Brad Pitt interviewed by Brian Williams for NBC Nightly News in NOLA


Last night, Brian “My Dong Is Large” Williams interviewed Brad Pitt for the NBC Nightly News, all for the five-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. I hadn’t heard about this – I knew Sandra Bullock was doing a Matt Lauer interview, but I didn’t know Brad was getting all up in the Nightly News. Can I just say something about how handsome he is for a second? Brad looks lovely here. This is the prettiest he’s looked in, like, two years. And goddamn he can wear some denim.

Anyway, the interview:

Some quotes:

On NOLA, immediately post-Katrina:Complete devastation. It was unfathomable. I mean, just– you had no idea that there were families and here. It was just wiped clean. Except for the occasional pile up of homes and– on top of homes.”

Why Make It Right? “I mean, people’s– people build their lives here. And– and– I mean, New Orleans is a unique place to begin with. And I say– a cultural treasure trove for– for America to begin with. But the thing that struck me was that these people were trying to– you know, these people were trying to get home. And– and were having a very difficult time doing so. And as I got into and started studying it, I found out that levy walls were built improperly.”

Et cetera. Brian calls NOLA Brad’s “empire” and says he’s “not so naïve now” because Brad repeats his claim that he started all of this out of naiveté, which he also said in his Douglas Brinkley interview. I think it was a good interview, and I like Brad brings the conversation back to the people of New Orleans and the progress that’s being made.

By the way, Angelina Jolie was also in New Orleans, channeling her inner goth chick:







Angelina and Brad in New Orleans on August 27, 2010 courtesy of Fame.

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  1. mln says:

    I know there will be alot of hateful comments dissing him but can I just say how awesome he is, Make It Right seems to be helping people AND he was so genuine in his interview good on him.

  2. spinner says:

    What did he do to his face? He has definitely had some work done. Looks like a whole lotta fillers.

  3. olivia says:

    He is not good in interviews. He’s constantly moving, looking around, not making eye contact, and just blundering about. For something he’s supposedly so passionate about, he says very little – most of it is “um … ah…. yea…. you know …. I ….. uh … amazing …. um….and…make it right…. New Orleans …. yea, you know…it’s like …. um….and … I can’t … I don’t know … it’s just … the levees…and architecture …. and kids.”

  4. coup de grazia says:

    he looks more and more like redford to me as he ages.

  5. Lantana says:

    I saw the interview on the Today Show this morning and I agree he looks great! When it first started playing, I thought, “How many years ago was this filmed?” When I realized it was current it surprised me. He has cleaned up so much. I don’t miss the Taliban look. And he was articulate and passionate about the 9th ward renovation/rebuilding. It was one thing to do something when it first happened, but to be still involved after five years says something about commitment. Maybe Brangelina will last after all.

  6. bite me says:

    looking good bp and love all the black on la jolie

  7. Majosha says:

    @spinner: Agreed. His face looks a little puffy and … weird.

  8. Jazmin says:

    Forget the fillers. Is he wearing a hair piece?. His hairline looks way too low with very thick hair.

  9. lisa says:

    He has not done anything to his face..and Brad was never balding so why in the world would this man need a hair piece..

    Goodness.. the things people come up with.

    I actually like his hair shorter, may cut it in a few weeks after the film wraps early September. I like that he is still involved in NOLA and is doing something. Nothing wrong with that. The people living there seem to like him and his family and speak highly of him. And to me they are the ones that count. They LIVE there.

  10. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Yea Brad is awesome. I love people who are passionate and committed like he and Angie are. Looks like a great interview.

    BTW Wearing all black doesn’t mean your channeling a goth chick. Wearing an adorable black suit like that is chic.

  11. Eden says:

    His whole lower face is full of filler.
    He looks great and it’s well done work but he is full to the brim.

    He seems very authentic and I liked that his answers didn’t feel scripted or self indulgent.
    It’s nice that he’s invested and trying to make a difference.

  12. latam says:

    iv seen him look better within 2 years. inglourious basterds premiere anyone?

