L&S: Brangelina fighting over Shiloh being a tomboy


Life & Style Magazine hasn’t released any excerpts from the cover story yet, which basically means that they know that the issue is going to be controversial and they’re going to take a lot of heat for it, so they don’t want to give away any additional grist for the mill. For what I can see of the cover, L&S is continuing their theme of insinuating that Angelina Jolie is a horrible mother whose sh-tty parenting is turning Shiloh into a tomboy lesbian. The new twist seems to be that Brad is very, very upset that Angelina doesn’t seem to feel any shame about turning their four-year-old into a lesbian, and he wants Angelina to stop talking about Shiloh as if she’s an adorable 4-year-old tomboy going through a phase. Brad wants Angelina to acknowledge that she’s doing irreparable damage to Shiloh for letting Shiloh wear pants, it seems.

L&S is probably pulling lots of quotes from Angelina from her Salt press, in which Jolie talked a lot about how she thought it was “bad parenting” to force your kids to wear certain clothes, and how Shiloh “begged” to have short hair and how Shiloh loves to wear a tie: that’s her thing.” All of which sound like funny little stories that a mom would tell about her kid, in my opinion. Of course, I did think Angelina should stop talking about Shiloh in general, just because she seemed to give interview after interview about Shi’s tomboy ways, and it was just getting tedious (check out our Shiloh archives for a refresher). Anyway… whatever. I thought the tabloid were past questioning Shiloh’s gender identification, but it seems like they’re going to push this story until Shiloh goes through a girly phase, I guess.

In other Brangelina news, Radar had a funny story yesterday – they interviewed a NOLA local named Melba Leggett Barnes, who is apparently pretty tight with Brad and Angelina after the Make It Right Foundation gave her a house. Melba claims that she was the one to introduce Brad to New Orleans’ Saint Reggie Bush, and she has lots of nice to say about Brad and Make It Right NOLA. The funny part was when she was talking about hanging out with Brad and Angelina, and this happened:

Melba says: “Brad loves New Orleans and he is a cool guy. He has given me a house that I will be in until I die and I will be forever grateful for that. More people are coming back all the time and the residents here are actively involved in the process too. After Katrina people were getting ripped-off all the time by corrupt contractors but now we advise them to go through The Make It Right Foundation if they need work done.”

“We had a lot of fun at our event and Brad took time to talk with a lot of people and that was really appreciated. Angelina was not with him this time but, hopefully, we will get to see her over the holidays with her kids. They have visited our home before, and I like her she is really down-to-earth and their kids are very happy and fun-loving too. Brad really likes my ‘corn-porn’ [her special corn recipe] which I make with green onions and I want to give her the recipe.”

[From Radar]

Okay, I’ll believe that this lady truly adores Brad and that she’s met Angelina and everything. What I don’t buy is that Angelina would ever be like, “Oooh, I need that corn porn recipe!” Angelina has stated time and time again that she only does cereal. She’s not going to make Brad a special corn porn dish, although I would pay good money to see her try.

38338, VENICE, ITALY - Sunday March 7, 2010. Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, director of the upcoming film The Tourist , holds onto Shiloh while Angelina Jolie and Pax climb out of a water taxi. Angelina, along with Shiloh and Pax, visited the director of her upcoming film at his home in Venice. Photograph: PacificCoastNews.com

38338, VENICE, ITALY - Sunday March 7, 2010. Angelina Jolie carries daughter Shiloh, with Pax leading the way, after visiting director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck at his home in Venice. Angelina, along with Shiloh and Pax, visited the director of her upcoming film at his home in Venice. Photograph: PacificCoastNews.com

38338, VENICE, ITALY - Sunday March 7, 2010. Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, director of the upcoming film The Tourist , holds onto Shiloh while Angelina Jolie and Pax climb out of a water taxi. Angelina, along with Shiloh and Pax, visited the director of her upcoming film at his home in Venice. Photograph: PacificCoastNews.com

L&S cover courtesy of CoverAwards.

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  1. Sandra says:

    From what I can see in the press Brad is a good dad and wouldn’t mess with his kid’s psyche by paying any negative and undue attention to her clothing choices. What a bunch of nonsense.

  2. I agree that Angie should just stop talking about Shiloh. She knows it’ll only fan the gossip flames.

  3. P.J. says:

    Notice the magazine has Photoshopped in some eyeliner for Shiloh’s eyes? It’s kind of creepy. I don’t feel comfortable with a little girl being the subject of such public scrutiny all the time.

  4. mln says:

    When I saw those quotes about Shiloh I knew there would be trouble. I think her point in the interview was that it wasn’t a big deal Zaharra likes girly clothes and Shiloh is a tomboy .
    But she just doesn’t get how uptight some people are and how eager they are to label her a bad mother. And Brad was the one who started the whole thing by joking to Oprah about her being called “John” I don’t think he really cares either.

  5. meme says:

    I think it’s disgusting of Life & Style to exploit this child (or any celebukid) like this. I would be furious if I were Brangelina. I do agree that Angelina should STFU about her kids though and protect their privacy.

    11 minutes of moderation?

  6. hairball says:

    I’m not sure why, but it really bothers me that she has Shiloh dressed like a boy to the point others would think she is a boy.

    I am NOT for forcing someone to be someone they’re not. But it’s not like Shiloh is 14 and clearly showing signs she identifies more with being male. She is 4. I would not be telling everyone who will listen how Shiloh likes to be a boy and dressing her in a tie and having her wear boy swim trunks is ok because that’s what Shiloh wants. Set a few ground rules, like you wear a girl’s swimsuit. We’re not wearing a tie and man’s hat every day.

