Robert Pattinson is jealous of Kristen Stewart’s friendship with Tom Sturridge

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Oooh, I love this story! I hope at least parts of it are true, because it just gave me the biggest flashback to high school EVER. It’s all about hidden, secret crushes and playing two boys off of each other and being epically cool. I never did any of that stuff in high school (especially the cool part), but I did watch and learn from the cool girls. As we all should – because Kristen Stewart is playing this sh-t like a pro.

So In Touch Weekly’s story starts out as a simple love triangle – Robert Pattinson is jealous of Kristen’s On the Road costar Tom Sturridge. K-Stew and Tom have apparently been flirting and hanging out and having a great time. So, Sparkles got his panties in a wad about that. Here’s the rub though: Tom and Sparkles are BFFs! Sparkles and Tom are so tight that Kristen used to bitch to Sparkles about Tom taking up so much of his time! Oh, Kristen. You fabulous bitch. Flirting with your boyfriend’s best friend and getting them to fight over you, thus making their (time-consuming) friendship null and void because of the power of the vadge? Awesome.

Kristen Stewart’s blossoming friendship with co-star Tom Sturrridge – Robert Pattinson’s BFF – has become a sore spot for the low-profile Twilight couple.

According to a friend, Kristen and Tom were once rivals for Ron’s attention – with Kristen always jealous of all the time Tom and Rob spent together.

“But Rob intervened and helped make peace between the two – a move he may now regret,” the friend says.

While Rob was busy filming Water For Elephants, Kristen occupied herself by spending nights with Tom, including a July 9 outing to the Troubadour nightclub in LA that infuriated Rob, the friend says.

Most recently, Rob raced to the Montreal set of On the Road after stories had been trickling back to him about Kristen and Tom’s on- and off-set flirtations.

“Kristen’s telling friends that she’s falling for Tom, as he has all of Rob’s great qualities without the baggage: Rob’s fear of commitment and the intense scrutiny their relationship brings,” the friend says.

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

Can you imagine the breast-beating and heartbreak in the Twihard universe if Kristen ever dumped Sparkles for Tom? True, there would heartbreak if she dumped Sparkles for anybody, but if she left him for his best friend? This would a Shakespearean-level tragedy in the TwiWorld. And by “Shakespeare” I mean “the dude Twihards consider the second best author after Stephenie Meyer.” If Kristen pulled off that hat trick, she would be universally reviled. I don’t think she would – but damn, that’s a funny scenario, isn’t it?

Oh, Gossip Cop “refuted” the story here – but they don’t have a denial or quotes to back it up or anything. I think this story has the whiff of plausibility, just because I want to believe that Kristen is this clever.

Also… damn, Tom Sturridge and Sparkles are a pair, aren’t they? Open-mouthed, fey, pretty. Yeah, I can see this sh-t. And I mean the homoeroticism.

NEW YORK - APRIL 08: Actor Tom Sturridge attends the Gen Art Film Festival screening of 'Waiting for Forever' at the School of Visual Arts Theater on April 8, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

44151, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Sunday August 29, 2010. Robert Pattinson and his publicist Stephanie Ritz arrive at Jimmy Fallon's Emmys afterparty at Trousdale in Hollywood. Photograph:  David Tonnessen,   LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA

29504, LONDON, ENGLAND - Monday March 23 2009. UK, IRELAND, DUBAI, USA AND CANADA ONLY: Tom Sturridge at the film premiere of The Boat That Rocked at the Odeon Cinema in London. Photograph: UK OFFICE: 131 557 7760/7761/7762 US OFFICE: 1 310 261 9676

41966, HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - Thursday June 24, 2010. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison at the The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Los Angeles premiere held at the Nokia Live Theater, Los Angeles. Photograph:  Tuukka Jantti,

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43 Responses to “Robert Pattinson is jealous of Kristen Stewart’s friendship with Tom Sturridge”

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  1. aenflex says:

    Cannot wait, absolutely will take the day off from work and surf the net all day when these two breakup, watching the Twihard’s demise, with a big bowl of popcorn and sucking down merlot straight from the bottle the entire day, laughing hysterically and wetting myself.

