin Leo has been looking sorta .. Not good? In a Jack Nickolson and Danny Devito love child kinda way?

  19. Lita says:

    Muh @Shay – set piece Antonio Bare-his-ass hotness movie is interview with the vampire. He was the sexy! And that is kinda on-topic since it also has an insano-bot fist-pumping wedge-wearing psycho in it. See? On-topic! Although MG has sunk far lower than a scientolo-midget – tough ask, all told.

  20. Bruce says:

    Hear a musical blow by blow account of Mel Gibson’s latest antics, inspired by actual excerpts from his outbursts. Check out “Blow Me Today (Rant Mix) at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hw5XLhw6Rek

  21. Annie says:

    “Even movies don’t show villians ranting like that for several minutes.”

    You obviously haven’t seen the last 20 Al Pacino movies. Eeesh.

  22. Jess says:

    Good for Leo! I’m so mad at People Magazine. And Jon Favreau too. He was on Howard Stern and he refused to criticize Mel at all, instead talking about what a talented guy he is (as if that somehow justifies his horrible behavior).

  23. meme says:

    who is that man with maniac mel in the middle photo? leo continues to make great choices. he’s a real movie star and doesn’t drone on and on and on and on about himself and his private life.

  24. gretchen says:

    celebitchy, who is the second man in the black & white photo please

  25. brisa says:

    Is Mel going to film Mad Max 2 with Charlize Theron in Australia? I wonder if she is going to bail out too!

  26. meme says:

    @Brisa – Maniac Mel is not in the new Mad Max movie. Body condom hottie Tom Hardy is Max. The director said Mel’s too old and Mel said “BLOW ME YOU F**CKING C*NT”

  27. a says:

    hooray for leonardo!

  28. Schozzle says:

    As many others have said, it’s a shame that Mel is such a batshit crazy bastard, because he is a great director.

    He was planning on making this Viking movie all in old Norse (like Apocalypto) which would have been mindblowing. Not to mention Vikings were some of the blood-lustiest people ever. It was all “I’m gonna kill your family/now I’m gonna avenge my family/now I have to avenge my family for the vengeance you laid down on my family” and so and so forth. Mel would’ve loved that.

  29. xxodettexx says:


    another reason to love him! i am not at all attracted to him physically/sexually BUT i do admire a lot of his movie choices, AND he isnt on THAT infamous list: http://www.popcrunch.com/celebrities-support-polanski/

  30. coup de grazia says:

    yah, i stopped listening after the first one. no need to feed your brain that crap. good for leo.

  31. CathyT says:

    The other guy in the black and white picture is Mark Lee, Mel’s co-star in Gallipoli. One of the best Australian movies ever.

    I hope the Viking movie still gets made. Mad Mel is the perfect director for an Old Norse film about pillaging berserkers. Mel should cast unknowns like he did for Apocalypto.

  32. gretchen says:

    thanx Cathy, I’ll have to google him. I thought at first it might be Eric Roberts but I think he’s alot younger than Mel Gibson

  33. Tia C says:

    My cynical side predicts that in a couple days time, Leo will be issuing a flaky “official statement” to the effect that his quitting this movie has nothing to do with Oksana-gate and he has no problem with Mel whatsoever. He’ll cite a scheduling conflict or some other BS.

  34. LisaMarie says:

    Braveheart was on TV the other night and I tried to watch it because I always loved that movie. I didn’t last 5 minutes – all I could think about was how horrible Mel really is. Good for Leo for walking away.

  35. mln says:

    By no means am I a Mel sympathizer but the cynical part of me thinks that people in Hollywood have known about Mel for a years and as long as his behavoir wasn’t public knowledge they didn’t really care. So really its bad on Leo for saying yes in the first place.

  36. Ron says:

    IF people in Hollywood didn’t work with people who are known ass**les, they would never work. This town is full of egomanical bitches. This incident is beyond the fray and no one wants to go down that road. It really started with the jew comments, hollywood is a heavily jewish community. After that Jodie Foster etc came to his rescue. Now that he’s showing all of his prejudices, who’s he left to work with? Whoopi Goldberg it seems. Sister Act 9 anyone?

  37. Alex says:

    @mln – Agreed. And it would be nice to think LD dropped out for the right reasons, but it wouldn’t be surprising if he dropped out just out of self-preservation and pragmatism. He probably had to make an immediate decision due to upcoming start date and couldn’t wait to see which way the wind would blow. Based on his current movie’s success, he could gamble and kiss off the Viking movie. He sure doesn’t seem to have a problem with Martin Scorcese, friend to Roman Polanski and petition signer.

  38. Marsh says:

    ROL noted that it was strange Mel Gibson suddenly called trying to act all nice after Oksana contacted her lawyer. It was strange how Mel Gibson suddenly called the day after Oksana e-mailed her lawyer and tried to act all normal. Could her lawyer have tattled to Mel Gibson?

  39. Stephanie says:

    Maybe Mel can re-write the part for a female and LiLo can sign on… ?

  40. Lushus L. says:

    @Shay Thanks for saying what I was thinking! The Vikings were horrible and just the types that Mel Gibson would glorify.

  41. Kitten says:

    Go Leo!!! That’s whassup!

  42. Bernice says:

    Mel Gibson was such a good looking young man with a lot of talent. It’s sad that he has let his alcoholism and wild ways as well as apparent anger spin him so far out of control. Robin stayed with him for 26 years. Reports suggest several of their children have had to go to rehab for drug/alcohol problems. One has to wonder what sort of hell the last 26 years have been for Robin and the children. Although Robin is apparently standing by him in the press reports. Of course half a billion dollars might have something to do with it. The whole thing is just sad to me. I’ve enjoyed most Mel Gibson movies up until his ultra violent recent ones.

