Swizz Beatz’s ex-wife Mashonda goes off on Alicia Keys in a new interview

NEW YORK - OCTOBER 16:  Producer Swizz Beats and Mashonda arrive to Verizon Presents Mary J. Blige in Concert at 'Frederic P. Rose Hall , Home of Jazz at Lincoln Center' on October 16, 2005 in New York City.  (Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images)

I swear, this Alicia Keys-Mashonda Dean-Jahna Sebastian-Swizz Beatz is the biggest, most dramatic, clusterf-ck gossip story of the year, and it pains me that it’s not getting more play. Is it all about race? If Alicia Keys was white, do you think there would be Us Weekly covers asking in ALL CAPS BOLD why she and her relationship are so damaged? I do. Anyway, Bossip has a new story that is really, really rough – Swizz Beatz’s ex-wife mashonda has given yet another interview, this time to Sister 2 Sister Magazine. Before I get to the interview, I’d like to recap the events thus far:

*Mashonda called Alicia and Swizz out for their affair last year in a open letter – Alicia and Swizz’s affair began when Swizz and Mashonda were married and when their youngest child was only months old.
*Alicia has never publicly spoken about homewrecking Swizz and Mashonda’s marriage, and on the rare occasion when she was asked about it, she name-dropped Oprah and acted like she was too good to discuss it.
*Swizz has yet another baby-mama in England named Jahna Sebastian, whom he has yet to pay child support on or even acknowledge their daughter.
*Beyond the fact that Swizz has impregnated his third woman in, like, four years time, his baby-mama drama isn’t even the least of his worries – he also owes millions in back-taxes.
*Now that Alicia and Swizz had their shotgun wedding, everything will continue to be whitewashed, with happy-happy quotes being pushed in People Magazine and other major publications, with Swizz talking about “spreading his love” and such.

Okay, now on to Mashonda’s interview. This is… God, I just feel for Mashonda. It’s one of those situations where I totally understand why the ex is still talking about the situation and the new girl, because the new girl is consistently f-cking with the ex’s business. I just come away from this thinking that Alicia is ten different kinds of WRONG. This whole thing comes courtesy of Bossip:

Mashonda covers the new October issue of Sister 2 Sister Magazine and spills even more surprises — including how Swizz was still sleeping with her when he was dating Alicia, why she’s still talking about their messy divorce and how Alicia had the nerve to ask her son to call her Mommy!

On Swizz and Alicia’s affair: Were you guys dating other people before he got with Alicia? Were you guys separated?
Mashonda: We were married. Sleeping in the same bed and having sex every night while he was seeing Alicia. Okay? It was an affair. 100 percent. I don’t know why people want to change that rule so much. We had just had a kid, for crying out loud. Our child was 8 months. I found out about Alicia two days before my son turned 1. They had been doing their thing for months before that.

On Why She Continues To Speak About It If She’s Moved On:
Mashonda: People ask me why am I still talking about this and why don’t I just leave it alone. I’m like, this is going to help somebody. My story is a universal thing. This is not just something that only happened to me: This happens to women every day. Mine was just ugly. If I can help the next woman get through and be positive, then I’m going to talk about it.

On Alicia Asking Kasseem Jr. to call her ‘Mommy’:

S2S: You said that Alicia wanted your baby to call her “mommy”. How do you know that she said that?
Mashonda: My son told me.
S2S: And you told her that is not going to happen?
Mashonda: Yeah. I sent her an email and asked her to please respect what I am to him and it’s not right for her to think that is okay. She never replied. She doesn’t reply to me. She has never given me that respect.

S2S: What does Swizz say?
Mashonda: He said okay, he would stop it. He wouldn’t let her do it.
S2S: That would be kind of confusing for the child.
Mashonda: Oh, it is. It is so unfair to the child. I have been in contact with the little girls mother (the woman in England who has Swizz’s baby). She’s a young girl. She’s a spiritual girl. She apologized to me… I don’t even judge her. I can’t. She’s totally different than the other one. This other one knew. Alicia knew about me 100 percent. Swizz introduced me at prior events. They were signed to the same record company. She knew. And I emailed her and asked her to stop doing what she was doing and she disregarded me. Just like she disregarded me when I asked her to not have my son thinking it was okay to call her “umi.” You’re not his umi. You just met my son.

S2S: “Umi” is like “mommy”?
Mashonda: “Umi” means “mommy” in Arabic. I’m like no. And then after I spoke to the lady in London, she told me that she tried to get her daughter to call her “umi” as well.

S2S: She’s met the lady in London?
Mashonda: Yes. I’m glad she’s having her own child now because now she will have someone to call her “umi”.

S2S: Wow.
Mashonda: Like, if you want to be a stepmother, that’s great. Be a stepmother. But don’t think that it’s okay to make a kid call you “umi” or “mommy.”

[From Bossip]

Once again – and this is much like the LeAnn Rimes stuff - I’m not saying it’s a bad thing that a step-mother is trying to have a good relationship with her partner’s children. But there’s a difference between loving your partner’s children like they’re your own and just pulling some crazy, disrespectful Hand That Rocks The Cradle bullsh-t. It’s not just about the kids – it’s also about respecting the kids’ relationship with their parents, you know? Mashonda is their mother. Respect that. And that poor Jahna Sebastian… I believe what Mashonda says about her too, and I think Jahna is getting royally screwed in this situation. It’s kind of cool that Jahna and Mashonda are now friendly though.

But don’t you come away from this extremely frustrated with Alicia? It’s not even like, “Oh, poor Alicia, she’s just head-over-heels in love, she can’t see that Swizz is a dog.” Alicia is fully complicit in all of this, and she’s going out of her way to instigate sh-t. Bitch. Why aren’t more people calling her out on this crap?

Alicia Keys accepts the award for Best Collaboration at the 2010 BET Awards in Los Angeles on June 27, 2010.  UPI/Jim Ruymen Photo via Newscom

44291, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Wednesday September 1 2010. Pregnant Alicia Keys walks hand in hand with her husband Swizz Beats in Tribecca District. Photograph: PacificCoastNews.com

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 26:  Recording artist Swizz Beatz (R) with wife Mashonda (L) and their songs arrive at the 2007 BET Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium on June 26, 2007 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 10:  Singer Mashonda attends the BMI Urban Awards at Jazz at Lincoln Center on September 10, 2009 in New York City.  (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images for BMI)

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  1. Luci says:

    Alicia is doing the same thing Giselle did to b. moynahan

    I seriously dont get what these girls “see” in Swizz
    he must be awfully good in bed or something :P

  2. Siren6 says:

    Any guy who goes through that many babymommas isn’t going to stop now, even if Alicia is his financial mealticket. He’ll slip again. Watch.

  3. Lardy Chops says:

    Didn’t Ms Keys once write a song along the lines of ‘what goes around, comes around’? He’ll cheat on her soon enough. Sure as night follows day.

  4. geenie says:

    The worst part of this all is that Swizz is one ugly insect. I just don’t get the appeal. He must carry a big one. That has to be it.

    Mashonda sounds like she has a lot of sense. To be frank, what Alicia did was plain wrong. But that’s okay, a dog won’t change his spots. This relationship won’t last and Alicia will get what she deserves. She will regret what she did and she will suffer the consequences.

  5. Innocent says:

    Wow i didn’t know that it was a proper affair.
    Everyone in the music industry knew about Swizz and Mashonda i thought Alicia was better than that.

  6. Dhavy says:

    Why is that kid throwing signs?

    Anyway, Alicia is dirty, dirty, dirty. He will just go on, impregnate some other stupid girl, and owe more money on child support. Does Alicia think she is that good that it will not happen to her? I hope she was smart enough to get a prenuptial because girlfriend, LOVE is not going to pay for your kid and the other babies’ mamas’ child support

    Mashonda, do us a favor and move on because you are starting to sound pathetic a la Aniston

  7. Johanna says:

    If she doesn’t want her children to call Alicia “mom” that should be 100% respected but she needs to direct some of that anger (which there seems to be plenty of) towards her ex. She’s so pissed off (rightfully so) that she seems to think this was all Alicia’s doing. Get a grip lady & stop doing interviews because now you just come across as bitter that your objective is being lost.