  2. Snarf says:

    I thought Tom and Sparkles were together and K-Stew was the beard at Summit’s urging?

  3. Eileen says:

    aenflex: I’ll be right there with you! I’ll bring the Depends!

  4. ch says:

    ok so Tom is Sparkel´s boyfriend and Kristen is a lesbian
    is that right?
    and Lautner the wolf is also gay
    and the boy from Highschool musical
    is also gay
    and John Travolta, and Tom Cruise, and Will Smith and his wife…
    so… everybody is gay!!

  5. sharylmj says:

    it does seem like EVERYONE is gay these day!! Maybe everyone has always been gay, but now it’s cool so we know about it.. Even George Clooney and Brad Pitt are gay…

  6. scotchy says:

    @ch, ha
    you might be right.

  7. ch says:

    hey, i want to hear that stories! please!

  8. ch says:

    brad pitt and george clooney ? really ?

  9. aenflex says:

    I wanna hear the ‘other stories’?

  10. Girafe99 says:

    I always found Tom to be more attractive than Robert, he did a play in my home town and he was quite good.

  11. ch says:

    write “OTHER STORIES” if you want to hear the OTHER STORIES

  12. Sefa says:

    Tom was even Rob’s date at a few early-career events, wasn’t he? Mmm. Tom is just the prettiest piece of ass ever. Wasn’t he also one of the main contenders for the part of Edward?

    There’s really only one fair way to solve this conflict, and if Kristen is a smart girl, she’ll pull for it: THREESOME.

  13. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I asked about “other stories”, or rather, an example of the “myriad of incidents” on another thread, when someone posted that there were such incidents that prove she’s gay.

    the only thing that was posted was a VERY silly, most likely cel phone-shot vid, of her and one of her female Twilight co-stars kissing while sitting in a car. they were being encouraged by someone else in the car to kiss. they did, briefly, amidst a symphony of giggles. it was clearly two friends having fun and taunting paparazzi.

    other than that, I’ve seen NO incidents that would indicate she’s gay. I think it’s because she played Joan Jett in a movie. plus, wasn’t she dating a guy that she dumped for Pattinson?

    I know I’m in the minority, but I kind of like her, and I don’t give a FF is she’s gay or not, but I just don’t see it like others seem to.

  14. ch says:

    write “THREESOME” … just kidding
    what makes it fascinating to me is not the gay thing
    it´s that living in the “celebitchy age” with twiter and cameras everywhere being SO famous, how do they manage to hide it?
    and then the obvious and naive question, is it worth it nowadays? cause its really energy consuming… forget that last question, it´s too naive

  15. xxxsolidsender says:

    well, i don’t really believe this report because it’s from in touch, but i much rather see him with Tom than with Kristen because homoeroticism > sourpuss. The boys are togheter now on the britpack road trip 2010 look at tom’s hand on rob’s neck… i love it

  16. geenie says:

    I just realized that Robert wouldn’t have the same heartthrob appeal without the big hair and wouldn’t be as cute. I wouldn’t call him gorgeous but I wouldn’t call him ugly either. Don’t get it.

    If you ask me, Tom Sturridge is way hotter than Pattinson.

  17. liz says:

    What is it that I’m not seeing in this girl? She seems as plain Jane as they come. Don’t get it.

  18. Iggles says:

    This story is so fake.

    Kristen’s gay or bi (I have terrible gaydar for women and even I can tell that!). It seems like Rob and Tom are definitely together.

    Kristin and Rob are NOT Edward and Bella in real life. It’s called good PR. This Twilight crap is stupid…

  19. Iris says:

    Rob is jealous… of Kristen. She’s stealing Tom from him!