    I don’t know, it just really bothers me. It seems like it’s being allowed to get out of hand. If someone is gay, that’s fine, but if that is not the case, why set an example for that child to emulate starting at age 4 that might not really represent the child. If later on it is just obvious Shiloh is gay, then ok, you don’t want to damage Shiloh by rejecting her or making her feel badly about her feelings. But at age 4 and younger…? Come on.

  7. lucy2 says:

    The tabloids seriously need to STOP scrutinizing this little kid.

  8. Sumodo1 says:

    She looks like Jon Voight, who was a pretty boy back in the day.

    Who CARES about a third-tier magazine on a slow news week.

    Shiloh, my sister Debbie and I were little tomboys and were dressed to match. We didn’t grow up to be Jenny Shimizu, which I guess is what everybody (!) is so worried about.

  9. Whatever says:

    The idea that Brad is fretting over Shiloh’s sexuality or even thinks what a four year old wears or how her hair is cut will make her a lesbian is laughable. This story sounds like bullshit.

  10. JY says:

    *yawn* another Angie story. you just cannot leave this woman alone.. and again Brad is a good dad, Angie is a bad mom. surprise. surpirse.

  11. Stronzilla says:

    Corn-porn? It boggles the mind. What, do you do something kinky with the cob? Maybe that recipe is worth sharing.

  12. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    I gotta say, though Brad and them did a great job with actually building homes and getting people in them, 50ish homes in 3 years?-I’ve seen houses in my neighborhood go up in a couple of weeks and that was just one crew working on one house. You can’t tell me the foundation doesn’t have more than one crew. What’s taking so long?

    Shiloh looks freakishly similar to Jon Voight. You know how sometimes that happens? You get a kid who skips a generation and looks precisely like the grandparent?

    EDIT: And I agree that Angelina just needs to stop talking about it. If she really didn’t want the tabloids to continue bringing it up, she wouldn’t continue to answer questions about it.

    And just to be the only person to say this in a sea of “tomboys as children”. I was definitely not a tomboy. I enjoyed wearing fussy dresses and those cute frilly socks. I couldn’t wait for church on Sundays because I got to wear my patent leather Mary Janes. I did tea parties, I did Barbie parties. I used to pretend I was a My Little Pony.

    I grew up to be very girly. And I hope that when I have little girls, they will be girly too. If they aren’t, so be it. But I’m crossing my fingers for future tea parties.

  13. Po says:

    I don’t think it matters whether Angelina talks about her kids or not the tabloids are going to report on them. I will say that I have never once picked up one of those magazines and read a full story because I am sure their made up stories about his woman and her children cant be half as interesting as the real ones.

  14. eja102 says:

    “turning into”?

    what a load of shit. cute kid though.

  15. Toe says:

    I like the word “corn-porn”. I should’ve used that word when i had a fetish for Veggies in the past.

  16. tiki says:

    shi is dressing the way she does because it’s what empress z has ordered. with all the attention focused on shi, the empress can continue unimpeded with her plan for world domination. be afraid, people. be very afraid. the empress will not be thwarted, even if she has to turn her sister into a media magnet in order to accomplish her goals. the empress is a genius.

  17. DD says:

    It should be illegal for tabloids to make a child the focus of a tabloid story. Everything in me says that this is totally unacceptable.

  18. Donnie says:

    FYI its “corn pone” (i’m not sure of the spelling). In the south, that’s an old-time name for cornbread…As in “a pone of cornbread.” My Granny used to say that when she was alive. So whoever wrote this article just got it wrong.

  19. Amandahugandkiss says:

    I think they mean corn pone. They’re little cornbread cakes. I wouldn’t be surprised if Angi asked for the recipe- those things are heavenly!

  20. bite me says:

    so every mother in hollweird should shut up about their kiddies when doing interviews… the tabloids started this shit and as mother LA JOLIE is just defending HER child… no she didn’t need too, but since there so many simple minded people that actually believe the crap the tabloids writes, i think it only right she does.

  21. mslewis says:

    Okay. I have to correct something: it is “corn pone” not “porn” and it is cornbread, cooked on top of the stove rather than in the oven. You can add peppers or whatever or just cook it plain. (It is denser and more grainy than cornbread, but delicious.) The only connection to “corn” is the cornmeal used. Evidently the reporter interviewing this woman is not from the South.

    Also, MIR did not “give” this woman a house. She has purchased one of the MIR houses.

    I have zero to say about Shiloh being a tomboy, except to ask what is wrong with that? Nothing. And hairball, if you don’t think a four-year old dresses herself, then you don’t know many four-year olds!! They will raise holy hell if anybody tries to get them to wear what they don’t want to wear. So, yeah, Shiloh probably wears her brothers’ clothes and there is nothing wrong with that.

  22. Kaiser says:

    I understand “cornpone” – I’m Southern. This lady said “corn PORN.”

  23. truthSF says:


    If only everyone else can see the truth as well as you. When are ppl going to see that what empress Z wants, she gets.

    And don’t even think about bashing her family. Oh, she will get you back. Wasn’t it just a few years ago Michael Douglas was speaking ill about her father starting a relationship with her mother? And now he has throat cancer, hmm…

    Empress Z is a beautiful girl with a wonderful family, and I will never speak ill words about her family, so I won’t have to suffer the great wrath of Z. 🙂

    p.s. I think the “Lost City of Z” movie that Brad is working on is about the Empress Z’s lost city, and will be resurrected when she has completed her world domination. 😉

  24. hairball says:

    mslewis: I do have a 4 year old -about to turn 5- girl actually. Yes, kids want to do everything themselves from the get go. As a parent you set boundaries while still being respectful of them.

    If a parent backs down on having input on what their FOUR year wears because the child will “raise holy hell”, then I would suggest a few parenting classes.