  8. kiki says:

    Finally! Someone is calling our Alicia Keys! She is so wrong in this mess and is living with her head in the clouds acting like she had some fairy tale wedding. It is ridiculous! She is in the magazines talking about how happy she is but she broke up another woman’s family.
    The fact that she wants Swizz’s kids to call her mommy is the last straw. No wonder Mashonda is still talking about it. Alicia is trying to step into Mashonda’s place in Swizz’s life.

  9. lena says:

    I honestly think Mashonda should stop talking about it…for the kids. Her child will most likely develop some sort of resentment towards Alicia’s child because that child will be with Daddy all of the time you know?, and one day he’ll be old enough to read all of what went down on the internet. I know Mashonda is obviously hurting, but I don’t think it needs to be discussed to the media, it’s not healthy for the kids.

  10. canadianchick says:

    He sounds like a great catch *snort*.

  11. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    Mashonda, sex every night when your baby is months old? Riiiiigggghhhhht. Not credible.

  12. mslewis says:

    Well, the reason most media outlets don’t give a crap is because Mashonda is not famous and also because the woman is so bitter she sounds like a total bitch!! And it’s not just the mainstream media who won’t listen to her, most of the Black media don’t either. Mashonda is going from one rag to another rag and they ignore her because all she is, really, is a media ‘ho who wants publicity. Just listen to what this fool is saying. She refuses to blame her ex-husband and puts it all of Alicia. That’s wrong. It takes two.

    Also, Alicia is not the only woman to get between Mashonda and her ex. The man is a cheater and she has always known that but she wanted the money and the status of having a rich, famous (in the music industry) husband so she put up with it so she could go to all the parties and be first in line at the clubs and get the respect of being the woman of The Man. Then her man actually fell in love with Alicia and now the bitch is mad. Sorry honey,you don’t get to choose. I guess it hurt like hell to see Alicia on that yacht all summer and hear about all the stars she was hanging out with in Europe. That was you a few years ago, wasn’t it honey?

    Also, Swizz might be having “trouble” with the IRS but it’s not because he’s broke. The man is one of the richest record producers around so he’s not after Alicia for her money. Get the facts before you accuse.

    As for Mashonda . . . honey, STFU!! You sound bitter and nasty and you should get some counseling before your bitterness rubs off on your boys.

  13. Harmony says:

    what an awful man and shame on you, Alicia keys. I hope the best for Mashonda.

  14. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Breaks my heart. I don’t know how or why Alicia got tangled with this man. Now Alicia is gonna get her named dragged through the dirt over something that had happened. Alicia has always been so leveled headed to me and she always been of good moral character. Ugh Alicia is a such a good woman with such a great career. I hate to see her get drug down in this BS.

    I am sure there is another side to this story.

  15. Toxic101 says:

    Mashonda wasnt married to Alicia Keys, she was married to Swizz Beatz..
    Alicia keys dont owe her azz shit..
    lets not put all the blame on the other woman, ladies..
    she didnt put a gun to his head and say leave Mashonda.
    Mashonda needs to shut her azz up, she starting to sound bitter as hell.

    I dont know why people, callling Alicia a homewrecker. she wasnt married to mashonda..and ladies stop being fuggin bitter, when another woman steal ur man, just step up ur game and shut the hell up..

  16. fizXgirl314 says:

    Does this loser not know how to put on a condom?

  17. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    People always want to sugar coat relationships that began by hurting other people, especially when the other woman is a popular celebrity. Except in the case of LeAnn Rimes, where everyone bitches about her.

    What’s the difference between Alicia Keyes and Rimes- Nothing.

  18. a says:

    1. is he always making that smug face?

    2. can alicia possibly be held liable for any of his back taxes now that they are married?

  19. Toxic101 says:

    people stay getting on my nerves with bullshit..
    fyi, mashonda and swizz were already separated, she herself said they were having problems in their marriage, and they were trying to work shit out..

    so shit didnt work, so now the bish gonna act the victim?
    I was sympAthizing with her, till she try to call his azz a dead beat dad, and take him to court for money he already paid…

  20. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    Toxic101: People should respect other people’s marriages. None of this “step your game up” nonsense. A man shouldn’t be stupid enough to be lured away by another woman because of whatever reason-he’s bored, he’s sexually frustrated, he’s whatever. A real man, in a marriage, works out his problems or just gets a divorce BEFORE anyone else is involved.

    Men are pathetic, needing a female cushion to land on. They can’t just break it off with someone, they have to have someone lined up on the side first.

    A woman/man should never move in on another person’s relationship, period. Moving in on a marriage? Effed up and highly immoral.

    Swizz Beats is a disgusting human being popping out children all over the place and not paying for any of them. Alicia Keys deserves all the derision in the world for being a woman who messed with a married man.

  21. Captaine says:

    Alicia Keys is yet another home wreckin skank. Just because she’s a famous singer doesn’t give her a free pass for the foul shit that has transpired. Fuck that.

  22. DetRiotgirl says:

    Ugh, Alicia is so wrong. I wonder what she’ll have to say about all this when Swizz knocks up yet another girl in a few years time? Because I feel there’s about a 99% chance that will happen.

    I do believe that people who cheat can change. It’s very rare, but I have seen it happen. I have a friend who was a serial cheater with all of her boyfriends, until she met her current fiancé. I never thought she would change her ways, but she did. Maybe she really was with the wrong people in the past. So, I’m willing to allow that sometimes being with a known cheater might work out if the circumstances are right. However, the circumstances with Alicia and Swizz are every shade of wrong!

    I do not believe in change after marriage. When you marry someone, you are making a promise that goes way beyond just being in a relationship. Both the married party and anyone looking to be involved with said married party should know that. Alicia should have had the respect to walk away from this situation. Swizz was not just in a casual relationship with his baby mama, he was MARRIED to his baby mama. There is no gray area about that. I feel the same way about live in partners too, while we’re at it. If you know the person you are having an affair with is still living with, and sharing a bed with, their previous partner; then something is 100% wrong with you moving forward with that relationship.

    I also don’t believe that people who blatantly disrespect their children (by not acknowledging their existence in Jahna’s case) or the mother of their children (by allowing Alicia to usurp Mashonda’s title) will ever change. The way a person treats their children says a lot about them, and in Swizz’s case it says that he is a selfish pig. A man like that will not change. This is a man who has only ever thought of himself his whole life.

    Just as a general rule, once marriage and children are involved, I accept no excuses for this type of behavior. If you have children and you are not making any attempt to be a father to them, you are not a decent human being and no amount of white washing can change that fact.

    I have so little respect for Alicia at this point. I will grudgingly admit that she isn’t quite as wrong as Swizz. But, she’s still been disgusting in this situation if Mashonda is telling the level truth. I just wish all the children involved the best of luck. They are going to need it.

  23. ViktoryGin says:

    @ Toxic101,

    While I get contentious about woman-blaming in these types of situations, just because Alicia (and any “other woman”) isn’t married to the wife doesn’t absolve her of ethical responsibility if conventional fidelity is the value to which all parties involve subscribe.

    This probably doesn’t get covered in the mainstream media because despite Alicia’s fame and exposure in the mainstream, she’s not really tabloid bait, so they are only going to give her and this whole situation limited coverage. I do agree that her ethnicity possibly plays a tangental role. This story is covered repeatedly in the “urban” media, where she received a lot ot backlash.

    I think it’s an asinine move. While I don’t care for the interplay of celebrity and moral rectitude, her career didn’t need to this type of publicity considering that she’s always seemed to the public to be somewhat “better” than this. I hope it’s worth it. That is to say, I have no faith that this situation will work out. WHATSOEVER.

  24. anon says:

    @ Toxic101: you are so right as long as women blame the other woman, men will keep playing them. Men are never held completely accountable for cheating, which they are, no one is making them lie and cheat with other women or men for that matter. It is only between the 2 people in the relationship period. Her talking is not going to change this happening to some else, stop it from happening again or make anyone else going through this feel better because it happened to her. Its just an excuse to keep talking. I do hope it makes her feel better. Hope she can move on, its hard living with a bitter person no matter how good their reason for the bitterness is.