    I’m a massive fan of brad and angelina so don’t think I’m a hatred, but wtf is up with his fa
    ce? it didn’t look like that at the salt premiere he looks all puffy. also if he’s had work done, why? I thought after the cover that showed all his wrinkles he’d be one of the least vain ppl in Hollywood and wouldn’t do this kind of thing

    ps the hair is for his role as billy beane in moneyball

  13. LindyLou says:

    coup – He is looking very much like Robert Redford, I agree. Love the first pic – it looks like he’s about to be swallowed up by boobies lol

  14. Bella Bella says:

    Robert Redford indeed which is not a bad thing at all. They should work together again.

  15. di butler says:

    Michael K nailed it when he called BP “Big Shiloh.”

    I guess good on him, except the peeps I know in NoLa call him Brad Who??? He only swoops in there every few yrs and nothing really has been accomplished by his work, but at least he gives attention to the area, I guess.

  16. Liz says:

    If he had work done he should have his eyes done and got rid of those wrinkles and bags. BTW there are pics of BP in NOLA in Jan and in May visiting MIR homeowners and since he was in Venice Feb -April. So I guess he swoops in every few months,butler.

  17. Jen Wind says:

    His face looks puffy…not a good look. I like thinner, less puffy faced Brad!!

  18. Toe says:

    Brad Pitt with hair piece? Nooooo
    His bro, mom and dad have all thick hair, so it runs in the family. Fillers?!? Naaah…otherwise he would’ve removed those wrinkle bags under his eyes. I’ll do him…and good.

  19. Rita says:

    Thanks a whole lot Celebitchy. Since your story on Brian Williams’ possible lushes dong I find myself checking him out with every full body shot interview. Celebitchy has made me a PERV.

  20. Rita says:

    Oh, I forgot. In that top picture, yes Brad, New Orleans does have toilets. You just have to ask one of those honeys you’re holding where one might be.

  21. Katalina76 says:

    I don’t know what’s going on with his face, but he doesn’t even look like himself anymore. He never had that full or round of a face. Yes, he looks good. But he also looks like someone else entirely, IMO.

  22. aussieGal says:

    “This is the prettiest he’s looked in, like, two years.”

    Really? Cause I was thinking he looks like complete shit. His face is so screwed up now.

  23. hairball says:

    He looks so different to me, like he gained a lot of weight just in his face. It looks like he’s wearing a mask and a wig. I like Brad Pit and find it very admirable what he is doing. It’s a shame I think if he’s injecting ‘fillers’ in his face to the point of looking bloated and strange in an attempt to look younger. It doesn’t look good and kind of sad.

  24. Shaark says:

    You people are crazy – he is the middle of filming Billy Beane in Moneyball.

  25. lena says:

    Umm, he looks bloated or something in the face.

  26. Katalina76 says:

    @shaark: And? I don’t understand what you mean. That explains his strangely puffy face during his interview with Brian Williams?

  27. Ivy says:

    The man is nudging 50 years old people – what do you expect?!?! I, personally, still find him gorgeous – I’d love to see how some of the people who think he looks like “shit” look when they’re his age – now talk about looking like shit…I don’t think he’s had work done – too many wrinkles/crows feet, etc., otherwise. I think he’s just aging – happens to everyone.

    Whether or not he gives his full undivided attention to NOLA or not, at least he’s keeping it in the news, and fairly regularly at that – most everyone else has sadly forgotten all about it and couldn’t give two shits.

  28. Marjalane says:

    I think all his new face, (and hair) work has given him major gayface; It actually looks like he had his lips plumped too!

  29. Bullett says:

    I don’t really think it looks like he had work done. He definitely dyed his hair, and minus the beard it’s a huge improvement–gawd, was that monstrosity wretched or what? His face looks fuller, but that comes with age and an inevitable weight gain. If he had work done I’m sure you wouldn’t see the crow’s feet around his eyes. Other than the lack of any grey hair on a fellow his age, I think he looks fairly “natural”.

  30. lrm says:

    He looks good from afar, but when he tries to smile, he’s looking like a muppet now!!!! uugh. the muppet look, is not a good one.

    And, he looks a bit like Benicio Del Torro, as well…now. And still Redford at times…but this weird muppet look is making him look very different-it interferes with his personality expression via the facial muscles. weird.
    His smile is forced and he can’t seem to smile all the way. He looks like he’s straining to move his face.

    Oh yea, does everyone realize he did that bearded/homeless look to hide the scars until they healed? He’s had more than just fillers, for sure.