  25. Green Is Good says:

    It’s just not right to be writing a BS article about a little girl. She’s not celeb. Her PARENTS are.

  26. jen says:

    She’s adorable & really does look like Jon Voight!

    The thought of Angelina cooking makes me LOL.

  27. meme says:

    Question: Would you sue if this was your child?

  28. Just a Poster says:

    Tiki LOL!

    Just wait folks.. next week we will have a “Jen desperate for a baby” story *eye roll*

  29. scorpiogal says:

    LOL- I think that’s meant to be “corn pone” not corn porn…although corn porn has a definite ring to it.

  30. hellen says:

    It’s just her MONTENEGRO STYLE!

    And I will be so disappointed if that woman did NOT actually say “corn porn”.

  31. cd says:

    Sure it sounds practical to say that Angelina should say no comment every time but as a mother, wouldn’t your immediate instinct be to defend your child? Maybe it sounds tedious because the media drags along the issue for so long.

    I don’t think Melba said Angelina asked for the recipe, but she wants to give it to her because Brad loved the food.

  32. you says:

    I think everyone missed the point here. They are not critizing Shiloh they are saying that Brad is upset with the fact that Angelina is always talking about Shiloh and how she wants to dress like a boy. I believe this. Brad since his Oprah rarely says anything about his children. Just vague references. Never about an individual child or their like or dislikes. In fact recently in New Orleans his “handlers” stated that no questions about the children. Brad is very private – few interviews – even when promoting movies. I do beleive that he does not like Angie going on and on about Shiloh or any child. It will be interesting to see if her talking about her family changes in December when her next movie comes out. I for one say fine to mention the children in passing but she just says to much – they have a right to a private life.

  33. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Angelina has said she isn’t a very good cook but she has never said she only does cereal. Also the lady doesn’t say Angelina asked for the recipe she wants to give it to Angelina. Which is very nice. I don’t really like corn, someone told me it doesn’t digest in your system and so what exactly is the point of eating it?

    Also I don’t know why people keep going back and forth over a tabloid story like this. First off all Brad has gone on Oprah stating Shi likes to be called John and that she likes peter pan and all that. So why would Brad say Angelina is talking to much about Shi’s fashion choices? He wouldn’t. This is bullsh*t.

  34. Tia says:

    Are you kidding. I say this is BS. Brad would support his little girl and not mess with her psyche or self assurance. I think if she was a lesbian he really wouldn’t care and that isn’t a big deal, but to some people changing sexes is where the line is drawn.. so if she is a lesbian and you can tell she is a woman, that is cool.. is that L&S is saying? **rolling eyes**.. leave her alone

  35. Kim says:

    This is BS Brad has already stated it doesn’t care if one iof hi kids was gay when he was asked about donating $ to No on Prop 8.To sue a tabloid you have to prove it’s lie and it was printed with malice. That’s why celebs rarely sue in the States. Brad and Angie will ignore this BS. FYI it was Brad that took Shiloh shopping when she selected clothes from the boys dept. Angie was at work on Salt. Salt has made $244.4 million worlwide per boxofficemojo. As for the on and on about Shiloh I’m only aware of 2 interviews where she discusses Shiloh Vanity Fair and Stylist the other interviews were cut and paste in tabloids like Grazia. I see the director of the Tourist did an interview talking about how great Angie and JDepp got along. This is like the director of Salt and Liev bout the kids often visiting set. According to the tabloids AJ and JD didn’t get along and the JP kids rarely visited the set.I don’t believe anything in the tabloids about any celeb.

  36. KellyBrynn says:


    conflating a style choice with one’s sexual preference is not accurate. clothes don’t have a gender. stop making a mountain out of a molehill.

    clothing, now matter what age you are, is a way of presenting yourself in a way that feels comfortable. but inplying that there should be some rigidity to what people can and can not wear is futile, not to mention silly. this is just one more example of standards we have as a society that give us the ability to police other peoples’ choices and actions, specifically by insulting them via sexual preference name calling. (which is so stupid! if i don’t wear something that’s considered girly, i’ll get called out as a lesbian on the street, instead of being called a man.) sometimes i really hate the gender norms we have as a society.

    @ hairball – just because shiloh likes to wear boy’s clothes does not mean she will be or might be a lesbian. SHE IS 4. her dad or other men in her life may be her hero and she wants to emulate that. if anything, that’s a hugely positive affect on a kid, not only to have a stable father and homelife, but to look up to your dad as more than your father, but an example to follow (also applicable for young boys and the way they may look up to their mothers). either way, the clothes we put on everyday are choices we make, and i hope if you decided to wear something ‘manly’ (how can you ever give a gender to clothes?!) or gender neutral, you’d be spared the verbal assaults that i had to endure all through high school. maybe you should set a better standard?

  37. WhiteNoise says:

    How pathetic that the way a little kid dresses even attracts attention in the first place, let alone that it’s being used to suggest that she’s somehow being ‘damaged’ by it.

    Tabloid fail.

  38. original kate says:

    why is anyone talking about this? she is a little girl who is a tomboy – who gives a flying fig? jesus, it’s not like she’s that horrible girl caught on tape throwing puppies into a river or something. brad & angie need to stop answering these questions in interviews, as well. all they have to say is “my daughter is healthy and happy. next question.”

  39. Maylee says:

    I don’t get when some of you say that Angie should just stop talking about Shiloh it’ll only fan the gossip flames. The tabloids were writing about Shiloh almost every week month before Angelina ever said anything about Shiloh style and since she talk about what really going on the tabloids have laid off Shiloh for a wail. You can tell this story is fake because when Angelina was filming in Italy Brad was taking care of the kids and Shiloh was dress in tomboy clothes. If Brad is very, very upset about Angelina turning their four-year-old into a lesbian then you would think what when Brad was taking care of the kids Shiloh would have been dress in girly clothing. I know if I didn’t like the why my husband dress our kids when they’re in his care they shore as hell wouldn’t be dress that way when there with me.