  25. aenflex says:

    I’m calling her out on the daisy dukes again. And the ankle -weight sandals while I’m at it.

    So…because men are pathetic and weak, it makes them less culpable? WHY is this a recurring theme here? He was married, she knew it, they hooked up anyway. Why would one be more guilty than the other?
    Men should work harder on controlling themselves, if indeed they are awarded a handicap in these situations due to their inherent ‘weaknesses’.
    Personally I think the ‘weakness’ thing is nothing but a cop out. Integrity trumps weakness and neither of these two seem to have any.

  26. abbizmal says:

    Alicia is a homewrecker, but she’ll get what’s comin’ to her, soon enough, just hide and watch. What is the appeal of this dude, with those bird legs and hawk nose, but this guy does seem to get around. I think a visit to the free clinic for Alicia is warranted.

  27. Shy says:

    He will cheat on Alicia in 5,4,3,2,1… If he is not already. If he is serial cheater there is nothing that will stop him now. Behiind her back he will do it. And one day she will find out.

  28. Masala says:

    Of course it’s about race.

    Who was Leann Rimes and who was Eddie Cibrian before their affair?

    Magazines and the rest of the media by extension write stories about who they think the “masses” want to hear about. Baring a select few (Halle, Oprah, Will, Tiger) African Americans just aren’t written with the same amount of zeal as their white counterparts.

    Janice Min, the former editor of US Weekly said it perfectly when she was asked why Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s wedding didn’t make many tabloid covers (Yes, I know, they kept it very private, but that has never stopped magazines before) and she said very seriously that those “type of stories just don’t sell.”

    That’s why I love sites like Bossip and The YBF, they report ethnic news that the rest of the media just ignores. And I love Celebitchy and Kaiser for being one of the few sites who covered it while it was actually happening. Kudos, guys.

  29. Eileen says:

    I think no one is calling her out because she’s pregnant. No one wants to the a-hole giving a pregnant lady sh!t, then if there’s even the slightest chance of complications-you feel like an ass for thinking maybe you stressed her out. Just a theory. I certainly don’t think that’s ok to do-even pregnant women should be responsible for their actions.

  30. lucy2 says:

    I can’t believe all this fuss is over THAT guy. Seriously?
    He’s going to do the same damn thing to Alicia, and I won’t feel one bit sorry for her.

  31. Kim says:

    i truly hate the argument that the other woman owes you nothing. that is absurd! we are human beings and therefore, we all owe each other some modicum of civility and respect. look at all of the destruction and unkindness in our world; we can blame that on “not owing each other anything.” clearly, the husband is at fault and should shoulder the blame as well. yet, why not start, as women, showing each other respect? we owe it to each other and we deserve it. i don’t owe another person’s child or animal or possession anything but as a decent human being, i will ensure that i do no harm. that is called humanity.

  32. Persistent Cat says:

    I’m sure if Alica got a twitter account and gave interview after interview and made herself look like an idiot the entire time, there’d be coverage. AK might have just enough shame to keep quiet.

    Do women understand procreating with him means potentially burdening a child with that nose?

  33. Bored@Work says:

    @mslewis…Do your damn research before writing an essay.

    When Swizz Cheatz met Mashonda, she was the one with the money and power. Look it up. Always quick to call a woman out about being a gold digger just because she was with a man who happens to get a little money along the way. She was the bread winner with a music contract. He used her to get his producing career started.

    She may be coming off bitter right now, and she may have known he was a cheater but that was also her husband that she helped to build from the ground up. Alicia will get hers, he’s the producing equivalent to f$%king for tracks. Little b%^TCh he is. Looking like a damn weasel.

  34. Sumodo1 says:

    Alicia Keys is off my playlist.

  35. anon says:

    @aenflex: So…because men are pathetic and weak, it makes them less culpable? WHY is this a recurring theme here? He was married, she knew it, they hooked up anyway. Why would one be more guilty than the other?
    Men should work harder on controlling themselves, if indeed they are awarded a handicap in these situations due to their inherent ‘weaknesses’.
    Personally I think the ‘weakness’ thing is nothing but a cop out. Integrity trumps weakness and neither of these two seem to have any.
    ITA so tired of men getting a pass. Men don’t blame other men when women cheat they blame the woman. Also if your man is that weak and pathetic thank God he went some else. Who needs a man with no integrity and strength so you have to depend on another person outside your marriage to respect it geez, only one person may a vow to me when I got married and that is the only person I will ever address about any problem in our relationship.

  36. Persistent Cat says:

    I’m sure if Alica got a twitter account and gave interview after interview and made herself look like an idiot the entire time, there’d be coverage. AK might have just enough shame to keep quiet.

    Do women understand procreating with him means potentially burdening a child with that nose?

  37. sparkledog says:

    In my opinion, she has the right to bash both of them however she wants for as long as she wants. It’s a healing process, and she has every right to take her time and speak her mind. If they’re going to play with fire, they need to expect to get burned (even if it is over and over and over).

  38. sparkledog says:

    ps Sumodo1: I’m with you!!!

  39. mln says:

    I don’t like blaming the “other woman” because I don’t think a woman can steal another man’s wife. That being said Alicia is a diva she that because she is friends with Oprah and Deepok Chopra she is entitled to treat Mashonda like dirt. I am really disapointed in her, and Swizz is someone with a track record of cheating so yeah eventually she will be in the same place as her. But shame on the media for not calling Alicia Keys out.

  40. Isa says:

    I didn’t realize this wasn’t being reported on much. Then again, I read almost all of my gossip on here. And y’all don’t let people get away with anything.
    I think it doesn’t get reported on as much bc Alicia isn’t as out there as Leann. There are no grainy pictures of secret meetings. Alicia doesn’t broadcast everything on Twitter and they are rarely seen at events. Then of course was the cover they got for their wedding and a story from a writer that clearly had their head up Alicia’s butt. Plus Mashonda doesn’t bring the crazy like Brandi does.
    Personally, I prefer this story over Eddie and Leann. This story is like a really long episode of Maury.

  41. fugly says:

    alicia keys is going to be fallin in and out of love with this skinny ankled clown. watch.

  42. Victoria says:

    Am I the only one who remembers the gay rumors about Keyes? And her PR people had to change her image pronto with glamour fashion spreads?

    What happened to that gay stuff?

  43. Fae says:

    As a woman, I find the ‘men are so pathetic etc etc etc’ line so utterly offensive. How disgusting, how totally disappointing that in TWO THOUSAND AND TEN we’re still drawing lines between the genders. Apparently it’s ok if a woman speaks this way about a man, yet if it were the other way around he’d get the dressing down of his life.

    Also, nobody forced Alicia to get into a relationship with anyone who was involved, be it a man or a woman. That to me is a skank, regardless of gender.

  44. bellaluna says:

    Umm, have we been so saturated in the “men are dogs who have no control over themselves so they are no longer responsible for their actions/commitments” line of BS that men now get an automatic pass for their shitty behaviour? Did I miss that memo? Because that is definitely not how I was raised!

  45. eja102 says:


    generalizations are worrisome.

  46. ohso says:

    Its so funny how some want to spin this as Mashonda is a bish and she should get over this? This is probably coming from homewreckers. Birds of a feather, flock together. I feel her pain. Swizz should have divorced Mashonda first and then carried on with A. Keys. Mashonda needs to direct that anger towards swizz, he was married to her not keys. But A. Keys/Swizz will learn about “Karma”. Kind of ironic that she wrote a song called that.
    He’s a ho, and loose with his dik. He got a female pregnant in the UK while with A. Keys. Disgusting.

  47. Lila says:

    WHY is Mashonda carrying on like she’s SO shocked? She knew what she was getting into before she married him. He cheated on her before they were married and had a son, Prince Nasir, and she STILL married him. She was completely aware of that situation and now she’s feigning shock over the fact that he had TWO more affair while with her? I don’t get it! She is just as stupid as Alicia. All of them are suckers. Including that Russian woman he had an affair with BEFORE Alicia that Mashonda doesn’t seem too concerned about. I’m sorry, but once someone shows you who they really are then believe them. Mashonda had more warning than most and still wants to carry on like she didn’t know the man she married.

  48. Ken says:

    So Swiss cheese obviously likes his status – sleeping with star struck girls and dumping his troubled marriage for a celebrity.