  43. juiceinla says:

    Not Since growing pains have I like Leo more. I am sure he’ll just maintain his silence when asked, and let actions speak. Kid has got some class. Just for this I will go see Inception twice!!

  44. EMV says:

    I cannot picture DiCaprio as a Viking….sorry. Now Gerry Butler on the other hand…

  45. original kate says:

    maybe it’s just me but i’ve never thought mel was a great actor OR a great director – i thought his portrayal of hamlet was laughable and “braveheart” bored me to tears. i did like him in “road warrior,” maybe because he didn’t talk much.

  46. OhCamille! says:

    I’m thrilled that Leo backed out. I didn’t know about this Viking movie until this report came out and all I can think is Leo saved himself from a ton of bad press and loss of fans.
    I’m sticking to my first post where I stated that I’ll boycott anyone that works with MG.
    I haven’t seen a MG movie since that POS Signs and thanks to the posters who named his production co’s – because I’m gonna check IMDB for movies he is involved in.
    Thanks Leo – you’ve got a fan here.

  47. Jaxx says:

    Way to go Leo. I’ve never been a big fan of his but my respect for him just hit the roof. I hope everyone in Hollywood follows his courageous lead.

  48. Jeri says:

    Good choice Leo. I’ve always had faith in your wisdom besides thinking you are one of the best actors of your generation.

  49. Ashryn97015 says:

    I knew there was a reason why I really liked/respected Leo, and this just make me like/respect him that much more. Always been a big fan, (LOVED Leo and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Inception. They make a great team!). Good on you, Leo. Good on you!

  50. Ruffian9 says:

    original kate: I agree; Never saw the ‘great’ in MG. He just seemed to be someone people liked to see on screen. Correct me if i’m wrong, but weren’t his directorial efforts centered on violence and/or religion? If so, that’s most likely why I haven’t seen any Mel-directed movies. Don’t think i’ll be taking them up now, either.

  51. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Good. We’ll never know the full reasons behind his dropping out (I like the way ‘not a chance’ sounds, though) but at least he’s doing it. Hollywood is just this big entitled circle-jerk and there is never, never, NEVER a shortage of apologists coming out out the gutter to cast the offending party as some kind of martyr. Mel ‘The Phone Warrior’ Gibson has been getting away with hateful garbage for so long, at least someone’s not going to play the game for once. Here’s to hoping more people in that town start standing up for what’s right, it’s only a matter of time before the Morlocks end up in one of his phone rants.

    I’m enough of a violence wuss as is, a Gibson-directed Viking film would probably make me void my bowels in terror. Mama the Gutless would be no match for Ivar the Boneless, so someone else will have to give me the blow by blow of the blood eagle scenes.

  52. Meanchick says:

    I love it!

  53. Tiffany says:


    Don’t be mad at Jon Faverau. He is just keeping it professional. It is better the talk about his past talent then the bats*** crazy person he is now. He is just not trying to get on the hate bandwagon, that was just him being smart.

  54. d says:

    If you like Viking movies, try Valhalla Rising with Mads Mikkelsen.

  55. CathyT says:


    Oksana emailed her lawyer the night that Mel allegedly punched her. The ranting phone calls are from a month and a half later. No conspiracy necessary. Mel worked himself into a manic fit over Oksana dumping him and felt bad about it the next day. It’s not possible that he could be so crazy 24/7.

  56. Majosha says:

    d: I’m DYING to see Valhalla Rising. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things, but unfortunately, I leave in a small town, so I’ll likely have to wait for the film to be released on DVD to see it 🙁

  57. d says:

    @ Majosha: yeah, I’ve yet to see it myself, just read that it’s good – although not your typical Hollywood movie. Lots of silence, I don’t think Mads actually speaks, and it’s rather graphically violent, but spectacular cinematography, intense scenes, good acting, etc. Interesting and different anyway. I’m looking forward to it. I think Pajiba has something about it. I fully intend to watch it by myself so I don’t have to listen to anyone else complaining about it, or that it’s slow or boring.

  58. Majosha says:

    d: I can’t remember where I read about it — rotten tomatoes, maybe? — but I was immediately intrigued. Original subject matter is rare these days, to say the least. And I totally agree that it’s best to either see it alone, or with someone who is equally as interested in watching a film that breaks from the norm. The “bored companion” thing is a chore.

    Ps: My original post was supposed to say, “I LIVE in a small town.” Not that it really matters now, but still.

  59. ChinaCat says:

    @#29 xxodettexx:

    Thanks! I was wond’ring about that and was just gonna ask!

  60. Willis says:

    Mel is a true Renaissance man. It’s up to HIM to continue making great movies, not any tired Hollywood douche lefties who will inevitably boycott him. You pay to watch his work, which supports profit for the production. He will keep fans despite his gross temper and words. If he had leftie views instead of religious ones, then the Hollywood douche camp of his critics would defend him like they do Polanski-o-phile. Would they not? who isn’t tired of the same predictable Hollywood douches who boycott anything that gains them sympathy with women, minorities or Hugo Chavez.? Wahhhh.

  61. SolitaryAngel says:

    Good deal, Leo! I like you even more now. 🙂

  62. Linda says:

    Listen, Mel is not the first person to say what was on his mind. Where do you people get off this is pure bull….that’s right Mel is magical he is a great actor and story teller. Now Mr. Leo Di Cap. What if you were given a movie script that had similar behavior to what Mel did, so call it acting, it is to bad that we pay money to see story lines like what the Mel experience was, but when someone has a difficult personal life and they happen to be a movie star like Mel, well what can I say. You Mr. Leo Di Cap are missing on a great part working with a great mind like the one and only Mr. Mel Gibson!

    Forever “Braveheart”