  40. Keyanna says:

    That magazine is such trash anyway. This little girl is FOUR. And how do you ‘turn’ into a lesbian anyway? The only people that have a problem with her dressing like a boy are a bunch of homophobes.

  41. duke says:

    what a stupid story

  42. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    LA- Why are you talking about corn?

  43. mollination says:

    I feel awful for Shiloh that when she’s older she will have no choice about the fact that magazines have already scrtutinized her and put her on the cover questioning her sexuality. Lots of parents talk about their kids with zero interest – Even Kate Hudson’s son ryder didn’t make the COVER for his long hair. Why are they doing this to this poor kid? Leave her alone (Shiloh, that is).

  44. Corina says:

    I think it’s actually more significant for a kid to have freedom of clothing choice at a young age than in their teenage years. If Shiloh wants to dress like a boy at this age – presumably before societal pressures, media influence, etc have had a chance to influence her – then to me it indicates that this is an authentic personality trait that should be respected.

    Of course if a teenager makes that choice I support it as well, but I don’t see the sense in telling a kid they have to dress for their gender until they’re a teen and at that point probably even more confused.

    I’m guessing that Shiloh will grow up to be confident, secure, and well adjusted. Granted she has money, fame, and gorgeous genes to help with all that, but I believe Brad and Angelina are setting her up well to be a strong, happy woman. Maybe a strong, happy, straight woman who likes menswear styles. Or a strong, happy gay woman…or a strong, happy woman who chooses to become a man.

    Regardless, I don’t think B & A are doing her any kind of disservice. I wish more parents (famous or not) would do the same for their kids. When is tolerance, unconditional love, and freedom of personal expression a bad thing?

  45. anon says:

    @mollination “Why are they doing this to this poor kid?” Leave her alone (Shiloh, that is) agree!!! this is beyond low even for the tabs.

  46. bb says:

    I can see Hairball’s point. I’m sure part of this tomboy stuff is coming from Shiloh herself, but I get the gut feeling that it’s being greatly magnified by some adult in her life who is trying to make a statement. I feel this is partly Angelina trying to prove how diverse and tolerent she is “oh, I’ll have a black one, a couple of asian ones…. and a trendy gender dysmomphic/gender queer one in my little rainbow family. I realize clothes are just clothes, but this leaves a bad taste in my mouth. There IS a great need for society to have greater understanding of those who do not fit the usual gender binary: but a toddler should NOT be forced into becoming a public symbol for this cause.

    Yes, 4 year olds do know what they want to wear themselves, but at 4 it is simply too young to tell what Shiloh’s adult gender identification will be. I say this as a girl who was a total little princess at age 4 who cried when my parents put pants and sweater on me – I grew up to be an adult woman who loves androgyny, my fashion influence now being Kate Moennig and David Bowie. I wouldn’t now be seen dead with long hair extensions and pretty dresses. This is just an example of how much an individual can change. Since Shiloh is too young right now to know her adult gender identity, some ground rules should be set to prevent this ‘tomboy’ phase from becoming ridiculous and unsavory to adult eyes while still allowing her to express herself.

    I mean c’mon…a tie? Boy’s swim trunks? Bowler hats? This is not all Shiloh’s doing this is clearly the work of some adult trying to force a point.

  47. Kim says:

    Cover is misleading the article claims Brad is upset because Angie mostly talks abot Shiloh in interviews and not the other kids. Apparently Zahara and Pax will be upset when they read VF and see they were barely mentioned. Angie went from neglecting Shiloh to loving her more than the adopted kids. I see InTouch has flipfloped they said Angie hated Brad’s beard a while back now they are claiming Angie doesn’t like his new look she thought Bearded Brad was”sexy” I have to chuckle at these tabloid stories, I guess the reporters don’t read each others’ fictional stories.To #45 if Shiloh’s appearance is unsavory to you stop looking at her. Personally if Shiloh was uncomfortable in her clothes she wouldn’t be so happy/smiling in pics esp pics in VEnice she appeared joyful. Also what is your theory on why her parents had her in dresses until she was 3. Shiloh shares a room with Zahara and they appear in pic to be very close. If Shiloh wanted to wear girly stuff like Zahara it would come across when she was with her its hard for kids to hide being
    uncomfortable.Personally I love Shiloh’s unique style. Continue to be bold Shiloh.

  48. aenflex says:

    She’s a beautiful little thing!! Just precious.

  49. Zoe says:

    To the people insulting Shiloh and talking about how much it bothers you that she’s tomboyish – you don’t have to be 14 to decide you identify more with boyish clothes than girl clothing. When I was 4 and I began to have a choice in my wardrobe, I began wearing boyish clothing. My mom FORCED me to wear everything else. She forced me to take jazz and ballet, modeling classes, go to cotillions, I was forced to go to a school where I had to wear a skirt everyday. NEWSFLASH – this harms children far more than letting them be themselves. It literally didn’t work at all and just served to damage our relationship since my mom fought with me daily about something so insignificant. Dressing like a tomboy has nothing to do with being gay and tomboys have existed in our society for the longest time. What I wear doesn’t determine my worth as a person. By the way, I hold a Masters degree and am in a loving relationship with a handsome educated man. There’s nothing wrong with me or my choices and I haven’t suffered for the choices themselves, I had no trouble finding great boyfriends and achieving my goals in my personal and professional life. If you are hung up on what another person wears, you are superficial. If you can’t get over what a 4 year old wears that has nothing to do with you nor do you even know her, you’ve got issues. Get help.