    He could have found happiness with Alicia, and maybe things will work because they have that ‘magic’ but I doubt it.

    Marriage is a commitment for better and for worse – he ditched his wife because they were going through a rough patch, preferred to move on instead of working on their problems – the easiest way out is to jump into another person’s arms. But the problems of being in a committed relationship do not go away, regardless of who you are married to.

    We will see these problems emerge probably after Alicia has her baby and the ‘real’ work of being in a marriage begins. The face and status may change, but the same bitchy, resenting, late night fights and heated name calling will be there when the stress of starting a new family begins.

    Let’s hope for Alicia’s sake that she’s a horny saint after the baby is born, otherwise she can kiss her husband good-bye.

  49. gee_gee says:

    I have to give credit where it’s due. Nice work Swizz. How many other women have fallen for this game? Anyone else notice a pattern here?

    Alicia, more than anything, looks like a plumb fool right along with his ex-wife and third (fourth?) baby mama.

  50. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    bellaluna: I’m not seeing where anyone said that. Everyone here, including the OP is talking about how much of a dog and a filthy person he is. I’m not seeing any free passes anywhere.

  51. RHONYC says:

    the real head-crack here is this…

    who would’ve thought a-keys would ‘ever’ be the type of chick to be involved in this type of sh%t?!

    she always came across as so street-smart & in the know. i can’t help looking at her now like she’s a selfish c%nt. :-(

  52. Moreaces says:

    I have zero respect for AK, there was a time when she first came on the scene, that I thought she was a womens women, And im 100 percent sure that fact that I would never purchase another one of her CD’s will hurt her in the least,, but it is what it is,, I will never support anything she does again, she is Trash with a capital T

  53. Moreaces says:

    The worst part of this all is that Swizz is one ugly insect. I just don’t get the appeal. He must carry a big one. That has to be it.

    Mashonda sounds like she has a lot of sense. To be frank, what Alicia did was plain wrong. But that’s okay, a dog won’t change his spots. This relationship won’t last and Alicia will get what she deserves. She will regret what she did and she will suffer the consequences
    Karma is going to hit Mz. Keys heard, and yes it will be welled deserved.

  54. bellaluna says:

    @ The Hamm: I wasn’t saying that was the prevailing attitude here; it just appears to me that (for the most part, anyway) the woman whose husband has cheated is a lot harder on the “other woman” than on said cheating husband.

    Having been cheated on by my first husband, I was MUCH harder on him than on his side-dish.

  55. Musicfan says:

    Mashonda has changed her raggedy story a 1000 times. First she said Swizz slept at the studio most nights working, and didnt meet until she was on tour with Alicia, so how were they having sex every night?

    Also Swizz has a lot of his own money, he dosen’t need Alicia he has been making beats for top artists since the 90′s Which he still does. Dude has more money then AK. Thats why Mashonda is mad, she tried it as a artist and couldn’t make it.

    Funny how so many people think its ok for Giselle to consider Tom Brady, son her own with Bridgett but AK can’t want the same for her step kids? sounds like Swizz was telling the truth she loves, to cause trouble with the kids.

  56. anon says:

    @ bellaluna: exactly :-) some women focus almost to distraction on the woman whoever it is, doesn’t make a difference who. Just that I trusted a cheater, (it happens) you forgive yourself and make better choices in the future and like in bellaluna case he becomes an ex. I definitely would not meet women/men who are cheating with him, they will find out soon enough that he is a cheater with no integrity. I realize every one is different but I try to limit the number of people in my life not of my choosing. BTW I add men because some times that happens(same sex cheating) even though I personally don’t know anyone that’s happened to (yet) :-)

  57. anon says:

    @Persistent Cat: “Do women understand procreating with him means potentially burdening a child with that nose? ”
    :-) :-)

  58. DetRiotgirl says:

    @musicfan I cannot stand Giselle. She’s a great example of someone who needs lessons on how to keep her mouth shut. I have just as little respect for her as I do for AK.

  59. OC lady says:

    How disappointing that she would pick this guy at all. She’s way talented and she settles with this guy? I don’t get it.

    Maybe she’ll get some good music out of it when the relationship tanks. This guy’s track record speaks for itself.
    Seems like he’s taking Alicia for a ride.

  60. Madison says:

    Come on Mashonda you married a serial cheater/scumbag, if it wasn’t Alicia it would have been some other woman. The same thing will happen to her.

  61. Bruce says:

    She has yet to move on and let it go. She keeps blaming Alicia but because the other woman didn’t know Swizz was married she forgives her??? How stupid! The problem is she is mad that her husband is happy and in love with a mega superstar like Alicia Keys. That is why she is so furious. Blame Alicia and not the husband nor the other mistress. The whole umi thing is stupid too. Alicia is a stepmom and umi means mother or mom. The child knows who their biological mom is. Get a life and get it quick MASHONDA!!

  62. mln says:

    Hmmm asking Mashonda’s kid to call her mom is a low blow. Smiling in someone’s face while they are sleeping with your husband is much different than a barely teenaged woman sleeping with a man she didn’t think was married. But Swizz is a womanizer pure and simple so Alicia “won” herself a prize peach.

  63. d says:

    she would be making better use of her time calling out Swizzlestick for his behaviour; letting him off the hook lets him get away with some shi**y behaviour.

    Alicia is kidding herself.

  64. Mouse says:

    I think Alicia sounds really bitchy in this situation, but she was just the next woman to this guy. If it wasn’t her, it would have been someone else. And Alicia, there will be someone else after you. He is the scummiest of the scumbags. If you’re lucky, he’ll wait until after you’ve popped and maybe let your brat age 8 months before he’s screwing around on you.

  65. GreenGinger says:

    Wow. This is just nasty all around.

  66. Stephanie says:

    We are seeing a lot of situations where people are “trading up” spouses. That’s discouraging IMO.

    Pay your f*cking child support people. It really does harm the children, and they’re the innocent parties in all this.

  67. Toxic101 says:

    Hamm is My Dream Man:

    Again, was Alicia keys married to mashonda? No
    I dont give a fugg about all these bitter bishes on here who always side with the wife and the cheating husband.

    how do yall know alicia moved in their marriage? if their marriage was as perfect ass mashonda is trying to portray, then swizz wouldnt be married to alicia now

  68. OverIT says:

    I have been watching this story grow over the weeks and quite frankly my image of Alicia Keys has been shattered. At first I thought that maybe she was just being foolish in love but then as more and more details came out I just lost all respect for her because she has no deniability here- it’s not like she didn’t know she was the other woman to his wife, it’s not like she doesn’t know about the other baby momma in london, and to make it worse her asking the son to call her mommy (if true) is crossing the line. This entire story makes me think that Alicia Keys the good girl image is a complete pr image that has been projected by her pr people it leaves me to believe that behind the scenes she just a heartless beyatch. She’ll get hers, do trust….
    As for Swizz, basically he’s garbage. I will not touch any of his music or hers and cant wait till he leaves her so she knows how it feels-he’s only latched on to keys for her status in the industry.

  69. color me suprised says:

    I have always thought keys was into both men and women also- b/c as someone else stated she didn’t quite deny being into women she always simply said that her private life was private and then all of a sudden she completely overhauled her entire image to become more ‘feminine’. regardless of her preference she’s trash to me either way. i can only hope this story becomes a tabloid cover staple ala Leann Rhimes so she can be shamed for this.

  70. birdgherl says:

    What is so great about this guy with the stupid name? He’s a cheater, deadbeat dad and tax evader.
    This seems like an awful lot of work just so Alicia can have a beard. She needs to come out of the closet already and raise this kid in a lesbian commune with Queen Latifah and all the other gayelles.

  71. Toxic101 says:

    Ive been on both end of the stick, being the other woman and the victim of some other bish taking my man..

    yall cant come here and blame the other woman, yall need to blame the man who made a commitment to yall.

    we dont know what went on swizz and mashonda relationship, we’re just the outsiders, but like i said before if another woman or man steal ur man, step ur game up..
    maybe, ever thought, maybe its yall fault the man leaves yall asses?

    swizz is not the only man on this planet who cheats, mashonda knew swizz was a cheater, she choose to stay with his azz, but sense he married his jump off, its all alicia keys fault?
    get the hell out of here

  72. Taya says:

    Alicia Keys is trash. She will get her due. Swizzle Stick will take her money, use her and cheat on her. She is no different than the rest.