  31. Snarf says:

    We haven’t seen Brad without that mangey beard for quite a while so maybe that’s why he looks different. If he’s had work done, I really don’t see it.

  32. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named says:

    He has plenty of natural wrinkles and makes normal expressions. His face is just getting fuller as he ages.

    All this bs about fillers, did he get fillers for his neck too? lol.

    Watch the interview, he hasn’t had work done.

    Always nice to see people more concerned about appearance than the substance of what he’s doing in New Orleans.

  33. Nola 4 eva says:

    He is very handsome and seems to be one of the truly authentic movie stars including Angie, Sean Penn, Harry, Sandra, and a few others who care deeply about the people of NOLA. BTW, the man still has lines around his eyes for Pete’s sake so obviously he didn’t have fillers or whatever else you may think. I wish more Hollywood types could grow old NATURALLY like him. The man is a knockout!

  34. mimi says:

    From the neck down he looks fabulous.

  35. albeli says:

    His face looks so puffy and weird. he gets less attractive each year.

  36. Cletus says:

    I think he looks funny, too. I have never thought Brad Pitt was all that much to look at anyway, but now… he looks… I dunno… waxy or something. Weird.

  37. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I think he’s looking good here, too. And I don’t think he looks that different either. I think I just got so used to that “chinforest of yuck” that once he shaved, cut/colored the hair and got a bit of a tan, it was drastic enough that it was almost like surgery!

    I saw part of Spike Lee’s second documentary about Katrina last night – “if god is willing and da creek don’t rise” – and there was some bits of interviews with him. And I’m going to take back anything negative that I said about his efforts in NO because the people who’ve bought those MIR houses are thankful and happy to be back. However small a scale it may be, it’s a good thing that he’s doing.

    He was clearly very passionate about this project and was hopeful that others who have the means, whether private or corporate, would continue in what he’s doing. It’s not meant to solve all of the housing problems, but just be a part of the overall solution.

  38. Eden says:

    After carefully assessing the situation of Brads face I reverse my previous post and agree with the posters who say he looks too puffy.
    When he isn’t smiling it’s OK but when he smiles he has filler face.
    I think he got them in his cheek area too cuz when he smiles they push push push up and make his eyes look weird.

    It’s a trend now to lay low on the botox and go balls out with fillers as that mimics youth more accurately.

    That said, he’s still a handsome guy though he does look like a slightly different handsome guy than he previously was.
    Not because he’s aged but because like most of Hollywood(and me) he’s fighting the natural aging process.

    Agree with your post and especially the beard as a scar hiding tactic!!
    That beard also camouflaged what he currently and actually looked like so when he revealed the new “look” it’s more confusing as to what’s changed.

    I am concerned as well with the great things he is doing for NOLA and I think he seems like a very nice person.
    The fact is, he’s now become a nice person doing great things for NOLA who has too much filler in his face. :)

  39. nnn says:

    I too never found him the hunk people always say he was face wise like let’s say Rob lowe. I beleive he looks better mature though.

    But he still is overall a beautiful man with a banging body and that swagger when he walks. I don’t see any significant difference. He still has the same face, just older with wrinlkes and therefore meatier since he is heading 50 in three years from now.

    On other news they showed today in the french TV what he did in New Orleans by interviewing some families who are living in those houses. They basicly said that he was a blessing, an angel and made it possible for them to get back to their houses, living in better conditions than the caravans they were living in for three years because of katrina .

    So that intiative is a total success as far as i am concern. Wheter it is a single house or a dozen of them, it’s still one, several families who live in better conditions.

    One thing that baffles me, i don’t understand that after 5 years, there is no significant effort by the US government to improve the situation of their citizens. It’s just shamefull and acceptable.

  40. margo says:

    I like him blonder, but he is cute, brian williams isn’t to bad either, I never think brad and angelina make a good couple, but what do I know.

  41. tweaker says:

    Brad you are looking hot . How ’bout some tango, Malbec and love. Meet me in Buenos Aires.

  42. Diva says:

    I think he’s just getting older. Redford (who he has increasingly resembled since A River Runs Through It) had the same jaw area type spread as he got older, too. And clearly, the earlier report he got his eyes done is BS.

    And, HOW, again, does wearing black make you goth? Someone shoulda told these people… (there’s a Redford slide in there that’s interesting in this context!)