  50. Juanita says:

    Good grief, what is the problem. If the child is a tomboy, she’s a tomboy. And talking about a toddler “who will become a lesbian”, what muck do people have on their minds? She’s FOUR! Here in Europe we sometimes struggle to understand some American’s obsession to dress their babies either in pink or baby blue, the obsession with “what is appropriate for a boy/girl … just let the child be the child she is, and she will grow into her own personality no matter what she wore when she was four. If she does turn out to be a lesbian when she grows up, big deal. Jeez.

  51. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named says:

    “oh, I’ll have a black one, a couple of asian ones…. and a trendy gender dysmomphic/gender queer one in my little rainbow family.”

    This is offensive beyond words to me. These are CHILDREN and referring to them by their race as though they are objects is disgusting.

    And yes, referring to a 4 year old as a ‘gender queer’ is pretty whack as well.

  52. meme says:

    If little girls demanding to be treated and clothed like little boys is so common, how come no other celeb daughter is doing this? I’ve never seen a pic of Shiloh’s brothers wearing ties, so why is she wearing one?

    Yeah, how do comments like ‘gender queer’ get posted and I’m always in moderation hell?

  53. hairball says:

    KellyBrynn, read bb’s comment, she sums up well my take on it. Also, I am sorry you had a hard time in high school.

  54. missing necklace says:

    They photoshopped out Shiloh’s necklace- it was quite noticeable in these photos,but I guess it made her look too girly…thank goodness she has 2 wonderful parents that love her and she appears very happy and loving. The tabs (and much of the “main stream” media who repeat and enhance the tabloid lies) want to destroy Shiloh-just like they have been relentlessly trying to destroy her mother. A pretty little 4 year old girl who never hurt anyone- so much mean behavior towards her by ADULTS- just wow.

  55. sarajane says:

    I think all of this speculation about the sexuality and gender identification of a child is sick and creepy and gross. I think the celebrity/tabloid culture shift to encompass children is wrong. They are just kids. Shiloh, Suri…they are just children. The interviews, the pap photos, the fabricated interviews/articles…this all needs to be taken with a grain of salt. We only get a very small window in to the lives of these kids (when there shouldn’t be one at all).

    And you know what? IF (and that’s a HUGE if) Shiloh does turn out to be a huge, butch lesbian…WHO CARES?! The people who’ve been clutching their pearls and wringing their hands over this will not be affected at all by her sexuality or gender identity. None of us will. So, just leave the kids alone. Let her have short hair, let her be a “tomboy”. She isn’t hurting anyone.

    When I was her age, I had short hair just like her. I never wore dresses. I played with “boy” toys and I referred to myself as Benji. I’m 29 now and I STILL hate wearing dresses, my hair is STILL short but guess what? I love men. I love men so much that I even married one! And we had a baby! I’m sure that if 4 year old me was put in Shiloh’s place in these articles, the general readership would probably think that *I* would turn out a lesbian too.

    Also, I hate that these articles talk about her being a lesbian as an adult like it’s the WORST thing a woman can be. I can think of a lot of things that are “worse”. Like…Lindsay Lohan for example.

  56. skibunny says:

    She’s super cute!

  57. 6 says:

    Kids latch on to different ideas throughout childhood so wanting to dress like a boy is not a big deal. The lesbian angle is low and never even crossed my mind nor would it.
    With that being said, I do have to wonder if this phase has not been passively enforced by her parent(s)(this does not make them bad parents). My daughter cycles thorugh phases so fast I hardly have time to blink. Only the ones that we give extra attention to are the ones she seems to hang on to longer. I have to say that I think Angie thinks it is cute and that is why she is still doing it. Angie is a normal parent in that sense, as hard as she tries not to be.

  58. JR says:

    bb: Do you have any kids or have ever been shopping with kids because if you did you would know that kids no matter what age pick out there on stuff all the time whether its Clothes, toys or food when shopping with their parents. As for the barwing hat Pax has the same hat or something very much like it. There was a photo a couple of weeks ago were Pax was photographed wearing a Bowler hat and tie just like Brad. For all you know Shiloh could be barwing Pax’s stuff or saw Pax’s hat and tie and wanted one for too so she could be like her brother and dad just as like Angelina said about Shiloh wanting to be like her brothers.

  59. Corina says:


    “Since Shiloh is too young right now to know her adult gender identity, some ground rules should be set to prevent this ‘tomboy’ phase from becoming ridiculous and unsavory to adult eyes while still allowing her to express herself.”

    Why should Shiloh have to change her clothing because some narrow minded adults find her outfits to be “unsavory”? I don’t think a 4 year old should give a crap what anybody thinks about their outfits! Maybe she is too young to know her adult gender identity but she certainly seems aware of her childhood gender identity.

    And yes, parents should have the final say on what a kid wears. But speaking as someone who was wrestled a 5 year old into school uniform pants many a time, I say, good luck with that. Parenting is about picking your battles, and to me it seems like Brad and Angelina don’t see this as a battle worth fighting. I completely agree – and I don’t think they’re trying to pimp their gender neutral child to the media.

    I can totally see Angelina as one of those earth mother types who smiles and tells her kids that they’re precious no matter what they wear or do. She’s always seemed to allow them to pursue their own interests and I don’t see why this would be any different.

    Finally, as my grandma used to say, keep in mind that it’s always easy to parent someone else’s child…

  60. bb says:

    @57 – yes, certainly 4 year olds are strong minded in picking out their own clothes. Like I said, if I’d have had it my way at 4 I’d have lived out my whole life in my party dresses. But nonetheless, I can detect something very CONTRIVED in the way Shiloh is dressed. What’s wrong with letting her dress boyish most days, but putting on a girl’s swimsuit and a cute dress on occasion? And I highly doubt any of them choose to wear ties and bowler hats – this is children being used as fashion accessories.