  20. Terry says:

    Stewart loves to watch dancing girls in New Orleanse

    Tweets from days ago where she was seen with some guys at a bar. Two witnesses:

    1.”Remember how that dude at the bar said Kristen helped some girl get on the bar? Not only did she help her get on the bar, Kristen TOLD her to get on the bar.”

    2.”They were all hanging at the bar and some people were dancing near Kristen’s group. Kristen went to the girl and told her to get up on the bar and dance. She then helped her get up on it.”

  21. ch says:

    kristen´s ex boyfriend was very goodlooking

  22. hairball says:

    Tom looks too much like a boy. I don’t know why he tags along to all the places RP goes to for interviews etc. He just ends up awkwardly standing to the side while girls scream at RP.

    It must be a little awkward/strange to have immense fame thrust on one friend of a group of friends. I have no idea if RP is gay and don’t really care. Sometimes he looks absolutely stunning, I mean stunning to me, and other times, like the pics in his (ok, gay) red suit, he does nothing for me.

    I think he comes across in interviews etc like he does not have a lot of self-confidence and self-conscious. One interview the person asked him who gives him the worst time about what he does and he didn’t even hesitate and said Kristen -that he tells her to stop because he needs to have some self-confidence. I think they are fond of each other. It seems he does like her, but I totally get the vibe she is unimpressed and treats him like crap.

    I apologize to everyone and myself for commenting this long on Twilight. ! God, I’ll just accept my Twilight flaw!

  23. normade says:

    @ ch

    yes, yes and yes

    and add Clooney to yer list

  24. jenna says:

    while I don’t care much about the twilight epidemic, I could see Kristen going for Tom just for the low-profile aspect of it. It seems like just because she’s with Robert there’s millions of people watching her, which she’s made no secret of disliking.

    Robert was out here (Lubbock, Tx) the other day in the midst of a road trip to New Orleans (about 13hrs from here). He hung out at a local bar until it closed up. There was a huge article in the newspaper about it the next day (oh the joys of small town Breaking News).

  25. mel says:

    Kristen should dump Tom for Rob and Tom should really ditch Rob. Rob brings craziness to whoever hes around.

  26. rncrnp says:

    this is all fabrication; you can not get the real story and so they are making up shit. rob and kristen are laughing at you!!!!!! tom is the go between to keep you all guessing. and he does a good job and gets a part in a movie as his bonus. that’s what friends do for each other.

  27. gabs says:

    wow. lets bow down to kristen. Honestly thats a classic cool girl move if its true. Make your bf and his bff fight so you get all the attention from the bf. classic.

    Call me crazy, but i REALLY dont think shes a lesbian. Maybe bi but I think they are really dating because shes not the type who would fake a relationship. Shes too anti-hollywood for that. Theres more bad than good coming from the relationship in the public. Why put up with it? Twilight was a huge hit before they became “Robsten”. A fake relationship to sell the movies is unnecessary.

    Plus they were very flirty in the early twilight interviews before they became famous. I just dont think the relationship is fake and shes a lesbian. (im not a twihard i swear)

  28. Lantana says:

    I’m with geenie. Team Tom! Except he’s young enough to be my son (sigh).

  29. Anonymous says:

    Ok first of all aenflex..if thats entertaining to you, you have a very sad and empty life.
    And second. All of you people with so called “gaydar” that like to call people out. You really need to stop trying to live out your gay fantasies through other people. really..get a hobby or something.

  30. ch says:

    you are sad

  31. ch says:

    i totally agree with gabs
    she doesnt look to me like the kind of person to fake it
    i think she´s just playing and experimenting, she´s very very young
    i actually like her better than the jessica biels, the lohans, or any other starlett
    i think she´ll be interesting to follow

  32. anonymous says:

    It’s been obvious for so long that Tom and Rob are “together”. They are rarely without eachother. And have you ever seen Tom with a girlfriend or a date? No…But you know Summit can’t have people thinking their star is gay at least til Breaking Dawn is all done with and on DVD.I never realized Kristen was gay, but after watching her, she is a clone of Jodie Foster. Kristen and Rob are totally bearding for eachother. But who cares. I have many gay friends and I love them to death! So good for Rob.