    They are both grimy.

  73. Toxic101 says:

    its amazing hoe the majority of yall talkin about how alicia is this how shes trash, how shes a hoe..?
    umm how about swizz?
    why does he gets a pass?

  74. GatsbyGal says:

    I’m really disappointed. I always thought Alicia Keys was a strong, independent woman. Now she’s knocked up by a two-timer? So, so, so disappointed.

  75. Lila says:

    Why doesn’t anyone ask Mashonda why all the NON Grammy Award winning side hoes get a pass? Because there are SEVERAL of them. And she knows that. And prior to Alicia, no one even knew or cared that Swizzy was even married. All I see are three consenting adults with their eyes wide open. Including the jilted, struggling RnB singer ex-wife who’s now getting the press she always wanted.

  76. Whatever says:

    I agree with not putting all the blame on whores who sleep with married men, but they do deserve some of it. Women should respect other women and families enough to stay away. I mean, is it that hard to find a man? And, once again, WTF is Alicia and every other homewrecking slut thinking when they are hooking up with deadbeat dads? What does she expect? I can hardly wait until her baby is being asked to call another woman mommy. I’d like to hear her then, she’ll be crying to anyone who will listen, but we will all be too busy laughing our asses off to care one bit!

  77. McMe says:

    @Toxic101: You sound like an idiot. I’m sorry, but there is no other way to say it.
    A MARRIAGE was broken with a child involved. Toxic makes this sound like a some type of high school drama. “Step up your game”….Really?? This is how you view a marriage? It’s a game??? Wow how low we have stooped as a society. It seems that basic moral fiber is simply out of style. Very sad…..

  78. la chica says:

    these women all sound dickmatized! lol.

    i hope that Mashonda starts holding her ex responsible for his behavior.

    and i hope that Alicia and Swiss find lasting happiness.

  79. Ann says:

    Ladies. You gotta raise your standards. I mean LOOK AT THAT GUY! Ewwww! Whatta piece of shit!

  80. katie.h. says:

    makes you wonder if the women who are defending alicia keys have been in similiar situations…dating a man who is married/separated and feel the need to defend to make themselves feel better.

  81. margo says:

    wonder why the media isn’t beating up aleisha keys, very strange

  82. Shy says:

    And it’s not even about the race :) I would compare it not to LeAnn but to Fantasia. Why was all the backlash on Fantasia? Because she is not pretty and she acts and sounds very bitchy. She is not a nice person. And who is Alicia? Sweet and very, very pretty. With her angel face. People can’t even assume that she can do something wrong. They don’t want their angel to be bad.

    But the media totally should jump on Alicia.

  83. alex says:

    wow some really bitter women on here and you all are only hearing one side of the story and the person that is talking is sounding more and more bitter and pathetic everyday

    Some of you people really need to stop misusing the work “karma” cause it is obviously you all don’t know what is the real meaning of the word.

    Good luck to AK and keep your head up girl and live your life.

  84. sandy says:

    I’m also done with Alicia, no respect any more at all, to everyone, men and women alike, if the person is married, keep moving, don’t be the disrespectful contributor to helping wreck a home. so simple. karma indeed.

  85. Crittle says:

    I would have thought Alicia would’ve been smart enough NOT to marry Swizz. And he has another baby mama, I’m sure they’re will be more to come. I guess that’s her punishment.

  86. sandy says:

    why blame the person who was cheated on? that’s crazy, of course she is hurt, rightfully so, it’s horrible when you are trying to work things out and some uncaring, low self esteem, desperate, ho, disrespect and ignores that sensitive time in your relation, that happens in every relationship, you try to work through it, given a chance, that’s called, being a mature adult.

  87. cara says:

    OK….First off, never, EVER F*CK with another woman’s man (ring or not). Let them finish their business first. So, Keyes, she’ll get hers. A Tiger (no pun) doesn’t change it’s stripes. NOW, Mashonda….have you all seen the pics of her new house…..ahh, let’s hope ugly ass Beatz (sh*t AND Keyes) continue to keep her living in Style. But don’t worry, Keyes will reap what she has sown. No worries there. (and her body’s a bit thick….she’s going to have a HARD time getting rid of THOSE thighs and CALVES….those things look like my thighs…..I’m sure Beatz is going to like that!!!!)

  88. jm says:

    I don’t get the impression Mashonda blames only AK. She said before that Swizzy was the instigator and that she’s been on his a$$ plenty. I think reporters just ask her about AK, that’s why we only hear her complain about AK.

    It’s hard to fault her for still talking about it . . . it’s still an open wound and if it were me it’d take me quite a while to get over, I’m sure.

  89. Rosanna says:

    Mashonda should have never emailed Alicia – she should have bitched with her then husband. HE was the one who broke his vows – NOT ALICIA. When my then husband cheated on me, I never for a minute harassed his gf but I blasted HIM instead. He was the one who lied to me, the girl didn’t have any obligation to respect me.
    Get it in your heads, girlies.

  90. Rosanna says:

    Also, it would be easier to pay child support if the richer parent weren’t as penalized as s/he always is. Like, the “poor” ex-spouse gets a free pass on slacking and doing nothing with their life just because they once were married. It’s like saying that because you were renting an apartment 10 years ago you still need to pay rent now despite the fact that you did move out years and years ago… it’s just crazy.

  91. Della says:

    So any woman who sleeps with a married man is a slut whore and trashy? Hmmm…why does that not seem to translate to St. Angelina of the Jolies?

  92. OhCamille! says:

    “…maybe its yall fault the man leaves yall asses”
    …there’s your sign

  93. Crash2GO2 says:

    @sandy:”why blame the person who was cheated on?”

    Because then you don’t have to admit that your man (or any man for that matter) might do that to you.

  94. Jaxx says:

    When will women get this through their heads?

    When you marry a man who cheated on his wife you have a husband who cheats on his wife. Period.

  95. Conando says:

    About time Alicia’s triflin’ ass was called out. It’s insane how she hasn’t gotten more crap for her behavior.

  96. aury says:

    what a crazy bitch. after reading that interview, i’m on mashonda’s side.

  97. Sylvia says:

    Mashonda is on the brink of a psychotic break, she is very inconsistent in her actions and the things that she has said. I understand that these are gossip blogs but this is no joking matter. Mashonda displays signs of a woman on the verge of a complete breakdown, she is displaying signs of being delusional, obsessive and manic. At this point in her healing process she should have accepted the situation and trying to find a pieceful space but she is still at apoint where she is trying to figure out what went wrong, she probably obsesses over this several times daily, she accepts absolutely no responsibility for the marraige ending or for getting into the marraige in the first place and she has zoned in on one individuals although it is clear that others were involved, she is probably obsessing when the child is wit them, does he like her more? Are they talking about me? What are they doing?, she has a lot of pent up hostility and one of the main triggers is AK refusal to get in the mud with her. Notice she said she does not respond to me, she has never given me that respect, she craves acknowledment and respect from AK and it is pushing her over the edge that she is not getting it, this is very serious. If you are a fan of hers or simply care, please reach out to her and ask her to seek help, to seek therapy. It is notgood to encourage this behavior or to cheer her on in this, she is on a slippery slope. If you think for one minute that this is a joke just look up Betty Broderick!!!

  98. My2Cents says:

    I just feel sorry for the kids involved. What a nasty mess!

  99. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    Toxic101: Since you’ve been the other woman, now I understand your perspective. It makes sense that someone who has been the other woman (and I suspect that most women who defend the “other woman” have been other women themselves) is trying to justify the actions of another woman who has done the same reprehensible thing.

    Other Women (sometimes men) always try to justify their actions by some stupid “logic” about how the wife/girlfriend wasn’t “pleasing her man” or “she wasn’t taking good care of herself or the house or her man” or the best one of all: “They were separated”. Why would a person feel the need to justify their actions if they haven’t done anything wrong?

    Swizz Beats is clearly a piece of sh*t and any man or woman who cheats on their significant other is a sh*t.