  43. Rosanna says:

    The older he gets the more he looks like Benicio Del Toro. That is to say, it’s an improvement ;;)

  44. P.J. says:

    Angelina is wearing a blazer! It must be to hide the baby tummy. She’s gotta be preggers.

  45. Madison says:

    Well done Brad always nice to see an actor truly committ to a charity putting his money and time where his mouth is, not just turning up for photo ops and then doing nothing when there are no cameras around. He still looks hot for a man in his 40s.

  46. whatever says:

    Make it Right, isn’t a charity, nor a non profit foundation…

    It is an investment group.

    They are making a profit off these houses.

    The media is snowing people on this BS.

    Each house costs 150,000.00. A person must put up 75 grand before one of the homes are constructed. Go to make it right website..and be educated….

  47. Maritza says:

    @coup de grazia – I totally agree with you.

  48. canadianchick says:

    He looks good, seems a little overwhelmed by the booby sandwich in the first photo. ITA he looks like Benicio del Toro, puffy but hot. I like that he’s helping out NOLA-I honeymooned there. I loved those spanish influenced buildings with iron railings way more than those weird MIR designs that don’t integrate into the community.

  49. Tess says:

    With all the legit news this weekend, it’s a sign of NBC’s sinking ratings that they’re airing an interview with Brad Pitt.

    It’s great for Pitt and more power to him. But my my my, how far the once mighty Peacock Network has fallen.

    And Brian Williams. Really. He’s laughable.

  50. oxa says:

    It think in the side facing view he looks like Benicio DelToro.

  51. Nenasiek says:

    i cant see the video (im outside the us) is there any other way i can watch it? also yeah his face looks puffy i really hope he dont use/start to use, anything hes fine the way he is.

  52. lucy2 says:

    He does look a little oddly puffy, but I do think it’s a huge improvement over the beard look. If he got rid of the under eye bags, he’d look like he did 10-15 years ago.
    I think they also interviewed him on the Today show this morning, and Harry Connick Jr on GMA, but I didn’t have time to watch either. I’d like to hear more about was HC has done, I think he partnered with Habitat.

  53. M says:

    He is as dumb as a bag of rocks and he is not ageing nicely. Period.

  54. Cheyenne says:

    @M: And what the f**k have you done lately?

  55. mollination says:

    Those are the “choice quotes” —- and was “et cetera” seriously used in reference to the renovation and retrieval of a historic landmark (not even to mention the people and animals and *lives* in general involved in such a catastrophic tragedy/project).

    I guess the depth of coverage depends on whether or not Blake Lively is doing it with Ben Affleck. Sheesh.

  56. A.K.A. says:

    La Jolie is one lucky gal indeed. Brad looks great and looking at these photos was like Hot Guy Friday all over again!! :D

    (there goes my bikini bottom ! )

  57. gossip_ho says:

    brad isn’t a fine looking specimen anymore…yes he looks neater now but his face…man, something is off…it doesn’t look normal

  58. snappyfish says:

    Bravo to both of them for actually trying to make not just New Orleans but parts of the world a better place for people to live.

    Just amazing because most people in show business might write a check (which is great) but it is another thing to walk the walk in some of the most war torn and devastated places on the planet.

  59. WTF? says:

    wow, i think everyone is being pretty harsh. I think he has a full face, if you look at shiloh those chubby cheeks obviously come from brad. in fact in some of these pics you can see shiloh clear as day.
    and i think we all knew that brad wasn’t a rocket scientist. But he seems to have good intentions in nola…

  60. Sumodo1 says:

    All of his work in New Orleans–great!

    Now, onto his face. He has done exactly what his bud Clooney did: lower face lift and fillers.

    He’ll do the eyes later, just like George, when people forget he had the lower face worked on. Maybe, (tee-hee) they’ll do it together!

  61. Jayla says:

    Was trying to get his face to look the way it did in his early 30′s, he looks awful. Maybe when the swelling from whatever procedure he had goes down he’ll look better. I hope!

  62. skibunny says:

    This whole thing is an absolute travesty and the US Govt has really let these people down. They should be cleaning up their own backyard before messing in everyone elses. It’s a disgrace!
    As for Brad….good on him for helping, someone needs to.But do you really think this is purely out of the goodness of his heart? I would bet self interest plays a major role.