  33. Aj says:

    I really don’t see her faking a relationship for publicity. Someone who likens the intrusive papa and media to rape isn’t someone in my opinion who would do that.

  34. Shy says:

    Remember when Eclipse was to come out they “were” moving together, she was pregnant, they were engaged… And then it all ended the next day when Eclipse opened? I wonder what Twihards are doing between movie releases. They have to wait the whole year to another. But all of them Jacob, Bella and Edward lay low. Very low.

    And i just remembered Lohan and her complains that paparazzi follow her everywhere. Well Pattinson somehow manages to stay so low that we barely see his paparazzi pictures. I guess it’s not that hard.

  35. Lola says:

    I have nothing against Kristen with one exception. It seems like she is always picking on Rob for what he says during group interviews or laughing at him in a condescending way. He does the opposite. He obviously has a much bigger heart than she does. Hope she realizes it.

  36. April says:

    Ohh a threesome!

    Nah, I still think Rob’s banging Stephanie…buuhahahahaha!!!

  37. Troy says:

    It’s amazing how much nonsense the media is still making up about these folks. I doubt Robert is jealous of Kristen’s friendship with Tom. Robert and Kristen are not a couple and he has no romantic interest in her. He is probably involved with Tom.

  38. Info says:

    You guys are crazy. The shit you are spewing is so obviously false. Tom has never been seen with a girl? Yeah, he has. This winter he put on a benefit show and his girlfriend did the signs for it. One of his friends specifically thanked “Tom’s girlfriend.” They were also seen making out at one of his friends shows this winter. Her name is Nettie and there are pictures of them (from her Facebook) that are fairly intimate. Stolen by fans of course. Rob and Tom are not dating. Nor have they ever dated. They just aren’t homophobic and won’t stop being friends because fangirls fantasize about them together.

    Kristen dated Michael for 3 years. Years before she was famous in any way. She was doing indie movies that were never released. When they broke up she basically jumped Rob’s dick. She has never dated Scout Taylor Compton. Who, in fact, had a boyfriend until recently. Plus, the tweets about her “helping a girl onto the bar to dance” were created by a group of girls who are mad she’s dating Robert Pattinson who run a website called Nonsten. They also have other groups to spread false gossip (much of which centers around how its PR and she’s gay) called RKHaters, BiteMeBitchFace, Mock the Deluded, ect. Its just a small group of crazy Rob fans that are mad he’s dating her. Could she bisexual? Sure. Anyone could be. There just is zero evidence that she’s dated a girl and the insinuation that she’s dating Rob for any reason but that she likes him is false.

    She wouldn’t even take the money Summit offered her not to cut her hair for The Runaways. Why would anyone think she’s a puppet for them now?

  39. hairball says:

    @info: WOW – you know your stuff. I had no idea those anti-K groups even existed. Psychos. Seriously, enrage the wrong girl / girls and they will not stop until they take you down. How pathetic for a guy they will never ever know in real life??

  40. Confuzzle says:

    Ah twitards. All fucking crazy, all the time.

  41. MELISSA says:


  42. Susie says:

    I don’t believe none of this crap it’s all speculation ! People don’t ruin people’s lives like that. Rob and Kristen have feelings and if they are in a relationship it stinks to have people talk so much shit. That is why they act the way they do around the press and flip them off. Leave them alone to work out their problems. Life is tough enough no matter how famous or how rich you are. How would you feel if this was someone you knew and cared about. Grow up! We women are like piranhas!

  43. Gaga’s albums have been given largely decent reviews,with critics pointing out her special place in pop music