    But the other person, the person who moves in at the weak point in someone’s relationship, definitely deserves the scorn of the person who was cheated on and of those of us looking on the outside.

    sandy is right, if a person is married, keep moving. Don’t help wreck a home.

    And yes you are helping-don’t try to remove any blame from yourself, Other Women/Men. Stay away from married people.

  100. ignorance is bliss for some says:

    Come on Toxic, so if your man leaves you high and dry you automatically think “Oh well maybe I should step MY game up” as if it must have been your fault??? Please….spare me the crap, I can tell from your numerous posts on the subject that you are an Alicia Keys sympathizer as if she’s completely blameless but i’ll entertain you: They are BOTH trash, They are BOTH whores, and BOTH of them will surely get whats coming to them!

  101. meh says:

    Swizz was a married man who was having trouble with his wife. He made vows saying forever and stepped out when the going got tough
    Alicia didn’t care whether he may have been vulnerable because of his problems with Mashonda and pursued him anyway PUBLICLY and didn’t give a flip about his family
    in a nutshell I believe they deserve each other for all the misdeeeds they did to get one another they will lead an equally unhappy life together.

    She prob has low self esteem

  102. Lawd Have Mercy says:

    Will she let it go already, YOU CAN NOT STEAL SOMEONE’S HUSBAND, if he wanted to be there he would have stayed!!!

    When are they going to throw her a PITY PARTY b/c she’s OBVIOUSLY not over it, no matter what she says, NOBODY hates Alicia Get Over It, she is giving a one sided version and they are not responding b/c she is OBSESSED and trying to keep her name alive!!

    *I am married, and I don’t condone cheating, but if my husband decides to leave me for someone else, it’s his lost, no need for me to repeat and come up with different stories to every TOM, DICK, AND HARRY that listens*

  103. cara says:

    @rosanna…in re: to the child support thing…your analogy, you’d still have to pay and should if you signed a lifetime contract on that apartment…..which is what a marriage and having kids really are.

    and no, st. angie doesn’t get a pass. Honestly, she should be on deceiver.com (can’t think of when I’ve read about her there…… I guess she’s got amazing PR ppl)

  104. Pirouette says:

    I want to know when all of you supposed ex-Alicia Keyes fans deemed her the moral compass for all of your music purchasing needs. I suggest visiting the Christian Rock section.

    If you pay attention, women are often the scapegoats in situations where blaming the man would mean confronting culturally embedded social inequity (ex. sexual assault, domestic violence, the breakdown of traditional family structure, infidelity, divorce, parenting, etc.).

  105. MissDede says:

    I disagree with most of you. Who are you to judge anyone. Yeah Alicia SEEMS wrong but we are only getting one side of the story. No one else is speaking on it but Mashonda. I don’t blame Alicia for not answering to any of Mashonda’s emails, she’s obviously not as childish. We don’t know what Swiss told Alicia or what realy happened. I’ve been following this story from the begining and I have read most of Mashonda’s interviews. Mashonda has changed bits and pieces of her story several times. Sources that were close to the couple say that their marriage has been over; just not on papers. Mashonda herself has said that her and Swiss weren’t sleeping in the same bed and she kicked him out of his own house. How is Alicia a home wrecker when that home was already broken? Mashonda tried to save the marriage but it didn’t work and she obviously isn’t happy about it. What’s done is done, she needs to move on. Do you hate Angelina Jolie? Aren’t her and Brad still together? Their situation was similar but less messy. I understand a lot of you feel sorry for her and wish the media would get on Alicia more about it and that’s pretty sad. This kind of stuff happens everyday all over the world, this isn’t anything new. GET OVER IT!!

  106. Holly says:

    A huge Holla to Crash, Kim, Hamm and OhCamille!
    There is no such thing as an “innocent party” in a twosome that cheats. Alicia Keys is just as nasty as swizzle.

  107. If Alicia keys cheated with him while he was married she should b ashamed to except him as an husband its shows her inner evil. A slut is a slut rich or poor they never change an she will pay so x wife hold ya head up God love’s u and will never leave you

  108. Lita says:

    @The Hamm I think the justification that “they were *basically* separated, anyhow” is more pathetic – it means they weren’t separated at all, but the cheater spouse or other-wo/man can make out that it is so and that makes it completely moral, apparently.

    Not even going to bother with the low-IQ and aptly named Toxic101, but to anyone that says another party sleeping (or emotionally, sexually, illicitly, connecting) with your spouse deserves no blame – you really need to consider what sort of society you want to be part of. You sound like neanderthals – it’s all id for you, isn’t it. Every man for himself, grab whatever pleasure you can and screw anybody else’s feelings. Klassy.

  109. jemshoes says:

    @ my2cents

    I agree. It’s always the kids who suffer the most …

  110. mymy says:

    Wow she kicks a man out of the house because he is cheating and this is a justification for him to cheat. Self hate much? Woman talk about the other woman because they have the power to stop and think like a woman. Because after all they are woman.

  111. nnn says:

    So that Swizz Beats has a second child with Mashonda born in January 2007 and another child from that third woman born in July 2008, meaning that child was conceived in october 2007 when Mashonda’s child was 9 – 10 months. Meaning he was having an affair with that woman during the said period he was supposedly bedding Alicia.

    So which is it ? Was he doing that third woman or Alicia or both of them during the same period of time, in two different countries ?

    And didn’t he have another child from another woman pre Mashonda, a woman he dumped for Mashonda ?

    In any case, i get that she is angry BUT i found her terribly stupid and her act are couterproductive. The guy was intimate with another woman who got him a child, a fact, when they were both parents of their second child who was 9 months ! then she said that during the same period of time he was dating keys too ?

    Then she should just be happy to have gotten rid of that swine ! What’s he rant for ? She sounds like she regrets losing such a cheap worthless serial womanizer who sheds his genes left and right and who is now Alicia’s burden !

    She should say : good riddance and move on.

    Oh and if she had a little more intelligence, the three of them are now linked to Swizz through a child, children that are siblings for better or worst BUT Alicia is the only one for now on who will get to live with that bast*rd !

    Mashonda shouldn’t even get angry at her. Thanks to her she is free from that prick, she is young and has her life in front of her, she should just be happy that Swizz is not her problem anymore but Alicia’s !

  112. anon says:

    @nnn:exactly well said, ITA
    it is 4 children 4 mothers;
    Mashonda has only 1 son from Mr Beatz :-)
    it is complicated :-)
    3 older siblings for Alicia’s child, her mess now yikes.
    Perhaps not for long given Mr Beatz’s tendency to stray :-(

  113. I take it all you women siding with Mashonda and bashing AK have been dumped or dissed in a similar way. You seem bitter and it’s sad! I agree with some of the stuff toxic stated. Mashonda made it seem like someome ruined her happy marriage, that marriage wasn’t happy! It’s been falling apart since “08!” She’s blaming Alicia for intruding in her marriage and for the reason it’s over. I’m sure she played a role in it too but she is just too hurt to see it. No one can steal your husband! Before this not that many people knew of Mashonda or even listened to her music. Her singing career never took off so now she is getting all the attention she wanted. I also agree with Sylvia, stop eggin this woman on! She is messed up over this and needs HELP! She needs to target Swiss because that’s who she was married to, not AK! For all you bitter women/married people on her just take this as an example, don’t wait until its too late to try to salvage your marriage. Don’t get with a cheater not expectiing him to cheat on you or think you can change him. Y do you hate Alicia so much and so quick to judging her, she didn’t steal anyone’s man or your man for that matter. oh yeah to to the person who made the ignorant comment about Swiss will take AK’s money. Tax evasion or not, he makes waaaay more money than her. I understand you are upset but get your facts straight. MASHONDA GET HELP!!

  114. Raven says:

    This whole thing seems so trashy, I’m glad they aren’t covering it. They shouldn’t be covering Leann Rimes and Cibrian either–there’s more trash.

    I’m with the posters who say it is only a matter of time before he cheats again. I think his ex-wife should wake up and smell the coffee. She looks like a fool whining like this and if she would just wait a short time, Keys will be in the same place she is now. Keys not responding to her is probably just guilt.