  63. latam says:

    iv just seen some photos from today. he looked.normal again, weird. dodgy make up? do Americans use the word dodgy?

  64. Jazmin says:

    Agree with Sumodo1.
    He had work done on the lower face & neck area, just like Clooney. Won’t touch the eyes until later on. (Was covering up with the beard).

    He’s also sporting a crown weave from Korea like Tom-troll Cruise. Maybe he hooked him up.

    He’s doing charity work to appease & look good in Angelina’s eyes & for his image. The real Brad is shallow & dumb,like most Hollywood actors.

  65. di butler says:

    @skibunny-actually, the govm’t didn’t let anyone down, the media did. The National Guard moved into NoLa on Tuesday before the storm hit, stocked supplies into the Dome and rescued approx 30,000 ppl. As for the Federal Government, the mayor and governor REFUSED MORE HELP, as they felt they had things under control. Quit watching Spike Lee and ppl like that and read the official reports. A tragedy made more dramatic and wrongfully reported by the news. Brad Pitt isn’t running a straight charity, you have to pay for those houses. He makes a PROFIT on each. It’s a capitalist business. Which is fine and dandy, but he isn’t some saint. He’s a businessman who saw an opportunity.

  66. Raven says:

    I doubt he’s had any facial work done. He’s always rejected the pretty boy stuff, which also accounts for that dreadful beard. He’d probably still have a version of it if he were not filming. I think the comparisons with Redford are heightened by Pitt’s current haircut. He looks adorable.

    I appreciate the fact that he’s trying to help in NOLA. Sadly the poor people there have been abandoned by our government, which is also responsible for the condition of the levees that burst. No one should be giving him a hard time for trying to do something.

  67. Halima Hoffer says:

    I think Brad is awesome for what he is trying to accomplish. The rest of you should stop being so negative and figure out a way to get involved to assist him in helping the people of New Orleans. He looks great the older he gets! I love just looking at him and hearing him speak. Keep up the good work Brad and Angelina, more power to you.

  68. Iggles says:

    He looks better than he has in awhile. But I hate his hair. It looks much better shorter.

  69. Katherine Mac says:

    Butler, where do you even get that stuff that Pitt is making a profit off the houses? Or that this is some business venture? Utter rot. Why would you unfairly try to undermine such a worthy endeavor.

    Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation is, in fact, losing money just on building the houses because they aren’t charging the actual amount they are costing to build at this point in the process. Further Pitt is subsidizing the homeowners rebuilding their homes because they are only coming up with about 50% financing of what they are being charged to build the house. The other 50% is being supplied by Pitt and even the initial homeowner financing is being forgiven after they have lived there for a period of time.

    Pitt’s project is also funding other things such as training for the city and residents, parks, etc.

    Just stop spreading your falsehoods and misconceptions about this project which has been acclaimed in New Orleans and throughout the world.

    I certainly hope you are just misinformed and aren’t deliberately spreading lies.

  70. Katherine Mac says:

    Here’s a rather long but very informative article about Pitt’s Make It Right Project and where it stands today.

    Read it and learn something. Although you’d think anyone who presumes to post about this project might have done a little current research before making unfair and false accusations about someone doing good for others. Kudos to Pitt.

  71. DeE says:

    Robert Redford

  72. Kim says:

    The Government didn’t let the people down really Butler. So not providing water, MRE, medicine for 4 days is not letting the people down . When there were plently of Blackhawks available and heliport at the Convention Center and Superdome yet no airdrops of supplies for 4 days. GMAFB.

  73. Moreaces says:

    Alot of people are very proud of you Brad, and I am one of them,, Please continue to make this world a better place..

  74. Moreaces says:

    he looks more and more like redford to me as he ages.
    Yes, Its amazing the last picture looks very much like Robert Redford, They are both so very hansome.

  75. Moreaces says:

    Robert Redford indeed which is not a bad thing at all. They should work together again.

    They haved worked together, years ago in a movie called “Spy Games” nice movie

  76. Camille says:

    Very handsome man, not many (of the new up and coming guys) in Hollywood can compare these days.

  77. Mikunda says:

    Handsome, good heart, modest, kind, love him! It’s great that there are people like him in this world.

  78. Brad says:

    horrible tattoos bradley

  79. poor haters says:

    GUYS, Brad just gained some weight! he’s not been that busy lately. i think he looks gorgeous!