    @50 – “oh, I’ll have a black one, a couple of asian ones…. and a trendy gender dysmomphic/gender queer one in my little rainbow family.” I don’t mean this is a good thing. I mean the way Bradgelina seeming try so hard to “brand” their children just sends across to me that this is how THEY feel. I know little kids should be left alone but the fact is they ARE in the public eye and famewhore parents so concerned about their own image are very likely to take advantage of this and use the kids for their own image-creation.

  61. Bam Bam says:

    Beautiful kid, she’s going to gorgeous when she gets older.

  62. denise says:

    Yes Brad!!! Assert your testicles.

  63. Madison says:

    The tabloids who build bullshit stories around celebrity children and put them on the cover of their magazines for this purpose are disgusting. Children should be off limits.

  64. bb says:

    @ Corina – an outfit in and of itself on an innocent 4 year old is not unsavory. What is unsavory is a 4 year old being used as a flagship by her famewhore parents to push a social point and build up the parent’s desired public image. Kids shouldn’t be forced into a conventional mould but on the other side of the coin they should not be forced into an unconventional mental box either.

  65. Tazina says:

    Don’t believe it. More BS

  66. Camille says:

    Shiloh sure does look like her daddy on the cover pic doesn’t she. Such a cutie.

  67. citysuede says:

    just because a girl wears pants doesn’t make her a lesbian.

  68. LBees says:

    This is terrible… it shouldn[t be legal for tabloids to make up ridiculous stories about a FOUR YEAR OLD.

    Jesus. Poor kid. I hope Angie and Brad don’t have cable or read any of this shit.

    I hope Shiloh grows up to be the wold’s most awesome lesbian, if she wants to. And if she doesn’t? She can grow up to be the worlds most awesome straight woman.

    Damn she is cute though.

  69. Shy says:

    I still can’t believe at people who buy those tabloids. And there are the one’s who actually believe them. But how can you? 5 years they write AS CONFIRMED FACT that Brangelina broke up. Like every week. And every week Brangelina does not break up and Brad is not returning to Jen. So they basically spit to the faces of their readers. And yet those people buy those tabloids every week 🙂 It’s beyond me.

  70. BethL says:

    I think Angelina talked about Shiloh 2 or 3 times. Once in Vanity Fair, once at a press conference, and maybe another time. Grazia is one of the least legitimate tabloids in the world. They alway make things up or just add ont previous quotes. I don’t know why they are even quoted. When celebrities do conferences, the media always claim that the interview is an exclusive that only they have eventhough the truth is a hundred other people were in the same room.

    I’m going to assume that the people claiming that these clothes are forced on Shiloh just want bash Angelina or have never been around kids. A baby spits out food, pushes away toys they don’t like but it’s impossible for a four year old to have likes and dislikes? It’s also ridiculous that people are saying Angelina started these stories. For months before the tabloids were attacking Shiloh. I’m positive that L&S did a “Angelina Turning Shiloh into a Boy” story. Why isn’t Brad ever mentioned? He’s their father too. Bizarre that people seem to think he has nothing to do with the kids.

  71. original kate says:

    “oh, I’ll have a black one, a couple of asian ones…. and a trendy gender dysmomphic/gender queer one in my little rainbow family.”

    @ bb: wow…that’s alot of hatred to be spouting towards a woman who has adopted children who would otherwise still be in orphanages. why do you care so much about what a child you don’t even know wears?

    newsflash: people are born gay, not made gay by dressing inappropriately or playing with the wrong toys. your logic is astoundingly naive. when i was a little girl i loved dressing up in costumes and i wore them all the time: cowboy, wizard, magician, dragon, etc. and guess what? i grew up to be none of those things.

  72. Chickadees4me says:

    my daughter never wanted to wear dresses, neither did I. They got in the way of playing, climbing doing all that kid stuff. Let her be a kid, fn tabloids.

  73. Frankly says:

    I took my 5yo daughter to Target in a flamenco dress 2 nights ago. (Made her change out of her rainboots-underwear-cape ensemble.) A dozen other little girls ran up and said they loved her dress, and she felt awesome. Kids have enough stuff to worry about in their lives without getting pressure about clothes. Or haircuts. If she wants to wear a tie and a fedora next time, that’s fine by me. Just let kids be awesome.

  74. Newyorking says:

    Who gives a fcuk. I was a tomboy for several years even though I went to an all-girls school since the first grade. I was a tomboy till I went to high school. I mean, why are people so damn stuck up? Let the girl dress like she wants – she looks very cool anyway as a tomboy.

  75. Crash2GO2 says:

    This is such a manufactured story. Please. I hope Shiloh will be able to look back on this and laugh.

    I think there are times that 4 year olds should be allowed to pick out what they want to wear. For special occassions, maybe parental policing is appropriate. As long as they are relatively clean and covered who gives a rip?

  76. LindaR says:

    Children should be off limits for these shameless rags. Boycott any that exploit children to sell the magazine. They will stop doing it if WE stop paying attention. There are an awful lot of posts about this topic. Imagine how many people are going to buy the magazine if this website gets so much response about this story.

    @Meme. I love your posts. You are hilarious. I, too, am moderated sometimes for reasons unknown to me. However, eventually the posts make it on so no big deal. Maybe, someday the mighty Celebitchy (to whom I bow down as it is the ONLY gossip site I look at) will explain the whys and whos of moderating.

  77. eja102 says:

    I wore dresses and make up at 4.


    also, what is gender queer? is there a strange gender now?