  115. original kate says:

    once a cheater always a cheater. a cliche, i know, but i do believe that is true most of the time. because it isn’t about the sex, it’s about the lying. and liars don’t stop lying.

  116. Lukie says:

    Separated or not, Keys should have never, EVER had anything to do with Squidworth until divorce proceedings had at least been started. Do you have any idea how often people separate and get back together?

    Males mostly go to any crotch that is open to them.

    A real woman; a SMART, RESPECTABLE woman, does not lay down with a man that has a family, or is married until it is officially and legally OVER. Only pigs don’t respect that.

    Alicia Keys is a pig.

  117. Lukie says:

    @stophating: I have never been cheated on or humiliated or who/whatever else you said.

    As a woman who has had the opportunity to be the “Alicia”, I can tell you, I never, ever would. I respect myself too much to be the pig that interferes, especially when children are involved.

    Like I said, smart, respectable women (sorry. I should say PEOPLE) WAIT till a relationship is officially OVER. Only a pig or a dog or an immature idiot can’t control themselves long enough to WAIT.

  118. malachais says:

    umm, I don’t think you have to be “bitter or married” to understand that marriage should be respected until the divorce papers are signed. Anyone with sense and integrity will know to stay away from a man that is still married, good grief. Relationships are not a game, and its not a contest between women to determine “who’s better” or “who made (the man in question) happy/satisfied better.

    All I can say is wow @ this whole situation. There is more to the whole situation that we don’t know about, but I’m not surprised AK isn’t commenting on this – hell, she’s about to have a kid with this man. She isn’t going to say anything about it, she’ll keep her mouth shut until he f-cks her over too.

    I still like Alicia’s music, but I swear this is stupid on every level.

  119. Leticia says:

    Alicia Keyes and Julia Roberts would disapprove of other women homewrecking, but it is o.k. if they do it. Some super successful types get some kind of messianic complex, and think that because they do so much good, that their own poop doesn’t stink.

  120. Leticia says:

    I wonder if Alicia will pay his back taxes for him. And Mashonda has prettier legs, by the way.

  121. Kim says:

    Once a cheater always a cheater really like Tom Hanks who was married when he got with Rita or Paul Newman who was married when he got with Joanne.These men who break their vows are the “Homewreckers”. Stop letting them off easy. Where are the negative comments about the married men.I’m so tired of X stole Y’s husband why not label it as Y’s husband betrayed Y and destroyed their marriage/family. Men will continue to cheat if they know they will receive the brunt of the blame

  122. Gigohead says:

    Wish Mashonda would just leave things alone and move on with her life. This guy is NOT worth discussing. Even if he is her kids father. He’s a low life and I’d rather devote my magazine coverage to how fabulous I’m doing and feeling and showing off my new man.

    I would not be feeding into Squidward’s ego.

  123. Liana says:

    Like I said, smart, respectable women (sorry. I should say PEOPLE) WAIT till a relationship is officially OVER. Only a pig or a dog or an immature idiot can’t control themselves long enough to WAIT

    Amen. My idiot husband and I waited 10 years to get together (long story).

  124. justthink says:

    Hey, right or wrong what’s done is done. Stop beating a dead horse. If the marriage last it last if it don’t it don’t it will not effect any of our lives one bit. My one wish is for the ex-wife to stop taking interviews about her failed marriage that she needs to take some of the blame for. He cheating before the marriage, during the marriage and the only reason why she is upset is because he wanted out of the marriage. In her first interview she even said it, that she realized that he didn’t want to be there. Now all she wants to do is attack this woman every chance she gets if Alicia breaths wrong in her son’s direction she is going to take an interview on it after she sends her an email and calls the baby momma from London and discuss it with her. Hey did she mention anything about Nasir’s mom saying Alicia tried to get him to call her “Umi”? No, she just wanted to put swizz on blast for the little girl and alicia just because she is with him

  125. wow!! says:

    I’m so touched. (tear) Mashonda has gotten all of you where she wants you. She didn’t get much recognition as an artist, she was just known as “Swizz Beats Wife.” She’s going to keep doing these interviews and calling A. Keys out for as long as she can. Want to know why? She has an album coming out called the renovation or something like that. Look it up. I hope all of you that feel so sorry for her go buy the album and support her because her last one didn’t get any radio play or shelved for that matter. This is real but the story is also exaggerated and this is nothing but a publicity stunt. What does it matter to any of you what Alicia did and how she is soooo wrong or that Swizz is a pig. Get over yourselves. None of us know the real story, being that we ae only getting one side and Mashonda has lied several times. She even said that she has no album coming out, she’s doing these interviews to reach out to other women (liar). She can’t save the world, men will keep leaving their families for other women and stray. Next!!!!

  126. Liana says:

    Get over yourselves.

    No, I don’t think that I will. But thank you for the suggestion.

  127. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:



    You know, there’s no law against being single–hold your fire!!

  128. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    @wow!!- no I didn’t know she had an album and no I won’t be buying it because I feel sympathetic towards her because her marriage failed. If we have to look it up, clearly she isn’t doing such a great job of promoting herself or this supposed album.

    I can feel sympathetic towards her and not want to buy some probably shitty album. Your logic is flawed.

  129. justthink says:

    Question, why is it she never mentions her relationship with Nasir’s mom? She seems to always come off as the victim? She was a willing participant in this mess of a marriage, and because one of the parties involved is a international name she only wants to blame her, but she needs to look within and take some blame for allowing such behavior in her marriage. She only wanted to put her foot down when he wanted out of the marriage.

  130. kbn says:

    When this relationship goes sour they will be saying they weren’t legally married (Alicia and Swizz Beatz). They (Alcia’s people) do a lot of damage control with regard to internet postings; having them moved at least from the first page of searches. Check their wiki pages; if they were legally married they would be quick to update the fact that their pages say “they need to hold a civil ceremony in order for it to be legally binding”. Alicia is grimey, more and more facts show that she was involved with him while he was still with Mashonda. Mashonda did not know about the woman in the UK until the child was almost a year old.

    Why doesn’t one of these media/gossip outlets search for the marriage license/certificate? If it exists and is filed, then it is public information.

  131. kbn says:

    In response to just think; Nasir’s mom is probably being paid to be quiet…

  132. nt says:

    An open letter to Moshanda: Woman to Woman –it’s time to let go and move on; what’s done is done. Do you really wish Swizz had stayed with you loving another woman??? Airing your dirty laundry in public is only making you look bad. At the end of the day he is now another woman’s husband and in reality you cannot do anything about that. Saying ugly things make you look and sound miserable. It also sounds as if you are trying to use your son to still have some control over your ex husband and I can say from experience that won’t work either. Please stop telling anyone who will listen how wrong you feel you have been done. Have a little self respect and move on with your life. You cannot make someone love you. Be glad that you are still standing and pray to find your true love. Stop wallowing in misery and saying ugly things that once written will one day be read by your son.

  133. Musicfan says:

    Just curious how did Mashonda have all the money/power when she was with Swizz in the beginning? That is so not true. Mashonda was a wannabe singer, and she couldn’t make it in the industry. Even thoug SWIZZ got ever popular artist in music to be in her videos, yet she flopped time and time again.

    Not that it matters but some women like a man for their personality, why exactly does his looks matter? He is hardly ugly his nose is big but thats about it. Look at Jay-Z? What does Beyonce see in him? His money? Yeah their were RUMORS AK was gay, but it was never founded. Say she was bisexual, so what? She settled down with a man.

    I love Alicia and have since she came out in 2000. She is a amazing artist, incredibly beautiful and one of the best songwriters period. I can see how he can fall for her, and he has been a VERY SUCESSFUL hip/hop producer for over 10 years, has his own money and dosen’t need her for fame. They been together for two years, Mashonda just sounds like a person that just wnts to get famous off of this and its pathetic. She couldn’t do it with her ex husbands talent and connections, so she is using Alicia as a way. Alicia is happily married, and gets along with her step kids. That is a woman. Sure she made a mistake but so do we all.

  134. carly says:

    Lets hope Alicia doesn’t open a twitter account and ramble on and on about Swiss’s children with Mashonda the way that shameless homely homewrecker, Leann Rimes does.