  78. Emily says:

    1.Being a tomboy has nothing to do with your sexuality.

    2.You cannot “turn” gay, bi, straight or anything else.

    No matter what Shiloh’s like in 20 years, the way she dressed as a 4yo will have nothing to do with it. How many people here dress the same way they did as a small kid?

  79. mc says:

    “And tells Angelina to shut up!”

    Wait , are they trying to tell us that Shiloh is “turning into” a lesbian, or that Brad and Angie are actually 9 year old girls ?

  80. Kelly says:

    In my experience, people who never stop talking about their offspring are being a; narcissistic-by-proxy and frequently b; attempting to paper over the fact that they don’t really have much else to say.

    Take away the kids and it’s tumbleweeds and the low sound of dry winds a blowing. No surprises there then!

  81. margo says:

    This little one is so cute, I hope she turns out ok

  82. jayem says:

    bb – What you said was rude, racist, and inappropriate. To insinuate that Angelina (AND Brad) are checking their children off some sort of list of minorities is reprehensible. Madonna and Sandra Bullock have adopted black children too. Do you think they’re doing the same thing? Or maybe that Sharon Stone is racist because her boys are all white and blonde?? Please don’t ever defame people who have taken children into their homes to love and care for by inferring that they are selecting them for their “controversial value”.

    (That goes for you too, hairball, for agreeing with her.)

  83. Kloops says:

    It’s interesting bc I’m tempted to be extremely skeptical of B&A and their motives bc, on the surface, they do seem to be very savvy to their public image and keen to make political statements. However, that does not mean that Shiloh isn’t the one driving her gender identity. She may be, I have no idea. But for me, that is the point, we truly have no idea. It could be organic or it could be manipulated. Only time will tell.

  84. Liam says:

    I hope Shiloh is transgendered, just because it would piss off that moron Jon Voight

  85. someone says:

    I have 4 children, and at 4yrs old, I would pick out what they wore in public, if they were staying home to play, then I let them wear what they wanted..and if my daughter would have asked to be called JOHN…I would have said NO! But thats just me…

  86. Andreus618 says:

    Kinda reminiscent of Chastity Bono. Oops.. I mean “Chaz” Bono. Shiloh will be just “Shi” in the the future, maybe?

  87. Original Gracie says:

    In the top pic, the magazine cover, Shiloh is just beautiful!

    I wish these hags at the stupid tabloids would find someone else to pick on besides a small child. I mean, come on. A little girl should not be under a microscope of speculation and horrible antiquated ideas of what a “real” girl should look like.

    Personally, if I was Brad or Angie, I would f-ing sue any tabloid who featured my child as Exhibit A in their quest for ratings.

  88. mymy says:

    Heads up. As a child you don’t want your mother blabbing to neighbors about your life. Even when young. So multiply that by a million when she is blabbing to the world.Just use some common sense and stop clouding it by your adoration of her.

  89. Lway says:

    @ Citizette.com: “I agree that Angie should just stop talking about Shiloh”

    Are you serious? Shiloh is her child – not some tree in a park. She won’t stop talking about her and i don’t even believe that the fact that this little girl wants boy clothes is even an issue for her parents. She’s a tomboy – just like her mom! Nothing wrong with that!

  90. anonymous says:

    Shiloh stories are so silly, because nature is going to take it’s course. Personally I do believe both parents are responsible for dressing her in the boyish fashion, to keep the paparatzi away and to stop making her the center of attention,surpassing Sahara because they sense that she is beautiful and the media would be after her they dress her like that on purpose, it did not work because the media is still pestering Shiloh.

  91. bb says:

    jayem – yes I did insinuate that both Brad and Angelina (but specifically Angelina) are checking their children off against a list of minorities. It’s not just one isolated incident, but a whole string of incidents that leads me to wonder about this. Before this tomboy stuff with Shiloh came up Angelina was all “Shiloh is a blob, Shiloh is an outcast” as if she didn’t much like the ‘boring whitebread one’. Then when Shiloh showed a way in which she was potentially different from most kids, Angelina latched onto it and ran. She started with this whole ‘Shiloh wants to be a boy’ meme when Shiloh was only two and a half – before kids even really even understand gender. Whatsmore, the Shiloh Is A Boy meme started to emerge when the issue of transgendered individuals was in the media a lot with the whole ‘pregnant man’ stuff and the Chaz Bono issue.

    Bradgelina are *very* media and public opinion savvy, and I doubt any of this is a coincidence.

  92. Anon says:

    Kudos to Daddy Brad Pitt for taking his daughters clothes shopping and letting them pick what they choose to wear, same for Angelina! As for Lies and Shite..err…whatever, it is called….go worry about your own children. Shiloh is growing up just fine, as is the rest of the Jolie-Pitts. Like someone said, why don’t they focus on Zahara’s shopping. Then perhaps they could see that the Jolie-Pitt kids make their own choices.

  93. esblondie says:

    Oh, who f-ing cares if the kid wants to be a boy. I did too when I was a kid. Got all my long hair cut off into a short bowl cut, and wore nothing but Adidas t-shirts and wristbands. I rocked this look for about 3 years until I got old enough to succumb to peer pressure and fashion and began to doll it up a bit (this was the 80s too so everything was over the top.) She’ll grow out of it, and if she doesn’t, it still doesn’t matter. She’s healthy, adorable, and not running around naked.

  94. Kim says:

    Well Chaz Bono was always dressed in frilly dresses as a child so maybe you stop dressing your girls in frilly dresses or that may grow up to be transgendered. GMAFB.Angie 1st mentioned Shiloh wants to be a boy in May 2010. Brad stated she wanted to be called John or Peter on Oprah in Nov 2008 when she was 2 1/2. Get your fact straight, bb and meme.Also Shiloh was still wearing dresses until she was 3 . There is a pic of her at grocery store in LI in a peasant dress in 2009.As I stated yesterday this stupid tabloid story claims Brad is upset that AJ is discussing Shiloh more than the other kids. So the same tabloid that claimed AJ favored the other kids now claim Shiloh is her favorite. Its all BS. Lastly Zahara is more beautiful and stunning IMO . Being blonde and blue eyed doesn’t make Shiloh more beautiful than Zahara.

  95. Crash2GO2 says:

    I think everyone gets moderated people. How long you stay in depends on how busy the boards are, because each post has to be read and OK’d. Sometimes my posts take awhile, and sometimes they don’t. Don’t take it personally.

  96. JC126 says:

    I’m not going to bother to read all the comments, just skimmed a couple of really stupid ones, but I agree with those who said rational things, like it’s creepy how these tabs are obsessed with this CHILD. Shiloh’s wardrobe doesn’t indicate anything for her future, or about her future orientation. It’s so disturbing. The tabs won’t come right out and say “she’s probably going to be a lesbian” but they are hoping to make their readers cluck in disapproval. I wish their readers would barrage them with complaints about this coverage.

  97. Sunny says:

    Odd how people want to equate wearing masculine clothing as something bad for a little girl. Apparently, as someone else mentioned on here, it has completely been ignored that SEX is a biological construction, GENDER is a social construction – which is actually an accepted fact amongst the sociological and psychological communities. By virtue of the fact gender is a social construction it would follow we are “girls” and “boys” by how were are taught to behave – dress, sports, etc. Funny how parents are unconcerned when girls insist on wearing princess outfits (my niece screams if she has to take hers off and she’s 5), or boys want to wear combat outfits, sport team shirts, etc. A girl who plays hockey or wants to wrestle are instantly questioned, boys who choose ballet or gymnastics have their sexuality questioned. Parents are alarmed when their little girls want to wear “boyish” clothes or hate pink, and terrified when their little boys put on a pair of heels or play with mom’s makeup. This is NOT new behavior – the only difference is now children are more free to express themselves than in years past, but the same fears still exist. Next time people want to judge a parent for how their child doesn’t conform to the norm, they should remember those two words – “conform” and “norm” and how dangerous they are to use. Those words are why we have homophobia, racism, xenophobia, gender issues, etc.

  98. lisa says:

    I don’t care what she wears.. I swear she is a perfect combination of her parents. When I look at the pic I so see Brad then there is a look about her that reminds me so much of her mother.. I guess at 4 years old she has the ability to drive the media and public as insane as her mother does. The obsession over both of them needs to be researched. I really don’t recall any celebrity couple being this talked about after such a long period of time. Now the obsession is just as crazy over Shiloh. Just beyond any reason.

    She is going to be a beauty. And that is so funny in a way because she does look so much like her father. His mannerism But she looks stunning (I know she is a baby) but really she looks beautiful.

    Shiloh is fine and the best thing is she has a family that loves her. Regarding them turning her into a boy. If the fools that believe that would stop for a second. Shiloh is always hanging with her sister. Not her brothers. When Angie or Brad talk they always say they do girl things with the girls or Brad spent boy time with the boys. NEVER have I seen Shiloh referred to as a boy. She may dress like a tomboy, but she is treated like a girl. she and Zee seem really close. So as girls I am sure they have a lot of doll playing at home. In addition to climbing and jumping. I grew up with a few brothers. I played with dolls, but I could also go out and collect bugs, play football, ride my bike. Doing it all. And all this talk about dressing her. Angie/Brad dressed her in dresses and such. She just seems so happy. Especially in that first pic in Italy.. look at that face.. pure joy

    she will be a badass like her Mom.. I hope I am around when she is old enough to tell the people that are pretending to be so concerned about her just to attack her parents (well Angie) F#CK OFF BIT#HES..

    NOW that will be something.

  99. Emily says:

    @Sunny, great post, ITA.

    @Crash2Go2, I think there’s a list of flagged words, and your post gets put in moderation if you use one of the posts. A topic like this will make that happen more, since everyone’s saying “lesbian” and stuff.

  100. NotBuyingIt says:

    Angie kept bringing up Shilohs dress preference because people were making the assmuption that Brad and Angie were bad partents for making her dress that way.
    This is ridiculous! Let the child be. We tend to over analyze everthing and assign blame where ever we can. We’ve taken imagination out of play because we give our kids real barbie cars instead of having them use a kleenex box, (sorry, childhood flashback.)
    My 3yr old grandaughter dresses like a princess one minute and Mr. GreenJeans the next. Is her sexual identity confused?, nope… just having fun and using her imagination.

  101. Holly says:

    I doubt they’d fight over this. I wanted to wear boys clothes when I was young. Nothing wrong with it. However, I don’t buy the bullshit that Shiloh is behind all of it. Unless she’s the most stylistically gifted four year old in the world, somebody else is behind the scenes picking out perfectly matching beige blazers, sailor shirts, moccasins, etc. a la “montenegro”. Kids who are four like mismatched, hodge-podge stuff with colors and patterns and logos of their favorite cartoon characters. They aren’t drawn to navy blazers. Perhaps she’s a tomboy (says NOTHING about her future, imo), but she’s not picking all of this out on her own…

  102. noway says:

    and? I used to be a tomboy when I was a kid….I loved trousers and boy things, now…..Iam the most feminine woman a woman can be! X-D Theres nothing to worry about, it is just a phaze, and exploring! Let her have fun if she wants! 🙂 I used to love to wear my brothers t-shirts, even if they looked too big on me…It was fun I must admit! 😀

  103. senpolia says:

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