    She tweets constantly about her boyfriend’s children, making their lunches, buying them presents. She totally disrespects their mother, Brandi Glanville. It’s no wonder Brandi has to lower herself to call Leann out on her cold and heartless tweets.


  135. Holly says:

    @Della: because this site is pro-Jolie. Even though she’s guilty of the same atrocities, same excuses and same behavior, she’s a “good” actress with a pretty face. So in that case, it’s the ex’s fault. Mashonda gets the lead out (you GO, girl!) and people respect and empathize with her. Jennifer makes jokes and people completely hate her. Go figure…

  136. Inquisitive1 says:

    @ Toxic101. It’s truly amazing, some people have more respect for animals than marriage. It’s everyone’s responsibility to stay out of anyone’s marriage even when invited in. If you see a building on fire are you going to run in it? We hold people accountable for harming animals, lying, stealing, etc, but we don’t hold them accountable when they contribute to destroying marriages? Matthew 19:6 states; So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate. This mean the husband and wife as well as the outside world. Yes, he was dead wrong to step outside his marriage. Both of them will have their day. Don’t think you can cause pain in someone’s marriage and you’re going to ride off into the sunset being happy ever after. Won’t happen.

  137. justthink says:

    Hey, went and purchase sista2sista mag article. I read it and all I have to say is this chick got what was coming to her. I not trying to be disrespectful with it but seriously she even admits that she just did her wifely duties, she didn’t pay any mind to any of the financials or any business interest that was going on. So in other words she was content being his wife, being at his beck and call. That translates into TOO COMFORTABLE. He stepped out on the relationship prior to the marriage which in the first interview she blamed the lost of her baby on, but in this article she said she was considered a high risk pregnancy and had to stay in the hospital two months before giving birth to KJ. Let me put it to you this way Nasir born in 2000, KJ born Dec. 2006, and Nicole born May 2007. If my math is correct then while she was 5 mo. preg with KJ he conseived another child with some one else. It is besides the point there was no knowledge of the baby until she was 1yrs old, the act was committed. Now that don’t seem like there was really a strong marriage there. It didn’t seem like Mr. Dean was faithful at all to his wife. If he is sleeping with some random chick over in another country just think about who he all was dealing with here in the states. Mashonda didn’t care because as long as she was getting how she put it in her interview oh Bently Flying spurs worth $100,000.00 cars and stuff she was willing to turn a blind eye. Now along come the affair with AK who can purchase her own $100,000.00 cars so now he is dealing with her for a few months after there son is born 2007ish i would guess, Now there is an issue, now she wants him to choose between his marriage that oviously didn’t mean anything to him in the first place and a new life with someone who can bring just as much to the table as he can if not more. Right or Wrong in how it was handled it is water under the bridge now stop taking intervies about the do’s and don’t of dealing with AK.

  138. Candice says:

    All you people who are calling Mashonda bitter, put yourself in her shoes, and shut the fuck up.:)

  139. Sexy says:

    Boy you can tell which women on this post are the “other women”. I like Akeys b/c I don’t know the WHOLE story. NONE OF US DO. Can we agree on that??? I can understand why MaShonda would be bitter. That was her kids father, husband, lover, life partner! You all are saying just move on like it was her H.S. boyfriend! I guess we’ll see what happens. Kevin Federline left his pregnant girlfriend. And Kevin nor Britney had a happy ending. That was a disaster (Kevin was cut off with no $ for a period of time and then Brit was carried out on a stretcher and could only be with her kids with supervision). I guess we should just pray for MaShonda that she will have patience and let God make things right. He can do WAY better than a scathing interview with S2S.

    All we can do is watch and wait. But regardless of who is right or wrong, we should really pray for MaShonda.

  140. Sexy says:

    Sorry but I have one more comment lol. Now my last post somewhat sided with MaShonda. Since I want to be fair, this one sides with AK lol. I think some or a lot of ppl would still have disdain for AK even if Swizz’s divorce was final when they started dating. Ex: If Swizz was officially divorced in lets say Feb and then in July he started publicly dating AK, I guarantee you many would now say, “The ink on the divorce papers isn’t even dry!” Yes they would say that because ppl ALWAYS have something to say about some1 else’s life!!! Some ppl are really anal about “rules”. We want imperfect ppl to follow THEIR perfect rules. Or at least follow the rules that’s important to THEM. I wonder how many women on here who are judging AK ever had an abortion (I think abortions have there place BUT some say absolutely not!), who stole money, dishonored their parents in some way, lied on a co-worker, etc, etc??? I think when we start to look at it through OUR OWN SHORTCOMINGS, then maybe we can be a lot less judgmental. The doors of the church are open lol.

  141. Brina says:

    For all those people that giving a Alicia Keys props, all y’all need to shut the “FUCK UP”!!…Y’all are not in her shoe to feel her pain, and for the person that’s said MaShonda is money hungry and she need to get over it…how can someone get over something, when a BITCH took your Husband and now what your child to call her fucking MOMMY! What kind of shit is that? How would you feel if you broke up with your girl/man and that’s person want your child to call them daddy/mommy, it really doesn’t feel good especially for a MAN. What MaShonda needs to do is be women enough to fuck Alicia Keys ass up and do some VOODOO!!! And for Alicia Keys, y’all just giving her props cause she a artist that’s all. If she was a real women like she say she is she wouldn’t be fucking with a merry man she would’ve found her own. And Alicia is so damn thirsty that she wants another women child to call her mommy when she having her own. Bitch have your baby so let “it” can call you UMI. And fuck all Alicia Keys FANS, and fuck those who don’t agree with me! And if that was me, I would’ve done it old school and met with Alicia Keys at th BET award!And the same goes for MONICA

  142. Get It Together says:

    So, let me get this straight. Swizz cheated on Mashonda with the English chick too and had a kid but tyet she’s cool with her? Seems like Mashonda has some issues as well. If Alicia wasn’t AKeys, would she care. She married a cheater. His first son was created within her and Swizz’s relationship too. So once a dog always a dog. I feel no sympathy for anyone involved. They are all adults. Dirt was done, children were made, life goes on.

  143. SMDH says:

    First of all, we don’t even know if Mashonda is telling the truth here. That being said, it all boils down to the fact that Alicia knowingly got herself tangled in one big clusterf@#k, with a guy who doesn’t deserve either one of these women and will probably cheat on Alicia in the near future. Mashonda is still dealing with a boatload of mixed emotions and is still lashing out. Some maturity and sanity (and time) is badly needed for these three…

  144. helena says:

    feel pity for mashonda

  145. sunnycoastbb says:

    @Alex I agree with your comment (#83) and
    @nt (#132) well said.
    We really don’t know what’s going on in their lives, so who are we to judge. Hopefully ALL of the kids are being considered in this situation and they don’t suffer unnecessarily.
    Alicia Keys….you still ROCK!!!!!!

  146. None says:


    Lift your head and know God has a wonderful man for you. Swizz Beatz is what he is a DOG! Do yourself a favor heal, grow, and go on. I went through the same thing and it took me 14 months to get over the situation. I prayed and trusted God to heal my hurting heart. He did and now I don’t want the trash. I know my Blessed, Faithful Man of God is coming and I will wait for him. Alicia will cry a many tears before things get better. I prayed for my ex for a year but he’s a loser anyway. He has four children, four baby mamas making me number four and his first wife. His ex got in his ear (who does not and cannot have a child by him), and I had to give him the boot. Anyway, now he’s on child support for the first time (our child), and now two more mother’s are adding him to Mr. Child Support records. I wish you well!

  147. Lee says:

    What goes around, comes around…Watch out Alicia, its coming. Karma is a mother. How could you being an intelligent, beautiful, talented and gifted music genius allow a scum DOG like Swizz use you like this? Swizz was married to MaShonda with a son you knew this. You could have had any man you desired, I guess you desired a whorer b/c thats what he is. He has a 2 years old daughter with a Russian girl he cheated with while with his wife. Before he married MaShonda he cheated on her and caused her to have a miscarriage. Alicia, don’t keep falling and falling in love with him, he’s no good. Decent men don’t go around fathering children with other women. Does he seems like a challenge to you and you think you can change him? Not so you can’t clean up a pig he will always find mud to sleep in.